Burger King
15 Brent Ln Suite 1, Pensacola, FL 32503, United States

Review №1

They're really fast and friendly. We walked in to order two $2 soopers and a cheeseburger, waited about 30 to 45 seconds and our order was done. They had people in the drive thru too so it wasn't like we were the only customers, they're just fast. 5 STARS!

Review №2

Ordered lunch today and the morning crew is amazing. The cashier had a wonderful/positive attitude.

Review №3

Best place to meet up with friends/family to charge phones while you eat, watch TV, and/or listen to your favorite songs!

Review №4

Hard to stomach. Fries served to me were overcooked and had a rancid, acrid oil taste. I really don't recommend this place...I probably should have ate nothing tonight lol

Review №5

Good food Always with magnificent service!

Review №6

How can you have luke warm coffee at 630 am?The Enormous burrito only had bacon. Wheres the sausage thats why its called Enormous. 2nd attempt at breakfast and they cant get it right.

Review №7

Horrible. Never will get my business. You messed up my order but have a attitude when I bring it back.

Review №8

Not a fan of burger king. Their food is subpar and service is definitely below expectations. Went through the drive through and the workers were curt and they got my order wrong too. Just travel down the road and go to a Mcdonalds or wendys instead.

Review №9

Wish there was a way to give a zero star rating

Review №10

I visited this place on Monday, May 4th approximately 7:15pm. I ordered two Whopper meals at the drive-thru. Bad mistake on my part. I was in a rush I didn't check the bag before I pulled away. I received cold French fries and one Whopper had three hamburger patties on it. There wasn't a receipt in the bag, no ketchup or napkins. And the lettuce was brown around the edges. Take my advice. Eat somewhere else.

Review №11

Service was fast but the chicken nuggets tasted like they were fried in old burnt grease.

Review №12

Very good Burger King with clean seating area, friendly staff and good food.

Review №13

Food was great and the customer service was good I had no complaints

Review №14

Excellent location for Cheap food.

Review №15

Woooooow just great! Its been a long time since I've gotten service from a Burger King that was this great. Fresh food friendly faces and above all great service

Review №16

The food is generally the same here as any other Burger King (BK), but the thing I like most about this BK is the Coca Cola Freestyle machines. Get to choose your own drink and also choose additional flavours as well. Plus it's free refills which is a huge bonus Other BK's (where the drinks are done behind the counter) aren't free refills. Plus the location of this is right on top of all the theatres and cinemas. Great place and I would recommend.

Review №17

Didn't get what we ordered. Got ham on our sandwich instead of sausage.

Review №18

The nicest most professional guy works here and I swear is always here!

Review №19

Fast n friendly

Review №20

Dirty unkept dining room can be avoided by using the drive thru, the foodbarely edible. I was again reminded why I never get the original chicken sandwich barely any lettuce and mayo? it really that hard to make the sandwich look like it does on the menu board?............

Review №21

I ordered 2/$5 chicken sandwiches from the menu and the lady at the window kept asking me for a coupon code... why would would I need a coupon for what's in the menu? She tells me to pull up to the window, she finally charges me the money, has me pull out front and wait twenty minutes for chicken sandwiches... I mean, weird flex... but okay.

Review №22

Not a good experience.

Review №23

Lots better. The employees a lot more pleasant.

Review №24

These burger kings are getting better but dang Can Anyone Say THANK YOU!Food was made fast. Made correctly but those people could care less if I came there or not. They hand the bag out without saying a word.. no thank you.. have a great day or kiss my $$$.Maybe its just our society today... no manners

Review №25

It's okay. Great menu,lots of items to choose from. The store itself is located in a small shopping plaza. We've used this particular Burger King often. It's the nearest to our house. Now, the only thing they must improve on is speediness in their service. And not forget some of the order/s. ( Or turn one into a partially made!?) A little improvement can go a long way.

Review №26

The whopper was very good

Review №27

Although this restaurant is fairly new After the flood and rebuild a couple of years ago, they still have no customer service. We walked in the restaurant and it took probably a good five minutes before the employees even acknowledged we were standing up front. This was after they also has standing there as they were huddled in a group talking and laughing. What happened to greeting a customer when they walk through the door? The restaurant with semi clean, the bathrooms were dirty. The food was typical Burger King. Bacon was undercooked.

Review №28

Dine in allowed, but denied use of the restroom. Manager said because of COVID. Seems strange that customers are allowed to eat inside, but not use the restroom or wash their hands. We left, will not return.

Review №29

Artificial Whopper is equally or better than the regular

Review №30

This is NOT a 24 hour Burger King so I'm not sure why they advertise it as such. The workers refuse to take your orders after 2 am. Sure, you can drive up there—and yes, they'll be IN the store and on the clock but they will pretend you don't exist and wait for you to leave. And they will not tell you that they're closed because they know they're suppose to be “open”. Completely unprofessional establishment. If you don't want to work then don't take the job.

Review №31

I get off of work pretty late after midnight, and this Burger King is my go-to on my way home ! My food is always hot & fresh, and exactly what I ordered. Also, the gentleman in the drive thru is so nice and respectful !

Review №32

Excellent the Texas Whopper is incredible I really wanted a chocolate shake but the machine was down thank you for the great service

Review №33

The new Burger King taco do not appear to be real beef. It's prepackaged and if you were to look inside the taco only the inside look fresh the outer layer of the meat exposed to lettuce/air is hardened and not edible.Just take some time and look over the taco. All bad. I was trying to keep from driving to Taco Bell or Moe's. I'll take that trip next time

Review №34

I will NEVER go back here. It was nice looking, but I ordered the Philly cheeses burger and they only have me like 3 little bitty caramelized onions. So my husband went back up there, and they three on tree more big raw onions. So he took it back up there, and they have him a new one. It was better by 2 more caramelized onions. The fries had no salt, and kinda cold. The only positive wad that they had Surge.

Review №35

Stay away from the fish sandwiches. Soggy croissant too. Stick to burgers!!

Review №36

Ordered ham and got sausage. Hard biscuits. Asst Manager tried to give me 90$ change in 5 dollar bills.

Review №37

The wait wasn't ideal but the quality was worth it. Normally i only go here for breakfast items but went for supper today because I usually don't like their fries. But tonight, I am very happy with it all.

Review №38

Fast service

Review №39

Good people

Review №40

Very friendly staff and the food was good. Only reason I don't give it 5 stars is the parking lot can be a little tricky to get out of at the wrong time of day.

Review №41

Dont waste your time trying to call them to get something replaced. They refuse to pick up their phone. Asked for 2 whoppers with cheese, charged for 2 whoppers with cheese. No friggin cheese

Review №42

Ordered fresh off the broiler burgers. Not what I got. Old, cold, dry meat was what they give you. All of the burgers(3 meals) were that way. The fries were so old and hard, that they tasted like they were cooked more than once. Will no be going back. I guess itit's okay to lie to the customer, they're only the reason you have a job!

Review №43

It is one of my favorite places to go to lunch. The place always clean the staff are always nice and sometimes they even crack jokes. They got wall outlets so you can charge your electronics while you're eating. In the food is very nice too. (As I write this review I'm at Burger King right now)

Review №44

Went to place an order and employee cut me off and asked if I was done I said no not yet. Then she said okay and gave me my total. Ended up just leaving without food.

Review №45

As usual Burger King has very good food and it was very pleasant than the customer service was very good and the new face and design of the building was very pleasing to the eye it was a condition and I have a lot of good experience is going up to this Burger King has always been friendly and food store has been fresh and good

Review №46

Every car including myself was asked to pull over to the side to wait for our food. At first I was told I had to wait because I ordered grilled chicken as opposed to fried. I said okay I will wait. 5 cars after me had to do the same. I doubt we ALL ordered grilled chicken. My grilled chicken salad was delicious and the gentleman that brought it out to me saved the day really. I would have given this 1 star if he hadn't been so friendly.

Review №47

No stars how do you mess up a Whopper no onions extra pickles..... Guess what was on my whooper,then the other sandwich was supposed to be plain but came fully dressed... And they rushed us out the door... Poor service food was burnt.

Review №48

It was fast no weight nice people

Review №49

Just went through drive-thru so don't know about the inside. Order was taken quickly and efficiently and order was correct at pick up.

Review №50

This is a clean place serving the usual BK stuff. Average food, average help, clean rest room if you can keep the abundant homeless patrons out of it. The veggies on the whoppers are nice and cold while the meat is hot. The A/C is cold on a hot day.

Review №51

Absolutely love Burger King's burgers. If you're trying to budget but just have to eat out sometimes like myself try their 2 for six dollars mix and match deals!

Review №52

Easy in .. Easy out ..

Review №53

Cashier seemed like she hated life, and we were a burden being there. At least she rang up the order right, not that the people in the back paid attention to that. Still got the order wrong.

Review №54

Poor customer service and management. Wouldn't reccomend

Review №55

Not a good place to eat they fudge everorder

Review №56

Barely earns the second star. Terrible service and unpredictable food quality. There's a What-A-Burger up the street from here, much better bet if you're gonna gamble with fast food.*EDIT*Have been there several times since the initial post of this review, because it's right by my house, but yesterday was the last straw. Waited 17 minutes for one order of chicken fries and an order of french fries. I also ordered a chicken sandwich and a burger which were entirely inedible. The french fries were some how undercooked and I got 7 and a half chicken fries in the container, which weren't bad at all. The cheese on the burger had a hard film on it and it was soaking with mustard and the buns for both sandwiches were horrifically hard. It's just consistently subpar, the staff couldn't care less but that's more of a reflection on management, it's clearly being ran by an inefficient manager. This location does nothing to deserve your hard earned money. Also, get ketchup packets even if you're dining in, they put SO much water in the ketchup it's like a bad tomatoe soup. They're cutting too many corners in areas that give the customer, the reason any of them get a paycheck, a horrible experience. They did give me an extra order of french fries for the 17 minute wait, which were undercooked and soggy at the same time and the only people there were me and my homie and a couple other people who already had their food when I walked in so it's not like they were slammed.

Review №57

The lady was rude. Didn't give time to even tell her how we wanted the sandwiches made and cut us off when we were going to order more food. Not a great way to start a new BK

Review №58

Great food, friendly staff, sweet soft spoken drive threw girl. Got my order right, fast and made sure I had everything I needed to go with my meal and coffee.

Review №59

It's kool they're really fast your food is hot for the most part and if you have a problem with the order no problem they will fix it and return your money

Review №60

Our favorite BK we come all the time and it always so clean and the employees are very courteous and professional.

Review №61

I ordered a small Carmel Frappe this morning and it was the worst coffee I've ever had. It was bitter and sour. Very disappointing. Hopefully I don't fall ill. The funny thing is as she handed it me I said so myself that doesn't look right.... I should have went with my first thought.

Review №62

I will never ever drive away without checking my bag again. Also curious, are the workers aware that the big bins of toppings they have on their line are supposed to go ON our sandwiches?

Review №63

They were pleasant at this location for drive-in breakfast.

Review №64

Quick service. They were out of chicken nuggets.

Review №65

It's a typical Burger King. It's decent and is clean. It's exactly as you would expect.

Review №66

Always good. Great prices too.

Review №67

Not a fan but they are alight. Ther breakfast is awesome

Review №68

The cashier was very polite and the food was awesome!!!

Review №69

Today the eating area was clean, service was 75 percent better (no attitude or total distraction with employees), still improving and it is very appreciated by this customer to know that management reviews the comments and take the necessary action.

Review №70

Good burger although fries were cold.

Review №71

I have loved the Croissandwich fgo years. The perfect morning go-to breakfast.

Review №72

Good service and the impossible whopper is great!

Review №73

Food was good but one side of the restaurant was filled with homeless people. They had bluetooth speakers on the table charging along with a lot of other charging devices, not sure why the mgt didn't asked them to leave and this was at lunch time, although they did purchase food there?

Review №74

They are good, they try to be fast and get you what you wont quick!

Review №75

***closed on thanksgiving**** even though websites say burger king is open throughout the holidays, this burger king is closed for any holidays.Customer service isnt that great but it's fast food so what do you expect? Thankfully they've all been kind whenever our order was wrong but it is wrong more often than it is right. Definitely check your order before leaving

Review №76

Really like Burger King its my go 2 place if I want a burger or something 4 breakfast..

Review №77

Rude staff...meaning they are selective of who they greet upon entering establishment...witness this on more than a few occasions and the ones they do decide to greet is the ones they will have conversations with and laugh and hold up the ones they don't greet...only reason I have stopped there is closer to my home but I will be now going out of my way to another establishment...even more sad is I have witnessed a manager there doing the same.

Review №78

Good people can tell they are over worked affects there work ability

Review №79

Food was good and our order was given to us correctly.

Review №80

Love Burger King on Michigan. They have allot to offer on their menu. They are fast and friendly and clean

Review №81

Loving the Whopper...Customer service good use fine tunning

Review №82

It is a losing franchise in a burger fast food competition. Download their app, they have constant deals that will save a little bit of money.

Review №83

Doesn't matter what time of day you go here...their customer service needs a lot of help!! And some training or a new job

Review №84

I came through the drive-thru and spent $34 and my $1 chicken tenders weren't in the bag. I called back up there and spoke to a gentleman on the phone he said I could come back up there with my receipt and get them and upon my arrival the cashier working at the counter was quite rude about it and said they hadn't talked to nobody and that nobody called......

Review №85

Went to the drive-thru , then began making my order. The woman taking my order sighed when I asked for a chicken sandwich and to add onions. She then told me that it would be a 6 min. wait with another rude sigh. I said nevermind and left. No wonder why the whole parking lot and drive thru were empty. I will not be eating at this or any other BK locations again. Rudest of rude worker complaining about having to do her job. She should not be working in that company.

Review №86

Food seemed a little old. Not really friendly place either. Ate what I could and threw away the rest.

Review №87

Manager was working the front counter, nice as could be. Food was hot and fresh.

Review №88

That was the best eggnormous I've ever seen and had. Just like the picture

Review №89

Trashy place, hated working there

Review №90

Not very clean and customer service lagging.

Review №91

Made sure that my Chicken Fries were hot and fresh! Appreciate that!

Review №92

I like the food it's great

Review №93

The front cashier was more interested in her fellow crew member than the customers in front of her. I go there alot and sm amazed that the crew is so rude.

Review №94

Waited an hour for one biscuit,, it's more of a hangout place for employees than a work placeee!!

Review №95

Was closing time and employee let us order anyway, food was quick as well as hot, not to mention lady acted as if was her pleasure to serve us.

Review №96

I love the burgers the grill single Patty if there is nothing on it except tomatoes I love the Coca-Cola it is the best

Review №97

Very friendly staff, good burgers at a great price. They happily accepted my coupon for a discounted meal. Great value over all.

Review №98

Love the flame broiled whopper

Review №99

Drive thru took forever but food was excellent

Review №100

For a GMO food festival at Burger King service is good and prom prices with still over what you're getting taste gross

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  • Phone:+1 850-610-6506
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  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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