Logans Roadhouse
1955 Hilltop Dr, Redding, CA 96002, United States
Review №1

What a wonderful experience we had here Saturday night. Just a short wait, we were greeted graciously by the sweet hostess @ 6:00 p.m. Sat outdoors patio next to a heater. Sage, warm, friendly & responsive- was our excellent waitress! She anticipated our needs & brought extra hot bread and water...their RIBS were so delicious , falling off the bone (recommend the full rack). My cell phone was low battery so they let me charge in the bar area (not crowded). Including tip, we paid $75 total, 2 adults, 2 children ($5.99 kids meals, nice selection). Recommend!

Review №2

We have gotten salads with added meats the last 2 Saturdays deliver through Entree Express and Logan's has done an awesome job! Delicious and cooked perfect! Ordered salmon on the rare side and both times perfectly cooked. Orders are exactly how we ordered. Great job!!! And thank you!

Review №3

Our servers Kylie and Lory ( think that's her name, shes a bartender with a nose piercing with somewhat blonde hair) were just amazing!! They got our orders right, lets us know their status and had an enthusiastic experience thought our visit! The fried catfish i ordered was really good!! The mac and cheese and fries complimented it well!!

Review №4

Due to "holiday season" you need to specify you want rolls. No where is that stated online. Plus Pork chops no longer come with cinnamon apples, even though listed on menu. I called when order delivered by grubhub was missing rolls & cinnamon apples.

Review №5

We were seated pretty quickly but no one ever came with water or to take our order. They were not very busy either. Also their limited menu had very little to choose from. It was my birthday so we left and went to a seafood place and had an amazing dinner and great service! Turned out to be a great birthday despite bad/no service at Logan's.

Review №6

This was my first time to dine here. I had the Tuesday special...fall-off-the-bone Southern Baby Back Ribs. OMG!! It was AWESOME!! With a baked potato and skewered veges, too. Next week, I am gonna try the Catfish dinner. I bet it will be awesome too. I really miss the Catfish Kitchen in Shreveport, LA. Maybe I will find my new go-to for catfish.

Review №7

For the most part the service is decent. Not extravagant, but decent. What I don't get is how can you be a "Roadhouse" without steak fries? It's either potato skins (good) or garbage fries. Get grub that doesn't have fries. LOL

Review №8

Don't get me wrong. The food and service are some of the best in town. Walking in is always welcoming and always make me feel comfortable. I just don't care for the new menu. It is nearly a quarter of the original since this whole covid-19 nonsense. Maybe a local poll to allow each franchise to serve alternative entrees to fit the local tastes.

Review №9

A fun place to party. Very family friendly menu. Good food.Very busy, because it's so popular, so service is sometimes slow.

Review №10

Steak was really good. Baked potato was a little buttery but not to bad. Service was very friendly and quick. Both my kids really enjoyed their food ( burger and mini corndogs)

Review №11

The best lunch I've had in awhile. This area has some good food, but Logan's tops the list because of their service. I'll be coming back soon...that's a promise

Review №12

They did away with the peanuts. I ordered a small steak and paid an extra $5 for fried shrimp, I thought they would be decent shrimp. Instead I got 10 small popcorn shrimp. This place just isn't as good as it used to be and will most likely not revisit.

Review №13

Loved the Prime Rib (im picky about that because it's my favorite dish). Love the bread and butter. Baked potatoes were really good. Great severs/bartenders. Just didn't care for the roasted corn side dish. But overall, will definitely go back any time I'm in Redding. CA.

Review №14

I had a $25 groupon. I ordered the $25, 12 oz New York steak with two sides, to go. I almost ordered the $ 28 rib eye which I've never had. I asked for it rare. When I cut into it, it was really only half pink, more like medium inside, not rare. I've had other steaks to go rare which were still rare when I got home. I did get two meals from it. It was good but I don't feel it was worth $ 25 especially when not cooked as requested.** Don't forget to ask for your senior discount.

Review №15

We waited to be seated. We waited for our server. The waitress didn't know what kind of beer they had.They aren't COVID aware. The staff was not wearing masks. The ones they did weren't covering their nose. The aren't cleaning any tables properly.The restaurant seemed to be run by a bunch of teenagers. The restaurant wasn't even full.Will not be back here to spend my money.

Review №16

Got there about one, it wasn't busy. The service was friendly and sociable. It has a great interior. Menu is similar to a restaurant in El Paso I loved.

Review №17

Always loved going to Logan's but three out of four meals this evening were extremely disappointing. Then it took three tries to get the bill correct and reminding our server that I did not get my credit card back Still overcharged by a dollar, just left at that point. Will not be back soon!

Review №18

I'm not sure how I should judge pre covid or now. Precovid I would have given zero stars. I'm giving three because it's two days after reopening. Service was bad, slow and lacking in any friendlyness. Drinks were brought out with ice melted, food was somewhat cold. Menu was very limited. I know it will get better. I'll be back, but after many month of wanting a night out this was bad.

Review №19

One of our city's best restaurants. I am sooo picky about the quality of meat, and Logan's always meets my high standards.

Review №20

The wait was 20 min. Big deal Service was slow, BUT the ladies where wonderful, salad & food was well worth the wait. Our server was busy but always found time to check on tables her tables, Sage was great, helped me with what beer I'd like. Thank you Patti

Review №21

Should really give it 2 stars, but I will be generousMy friends seems to enjoy their extra rare/rare prime ribI was not so luckyI asked for medium rare1st steak was way over doneSent it back, waited 30 minutes to get another, which was still too tough to chewPotato was under cookedDidn't want to ruin my friends birthday, so I paid the exsorberent billService was poor, in my opinionI won't go back

Review №22

We came from outa town and looked for a place with prime rib . Since Cattlemens was closed we ordered logans. I ordered a rare 20 oz prime . And when I got it it was cooked med well . The cost was about 33$ u would think for that price they could get it right. Disappointed!!!

Review №23

Tonight I was very disappointed in the food and the service. We were seated at the ledge in the bar area and had to flag someone passing by to get a drink and menus. My daughter's food order was wrong twice and I had to flag someone down both times to have it sent back and my steak was very dry and way over medium well to the point that I could not eat it. We were never asked if we needed refills or anything. We sat and waited for our ticket to check out and finally went to the front to check out and was sent back to the bar to check out. I was going to ask to speak to a manager but at that point I just wanted to get out of there and Im sure it would have been a long wait. Your restaurant was only allowed to be 25% capacity and you weren't short staffed. Again, I am very disappointed.

Review №24

Redding. The brisket was cold & tough. The sweet potato was cold, also. Such a disappointment and contrast frim the last visit.

Review №25

Great food even though we didn't get a few items we had ordered via online,it still gets a 5 star rating from me!

Review №26

Me and my family were very disappointed this time. Previously we were delighted. This time, with the pandemic going on, we wanted to order food to go. My daughter and I waited at least 20 minutes and no one came to take our orders. We left. They lost $$$ we would have spent. Went to In-N-Out instead.

Review №27

Best ribeye steak I've had big potato sour cream and chives and some great corn and oh my gosh the bread never get enough of that hot off the stove

Review №28

My husband and I had dinner at Logan's in Redding and could not have been more pleased, starting with the girls on the desk. We were staying at Oxford Suites and would have a 45 minute wait (it turned out to be about 15 minutes) so this sweet girl took my cell and called us in the room when they were ready for us. Our server was friendly and our meal was great. I had the small steak, cooked perfectly medium rare. We will definitely go back when we are going thru Redding again. During these hard times with masks and limited indoor seating we all need to have more patience and not so quick to be so critical with a bad review.Thank you Logan's staff for being so friendly!

Review №29

Very good meal. Glad the standards are back to what we know. Baked Salmon dinner.

Review №30

All of our silverware had old crusty food particles on it. Yuck.Got replacements and they were almost as bad. Had to clean the fork and steak knife before using. Service was super slow....maybe an hour to get our food.On a Sunday afternoon, they were not busy. The food was well prepared and pretty good too.

Review №31

Service was really good. Food was really good. I ordered the angry pickle burger. Fried onions straws, fried pickles, fried jalapeno slices with pepper jack cheese and lettuce, tomato with 2 strips of crispy bacon. There didn't seem to be any sauce; mayo, ketchup, mustard. I didn't mind though. It was so tasty with the patty cooked a perfect we'll and charred just right. All employees seemed to be taking all appropriate measures for our current pandemic climate. Would love to partake of other items on this menu if and when I ever get back into Redding.

Review №32

Wait was and hour and they were over the capisty for the vivid guide lines

Review №33

Logan's personality is relaxed and family like. Our waitress was wonderful, and our food was delicious. I would recommend Logan's any day of the week.

Review №34

Good food, and friendly service. Wait time wasn't bad either considering they were pretty busy

Review №35

I've eaten here many times in the past. This time was terrible!! The steak that was ordered medium came well done & tough like beef jerky Service was ok but slow & they weren't that busy. Not sure I'll go back.

Review №36

There was no social distancing between tables. Then didn't bring new cups for soda and tee refills. There was not the new paper menus. But later found out about the scan code that we could have used for the menu to come up on our phones. We called on Monday to find out about a birthday only a party for 4. We were told to call 1 hour before and they would have a table ready when we got there. We had 2 coming from Sparks Nevada and 1 person from San Francisco. The other person in our party was handicapped. We were lead to a booth and there was no where to put a small seat type walker. We asked to be moved to a table for more room which they did. It was against the wall to the bar area and then they sat a party right over us with no kind of protection. They could talk, cough or sneeze and there wouldn't be anything to prevent the passing of Covid or anything else for that matter. My family from Red Bluff will not be back nor will I. I came all the way from Sparks Nv to have dinner with my father and friend from San Francisco for my 50th birthday. What a disappointment.

Review №37

I have to say I have given this place multiple chances. Out of the four times I have been there I've only had good service once. Today took the cake. We are trying to support local restaurants and decided to try Logan's because they had the outside sitting area set up. I have never dealt with such a rude server in my life. She was not only rude to our table but hearing her interact with the table next to us was the worst. They actually had to call the manager over. From what I overheard the manager had to comp half their meal. Just a horrible experience.

Review №38

Beside the food being cold, our meat was burned, inside was raw. But it wasn't the server, it was the cook. I've been there a lot of times, and the food was great, but this time it was real bad. To top it off it was our 52nd anniversary.

Review №39

Hands down, this was one of the most amazing and perfect meals my family and I have had. EVER! Everything was perfect and hot when we got home.When i arrived for my pickup, there were several people waiting (I would say upwards of 10), and these ladies and gentlemen were running their butts off. I was scheduled for my pickup at 7pm. My order was handed to me, I paid and was back on the road by 701...Y'all are doing an amazing job!

Review №40

We had a large group of people and the service was fantastic. Manager great servers kind. Food correct and yummy. Thanks for amazing service!

Review №41

It was ok. Steak had no flavor. Salad with blackened chicken was good. Not sure I would go back.

Review №42

Service was slow, but food was great!

Review №43

Free peanuts for waiting. Anyway I dont know why we throw the waste of peanut shells on the floor. The steak is tender but taste plain. Service is good.

Review №44

Came here for my daughter's bday. Our server, Falen added the bonus star. She was absolutely fantastic! Food was pretty good, too. We'll be back whenever we're back up this way!

Review №45

The service was good but the food was alright. The Drinks are where its at!!

Review №46

Good service. Chick was a little ditzy.

Review №47

This place is absolutely one of my favorites. Nothing but enjoyable experiences here. The bill was appropriate.

Review №48

Prime rib was awesome. Cute waitresses too...

Review №49

Ehhh. Always finds a way to slightly disappoint. I probably do not drink enough alcohol to make the food worth the prices.

Review №50

Had a problem with the check. Food good but menu pricing a real problem.

Review №51

Pretty good. Nice bar service.

Review №52

I loooooooved my tri tip sandwich... yum

Review №53

Slight mishap... I ordered one of those gigantiloid porterhouses and after finishing my yummy rolls and Caesar salad kinda felt my steak was taking a bit longer than it seemingly should have.A couple of minutes later my waitress, Andrea, came to my table and explained that there had been a mixup and someone else had been accidentally bonused with my plate.She suggested a couple of options for the inconvenience and I chose one if the proposals, and I was happy with the outcome.Without going into any other details, let's suffice it to say I left her a 101% tip which she well deserved, and she even comped me some really stiff combat coffee that she made just for me to drink during my journey over the mountain back to Humboldt.I can't say if they go out of their way to make all of their customers leave feeling all warm and fuzzy, but for my server, tallship awards her performance...Five sailboats!!!.

Review №54

Food was sub had ribs and chicken fried steak ordered ribs were over cooked sides were stale like they had been sitting under lights for hours gravy on chicken fried was literally water had to make own gravy to put on microwaved pre made chicken fried

Review №55

This place was amazing. Food and service was fantastic.. would definitely recommend it.

Review №56

Steak overcooked. Salmon overcooked. Baked potato overcooked. Corn burned. The cook was tired and stressed out (we think).

Review №57

Indoor and outdoor seating. From the time of arrival until receiving our check took almost 2 hours. Never had issues before.

Review №58

20oz prime rib was good but portion rice pilaf wasnt enough. Fried pickle good use more flour...waitress was ok.but it's a busy nite..btw..we spent 10 bucks tip cash...not fair for a waitress to get tax on..

Review №59

The wait for an online order is absolutely ridiculous. Will never order from here. The hostess is rude and it is irritating when this place was on top of their business.The manager needs to be here to get their crews working in a much better manner. Joe Wong owns this place and now I know why he is losing money. This place sucks

Review №60

We had a new server, she was super nervous but she did great for it being her first day. I had a med rare burger, was delicious! They had Fall Rivers Numb Numb Juice, which is a super plus.

Review №61

Great place. Steak, Chili, Corn on the cob or mixed veggies! All cooked to perfection!

Review №62

Great service, good food. We had a party of 24 and the waitress was on it!! She handled everything with a smile of her face. The bummer deal was no peanuts in the barrels because of the virus scare. But the drinks were great and after a couple we all forgot about the peanuts! Lol

Review №63

One of the worst experiences we've ever had in a restaurant. It was 5pm and server said they ran out of ribs, okay. We decided to order a brisket and a tri tip. The order takes forever to arrive, and when it comes the brisket is COMPLETELY cold, as if it was prepared on the day before, and completely without flavor. The tri tip comes completely raw on the inside, I ask server to cook it a little bit more to make it medium at least, here it comes completely overcooked on the outside, with burned taste, and again raw on the inside. Without flavor. We're are very disappointed. Frustrating dinner experience

Review №64

The bread rolls are so good I could eat just a basket of those. They have a whole thing of peanuts at every table, and your meant to just toss the shells on the ground which is weird to me. Their onions they put in the burgers kinda suck. Not a bad place if your a fan of country music.

Review №65

Fun place to go, great American food. Loud and crowded at times, great buns hun! I love the menu and fun atmosphere. The food is usually good but the burgers can be dry- as someone else mentioned. I think they use very lean burger and I ordered mine medium well but it was still dry- good flavor tho! Salads are great and the teas are dangerous ;) I have not been too disappointed with the service but the last time it was kinda slow! And if ya love peanuts, it's a must try!

Review №66

Logan's did an amazing job for our Christmas party. There was about 20 plus In our party and our server was on top of it, our drinks never really went empty and if they did it wasn't for long. The yeast rolls were fast and fresh, our appetizers didn't take long and where extremely hot and fresh. Our food was really fast and everything was correct and hot fresh and tasted amazing. I would recommend Logan's for a nice date, a good drink or a company Chris party.Our party was also not the only company Christmas party being served.

Review №67

Always disappoints. Everything looks & tastes like it has been sitting on a counter for 2 hours.

Review №68

Came here once, not the best service and the steak was overpriced, came out super dry. Thought after they reopened from the quarantine maybe everything would be better. Customer service was good but food was not. Steak and brisket was dry cause the cooks forgot our ticket and started cleaning up. But they served it to us anyways....

Review №69

We loved logans because of our sever James H. he was the best coolest on point server I've ever had.....

Review №70

Great food, and rolls, but still no peanuts.

Review №71

I've always liked Logan's and would go there maybe 2-3 times a year, but since the shelter in place order took effect I've partook of their family meals on multiple occasions. Not only are they an incredible value (and definitely are enough to feed 4 people) but they are delicious. I have had the sirloin, chicken tenders, trip-tip and brisket meals so far. The only one that has disappointed was the brisket. It was a bit undercooked, rubbery and honestly did not taste good. However, the sirloin and tri-tip were perfection and chicken tenders are chicken tenders, but you get a ton and it's so worth it. Highly recommended as long as you stay away from the brisket

Review №72

The food was amazing n the waitresses are hot

Review №73

While staying at a local hotel and passing through town, Logan's is my choice of restaurants. It's probably the 5th time I've been to this restaurant in the past 3 years.This time my wife and I walked in at about 4:30 p.m. and found nobody around to seat us. We took a booth near the bar and were eventually noticed.Wife went to the restroom and returned with the complaint of no towels to dry her hands.Dre the bartender came over with menus and asked us if we knew what we wanted to drink, so we took a house Margarita and a draft beer.We ordered our food, I had the pork chop with baked potato and a cup of corn. It eventually came with the baked potato and a cup of apples in cinnamon without out the corn. I asked what happened and she said someone forgot to bring it out. Pork chop was very dry almost tasteless.Seems like the customer welcome and appreciation along with quality in a few areas has diminished.I may try again or just go down the street next time.

Review №74

Friendly staff, great food with a decent menu selection. Tasty drinks - Watermelon Margarita on the rocks with a sugar/salt mixture on the rim was delicious! The kids didn't quite understand why people just threw the peanut shells on the ground, but were quick to catch on, lol. All around was a nice eating experience. Will definitely be back!

Review №75

Chopped steak tastes like regurgitated meatloaf. Good watress though!

Review №76

Was disappointed in the portions, especially for the price. Potato was hard, they did replace it but it took forever. Service was slow considering there were less than a dozen people in the whole place and twice I had to go find my server for things I needed.

Review №77

Wish I could give 0 star. Horrible service. Waiter only checked on us at the beginning for bread. She got caught up talking to the drunk people next to us for 15 minutes. Waited for our food for about an hour. Me and my mom spilt a plate when the food go bought out another server brought out our food and I asked for a another plate. Never got it until about 15 minutes later. Steak was gross, tasted like pure charcoal. My nephew asked for a cheeseburger with every veggie on it and never got any. They bought his food back and only gave him lettuce and no other veggie. Got tired of being there after waiting for our food so long. I asked for my check at front desk and than another waiter SINCE our waiter was no where to be found and also boxes. Finally the waiter that I asked brought us out check ten minutes later no boxes. I wanted to pay they told me I had to wait for my waiter to come around. I about lost it.

Review №78

The worst service ever! Steak was tough and over done and cold!. Waitress was non existent. Had to ask 2 times to get the check, never did get boxes for the kids food, Will never go back. Took forever to get food. Very disappointed and disqusted!!!!

Review №79

Decided to give it another go. Saw the pic of the medium rare tri tip and was sold. What I got was two thick chunk of overcooked tri tip that I had to chew and spit out half the time. Also had to pour my own bbq sauce on it to be able to swallow it. We got 2 of these meals for my wife and I. I am so very disappointed and wish I could get my money back. What a waste. We pretty much paid for the sides. If you want REAL tri tip go to Cattleman's because there's is only $7 more, cut thin, cooked correct and melts in your mouth.

Review №80

Tx. Very good food and served grill

Review №81

Excellent food, very friendly staff, regularly excellent vibes. They charge affordable rates and the food quality is excellent. Great work.

Review №82

We have eaten at logans often and always enjoyed our experience. Yesterday we ordered a pickup order. It was horrible. We ordered prime rib well done, we recieved it so undercooked that it was bleeding, we had to put it back in the oven once we got home and the rolls were 1/2 raw too and gooey. The order was not correct, some of the items we ordered were not in the bag. This was by far our worst experience at any restaurant and we will not be ordering from them again.

Review №83

Service was good food was not. Everything was heavy with salt. It looked like steak seasoning on my shrimp skewer just over seasoned all together. Also ranch was on edge of turning.

Review №84

Service staffing is insuffiect our server was nice but one working the floor. Had to ask for biscuits no tea or beverage refils. Steaks were good.

Review №85

Service was great Eric was friendly and efficient

Review №86

My boyfriend and I ate at Logan's this evening. The food was very good!! We enjoyed the meatloaf and the chicken fried steak. Our waitress, Liz was very friendly and checked back on us frequently. She brought us the bill and we asked about veteran discounts...which they do offer a 15% discount. We mentioned that we are both veterans and are visiting from out of town. She gave us our meals for free and thanked us for our service. I am so impressed!! We will definitely be back!! Thank you again Liz and Logans for a wonderful meal and dinner!!

Review №87

Amazing service, great staff, tasty food!

Review №88

AWESOME staff...and the food was excellent !

Review №89

Came in on Christmas Eve, it was my girlfriend's birthday. Amazing food, great service. Surprised us with a free ice cream dessert for her birthday! Would recommend and definitely eat here again

Review №90

Waitresses are fantastic food was good beer was nice and cold

Review №91

Wow! Just wow! Zero stars would be adequate for the experience tonight. I've always have been Logan's fan. The three times I've been here it has been bad. This by far was the worst service and food ever. How do you screw up grilled cheese? That was just the tip..... I don't write reviews and can type a 40 page essay on this ridiculous night. This is the last time I'm coming to Logan's

Review №92

We first experienced Logan's many years ago back in Texas. It was like we were back in time..pretty much same menu (except I remember the potato soup being delicious and this time it was like the bottom of the pan and had flour globs in it.. flavorless and boring). They also had the same practices on seating...fill all the tables in a section at a time, but isn't there supposed to be social distancing now? As they attempted to seat us amongst a pack of people I asked if we could sit a booth over. The greeter was apologetic and quickly said yes and sat us in another spot. Just as our salad and soup arrived they sat another table directly across from us. I was annoyed with the close proximity of the other table, but they were facing each other and I was hungry with food at the table. That's when it got super annoying as the guy at the table behind that table turns around and proceeds to carry a long conversation with the table across from us as he faces our table and food. Figuring out both tables are locals..I say welcome to Redneck Redding where they don't give a fu..! There is apparently no covid there.. their chain restaurants don't have corporate standards..and the food itself was actually just ok overall. Server was nice though, one plus.

Review №93

Service is usually good food also!

Review №94

Great salads and stews. Service was good. Ive heard prime rib is good. I haven't tried it yet.

Review №95

Service was great, atmosphere was great, the food however was good but a tad bland for my taste. The potato soup was delicious, which was probably the best thing I got. The brisket seemed like it was lukewarm at best, the mac n cheese didn't have a lot of flavor, and the deep fried pickles weren't crispy on the outside nor did they have that made fresh feeling (they were also lukewarm for coming out of the frier).

Review №96

Excellent food and friendly staff.

Review №97

Great food and lots of it.Friendly staff

Review №98

Meh... Decided to give this place another try after a long absence but wasn't that impressed. My rib eye steak was well cooked but just an OK steak. Matter of fact I would say that about everything we had - nothing was bad, but it was all just OK. Except the service - which was actually a notch or two below OK. Yes, it was 7 pm on a Saturday night and it was busy but our server seemed put out...

Review №99

Cold Pale Ale in a large frozen mug! What could be better?

Review №100

At the first moment you enter that restaurant the waiters give you an enjoyable feeling. Very courteous hosts, it is a good restaurant to hang out with friends and colleagues or with your date. Excellent food, professional chef de cuisine, honest pay and nice service. Highly recommended.

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3.6 Rating
  • Address:1955 Hilltop Dr, Redding, CA 96002, United States
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  • Phone:+1 530-221-0113
  • American restaurant
  • Steak house
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–11PM
  • Saturday:11AM–11PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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