Four Brothers Pizza
155 W Auburn Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48307, United States

Review №1

Great food! Everytime I go there the staff is friendly. One of the best pizza joints around the area. They also offer many different dishes for all types of appetite! Will be returning for sure.

Review №2

The tandoori lovers is the best. It's spicy and not too empowering. Definitely a must try.

Review №3

Great customer service and great food. Love their chicken over rice platters. Great quality burgers that are organic.

Review №4

Just try them and give the crispy chicken over rice with little spice to it a try. That's my favorite.

Review №5

Great food. Tons of variety. Super friendly staff. Very clean. Love the atmosphere.

Review №6

I order food from here regularly. The pizza is great. The burgers and chicken sandwiches are awesome (I've gone through a couple of punch cards because I order them so much). My only complaint is that I wish they still had wings and hot dogs. Their wings and hot dogs were the best!

Review №7

One of the best pizza hands down! Everything is good in the menu! I love everything on the menu!

Review №8

Such an amazing place to go eat. The guys are so friendly and the food is amazing.

Review №9

Had their pies several times and the uniqueness of it keeps me coming back. Plus new items always appearing on the menu.

Review №10

The food is amazing customer service is on point all the staffs are very friendly

Review №11

One of the best pizzas i ever had and excellent customer service.

Review №12

I love this place and i only eat food from here. 100% halal and amazing staff. 100% recommend this place to everyone.

Review №13

Excellent pizza and friendly staff. We drive 20mins out of the way just to come to four brothers. Try the ranch it's awesome

Review №14

Ordered Tandoori lovers large pizza..square on 6-19-2020 and it was awful...the crust had a wired smell. The amount of Tandoori sauce was miniscule.. i always Ordered this pizza from them and its amazing..but this time it was disappointing.

Review №15

Best meat lovers halal pizza. Highly recommended

Review №16

Every time when we called to order the chicken over rice they always say their out of rice!! Maybe because of that their rice quantity is less and different in every orders!

Review №17

Their pizza is good but 2x we've had issues with trying to be a repeat customer. I called to place an order and it just rang and rang. This happened multiple times and then we just gave up because when we called later we got the message that their phone number wasn't in order.A separate time we used their online ordering system. The order went through, charged our credit card and then 5 minutes before we were supposed to pick it up (while en route), we got a notification that the order was cancelled and the cc charge was reversed.Unfortunately there are other pizza establishments that are really good that run a business better so we will not be revisiting.

Review №18

The place has pizzas and other food. We had the pizza, it was delicious! The staff was polite and later called and asked for feedback.The pizza was so good that we ordered again that week!

Review №19

I like to order the Sweet and Chili Burger with Cajun fries. The Tandoori pizza is also very good. Nice to have a halal burger joint like this.

Review №20

Came in to dine in with the family. Very slow day however table tops were all dirty. Asked 3 times to have it cleaned until it finally got done.No plates offered, no napkins... had to go through a back storage room to get to the restroom to get napkins out of the restroom napkin dispenser. No follow up on how the food is. Poor quality food that took nearly 30minutes. Food quality was very poor. Think only one brother is working here. Other 3 brothers must have seen the business going down and left.

Review №21

Nice but small place. Good for carryout. Very tasty pizza and all the food. Prices are decent. Good customer service.

Review №22

My wife and I stopped by for the first time and tried the volcano burgers and wow they were awesome! Great service, 100% organic and halal! Definitely will be coming back soon!

Review №23

To be honest, the quality and taste was so bad that I couldn't even eat it! I was really surprised!

Review №24

Bought tandoori chicken pizza and a cheese burger to go. Absolutely loved both of them. Definitely going back there soon. Not sure if there's a way to order over the phone, could be very handy though.

Review №25

Best Cajun fries in the world! Pizza is great too, don't get me wrong. The crust is made to absolute perfection but... Those fries are truly to die for.

Review №26

Halal Pizza! These brothers make delicious, wholesome food!

Review №27

I went to this place during my lunch time. It was my first time trying this. I was not very aware of the menu.The operator helped me with the menu. And timely provided me the food.It was one of the best pizza and tenders i have had. This guy has very delicious food. I loved it. Will definitely recommend everyone to try it out.Excellent experience. And good halal option.

Review №28

Great food. Great service. Make sure to try the Tandoori chicken over rice. And add Cajun seasoning.

Review №29

Grenade fries were tasty but sadly they were served coldThe pizza was appalling. The crust was cardboard on the round pizza. The square pizzas we had ordered were both served with raw dough. The flavor was minimal on the volcano pizza but the dynamite pizza was tasty despite the undercooked doughFor the cost, I expected more and will not be returning.

Review №30

Friendly staff and great food! Highly recommend.

Review №31

The service and the quality of food varies. The staff is generally friendly. As a quick halal food pit stop, it does the job!

Review №32

4 Bros Spicy Specialty pizzas are all great. Sandwiches, Rice Platters, and Quesadillas are also very good.

Review №33

Ordered Lava pizza and Cajun fries. Both of them were great and tasty. Reasonable prices for quality.

Review №34

Decent Halal pizazz. Little pricey for the size and toppings. Can do better.

Review №35

Not good! Not sure how it got that many great reviews .. but would not order from here again. Breadsticks were okay but pizza was really bad. Pepperoni was more like some weird cooked salami.

Review №36

Great food and service. Try the Tandoori Chicken Sandwich and the Tandoori Chicken over rice is a must get.Ask for anyone but Salah to make your food though.

Review №37

We've ordered from here multiple times and have always been very happy with our order.Recommendations include: philly pizza, sweet lava pizza, and the sweet and spicy chicken burger. Super delicious!!!

Review №38

Yummy food.

Review №39

Just got back from lunch, and the burger that I had was amazing it was the Tandori sandwich, they also offer a discount for lunch hours, will go back again.

Review №40

Is renowned for their best pizza and the wings but guys what you should know they started offering chicken biryani only on Saturday but it's the best biryani in the area should try out and the place is nice and the staff and owner are very friendly. A complete family restaurant to have dine out!!

Review №41

Good food, good service

Review №42

Crispy chicken pita wrap was amazing and so were the fries. Guy behind the counter was nice as well.

Review №43

Nice taste. Great options

Review №44

I used to love coming here i was a regular, but i think i was served something bad a few days ago because i woke up in the middle of the night running to the bathroom going out of both ends, i felt horrible. I wasn't sure if i should say anything or not because i love this place but i think it's courtesy to at least let THEM know something might be up.

Review №45

This place is disgusting. The pepporoni and the sausage do not taste like meat. The crust is awful. It seriously tastes like a digirno pizza that is frozen from wal mart. Avoid this place. The dining area was dirty as well!

Review №46

Spicy pizza....its good. We try it once in a while. Something different from the regular stuff. Employees are very nice people. We do carry out all the time

Review №47

I miss this place immensely loved the food

Review №48

I got pizza here three times, all three times the pizza was really good. The staff seems really young and the store itself seems a little unkept. You guys need to clean up the place and add some flash to it.your place has potential but your allowing it to be average. You know, maybe out in a granite front counter and a better menu, stuff like that.

Review №49

Amazing pizza. Worth the 30 minutes wait they took to prepare it

Review №50

Good pizza

Review №51

Good food on-time delivery people very polite

Review №52

There food is good but overpriced

Review №53

Alhamdulillah very delicious food!We did our iftar here today, and we were very satisfied. If I come here again will try to come by...Good job Guyz, keep it up.

Review №54

Best place to eat Alhamdulilah

Review №55

Good burgers. Halal.

Review №56

I've ordered from them couple times. Their wings are really really good! However, their pizza leaves something to be desired. I ordered a large steak and jalapeño pizza, thinking that it would have a lot of flavor. Unfortunately, it lacked Salt and much taste. In other words, The pizza looked really good, but tasted really bland. I would recommend them to improve the pizza flavor.

Review №57

Update : 1 year later, bringing my review down to 2 star. If you are charging $18 for a large pizza, it better be good. And it is not. Sorry you have lost my business.Old review : Every menu item I have tried, tasted really good.

Review №58

Great pizza and service. The taste is unique! Anything with their Tandoori Chicken is worth it.

Review №59

Great food and it's halal I always order pizza from here.

Review №60

Beware of ordering online from these Bros for delivery. Might be slow, might not show - ya never know.For UberEats anyway they don't show location updates and since they have their own drivers, they don't communicate through the app either.

Review №61

Got my BBQ pizza to find that it had a entire piece of delicious on it. Also charged me full price cuz that's what they're supposed to do. Would definitely recommend to a friend. Whatever you do DO NOT spend less than 10$ here.

Review №62

Very nice people, food was amazing.

Review №63

Love the tandoori burger with cajun fries. Their tandoori pizza is awesome as well, especially if like a good hit of spice.

Review №64

Heaven Pizza, all I can say

Review №65

Not bad pizza but the wait was wayy to long. Waiter came out and said 5 minutes which turned into half an hour.

Review №66

Good pizza! It's great to get a break from the chains. Service was friendly. Pizza was blazing hot. Lots of sauce. I love how the bottom of the pizza is cooked just enough to be super-crunchy, but not burnt at all.

Review №67

Absolutely slow service, they never answer their phone, always running out of things. I stopped going here for about eight months and today I figured maybe after eight months their service would be better so I decided to order a cheeseburger. Tried calling them and phone was engage because they don't hit the disconnect button after a call and other people can't reach them. So I decided to drive there and as soon as I get there the person on the counter informs me that there are no burgers today. It was an absolute disappointment. Maybe another eight months of not going there will do the trick.

Review №68

Great pizza good food

Review №69

Great taste is really good..young staff

Review №70

They have pizza that is out of this world

Review №71

Its a must, the most delicious Halal pizza ever.

Review №72

The specialty pizzas are by far the best pizzas I have ever had. Great prices!!! They have vastly improved the quality of the food since they've opened. Would definitely recommend trying them out.

Review №73

Great place. Liked the food

Review №74

Nice Halal place with various options.

Review №75

Love the Tangy Bbq and Volcano Pizza!!!

Review №76

Welcoming staff, quality good. You won't be disappointed.

Review №77

Their dough is perfecto crusted on the outside with a pillowy delicious interior, their toppings are quality and consistent, and their unique flavors, takes on Pakistani and Bengali cuisine

Review №78

Love the tandoori burger and tandoori quesadilla!

Review №79

The burger was fresh and yummy.

Review №80

Staff was friendly and pizza was super good.I was a visiting from Canada.

Review №81

Plenty of halal options to choose from. My personal favorite is the meat lovers pizza.

Review №82

Amazing place with unique and delicious pizza. They got some good service too. If u hungry and around check it out

Review №83

Yummy halal pizza ,wings we got from here

Review №84

Had the tandoori pizza it was hot and good! I mean spicy very good flavor and hwatlevel.

Review №85

Only halal fried Chicken in the area. Great pizza toppings. Some of the choices are very spicy though - Volcanoe pizza being an obvious one.

Review №86

Tasty food and friendly staff. It's recommended for take out order, the dinner is very small .

Review №87

The Deep Dish reminded me of Buddy's Pizza. The toppings tasted fresh and flavorful. This place has a clean and cozy eating area. The prices were good for a higher quality product.

Review №88

I didn't like the quality. Greedy staff and high price. Better to eat vegetarian from other places

Review №89

Amazing food and great customer service!!! I always come to this place when I come to the town. I sometimes order food to go; never had bad experience.

Review №90

Pizzas are great! The crust is cooked properly, not doughy/soggy. They have a good proportion of toppings on their pizzas. The tandoori pizza was way too spicy for me (I can't tolerate anything more than medium spice level at most places), but I loved the meat lovers pizza. Their wings are huge, crispy, and my favorite are the mango habanero wings. The chicken quesadilla has either the dynamite or grenade sauce inside and tastes great! Crispy on the outside with plenty of cheese and chicken inside.

Review №91

Ordered a large round with pepperoni and an order of cheese bread.Both items tasted like something you would get for lunch in high school.The pizza itself had absolutely no spice at all. The pizza sauce tastes like it came straight out of a can from GFS (with no spices added). The cheese, I don't even know... The bread had a great texture but the taste was again lacking.I've been waiting for this place to open for over a year and am beyond disappointed.They really need to start making their stuff from scratch or they won't be open very long.Can't say much about the burgers, I didn't order one. But for goodness sake, they're called 4 Brother's PIZZA!

Review №92

The Pizza and cheese bread were truly disgusting. The pizza had no flavor and had barely any toppings. My wife took two bites and gave the rest of hers to the dogs. We had a large pizza with pepperoni and had 12 pepperoni and 8 pieces of mushrooms. There was a skimpy amount of cheese. You would think they would want to put a decent amount since they just opened and want to keep customers coming back. The cheese bread also had no flavor and tasted really strange. The pizza was like something at a Golden Corral Buffet. No thanks, not going back!

Review №93

Wow the pizza there amazing.

Review №94

The pizza's are great here. Make sure you eat them when they're hot

Review №95

Pizzas are really good. The mango habenero wings are delicious! They usually get your order ready in 15min. Best to call ahead to order.

Review №96

Delicious and good quality food.

Review №97

Very tasty and clean

Review №98

Great food. Excellent service and prices.

Review №99

Very good place to have Desi style pizza with spicy option. Best thing they use halal meat which even more additional taste.

Review №100

Amazing pizza!! The tandoori chicken pizza is out of this world....Update (06/21/2020) - the pizza still tastes amazing and their choco chip cookies.....yummmmmm

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