Cheddars Scratch Kitchen
15607 I-10 West, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States

Review №1

If your looking for someplace with choice Cheddar's is the right spot. My wife and I shared the Steak and Ribs plate. It was plenty for the both of us and we even had.some to take home. The chicken fried chicken is also very tasty. I was very impressed with the Covid-19 protocols also. Everyone was wearing masks, warnings posted, napkins in covered containers, and plastic ware. Keep up the good work.

Review №2

The food was very delicious. We ordered the Grilled Chicken Pecan Salad with Pomegranate Balsamic Vinaigrette and Honey Mustard dressings on the side and the Top Sirloin Steak & Ribs. The chicken on the salad was tender and juicy. The pecans had a slight candied glaze that paired perfectly with the chicken. The dressings gave it a wonderful combination of flavors. The half rack of ribs had a thick gooey, slightly sweet Bar-b-que sauce on it. The meat was so tender on the ribs, they fell off the bones as I was trying to cut between the rack of ribs. The sirloin was cooked perfectly. Pink and juicy in the middle. The seasonings used on top of the steak were just right. No need to add salt for flavoring. The steak was placed on a bed of fried onions rings. Yum! Our table service was provided by Victoria. She gave us Great table service. Always made sure the tea glasses stayed full and kept checking with us to see if we needed anything else. Thank you Victoria! You made this first timer's experience a very enjoyable one. We will definitely be coming back here

Review №3

The food was well prepared and there was very little waiting between ordering and getting our food. Our waitress was Mia, and her service was amazing. She was very attentive and seemed to genuinely want my fiancée and I to have a good experience.

Review №4

1st time trying this location in SA. We were greeted & were told it was a 20min wait. They said they'd text us when table was available & to wait outside or in our car. Since it was 100° outside at 2pm we opted for the car. After 15min we were texted and seated right away. Social distancing was in place fairly well. We were seated in bar section. Unfortunately our table/seats were not cleaned properly but the manager jumped on it. Amber was our server. It appears she was doing double duty as server/bartender, she managed pretty well. The food was okay, & menu has been tapered down from original. One person had the MontiCristo sandwich plate but cold fries were served, sandwich/dip were pretty decent. Another person ordered the sirloin filet w/baked potato. Meat was cooked right and tasty but the baked potato was prepared incorrectly w/condiments and assuming the order was written down correctly the kitchen didn't read the ticket correctly. I had the homemade chicken pot pie. Flavor was good BUT seriously it hardly any chicken peices in it, & for $10 thats not really acceptable in my book. Here is another thing that gets me at some restaurants nowadays. Someone takes the order, its sent to kitchen, it prepared right or wrong and then brought to you and its NOT CHECKED by the server. It seems common practice now that it is YOUR responsibility to checkit. I was not trained that way back in my restaurant days...long ago. I'm sure alot of people will disagree but in this pandemic time of trying to get and keep people in the door just go that extra mile or step to make sure yourproviding the best service possible. Also servers and kitchen staff, keep those masks ON, cover your entire nose/mouth at all times. I know it's uncomfortable and hard to do but if you want people to come back and feel safe show that you care about your job, others safety as well as your own. Anyway give them a try

Review №5

Always good no matter what. The quality of there food and their portions always leave me full. Love there Maui Margarita.

Review №6

The service and food were great as always. My guest and wife were really happy with everything. They didi not rush us, I enjoyed the pace of dinner, the waiter and his trainer made sure everything was perfect. The normal portions are huge and many times I just get the kids plate with a vegetable plate to split. When I get the normal chicken strip dinner I usually have to take the leftover food home for lunch the next day.

Review №7

Excellent service! Great attentiveness and attitude!!! Thank you!! And food was great! I had the pot pie, a favorite of mine since my kid days and wife had chicken fried chicken single portion which was still a lot of food! We also had a double crown and coke plus the “pain killer”! Good stuff!!As for the company we had to keep...Gnats! You'd think we were hygiene challenged!!Seriously, management needs to up their game!No excuse to have a gnat issues.

Review №8

It is what it is. Affordable food, but mediocre quality. They serve everything from steaks and burgers to potpie and dinner salads.....and excel at nothing. Good croissants, however. For the price, its reasonable, however I'd likely goto somewhere like Chipotle or Freebirds instead. Service was good and being able to pay at your table's computer was appreciated

Review №9

Our experience at this cheddars was far more than disappointing.To begin, the service was so so slow. We waited for a refill for 10 minutes after asking our waitress then another twice. When we were ready for our check it took 10 minutes to receive the check then another 25 minutes to see our credit cards return. The waitress claimed she was waiting on her manager to fix the check. If this is the truth, management needs major improving as well. You should NEVER leave a table waiting for their credit cards to return for 25 minutes.Food quality was terrible as well. I ordered the lemon pepper chicken and received two extremely try chicken breasts and over salted rice.Save your money!!! Don't go here! There are WAY better options around.

Review №10

They put the vegetable plate back on the menu...thank God! The corn and green beans are buttery sweet and the mashed potatoes and broccoli casserole are an undulgence. It also comes with a side salad...more than enough for the biggest appetite.

Review №11

Food was fair.White fish was over seasoned, greenbeans were too salty and soggy .My son had the bacon burger, he enjoyed that.Dessert wasn't all that great .Gnats literally ran the table.Jose T the server wasn't all that great, he seemed depressed with no enthusiasm to be working. We stayed thirsty for about 15min before we asked for refills instead of them being offered . Pretty sure we'll return, but maybe to a different location.

Review №12

If you look at the picture, that's clearly not medium rare. I just picked it up today curbside. Even the little sticks in it say medium rare as you can see on the picture but you can clearly see I received a well done steak which is not what I ordered. The only reason I am giving 1/5 is because the sides at least were what I ordered, if not I'd give a 0/5.

Review №13

The food is 100 the drinks are great staff was nice and fretted us coming in and going out. Management was awesome. Amazing experience definitely recommend this place.

Review №14

Table was dirty and seats were sticky. The table had a sign that it has been cleaned and disinfected, but I dont think it was. Waited 10 min for a waiter to take my drink order. Not really good service. They are practicing social distancing which is good.

Review №15

I enjoyed our visit. We have gone to one in DFW, El Paso and Albuquerque and all have had enjoyable experiences. Food is always on point, drinks (Pain Killer & Long Island Tea) are delicious! One of our favorite places to visit and always recommend.!

Review №16

Great homemade style food great steak and ribs plate, the meat just falls off the bones honestly some of the best BBQ ribs in San Antonio and at great prices, can't wait for the full menu to come back

Review №17

After long time, we went there, and i do not regret. They changed menu little bit, everything was fresh. There is a lot of space, so it is easy to keep social distance. So you can go, it is safe, not expensive and yes everything made from scratch!!!!

Review №18

Was a good meal we picked up to go thru the app an it worked great an was brought right out on time .ive never had a bad experience at cheddars even when i dine in.

Review №19

Not really on top of their game last night. Service was slow. Food was delicious though.

Review №20

My fav restaurant, good food quality and affordable, my two fav drinks Pain Killers and Tikke, house salad and dessert great to have with your main dish, services is good.

Review №21

This is my first time here at Cheddar's and I love it. The restuarant offers a lot of variety of foods, burger, TexMix, sandwich and drinks. The customer service is excellent and welcoming. The food is good and is the most important. The price is reasonable for a lunch and dinner meals. If you have a group of 3 or more, this is a good place to enjoy a nice meal. The decor is nice and pleasant. There is a fish tank which has some of my favorite fishes. It's great for little kids. The staffs were cute and friendly. Their recommendations are good. You should try a smokehouse burger and drinks. They are good.

Review №22

Food is great there. But ordered chicken Alfredo and they don't have crushed red pepper. Big no no. Ordered baked potato and got mashed potatoes instead. No biggie. 4 Stars sounds fair. Would still visit again.

Review №23

American food, yummy. Food was so yummy. Had a friend come into town and she asked me to take her here again.

Review №24

So I guess I'm not always a fan of American food. I'm not sure if that's what you'd call Cheddar's food. I've been here with my family and we had a great time. I always love the spinach dip. The food was really tasty and I did indeed finish my meal, but I just think it was too salty. That's me when it comes to most of my meals when it comes to Cheddars though. I'd say if you're looking for a pretty fancy dinner date, this place would be really cool.

Review №25

I came here with family we arrived a bit late we sat down 5 minutes after we got our drinks and chips after a 10/20 minute wait we got out food. The meat dishes here are so tender that it's almost like Jello. great place to bring friends and family.

Review №26

Great home cooking, huge variety, and everything is made from scratch! This place is really cheap for all the food you get and they also have great mixed drinks! They are know for a drink called the "Pain Killer" and it is fabulous! I love the onion rings and their salads are always very fresh. They also have an amazing apple cobbler served with vanilla ice cream!! Love this place :)

Review №27

We have come to this location several times but during this last visit, we we're very impressed. The service by Jakob, our waiter, was outstanding. He was very friendly, immediately took our order and was attentive to our needs during our meal. He came by with refills to our drinks just before we needed them, also refilled our chips when needed. We didn't need to ask for much at all as he was already on top of it.The food is always pretty good at this location and with the service being extra good this time, the food was hot when served and made it that much better. Much credit goes to Jakob for the incredible service we received today.

Review №28

I enjoy this cheddars. The staff has always been friendly and their service is quick.

Review №29

Food was delicious n our server was so friendly

Review №30

Always great food and excellent service. The Cajun pasta is very good, mu husbansnorder the Montecristo sandwich and is delish.

Review №31

If I could give 0 stars I would. I ordered take out on 7/6. My order was horrible. My husband ordered the blackened salmon with broccoli casserole and loaded baked potato, first off the salmon was dry and looked unappealing, then his potato was HARD as a rock, you could cleanly tell whoever prepared it had a hard time cutting it down the middle because of how poorly it looked, yet it was still sent out. I ordered the chicken fried steak, they forgot the GRAVY. How do you forget gravy with CFS. The croissants were hard as a rock as well! Disgusting and waste of money. I've never had a problem with Cheddars until now. Very disappointed and again waste of money in these hard times.

Review №32

Had country fried chicken. Was very good.

Review №33

Went to visit this place with all of the family i love how they give out some break with honey as appetizers that is such a delight. I also ordered the past with the sausage , shrimp and chicken it was pretty great. I unfortunately do not like sausage and did not like having to pick it out, i was told by the wait staff that it would not be modified. Strange since i work in restaurant not sure what policies they follow at cheddars but was strange they could not accommodate my request.

Review №34

Love the tenders and recommend peach tea mmmmmm so good

Review №35

Went 1/11 at 1:30 pm. Waitress was awesome. Love the decor. Fodd took 15 minutes too long to come out but was great. The southern green beans are a get low calorie side. The blackened white fish was seasoned and cooked to perfection.

Review №36

For me and my boyfriends first time we really liked it definitely wanna come again

Review №37

This place is always good. Just good old-fashioned, hometown cooking. They're croissant appetizers are awesome

Review №38

Food was good expect the chicken pot pie like need more chicken

Review №39

The good:Honey butter Croissants, they blew me awayPhilly cheese steak, one of the best in SAChicken fried steak, very tastyThe okay:Mac and cheese - it was simply okay todayChicken Alfredo - was told it was just okayThe bad:Why oh why didn't I order more croissants??? They are the stuff of dreams!Overall: can't wait to go back here!

Review №40

I have been ordering curb side from this Cheddars once a week for the past month to help support local business and the food and customer service have not let me down. Burgers, chicken tenders, grilled salmon, grilled chicken salad with pecans.. all tasty.!!! I would highly recommend getting out and give Cheddars a try.!!!

Review №41

Love coming to this location! Great service and great food!

Review №42

This place is amazing! My Aunt came over from Georgia to visit me and has never ate here in till now!!! And she thinks this was the best sit down restaurant she had ever had!!! Thank you Cheaders!!!

Review №43

We ordered the blackened salmon and shrimp, kids mac and cheese, and lemon pepper white fish. We also tried the trio mini desserts.The mac and cheese tasted fresh. Loved the cheese.The blackened salmon was cooked perfectly. Right amount of seasoning. The white rice tasted really fresh as well.The lemon pepper white fish was awesome. For being on the lighter calorie menu. This was seasoned really well.The desserts all tasted very good. We made sure none was left behind.The restaurant is large. Pretty good size bar. The fish tank was neat to look at from afar.Our waiter was a little pushy on getting us to put an order when we haven't been to a Cheddars in 5 plus years. After 3 times of him asking. We were ready to order. (Maybe 5 to 6 min of looking at menu).Overall. Our kid liked the mac and cheese and the dessert.We will come back again.

Review №44

Fewer menu options due to Pandemic & we had plastic utensils. The food is still delicious & service with Veronica is awesome

Review №45

Very delicious food and the waitress was very helpful wish all were like that I believe her name was Jessica not sure but very very nice

Review №46

It will be better once they get back on track. The restrooms were horrifically dirty, which could only happen over the course of many hours. The server was very good and the food was delicious.

Review №47

Great food reasonable prices. My family loves it here. Unfortunately for me I am lactose intolerant.

Review №48

Great place to eat for the price. The croissants they serve are amazing and also there dishes.

Review №49

Today's storm knocked out the lights but all in all it was good

Review №50

You can tell they have sanitation first in mind nowadays. The limited menu is only really missing "The Monster Cookie". If they bring it back they get five stars.

Review №51

Ordered chicken fried steak and broccoli casserole and it was amazing. Food was really good and the experience would have been good. However upon entering and existing the restaurant the panhandler for the DARE program was very aggressive and rude. She did not want to give me there website to donate through and insisted I give her my card information for a donation there on the street. Cheddar's should be more careful who they let stand in front of their business. Because it reflects back on them.

Review №52

Late night dinner - food and service was good. We ordered the grilled white fish that sides were mac & cheese and corn; also ordered the chicken alfredo with carrots and broccoli.Overall, great dinner.

Review №53

First time eating here & I can't wait to go back! To start out with, that sweet croissant that they brought out just left me speechless! Just melt in your mouth! My chicken fried steak was big & that broccoli/cheese casserole was delish. Great food, great customer service...I'm a happy foodie!

Review №54

The appetizers that came out was not what we ordered and it looked like it had been sitting awhile. When our appetizer did come out it too looked like it had been sitting awhile and looked nothing like it had in the past. The salmon was pretty good, the ribeye steak was okay nothing great and not much seasoning. It may be some time before we go back. Overall not impressed with the restaurant as I have been in the past.

Review №55

Menu is limited not like before where you could get a good club & soup

Review №56

Tried their half rack BBQ ribs. Not bad.

Review №57

#cheddars was good for lunch. Chicken and shrimp on top of rice with a side of corn and Cole slaw. #food #sanantonio

Review №58

Had a good social distance seating,good customer service and menu is limited to certain items

Review №59

We have dined in here many times. This was our 2nd curbside pickup in 3 months. The extra broccoli casserole we paid $2.49 for was a very small and unacceptable portion for the price. My croissant was placed in the container with my steak and had steak juice all over it, also unacceptable. The other croissant was in a separate container. We called the manager and no credit was offered and we were told to mention this during our next dining in to the manager on duty. We are older with preexisting conditions so we cannot safely dine in at this time with the covid bad in our area. Oh well.

Review №60

Very clean,covid-19 very aware...sanitization prepared. Wait time was short. limited seating .spacious between costumers .food and service was very delighting .staff very nice service aware was 100% satisfaction

Review №61

Great service even though pandemic made it difficult. Food was great

Review №62

What a disaster >.

Review №63

Overcooked my steak twice. Watered down whiskey. Texas tea had no alcohol in it.

Review №64

I came last night with my boyfriend who has never been and the experience was AWFUL.1. I told the hostess we wanted a booth that way she could notate that on the wait list by our name. The young lady who took us to be seated, sat us at a dirty table. When I told her that we asked for a booth, she smacked her lips, walked us over to a booth, and tossed our menus and silverware down and walked off.2. When our server came, we ordered our appetizer and a bar drink. It only took the appetizer about 10 minutes to get to the table, but my boyfriend's drink that he ordered didn't come until we were done eating it. So about 20 minutes passed before he got his drink.3. When we ordered entrees, I asked the server for 2 croissants, an extra side of broccoli casserole for my boyfriend's meal, as well, for one of my side options for my meal, and I also asked for BBQ sauce for my tenders. Omar assured us that our food would be "right out" as we waited for 20 minutes. When the food came, he didn't bring the broccoli casserole that came with my meal or the extra one for my boyfriend's meal. The croissants were definitely burned on the bottom and it was obvious they had been sitting in the expo window for a while. And I didn't get the condiments that were supposed to come with my chicken tenders (i.e. honey mustard, cocktail sauce, BBQ sauce).4. I pointed out how awful the croissants looked and Omar said he'd bring more, which he never did. Five minutes went by before we finally got our 2 sides of broccoli casserole and my condiments for the tenders. By that time, I noticed there was a tortilla chips in my mashed potatoes. I pointed it out once Omar came back and he said he could have it remade. By that point, I was tired and just ready to go home. I told him he could just take the plate because I honestly wasn't hungry anymore and I asked if he could bring the check. He brought the check and the same plate back and told us we could just take the tenders and the shrimp from my plate home.5. In addition to the bar drink my boyfriend ordered, we also asked for 2 waters, which we got, but our drinks never got refilled.

Review №65

Good food,waiter was very slow

Review №66

Very good tasting food. Super Killer Pina colada

Review №67

Took 2 calls to order curbside over the phone. First call they put us on hold and hung up on us. Arrived to pick up and called. Eleven minutes later they finally came out with our food. One person handling all the curbside. S L O W. Haven't tasted the food yet.

Review №68

Best Monte Cristo EVER......OMG TO DIE FOR

Review №69

My first time at cheddars and I loved it, good food, great service!

Review №70

The food was good. It would have been a good experience if my drink had come BEFORE I finished my meal. Poor service. The butterhorns were so delicate and yummy. I wish it had been a better experience. Will try another time.

Review №71

Lunch portions are great and their Salmon is very good.

Review №72

Service was horrible. Food was cold. Server was irritable. Our fries arrived cold as well as the entree lukewarm. By the time they brought out fresh fries we were already done eating. I-10 West near Loop 1604 location. The bathrooms were horrible as well. Needed to be cleaned and smelled terribly

Review №73

Make sure you try the Painkiller. There's a limit of two for a reason

Review №74

Hands down the best expierence in the 10+ years eating at Cheddars. Glad that we were on this side of town and not our normal location. Our server Yamir and his service was some of the best I've ever had during a dining experience. Prompt, helpful, courteous and just a step above. Amazing service. Food was great and everything came out hot and fresh.

Review №75

My wife likes this place. I don't think I've had anything that makes it stand it. It isn't bad, I just feel like it is so similar to everything else. And with prices being raised (fairly, not exorbitant) it makes us less likely to return. Well maybe for drinks.

Review №76

Always good food.Nice staff.

Review №77

I only had the Painkiller, fried cheese curds and those delicious croissants. It was pretty good, basic chain restaurant food. Gave 3 stars bc I would need more food for an actual rating, I think?

Review №78

Took forever to get the food and it was half empty. I hate to see it at normal capacity! Mashed potatoes were ice cold like it just came out of the fridge. Replaced potatoes were burning hot. So called buttered corn tasted like it came out of a can with no butter. Next time we will go to Applbees!

Review №79

Party of 2- I usually love this place, but tonight was horrible! I called to make a reservation and was told it was a first come first serve basis, but when we got there we were told the wait was 10-15 minutes, people who came in 10 minutes after us were seated before us and when we asked why we were told they made a reservation!!?! Really!!! We finally got a table and it took 10 minutes before the server took our drink order, another 20 minutes before our water made it to the table and another 10 minutes for my husband's drink to come out, mine never came! I ordered a side salad- the croutons were soggy and the tomatoes were bad! When I brought this to the waiters attention he did not even offer to replace it. When the check came they had to take it back and fix it. Over all it was the worst experience I have ever had here.Please properly train your staff! Very rude!

Review №80

Always great!! We have a family of 8 and they never fail to take great care of all of us. Plus the food is amazing.

Review №81

Had to send steak back but service was good. Portions were small.

Review №82

Came here tonight after not being here in so long and I am pretty upset...not at the drinks but the quesadilla that I love so much is no longer available....I don't understand it but I guess it is what it is

Review №83

Great food, and a good assortment of beverages, nice atmosphere for the family

Review №84

We are currently on a Keto diet so choosing restaurants is now based on their no carb options! LOL The restaurant felt very clean and patrons were spaced out well. We received paper menus and our waitress was wearing a mask. We each ordered 6oz sirloin steaks with side salads and green beans. The steaks were cooked perfectly to requested temps. Drinks were kept full and we were offered "to go" drinks (soda of course). Price seemed very fair as well considering other restaurants are charging "Covid Fees" due to the rising costs of meat. If I recall correctly our bill was under $30 for two.

Review №85

It was okay this time. It is normally better food. Maybe an off day? Our waiter was fantastic.

Review №86

I live on the far NE area and came to pick my wife up from work in the NW area and come here to eat and it was awesome food. You can never go wrong with Cheddar's.

Review №87

I just love Cheddar's period.

Review №88

Had the Chicken Alfredo, delish! Hubby had buffalo chicken tenders, he was happy. Would like to buy a bottle of Cheddars buffalo sauce. He loves the stuff.

Review №89

Great food and wonderful prices, what more could you ask for?

Review №90

Majority of my food was not good!! Salmon with a salad was pretty good and the crossiants were very good. The family pack of chicken fingers were fried to hard and tasted like seasonless bad grease. Unfortunately, I had to throw away 14 chicken fingers, it was that bad. Maybe the chicken was old, but this is the wrong time to sell bad food when the community is trying to support restaurants during these trying times. My sides were not included in my order at all! I told the manager. In addition, the restaurant had to be called to bring out my food after a long wait. I ordered and paid online giving the restaurant over an hour to prepare my food. The manager, she offered a refund or a gift card from corporate. I elected a gift card, due to Covid-19. I didnt want to take money away from the business and I left a tip. I wish the refund was selected and have not received a gift card, two weeks later!

Review №91

I had not been to Cheddar's in a long time. I was excited to have dinner here with family - I was not dissappointed! The wait was long, but everything else was great! Great service from hostess to waiter. Food was delicious! My husband (who is picky) absolutely loved it here! I definitely recommend!

Review №92

Great croissants, clean restaurant and good servers. Food was has been a little better at the west side location though

Review №93

The staff is friendly. The menu has been reduced I couldn't find anything with pasta.

Review №94

They just started giving Hot Buttery Croissants. 3 different sitting environments, Quiet Cozy, Open sitting, Bar. GREAT Lunch meals.(too much to eat). Militaty discount. Great Prices.

Review №95

You can't go wrong with Cheddars bc of the price of the food and drinks! Some of the drinks aren't the best but the food has always been surprisingly tasty

Review №96

This was my first time at Cheddar's and I was pretty disappointed in my visit. I've heard hood things about the place which is why I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and giving three stars. I ordered the 8oz sirloin steak medium with a couple of sides. My steak came out exceptionally salty and cooked well done. I didn't complain because it was kind of busy, but my meal was disappointing to say the least. I wish our waitress came around more often as I had to wait quite a bit of time before my next drink refill. The best part of my visit was the complimentary croissants that were given after my group ordered! Those were amazing!

Review №97

Enjoyed the ribs. Waitress was great

Review №98

Consistently very fresh, tasty & truly prepared from scratch! Also super service every time! Something for everyone and great value!

Review №99

Great drinks & food with good service. Menu & seating is limited right now.

Review №100

Service was good, but food was only fair.

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:15607 I-10 West, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-690-8100
  • Traditional American restaurant
  • Family restaurant
  • Southern restaurant (US)
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–11PM
  • Saturday:11AM–11PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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