Chilis Grill & Bar
17750 US 281 N, San Antonio, TX 78232, United States
Review №1

Stopped by for a quick lunch, pretty fast service and the food was good. I decided to go with the lunch special chicken fajitas jacked up, and they were tasty.

Review №2

Great service, best waiter/waitstaff I've seen in yrs...well deserving of the $10 tip on our $30 early dinner, the food was delicious, I will drive the 20 miles away to go back any chance I get. I do food service and appreciate getting treated so attentively when spending my little hard earned $$. I just wish I could remember the guys name, thick tall Hispanic cleaned shaved and hair, I think a few tats, around mid 20s? Kudos and I'll see you asap

Review №3

Justin gave the absolute best service I could've asked for! When I arrived and sat down, the bar top was full and he still managed to make sure that my drink was never empty. With a great attitude, and efficient work ethic, Justin impressed me, as well as the other customers around me. I will absolutely be coming back to this Chili's because of Justin. Thank you for a great experience!! -Codie

Review №4

I sat at the bar so I could watch some baseball while I enjoy a margarita and I really enjoyed it here. Stephen was great! I'm a server and it always fascinates me how someone can take my whole order without a pen and paper and get it all right down to the point. Justin was very helpful and friendly too! He greeted me at the door. Amazing service here. I recommend.

Review №5

Ordered a bowl of chili and an awesome blossom petals blossom was not awesome and the bowl of chili was the size of a coffee cup. For what I paid for the food it wouldn't fill up my 9 yr old grandson. The receipt didn't have any prices of what I paid or the total I paid. The lady answering the phone is rude. Needless to say I won't be going back

Review №6

Fast and amazing service. Justin was the most courteous server always checking up on us making us feel very comfortable.

Review №7

Love THIS Chilis...the Manager ED is AMAZING! Always on point with hospitality...and Kamryn our server was THE BEST EVER! Food was cooked to perfection & piping HOT! Cleanliness was 100 and I am STUFFED ;) Whenever I come I ask for Kamryn or Tavi and they always give us the BEST service!!

Review №8

Awful experience today for lunch! Service was extremely slow, if not non-existent at points (no refills on drinks/salsa and fries came from from the kitchen COLD...we were offered fresh/warm fries and they never came). It was not entirely the server's fault as she was swamped, and NO ONE was helping her. The manager was nowhere to be seen either (probably screwing around in the back instead of actually earning their money, which is typical in the restaurant industry). This is THE LAST TIME I will ever visit any Chili's! It's always one thing or another at this ghetto restaurant chain. F for FAIL!

Review №9

I enjoyed the fried pickles and dipping sauce. The bacon ranch quesadillas were mediocre as was the strawberry margarita on the rocks. The service at the bar was decent although I was not offered another drink.

Review №10

The curbside driver and manager were awesome. I'm a struggling single mom and they honored my rewards even though I had trouble logging in and went out of their way to help me. The food was well executed as well.

Review №11

Great location, easy to find off the highway, and service was excellent. Sat at bar. Food was quick but not rushed. Bartender made excellent drinks - nice margarita selection. Fajitas, yummy as usual, were sizzling to the table. They now have shrimp fajitas. Yum. Burger was perfectly cooked to order. Bartender made my visit great. Thanks.

Review №12

Food was pretty good. Portions are beyond generous. My favorite part was the server. So attentive to me and my company.

Review №13

In these days of uncertainty, it's nice to still be able to take my children out to dinner and know people have done all they can to keep us safe. Walking in to chili's it smelled clean. Server was wearing mask,. Thank you for making us feel safe.

Review №14

Everyone was so attentive. Brandon was our server and he was great!!

Review №15

Foods ok I guess ... nothing to brag about. Now I know why I just come around every once in awhile and not all the time.

Review №16

Rudest server I've had in a while, always made us feel rushed.. didn't write my order down and then messed it up.

Review №17

Very reasonable prices, and good food!! Sometimes the ribs are a little dry but they taste pretty good!

Review №18

We lived right up the street for a year and this place became our go to.These guys are very familiar with locals and tourists and can be a hidden gem for people jist traveling through.

Review №19

Always a favorite, great food at a reasonable price. Wait is a little longer due to maintaining COVID19 sanitation requirements but worth the wait.

Review №20

There food is good and worked with food substitutes due to allergies. The To Go Order staff are amazing and polite. Will definitely return to this location.

Review №21

Honestly, avoid this location, especially for curbside! I've been forgotten twice which lead to me having to wait an additional 30+ minutes past the time they said my food would be ready. I had to call the first time after 40 minutes had gone by and the delivery people kept telling me that the food was almost ready. The second time, the delivery guy told me that he flat out just got busy. Just to elsewhere, BJ's has some really great specials.

Review №22

Enjoy the food 3 forc10 great deal

Review №23

Thursday night decided to go out to eat instead of eating at home. BIG mistake!!! The food was horrible, the server, I think his name was Justin; was even worse. Salad came out warm and food came out cold! Asked if they could just warm up the food and they took it back to the kitchen and brought it back to the table still cold. My husband and I were very, very upset but instead of acting ignorant we just asked to speak with a manager. That waiter knew that food wasn't warm up. He laid it on the table and walked away, no words. The manager apologized for his poor workers bad behavior and also for the horrible food we received. We didn't want a fresh plate of food so we left hangry! I think we are done eating at this Chili's because it's not the 1st time this has happen.

Review №24

Always a fun environment. Our server was the sweetest.

Review №25

Friendly customers service! Very clean and nice atmosphere. Great service and food.

Review №26

Everyone was helpful. Food cooked well. Ed checked on me often.

Review №27

I really don't know what happened to Chili's chicken breast. Before it used to taste and feel like chicken, now just looking at it it looks fake and it tastes gooey and processed.

Review №28

The egg rolls were delicious as usual.

Review №29

Awful service, it took so long for someone to stop by the table to get drinks, server has 1inch long nails on all his fingers disgusting for someone that is serving food, unhealthy, table was dirty and the electronic game they put on the table dirty as well, great manager but she cannot do all by her self. Not coming back for sure.

Review №30

Haven't had ribs in long time they where great wish would bring back cinnamon apples though

Review №31

I am completely dissatisfied with my lunch, I spent roughly 50 bucks for 3 different lunches and everyone else but my lunch was good. I ordered the just bacon burger my bread was soggy, I asked for well done the meat was not cooked still pink throughout. 1 piece of bacon on the just bacon sandwich.

Review №32

The 3 dish option IS thee best, ok actually I'm partial...

Review №33

Loved this location by far one of the best chilis ive been too.The service was fast and the food was delicious. Highly recommend it.

Review №34

The food was decent, but the fries came out cold. It was corrected quickly.

Review №35

New menus are superb and cost effective. Loads of food with beautiful ambiance and staffs ... we ordered pickle fry thats a bit salty but all in all good experience

Review №36

Two hours wait time after asking for a medium well steak and the pasta very hard wouldn't recommend this location to anybody to come eat here awful service and

Review №37

1st we are greeted with an extraordinarily kind person named Ed he sanitized our table and took care of us immediately. Our waitress was fantastic paid special attention to my children in making sure that we understood the menu correctly and have plenty of drinks and napkins, something veteran waiters somtimes dont do. Then I lost my wallet the restaurant took extra time to find and call me immediately when they found it,could not havehave had a better experience especially during these times we all need a little bit of kindness and our life. Ps

Review №38

My wife and I had the chef's salads they were good and the service was great like always

Review №39

I love the servers at this location! The food never disappoints. And this company's work with St. Jude Children's Hospital is wonderful.

Review №40

Love The 2 For 25 Menu...Good Service.

Review №41

It had been a while since we gave a Chili's a try and we live right by this one so we decided to stop for dinner. Food was good but didn't blow us away by any means, service was great, prices were fine. The whole place was clean and atmosphere was upbeat, staff was all friendly and seemed to enjoy their jobs.

Review №42

Who can say anything bad about Chili's?Great Experience Every Time!

Review №43

Had placed an order to go (3 for $10) and when I got home I noticed my so called bowl of chili was missing a little more than half the cup. Did they run out? Or what the heck?! Very disappointed I always have good experiences here but tonight I was let down. Should've checked it when I was at restaurant. Ugh.

Review №44

Had a delcious hot steak & good service...

Review №45

The man at the door today was great. It was different than just getting greeted and get seated. He did well. He was helping around and built rapport with guests. He genuinely tried to make people feel welcome. He would inform on deals too but not pushy or robotic. Good experience thanks to him. We did tell the manager about our o observation, great person to have on a team

Review №46

Home of Big Mouth Bites, Southwestern Eggrolls, and Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers. And as if those weren't enough on their own, you can order the Tripple Supper as a meal and get them all in one meal. I'm pretty sure Chili's is violating some antitrust laws with this monopoly on deliciousness. Also, the strawberry lemonade here is incredible, and they sell it by the gallon if you just ask.

Review №47

I like the fajitas at this place, good consistent service. Tex-Mex style.

Review №48

Thank you Chelsea S. for being are waitress,very kind and happy.great atmosphere.are table was came out great.this place is great for hanging out with friends.

Review №49

Was suppose to be a leftover day buttttttttt.....I was starving! Had to.

Review №50

Good appetizers at decent prices

Review №51

I ordered the 3 for $10 and my beacon burger came out in a pool of grease. The only positive experience was the manager. He was very nice and helpful. I will try this location again maybe they just had a bad day.

Review №52

I really appreciate the service here. We had a small issue with the chicken and our server fixed it right away with out question. He is the MVP if you ask me. The food was good and the placed looked great. Thank you to the Chilli's staff.

Review №53

Had us waiting for 30 minutes to be seated, we were just upset, so we left

Review №54

We didn't get to eat because my husband got impatient. We were informed that it would be a 20 minute wait for a table. No one took our name or gave us a number. There were many people waiting and no where to sit and wait. People were standing, all squeezed into a tiny waiting area. Very uncomfortable. We decided to sit outside but since no one took any names down, we realized we wouldn't get a table.

Review №55

I am STILL on hold for curbside. After 25+ minutes. Don't know who is more incompetent- the management/operations of this location or myself for having faith that someone might actually be inclined to do their job.

Review №56

Ordered curbside during Corona. Ive only eaten food prepared by others 1x in the last month and i regretted that experience as well. My husband was there 3 mins before the pick up time of 618 to 623. He gave them the order number and they have a vehicle description. He gave them my name instead of his. Our last name is very unique and they couldn't find the order with the order number or vehicle or last name information. Its now 640. No food. I call up there. He just wants to go home. Been there 25 mins. The worker and manager say they finally found the cold old food and its his fault for giving them my name and not his first name. Say they don't use vehicle descriptions or order numbers. This is why you should cook your own food. I could get corona for risking it, its cold, old and he's lost 30 mins of his life. Order was incorrect and they gave me whatever dressings they felt like. No order checking at all.Will never ever go back to this location.

Review №57

Great food, clean restaurant. Server hovered a bit more than welcomed and honestly we felt rushed to make a choice! Other than maybe a refresher on service, No Complaints on this Chili's off 281&Henderson Pass!

Review №58

Nice and clean place to have a dinner with family and friends. Price is good. There is good option meal for two.

Review №59

Normally my go to local restaurant. Friendly and helpful service and decent atmosphere are all pluses but the food quality has dropped significantly recently. There are better places nearby these days.

Review №60

Great service..great food!

Review №61

Very , very nice employees and great food

Review №62

Well where do start. First the host team seemed lost. Inaccurate quote time. Get seated server takes drink order. We ordered our food and I was still wait5for a bar drink and had to remind him about it. When the food finally came out the server decided to put out tray off food on a ledge instead of using the tray stand and promptly drops my food as well as my daughters food. Manager briefly came by and said food should be out shortly. I the ordered a togo order with mgr. Our food finally came out for the second ti.e and my food was ice cold. Not like warm but ice cold. I had to stop another server to have mgr come by. He did not until I saw him later and stopped him. I asked him to just remove my meal because it was cold. No apology or attempt to resolve the problem. I had to remind our server that we had a togo because he knew nothing about it. All around a horrible experience. Will not be back at this location. Standards have drastically gone down.

Review №63

This best Chilli's have ever eaten at. Staff extremely friendly. Our food and service was terrific.

Review №64

The food was very flavorful and fresh with generous portions especially the fajita meal. If you can try to get Austin as your server. He makes sure you have great service and is very friendly.

Review №65

Decent. Customer service was not the best. The corn is amazing though!

Review №66

Great happy, great food, Justin our bartender was awesome, great customer service!!!!

Review №67

My fiance and I come to chili's several times a month. I always enjoy the food but it's not always fresh when it comes out. This also depends on location.

Review №68

Stopped in for lunch after a movie. The lunch specials were delicious, filling and very reasonably priced. Our server was absolutely wonderful.

Review №69

One of my favorite spots for a lunch bite closer to work. I always enjoy the friendly service.

Review №70

Good quality was okay, service was okay. Usually this location is one of the better Chili's in San Antonio, so I'm adding a star for past performance.

Review №71

This is my favorite chili's they are always so friendly and the food it always hot. I would say this is the best chillis in San antonio. And Brad way an attenful, bright, and charismatic waiter. Cant wait till my next visit:)

Review №72

Food was good, waitstaff was a little distracted. Had to wait 45 minutes for a table because of the covid seating arrangements.

Review №73

The best service and the food is fantastic. Highly recommended. Ask for Brad.

Review №74

Son and I were out running errands and so stopped in to order to go. We walked in and there were 3 employees horsing around at the employee door. They looked at us and were busy laughing and playing that none of them acknowledged us, even after we made eye contact. Then all 3 just disappeared. We stood there for a few minutes and just decided to leave and go somewhere else. Horrible customer service.

Review №75

The food is great

Review №76

Our service was excellent and enjoyable. Staff was prompt and took care of our parties needs!

Review №77

The service has really gone down since the COVIC-19.

Review №78

Great food, great place. Hey a Mexican Martini..gab!

Review №79

This location is still a bit disorganized post-lockdown, but they are friendly and the food has been good both times I've eaten there.

Review №80

The food was great and we were blessed to spend family time filled with love.

Review №81

I visited this restaurant during mid day to watch NFL Football and enjoy dining out with drinks. Unfortunately, the bartender (while I was sitting at the bar) rarely acknowledged me. I had to catch him with eye-to-eye contact to order. During the late afternoon I closed out my tab however; while trying to catch this particular bartender again it took 15 minutes to ask him if I can get another drink. He was working during this time and acknowledged with a nod with his head. Ten minutes passed and still no drink. I finally asked him if I can get another drink since I have been waiting 10 minutes. He then responded he didn't hear me but when I asked for another drink he nodded his head.He then said I will NOT serve you again. I told him I wanted to see the manager. One manager and then the General Manager surrounded me making me feel uncomfortable. After explaining to both of them why haven't I been served after 10 minutes sitting at the bar with only 2 other people they had no response. The manager said to me I was being aggressive. I responded it's not being aggressive but pointing out the reason the bartender did NOT hear me is because he fails to stop what he is doing and give a customer full attention in what they are asking.Soon after that the General Manager told me to leave the restaurant.Is this how you treat customers who spend a lot of money in this restaurant?Why am I being asked to leave when the bartender gives me zero customer service yet he laughs and jokes with other regulars?This is poor customer service especially being treated this way by the General Manager.I have contacted Corporate on the website and will contact them tomorrow morning by phone and will ask corporate why are bartenders friendly to other customers and why Managers throw guests out....You'll be hearing from me tomorrow again - I promise you!!!!1 Star for this visit.....

Review №82

Best Chili's in san antonio

Review №83

Waitress was professional and polite. Food was good. Green Chile rice has some kick!

Review №84

Chilis was chill. It had great tasting hot food, big portions, great tastes, incredible service, cold drinks, has a bar for those drinks with a kick, and the best sports games tvs everywhere

Review №85

Been going to this restaurant for close to 2 decades now. The menu has gotten even better. Great, attentive customer service provided by our server. The kicker is the General Manager...very rarely do you see a General Manager like this folks. You'll see her throughout Chili's interacting with customers.. running food... taking orders & smiling at everyone. The food is great! But I go back for the customer service.. top notch.

Review №86

We were not impressed one bit. Our waiter kept reaching over our plates continuously which was rude. Also the waiter got the order completely wrong on 2 meals, My husbands ribs were way over cooked and dry. My BBQ brisket was too salty and smothered in too much sauce. I asked for butter 3 different occasions and still never recieved it. Not coming back to this location again.

Review №87

This is kind of a mixed review. I had the ceasar salad with shrimp and it was excellent. My husband had the club sandwich and it was huge. However, the service was terrible. We had to ask twice or three times for mayo, napkins and water. Then we wanted to order desert (with coupon) and the server was no where to be found. We finally had to ask the hostess to find him. The desert came and was wonderful. Then again we had to wait for there server to bring the bill as the machine wasn't working. I told him we had a coupon before he brought the desert. It wasn't subtracted. Then we wait again for him to fix it.

Review №88

Ordered take out, awesome service nothing missing, hot food, excellent.

Review №89

Very friendly atmosphere our waiter was great friendly and sweve us with a smile will come back to this one

Review №90

Food was good, beer was good. Company was best

Review №91

Bad server ok food. Will not b back

Review №92

Simply put Chilli's does a solid job. Food was ordered to go and we got exactly what we ordered ... Staff was friendly and overall they do a good job.

Review №93

Cody did an amazing job. After me and couple of friends had a rough day all because of a uhaul breaking down in the middle of the highway. Cody actually made our day quite spectacular, food was quite delicious. And the staff was actually attentive checking up on us every couple of minutes. We would come back eventually. Thanks cody 10/10

Review №94

Yummmmmmm food****ask for gluten free options and they will help you. Major thumbs to from me

Review №95

I'm giving this Chili's 5 stars because of our server Lenny, who was AMAZING! The food was okay, good portion size. The cocktails were fabulous and well priced. Lenny took great care of us and never missed a beat so we'll be back.

Review №96

Chuy's is the bomb! Always wonderful!

Review №97

Went to Chili's tonight for dinner and had excellent service! Samantha was very friendly and served our food hot and quick. Never got upset because it seem like we kept asking for refills, more dressing etc... The bar area where we sat was extremely busy and every table was full. She has a excellent personality for what she does and was very pleasant the whole time. Way to go and excellent service!..

Review №98

Clean attentive refile

Review №99

Great location. Friendly staff and good food.

Review №100

Not sure if normal as the current situation, but I know there good was sub par from previous Chili's experiences. This was my first visit to this location.

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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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