Dicks Last Resort - San Antonio
223 Losoya St, San Antonio, TX 78205, United States
Review №1

It's a fun place for tourists, with a perfect location on the Riverwalk. Food is OK, not spectacular. Yes, you will get mildly abused by the staff, which is part of the fun. Don't worry, if you have little kids they adjust their abuse accordingly. If your feelings are easily hurt and you can't laugh at yourself, go somewhere else.

Review №2

This was my first time here and it was awesome!!!! FOX was our waiter and he made it memorable!!!! His artistic abilities are gallery worthy!!! Even though it was super busy, He kept us laughing and made sure we had a wonderful time. Thank you so much FOX! We can't wait to come back and hangout with you!! By far the best waiter, GIVE THIS MAN A RAISE!!!

Review №3

Kobe made are experience amazing and had us laughing the whole time! Blue was awesome and made it even better! Definitely the best servers there!

Review №4

American food, my preferred treat. Don't worry if it's busy, it is worth the wait. Definitely worth a return visit. It has an awesome feel to it. Reminds me of a cafe in Chicago I liked to visit.

Review №5

I wasn't sure about this restaurant at first, but my husband insisted on getting lunch there , and honestly is the best food and restaurant on the Riverwalk, yes you will get abused by the staff, which is exactly the point of it ; but they make it fun and unique, We had our 4 year old son with us and Our server Who was also the bartender adjust perfectly to the situation . The food is amazing and the margaritas are delicious, is definitely a great place and a memorable experience.

Review №6

It a fun place to go to. Don't go if you don't want to get roasted or your feelings get hurt easily. Food is good. Wouldn't suggest bar drinks only beer.

Review №7

Kobe was the best waiter I've ever had he made me and my wife laugh continuously and overall gave us an amazing experience if I could give 10 stars I would.Highly recommended

Review №8

Kobe is the man. Great place. Great patio. Awesome experience.

Review №9

Great location for quality American food. Got there near seven, it wasn't very crowded. Next time I'll be back with my coworkers. It has an awesome feel to it.

Review №10

Super fun experience! We loved every minute of it and make sure to ask for "Fox" far the best at his craft! Everyone around us laughed till they hurt! The full experience definitely included him! Will most especially ask to sit in his section again!

Review №11

I had this dude name Fox who was completely awesome and made me laugh until I cried. It was exactly what me and my friend wanted to experience and this dude is perfect for the job. Thanks Fox I needed the laugh!!

Review №12

One of my fav spots for tasty American food. This place will surprise you. Looking forward to returning with my relatives. This place has a good atmosphere.

Review №13

Kobe was our server and he kept the mood uplifted without being too nice ! Great overall experience 10/10 I recommend.

Review №14

American food, yeah, super tasty. Cool place to meet and catch up with coworkers. The service was very sociable and kind. The bill was fair I would say.

Review №15

Kobe is a joy to have as a service. Nicest person ever... not really

Review №16

American food and the scene here is quality. Nice place to meet and catch up with family.

Review №17

Went with a group of 7 people last night and had a great time. We were seated very quickly, especially for a Saturday night. The food was surprisingly good. Our waiter was very quick and efficient. The atmosphere is just wild and a little obnoxious which is the way Dick's is designed. May not be the right environment for everyone, but for a large group of friends on a Saturday night it was perfect.

Review №18

The drinks were decent but the service from our server named Fox was just absolutely amazing! Everyone needs to go here just to talk with this guy! A good hat artist too.

Review №19

Hilarious - a little personal but hilarious if ur not a wuss

Review №20

Great food, cold beer, Fox is the best server there!

Review №21

Great food. Loud, yet fun restaurant

Review №22

Great experience! Our waiter was badass! The food was good and the restaurant lived up to its reputation.

Review №23

Our waiter said my fingers were good

Review №24

Yost was awesome and Coby rocks!!!

Review №25

I had not been in over a decade and decided to bring my son. Despite my 13 yo son being a bit unsure how to react, he had fun. The server worked diligently to get him to open up--much at my expense. She was patient and witty.Note: if you order a brew, they may serve it in a punctured cup. Pay attention so you don't end up w 1/3 of it on the table like me.The burger was pretty damn good. My son had the BBQ plate and loved it.P.S. I forgot my cc after paying and had to return. The manager kindly returned it.

Review №26

Fun place for lunch! Excellent and quirky staff. Great food and lots of laughs. Don't go if you can't take a joke!

Review №27

Manger Laura is very rude and gave us a bad taste for what positive reviews we read about Dicks Last Resort. We went on a boat ride which took a little longer then expected due to some unforeseen issues. We literally ran to Dicks Last Resort and arrived at 1020. She advised the kitchen closes at 11and the bar at 12 but were not letting anyone order anymore. We traveled 12 hours to experience San Antonio River Walk and Dick's Last Resort which was highly recommended by many. Then she argued that we could not be served due to a big party yet many tables were still available. DICKS should really consider giving Laura customer service training. She is the reason we will never go back nor recommend that restaurant to anyone. Sorry about blurry pic. She turned and walked away as i took it.

Review №28

Very funny! Recommended! KOBE!

Review №29

This place was pretty funny and very interesting. I didn't like the fact that there was papers, straws, napkins and whatever else on the floor it made the place seem a little disorganized and messy. But the people were funny our waiter kept us entertained and made some really funny inappropriate messages in our hats.

Review №30

Our server was coby and he was super funny and amazing! Love this place

Review №31

Bench table outside dirty, ordered the full rack of ribs and they were cold and slathered with sauce as I began to eat them I found not 1 but 4 hairs buried in the sauce!!! I didn't complain because I didn't want to get yelled at. Potatoes and asparagus were nice and hot but the place is dirty. Waiter was great with his rude jokes, great sense of humor. I asked him for plates and he drew one on a sheet of paper. lol Fun place but the hairs in my food ruined the experience. And I'm sure the ribs sat in the back for a while and Not hot off the grill. Cold ribs. :(

Review №32

American food, so good. this place has a good design.

Review №33

Kobe was alright. He could sell more Tshirts tho.

Review №34

Wow! So fun! Laughed every second of the dinner...burger was super good and our server/bartender Fox was hat ever. Thanks Fox for showing us a good time. You are the man! YOU MUST TRY THIS PLACE!

Review №35

Kobe was funny we had a great time I can't be live the things he said gave us a laugh I died when he said I'm Kobe like the one that crashed

Review №36

Had a blast. My cousin told me the rudeness theme ahead of time. When the waiter came out and the way he talked I was offended at 1st. Lol but I regrouped and actively participated in the trash talk. Great experience. Waiter stayed in character the entire time. Food was great too. Drink wasn't all that strong.

Review №37

Fox was a great waiter and we had a great time! Tons of laughs and giggles for all of us. We were in town on a college tour and wanted to take our teens out for a fun time. He helped to create memories with our teenage daughters to last a life time. Thank you, Fox for asking how far you could go with the jokes and keeping it clean. Thank you for letting our girls make a hat for you and being a good sport about it.

Review №38

Very fun place for Hardskinned people

Review №39

Best place to get food and drinks in SA!! Fox our bartender/waiter was incredible! Extremely funny, we laughed the whole time, fox made us hats that we're keeping forever! Fox involved everyone that came to the bar in the Dick's atmosphere but knew how to gauge there tolerance levels and scale back for some more sensitive, and would strike up a conversation to help them feel more welcomed. Overall 10/10 experience and we'll be coming back for years to come!!

Review №40

So this is an interesting place more for the surroundings qnd atmosphere than the food! The waiters make an effort to be dic*s, some have a knack, others ah, not so much. I had the ribs, the Mrs had the fish & chips & crab cakes, both were so so. Drinks are mainly sweet or beers. Outdoor seating is available. Indoor seating is extremely limited. It is an experience that you only need once. They also give you a paper hat with a saying on it some are funny, others not so much.

Review №41

I Loved this Place. They were so Dam Rude. If u don't have a sense of humor this is not the place for u. Food was Amazing.

Review №42

Great service and a fun atmosphere!! Our server Sal (ask for him he's the best) great sense of humor good positive attitude!!If you are easily offended then this restaurant isn't for you. Go have a drink and a good laugh with Sal and you won't regret it! Definitely will be returning! Thank you!

Review №43

Food so so only 2 table includes us price to hight small plates

Review №44

Kobe was a great host and food was great great experience thanks

Review №45

Love fox!! We had a great time at the bar hanging with people from all areas of the world and the states. Fox was awesome and cordial to all of us. It ended like one great big family reunion.! Will be back for "torture" in the future. Literally watched him give someone shirt off his back they had been admiring...

Review №46

Not safe space for lgbtq+, allies boycott please! This hat the waitress made says “I'm not gay, the back of my throat is” and everyone was cheering it on and laughing.

Review №47

I came last night with my boyfriend hoping for an amazing experience for my birthday! wasn't and it made me really sad. We decided to sit outside on the patio. We waited 20 minutes for anyone to greet us. We had to go to the host to even see what happened. When we finally got greeted, we got 2 drinks and an appetizer which were great. Our server was already busy with a 2 party table and could hardly even get his attention other than what we wanted to eat. No funny banter or anything really. However, I ordered a steak medium with shrimp and it wasn't even hot. The server got an attitude with me and took it away. It came back, but the steak was tough and dry because it tasted like they just put it in the microwave and gave it back. I'm already upset at this point, and just asked for boneless wings and fries. Not wanting to wait for another steak dinner in a busy restaurant. The manager never went up to our table either. I went ahead and tipped the server anyway, but had a miserable birthday experience. I guess no one cared about us because we were only a table of two. I wasted my money when I could've went to another restaurant, even McDonald's and had a better time. Don't believe the hype.

Review №48

Mr. Fox was awesome. Did a great job with the hats and kept us totally entertained the whole time. I was visiting from Phoenix for my friends graduation. We had so much fun. The peel and eat shrimp were so good and gulf fresh.

Review №49

I'm not sure what the idea was to be rude to customers to the point that they walk out. We were visiting and went by the good reviews for the food and atmosphere.... Might be a good idea to ask if the customer is aware that they will have menus and straws thrown at them and cups of water slammed on the table.Not really funny when you don't know what is going on. Would put no stars if I could.

Review №50

ONE OF THE TOP THREE WORST SERVICE I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED. New waitress, broke character, food never came and she just didn't know how to serve. Finally had to leave. Management didn't care. I've been to Dick's in San Diego and understand the concept. Our party was bringing someone who had never been and was long forward to the experience. Won't be coming back here.

Review №51

Loved this place!! 1st time visit, and our waiter was Colby. His attitude and personality was through the roof!! I wish I could give him more than 5 stars!! He kept my husband and I laughing the whole while we were there!!Kudos to Colby! My husband and I will be visiting this place again in March for his birthday!

Review №52

I get their schtick and really would not have minded if it didn't cause the service to decline, but when our food came we didn't have any silverware or napkins and the server would not acknowledge us. Someone in our party actually had to get up and grab some off a server station across the room after we waited for about 5 minutes. Server also stuck rapped straws in one person's drink for our whole party. The whole point of a rapped straw is to keep it clean. Who wants to drink a drink that has had something dirty put in it. The third strike was the food. Crabby cakes where over cooked, just short of burnt. My son had a Philly which I tried and all I can say is it was among the worst I've had, very little flavor. Even if your schtick is for your server's to be "Dick's" the basic service still needs to be good.

Review №53

Awesome cool...worth a visit ...our waiter was spot on such a fun place and the setting is over the top

Review №54

Bartender was awesome! Between my special request coffee and Irish Creme and the bucket of iced shrimp, he was flat out, some kind of awesome comedian!

Review №55

Met all expectations! Kobe was an awesome server and we loved his attitude and service! Thanks for a great experience on our honeymoon!

Review №56

Had a great night. Marcus was an awesome waiter even though he's from Detroit. Great service and great entertainment. Would definitely recommend Dicks Last Resort. Nice change of pace from normal boring restaurants.

Review №57

Worst food EVER! We went for a friend's birthday and we were a party of 12 on a Tuesday night. The place was quiet, not busy. Every single plate ordered the food was horrible! I ordered nachos - who can mess up nachos! The sauce was chili from a can! Nachos were stacked high and most chips were bare. Very disappointing. My husband ordered the BBQ combo (I think that's the name) and his brisket was extremely dry and his fries were cold. The birthday gentleman ordered a steak that he cut into and it was hard and dry that he just asked to take it back and was upset. I do have to say the environment was nice, service was awesome, and the drinks were good.

Review №58

Super fun, thanks Kobe!

Review №59

Great place to eat and get a good laugh in. Right off the River Walk. The humor given at this place is what makes this restaurant amazing. The entire service is comedy. Highly Recommend!WARNING:If you don't like or deal with rude humor this place is not for you.

Review №60

The food was amazing!Went twice in one week because the food was so good! BBQ platter and fish tacos were on point!

Review №61

Food was great, but on the pricey side. A fun place to dine.

Review №62

Fantastic Mr Fox behind the bar was awesome!!!! Super fun time and made the tourist (me) feel right at home!! Definitely will be back!!!

Review №63

We were treated exactly the way we expected. Greeter was snide and server told us to get our s--t off the table and put the table covering down. Good burger, good tacos.

Review №64

I went there for lunch with friends. Food was delicious. Staff were pleasant.

Review №65

Great No Customer service, We loved our plates!

Review №66

It was a great experience. My son enjoyed it so much. The food was very tasty. The prices are good. Great...funny service

Review №67

Fantastic fun place to go. Coby our waiter and bartender was not only entertaining but his service was awesome. We would recommend going. Can't beat the surroundings either.

Review №68

Always a fun time! These people make me laugh with their sarcasm and I love it! Food is great and drink are delicious!

Review №69

More silly than entertaining. You get hats and bibs and a trying to be funny waitress. Food avg. Price avg. Warm beer. Beware

Review №70

First time visiting on New year's and had their ribs and wings. The loaded potatoes was delicious

Review №71

Food is good but who wants to eat at a place where they are gruff?

Review №72

The experience was fun and our waiter was awesome! He kept us laughing. Food was ok. I loved my drink - Dick's squeezed my lemonade. It was yummy! Definitely worth a good laugh if you've never been!!

Review №73

This was our second time as we had a great experience the first time and wanted to celebrate my birthday here so we called to make reservations and we were told they don't do that but people that had reservations were seated. How exactly does that work? We were waitlisted and waited two hours while others beforeafter us got seated right away. We decided to go next door and got seated instantly. I seriously lost my taste for coming back to this place.

Review №74

This place was amazing, laughed the whole meal and the food was good too. Their selection of drinks were really good to! Highly recommend it to people who want to try something new. Be warned though. If you offend easily than don't go!

Review №75

Good food and drinks. Waitress took hints of which of my kids were not good to poke fun at and kept it low key for them. Overall experience was great. Ordered the gator and it was fantastic even had fried jalapenos in it which were amazing.

Review №76

Service is great, especially when it comes from a gentleman named Fox.

Review №77

Food was great. Service was very entertaining. I would recommend this place if you get to San Antonio. Be prepared for a different type of staff and service. Very funny.

Review №78

Kobe is awesome, made my 3 year old cry

Review №79

Great place. Love the environment. Go with an open mind. It was a LOT of fun, we had a great waiter and the food was really good.

Review №80

Dick's is always a fun time, but this one was especially hilarious. Our waitress was fantastic. We all ended up with crazy hats! The fried alligator appetizer was especially delicious!!

Review №81

Took my boyfriend and kids here for the first time and they loved it. The food and service were both great.Giving 4 stars because we overheard another server at the table near us having a genuine conversation stating how difficult it is to keep staff in the building and that he doesn't see the company being around in the next 3-5 years due to how sensitive the current and coming generations are. I truly hope Dick's doesn't disappear due to the people in our world that have their nose so far up in the air they need an oxygen mask to breathe.Also, while it may or may not be true, the high turnover rate is not something that should be discussed on the floor with guests.

Review №82

The theme was fun but I feel they could have gone further, I was never roasted, only others at my table.Besides the theme, I found the food to be more pricey than what it was worth, and the food really needed salt...

Review №83

From out of town and boy oh boy this place is great! The service was what expected, raunchy!Loved the food and atmosphere was great. Having rude service is funny!! Would recommend. Drinks are good too!

Review №84

Good tourist spot. Food is typical quick to serve and alcohol is expensive.

Review №85

The food was great the service was amazing it was a different scenery for myself our waitress was name blue and if you're reading this post and you're not from San Antonio and you're from the States I recommend when you come to San Antonio you ask for blue a true amazing personal if she does in very humble the management is great at this location as well we had a little occurrence Happen and the management and staff to care of it even though we did not say anything about it Highly recommend anyone to come to this location

Review №86

We visited the restaurant last night for dinner, with our family of 6. We were 1 of 6 tables our waiter was serving. We brought our kids to visit this crusty humored restaurant for a great laugh, Well didn't get that. The waiter seemed to busy to be at our table while another table had a wonderful visit. He had stated he was very overwhelmed being the only server and clearly no one busing the tables. There was a huge spill leading to our table that no one cleaned the entire time we were there. We were hoping for a authentic time and woefully underwhelmed.

Review №87

Service is very slow but they were pretty busy. Food is not that good. But we did have a good time overall.

Review №88

If you don't want to get insulted or whatever. Not a good place to go. But I liked it it was fun and the staff was great. Give it a try and tell me what you think. Drinks ? Didn't taste much alcohol got extra for 75 cents not.but was fun

Review №89

Didn't love it but didn't hate it. I guess it was very busy when I visited with a group of friends (6 total). Not sure if it's apart of the act to make you wait 20 mins just to get a drink order and another 10 for your entrees. There were napkins all over the floor by the restrooms and the restrooms themselves could definitely use some cleaning. Our waiter was fun though, very witty and quick on his feet. The drinks and food were just ok for the price. We didn't get hats until after we asked for the check and not all of us got hats, but I understand it was busy and they seemed a little understaffed. Overall we had a good time but it's a little over priced for what you get.

Review №90

Mean as hell, great place

Review №91

Isaiah was not at his best . he started off with some jocks and it went downhill very fast. Food was late, Cold, no utensil, When we got them from a different table. Asked several times for help to no avail. Cute girls were at the table behind us and they got his attention . bad all the way around Will not go back there it was a shame that it ended up like this to a great evening at the Riverwalk

Review №92

Great food, amazing staff. Our server/bartender Fox, was not only hilarious but also very helpful when it came to deciding what to eat and drink. Will definitely be coming back!

Review №93

Blue was great. If you are having a moment and need to escape from whatever. Go in and have a good laugh.

Review №94

This place is awesome you could come here with just about anybody and they could always have a good time whether you're down to earth or always upset they could put a smile on your face. Great drinks great food and the best atmosphere!!!!!!

Review №95

Waiter was amazing. Food was great. We spent two hours eating and relaxing and it was worth it.

Review №96

Absolutely the worst dining experience ever!! I brought a small group of high school students to dinner thinking this would be a fun experience for them. There was about an hour and a half wait. While waiting, one of my students needed to use the restroom. They were stopped from going in and were told that it would be a $5 charge. They explained they were waiting on a table but was still told it would be $5 and was not allowed to go to the restroom. Next, was waiting for a “first come, first serve” table to be cleaned so that we could sit down and the server was extremely rude and yelling that if we sat down that she would not be cleaning the table. No one had sat down or was attempting to sit down. I admit that I did not find her rudeness entertaining at all. She continued to mouth out and being rude and I told her that she could keep her table that I would not be eating there. However, 4 of my boys were very disappointed and really wanted to eat there and get “roasted”. I allowed them to stay and I took the rest of the group to a neighboring establishment. When everyone had finished eating, we walked back to our hotel. During this walk, I find out that the guys did not receive anything that they ordered. They were all given burgers. They were told that they only had water to drink and Diet Dr Pepper but they were not getting that and was given water. So far, I can overlook all of this. However, the stopper is when I find out that one of my students paid for his $10 burger (that he never ordered in the first place) with a $50 and the server refused to give him his change back. Being rude and insulting is one thing but stealing from my student is a whole different level!! He was able to recoup $10 of his stolen $40 by taking the tip money the other 3 guys were going to leave. I plan to try to contact management tomorrow about this issue. Avoid this establishment!!Update: I spoke with the General Manager today, who was super nice. The situation with the change not being returned, is being resolved.

Review №97

Great friendly vibe and fun staff keeping the guests entertained.

Review №98

Catfish was great but Mr Fox made it the best time ever. No he didn't pay me to say this. But he was watching

Review №99

Mr. Fox was an amazing server/ bartender. Funny as all, attentive and food was great!! Can't wait to come back

Review №100

Been going here most times we have lived in or visited San Antonio since at least 1990. Still great food and silly wait staff. Don't be offended, rudeness is their trademark. The bucket of Low Country Boil is their signature meal but they will make you wear a bib. Parking in the downtown is pricey!!!

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  • Address:223 Losoya St, San Antonio, TX 78205, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-224-0026
  • American restaurant
  • Bar
  • Barbecue restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:2–9PM
  • Thursday:2–9PM
  • Friday:2–9PM
  • Saturday:2–9PM
  • Sunday:2–9PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fireplace:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Cash-only:Yes
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