Asian Star Buffet
9919 Colonial Square, San Antonio, TX 78240, United States
Review №1

Wow i was surprised by the flavors, every dish has its unique flavor. The Beef Broccoli is one of the best i have tasted in a while, surprised i found it in a buffet, the grilled chicken was exploding with flavor. The spicy shrimp was great. It's nice to dine at a Asian restaurant where Asian families dine, tells you how authentic it is

Review №2

The other reviews seem, to me, overhyped (no offense). We tried this place today, and the only good thing about the food was that it was warm. Additionally, the staff was pretty rude except for the man who served our food (he was patient and very respectful). Bathrooms were disgusting, and Sushi was nasty.Also, it's COVID season, so they serve you (and it's a little awkward).If you need a quick Chinese food fix, just go to Panda..

Review №3

Excellent location for tasty Buffet food. I love this place always quality food & service. Had a friend come into town and she asked me to take her here again. It has a great feel to it.

Review №4

Good covid measures. Great crawfish. Terrible all other food. Could have been the time we went but food was old and yucky.

Review №5

Sad to say, the Covid19 has damaged this normally 5 star buffet's service & food. Food was not fresh, service was skittish & rude. All precautions taken were necessary, but getting a refill on tea shouldn't be this hard.

Review №6

One of the best buffet I would say. Really food was amazing and tasty . Very crowded but it's decent. You will get more than 100 items. Varieties of seafood with lots of flavors. Each item you will get at least 6/7 dishes . Very good service,staffs are friendly.we just love it especially seafood. Good ambiance and spacious place. Restrooms are clean. So many options for kids as well. Recommended.

Review №7

Plenty of parking,clean, polite servers at both buffet and table,tasty food, and every looked fresh. The best thing about the Asian Star Buffet was the price very reasonable . I recommend and I will return to eat there.

Review №8

After much pondering I finally decided to give them a try. Arrived about 1130 on a Tuesday. Barely anyone here for such a big place. I was very curious how a buffet would handle the food services with all this pandemic stuff to worry about. Upon entering i saw the usual heated food serving areas like normal with all freshly cooked food just like before. After being seated and taking my drink order I went up to get my plate and was greeted by one lone server. He gave me a Styrofoam dinner plate and followed me all along the way serving me as in pointed out each selection I was wanting to try. This new way was actually not too bad. I could see how it might get a little slow with a larger crowd to serve. Anyway they seem to be struggling like a lot of places are. Give them a try if your craving some good ole Chinese buffet.

Review №9

They serve you at the line and use paper plates. The crab legs outstanding best I've had at any buffet hands down. Crawfish was fresh. Pretty much everything was fresh i couldn't find any complaints except my kiddo wanted ice cream but he chomped down on the bakery items regardless. I got my moneys worth from the crab 15.99 plus tax dinner.

Review №10

Food was delicious. They sit you at a table and ppl are spaced out. everyone wears a mask when not at the table. Then the workers will hand you your plates and serve you instead of many ppl touching everything. Everything felt clean and safe.

Review №11

I love the create your own stir fry. Most is good except for the salmon (yuk). Clams were good as well as the sushi bar.

Review №12

Ok location for delicious buffet food. Got there about three, it wasn't crowded. The staff was very helpful and observant. The bill was good for how much you get. Menu is similar to a restaurant in El Paso I loved.

Review №13

The service was great but my first plate , the food was cold. Sweet tea was great. Second plate was better

Review №14

Buffet food, yeah, super satisfying. staff is always timely even when they have a full house. quick, helpful, and friendly service. this place has a cool feel to it.

Review №15

Nice variety. Food wasn't replaced as fast as I would have liked. Food was good. I love they way they take care of customers

Review №16

The selection was good, people say its half a buffett, but honestly it did not appear that way. It was a good selection. I was not disappointed. I gave it 3 stars only because the food was a little greasy but other than that, it was great.

Review №17

Good location for quality Buffet food. stopped in on a tuesday. the service was very helpful and welcoming. it has a good atmosphere.

Review №18

If I could give 0 stars I would expensive horrible service the food was cold and tasted like idk what and dont get me started on the drinks or the fact that they only serve you so much at the buffet and walk off when. They think you have enough on your plate

Review №19

Went on a Monday night around 730ish place closes at 930 worse experience ever felt rushed not a variety of food and food was cold not even fresh and most depressing thing was they had no crab legs this day the worker said none today yesterday yes. My husband and I were rushed by like 8:30p we were literally the last ones there and all the staff kept looking at us like hurry up. Will definitely not be going anytime soon. Before this pandemic we were usual customers now that everything had changed at the restaurant we will not be going back.

Review №20

I don't know how they make money. I must've eaten $100+ worth of food alone from the buffet. What an incredible $14 well spent!

Review №21

A preferred scene for delicious Buffet food. cool location to meet with coworkers. looking forward to a return trip. bring your hunger - portions are large. food and atmosphere reminds me of atlanta.

Review №22

Probably my favorite Asian buffet in the city, the selection is great and the vibes are nice.The house chicken is also the best! ️

Review №23

Buffet food at this place - delicious. I love this place. The service was very friendly and attentive.

Review №24

Used to be my favorite Asian buffet restaurant, but recently the food doesn't taste as good as before, also has much less selections.

Review №25

Great food! However, with the corona pandemic, one has to use gloves and mask every time one serves a plate. Also, there was fewer selection of food and poorly dessert. I had to wait for a new tray of dessert because that was the only sweet they had. I am probably going to wait on a next visit to this restaurant.

Review №26

Food selection reduced also service got worse but still have to tip good because this is still better Asian buffet than others in town.

Review №27

We liked most of it. Food was good. They advertised and had an area for. Steak. But never saw anyone get served while we were there.

Review №28

OMG!!! It's a huge buffet system in town I've never seen before in any of the restaurants.I am pretty sure, It's really hard to taste all the buffet items here.Bunch of foods in each category's like Appetizers, Sushi, Chickens, Red Meats, Sea Foods, Vegetables, Sauces and Desserts.Foods all tastes good.The ambiance was Decent and friendly service.The buffet price is just $9.75 only!!!!

Review №29

I liked this place! Nice selection, clean restaurant. Staff constantly cleaning the area at the buffet. Hot food was hot. Very satisfied.

Review №30

This place use to be good until they started to up charge for few items and sub quality atmosphere.

Review №31

I was overcharged for my family meal I told manager they offered nothing I had 2 10 yr olds and 6 adults and was charged 146 dollars according to your website buffet on Friday evening is only 7.99 per child and 13.99 per adult how is my total 150 dollars ?? This is robbery the food was mediocre wasn't fresh plus the service sucked we had to flag down wait staff numerous times to get refills worst place ever!!! From out of town warning to all visiting don't go here

Review №32

Food was ok but service was very good and restaurant kept covid safe.

Review №33

I gave this place 4 stars when I visited pre-pandemic but I went back a few days ago and I was so disappointed. There's a slight foul odor in the restaurant, alot of the servers are rude, and the food isn't as great as it used to be. I would've given them 1 star but they really did implement safety measures for eveyone to be safe in a buffet, so I gave them an extra star for that.

Review №34

This place has really gone down hill. This is the second time we've come since Covid. The selections were limited, the crab legs were so soggy, i could rip the shell instead of breaking it. They had a lot of nerve to charge that price when they're no where near what they used to be. Won't be going back :(

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Review №36

Restaurant is clean and nice inside. They have a wide variety of sushi. Pretty good too. Their food was just not warm. Sesame chicken was cold. Most of the food on my plate I left. Their fried shrimp is good and crispy. I'll give it 3 stars if their buffet was hot and ready I would have given more.

Review №37

Buffet food and the scene at this location is excellent. Went there on a Saturday. The service was very helpful and observant.

Review №38

Food was ok. Price is reasonable. My waitress was rude. Only time she became nice was when I got up to leave.

Review №39

I didn't like waiting to get served at the buffet. I like serving my plate with what I want. I had to wait for others to get served and I felt like I was in a chow line when the food would get dropped on my plate....I think I'll return to eat here when all the social distancing regulations are lifted. Not happy with the price we paid, for the service

Review №40

Food is just amazing !! First time here and my god was I impressed. Everything seems so fresh and the atmosphere makes you feel welcomed. They have a good variety of food, they even have FROG LEGS !!! And HOT CRAB LEGS !!!!! sushi is awesome, rice noodles are great, soups are awesome! They even have a spicy seafood one!!!! One thing I would have liked to see if more fish options and more meat options without the sauce or deep fried.

Review №41

We ordered for curbside pick up today. Food was delicious! We all enjoyed our meal very much. We definitely recommend this place. Thumbs up from us

Review №42

Decent food, much more than the price you pay. Loved the crab and sushi. It would be better if they reduce the variety a bit and improve the quality of the food. Looks like they are trying to keep the place clean, but one star goes off with the sanitary. The staffs were awsome.

Review №43

Awesome food love the Korean BBQ. You pick out the vegetables the meat and they cook it up really tasty for you

Review №44

Pretty good. Decent food, ok price ...

Review №45

Good food, very clean, bathrooms extremely clean, good service, Covid friendly.

Review №46

Friday dinner buffet is very rich. Crab legs, crawfish, variety of shrimp. It seemed clean and server was on top of her game with drinks, for any table around. My favorite was Chile lime shrimp, salmon and strawberry cheesecake... Strawberries in the cheesecake tasted so fresh, you could crunch on strawberry seeds.

Review №47

My first visit to this Buffet in San Antonio, a favorite place for my father, I enjoyed all the variety of food served, I will just say that I had about five different visits to the buffet during my visit.

Review №48

Love this buffet! Definitely added to my favorite places to eat in San Antonio. I'm normally not a big fan of buffets as I feel quality often lacks, but not here. They have All-You-Can-Eat crab legs and sushi, as well as an array of other great foods. The sushi is really good, fish tastes fresh, the rice is cooked perfectly and not overloaded. You also can't beat the price.

Review №49

Spacious seating on one side of the building. Decent selection of food including seafood.

Review №50

We enjoyed the food. Flow of getting to food a back a little hectic

Review №51

It was good my kid spilled his plate on his lap. I know it happened. Then I was giving him a paper towel she ripped from my hand . So it it is a 5 but rude a kittle

Review №52

Good experience, might have been better if there was no pandemic.

Review №53

It's good buffet restaurant.... their food good, but they need to change or add new dishes once a while....... their prices not bad but they start the dinner time at 3:30 pm when other restaurants their dinner time at 4:00 pmBut still the restaurant is good and they have a reward card .... always ask for one

Review №54

We really enjoyed our visit. Good buffet with many options. Great seafood and sushi!Great dessert too. We will definitely go back.

Review №55

A good experience in almost every aspect, just need a bigger stomach next time I visit

Review №56

Surprisingly not terrible. Food was not as hot as I would like but still good. New pans of hot food was coming in and out. Clean restaurant. Happy staff. About $12.00 a person. They also have sushi. Drinks are $1.99 lots of available seats.

Review №57

Probably not the best place to have lunch if one is still trying to honor New Year's resolutions to lose weight. If you are really hungry and did not bother making food deprivation resolutions, this is the perfect place to satisfy one's empty stomach. On this visit, I went to the Mongolian grill first. I suppose if you don't want any veggies and you only want beef, pork, shrimp, chicken, and imitation crab, that is okay (they did not tell me no). Next, I went to the sushi bar. I am not sure if I really like sushi but I am trying to make it an acquired taste. Then I went to the salad bar and grabbed some cold boiled shrimp and cocktail sauce. The meal only cost me $8.50 because I found a 10% off coupon on the internet. Of course I visited the dessert bar ... several times. I like pudding way too much!

Review №58

Fresh, fresh foods served.

Review №59

It look in my opinion very sanitary ,and the food was really good . The drinks were well carbonated. My waitress was very nice ,and courteous

Review №60

Decent food, polite staffs and lots of variety. Chickens were a bit dry and hard, but deserts and starter items were awesome.

Review №61

Beautiful. Fresh everything. Very good service. Clean restrooms. Plenty of seating

Review №62

I have been here a few times and have never had the type of service I got today. I was seated in a section with a total of 4 tables including myself, all of which were Latino except a table with an older white gentleman. Neither myself nor the Latino family next to me got refills within an adequate amount of time, nor did we get our tables cleared appropriately. The one, single time I was "checked on" was when the waitress came over, said absolutely nothing, delivered the check and grabbed my plates. Seriously?I had only been up to the buffet once and was there for maybe 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the Latino family had piles of dishes, no drinks in their cups and when I turn around to look for the waitress, I see her talking to another waitress by the cash register. She then walks right past all of us to go to the white gentleman to grab one napkin from his table and walk away again.I hardly pull the race card but I can't help to think about why it is this particular waitress (Anna was her name) would disregard several tables and provide no service at all. I don't expect much at all, especially if my waitress is busy and I see that she is constantly moving around to take care of her section. But when I see you devoting your time to one gentleman and you're otherwise talking and wasting time and completely disregarding my needs as a paying customer I find that insulting. The fact that she literally said absolutely nothing to me or the family and was way less than attentive to use is offensive and I have no patience for that. Needless to say, I left no tip and if I ever return I will kindly and inconspicuously ask for another server that I trust will treat me as a human.

Review №63

Food is still good, but the price, for 2 people with teas almost $34.00, not counting tip. And they didn't even have the full dessert buffet going, or the sushi bar either. Price is way high.

Review №64

New name. But I have been coming for years. Great food, good prices, and staff always so curtious. Love this place

Review №65

Tasted great and the pricing was good but once I got home my stomach was upset for two days.

Review №66

Mask required, I'm okay with thatBUT... they handled the plates, eating utensils and napkins with they're bare hands, and I could not serve myself.I ask that they use new/clean gloves to touch my plates, utensils, and napkins, she told me "NO! we wash our hands, we are clean here" I left, and I will never return

Review №67

Big selection, nice clean place, tried other places, ALWAYS COME BACK HERE, great staff, almost bought house next to this place keep telling each other, Good Choice!! As we grab our plates...

Review №68

Here at least you can serve yourself in this buffet. Great Food

Review №69

This is one of the only restaurants that everyone in my family can always agree on. The selection is huge and everything tastes amazing. Whatever Chinese food staple is your favorite they've probably got it. Plus sushi and a Mongolian grill.They also have crab legs and fried shrimp on the buffet. They even have some items for picky little ones who don't like Asian food. My little guy got chicken nuggets and fries last time we went. The service is usually really good. Ive been here more times than I can count and got bad service once it was so out of the ordinary it was surprising and so far seems to have been a one time thing. Prices are good not the most expensive but not the cheapest. We pay a little over $60 for three adults and one child to get buffets and drinks. I think it's worth it but if you're looking for a cheap dinner this isn't it. If you're looking for a good value I feel that you're getting one here.

Review №70

I was there one hour before closing. And there was still a lot of food. So that's good. The price is good. Liked the flavor. Clean place. The Hot and Spur soup is my favorite.If u come to this restaurant, go on line and get the coupon. There's coupon for the lunch and dinner buffet.

Review №71

Horrible. Buffets usually aren't the best compared to regular chinese or asian restraunts but this was by far the worst.

Review №72

Very nice place. Food was good and hot. I don't think I've ever been in a buffet where the food is hot. People were very nice. I would go back.

Review №73

Nothing really different about this buffet. The service is fast. Food is practically always freshly stocked. The place is big, so you have a lot of options on where to sit. Lunch for Sunday, with water and buffet, was 14.75

Review №74

It was delicious. It was very busy tonight, regardless are waitress still found reasonable time to check up on us and make sure we didnt need anything. Very pleased with our visit.

Review №75

Great selection of hot food and great service, can't wait to come back. Note you need to wear gloves and a mask to serve your food which isn't any problem

Review №76

Wish this place was closer to my house. But we go every week. The food is steaming hot. The selection is ..... much! Highly recommended. Go and stuff yourself. Wish they served beer.

Review №77

My family comes here on special occasions as well as just for fun. Experience is always great. Food is on par with what you'd expect for an Asian buffet. They have a sushi bar which has several types of sushi to choose from. Love this place! I highly recommend.

Review №78

Oh Wow! I'm actually really impressed. I'm usually pretty scared when trying a Chinese buffet, but I was really surprised! It was amazing!! I mean you really can't beat it for the price you pay. I went on a weekend. And I finally went here with my cousin and I'm definitely coming back again! They had literally everything! A buffet for 2- all you can eat we paid $25 including tax!!! Which isn't bad at all!!! They had salad stuff, variety of different chicken mixings, variety of crab and shrimp also salmon. And their cream cheese Rangoon is to die for! And I'm really picky about them! -Rice , lots of noodles, on and on and on. Soup. sushi. Just a plethora of neverending food!! You can also ask for steak if you want, etc. Then don't even tell me about desserts! Same thing here: jello, cakes, ice cream, fondue, fruits, etc. I was very happy and satisfied we came here causem coming back again. Thank You for the amazing food!

Review №79

... Closer to 5 Stars than anything else! The family loved it. Definitely coming back

Review №80

I have lived in San Antonio for just over a year and I hadn't found my Asian food restaurant. That changed today after I went to Asian star! I sampled many good options and was highly satisfied with all of them! My personal favorites were the stuffed crab and the coconut shrimp! I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone! I will be returning soon!

Review №81

Food was good. Enjoyed out visit.

Review №82

Nice staff but food was cold and full menu price even though sushi and desert was unavailable

Review №83

Its open during COVID, so great!

Review №84

Fresh, hot food with on-point service. Showed up at 3:30-ish PM on a Friday and, though the place wasn't packed, everything was great as if it was a busy dinner service.

Review №85

Great variety of foods. Excellent salad bar. The foods had distinct flavors and didn't seem mass produced

Review №86

Service was great but food was cold . They also need to find ways to ensure the food is well covered. Noticed a few flies around food.

Review №87

Food is ok. Service not great.

Review №88

The food is always fresh and delicious we go there every other week and we appreciate their hard work in providing a great experience in their restaurant

Review №89

Fantastic variety. Loved that there were crab legs. And sushi. Best egg drop soup I've had. Mongolian grill too. All fresh. Had a lovely waitress too.

Review №90

I have included a picture of the waitress/server (reddish/auburn hair) who would sit in the little station near the tables and consistently dig, rub, and wipe his nose with his hands then go serve people drinks or collect their plates or clean tables. I did not come to the buffet to be served snot chow mein or bogger drop soup. Please keep your general tso moco to yourself. Unflavored food, the only thing decent was the lemon cake and the chicken on a stick and crawfish.

Review №91

Delicious food. A menu variety for all! Our server was fantastic. I will visit again.

Review №92

My friends and I love to come here. The chicken on the stick is by far my favorite dish. We've never really have had any problems, depending on who serves your table, they are attentive to refills and what not, but other than that, we like it there.

Review №93

Food is hot and great. Would come back when in town. Service a Lil slow but good. Good variety.

Review №94

One of the larger Chinese buffets in town. Nice selection, clean and the service is great. Grill section is always pleasing.

Review №95

This place right here is BY FAR the BEST buffet I've ever been too!!! I love it so much it's hard to stay away!! DEFINITELY recommend

Review №96

Price-good,Food - avg

Review №97

A very safe option when you want a Chinese buffet, in fact it's the only option of this kind I would highly recommend that's on this side of town. Clean, fresh food, you know what's gonna be there.

Review №98

Nice place nice people nice food!

Review №99

I like this restaurant a lot. Very good and fresh food. They should put more variety of sushy. The only think that I don't like is that is far from my house.

Review №100

This place is a gluton's paradise. The food is average for a buffet, and the overwhelming. İf you like buffets the likes of Golden Corral, it is good. İf you like quality Chinese food, go to a place you can order freshly prepared food off a menu. İf you like engorging yourself with a massive quantity of food without regard for food quality, this place is awesome.

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:9919 Colonial Square, San Antonio, TX 78240, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-561-7688
  • Asian restaurant
  • Buffet restaurant
  • Chinese restaurant
  • Sushi restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9:30PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–9:30PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–9:30PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9:30PM
  • Friday:11AM–10PM
  • Saturday:11AM–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9:30PM
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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