Lulus Bakery & Cafe
918 N Main Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212, United States

Review №1

Why make a food challenge when you're just going to kick people out when they ask to try it? Even after offering to sign legal papers saying nothing will be recorded/ posted to social media? If they can't even get free advertising right, then are literally unable do their actual job and simply serve food to regular customers, then proceed to kick EVERYONE out of the restaurant, why keep them in business? Let them close so something actually half decent can go there. Unethical businesses have no place in the 21st century.

Review №2

The location seems a little shady but when you walk inside it reminds you of a diner. We were happily greeted by the staff and our orders were taken promptly. My family enjoy the experience greatly. When we saw the 3lb cinnamon roll that they are famous for our jaws dropped! I do recommend the railroad Burger and my wife enjoyed her chicken fried steak immensely. Next time I'm in San Antonio I'll definitely had this way again.

Review №3

Very sad you would not honor a food challenge due to video recordings. You should be ashamed of yourselves for the grief and disappointment you caused. Even when the professional eater called a week or so multiple times informing you of the event and recording of event. Which your staff agreed it. Your lucky the gentlemen didn't sue your business. Very sad and disgraceful business practice if you were real Texans your word is everything and it doesn't look like your anything. Now if that wasn't bad you had the audacity to call police and escorted 7 families and the professional eaters out even thou you lied and changed your minds, after verbally agreeing 2 or more times to this gentleman. I hope you close, I hope everyone reading this gets a disgusting taste in their mouth at how you treat customers and finally I hope you and your families experience the same grief you caused these customers.

Review №4

The way you treated YouTube star Randy Santel professional food challenge and competitive eater and his family and friends is absolutely disgraceful and in no way reflects the warm and loving people of the great state of Texas. That's a lot coming from a native Californian. It's unbelievable that a restaurant, which offers a food challenge and even prior to them making the flight out to San Antonio, called to explain what was going to take place and that someone would be filming with a cell phone and that 7 families not including fans and friends would be attending to observe the challenge as well as show patronage by ordering food too. They were told that none of this would be an issue by two different people at the restaurant prior to arriving. Upon arriving they were told that they could NOT film and in the process of trying to get clarification the general manager gets involved with telling everyone to leave and then calls the police. At no time did anyone get upset or raise their voices. They even offered to sign an agreement that no videos would be posted on social media about this challenge. The way your management and hostess handled this says a lot about you and the place you run there. I will make sure that my millions of followers and friends all over Texas know about this and how you treat people with Downs Syndrome. Shame on you.YOU EVEN HAVE A VIDEO ON YOUR WEBSITE OF A YOUTUBER PARTICIPATING IN YOUR COUNTRY FRIED STEAK CHALLENGE!! HYPOCRISY!!!!!

Review №5

Food was overly cheesy, country fried steak too dang hard to chew and the steak itself felt like chewing on gum. I had only flew here to try their 3lb cinnamon roll but for some odd reason they "ran" out. How do you run out when you're open 24hrs a day?

Review №6

Went there about a year and a half ago with my girlfriend for her first time. I used to talk this place up so I took her because she was excited to try their delicious chicken fried chicken. I get the chicken fried steak with queso every time I go. Food took about 35 minutes to get to the table after ordering. Mine was fine but she cut into her chicken and it was raw in the center. We sent it back and it took about 20 more minutes to be served another raw piece of chicken. We ended up splitting the fried steak in the meantime and said no thanks to a third chicken fried chicken. Haven't been back and have no plan to go back after being there and raving about it to friends for the 5 years prior.

Review №7

Great place for delicious Family Meals. I wish there were more places like this around town. I've had nothing but great experiences here and will keep coming back. It has an awesome atmosphere.

Review №8

The worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. Its all hype and the food really is not that great. Our table of 4 waited way too long for anyone to get our order. By the time a waitress (she was really nice and professional) came I didn't even bother ordering I just asked for a Dr.Pepper. The cup was dirty and smelled weird. The rest of out table was not impressed with the food. On top of it all the whole entire restaurant smelled like a dirty diaper. 100% we are never coming back. It is not worth it.

Review №9

The service and food at this place are awful. The floors and tables are sticky like they've never been fully cleaned, just wiped down with dirty rags.I came for the chicken fried steak and cinnamon roll.The steak took FOREVER to arrive and was soggy in the middle. I dared not send it back because I had no idea how long it would take to get back. At least it was huge and I was able to eat the edges, which were pretty good but noting to write home about.The cinnamon roll was enormous and I was looking forward to it the roll was stale and the outside was terrible dry and the glaze was grainy. The only thing this roll has going for it is that it's huge. It's not tasty.The hostess was really rude and acted like we were putting her out by walking in- like she had other things to do besides being a hostess.Our server was ok. I could tell she had a lot of experience but she seemed worn out and tired. It doesn't seem like Lulu's is a good place to work.I don't like leaving such a scathing review but there was nothing positive about our experience.Has we not been exceedingly hungry, I probywould have walked out.

Review №10

The management here is sub par at best.They make huge,huge, mountains out of mole hills are quite dramatic and will call police over things that are completely legal just to be told by the police to not call them unless there's a crime.Food challenges,offered BY the restaurant can't become crimes because another patron may film it.However,the management seems to think so.Place sucks.

Review №11

Their food isn't bad... 3.5 star worthy even maybe a 4. But it's the getting kicked out by the police for wanting to attempt their own food challenge aftertaste that really sticks with you. Do not patronize this establishment... their management is clearly nuts.

Review №12

This was the worst restaurant I've ever been to. The people were so rude and the food was awful. I will never go back save your money and go somewhere else.

Review №13

We really enjoyed our lunch here. The chicken fired steak was huge and delicious. The turkey bacon club sandwich was just amazing, thick slices of turkey & bacon (insert drool here). We got to full for the 3 pound cinnamon roll, but it was tempting, so I just took a picture instead. Will come back when we're in the area.

Review №14

Terrible customer service. Food is also terrible for the price. Entire staff is rude and unprofessional. Would not recommend.

Review №15

Would never patronize a restaurant who would call the cops on people for wanting to take their food challenge. If you can handle people beating your challenge them do make one. Or just do the public a favor and close.your doors for good

Review №16

Was denied service. Management claimed I would make an attempt to film someone doing a food challenge. Had no clue they were even going to do it. Staff and management was incredibly rude. I ended up escorted out by police that apologized and promised me others in the area weren't as rude or malicious as the staff and management here. Went back a few days later just to see if the food was decent and it was trash. Probably the worst meal I have ever eaten.

Review №17

Lulu's got to the point where they new they messed up by kicking people out for an established food challenge.They even deleted their phone number so you can't call them anymore.The 4.6 or whatever stars have been proven to be paid or internal reviews to try and make up for the slander. Good food, but $h!t customer service and the don't want to fork out extra if they think you can complete the challenge.Good place to go for decent food, but they do NOT tolerate someone who they think can finish their challenge.

Review №18

My friends were not allowed to film their food challenge despite every man woman child and infant being allowed to film on their smaller phone device. I even saw a Motorola razor (new one) recording which o thought to myself how in 2020 are we still looking at razors, aren't they in the Smithsonian now. But my friends are what is important and that is why I will never go back to LULUs.

Review №19

Management's trash! They can turn a good experience into a bad one real quick. San Antonio should shut this place down..

Review №20

Good food, but, don't try the challenge. They will kick you out and have you trespassed. Especially if your a big African American family. Very unethical place.

Review №21

I will never return Asked about the food challenge and asked if it could be recorded they then refused to serve me and threatened to call the police. I would have been fine not recording just had to say so I only asked a question. Everyone should boycott this restaurant and not eat here.

Review №22

We had heard the cinnamon rolls were exceptional...huge yes...exceptional? No! Honestly they were cinnamon rolls that were giant sized. Won't bother again!

Review №23

Everything was over cooked and really salty.I don't know how this place has been open for so long when Sonic tastes better then anything here.It's like going to Burger King and it being way worse than what you might have remembered.Don't waste your calories and money on this place.

Review №24

They could have just let the people enjoy a good food challenge but instead they kick everyone out bad owners. I recommend no one goes here why would you allow it weeks prior and then at the last minute deny them and kick them out at least could have let them stay and enjoy some food. Probably horrible food they serve.

Review №25

Flavor: C+Service: C+Tea: ASolo dining: AI'd been reading about this place for months. It pops up in all sorts of 'best' lists for San Antonio. I got the breakfast of champions that includes a flavorful (but unfortunately a little tough) chicken fried steak (that's generously battered and crunchy) along with some bland cubed potatoes and eggs. There wasn't any salt and pepper where I was seated, and I would've asked for some but my food would've been frigid cold by the time my waitress came back around. I added a biscuit to the plate and it was delicious. I also got a cinnamon roll, just because I had read so much about them. They're gigantic, but they're well-accustomed to wrapping up whatever portion you can't eat. You definitely only need one for the table, no matter how many are in your party. I personally prefer a moist, gooey, buttery, cinnamony cinnamon roll - and this is not that. Except in the very center. It's mostly really dense bread with some cinnamon flavor and icing on the top and sides. The thing is a wonder, though, and I'm glad I tried it. Surely you should do the same.

Review №26

We loved our visit to LuLu's! The food was hot and fresh. The servers were friendly and knowledgable about the menu.I had the deputy special (see pictures below) it was crispy, rich in flavor, and huge. The onions rings were just as tasty. Anything fried that we ordered was wonderfully crispy and delicious. The burger was just as yummy as everything else we ordered.The price is perfect for the amount and quality of food you order.We will be more than happy to go back.The only thing that would give us pause is the surrounding area. It was a bit rundown and confusing to park.

Review №27

My favorite spot for quality family meals. This place has a good atmosphere. Menu is like a place in San Francisco I loved.

Review №28

Food is mediocre at best, I've had better food from a gas station than this place to be honest. If you plan on taking the 12 minutes chicken fried steak make sure you take plenty of videos and pictures, they'll love it! (Not actually, they'll call the cops on you, they called the cops on families and a man trying to take the challenge once, look it up)

Review №29

Food is good, but we had the cops called on us when we started facetiming my grandmother.

Review №30

Cinnamon rolls were dry and you could tell they were not fresh. Also, kicking people out of your establishment for wanting to do the food challenge isn't cool. So yeah :)

Review №31

My top scene for tasty family meals. The food was so savory. Bring your hunger - portions are generous. Feels similar to a cafe in Chicago I loved.

Review №32

Horrible place. Was excited to try it but was ultimately let down. Worst service in Texas, find somewhere else and save your money

Review №33

The food here has a very homemade taste and it was delicious! We came during lunch hour so it was a bit packed, but the service was still top notch. You never understand how big a 3 pound cinnamon roll really is until it's right in front of you The only complaint I would make is that the restrooms were dirty with water all over the floor. Other than that, great food at great prices!

Review №34

Family Meals and the feeling at this spot is very good. One of the best spots in the area. Staff treated us so nice. They have so many good reviews for a reason.

Review №35

1 star for kicking out a YouTuber who does challenges. If you dont want to attract people who want to try and beat your food challenge and you still end up kicking people out for asking about it. Remove the food challenge.

Review №36

Outstanding spot for tasty Family Meals. I had a cousin come into town and asked me to take him back here. Bring your appetite because portions are large.

Review №37

Went there because it was on triple D on food network. The service was poor, the food was mediocre, the veggies were out of a can, but worst of all was the giant cinnamon roll. Ours was stale as it probably had set out in the open air for a few hours. Would never go again

Review №38

Was absolutely terrible. The day I was there, they kicked out like 7 or 8 families from and 2 guys who just wanted to eat food for a food challenge. They had to go out in the rain after the cops were randomly called for no reason.The food is not that great. Not recommended.Avoid it at all cost

Review №39

This place was absolutely terrible. The worst service of my life. I found hair in my food and it was just absolutely disgusting. I informed my waitress she blamed me for putting the hair in the food. Needless to say I will never return to this place and I would encourage anyone to find a better place to eat.

Review №40

Ok spot for tasty family meals. Super delicious. Certainly worth a return visit.

Review №41

Horrible management. No videos and they will kick you out. Get with it! Don't waste your time if you have a cell phone, they may kick you out.

Review №42

Great spot for quality family meals. Food was so appetizing. The service was friendly and sociable. It has a great feel to it. Not close to my job, I wish it was.

Review №43

This place is shady. Terrible service and the manager is shady. Food was undercooked but they refused to take back and cook. I still paid full price. Shady

Review №44

Great place to enjoy some delicious food. The ingredients are always fresh , the service is excellent and the prices are reasonable. Staff is polite , friendly and the atmosphere relaxing.

Review №45

Management is terrible you guys kick out family's and call2 cop cars on some guy trying to do a food challenge. You should be ashamed 9f yourselves

Review №46

Sub par food, terrible staff. Not even going to waste my words speaking to this dumpster fire. San Antonio has much to offer, Lulu's is not it.

Review №47

Exactly what you would expect from a diner. I had a chicken fried chicken and was not disappointed. More about the experience more than it is about the food. It took a while to get our food but the place was crazy busy and no complain as they were trying their best to get us our order. Waitresses were friendly no exceptions. Keep up the good work.

Review №48

Was absolutely terrible. The day I was there, they kicked out like 7 or 8 families from and 2 guys who just wanted to eat food for a food challenge. They had to go out in the rain after the cops were randomly called for no reason.The food is not that great. Not recommended.Avoid it at all cost

Review №49

Family meals here - great. Service is consistently great. The place has a great feel to it. This place has good reviews for a reason.

Review №50

Stay away from this place. They like to kick people out for doing food challenges that they provide. Smh....

Review №51

Saw the Randy Santel video about getting kicked out and management calling the police. It is unbelievable that management would not only kick out Randy Santel and his friend, but also 7 families. What in the world?!?! To all my friends and family in Texas, avoid this place!!

Review №52

Giving 5 stars because all of you here should be charged with a class A misdemeanor for slandering business that has been closed for over half a year. Shame on you. Yes they did lots of mistakes due to the poor management. I was ignored for 15 minutes standing at the register with 4 customers in the dining room and 8 employees spending time on their cellphones while trying to place an order to go. But sorry, making stories that you just went there is really wrong. Let's just calm down and wish that when they reopen, they will have a better management and attentive employees.

Review №53

Boo yall are lame for doing that to the dude at the food challenge bet yall regret it now lol

Review №54

I wish i had an option to give some additional stars. I am definitely a dessert lover , but the desserts i got at this place were amazing. They were really delicious and of good quality.The best place for me. I was so whelmed with this place. The place in itself gives such a happy vibe.

Review №55

Family Meals, super tasty. Service is always super even when they have a full house. Prices are appropriate for the quality.

Review №56

I got food poisoning from this place. Would not recommend. Also the owners and staff are pretentious and do not know how to run a business properly. Hoping that this place gets shut down.

Review №57

I'll take the challenge but don't want to go to jail lol

Review №58

Cool place to grab a late breakfast or lunch. The service was extremely fast and food was great.

Review №59

Had a simple misunderstanding with the food I had ordered. I kindly informed the manager who quickly became very agitated as if their mess up caused them an inconvenience. Safe to say the service was horrid and I will never bring my business to them again!

Review №60

Family Meals, mmm, very satisfying. great place to chill, get away, eat some good food. nothing but great experiences here. the bill was fair for the quality of the food.

Review №61

Everyone should be treated kindly when dinning and these folks don't think agree with that.

Review №62

Horrid place inside and out.... all the servers were missing teeth, and smelled of feet. Half the food I got was cold. My drink was flat. Amongst that the manager was a complete and total IDIOT. I have never been more disgusted with anything in my life.

Review №63

Family meals, mmm, my favorite treat. Nice location to meet with family. Feeling here is like a restaurant in Fort Worth I liked.

Review №64

One of my favorite places for delicious family meals. visited on fri i believe. it has a good feel to it.

Review №65

I hope they don't call the cops on me like they do the other customers.

Review №66

So unbelievably rude. Waited 45 min for our food only to be told that our waitress thought she saw someone use their phone to take a selfie and that there is a policy of no pictures or video. So she told us we would not be served and needed to leave or they would call the police. Noone took a photo bit there were no signs saying no photos in the resteraunt. Then the rude waitress laughed and said thats right learn your place.

Review №67

Took my family of 6 here, the tables and counters were all disgusting. Our food took 45 mins to even get to us and even when it got to us it felt about 45 min cold if you know what I mean! It was disgusting and not worth the drive from San Antonio. The 45 min wait time was just for our first plate. And after that the other 5 came out another 10 min! This place sucked hope covid knocked it down by now.

Review №68

Just watched a video about this place and how they called the cops on a YouTuber who wanted to do their challenge, because they don't allow people to "record in the restraunt" when there are literally a bunch of videos already of people taking the challenge. To bad I wouldn't have minded trying, but I wouldn't wanna get kicked out for trying to take pictures or videos of us having a good time

Review №69

This is the absolute worst place I have ever seen I was in there and asked about a food challenge. And they refused to let my buddy film it. To me that made it seem as if they were hiding something. And I had the cops called and we were made to leave. After bit of research I was no the only one they done this to. So if I travel again this is one restaurant I will not go to but pass right on by and keep doing.

Review №70

Honestly, the food just wasnt very good. Iv heard so much hype around how good everything is, but the food was lower quality than wendys. Our waiter was sort of curt, but not too unpleasent. I would give a 3 stars if the place wasnt lauded to the point where I have such high expectations.

Review №71

Got very sick from the food, chicken must've been undercooked. Sent to the emergency room from my hotel that night. Said it was from salmonella poisoning and that's the only place I have eaten chicken at recently. Cinnamon bun was like biting into a five day old pastry from a soup kitchen.

Review №72

Home of the 3lb Cinnamon Roll!!!! The chicken fried steak was good. My husband and I got the deputy and me and my two kids could've ate it. I was huge!!! We were so full we got the cinnamon roll to go. They give it to you with the icing on the side and you just warm it up for 3-5 minutes when you get home and enjoy!!! Highly recommend this place.

Review №73

You could've gotten amazing publicity if you just let Randy Santel do the food challenge, but now you're getting the opposite. What is so wrong about recording? When many people were able to record the food challenge. You guys are obviously hiding something for you not to want a famous YouTuber to make a video, cuz anyone would die for that opportunity, just saying.

Review №74

Wonderful people and wonderful food! I always love coming here. The portions are large so it may be better to share. Definitely worth coming! The 5lb cinnamon roll is amazing and you should order 3!

Review №75

I was just trying to ear until I was denied being for some odd reason , confused with group families, a shame really poor management was rude and disrespectful and cops called on families , certainly the host and staff was amazing, but with the management here. being very rudely disrespectful by there owners , I dont see this place lasting anytime soon , great food. just poor owning , i highly recommended going some where else .

Review №76

The bun is a must buy. So hot and so good. Country fried steak is no slouch either. I forgot about the sides served with my meal.

Review №77

Always amazing food, and who can forget a 3 pound cinnamon roll!?

Review №78

Great place. Really good service. The food is good and inexpensive. Don't forget to order the huge cinnamon roll!

Review №79

My fav spot for quality Family Meals. Service is always prompt even when they have a full house. There was quick and friendly service.

Review №80

Family meals and the feeling at this place is great. I'll return with my relatives. This place has a cool feel to it.

Review №81

A top scene for tasty family meals. Visited near twelve, it was not full. Looking forward to coming back with my relatives.

Review №82

I wanted to let you in on a secret.... When a review has half bad reviews and the high reviews are by people who've only posted one review ever, then this means more than likely it's a posting by the owner/staff. They usually open an account to post 1 review. My advice read the bad reviews only and determine if you'd spend your money at an establishment

Review №83

I'm not even going to try this place because of the reviews and the outrageous video I saw online. A man was just trying to take on a challenge and the cops were called on him and some innocent families. Needless to say, I've never been here, and never will. I advise against it.

Review №84

Best thing to happen to this restaurant is covid. Thank god they r closed, they had horrible people working for them and the management was even terrible. I'm not even gonna talk about the food that's a terrible story in its self.

Review №85

The food and service was great. But it kinda smelled bad inside. Other than that it was really great food. Took home one of the 3lb cinnimon rolls, though.

Review №86

Food is very bland and nasty. Don't waste your time going as well. The cinnamon roll was dry and way to sweet. I ended up just throwing it away.

Review №87

Food was mid tear which brings it down to a 1 Star as it doesn't make up for the terrible services. At the very least if you're gonna make up for the lack of a friendly environment and terrible service the food better be A+ tear; It wasn't. I'm honestly so disappointed and disgusted that this is happening in a place like Texas. Place should be shut down promptly, thank you.

Review №88

Saw Randy Santels video, you deserve less than 1 star

Review №89

Terrible spot rude staff and the food was some of the worst I've ever seen. Further more there is a saga with an eating challenge where they ripped off about 7-8 families and 2 pro eaters as they were worried about social media posts. Pathetic do not eat here these people are crooks

Review №90

Family meals, yeah, super yummy. It was so appetizing. Fast and courteous service.

Review №91

Nothing to see here foks so keep moving. Very unethical management. ?akes you wonder what they slip into the food!

Review №92

Unethical establishment. Saw Randys' youtube video and these guys deserved to be out of business.

Review №93

My friend and I came for lunch and I asked about the food challenge with no intent on actually ordering the challenge and the waitress got a bit angry with me. We waited for about 15 minutes for our drinks before we got tired of the the dirty looks we were getting from the staff.

Review №94

Their food is good and their service is decent, but it needs improvement. We had to ask our waiter multiple times for things. However when the food came it made everything better. I enjoyed their country fried steak very much. We ordered 2 of their large cinnamon rolls and there was plenty for everyone to take home! It was quite tasty, but we haven't gone back because of the cleanliness of the place. The floors are dirty and felt sticky. They also have poor grading with the health department. Once they fix that I would be thrilled to come back.

Review №95

Cinnamon roll was stale and over cooked. If you want a better tasting roll, go to the store and buy a can from any brand. Not only was it awful, but the management is horrible! They are extremely rude to everyone, not just me. If I could leave a 0-star review I would. One star is too much. I hope the virus shuts down this joke of an establishment.

Review №96

Try the humongous cinnamon roll and giant chicken-fried steak! You will NOT regret it. Make sure to bring a huge appetite. Just to clarify, the "chicken-fried steak" is basically beef "steak" that has fried chicken breading. That's why it's called "Chicken-fried". They also serve a chicken version, which they aptly call "chicken-fried chicken". The waitress said a lot of people get it confused. But both versions are must tries!! I loved everything I ate here. Too bad I don't live in San Antonio :(

Review №97

After reading multiple comments, I'm thoroughly convinced they didn't want Randy to record the challenge for the possibility of a roach popping out and it being caught on film. I also read that it's closed and boarded up really hope so.

Review №98

Stopped here because I heard good things and the customer service was terrible. Food took about an hour to come out and wasn't appetizing. Oh they kick people out for filming there food challenges too.

Review №99

I mean i hope you close down forever!!!!From randey Santel yt video

Review №100

We went after seeing this place on tripleD , i have no idea why so many 1 star reviews, seems a bunch of karens have nothing better to do that bellyache ove a stupid food challenge. Yall need yo grow up. This place is awesome but keep in mind its a DINER not a linen tablecloth restaurant

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