11803 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
Review №1

Online order was ready so fast. I want 6 expecting it to be ready that fast to be honest! Sandwich was fabulous and fresh!

Review №2

I haven't been to schlotzskys in years but I was just craving and its just as good as it was years ago. It looks like they updated the menu and have more options and specials available but the bread is just perfect. The same amazing soft, fresh bread as ever!!

Review №3

Service experience was great a s the restaurant was nice and clean. The food was so good. I just wish the ones in our town didn't close.

Review №4

I love Schlotzsky's, from their awesome sandwiches piled high with your favorite deli meats, chicken or beef. Add your favorite fixings all on their daily homemade breads or get your favorite on a wrap. Not into sandwiches, try their pizza or soup or salads. My new fav is the Orchard salad with raspberry vinaigrette; it's full of greens, apple slices, sweet cranberries, crunchy pecans and creamy goat cheese. I can have this salad everyday, it's that good. Stop by and you'll definitely find something you'll fall in love with.

Review №5

Staff person at the window was very friendly & quick to put our orders together. Keep it up & be blessed!

Review №6

I'm surprised this location hasn't closed down like the one off Bandera rd. It looks just as bad on the outside as that one did when it closed. The staff is rude, unprofessional, and lack customer service and basic people skills. This location is also not as clean as others. My order is messed up when I order in the drive thru, as well as on apps. This locations soda machine also tastes horrible. They also are always out of items on the menu, which for some reason doesn't happen at other locations I go to. I went by recently and now I remember why I stopped coming to this location. I'll drive further to the i10 location. That's my favorite

Review №7

Love the fact that they had dine in. Didn't catch the mgr's name but he was on task and very friendly. Safe place to eat.

Review №8

Love those sandwiches, lot of options for your lunch. Fast service, friendly associates.

Review №9

Great place I love the food,nice people who work their. Little tough getting in but I definitely recommend it

Review №10

They were fast as well and Polite and on point in getting my orders out !!!

Review №11

I make them enhance my sandwiches....nothing close to the one you order

Review №12

Clean and friendly staff. It's a nice piece to grab a bite to eat. Now it's a part of Austin's eatery. It' had a great delicious menu. They also have some cinnabon treats on the side to choose from. Chips and a good selection of drinks to choose from.

Review №13

My soda had mold and dark particles in it. If drink has mold in it I don't trust the food to be clean. Please open your drinks and check them before you drink.

Review №14

Food is good but really expensive for a sandwich

Review №15

Original sandwich best sandwich ever

Review №16

Staff is always friendly and super sweet place is always clean they have tables and booths which is nice and bathrooms are always nice and clean as well I like it here a lot and good variety of food options

Review №17

An Austin original. Delicious and always a great experience. Yummy sandwiches. Try the jalapeno cheddar bun with your favorite sandwich. The pizza is awesome and unexpected at a sandwich shop. Dessert is great with Cinnabon integrated. Always welcoming and done right.

Review №18

I love chicken flatbread. Very delicious.

Review №19

Called in an order and it was ready in 5 minutes. The caprese sandwich is awesome

Review №20

Good food fast service great workers

Review №21

Wrong place to go to. I called to pick up my order by curbside and lady said no I had to pick up at drive thru.. as I drove up you could smell the cigarette smoke real bad and my food also stunk like cigarettes.. And my order was wrong , Nasty place to go to... i WiLL NOT return

Review №22

Food was cold and nasty. Never going back

Review №23

The guys in there were about as smart as my mentally challenged nephew and about as skilled too

Review №24

4/18/20 1:25pmI unfortunately just had an unpleasant experience with the older lady working the drive thru. This woman was rude for no reason also slammed the window on my face when I was trying to ask for something. Not to mention she's not even wearing her face mask over her mouth or nose, which is definitely some form of violation, especially due to the current pandemic. She definitely should not have any kind of human interaction with customers with how hostile and unprofessional she carry's herself. Then again with how she handles sanitation, I don't think I would want her preparing my food.

Review №25

Great burger sandwish

Review №26

Excellent food can't go wrong.

Review №27

Service is okay but prices are too high

Review №28

Very quick service, helpful workers.

Review №29

Very clean,comfortable atmosphere,great service,Fresh Food

Review №30

Good but just a bit pricey

Review №31

Honestly one of the better restaurants in the area. The food tastes amazing and is always fresh.

Review №32

I stopped here to get a sandwich for my wife who was in the hospital. She didn't want the hospital food. The staff were friendly and fixed the sandwich quickly. I was in and out of the restaurant in 5 minutes. The only thing that is unusual is the parking lot setup. You have to park in back and walk through the drive thru lane to the front of the store. Otherwise, a good experience.

Review №33

I had a pretty awesome sandwich from here! The staff was very polite about everything. You get to choose the size of your sandwich and the type of bread you would like. I usually get the turkey and guacamole and I never get disappointed.

Review №34

Good quality food and service.

Review №35

Friendly staff great sandwiches

Review №36

Great place with great sandwiches. Love the bread. Always clean and friendly staff.

Review №37

Poor service. Changed the app and mgmt couldn't explain why I lost my 7.00 off. Waiting for corporate to contact me.

Review №38

The chain sandwich shop feels like a local deli. Personable staff is always eager to do a bit extra to make you feel welcome. Never feel rushed.

Review №39

Awesome people, awesome food! I usually get the Albuquerque Turkey, but today I switched it up a bit and went with the Angus pastrami and Swiss...YUM!!! Very quick, very good, and super service. Thank y'all!!! Great job, Steven!!! I wish I had gotten the name of the young lady who helped me too, she was great!!!

Review №40

Very small place but the service was outstanding. Very nice staff especially considering they were having to work Christmas Eve.

Review №41

One of the better locations in town however parking and seating very limited. Drive through goes by very fast if you feel like just taking too go due to lack of space for occupancy.

Review №42

Schlotzky's is very consistent across the board. The drive thru here is very tight. But the food was delicious, the staff was very professional.

Review №43

For a first time experience i was helpfully guided through my course of meal by captains Neal and Sam, without them i would of been lost in the sea of the schlotzkys menu. They expeditiously set a course for flavor island and safely navigated my taste buds to paradise.

Review №44

Little pricey for 2 combos for lunch.

Review №45

Small place but good food and people!

Review №46

Today is their grand re-opening event. The original sandwich is only $2.99 until the end of June 2019. It is a very tasty sandwich. It may seem small to some, but for me it is just the right portion. Go by today. Party games and prizes abound.

Review №47

When they opened window at drive threw. It smelled like cigarette very badly....

Review №48

Love the sandwiches!

Review №49

Was ok. I expected bread to be better

Review №50

Brandon and the crew go above and beyond.

Review №51

For sandwiches I go to this place because their dough is made fresh every time! You can definitely taste the difference of a freshly made dough. It just makes any sandwich taste more delicious than the juiciest burger.They have an app that offers rewards as well and it's always so easy to earn rewards at a place that offers sandwiches you will surely love.

Review №52

Love it.. Good and clean...nice people

Review №53

Great food. Great atmosphere. Doesn't look like much when you drive up, but atmosphere is great when you go inside.

Review №54

No hand soap in the restroom dispenser, the paper towel dispenser did not work, I ordered and the bill is 41.80 and the register girl who barely speaks english informs me they dont accept anything over 20$ Bill's. I took me almost 20 minutes to get to this location so after the trouble of finding it and ordering now I have to leave and come back again and order again. Upon returning I reordered and paid at 5:49pm got my 2 cinnamon buns 39 minutes after I [email protected] 6:30, not freshly cooked either. And the actual order came 46 minutes later @6:37. I honestly love schlotzskys but after this horrible experience I cannot return.

Review №55

Liked the upstairs dining + fancy soda machine. Service was great, next time we shall try the drive thru!

Review №56

The sandwiches are so good! But save room for a cinnamon roll!

Review №57

Good sandwich

Review №58

Jazmine and the crew are badass. Best sandwich I've had in a while. Worth the visit.

Review №59

The best sandwiches out there!

Review №60

Amazing food quality, made fresh. The wheat buns are baked daily. My girlfriend had a sandwich on a Gluten-Free bun and it was excellent quality and awesome. The employees were very friendly and awesome people. We are so glad to have came by today. I ordered a medium delux sandiwich, combination pizza and a pecan cinnabun. Looks and tastes like beautiful art

Review №61

Always great food and people

Review №62

What can I say about Schlotzsky's that people don't know already. They have the best sandwiches in town. I love the fresh bread and the hearty sandwiches.

Review №63

Amazing, wonderful staff, clean & sanitize establishment well maintain. Food DELICIOUS

Review №64

Really unusual restaurant in terms of design, had two story dining and great decor theme. Food was awesome and fresh.

Review №65

Very friendly and clean, I can't believe how nice the three people I talk to were. The salad was big and good.

Review №66

So being sick I decided to use a food delivery service to order something at least semi healthy. The first time I used seamless. Not bad but the order was missing items and It was wrong (it was supposed to be no tomato).I didn't get any napkins, but I figured that was more for the food delivery service.So I tried door dash for the second go around and guess what? Missing items in the order, my sandwich had tomato in it again and no napkins, so it's definitely this schlotzsky's that keeps messing up.I will likely not order here for a while until their employees go back to school and they hire new ones..

Review №67

Food was good but plates were pans to large

Review №68

The sweet and sassy sliders are a diamond in the rough. Extremely tasteful and well worth the price.

Review №69

Came right before closing and the staff there were very friendly, very informed of their menu, even the cashier (who was newbie by the way). It was a pleasant experience, seeing that I have no Schlotzsky's near me.

Review №70

Been coming here for 25 years. Very good food and nice staff

Review №71

Awesome sandwiches wish there was a store closer to where I live

Review №72

Wouldn't take a 50 for a 38 dollar tab. I understand not taking a 50 for a single meal, but come on. I won't go back. Sorry to inconvenience you with profit.

Review №73

Our go to place! Love the staff! The food is always good. Great portion sizes.

Review №74

Cinnabons tasted stale....

Review №75

I pulled up to the drive thru and wanting a cinnamon bun. The last time I visited it was a bit old and dry so before making that mistake I kinda asked when the last batch was made. The women taking order said "I don't know I work in the drive thru they do that in the front". I asked if she can ask someone in the front. It's a small place so there can't be that much distance between the front and back right? She let out a long sigh. I thanked her and drove off, not because she didn't know but because of her attitude. Professional service means a lot.

Review №76

Love the new menu, Mac and cheese with brisket is the bomb!

Review №77

Great food great place have visited this location frequently an have never been disappointed.

Review №78

Decided to get out and look for something for dinner. Stopped at this Schlotzky's and picked up two (2) small originals. One was a speciality order. They were very good about wrapping them and marking the sandwiches so we could tell the difference. The team members were very courteous, helpful, and service oriented. Definitely would visit here again. Oh, secret tip, get your sandwich double toasted, or in their lingo extra hot. We like it a lot, and it's a little crispier.

Review №79

Schlotzski is a great sandwich spot. One of my favorites. The bun was crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, plenty of meat, fresh veggies and very filling.

Review №80

Love the sandwiches quick service too!

Review №81

Just like Austin

Review №82

The turkey bavon club is my all time favorite. Their siganture bread is sooo worth it. Thank for consistently always making my order correct,fast, and super tasty! I have a great time whenever I decide to sit down inside for a bite. The staff is friendly, the place is always spotless, and the food is forever delicious!

Review №83

You cannot go wrong with the sandwiches from here I think it's the bread that makes me love it I never really deviate from the original but some of the other ones look good so I might be crazy enough one day to try something else but I prefer the original or the pizza

Review №84

I asked for a plain turkey sandwich and they gave me a a turkey With cheese and balony how do you mess up something so simple when I talked to the guy he said plain means cheese what about the balony

Review №85

I really do love this place. Especially since my special lady has a gluten allergen. Thankfully they have gluten-free bread for an option. But it NEVER fails... we always order a gluten free pizza, 2 at times even and they ALWAYS screw it up, like they dont READ the receipt. Anyway, today we drive thru and mess the order up. I see a regular pizza and take a bite, to give the benefit of the doubt. But it's a regular pizza. We go in to fix the order and I cheerfully ask, if they are goin to throw the pizza away, I could just take it, you know, for the inconvenience and I get this nasty and rude condescending remark from Amber(manager on duty) say to me, " Sorry sir its not our fault but we can only replace it " and continues to try and sell me a pizza that was clearly their mistake and acts as if we, the customer, needs her. There was NO apology even given after the fact. She only apologized that she couldn't comp the wrong order. Terribly handled situation by your manager... I have other, much better gluten free options to choose from, and with knowledgeable staff members

Review №86

Employees are nice, the food is hot, fresh and delicious oh and they also have wifi.

Review №87

Loved the Turkey sour dough sandwich always fresh and very good

Review №88

Love there food here

Review №89

We love it. They rock those sandwiches. Their food is always consistent.

Review №90

I don't come here often because it's a little out of my price range but when I do it's well worth it but today I would have to say would be the first time that I was actually let down with the service my husband and I were going to try one of their new sandwiches and you were going to split it so we wanted to get the large because she wasn't sure how to bring it up so she called over the general manager who then proceeded to tell us that she could not ring it up that size they didn't serve that size and I told him I understood that the ciabatta bun might not come in a large but that's okay I'll have it on the sourdough large and he continued to argue with me that he cannot make it a large and that he wasn't going to make it a large so I said okay and my husband got the bacon smokecheesy which he wanted medium on the jalapeno sourdough bread and I got the small sandwich did I had originally wanted I pay $24 for two sandwiches and a cup of soup and I'm sitting down waiting for my food and then come back and tell me that they don't have any more jalapeno cheddar buns so not only did they deny me the size sandwich they also didn't have the bread for my second choice they didn't try to accommodate us and I was not very pleased try this at all but I guess at the end of the day the food still tasted good just wasn't too pleased with the service

Review №91

There sandwiches are great also Cinna buns employees very helpful

Review №92

Good service family loves sandwiches

Review №93

Had the beef, bacon & was excellent.

Review №94

Great food, great service, great management!

Review №95

I think we repeated our order 6 times before the woman in the drive through got it right. Food was fine, ordering it was a struggle.

Review №96

This place has HORRIBLE service. I ordered 2 soups and a soda and the man overy the intercom stated my total was $12. I get to the window and it is a rude Hispanic woman who said my to total was $24. When I asked why she said the large soup is $9 each. I have been to this store and never paid that much. I demonstrated the size I wanted and she ignored me. So okay whatever I'll pay. I get my food and they are Jumbo sized soups. NIT what I wanted. I told them man that and she shut the window in my face, didn't even offer to correct it. Worst experience EVER. I WOULD GIVE LESS THAN ONE STAR IF I COULD.

Review №97

Great place for a fresh meat sandwich on fresh made bread. I always get the Original Deluxe because it has more meat. I've had other Sandwiches but it seems like more bread than meat. Place is always clean and people are very friendly too.

Review №98

Great food and Uber Eats delivers! Win win!

Review №99

Great food. Always consistant no matter which location.

Review №100

We really like this location! Always good.

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  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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