Bill Miller Bar-B-Q
26478 US-281 N, San Antonio, TX 78258, United States
Review №1

Ordered a chicken salad tonight. This is why I have trust issues. Sometimes you get a great portion of BBQ chicken and then there are times like tonight. Not only did I get less than 1/4 cup of chicken, most of it was similar to jerky (not exaggerating)

Review №2

Ordered a four piece chicken dinner, received a three piece chicken tenders. Tired of not getting the food I ordered, won't be back again. I'm done with Bill Miller's.

Review №3

I would give 0 stars. The young lady wouldn't help any of the customers try to order. The sun was blinding and preventing customers from seeing the menu. When we asked for a more visible menu, she just pointed to the menu that couldn't be seen because of the sun. She then got aggravated and just walked away from the order window. The only menu you could see is the one inside on the wall, but you had to pop your head thru the window. The pulled pork sandwich was good. The mac n cheese was good but it was a very small side portion. The fries were good, but the service was very bad. The sweet tea was good too, but I don't see coming back. The server was helpful at all and was aggravated that we didn't know their menu.

Review №4

I've had good and bad trips here but the bad reviews are genuine from my experience. Most of the time there's something wrong with the order but every so often everything is perfect and fresh. I prefer not to chance it most days especially with the hastle of this location.They aren't the worst Bill Miller's by far, because there are some bad ones, but there's definitely a quality control issue here that needs to be addressed. I get that it's a pain to train teenagers to do anything but at least make sure they can take an order correctly before putting them on a register. Whoever works expo should ask themselves 'Would I be ok with paying my own money for this?' every time they pass an order on rather than trying to cover up half effort and incomplete orders in a rush.Get organized and clean house.

Review №5

Sides do not go on top of the meat cutting corners instead of using an additional container. Also constantly forgetting some sides I am a very frequent customer

Review №6

Picking up or ordering thru the front window is quicker if you are in a rush!! Fast service...

Review №7

It's Bill Millers! That pretty much says it all in Texas. You just come to expect good service and great food from Bill Millers and I have very rarely been disappointed. Oh, and make sure you order the biggest sweet tea on the menu and consider ordering a second will probably regret it if you don't. Yes it's just that good.Oh yeah...and I was about to forget about their deserts. You have to try them. Just take your pick, I haven't found a bad one yet.

Review №8

Not very good food. did not taste like bbq.Not very good food. did not taste like bbq.

Review №9

Would have been nice if I got the actual BBQ that i ordered. Pretty awesome to get home when your hungry and get the the great surprise of your sides, sauce, bread and nothing else. Well worth the 30 plus miles it took to finally get home. Thanks

Review №10

If you go through the drive through always check what they give you. They always screw it up.

Review №11

Inexpensive and good food. Nice alternative to a regular fast food joint

Review №12

Very disappointing. I spent $30 for a meal for 2 (without drinks) at the drive thru. The long line made it an hour long round trip. Got home and was missing part of my order. They refused to refund over the phone or deliver the missing food. To top it off, both the brisket (dry and mushy) and cole slaw (bone dry) were awful. Won't go back.

Review №13

1st time it was awesome had the Family Meal with brisket. It was take out only and that's the only downfall was looking forward to eating in.

Review №14

Food was really good, drive thru super long line, speaker and mic not working so you scream and repeat everything due to car road noise because of location. Sun is blinding as you come thru drive thru right at dinner time. Employees were stressed and overwhelmed but still very polite even through their struggles! Like I said food was very good, and we will be back️

Review №15

I bought 1 gallon of potato salad, 1 gallon of beans and a gallon of sweet tea. The potato salad was sour. The beans were bland. The tea was old and tasted terrible. I spent about $45 and threw it all out. Bill Miller's has gone downhill!

Review №16

Love their breakfast tacos! The drive-thru line is sometimes long but you get through it fast.

Review №17

Went through drive though for lunch and have been coming to this bill millers for a couple of years, and my family and I always used to love their food but and I must say the service has definitely gone down hill. Asked if they had soup available today, girl that took my order said "NO!" Very rude and abruptly. Even my daughter asked me why she sounded like that. Then the food, I ordered was not very good. Both meals Fries and chicken were cold and pepsi tasted like the just syrup and not carbonated at all, literally just threw out our food. I hope the manager sees this and can fix this issue. We truly use to love this location.

Review №18

This restaurant does NOT enforce proper mask wearing. We went through the drive through on a Sunday and saw at least two employees with their masks beneath their noses, one of which was also handling bread without gloves.Their manager on duty was in the room with them, so it's clear they're just not enforcing these safety procedures like they should. While this restaurant has been nothing but satisfactory for my family and me pre-pandemic, the fact remains you're safest by steering far clear from them until the pandemic is over.

Review №19

Had a hair in my food. You need to enforce the proper hair restraints including the employees wearing hats... I know you said they don't need one but clearly they do. So disgusting!!!

Review №20

Very blandPriced well.Just no flavor

Review №21

Love this location! Food is always fresh but they do always forget some things every now and then.

Review №22

It's an okay, decent restraunt. Just be sure to check what you ordered before you leave. Another thing to mention is the quality of the food and the freshness can be inconsistent for what their pricing their food at. Lastly, just know and be aware that about 80% of the employees working there are all "kids" except the managers. So don't expect "applebees" or "54th street" quality.

Review №23

Beef is feedlot beef: when are y'all gonna roll out that Peeler Farms Grassfed Wagyu Brisket?? Get with the times yo!

Review №24

Bill Miller is a solid eating experience slightly better than fast food. It's good Texas BBQ. I heard from one Texan that eating at a Bill Miller's is essential to my Texas education (“Especially the sweet tea!”) and then I introduced it to a lifelong Texan who had never heard of it before. So... there may be some controversy here to dig up, for what it's worth, if anyone's interested.

Review №25

Asked for gallon of half and half tea. Got gallon of unsweetened tea and 1 packet of Splenda scotch taped to the top. Really? We have to decide who gets the sweet tea...Joke lost on the angry customers who had to navigate the ridiculous 281 traffic to get Bill Miller's.

Review №26

It was good mama and I had chicken delight. I had the person cut the meat off the bone and when I looked at it there wasn't much on my salad I should of just took the whole piece and did it myself. Other than that it was good.

Review №27

I am not really a BBQ person, but I love Bill Miller's for breakfast. Fast and friendly, can get really crowded at peak times. This location is usually pretty consistent, but quality and accuracy can suffer when busy. Great peach cobbler and fantastic pecan pie. Also a great spot to cater holiday meals if you're more about the get-together than the need to cook a masterpiece.

Review №28

Great Barbecue! Our bill was only 20 bucks. I would highly recommend this place.

Review №29

Disappointed lately no longer offering refills or honoring there cup deal. Other places have found ways to work around the covid and still provide refills and honor refill prices from the cups they sold

Review №30

Stopped by and picked up an apple pie on my way to visit family. Drank some sweet tea during my drive to Canyon Lake. The family enjoyed warming up the pie along with vanilla ice cream. Great afternoon snack!

Review №31

Consistently good food, reasonably priced plates with several different offerings. Love the pies. Cole slaw one of my favorites, but barbecue sauce not so much. Service friendly and quick. Will return.

Review №32

Not cool Bill Miller. We frequent this location as it's close to our house. I ordered a family meal as well as six additional chicken strips for my kids. I asked them to be a la cart, but they couldn't do that so I had to pay for the fries. We get home and look how chintzy these strips are. Notice one is about the size of two dimes and the other two nickels. The others aren't much better.

Review №33

Great food and service

Review №34

Bill Miller bbq has a consistently good delicious product and excellent service. I have eaten at various bill miller bbq restaurants since I was a kid, at least 30 years. I love the beef poor boy sandwich and their potato salad, and delicious sweet tea. The wife loves their smoked sausage. Please stop in at one of the many San Antonio area bill Miller's.

Review №35

I've visited many times. Dine in is the best service. I hate when they have the "yeah- yeah" attitude in the drive thru like they don't make mistakes. The #6 is awesome and plentiful, but when you order it with turkey and get this, it's a complete waste of money. (This is why i ask & look if they remembered the lemons. Guess I'll have to open the salads too. I dont eat red meat. I also hate they consistently smash the rolls in their silverware bags so that it ends up a completely inedible ball of dough. :(

Review №36

The chicken is OK at best. Not sure what the rave is all about. Churches chicken or even KFC has better quality and taste.

Review №37

Not sure if I received a bad plate but sliced brisket was not very good meat had lots of fat and lot much flavorAnd coleslaw was not my style.

Review №38

They do a great job here, and I know from friends that have worked there that it is a busy and stressful workplace because they really care about their customers. The only bad thing is on occasion I get a really chewy "crispy" chicken sandwich.

Review №39

We got the completely wrong order at drive thru more than once!!!! When ask for refund all they would provide is a credit, really we didn't get our food and no refund!!!

Review №40

Simple Mexican/barbecueDone very wellNice peopleReal good food.

Review №41

They never get your order right, always have a poor attitude and the same female manager is extremely disinterested in customer service. Don't ever leave the drive through or take out without checking your order first. The only Bill Miller near us and they just suck. They ALWAYS mess up the order. Never going back. Not worth it.

Review №42

First visit i was not able to make my full purchase. Walked out after left waiting too long. Second and last visit..order wrong. Going to ask proper way to order chopped bun. All i got was the bun!

Review №43

If you like consistently Luke warm generic BBQ this is your place! I say Luke warm but the hashbrowns were coooold

Review №44

Miller's is my go-to for breakfast tacos during the week, with the occasional stop on the weekend. Staff is cordial and welcoming. Food is hot and tasty! Whether there for a quick in and out, or dining in, Bill Millers is the place to eat!

Review №45

Food is always good and consistent. My concern is team leader turning from cash register to start working on the food line after she got frustrated helping an older couple that she couldn't hear very well. She needed a break! Instead with ungloved hands started prepping food. Bill Miller leaders are usually very polite.

Review №46

Walked in at 10:57am knowing breakfast was almost done and manager Ernest showed great customer service and went the extra mile to make us what we requested regardless of what time was remaining for breakfast. Great customer service and great Job.....Thank you

Review №47

We had lunch here last week, my 1st time visiting. The meal was wonderful, I had the pork and it was tender and flavorful. I loved the dining room aesthetics as well. Next time here, I will save room for the pie.

Review №48

Always love picking up and eating on a go. We stayed and dined in this time. Had to change granddaughters diaper but no changing table available in the restroom. Let us know when one is installed

Review №49

BY far one of the BEST Bill Miller's I've ever been to. The Rib Plate's here are on point. This Bill Miller's knows how to serve and treat their customers. I'll drive out of my way to go to this location because of the customer service and quality of food given at this location. This location always has a lot of traffic but the wait time isn't too bad and it's worth the rate to get good quality food. Easy to access from the road!

Review №50

First time we had been in years. We were visiting in San Antonio. There's not one where we live. I was very disappointed. The brisket was not tender and the barbeque sauce was horrible, it tasted like tomato sauce.Only thing that was good was the creamed corn.We won't be going back.

Review №51

Always a great experience! Always get my bucket refill.

Review №52

Food is decent but nothing special. Not like it used to be. Smaller portions for higher price.

Review №53

I went to take my cousin there to try some Texas BBQ. Nothing fancy, brisket was tasty. Sausage was nicely done and the best was the pork ribs. Very tender and tasty, fell off the bones almost. Well done , my compliments to the staff and employees. Very friendly and hospitable. Thank you.

Review №54

Server at counter was extremely polite & cashier acted like she didn't want to be there. Still enjoyed my meal. We Bill Miller's.

Review №55

My daughter granddaughter and myself really love their breakfast burritos they're fantastic I like the potato and egg and my daughter likes the potato and bacon and my granddaughter likes potato and egg now she's almost two years old and she ate the whole thing herself and I wonder if it hit the sides of her mouth going down but Bill Miller keep up the good work we love your burritos

Review №56

This one was awesome

Review №57

Best bbq around for a great price with a side of quick and friendly staff

Review №58

First, their sweet tea is amazing. No lie... The rest, well, is just okay. I haven't found anything there that I felt was worth what I paid for it. Except the tea, definitely the tea.

Review №59

Wrong order, I guess kids were in a hurry.

Review №60

Always a treat. I love the ribs and always ask for the fatty brisket and am never disappointed.

Review №61

Food is great although the cashier unintentionally overcharged me for my meal.

Review №62

Always a great experience but be aware, it's always busy

Review №63

Did a great job on Thanksgiving Day take out.

Review №64

Friendly and delicious food. I love their pumpkin pies.

Review №65

I know I that I should have checked my order leaving the drive-thru, but I didn't. Seven miles later and an incorrect order. Tried calling the phone number for the restaurant location to no answer for at least 10 minutes. I think next time I'll be going to Smokey Mo's instead of driving 7 miles out of my way. There are other places I can get orders correct.

Review №66

The Brisket was terrible. We got almost nothing but scrap pieces. And end pieces that were burnt so deep in the meat that it could not be eaten. We were brought out more brisket and it was really stringy and so dry we did not eat it either. Well we brought it home. I guess our local Fox will eat well tonight.

Review №67

I was disappointed with Bill Miller BBQ. The food tasted bland at best. Brisket was lacking on flavor. The BBQ sauce doesn't help out much. Also, the chicken was all skin and no meat. Again, lacking flavor. The dining area was outdated. I was expecting better. Not worth the hype.

Review №68

Best chicken sandwich in town, always clean friendly and customer service excellent.!!!

Review №69

That's the poorest excuse for a bbq restaurant I've been to. Greasy, over priced will never go back!!!

Review №70

Classic, good food. Been eating Bill Miller's since I was 13 months old... Now I'm 42

Review №71

Always good food! Love the chicken strips and gravy!

Review №72

They cannot get an order right. #4 has three strips, they put two. Rancher plate meat could've fit into one of the side item portions of the plate. Not worth the drive back again, just won't spend money there anymore.

Review №73

Great service! We ordered food for 5 people and they got the order perfect! It was fast, fresh, and perfect. You can never go wrong with Bill Millers!

Review №74

Went to the to-go countet due to long drive thru line. Young man at.counter was knowledgeable and efficient. Place was clean. Employees seemed to work with a sense of urgenvy. Management at this location must be "om the ball".

Review №75

Always yummy food w friendly staff !

Review №76

Love this place. The crew is great, never met an employee that did not go out of their way to help if needed. Oh! the food is great. Love the chicken. My favorite is being able to walk by the pies and just....

Review №77

Great tacos and tea!!! The accessibility is great easy to get in and out of the parking lot. The people that work there are courteous and quick.

Review №78

Live the food but EVERY single time I come through the drive-thru I order the chicken sandwiches and they tell me at the speaker it will be a 5 minute wait. I pull up and wait anywhere from 5-8 min in line, pay and then they tell me it will be a 5 min wait to pull up and park. Then I wait again anywhere from 5-10 min. Kind of frustrating. Just be honest or get the food ready as soon as it's ordered!

Review №79

The staff was very friendly and helpful that's what I enjoy the most

Review №80

The pecan pie was dry and looked horrendous. It looked like someone had vomited on it.If I had not opened the box before I left I would not have had the chance to ask them to give me a pie that I paid 10.00..

Review №81

I used to work at this location make sure you ask for plastic utensils never use the silverware and be cautious about the food you get after certain hours that are discounted

Review №82

Garden Salad with crispy chicken tenders was delicious and fresh! Yum!

Review №83

Always a pleasure.clean .friendly staff great food

Review №84

Erin was the best part of my visit. The restaurant was clean, and the food was on par with small other Bill Miller's restaurants. That said, the music was too loud, and the unsweetened tea was poured out of a plastic pitcher and tasted like it had been left overnight as a cost saving measure. It was so bad that I was unable to take more than two sips if it.Erin apologised profusely and offered to make it right, unfortunately the only non diabetes inducing drinks they have are water, unsweetened tea and hot coffee so I ended up having my drink replaced with water. She offered a refund which I declined because there was a line and I didn't want to waste her time for what amounts to a $1.50 drink. Maybe if she hadn't been as wonderful as she was I would have taken it.I cant speak for the rest of the staff but as long as she keeps on the way she going with customer service she's going to go far and definitely deserves a raise.

Review №85

Ordered the brisket plate very good, portion size was great came with 3 sides,only complaint too much onions in the rice, I like onions it was just like more onions than rice,other than that good.

Review №86

I love the breakfast taco's and sweet tea!

Review №87

Just as expensive as other barbeque places but half the quality.So so at best.I was starving and in an unfamiliar area so it served its purpose.The food was okay. My brisket was a small serving, and the bottom slice was pretty fatty.The sides of beans and slaw were good, but small servings. The potato salad was pretty good and a good amount.I filled up on dark bread and butter.For $10 and change it was mediocre.

Review №88

Great location, great service, and very busy but always keeping the lines moving. Very highly recommend if you live best the area or are just passing by and looking for a Texas place to eat. Only thing I can complain about are the bathrooms. Let's not even go there.

Review №89

Like grabbing a baked potato with extra fixings on the side then I'll grab a half a pound of brisket and I'll put it on my baked potato wow delicious thanks Bill Miller.

Review №90

Great food. Always satisfied great customer service

Review №91

We had a great barbecue experience at Bill Millers. Definitely a Texas Institution.

Review №92

Visiting San Antonio. Couldn't wait to go to Bill Miller's. Very disappointed. Brisket sandwich was full of gristle. Couldn't eat it. Bummer.

Review №93

I love this place, but they drive me crazy because no matter how many times I ask for extra lean brisket they give me fatty meat. I've tried many locations and it's the same problem.

Review №94

Food was good and the decor was great for me. I would recommend this place to everyone!!!

Review №95

Brisket tacos and sweet tea!! Always amazing. Staff helpful and friendly as always. Workers were quick about keeping the dining area clean and having new seats and tables available for new guests.

Review №96

Love there breakfast and lunch. Service is always fast

Review №97

Brisket is good, but if you get lean brisket, it gets a little tough. Reasonable prices, lot of food, like everything except the Spanish rice.

Review №98

Good Place but No as tasty as other Bbq's, Need a better barbecue sauce! Something like a Garlic Seasoned meat to bring more Flavor tho smoke flavor is great!

Review №99

Good food at a great price. Brisket is ok, great fried chicken, fresh salads, yummy pies & amazing sides. When the pulled pork tacos are on special I am happy.

Review №100

Good food i love bbq

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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
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  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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