Buffalo Wild Wings
5860 De Zavala Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States
Review №1

Absolute worst experience for pickup. The restaurant was dead. Only one family was dining in. I waited several minutes at the pickup counter when the website said my order should have been ready 10 minutes prior. I tried to flag down 2 employees by saying “excuse me”, they made I contact, I put my hand up, and they walked on without a word. Finally someone walked over with an order for Chris, my name. I said that's me, she said very rudely “you're not Chris, he is” and pointed to someone who had been waiting when I arrived. He walked up, his name was not Chris. Mine was. No apology given, she just handed over the order and walked away. I got it home, my order was so wrong. Items missing, items completely wrong. I tried to call to talk to the manager about it. Immediately upon them answer I was told I was going on hold and put there within skipping a beat. Cool, they probably had a lot of to-go orders. 5 minutes later she finally got back to me and I asked for a manager. Over 20 minutes on hold. Finally the manager answers. Still no apology. He said I could drive all the way back and he'd replace it or he'd credit me the wrong parts of my order for a future order. I had no intention of driving back up, so I took the credit. He said he'd email me with the confirmation and took all of my into. Jokes on me, that was several hours ago and no email. The staff obviously follow the manager's lead on customer service. I get we're all stressed under COVID, but this “customer service” is shameful. Absolutely shameful.

Review №2

*Follow me on my Google account for more reviews.Our waiter Bill was awesome. The service was great and the food was perfect.

Review №3

I ordered the Boneless Sampler and was extremely disappointed. First they forgot my boneless wings, then nachos were nothing like what I expect nachos to be, the onion rings were soft, the fried pickles were awful, and the cheese sticks were alright. I may not be eating anything from here again because it's not to my liking, but I would like to applaud the people who work there for being very polite and respectful. I'm sure the missing item was a mistake and that happens, I blame myself for not checking, and I'm certain they would've fixed it asap if I had mentioned it. Good service.

Review №4

I just drove 20 minutes to visit another location due to the HORRIBLE service provided at the location on I10 &Dezavala. The hosts didn't take long to help us, however it would've been nice to not get seated at a table that was obviously dirty and had not been wiped down. We sat and waited about 15 minutes before getting up to leave since no one ever bothered to come to our table. As we're walking out, we see at least 5 servers just standing around and talking at the to go area. I don't know what kind of training is provided for servers but this location could use a refresher. This is definitely not a location we will be revisiting.

Review №5

Food is great. Customer service is good, just really slow. But, when did make it back was good.

Review №6

I love BWW but yesterday the wings tasted a tad different or it was me? Im nit too sure. But aside from that its always good, and I leave with a happy stomach and burning lips! Great service as well!

Review №7

Fantastic service. Ordered to-go, and it was hot, fresh and ready to pick up in 15 minutes. Wings were super meaty and well seasoned. Will be coming back for sure!

Review №8

This first visit was just this last Sunday.......Don't get me wrong, my family and myself love the food and the environment. We have been to the Modesto Chili's 3 times this last month. Twice, the service has been horrible. I am not sure why, but it seems that the tables around us had a totally different server than ours. We could never find our server, so had to continually ask scan for someone else to come our way. My husband is very relaxed and easy going, but when I see him to start to get out of his chair to go get a refill............Oh No!!! There was a party of 7, so the gratuity was automatically included, but if it hadn't been so, the tip would have been a lot less. Two weeks ago, the waitress couldn't remember anything we asked for. She talked personally about herself, but when she would come back to our table she would forget.......mayo, bbq sauce, OUR APPETIZER........a lot. Our previous experience was with a waitress named Sara! I will definately ask for her table from now on!!! Other than that........It's sad, but when you are spending over a $100 bucks for a family's irritating to leave with a bad experience.

Review №9

The staff remembers regular customers and is always friendly. But the food takes an hour to be served.

Review №10

I called the store to place an order and they put me on hold for 15 min and didn't responded I know the store was busy at least he could say wait for couple of minutes but they didn't after that I cut the call and called again to place order. The guy who is taking order he hung up on me when I was ordering. I called again and he didn't even say sorry and he was rushing me to order again. This is not fair. If anyone wants to behave like reckless or rude or inappropriate that the job isn't a good fit for that person. Kindly Don't do such thing at least after reading this. I'm really feeling bad to review like this.

Review №11

Way better than then 35 and zarzamora. I was seated and someone got to me quickly. Food was great drinks were better

Review №12

Is a nice place,they follow covid-19 procedure. I personally haven't taste their food,but people said that taste good. I think they should smile,there is some employees that look at you too serious,they not even tell you good evening when you get there.

Review №13

Its okay the layout to me is funky and the atmosphere is lacking I did like the tv placement though. The food was okay nothing I would seek out.

Review №14

Girlfriend and I sat in the bar area with limited seating. Ebony our bartender and server made the experience awesome! Go check her out!! Keep up the GREAT work

Review №15

"I ordered a yummy salad, and my family loved their boneless wings."

Review №16

Overall it's a great experience when stopping by here. Food also is up to standard and haven't yet disappointed. One time there was an error on my order but the manager handled it in the most professional manner that I couldn't even be upset.

Review №17

Their wings taste good and are not dry like some of the other place. The only issues I've had a few times has been related to pick up orders, where they forget to include part of my order, otherwise dining inside has always been pleasant.

Review №18

Just to smell the smell when you walk into the restaurant it's horrible.Sometimes I go to pick up orders there for customers, I feel like I'm bringing them dog food.

Review №19

Ordering over phone was a 15 minute nightmare. The food quality was mostly good. The fries for the kids meals we DID get seemed hours old and gross (they forgot two of the four kids meals). We ordered wings and wedges and those were delicious.

Review №20

Awesome atmosphere, Best service ever, Food was Sooo good

Review №21

So this is my first time going to this Buffalo Wild Wings and I wanted to try a Blue Hawaiian which is one of my favorite drinks and it was not good I drank it but it was not good. It was more like a blue Hawaiian Punch and they should really get a more seasoned bartender because this one was really slow. I actually thought they had forgotten about my drink and I really don't like to complain but I have to

Review №22

It was ok, the flavor wasn't good. but our server was great, very attentive, really nice guy made our experience great.

Review №23

"Awesome service great pizza try the garlic parmesan fries and wings "

Review №24

Met up with a friend here last night to catch up and he had me try the boneless honey bbq chicken and I do have to say that I found the honey bbq sauce amazing!I ordered the Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich that came with coleslaw and fries. It was great.I would definitely go back and order boneless honey bbq chicken after a workout!

Review №25

Food was good, bartender didn't miss a beat

Review №26

13 pickles in an order that cost $6.99. That equates to $.53 a pickle. The manger said it was weighed and there was nothing he could do. It is still Buffalo Wild Wings, but I am sure there are ones you would rather visit.

Review №27

Good wings Great curbside pickup staff and service

Review №28

Boom! Always great. Every football game and draft- they got me covered

Review №29

Poor service when it comes to grubhub and doordash have you waiting for a long time

Review №30

The wings were a winner and my cheeseburger was tasty.

Review №31

Buffalo has really gone downhill as far as wings go. They use to be so saucy and juicy now they're just over cooked and dry. No sauce.

Review №32

Clean, upbeat environment! I ordered a yummy salad, and my family loved their boneless wings.

Review №33

I normally like buffalo wild wings, but this place is the exception. I ordered the wing and wing combo and the boneless wings I got were literally the smallest wings I've ever seen. They looked like chicken nuggets that were cut in half, and even that is being generous. They were also cold and I could tell had been sitting out for awhile. When I complained about the wings they brought out 2 extra wings that were normal size. When I compared the wings they originally gave me with the wings I got as compensation you could tell I had been given the ends of the bag. In addition the Cole slaw was very sour tasting and bad. I also got a pitcher of bud light that during happy hour that was normally 5 but they charged me 7. I liked the traditional wings but it was not enough to warrant a better review. You're better off spending your money elsewhere. These new and improved wings are a joke.

Review №34

Ordered online for pick up which said would take over 40 mins for just 2 orders, so we decided to head there as soon as we got there it finally said on the website the food was ready (45mins total). When we got home everything was cold, no sauce on the wings, and the fries weren't even crispy. Needless to say may not be ordering from here for a long time.

Review №35

One of worst experience with respect to service on a weekday... Lazy

Review №36

The wings I ordered to go tasted good. Unfortunately they forgot my Carrots and Celery, and didn't even put any napkins or plastic forks in the bag. I wish they would pay more attention

Review №37

Great set up to comply with social distancing. Same great food and same great service!!!

Review №38

Good night with my son. And the Spurs game

Review №39

Service was slow was there 30 mins never got my drink oh maybe it was for the best

Review №40

Fast service great social distancing and great wings

Review №41

Great bone in wings. Boneless not so much. Have buy one get one traditional wings on Tuesday but only for dine in. It would be nice if they had carryout deals too.

Review №42

Great food. Excellent service highly recommend it.

Review №43

We love the wings long wait on the drinks....

Review №44

We had a great time. 7 people with all different orders and no complaints. The food was hot and fresh and delicious. Our waitress was friendly and positive and patient with us. And there was no wait. Great night.

Review №45

Good, fast food. Waiter was really nice.

Review №46

Ordered a 10 piece boneless with medium sauce on the side and ranch. Had it delivered because I don't get a lunch break. When it arrived, there was no medium sauce so I got chicken nuggets and they gav me blue cheese instead of ranch.

Review №47

Real chill. Ton of Tvs on sports.

Review №48

The wings are good and we usually get takeout. They often mix up some of our orders though and we find things spilled. It seems they definitely rush a bit too much. I totally understand wanting to get things done ASAP but they need to make sure it's done right

Review №49

The wings are really good. The bill always adds up higher than I'd expect so watch out!The food wasn't hot. The appetisers were but the actual meal wasn't.Server was nice.

Review №50

Spicy garlic boneless wings were delicious

Review №51

If I could put 0 stars i would. The worst service ever will never go back. I waited an hour for my order when I finally got my order it was wrong. I told my waiter that was not what ordered, he then preceeded to tell me "whatever" and argue with me. The manager himself did not do anything. Dont go here.

Review №52

My favorite place :)Been coming here for at least 4 years now, I love it here! Service is always great and food is really, really goooood!

Review №53

Been ordering from this place for 2 years now and I haven't had a problem yet. The service is great and the people are friendly

Review №54

It was amazing. You see just a tiny entrance and then when you go in you are hit with the wonderful smell of fresh food in the kitchen and waiter's and/or waitresses imidiateally running around to fill your needs and wants.The booths where great and a little sticky but I soon found out that they where just cleaning products! Amazing food. I recommend if your a kid who's picky, the hand breaded chicken tenders. Wings are great and its full of flavor! 5 Stars indeed!

Review №55

Good service, fast too, had a good time at this one

Review №56

The bone-in wings are pretty decent. But every time I go no matter what location, it's always super busy and the tables are always dirty.

Review №57

I hope to Work there But eat with my friends when playoffs start.

Review №58

Love this location! Consistently good food, friendly staff and no wait if you sit in the bar area. Our fave place for catching a game and having some wings.

Review №59

Not the cleanest Buffalo Wild Wings I've ever been to..

Review №60

Visited many times in other locations. So the food is good. In the late shift there was not many waiters so we couldn't get a table and the host couldn't give us a estimated wait time. She gave us options and we went to the table bar. The waiter that attended us was very helpful and entertaining.

Review №61

Good food good , didn't write down my order so when we ordered two different kind of tots one was sent back and i had to wait for it twice.

Review №62

The wings are breaded and cooked amazingly. The seasoning and sauce was added on perfectly without my wings being overly seasoned or drenched in the sauce. Love this place for their wings and would be my #1 choice for anyone passing through or someone who wants to go out with friends!

Review №63

I asked for the wings to be extra crispy it was perfect

Review №64

Super friendly staff.

Review №65


Review №66

The Food Is Good The Service was Good as well but I can get the same for what I paid for half that cost you all are to pricey there no need to be so expensive if I can get the same food down the block for half the cost smh LOWER YOUR PRICES LISTEN TO THIS CONSUMER PLZZZZZZ

Review №67

Walking in to this BW3 reminded me of when parents finally get home but you didnt clean up as they told you too, so you scatter to do things as fast as you can before they walk in. The difference here is the “parents” are the customers and the “children” are the staff that should've already wiped down the tables and chairs when it was as slow as it was. The staff was in the kitchen cursing loudly, not giving a [email protected]% about the kids on our table. I ultimately cancelled the order after seeing the cook and our waiter eating wings from the area where the food comes out.

Review №68

Over priced. Food was so so.

Review №69

Good selection of beer. Wings are okay but they have a variety of other menu items to choose from...

Review №70

Good wings, but a little on the pricey side

Review №71

Great atmosphere love that place . But what really got for surprise was no beers of the month that are usually are every month . But it hope wont affect the fantastic service that buffaloes has to offer and slow the buisness down .

Review №72

Do you love wings, every flavor is available.I loved the food, nice and clean environment.Very nice staff. It is Worth trying.

Review №73

Came there with friends, was told to seat ourselves, sat, and waited 10 minutes with no one handing us menus or even asking for drinks.Then our friend caught the attention of one of the waitresses, she looked at him, just shook her head, and proceeded to walk away. We just left at this point. Also noticed several tables around us that had been waiting to be attended to as well and left prematurely just like us. The Twin Peaks down the road had better service than this place.

Review №74

Really good service. Had the blazing challenge and got a free shirt. Staff was super nice and seemed to have a good time while my mouth was on fire. 10/10 experience.

Review №75

Really enjoyed my time working here. Great staff, awesome servers and bartenders. 10/10

Review №76

Bartender was a little slow...but it's ok I still love ya!

Review №77

The waitress was nice. The wait wasn't long but the wings were a bit off.

Review №78

I ordered 12 hot barbecue chicken wings, and it was as satisfying as watching the fireworks in the sky!

Review №79

Love the wings!

Review №80

I recommend the salt and vinegar flavored wings. Not too overwhelming but quite addicting. The regular fries were a bust. Should have ordered wedges.

Review №81

Ordered 20 wings and fries last night. Got ten ice cold wings and half order of fries...for $30. I'm 8 months pregnant and was SO looking forward to that one treat meal I get a month. Such a let down and waste of money.

Review №82

Superbowl sunday wanted wings I placed the order for pickup . got there early. paid for the order took my copy of the receipt. went to the pickup window. the pickup manger wanted my copy of the receipt and told me he could only give me my order if I didnt give them my copy of the receipt. ????? I was confused. I surrendered my receipt to get my order . got home they left my veggies sticks and ranch off the order . want to see if they took my order correctly but I had no receipt and the wings were cold . not a happy camper.

Review №83

First time at this place and very good ultimate nachos

Review №84

The only thing good about this place is the food!!! i waited 2 hours to be seated and the hostess kept sitting people and didn't save a table for me and my party to sit at. A NEW MANAGER AND BETTER TRAINING IS NEEDED ASAP!!!!!!!! first come first serve! not convenience! #BetterService

Review №85

Best place to get wings. There are so many flavors. Sydney our server made the whole experience super fun and enjoyable!

Review №86

Cold, friendly server nd management controls the rhermostat...70 degrees outside and 65 inaide. Haven't been there in 7 plus years. Bummer.

Review №87

Great service and waiter. She was attentive. Our glasses were always full and food arrived quickly. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Review №88

The best place to go everyone Was very nice in the food came out so quick...

Review №89

Good food. Horrible service. And I do mean horrible.

Review №90

Great Service from the server Brian

Review №91

No complains on food, customer service & plenty parking. service have always been fast. Chill place to catch a game.Great place to have a beer with friends.

Review №92

Food is still amazing, and now with the pandemic, social distancing is prevalent, happy to see everyone attending the restaurant is abiding the rules

Review №93

So organized when ordering large orders. Marked by name and everything. The cashier is always friendly and helpful. I love this place!

Review №94

Awesome service.

Review №95

It was wonderful! I am not much of a drinker and asked the bartender what i like and what i kind of wanted and he suggested and amazinggg mix drink for me!The food was also on point! So delicious! I had a great night out! I will definitely be back!

Review №96

Standard Food Fare - Service could be more timely

Review №97

Maybe a bit unfair, but upset that both Doordash and Grubhub state this is out of my delivery zone when we order food from restaurants all around it! Typically enjoy the food when we go there. We live in Hills and Dales and its not that far away so would hope whoever makes the decision of delivery zones might change and become a bit less conservative... We just ordered from Wingstop for our first time because we could not get delivery from BWW.

Review №98

Well, I arrived here. They don't know me that I'm Deaf. They keep speak to me. I told them that I'm Deaf.I asked them can I talk your manger. They came me, I explain them if a Deaf customer here so they can ask them to figure it out. They can gesture them.

Review №99

Awesome food! Great place to catch a game.

Review №100

Visit San Antonio and stop by and love it. Great place to spend with it

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  • Address:5860 De Zavala Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-694-9464
  • Chicken wings restaurant
  • American restaurant
  • Bar & grill
  • Takeout Restaurant
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  • Sports bar
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–2AM
  • Tuesday:11AM–2AM
  • Wednesday:11AM–12AM
  • Thursday:11AM–12AM
  • Friday:11AM–12AM
  • Saturday:11AM–12AM
  • Sunday:11AM–12AM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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