El Torreon Full Bar Restaurant
1505 Culebra Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201, United States
Review №1

Was upset about the wait in the drive thru but it was because they made our tacos fresh.....

Review №2

Love this place. Everything is always on point. I've noticed that during covid they've been using only disposable plates and utensils. May seem small, but the added expense can really add up for a small restaurant. Their efforts to stay safe speaks volumes to me..and as I mentioned the food is always delicious

Review №3

Champurrado drink brings back memories of abuelitas cooking where you can taste the love of this lost tradition!! I got country rancheros taco (guisados here) and they used actual sausage instead of that fake bologna meat so it was really tasty too. Not bad on the chorizo and beans tacos too. I will look forward to visiting this place again

Review №4

It had been a long while since we had been there so I took my mother and my children. Menu prices have drastically gone up (enchilada plates are not $10.00+). I ordered the Milanessa plate (was on special) and it was so tough to eat. The tea and chips w/ salsa were great thou. We won't be returning.

Review №5

Best beans and rice crunchy tacos in the west side

Review №6

Last resort place open 24 hours. Only good thing there is breakfast. My favorite cook isn't there anymore.

Review №7

Great menu prices, real mexican recipes quickly prepared at lowcostly prices. Thatgoesfor baras well. Assortrd beers, wines,and liquors. Differant types ofmusic to fit your liking. A dance fl for when youve gottentipsy and grow enough balls to dance, a machine toplay gamble if thats your thing, pool and/ or daets for the real barflys.. whateverulike they aim to please

Review №8

Food and experience are okay but they have plenty of space to feel safe when you eat.

Review №9

First time visit tonight at 11:30 pm. Open 24 hrs!! The food was fantastic. I had a pastor taco that was one of the best I have eaten in San Antonio. The cheese enchiladas are great too. And because of the social distancing they are also serving alcohol (with food order) too! Currently only open for drive though or take out.

Review №10

The food was really tasty. Carne guisada is highly recommended and the waiter was very attentive and polite

Review №11

"I absolutely love their enchiladas Staff and management could be friendlier tho."

Review №12

I had the Mexican plate which was so delicious and tasty. First time there will be back!Only downfall they system is being changed and no menu online.

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Review №14

Love the crispy taco plate this place is clean and the ppl so nice u can trust this place with ur health so good

Review №15

Yesterday I tried this place for the first time after driving by it forever. Went in got for beef and egg breakfast tacos was charged $17.76 for them, I don't know about you all but that's way too expensive in my opinion. When I open the tacos some of the beef looked undercooked, they were very very greasy and one of the tacos was like half a taco.The worst part is just about 1 and half hours afyer eating them (I was starving and ate them regardless) I started getting stomach cramps and pain and nauseas. The Nausea passed by noon but this is now my second day with diarrhea because of this place. They really need a health inspection done here. Needless to say I will never be a customer here again.

Review №16

When it comes to serving you this place makes sure you get what you want regardless, of the way you got there. They serve you to the fullest and are happy to. The enchiladas are delicious but, their home made strawberry cheesecake is to die for.

Review №17

Caldo de res didn't have no flavor no carrots no vegetables just piece of potato. Meat looked greenish

Review №18

Great foods good service i love it my favorite place to buy my food.

Review №19

This is great place to eat the service was good and friendly i would come back here to eat again

Review №20

Great Food! The Steak & Eggs & Margaritas absolutely YUMMY!

Review №21

Thought this was a good place but took one bite of my steak that I was hoping was well done, only to find it red raw inside. I recommend not being open 24hr if you need a kid to be your chef. My girlfriend's tortillas were cold and I keep getting ugly faces by all the workers every time I give this place a chance.

Review №22

It's a very good place to get your plate when you don't feel like cooking.

Review №23

Good customer serviceDelicious foodClean and friendly

Review №24

Great passage and etcetera

Review №25

This a great little restaurant with very cheap prices. The food is good and they're open 24 hours. Very nice for a quick bite.

Review №26

Food is good...just a long wait for the time we went at and there was no one really there. But the food was good.

Review №27

I went there with three friends and all four of us had the same opinion, "very poor quality of food". I ordered one beef fajita taco and one barbacoba taco. Both of my tacos tasted like they had been refrigerated and reheated too many times. The waitress disappeared. The owner walking around clueless. Don't waste your good money on bad food.

Review №28

I love this place never fails me great food all the time and great, awesome workers.. Plus I can be a picky eater but they have all my favorite foods. Pozole especially keep it up

Review №29

Great food, friendly service and clean

Review №30

I have been there a few times, and have thought the food average, but on my last visit it was perfect. I had the salsa verde chicken enchiladas which were very tasty. The restaurant is open 24 hours and has a small bar. The service is usually excellent as it's usually not very crowded.

Review №31

Easy too order and great tacos

Review №32

Service is fast, friendly, and open 24 hours a day. Tacos are the best and if you want a cold drink a good selection.

Review №33

I dont like this place but my boyfriend loves it.

Review №34

A++- went there for first time with friends. Food was good and delicious. Good service. Would highly recommend. Reasonable prices. Was told by friends bkfst is good as well. Definitely going back, even though far from my home.

Review №35

Good customer sevice.. The waiter/server "Marcos" took good care of my family...

Review №36

Meh food.... I ordered a chicken fried steak, gravy was like water and it was more like milanesa than a thick juicy chicken fried steak is supposed to be. The crust was thin and fell off, it tasted better with the hot sauce than the gravy. I guess everyone else has their own opinion as there are other dishes there, but I don't think I'll be going back. It's a bit over priced.

Review №37

Very good food and 24/7 cant get better than that .I be comeing here more often now .so glad I found this place

Review №38

Wait staff nice but manager is rude. Told him my food was cold and didn't offer anything. Don't recommend

Review №39

Service is great and food also

Review №40

Nobody had "Caldo de Res" wifey called this place and 4 our surprised they had Caldo 2:00am and it tasted delicious,

Review №41

Theres a sever there name estefania the best sever there is go visit her.

Review №42

Good Pricing O.K. Food. Next Time Piña Coladas..

Review №43

The tortilla soup was awesome! Huge bowel, super hot temp and filled with shredded chicken, avocado and cheese! The cashier took care of us :-) we won't come back at night...the bar music is SUPER loud and it was a mix of heavy metal, the doors and some other head hurt when we left! It's nothing too nice, but the food was good,

Review №44

I thought I was coming back to the same staff but no matters the caldo de Cameron was nasty

Review №45

Great restaurant. Service was superb. Friendly atmosphere. The food was delicious.

Review №46

Tuesday has the best brisket special. Affordable and amazing! My father, daughter, and I still go out of our way to get this plate.

Review №47

Great tasting food,good portions the way Abuelita would serve you...I love The Fidello loco and they have 5.99 lunch specials.

Review №48

We found this place to eat .We did not know it was a restarurant.we stop to try it. Boy !! It was great , there food is dilicioso, n cheap, i recommended.What i like fron this place they are open late.n have a bar, til 2:am Try it, you would like it.

Review №49

Ordered beef fajita plate & cheese enchiladas for daughter. The beef fajitas were dry, had old burned flavor & looked like the meat was sitting on bottom of the pan all day

Review №50

Pretty good variety and open 24 hours. Didn't her to try their champurrado.

Review №51

Good spot for a beer, but the service is not the greatest. I ordered nachos and they were good but another time i ordered chicken enchiladas and ended up chewing on a piece of plastic.

Review №52

The food here is sooo good. My favorite is the chicken gordita! Mouth watering just thinking about it. Very inexpensive as well. Great food at a great price! It can't get any better than that!

Review №53

Love the food. They have an awesome tea and lemonade. However, cashiers need to get on the same program with the menu. Kind of grouchy in the morning sometimes.

Review №54

Order the double cheeseburger and double cheesburger delicious it surely was!!! I was looking for a late night meal and was not expecting the food to be sooo damn good. Service was excellent!!! And the kicker to make the meal was the fact they had kareoke and music in the back ground!!! Awesome late night place

Review №55

This place is only convenient cause it open 24 hours. The service is slow. The food is not good. And if anything goes wrong they cant do anything for you unless the owner is there. The music is way too loud even if you sit as far as possible from the bar section. The place is not clean either. How does this place still open.

Review №56

First time Delicious 2,3,4 time Disgusting...Never Again

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Review №58

Love this restaurant but the Girl at drive thru has an attitude, she's rude!

Review №59

Good for a late night outing after 12am. Tacos and a fat one with a cold

Review №60

Good food and some of cheapest breakfast deals in San Antonio. 2 4 1 taco deals threw 5-7

Review №61

The bartender Aaliyah was awesome great customer service great personality atmosphere awesome we had a great time meaning by nurse and I

Review №62

That's my spot with mrs. Elia chill and relax everytime I've gone after work

Review №63

Too good to be true

Review №64

Never get my order correct tortillas always hard and cold I would not recommend this place

Review №65

8 years i have been coming here and the margaritas are Perfection so is the service

Review №66

Food ok, service ok , waitress way fine

Review №67

Excellent breakfast plate for only $1.99! Coffee was fantastic too! Will come back.

Review №68

This place is nasty beyond belief. Food was lukewarm when we got it and the bartender offered to microwave it. No thanks. Manager was super rude and tossed our plates in a dishwashing cart. Bathroom was also nasty and smelly. Place is disgusting

Review №69

Despite the occasional stabbing, the wife and I love the reasonably priced food and the full bar.

Review №70

Great waitress at 12:00 midnight. Great attitude and prompt service. Also There Carne Asada.

Review №71

Very friendly people and very and very and very good food very good service clean restaurant

Review №72

Lots of variety of plates at decent prices, good customer service...

Review №73

This is our new favorite spot. I used to come here when u was younger and was surprised it was still there. Food is amazing. They have a bar and play all the sports games. Definitely a go to!

Review №74

Didnt get a chance to taste the food but the drinks and live DJ was amazing

Review №75

Ok place just not real mexican food fajita more like steak

Review №76

It's OK. The torrtias and Coffee are great. They need to get beans and potatoes right. Oh well nothing is perfect in the world. Good specials. Just passing by.

Review №77

Liked it. The food was a very, very reasonable price and tasty. They have specials on weekends as well.

Review №78

Look ladies and germs. This place does have a history of poor health scores and has been seen on the news for various reasons. But don't let the negative deter you from coming here. I LOVE this restaurant because of their tacos. I haven't tried their dishes but the tacos. Bruh. They would have to be ONE of the best tacos in San Antonio. And I'm a big guy and I like tacos and have tasted tacos from different restaurants. The one taco that tops on my taco list is the bacon and egg taco. Guys. This taco has chunks of bacon. Not to salty and not overwhelming and egg that is scrambled with the bacon not egg then topped with bacon bits or a slice of bacon. Ew. No. Bacon scrambled in the egg. Giving flavor that blows the mind. And the flour torti-las are not to thick or thin. So delicious. Another taco is the chicharron taco. Bomb a## taco. Big sliced chicharron smothered in the ranchero sauce. Messy yet satisfying. You want good tacos at a good price. This place is the one to go. Oh and did I mention it's 24 hours? Probably not. Yeah it's 24 hours. So you hungry for a bacon and egg taco or chicharron at 2 in the morning and don't feel like making it yourself. Come here. You won't be disappointed.

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Review №80

First time here and it was really good! The service was top notch and the food was delicious. I'll definitely be back to try more of the items on the menu. I had the chicken molé special and it was very tasty.

Review №81

Was good. They make good mini asada tacos. The margarita was good. Waitress was friendly.

Review №82

Worst customer service ever! Very rude! We didn't get order correctly, margaritas didn't have tequila andoutrageous prices. Food was not good. Waited over 45 minutes to receive food and itWasn't busy. Bathrooms were disgusting!!! 0 stars!! Do not recommended.

Review №83

Always my to go place

Review №84

Good food friendly people

Review №85

Honestly I have Nothing bad to say about this place. The waitress was so kind to my family and i. My order arrived fast and hot and then I was even able to grab me and my boyfriend a beer Quickly from the bar in there. It's a very chill environment. Very spacious & beautifuly decorated. there are pictures modeling our culture in bright colors for that Hispanic feel also in the bar next door u are able to put any song you'd like to hear on a jukebox which is really cool because not to many places have that Anymore. The food (Caldo De Pollo) was so delicious I left a tip and I will definitely definitely be going back again soon thank you to the staff working there on Sep.10.2019 for making us all feel welcome because we were having A bad day and you guys made our night special.

Review №86

Have been coming here for almost 15 years and have never had a bad experience. My only complaint is there is a bar attached to the restaurant that is kind of separate, and can sometimes get pretty loud.

Review №87

Great fajitas and cold beer.

Review №88

Came here for lunch. It's an old school Mexican restaurant. Restrooms were need of cleaning. The food is highly priced. There was only one waitress for 7 tables. (Basically the whole restaurant). You get refills on tea. (That was good). The food was okay. Sweet tea was not sweet. . But you can view the restaurant from the main road. Parking is good and free. If you like this kind of place. Go. I'll wait a while before I go again. Maybe longer...Ok, good luck .

Review №89

The prices are really reasonable for really fast in and out dinner

Review №90

Very good food and great prices love that is is 24 hours and 7 days I will keep going there for sure I have to try everything on there menu

Review №91

Had such a frustrating experience! We ordered the Mexican burger for curbside pickup and received a plain cheese burger... SUCKS! They didn't want to correct their mistake and expected us to order again, drive all the way back over there and pay the full amount for THEIR mistake. Ridiculous!

Review №92

This is me and my fellas go to place in San Antonio when it's late. They have a really large variety of Mexican dishes most all of which have been really good. Very casual. Prompt courteous service. Medium to large portions. Veinticuatro Horas it's a good thing!

Review №93

They're open 24 hours and they're beef enchilada plates it is delicious

Review №94

Worse restaurant ever. Bad service, food took forever. They serve better food at McDonald's. I do not recommend coming here it is a waste ofTime and money. The food was cold and not un appetizing also Servers are never to be found.

Review №95

EeWent one day and the food was amazing! We ordered the mini asada tacos..Went the next day and the food was not tasty at all, also waited an hour total to get our food. First we waited about 30 minutes in drive thru and no one had even taken our order yet so we went inside and had to wait another 30 minutes. So we spent an hour total waiting there.

Review №96

Love the kareoke and they do seafood well.

Review №97

Wait staff was very attentive but had to wait too long for the food. The caldod res was disappointing, not enough flavor or spices. But the tacos de chicarron in salsa were very good. The corn tortilla I had was very good, hand made, soft and tasty but the flour tortillas were not so good. Kids chicken nuggets were a winner, especially the country gravy, they beat out Cains. Overall would visit again and try their breakfast .

Review №98

Been eating here since we moved to San Antonio 10 yrs ago reminds me of back home good old El Paso Tx.

Review №99

The best bean and cheeze ever

Review №100

Great food and service

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  • Address:1505 Culebra Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-736-0756
  • Bar
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Latin American restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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