Fast Eddies San Antonio
502 Embassy Oaks #133, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
Review №1

Not the cleanest place, but super fun environment. Good music and overall friendly vibe. Karaoke night on Mondays is really fun. Drinks are kind of pricy, but the environment is fun

Review №2

The servers were amazing..especially June..she was the friendliest..The drinks were a little expensive but 10 bucks for pool the whole night makes up for it...I think I found my new spot...

Review №3

My margarita tasted like kool-aid, felt we were being baby sat with so many covid restrictions and intercom announcements every 15 minutes. Not the same experience. Probably won't be going back for a while

Review №4

There are definitely some "clique" vibes in this place. I have passed through many pool halls across the U.S., from Cali all the way to Maryland, and I must say I am not a fan of the social structure here in San Antonio. This place is not that inviting to the "walk-in challenge" mentality. It's a place for league goers and getting drunk with friends. 4 stars for the tables. 4 stars for the atmosphere. Nothing you can do about that unless you organize buy-in tournaments, which is quite a lot of work that no one wants to do.

Review №5

They are doing the best they can with the current restrictions. Great tables and the drinks were awesome. Thank you

Review №6

I am adding a star because of the current social conditions with Covid and can understand some of the issues businesses like this are facing. That being said, I cannot remember receiving worse service recently. At one point I asked the group of waitresses, who had passed by our table on several occasions, if they could swing by to get some drink orders. The response from all of them was "Ummmmm," and then they began debating who was going over.Aside from service, the tables felt pretty worn out. Bumpers weren't in great condition, we found a dead spot and another that rebounded oddly. The felt needed some attention. I am not from the area, but if looking for a night out for pool, I would find something locally owned, not this chain.

Review №7

Great place to hang out with friends and play pool, drinks are reasonably priced

Review №8

I'll start with the good: the place is clean, the tables are in perfect condition, as all the pool equipment, the music is at perfect level, some servers are very nice, drinks prices are...reasonable. Snacks are very cheap and good. On the other hand, sometimes they are understaffed and the service is horrible. One Sunday the place was packed and there was only one server for the entire room. It's not server's fault but management. The lady that manages has no clue what customer service means. Maybe it's not her fault either but owner's. Who knows. But either way, she's completely unaware of what's going on and she's completely incompetent to deal with everything that's going on there. I'm a regular and sometimes they make me feel unwelcome and some other times the service excels. Lack of consistency kills a business. The restrooms are in deplorable conditions by the way. Urgent investment needed in that area.

Review №9

The music was awful. We left. Prices have doubled. Otherwise it was fun.

Review №10

Alyssa is wonderful and beautiful. Friendly and kind, i enjoyed talking to her...

Review №11

This is my regular place for playing pool and I love it EVERY TIME!! Always great service, always such great people working. I love this place!

Review №12

Always had a great time before the big C lol I continue to have a great time even after. Wings are the best! Wing stop got nothing on Fast Edd's

Review №13

Great Place. Great Service.

Review №14

Great hall to come shoot some pool. Very friendly atmosphere, cheap drinks

Review №15

Love this place. If you're looking for a cheaper and clean pool hall where you have many tables this is the place to go. Their drinks are pretty good and fall into the normal range of price. They have a "casino" area for you to play games and soft tip darts.

Review №16

The drinks are good lots of pool tables also the girls are really cute and friendly they know how to make mix drinks atmosphere is on point you feel welcomed

Review №17

Good place to play pool. There clean and sanitize everything. 4 stars because drinks are expensive..

Review №18

My 3 star rating reflects a recent birthday outing I was trying to have. We only wanted to play darts and have drinks, that was the reason for going plus fast Eddie's has always been a favorite for me and my friends. It's been a while and we didn't know they had moved the dart boards to where if you're playing darts you are standing in front of the TV wall. This night they unfortunately had a fight night and informed us the dart boards would be turned off at 9pm. So while I love this establishment I just wanted to comment that if one of your fun activities that you offer cant be used due to blocking the tvs it might be smarter to move the dart boards so they can always be used. After we figured this out we had to go somewhere else and coordinate getting all my friends somewhere else where we could play darts AND watch the fight if we wanted to. Otherwise it's a great place and the management was very nice but didn't give us much of an option other than to leave if we wanted to play darts. We had planned on ordering a lot of drinks and food there that night too :/

Review №19

I love coming here. The atmosphere is laid back. The staff is friendly. The tables are in good shape

Review №20

Stepped into Fast-Eddies on a Saturday evening with unlimited pool for $3 per person! The night was superb! We played many games and indulged in a couple of beers.All in all I would totally drop by again. Staff was amazing and people playing pool there are always in such great spirits. This is my favorite spot for pool!

Review №21

Went on a lunch date with my daughter. They charged more for her to play pool. Almost 2x amount of me. Not sure why? Afternoon is quiet, before 3pm it's enjoyable Not bad.. Normally they have one staff member to run the show. If prices were better.. Would be a weekly event!

Review №22

This place has been always my favorite, pool beer , Music. I like it

Review №23

Big, tons of tables, and extremely reasonable prices, including free pool on Mondays (and Sundays for military). Crowd is nice too. Nothing pushy or obnoxious here.

Review №24

Great place to just hang out and play pool.. you don't have to be professional to play here. Really accommodating and the girls really stay on top of you and your drink needs

Review №25

It was good. We had fun throwing darts, playing pool, drinking, and ping pong!

Review №26

$4 to play as much pool as I wanted (not sure about other days/times) and the bartender was well versed in various pool leagues and tournaments held at this location as well as others in the area. Drinks were $2.75 domestic and the locals were friendly. Some of their 9' tables have just been refelted last week and play like a dream. I will be back!

Review №27

They have my favorite beer! And pool tables!

Review №28

Great prices & good tables

Review №29

Great tables and and atmosphere. Good mix of music to appeal to most everyone. Even though Ben was the only one there, he was quick, helpful, and seemed genuinely happy to be there. Can't beat the prices to play pool. If I had to nitpick, I'd say the margherita left a little to be desired. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to play pool.

Review №30

Great place to shoot pool and bar staff is great. All very friendly and provide great service with a smile

Review №31

Pretty laid back place and friendly service. Pretty clean bathrooms and place in general. Very yummy popcorn and I will definitely be returning on Mondays where they seem to have great deals!

Review №32

Very great place for tourists, definitely a local spot and has versatility of drinks/full bar compared to the area but slight overpriced for local liking.

Review №33

Nice place good atmosphere. Besides 7 bucks for playing pool is nice.

Review №34

Friendly staff, good food, gaming equipment in working order, and the prices were reasonable.

Review №35

Dull & Dead. Bring your Kindle

Review №36

Is a very clean placethe people are friendlyAnd answer your questions plus invite you to your activities that are coming up you might not know about but are interested inTVs everywhere different sports on severalJoin your family friends coworkers your game is bound to be on and the back well you or your family and friends play varied activities insidePlus don't forget to eat yeah it's good

Review №37

Great place to play pool. Have a drink. Relax

Review №38

Good drinks. Great service. Pool tables need work.

Review №39

Nice tables plenty of them. Good food too!

Review №40

Bartender was really nice but no crowd so I went to another Bar

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Review №42

New measures are simple to follow and the atmosphere is great

Review №43

Great tables with fast simonis felt. Really inexpensive $4 all day play. Tables have great spacing between each other. Tv's everywhere.

Review №44

Affordable pool and great service.

Review №45

It's always a great place to go play pool. I practice here and other FE around San Antonio. Friendly people.

Review №46

Fun and relaxed, staff is great. But really needs a facelift. Tables are super old, worn, and in poor shape.

Review №47

Been going here once a week for two months. Service is horrendous. We've been kicked off our table multiple times for a league. They don't tell you which tables are needed when, they kick you off and put you on a wait list for another one. It's not like bowling where they tell you in advance. You get the pleasure of spending your money first then getting screwed. Haley is always having a bad day. Emily must have been high tonight. I strongly advise avoiding this place.

Review №48

Ok place to play pool. It was kinda dingy and dirty feeling.

Review №49

They have a ton of TVs and pool tables! Unfortunately the tables are extremely slow with bad lighting. The bar advertises as a “sports” bar, have all the TVs to look like a “sports” bar, but fail to have on college football games (it's Saturday). A majority of the TVs are showing the reply of last night's baseball game.

Review №50

Went on wed night with friends, and pool was free for all college students by showing student IDs. However, atmosphere was meh.

Review №51

Eat and play pool on Mondays it's the best the location at bitters has karaoke lots of fun and entertaining come by and check it out for yourself bring friends , family and someone you care to spend quality time

Review №52

It's ok, had a party of 8, we all paid to play, got told one of the tables we'd been using was given back to the bar, so we had to stick to two, wouldn't have been so bad had the waitress not been really rude and condensing.

Review №53

I've been to this location 3 times and everytime service is poor, the best service is at the bar top itself, as the servers are to not attentive to the tables for the most parts. Love Fast Eddie's just wish it had better service.

Review №54

I was really impressed with the live entertainment on a weeknight. The place is clean, employees are friendly and the atmosphere is comfortable. Even the food was pretty good.

Review №55

BIG pool hall with a central U-shaped bar. Service is kind of spotty, I guess it just depends on who you get. Their southwest egg rolls and fried pickles are always good, even if overcooked sometimes.If service is what you are looking for DO NOT go on their "Free Pool" night. It is an absolute NIGHTMARE! Other than that, this place is a pretty cool spot to have some beers, eat some fried foods, and shoot some pool. I do recommend this place to personal friends.

Review №56

Nice place! Plenty of tables. We didn't have to wait on one. They had a fairly good selection alcohol, and a variety of music playing. Not so loud that you can't hear your party but loud enough to enjoy the music and not hear everyone else's conversations. Will definitely be going back

Review №57

Clean atmosphere, reasonable priced; slow wait staff

Review №58

Good for pool and sports watching im more n2 music dancing and drinkin

Review №59

Amazing and very attentive bartenders/servers. Played great music and there are pool tables for days! The karaoke was a certain bonus. Definitely will return!

Review №60

Great staff. Great food. Great specials. Any more questions?

Review №61

Best pool tables in San Antonio, and free pool on Mondays. Got to love it

Review №62

Haven't been there in awhile. Tables where nice and clean, pool cues where in very good shape. Drink we're well made and not badly priced. Staff was great and friendly. The only complaint I'd have is that there seem to be only one or two speakers so music level was very very low. I spotted lots of speakers high up long the walls all around the room but none of them seem to be on. They need some one to come and setup there sound system correctly.

Review №63

Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.Pros:-Pool tables-Dart boards-PriceCons:-Music sucks-Mixed drinks are mostly ice and have almost no alcohol-No longer order UFC Fights. Instead they had women's softball on all the TVs. Who wants to watch this??-Waitresses are not attractive. This would be fine except that...-They come around to take your order too rarely and then still get it wrong-Bathrooms are the ***GROSSEST*** I've ever seen. They look and smell like crime scenes. Made me gag instantly, and I wasn't even close to buzzing due to watered down drinks. ...I can see why this place is going to go out of business soon. Any owner dumb enough to let his establishment get this bad deserves to go out of business.

Review №64

Lots of fun. Darts, ping pong, foosbal, pool, bean bag toss. Great place to have a beer and some fun too.

Review №65

I always enjoy a few games of billards at this place.The tables are adequate for a friendly game, but may not be up to par for professional tournament play. Either way, depending upon on the time of day, your game could be a quiet one, some times needed for practice, or, with some music.

Review №66

This is a fun safe place to drink, enjoy your favorite sports event or play pool. There's pizza, crawfish, hot wings, chicken tenders and more to eat.

Review №67

Great spot to grab a beer and shoot some pool.

Review №68

Cool pool bar, potent drinks

Review №69

Pretty good deals for playing pool on a workday

Review №70

I was not happy with my drink tasting like it was mixed with water. I had cranberry vodka and it did not taste like it was mixed with vodka. My friend had margarita she was also unhappy about her drink as well. We ended up going next door to PKs much better drinks and they have dart boards too.

Review №71

Nice place to play pool for a few hours without being bothered. Or a good place to hangout with friends

Review №72

Free pool on Mondays is good but drinks are a little pricey

Review №73

Lots to do, great time and good drink specials

Review №74

They give you a lot of food for your money

Review №75

I enjoy coming here to relax, eat finger foods and play billiards. I always have great customer service and they always remember me by name so it feels real homie when ever I need to get out.It is a great place for gatherings, watching sports, not to mention your big pay per view fights.This is definitely my hometown goto sports bar.

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Review №77

One of the better billiard halls in S.A.

Review №78

Nice wait staff and great atmosphere

Review №79

I was so impressed with this location- The staff was so great - it was my first time there and going in felt a little lost - the bartender and server stepped it up providing me all the information I needed to have a wonderful night - Server was always a step ahead and so attentive to all the guests -excellent specials . Well worth the money spent - extremely clean inside & out , restrooms were very well kept . DJ was on point with the selection of music , parking was very well lit and accessible! I can't wait to go back for another amazing time ! Thank you All ️

Review №80

They have a very good menu and selection of food in which to choose from and the prices aren't bad

Review №81

Cool place great drinks

Review №82

Great place to play pool. Friendly staff. We are from Kansas, here for a few weeks and really made to feel welcome. Wish we had a place with this many tables back home.

Review №83

Great place to hang out .

Review №84

My favorite.

Review №85

Nice and quiet place for sports viewing.

Review №86

The full size tables need to be recushioned, pretty worn. The balls are pretty badly pitted. Hard to get a right rack.

Review №87

Good times with co-workers.. staff is pretty friendly and good to look at.. $7 per person for all night pool is also great deal! We might make it our weekly spot!

Review №88

The staff was good. The pool tables were a bit dusty. The menu to order food was no where to be found, and the restrooms need a hell of an upgrade.

Review №89

Free pool Sunday thru Thurs for APA Members. Sat nite tournaments. Serious players.

Review №90

Pretty great and cheep pool bar.

Review №91

Had a lot of fun.

Review №92

Great pool tables, friendly staff, fantastic atmosphere!

Review №93

Decently price beverages and lits of pool tables

Review №94

Tables are alright, could be better maintained though.

Review №95

Nice pool tables, a ping pong table, several foosball tables, full bar, and the usual bar food. Saturday afternoons are only $3 per person for UNLIMITED pool!They have plenty of pool tables, it is smoke free, and they have a Touch Tunes jukebox so you can stay anonymous when selecting your eclectic music choices.They no longer have a shuffleboard table though. :(Early afternoon, they did not have any wait staff tending to the customers so you had to go to the bar for drinks or food. No problem though since they weren't busy. Not sure if they have wait staff later in the day or evening, etc.Soda's are $2.41 (no free refills) and domestic beer is only $2.50 - prices might be higher in the evenings though.

Review №96

Good place to hang out and play pool

Review №97

Finally found a place with foosball tables and great service

Review №98

Nice place, good atmosphere, and beautiful waitresses!

Review №99

Love the manager there!!! Always available and understanding JENNA I LOVE YOU....MARRY ME?

Review №100

Very good food very good prices

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  • Address:502 Embassy Oaks #133, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-401-1647
  • Restaurant
  • Bar & grill
  • Pool hall
  • Sports bar
Working hours
  • Monday:1PM–2AM
  • Tuesday:12PM–2AM
  • Wednesday:12PM–2AM
  • Thursday:1PM–2AM
  • Friday:1PM–2AM
  • Saturday:1PM–2AM
  • Sunday:1PM–2AM
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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