DeeWillies BBQ
12130 O'Connor Rd, San Antonio, TX 78233, United States
DeeWillies BBQ
Review №1

Big open space, stage, friendly servers, and they showed concern for if we liked it. Brisket, sausage, and chicken were good. Out of ribs but looked good. Mac and cheese is passable but missing something. Baked potato salad was good. We'll definitely go back. I hope the place sticks around.

Review №2

Flavor: AService: A-Tea: A+Solo dining: AThis place rivals the best BBQ I've had in San Antonio so far. The brisket was so tender it just fell apart as you try to get it from plate to mouth. I cannot say the same for the ribs so I'll forgo those next time. What I will not forgo ever is the delicious baked potato salad and sweet potato casserole. Now I want to try all the sides! I missed the live music so I'll have to make it in a little earlier next time. I'm a new DeeWillie's fan and will be back!

Review №3

Great place to eat, gather and enjoy some good food and great service. Loved the food and our waitress was the bomb.

Review №4

Our first visit here and it was fantastic!! The food was delicious. We got the sampler with 5 sides and I am super picky about sides, every single one was absolutely amazing. The sweet potato casserole was out of this world!!! We will definitely be back ️

Review №5

Dee Willies BBQ is reasonable for the price, friendly staff, amazing atmosphere and good food. I am sorry my pictures are blurry but I was anxious to eat lol. Definitely on my list for re-visits.

Review №6

This is the best place for BBQ since I moved to the area! The ribs have an awesome smoke flavor that I never experienced before. The potato salad is to die for. The Mac and cheese is cheesy and good! Customer for life. Clean restaurant and great service!

Review №7

Food was good. A little disappointed the didn't have pulled pork. Ordered the brisket tacos. Brisket was great however it was just brisket in a tortilla. Not much of a taco. Came in with a group of 8 and staff refused to seat more than 6 at a table. I understand covid regulations but we were all together so it shouldn't have been an issue. As long as our table was 6ft+ plus from everyone else, which it was.

Review №8

DeeWillies BBQ is Deelicious! Thank you to Tausha and her crew for making our Thanksgiving easy and tasty. Go get some DeeWillies!

Review №9

Reasonably priced. Brisket was a bit dry but good flavor. Sides were good and the peach cobbler is what will bring is back.

Review №10

The smoked Turkey was delicious, and I loved the bake potato salad. The brisket was cooked very well, and moist enough, but lacked flavor. We definitely needed BBQ sauce. The place is tucked away in the strip mall, but you'll see a smoker shack in the parking lot.

Review №11

Great brisket! Excellent service. Only issue was that they don't have a soda fountain. The food was amazing though

Review №12

Saw this place on the local news,so I had to checkout the joint! The word is WOW! They have four meat selections. It was all so delicious and soft, the meat so soft it fell of the rib bone!! The wait time was 45 minutes but it was worth it. The waiter told us that they were going to run out of meat that's how busy they had been. Sure enough by 6:00PM it was all gone and I had part in that! I indulged myself with finger licking BBQ food. Advise to go early, they open at 11am.

Review №13

My favorite spot for tasty BBQ. You will not be disappointed in the menu and service. Service is typically great. Prices are decent for the quality.

Review №14

This was my first time here at Deewillies, must say the food and crew were awsome. Definitely will be back, love the turkey and round the ribs and brisket. Must try...

Review №15

Everything here from the place itself to the meats and sides and even the drinks are fantastic. Their baked potato salad and sweet potato casserole are some of the best sides I've ever had, and don't get me started on their banana pudding just absolutely delicious(I like to put it in the fridge when I get home for about an hour which makes it even better). 10/10 every time

Review №16

Fantastic BBQ place. The baked potato salad is the best in San Antonio, hands down. Great selection, good prices, never had anything that wasn't delicious.

Review №17

We ate at Dee Willies BBQ for the first time ever after hearing it was amazing. It is amazing!!Excellent customer service, cleanliness and prices were so reasonable.We had a very friendly and kind waitress. We will definitely be back.

Review №18

When this Dee Willie's first opened, it had beyond 5 stars. It's gone way down. Everytime I order brisket, it comes shredded and dry. I keep giving it chances hoping it would be like it used to, I even tried ordering food when they first open so maybe I would get fresh brisket. It's almost like it was from the day before and warmed up in the microwave. I paid $50 for 2 ibs of brisket that is shredded into small pieces of dried brisket. When you eat there, they give you fresh brisket it seems. But if they know you wont see it till you get home, they give you scraps. My mom has had the same problem. I think I give up on Dees.

Review №19

This BBQ place was delicious indeed! I had the 3 meat plate and it was finger licking good! Rib meat was so tender and tasteful!

Review №20

Awesome BBQ. This might just be the best BBQ that I have had in town. Had the sausage, Ribs, and Brisket and all tasted great without BBQ sauce. This was the first Q in town I've had where the sides were just as good as the meat. Great job!!!

Review №21

First I want to say thank you. To the manager/owner to the staff on down. I went and enjoyed a day in San Antonio about a 3 hour drive . We decided to try this bbq place which I am a big review person so we came here . From the time we came in the door the staff was friendly. They welcomed us to sit anywhere and it was clean and smelled great outside and in. I had a party of 9. The food was absolutely amazing. From the brisket to the ribs to the chicken. The macaroni and green beans and potato salad was great. We enjoyed coming there and will be returning again. Also our waiter John was great and attended to us and made sure we was great . He provided great customer service and went out his way to make sure we had everything we needed. Thank you for a great experience.

Review №22

Great food, get their early to have the full selection. It goes by quick.

Review №23

Best BBQ I've had. The side are very tasty. You won't be disappointed. 5 stars

Review №24

Everything was amazing but the mac n cheese changed my life. Thank u. 15/10 better than Rudy's!!

Review №25

Great bbq. Sweet potatoes and creamed corn are fantastic as well

Review №26

Absolutely the best barbecue that I have had in a long time meaning every single thing that we ordered was very well done when I'm setting and thinking that of the 4 meats I have tried and decide which one is my favorite and it's a decision that I have to think about that's a good thing hands down the brisket wins it was just fall apart perfection kudos to the cooks you got it now and the sides were really good to cream corn Mac and cheese sweet potato casserole yummy .beans just salt and too much, the chicken no flavor just smoke..Baby Back ribs thank you my favorite , turkey on point sausage not typical a good surprise..Gona try again this Sunday for dinner for family hope it as good..Thanks Dee W...the hard work was praised today.Now.Sunday we tried the beans and chicken not good no one liked them.When chicken and beans is all thats left setting on Sunday dinner you know it bad..The rest was good just very lite on season as for all the meats.Smoke can't be the only thing you use for flavor..

Review №27

I tried it tonight and the potato salad was bland, sausage was very over cooked and tough. The brisket was good. I will never go there again. It wasn't worth the money.

Review №28

First time trying it out. Food came out so quick. Delicious! Very friendly staff!

Review №29

I'm not much on Barbecue, but this brisket is awesome! I can never decide on sides - the only creamed corn I've ever like! Mac n cheese and green ...SO good!

Review №30

Came here for the first time. Got the three meats plate. Brisket was great! Moist and tender. Ribs were good and chicken had good flavor as well. Not crazy about the ranch style beans and potato salad but definitely recommend everyone to try. Glad I have BBQ place super close to home. Wished they had pulled pork though.

Review №31

This place is a step above your regular bbq. Not only was the food delicious (particularly the ribs) but the entertainment was definitely the added bonus. Came on a Thursday evening and enjoyed a very talented performance of some oldies karaoke. The only suggestion I have for management: have your waiters ask your guests rather or not this is their first time there. It means a world of difference for a family from out of state to come to this restaurant (out of many options) the extra courtesy to explain how to order and how to pay. We were confused the moment we walked in because we didn't know how to orderand assumed we had to order at the counter since we weren't greeted. Then after our meal we waited for over 30 minutes for our bill because no one bothered to tell us we pay on our way out. That made us a little frustrated. For that, 4 stars instead of 5

Review №32

Price for portion it's not anything to write home about but the immaculate customer service the inviting atmosphere and great tasting food is worth the five stars wish I got a little bit more for the price the customer service will get my five stars every time

Review №33

Great food every time. Highly recommend their ribs.

Review №34

Fine scene for tasty BBQ. super appetizing. i will be back with my coworkers.

Review №35

Yo the ribs is juicy man and the smoker is on point just awesome BBQ

Review №36

Staff amazing an the food was so good especially the sweet potatoe casserole an baked potato salad brisket melted in ur mouth.. awesome place for the family...

Review №37

Awesome bbq and sweet potato casserole. The service is great also.

Review №38

I didn't stay. But the lady was nice

Review №39

I got to say ,they have the best BBQ I have ever tasted, and their bbq sauce was the out of this world, a little expensive but well worth it,

Review №40

Oh my goodness!!! This place is AMAZING! My family and I came here for the 4th of July! Let me tell you everything is DELICIOUS! The sides ( sweet potato casserole, Mac n cheese) yummmy! The ribs, brisket, sausage leaves you licking your fingers. Last but not least hands down to the peach cobbler and pecan cobbler!!!! My GOODNESS!!! Don't miss out on this place!

Review №41

Ive been to the China Grove location and brisket was average... so I decided to go to the O'Connor location. I had the same thing... brisket sandwich. This wasn't any better... brisket was dried out and 2 small slices... Im done with this place !

Review №42

Brisket I'd give a 3 out of 5 stars..everything is is 4.5 stars so average is 4. Great lunch spot and friendly staff. I'm a fan of the pickled onions and the ribs and sausage 2 meat lunch combo.

Review №43

A great place. Very fast at cooking and great customer service.

Review №44

Very good brisket but ran out of ribs and we wanted to get some of them. Very reasonable prices.

Review №45

Food was on point, delicious brisket and sausage, agree that it be nice to have it come out more heated than it does.

Review №46

It's all about the food here and omg it's good! Some of the best I've had!

Review №47

BBQ, yeah, very tasty. similar to a cafe in las vegas i loved.

Review №48

Wow! Their sides are amazing! I'm not a bbq fan but my husband is. The creamed corn is fantastic! The baked potato salad was genius with sour cream, cheese, bacon, yum! I had the chicken but it is too smokey for my taste. The sauce is superb though. I love how clean it was and fast service is great too.

Review №49

Food is great. The only thing we did not like is that there is a service fee if paying with Debit card. I don't understand why they make customer pay for them having machine. I feel prices they charge is enough to cover the rental of debit card machine.

Review №50

The food is amazing, the service is geeat. We loved the turkey great flavor and so juicy, and the BBQ sauce that perfect combo of sweet and spicy and a little tangy. Awesome. Great atmosphere. I highly recommend this place. Best BBQ in town. Oh and don't forget the sides. And don't leave without trying the banana pudding my absolute favorite just like grams would make.

Review №51

My husband had 3 meat plate. He loved it! Said they had the best ribs! I had chopped BBQ sandwich it was to die for. Baked potato salad and beans were the best! Added bonus has a connecting door to bar next door so you can have a cold beer too! Definitely recommend!!

Review №52

The food is awesome. Delivery and the full meal showing up, may not happen with grub hub. I was refunded for missing food, just spoiled meal. At least deliver original order.

Review №53

Very good and tasty. Portions are little less that what i expected and for the price but comparable. Service is excellent, they opened in October 2017 so come enjoy and support your local businesses. You might encounter a little problem with the flies but they are working on it, according to the owner. I tried the sausage (they have me a sample), and even though it's not my favorite from other bbq places it is still very good. The brisket is to die for and the ribs? You will want more. They have sodas in a can, sweet tea and unsweetened tea. Your plate comes with bread, pickles and onions. I ordered potato salad which was tasty also and macaroni and cheese, which was very very good, very tasty, i wish i had ordered more. My 2 meat plate filled me up and i had left overs for the next day. Go try it and enjoy. !!

Review №54

Really can't rate this place yet,haven't been there. But have gotten good impact from people who have.

Review №55

One of the best bbq joints in town. Service is great and speedy, food never disappoints, plus prices are reasonable compared to other bbq competitors in the area. Just wish they had an online ordering option , once in a while i call and no one answers after multiple attempts but maybe it was due to events/holidays that have been happening in the area.But I definitely recommend for anyone craving some mouth watering brisket or Fall off the bone ribs!

Review №56

Awesome food great service, definitely coming back

Review №57

Cute place, very clean; excellent food & waitstaff. We tried the Chopped Sandwich: $5, on a big bun & loaded with meat! Also tasted the ribs - very tender & had great flavor. Loved the sweet potato casserole - wonderfully light & not overly sweet. The creamed corn wasn't my favorite - I didn't find it bursting with flavor. The potato salad was flavorful & creamy. Ashley, our waitress, was top-notch! Will definitely be back!

Review №58

We've been there several times and there are a few consistent things. 1. The brisket is extremely tender and flavorful. 2. The sweet potato and baked potato salad are excellent. 3. The brisket sauce is the best of any place 4. The place is DIRTY. The first time I had a concern about the cleanliness I contacted them through Facebook messenger. I immediately got a reply and the manager came over and addressed the concern. The next visit I found the same filth but got no response from them at all. Today the same issue and I did not bother to notify them because clearly they don't make sanitation a priority. Also, unless you pay with cash there is an extra fee for paying by card

Review №59

Very good food, I love that it is a humble establishment but has 5 star food

Review №60

We are Bbq brisket and patatoe salad,very tasty loved very much.

Review №61

Best brisket i have ever had.I think most people are aware of this place by now but if you aren't just try it.The mac and cheese is fire and the bake potato salad is too.You literally cant go wrong here.

Review №62

The food was fantastic! I was not expecting the great savory, smoky flavor in the sausage and turkey. The sides were exceptional as well. While we opted not to dine-in due to covid-19 the restaurant had a nice ambiance we will like to experience once the covid risk is less. Will be ordering from here again!!!

Review №63

Super expensiveBrooks bbq is better

Review №64

The sausage and chicken are great! The brisket was a little on the dry side. Everything else was very good.

Review №65

The first time I ever had bad food here , potato salad tasted like soap and I was missing pieces from my order

Review №66

This place was so good, next time I'm in Tx,I will definitely go back

Review №67

Love the brisket and ribs. Not crazy about the beans.

Review №68

So after seeing the news review for this place, my fiancee and I decided to check them out. We each got a 2 meat plate for 11.99. You can get a 3 meat for 2 bucks more if you are hungry enough. We wanted to sample as much as we could so we got the two meats, which comes with 2 sides each, pickles and onions and a slice of bread. We got ribs, turkey, chicken, and of course brisket. You can't sell BBQ in Texas if you don't have brisket on your menu. The ribs were "fall off the bone" tender, flavorful and moist. As a matter of fact all the meat was moist and not dried out like some places when you over cook them or have the fire too high. The turkey and chicken had great flavor to it as well, and they paired well with their barbecue sauce. As I said brisket is the cornerstone staple for any place in Texas that does BBQ and theirs was spot on with the best of them. Not too much fat on it to make you sick but not too lean that you didn't get much flavor from it. For the sides we got sweet potato casserole, cream corn, baked potato salad and green beans and ordered a lg. Mac n cheese as well. Of the sides the baked potato salad was my least favorite but that was just my own preference, all the sides were good my favorite was the sweet potato casserole. This dish was the best of them all! It was so good and sweet it should be a dessert, its topped with brown sugar and crushed pecan pieces. My fiancee was torn between the casserole and the mac n cheese. She loved the rich cheesy gooey-ness of the dish. If you are near this restaurant do yourself a favor and stop in sometime and enjoy the food for yourself. I promise you won't be regret it or be disappointed!

Review №69

Great staff, great service, and great food! I ordered brisket lean, which I don't always do because I like a good middle ground of fat but it was perfect! Little fat and so dang moist. Wow...I mean so good! Every side was good and kinda of a cool spot with a bar next door that I'm told you can bring your drink back over to the restaurant. They have music but only on Thur. To me it would make more sense to do music fri or sat but that's just a thought. Will def be going back! I wanted to try the cobbler and banana pudding but I was being good.

Review №70

Consistent good food. One of my favorite barbecue restaurants.

Review №71

Great service, great food. Friendly place. Highly recommend

Review №72

So this was my first time trying this place out. Figured I'd stop by since I was in the area and they did not disappoint. The chopped sandwich was filled with a generous amount of meat but was just a little dry. That was okay cause the barbeque sauce helped bring the meal altogether. It was more than enough for me. The potato salad was just right and the portion was just enough. The mac n cheese was good, but was looking for that extra bit of cheesy. Although it wasn't as cheesy as I'd hoped I still killed the portion. My only issue was the sweet tea. I was hoping for that Southern Texas sweet tea, but it tasted a little more like unsweetened tea. If the tea could be a little sweeter this would have been even better. Overall, I'll be back. Next time I'm either trying the chicken or the turkey and maybe a different side. This place is a must for some great bbq.

Review №73

Great food . I'll be back

Review №74

I'm from Ohio visiting Texas for work and got lucky finding this place. Words cannot describe how good this food is. Wow!

Review №75

Oooooh man. How come no one told me about DeeWillies sooner? The brisket was incredible. The sides hit the spot. And the service was on point. Delicious!!

Review №76

Wow our first time going here and it was super delicious, we had to come back the next day, so far my husband, son and I had brisket, ribs, Mac and cheese, cream of corn, green beans and potato salad, peach cobbler, banana pudding and big chocolate chip cookie, sweet tea, lemonade and everything was good. Next time we will try more stuff. I totally recommend. They put Bill Miller's to shame, we travel 20 min . And it's worth it. The staff are friendly and they serve-your food fast and hot!

Review №77

We were quietly enjoying the juicy BBQ, then the stage lit up.

Review №78

I wouldn't turn a flip over the food and the guy who brought out the order was rude! I didnt receive my soda so when I asked he responded, I dont know what you ordered it dont come on my receipt and walked off very anyone care about customer service and more. I give it one star for the lady that took the or.

Review №79

This is authentic Texas style barbeque. The prices aren't too bad and the people are down home.

Review №80

Good Food. Definitely will go back. Lemonade is not made from real lemons as the waitress said it was. But that wouldn't keep me from going back.

Review №81

I saw the promotion in tv program Tx Eats. I ordered online and when I arrived, it was ready. I Went there to try it because I like the food they presented in the show. I bought different dishes, bbq ribs, chicken, bake turkey with potatoe salad, bake potatoes and sweet potatoes. Everything was delicious, good portions and the lady was very polite. I will plan to go often since it was very easy to get there and we loved the homemade cooking.

Review №82

They're brought out the food the side for hot but the brisket was really cold had to ask him to please warm it up so course they put in the microwave light it up the barbecue sauce was not even mediocre it was bad the only have two sauces I use it for dipping they were not that good the service was in that good either not too sanitary I wasn't impressed I still pick big bibs as one of the better barbecue places in San Antonio

Review №83

We went there because of the show Texas Eats, I wouldve liked for the sides to be made in house but the meats were alright, the brisket was a little dry for my taste but the sausage chicken and turkey were good very moist but the ribs were my favorite. It looks as though they have live music but times being what they are dont know when that will start up again, will probably be back again

Review №84

The best barbecue I ever tasted

Review №85

Great TX BBQ that's juicy and delicious and they don't short you on sweet tea. The live music was an awesome experience; this place has it all.

Review №86

5! 5! 5! Waited a few visits to be sure and this place is legit Good! Rib are perfect, pull, texture, flavor and smoke ring. Brisket has great bark and folds easily. Not sure if sausage is made in house or bought but dang it's ! If your looking for great real bbq without being pretentious or hit and miss, This is it!

Review №87

Great ribs, even without sauce! Nice presentation and quality of 1 pound of ribs!

Review №88

Nothin fancy. I'm not a fan of brisket but apparently theres is lovely. Pay too much for what u get. Really do wish folks would stop with the pickles and onions on the side thing. So Texas cliche, and who ever asks for that??

Review №89

Delicious BBQ, well done, good flavor, fresh and hot out of the wood pit.

Review №90

This is probably the best bbq I've had since we moved to Texas . My absolute favorite are the sweet potatoes! Definitely would recommend this bbq spot for anyone whose traveling or visiting .

Review №91

We make a point to have a meal planned around DeeWillies BBQ once a's GREAT!!!!

Review №92

This place has the most amazing bbq. The mac and cheese is to die for. The staff was super nice even though I showed up only 10 minutes before closing. I didnt realize it at the time but they were very accomodating and friendly instead of turning me away. The price is competitive with other bbq places. If your looking to sit down its a really cool dining room that can seat lots of people. But they are also quick about to go orders.

Review №93

Place was good quick BBQ near by got one meat plate with 2 sides. I had Brisket... It was tender and pulled apart very easy a little to easy.... But definitely had great flavor wish serving size was just a little more on the meat... But then I guess you would get the 2 meat option. As for the sides I got the cream corn and the potato salad, both where good the cream corn tasted a little funny. Other than that I recommend this place.

Review №94

I recommend this place!! My favorite bbq spot!

Review №95

Vary good barbecue and the turkey was very moist with a smokey flavor.

Review №96

Food was great and was happy

Review №97

Just to be clear, the food here is 5 star, our particular experience was not. We've enjoyed this restaurant in the past. We went today after calling in an order yesterday for today. Said to be there at 3pm to pick up. We get there at 3 and waited for 45 minutes to receive our order. If we hadnt prepayed for it I would have cancelled the order. The food is good, but this experienced turned me off from the whole restaurant in the future. People were walking in and making orders getting in and out while they had is wait for 45 mins for an order we placed ahead of time. Ordered a full link of sausage and when we got home and opened the box is wasnt even a half link.

Review №98

First time here....I left a happy man! I had the three meat plate with sausage, brisket, and ribs. The brisket and ribs were very tasty. The sausage was outstanding! It was a lot of food for a decent price. The Mac-n-cheese was probably the best I have ever had! The cream corn was really good as well. Overall, I would highly recommend checking this place out!

Review №99

Good taste i like it.

Review №100

We went to this restaurant in China Grove with high hopes but unfortunately it didn't turn out that way. We got there at about 7:30 on a Friday evening and they had already run out of sausage so we compromised and had ribs and brisket. When the plates were finally brought to the table, the meats were room temperature..almost as if they had left them on the counter all day. The taste was good, yet it was overshadowed by the coldness. We finally finished our meal and upon paying, the man at the register tells us a specific amount then when my husband begins to sign he sees a different amount and questions it. The man said it was a service fee!!! No where at this restaurant is this fee mentioned. It's a bad practice and will definitely run customers away. It wasn't the minimal fee that was charged it's the principle. Tell me ahead of time that I'm going to be charged a fee for using my CC so that you, the business owner doesn't incur this bill at the end of the month. We live in this small community and own a business as well; never would I do this to the people of this small community.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:12130 O'Connor Rd, San Antonio, TX 78233, United States
  • Phone:+1 210-387-7452
  • Barbecue restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
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  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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