El Monte BBQ
6526 Bandera Rd Suite 4, San Antonio, TX 78238, United States
Review №1

My son and I searched Google and found this close to our work. We decided it was time to give it a try. We had seen this restaurant next to the water store we visit.My son ordered the chopped beef and brisket. I ordered the turkey and brisket. Both were great. The sides were large enough and the barbecue sauce was excellent. Pickles, onion, and jalapeno at no extra charge. Plenty of food.Staff wore masks and used hand sanitizer. They also only let in (2) customers at a time. Thanks for protecting us.Someone from the restaurant came out to offer my son and me a place to eat because we used the roof of the car to munch down. Very thoughtful of the staff. We appreciated that offer.Improvements? I couldn't find anything I would improve on other than a location where you can sit down in. The food was great and

Review №2

El Pan De Campo is delicious !!!! Great customer service and delicious BBQ!!! Ribs are so tender and meaty ! Brisket has great flavor and burnt edges . chopped brisket sandwiches are huge ! Cream corn , just wow!! Try this little hole in the wall ! You won't regret it !

Review №3

I picked up food for my family on Sunday and it was absolutely disgusting. I wouldn't even feed it to my dog. Its incredibly overpriced for what you get and the employees had their masks hanging off their faces. Wouldn't recommend to anyone!

Review №4

Fine spot for tasty BBQ. I'll return friends next time. It has an awesome atmosphere. This place has positive reviews for a reason.

Review №5

Great small place South Texas style BBQ joint, everything made fresh daily Chef Jaime is a great host and will make sure you are happy with meal. I had the 3 meat plate, brisket, 1 pork rib and sausage along with 3 sides, cream corn by far is the best I've had in awhile. Would highly recommend arrive early, sitting is limited

Review №6

Best cream corn and potato salad I've ever had! A must try!

Review №7

We were incredibly impressed by this restaurant. We ordered brisket, sausage, ribs, potato salad, beans, and creamed corn and not a single of the things we ate was anything less than fantastic. I've never been so universally impressed with the food from a BBQ restaurant. Truly the only complaint would be that we could've used a little more barbecue sauce but this was only a minor gripe. Definitely recommend giving this a shot if you're in the vicinity and love good barbecue.

Review №8

We ordered pork ribs, brisket, sausage and creamed corn for a family gathering. The brisket was tender and nicely smoked. The ribs were large, meaty and tender. The sausage, creamed corn and sauce were delicious!!! I'm thrilled to find a quality BBQ establishment that is convenient and affordably priced. Definitely worth trying!

Review №9

Just picked up curbside and was very impressed. Everything was really good. Had brisket, sausage, pulled pork, rice/beans, creamed corn, and potato salad. Friendly/promp service. Will definitely be back. So close to home, wish I would've tried it sooner. Keep up the good work!!

Review №10

I just ordered a family meal curbside, and, let me tell you, it was delicious! Brisket and sausage were so good, and the sides were really good as well. ALL HOMEMADE! Will definitely return and definitely recommend.

Review №11

Best bbq in sa!

Review №12

Another excellent meal from the wonder folks at El Monte bbq. The brisket was on point as well as the sides and the ribs were amazing as always. It's always special for me when I can get over there bc I'm hardly ever in town when they are open. Keep up the good work guys and gals!

Review №13

This is really small place but the bbq is so good. The meat is fresh, hot and very tasty. I've heard that they run out fast though so go early. I will definitely be going back.

Review №14

I haven't lived in San Antonio for very long but when I first visited El Monte BBQ and tried the brisket, I was hooked! Not only is the food magnificent, the staff are extremely nice and welcoming. There's no other BBQ place I will eat at. Jaime has the best around!

Review №15

We stopped in with 2 kids. Everyone was starving. Jaime was very cool and helped us get a high chair. Brisket was moist and very tender. Turkey was spiced just right. Sausage was good, but probably not the best thing on the menu (that doesn't make it bad!).It was our first time in. We'll be back.

Review №16

The food is always good. Friendly service and attentive. I have yet to get a bad meal. We have even made it part of our lunch rotation and a welcomed addition. Food is always full of flavor, meats are so tender. Highly recommended!

Review №17

I would add picture...but we dug in to fast. Unique season on ribs.brisket & BBQ sauce. Cowboy bread (can't remember the name) was worth the short wait. Found a new yummy BBQ place.

Review №18

Just found my new favorite local BBQ! The owner, Grill Master and staff were super nice and had some real interesting history to how this place came about. And the BBQ was fairly priced and very good! It's a very small place also, which we found appealing.

Review №19

Delicious and amazing! Will definitely be back. I had the brown bag special, two chopped brisket sandwiches and sausage link. The sandwich bread was toasted perfect and the juicy flavorful brisket was excellent. The sausage was some of the best I've had in awhile. The sausage was cooked perfectly. 10/10Photo food cred: DiscoveryMode

Review №20

Fantastically good brisket. Very small place but the meat here and the sauce are incredibly good. Very kind folks run the family business.

Review №21

Moist tasty brisket, potato salad the way I like it. Next time gonna try the ribs.

Review №22

Good flavor BBQ but we spent$35 just for enough meat to feed 2 people.OUCH

Review №23

Great Rub on those ribs, brisket is always up there with a tasty bark. Love their beans and rice, the Pan del Campo goes great with them!

Review №24

The sliced and chopped brisket were excellent. Potato salad and beans were also delicious, tastes fresh and flavor was on point!

Review №25

Brisket was moist and had good smokey flavor. Ribs were meaty and had a great char. Recommend this place.

Review №26

I give up on this place. I have never tried any of their food because they are not open everytime I have tried to go. The hours are posted but they are not open. For a place that is only open for a few hours some days of the week you would think the would know how much food to cook so they don't run out. I dont get it? Who is running this place? I won't try again, I will make the drive to Dee Willie's instead.

Review №27

Honestly very good. The sides were awesome, and the customer service was on point. 10/10 will go again

Review №28

The best BBQ in San Antonio and a friendly, family business.

Review №29

On the search for the best BBQ In SA...this joint received lots of good reviews. I always get Moist Brisket, Sausage and Ribs. Talked to the owner who uses Live Oak/Mesquite and cooks at a higher temp. You can tell! The moist Brisket wasn't moist at all. I couldn't imagine what the lean tasted like...leather? I did like the bark taste which the owner doesn't use the traditional salt and pepper but uses many spices. Just wish I could enjoy the flavor but the meat was so tough. The ribs were a little more tender but still had effort to pull away from bone. The Ribs did have a good flavor and the best meat at this joint. I assuming they use the some seasonings with the Ribs as they do with the Brisket. The Sausage was nothing to get excited about or to recommend. To be fair the BBQ sauce was really good but I had to use a lot of it. As of 2/09/2019 2M is the best BBQ In SA.

Review №30

This place is small and unassuming, but the sliced brisket sandwich on buttered Texas toast with El Monte's secret BBQ sauce and charro beans is hell-to-the-yeah good!

Review №31

If you aren't paying attention, you will miss El Monte BBQ. Co-workers and I were looking for some BBQ in the area for lunch and saw this was nearby. I got the brisket and sausage, double potato salad and a pan de campo. I asked for the moist brisket and was knocked out by the flavor of the brisket. I like how small and personal the restaurant is, but at peak times, there will not be enough seating. The husband and wife team were very friendly and personable. During a conversation with the owner, he explained how he makes everything in house except the sausage. Closing hours will vary, as per the owner, they will close when the meat sells out if sold out before normal closing time. I will be making a trip back sometime again for lunch.

Review №32

One of my top places for BBQ in SA!

Review №33

This is our favorite go to spot for bbq in San Antonio. Live the pan de campo.

Review №34

Loved the food. I had the sausage wrap with cream of corn and potato salad. I read about this place on nextdoor neighbor app and I wanted to try it. They do sell out of food on Saturdays so try to go there early. Very friendly service.

Review №35

Easily one of the best BBQ joints in San Antonio! Ribs were fall off the bone and full of flavor.

Review №36

Family owned and operated business with amazing smoked meats and inhouse made sides!

Review №37

Brisket was great , sausage wrap great and pan de campo absolutely perfect.

Review №38

The sides are astonishing - creamed corn, rice and beans, bread...

Review №39

I went on lunch today and ate the brisket sandwich, it was every bit of satisfying! Ill definatly be back for more mouth watering goodness.

Review №40

I've been here twice recently and am super impressed. I don't typically like brisket but theirs is the best I've ever had and is truly delicious. It is so tender and flavorful. All of the food is very nicely seasoned. Nothing is bland at all. Every side dish is great. The pan del campo is a major upgrade from the standard white bread served at barbecue places. This is the best barbecue restaurant in San Antonio that I've tried. My parents and husband agree.

Review №41

Got it b4 its got. Great prices also

Review №42

My second time ordering via DoorDash and they are EXCELLENT!!! The brisket yes, the turkey yes! Even the sides were great I have had the beans, cream corn and potato salad. A great fix for some BBQ

Review №43

The place looked promising from reviews and looked like a hidden hole in the wall place, but the food was pretty disappointing. It was below average, everything was quite salty, and lacking good BBQ flavor. The best item was the housemade bread, otherwise I wouldn't recommend coming here.

Review №44

This place does not look like much and is easy to pass but holy hell is it good. BBQ sauce is delicious, cream corn, brisket and the sausage I had. It's a must eat.

Review №45

Good food good people

Review №46

Awesome Bbq, had brisket and sausage. Sauce is very good.

Review №47

Barbeque is a Texas staple. I'm considered by family and friends as a super chef and food critic.I judge others food by comparing to my own cooking. El Monte BBQ is close to my own cooking in taste. I have only had BBQ from 10 or 12 BBQ facilities in the San Antonio area. I haven't tried every BBQ facility in the area, but El Monte BBQ is definitely the best in or adjoining San Antonio.And yes, there are a number of BBQ places in Texas better than my cooking. But that is a story for another time.Enjoy!

Review №48

5 stars for El Monte! The brisket melts in your mouth. Get it!

Review №49

I ordered the chopped brisket sandwich for myself and my parents. That was one good sandwich. Texas toast, toasted and buttered and a good amonut of brisket. I haven't eaten much bread in past three years, but when I opened this sandwich, I couldn't resist. Looked and smelled delish and they are only $4.00.

Review №50

Delicious brisket, tender and smoky. Good sides. Unlimited condiment station. Sausage is just average.

Review №51

Turned out to be a good BBQ place. Missed out on their brisket, sold out early. The place is small, not too many tables. Service was excellent. Location is not easy to find unless you use Google maps.

Review №52

Excellent South Texas BBQ! The brisket is very moist and flavorful, no sauce needed! Family owned and very friendly. You're missing out if you're not eating here!

Review №53

Good BBQ all of it, when you can eat brisket without sauce you know it's good brisket.

Review №54

The food is way to salty..

Review №55

Very delicious n moist brisket. Flavorful sausage. Pan de campo...yum!

Review №56

Good Brisket but they really need a microwave or warmer. The Ice chest allows the meat to get cold and unfortunately that what I got, cold Brisket and ribs.

Review №57

Absolutely delicious barbecue and sides. The charro beans and rice were better than homemade! Moist brisket, turkey and some of the best ribs I've ever had! Chef Jaime definitely knows his stuff and was great to talk with. Hands down better bbq than 2M and Smoke Shack! Go and try it for yourself...

Review №58

Wow what a hidden gem! We've been looking for a good bbq place since we moved into Leon valley and have been stuck with bill millers on occasion..that is until we drove by El Monte. Everything is homemade, moist brisket, tasty rice and beans. Definitely going back!

Review №59

EVERYTHING was amazing! A great little gem in our neck-of-the-woods

Review №60

Great brisket just wish they had burnt ends

Review №61

It's so good, sad part they run out.

Review №62

Delicious! Best Bar B Que in San Antonio! Even more, best customer service, great people!

Review №63

This restaurant is small and very personal. It made me feel at home the minute I walked in the employees greeted me with a smile. I was asked how my food was and for the first time I felt my opinion really mattered to the Chef/Pit-master. The food is full of flavor and excitement just like the staff. It is tough to come by a BBQ joint that is so personal to their guest.I have been to several BBQ places here in San Antonio. I can honestly say that every single one has impressed me with their technique and passion for the way they cook. Seeing how small businesses struggle first hand I try and go out and support as many as I can. Reading other reviews of many different places makes me excited to go in a try something new. Others though make me question some commenters motives. If you want to leave a review for a restaurant go ahead I am sure owners appreciate the feed back. I just dont think it is very appropriate to comment another business being superior on another business page it can bee seen as petty. So before you take someone else's word for who has the "best BBQ in SA" go out and try for yourself and help these businesses flourish rather than tearing them down.

Review №64

Quaint place. BBQ was good, owner very personable. Don't order the peach cobbler. Looked like a heated up fruit cup.

Review №65

We have been there 3 times. Every time we go the food is excellent. The brisket is perfectly smoked and does NOT need sauce. The sides are great. This place is worth the drive.

Review №66

Great brisket tacos.

Review №67

The charro beans were way too salty and I had too much grease float on top of that container of beans. The briskets were very good so where the ribs. it was too pricey though

Review №68

You may not hear or see any hype and media attention about El Monte BBQ, but this place is most definitely a hole-in-the wall, appears to be a mom and pops (family operated) business, and may be one of the best kept secrets on Bandera road. Etched in a small strip mall that doesn't demand much attention, El Monte BBQ serves up some quality BBQ. The brisket was smoked to near perfection and had a delicate balance of spices that gave off a full flavor that didn't require it to be drenched in BBQ sauce in order to be edible. I had their potato salad, cream corn, and mixed beans/rice. They each had a homemade taste to them and were obviously made from scratch in house. This was a bit surprising since most smaller operations find it more cost effective to purchase sides in bulk. El Monte does have a dine-in area, which is very small, but reminiscent of a grandmother's kitchen. There are 3 tables and probably has a max capacity of 15 people. Speaking of grandmothers, there is one item that took me down memory lane. On Friday and Saturday, they offer the option of Pan de Campo. This menu item took me back to a time when my grandmother would make this simple, yet traditional and tasty food item. Five stars for El Monte BBQ!

Review №69

Very good brisket .

Review №70

El Monte came highly recommended and it did not disappoint. Brisket, ribs, sausage and more! Jaime fed us good!

Review №71

Great food with seasonal specials and you gotta try the pan de campo

Review №72

The food was really good! The price was a bit high for a lunch time meal but I would for sure go back and just keep my ordering in check to keep the bill lower.

Review №73

Been there several times and each time the food is consistent and delicious! Love the chopped BBQ sandwich and creamed corn! Delish!

Review №74

Good and one of the best BBQ!! in San Antonio Texas good friedly people, courteous staff and fast and hot food and very clean place you should try it!!

Review №75

The brisket here is amazingly flavorful, the staff is friendly, and the seating area is cozy. I will definitely be dining here again.

Review №76

Really delicious food!

Review №77

Brisket egg sandwich was AMAZING

Review №78

My first time there and it was really good.

Review №79

Delicious BBQ, homemade tortillas and the pan details Campo is excellent

Review №80

I ordered the ribs and my husband ordered the sliced brisket sandwich. The ribs were way too salty and the brisket was unflavorful and a little dry. The potato salad was too tangy for me and I advise you to skip the pan de campo. The only thing I enjoyed was the creamed corn.

Review №81

Only 2 things to say. Friendly staff and DELICIOUS.

Review №82

Ribs are amazing! Weekends they have pan de campo. Great service too! Owner came to check on us and made sure everything was good.

Review №83

Very good food ..

Review №84

Yummy! Food!

Review №85

Thank you Google for the suggestion! Food is awesome... nothing fancy, just true Texas bbq!

Review №86

Let me start off by saying I have been looking for a place with some real awesome bbq! My boyfriend found this gem and we decided to try it. We each got the two meat plate. I got sausage and brisket (marble) with potato salad and cream corn. My bf got brisket (lean) with ribs, rice and cream corn. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING was delicious!!! As if a master bbq chef was personally cooking for us. From what we were told, it is a wood fire pit. With a pit built by the father many years ago. I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed with the food or the service. If you want REAL bbq with a feel good atmosphere, go try El Monte BBQ. You will thank me later.

Review №87

Just a gerneral question here... I'm a Leon Valley resident, I pass by this place multiple times a day. However, I NEVER see smoke or smell smoke coming from the building. Not sure how this BBQ resturant makes brisket, ribs and sausage with NO smoke. New Technique??

Review №88

Pan de campo was great!!!!

Review №89

Great barbeque!! My family enjoyed our meal and hope to be back soon!!

Review №90


Review №91

Delicious corn, sausage & best beans in town . Friendly owner/chef.

Review №92

Excellent food. Owner/staff very friendly.

Review №93

Food was great.

Review №94

Omg!!! Finally a place within San Antonio's city area with some delicious bbq. The only reason it is getting 4 stars out of 5 is because it really doesn't have as many options as other bbq places but what they do have is phenomenal. When you pull into the little minishopping strip off Bandera road you go “are you sure?”, but El Mónte doesn't disappoint. It's a very small establishment so a party of 20 won't be good but 6 can be ok at one of their 3 table set ups. The owner and “wife” (really should have asked) are so nice and he cooks all the meat himself. I overheard him telling another group that he gets his sausage from some other place but cooks everything in house and all the sides right there. There are 3 options of meat: pork ribs, brisket and sausage. Honestly none of them really needed the bbq (made by him). But I will say the ribs may have been a little too salty to my liking but my fiancé was ok with them. The rice has more flavor in it then all the Mexican restaurants in my area combined (I live near ollu). This place just opened two months ago but I think it's going to get big fast. Definitely one to visit if you're in the San Antonio area. And to the owner of the restaurant: since the hours are limited maybe y'all could get a food truck (if you don't already) and sell downtown near the plaza once you are able too. Opening the market to everyone that can't make it up to the Leon valley area. I will definitely suggest to all my customers with Uber and Lyft and I know we will be back.

Review №95

This was so tender ... Yum ... Wish we had tried some sides ... Will next time .. not much seating but will definitely take it to go if they are too full ...

Review №96

Delicious bbq!

Review №97

Great barbecue, awsome daily specials and sweet tea

Review №98

Good food. Great flavor

Review №99

Such good bbq and amazing bread

Review №100

Did not eat here

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  • Address:6526 Bandera Rd Suite 4, San Antonio, TX 78238, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-267-1356
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  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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