South BBQ & Kitchen
2011 Mission Rd, San Antonio, TX 78214, United States
Review №1

After biking up and down the Mission Reach, this place really hits the spot. I had a chopped Brisket sandwich loaded with tender smoky brisket with pickles on a good bun. I topped it off with a little of their sauce, which is my favorite in SA. All of the ordering is online now, but they bring the food out to you at the picnic tables or curbside. You get treated like an old friend here. Very good service. Thanks Carmelo! Smell from the smokehouse is awesome.

Review №2

Wow! Enjoyed this fabulous lunch before leaving San Antonio. 1 lb or brisket (nice crust, tender as can be), 1/2 lb of ribs, and sides of creamed elote (w. a kick) and loaded tater tot salad. A few tangy pickles on the side and it was a perfect BBQ meal.Great outside seating and super friendly folks who graciously wrapped up a pound of brisket to go.

Review №3

Awesome Brisket and Ribs. Got the Family pack with everything. Was tender and tasty. Drive 30 min home after pickup and was still hot. Kids loved it. Have to order online. You can't walk-in. Great Place!

Review №4

We got there right when they opened and they were out of ribs and potato salad. Plus you had to order on line only. I would of liked to at least try it. We left because we went there for the ribs

Review №5

This food is so good! Everything tasted great. Loved the pork tacos & loaded tots & corn!

Review №6

Wow this place is good. The brisket was the fatty kind but that's a good thing. We got a pound and a half and it was a lot! We also got a pound of pork ribs. (My favorite) they were meaty and peppery. The meat didn't really need sauce but bbq sauce makes everything better. We also tried the tater tot casserole which is great and the corn was really good too. I think the potato salad was a bit dry but my girlfriend liked it. We also got the banana pudding and oatmeal cookie. Both were great.

Review №7

Brisket was delicious and gentleman who took my order complimented me with 2 free side dishes rice n borracho beans that were yuum. Nice place. Courteous young man. Gray outside patio also. Will definitely be ordering from there again

Review №8

Potato salad was bad. Potatoes were not cooked, flavor was bland. Hot link was great. Brisket was dry, chewy, overcooked, and had a bark crusted with so much MSG it put me on the toilet for the rest of the afternoon. I bought a pound to take home and just threw out what I didn't eat. Sauce was good. Service was good. Heard a lot of raves about this place and was super disappointed.

Review №9

Brisket was nice and tender delicious and a good portion of it too there Tatar tot casserole was delicious potato salad had to much mustard but other than that everything was good and the guy attending every one was very friendly will come back again

Review №10

They don't even stay open until the time they say, they close early seems like they don't want business! Been here before food is good for what is but i will be taking my business and referring people to 2m much better place than here anyway.Reply to owner: nowhere on the search does it say online ordering only, gates were open, and says open 'til 5, no signage of online orders only & every time i try calling nobody answers

Review №11

Charro beans were delish, and of course so was the brisket, ribs and pulled pork. Don't forget the corn too!! No complaints here. Thank you South BBQ.

Review №12

It is so hard to find amazing bbq, especially since we left our favorite behind when we moved away from El Paso (Desert Oak BBQ), but we just found it. And we simply stumbled across it while we were exploring along the river! This place is AMAZING!!! We had the brisket, the ribs, the chicken, the green bean salad, and the creamed elote. Not one even slight disappointment! Good food is good for the soul, ya know? Thank you for providing something truly special. It's obvious you take pride in what you do! (the only disappointment was that there was no indoor seating and the horseflies outside made it a bit more difficult to eat in peace, but hopefully that'll change soon)

Review №13

BBQ and the setting at this location is great. very delicious. this place has a nice atmosphere.

Review №14

Best BBQ Place I have visited in San Antonio. Brisket and their jalapeno cheese sausage are my go to. Their brisket tacos are also fire!

Review №15

We came pretty late on a saturday and they actually still had a good selection. I had one pulled pork taco and one brisket taco and they were both delicious and juicy. Someone else got pulled pork plate and another had the brisket plate, both looked delicious but I will say the brisket looks more marbled and that's not for everybody, but it was flavorful and good. The person with brisket said it was some of the best they've had! The one thing that wasnt so pleasing/was shocking to me was that they actually ran out of barbeque sauce!! I would think they could make a lot of that ahead of time, unlike the actual food that takes a long time to prepare and cook just right. It was a bit unfortunate as you would think a bbq place would always have bbq sauce. Also our rice was a little over done/dry but still flavorful so I'll have to try it again and go earlier in the day. We had the tater tot casserole too and that was delicious. I tried some of the vinegar slaw which was really good but you definitely have to be ready for the vinegar flavor! Service was great and they have made online ordering and curbside a breeze during the pandemic!

Review №16

Great food and Awesome service . Ribs are top shelf as well as brisket and sausage and sides are AWESOME GREAT place to dine out and to go..

Review №17

Sooo good the corn is the best creamed corn I ever had! Jalapeño cheese sausage was perfectly chewy, and brisket is fatty, melts in your mouth. Overall amazing bbq place w/ great COVID regulations (u order online and they bring it out to u, there's an area outside to eat if you want.)

Review №18

Come Here!!! How in the heck did I miss this place. Diamond in the rough. Don't let the exterior of the building fool you. Ribs are to die for, brisket is flavorful and tasty. Corn is like something from a street cart!! Mustard potato salad needed something else wasn't quite there and tortillas were cold but it won't stop me from coming back. Definitely coming back. Military gets 10% off.

Review №19

The brisket was really good, moist and tender. Taste was perfect. South BBQ is so good that they run out fast. They have a great variety of things on the menu and tasty sides, just need to get there before they run out. This place is definitely a multiple visit type of bbq spot in order to try the full menu. Good amount of space and the staff is super friendly. Great BBQ in south SA.

Review №20

: 1.Brisket very tender, not too much fat, give it. 4.2 out 52. The beans may be the best I have ever had. 5 out of 5.3. No wait, fast friendly service.4. The BBQ sauce is great but very similar to rudys, more peppers here though. 4.5 out of 55. Free Alamo beer, 1 per person. 1. Sold out of all other meats by 2 pm on Sunday and some sides.2. Atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired. Would love for it to have more of a local feel.3. Needs a new front door, like a commercial door you can simply push open instead of a no window front door with a knob. Tight fit to get in and out.4. No paper towels in restroom, drives me nuts. The hand dryer is way too high for kids.5. Outdoor area has lots of promise but seems like an after thought. Ad some fake grass and a play area for kids and more umbrellas and be a huge hit.

Review №21

Have smelled the cooking last few months when I play the golf course across the street. Decided to try after golf today. Nice wide open porch with tables greet you. As soon as you walk in, your at the order window. I had brisket and chicken, Spanish rice and tea. Brisket was good, tore apart with just a fork. Had a good bark and smoke ring. Was very tasty. Chicken was good once you got into the meat. The was a pepper flavor that had quite a kick to it. Picnic table seating inside. Overall, glad I tried it, recommend you try it

Review №22

Always on point. The Q is fantastic! And that creamed elote corn

Review №23

Brisket was really good. Falls apart trying to get it onto your plate. Service was good as it was curb site

Review №24

I don't think we've been to a more AWESOME restaurant! The health rating was an A/100 which it definitely showed, it was very clean inside and outside was the same. Brisket, sausage, German potato salad and BBQ sauce were A+. Coopers BBQ has always been #1 on my list of BBQ in my home state. South BBQ has put a rival on my list, now I have somewhere close to eat delicious brisket!!

Review №25

BBQ, super good. i love snacking here. kinda of like a cafe in phoenix that i enjoyed.

Review №26

BBQ and the setting here is better than most. Stopped in on a Tuesday. This place has an awesome feel to it.

Review №27

Bbq at this spot - very tasty. Definitely one of the best places in the area. The bill was fair.

Review №28

The pork ribs are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! The brisket is good, too. Did I mention that the pork ribs are GREAT? Not too excited about the sides, but I have not tried them all yet.

Review №29

Outstanding spot for delicious BBQ. Visited on Sat I believe. The service was friendly and observant.

Review №30

Highly recommend. But get in early so you can pick the bbq you want. They sold out of pulled pork and chicken legs within an hr of opening! Great good. Great vibes.

Review №31

Their BBQ was delicious, the brisket was so moist and tender, perfect seasoning and smoke. Pulled pork and ribs were amazing too. Brisket is the star but their sides were on point. Excellent service to boot.

Review №32

One of my fav spots for tasty BBQ. The staff was very friendly and attentive.

Review №33

Good Texas Craft BBQ a newcomer to the San Antonio scene. The choice brisket was very good with nice bark , thick smoke ring and an even flavor. The St Louis Ribs are the same with the right level of rub and fall of the bone tender. The chicken was tender with a full flavor but the skin was way to tuff to eat. The sides are definitely worth while with the beans, potato casserole, and green beans.

Review №34

Definitely a bit pricey and they don't do quarter pounds. The meat quality is supreme! I got the half pound brisket, and man do I feel stuffed. I also tried some of the pulled pork and that was amazing. The only issue I had were that the sides and sauces being too sour for my taste. When they say tangy BBQ sauce, they mean mouth-puckering tangy! I guess it's there to cut back on the rich and fatty smoked meats, but I think it's way too much acid. Still recommend it!

Review №35

Fine location for delicious bbq. came here on a friday i think.

Review №36

Great - Ribs, Borracho beans, Jalapeno/Cheese sausage. Very good - Brisket & Loaded tater tot potato salad. Not so good - Little plastic utensils & no beer for sale (though BYO is allowed, so this could be seen as a positive if you know ahead of time)

Review №37

We love the food there but never no answer. It's hard enough to find really good bbq w out going outside the skirts of s.a but this thing about youl never answering or running out of food at 1 or 2 is ridiculous. Sorry not sorry now we go elsewhere. You let us down several times

Review №38

Great find! Was in San Antonio for the weekend and took a chance after hitting up the San Jose mission. Got there at 11:30 and people were already coming out with to go orders and eating inside....Always a hood sign. GREAT ribs! Perfect cook, just enough smoke and nice balanced rub. I'm not a huge brisket fan, but after having theirs...I am NOW! Great flavor, perfectly cooked and not greasy like I've had elsewhere (Franklins...). HIHGLY recommend hitting this place up! I will definitely be back!

Review №39

This place is awesome. Awesome Service...The Brisket is So good I forgot to use the BBQ sauce ....I will be back

Review №40

First off, the gentleman at the counter was extremely nice. Food came out quick, hot, and most important it tastes delicious! Great smoke flavor. Didn't need sauce whatsoever.

Review №41

Food was delicious, everything was made from scratch and it shows. Rice and beans were amazing and the marbled brisket was very tender and juicy. We got there at what we thought was early being that opened at 11am and we got there about 130pm and they had already run out of some things. Being that it was our first time trying this place they accommodated our order with some substitutions and it didnt disappoint. We will be back for sure to try the things we missed out on and maybe stay for dessert.

Review №42

My fav place for quality BBQ. The service here is attentive.

Review №43

Everything was flavorful. Sides were great, but the meats were all on the dry side. A bit disappointing that they don't offer plates - brisket and ribs are by the pound with a half pound minimum. So constructing a two-side brisket plate will set you back $16. Probably best to go with a group and order family style.The decor is simple and the place was clean, but not much "atmosphere." Hopefully the guy taking our order was having a bad day. He wasn't rude but he could use some customer service lessons.I will be trying this a place again because of the flavor profiles of the sides and meats. If the brisket is juicier next time, I can overlook the other shortcomings.

Review №44

I had a friend recommend this place, and they are pretty picky about their BBQ so i made it a point to try it and was very pleased. I would highly recommend it not only for the food itself but the service. They were pretty busy when we walked in and still managed to make us feel like we were the only ones in the place.

Review №45

First of all the staff and owners made the experience here!I am from Washington State and was in San Antonio for a convention. It was my intention to come to Texas, for my first time, and have the famed BBQ.South BBQ was the spot we chose and was definitely worth it. First we got a 1.25lbs of ribs, and the vinegar Cole Slaw.the meat was cooked to perfection, the Cole slaw tangy. The BBQ sauce was the bomb, I know because I love BBQ sauce.To top the experience off the Carmelo was a doll and quite the gentleman. Andrew (who I think was one of the owners) showed me thier BBQ pit set up and even let me go to the kitchen to get up close and see how everything was done.All in all it was definitely my favorite place, and likely will be the only place I'll go in the future.

Review №46

Dry rub tough ribs and crunchy Spanish rice. Nice people. BBQ sauce was hard to get out of the bottle. Wasn't very good either. I hear the brisket is outstanding, but they didn't have any at 2pm. Must be awesome.

Review №47

First time here today and it was awesome. I was impressed with the flavors of everything I had. The brisket was flavorful and tender. I had creamed elote and tater tot casserole on the side. Both were awesome! My plate was served with homemade tortillas as well. Can't beat that. I will definitely be going back.

Review №48

This place was recommended by a friend, finally got to try it today. Just south of downtown by the Riverside golf course. Easy to find with a good amount of parking available. Tried the brisket, ribs, chicken, and links. Brisket was nice and juicy. Ribs were delicious, and fall off the bone. Had a few sides too including potato salad, rice, and cream corn. It was a great experience. Service was fantastic too. Very helpful and friendly. Will be back.

Review №49

Excellent Brisket - among the top of what I have tasted in San Antonio. Moist, flavorful, slightly marbled. Great for keto. A bit pricey for a half a pound but worth it to me when this tasty. Friendly service. Great job!

Review №50

Pretty darn impressed with the sides!! A twist to your regular bbq. We loved it! It is super clean, organized and service is great. Give it a try if you haven't.

Review №51

So dissapointed when I visited South BBQ recently. My first visit, place looks great, nice outdoor dining area, clean inside, food smells great - I'm getting a little excited. Then, standing in line to order - no rice, no potato salad, and no tater tot casserole! Seriously, so the only sides are...beans? It was a non-starter. Didn't even order. We left disappointed...and hungry. Doubt I will ever return.

Review №52

Always on point service and the food is very delicious!!

Review №53

Good amount of food for the price. The portions on the sides are good and have great flavor. The brisket is tasty and juicy and the rub on the bark adds a great compliment to the meat. Great service from the time you order to a smile and thank you when you leave. In all one of the best BBQ spots in town.

Review №54

Great chopped brisket sandwich wife and daughter enjoyed our meal there. Very clean and neat establishment!

Review №55

The food was great, customer service was awesome. Check this place out if you haven't!!

Review №56

Good brisket, great sides.

Review №57

Loved the place, food, atmosphere, service was awesome!!

Review №58

Small place and be careful with parking. But worth going for the brisket, jalapeno sausage, and corn. Will be back to try the chicken and ribs.

Review №59

Love this place, I just so happened to be on this side of town and stumbled upon this place. Great food, nice vibe, and friendly personnels especially cashier.The brisket is delicious !

Review №60

Best BBQ joint in San Antonio. Best meats. The best sides. The best music. I just wish it was open 7 days a week

Review №61

Always scary to try somewhere new, but every time I drove by it smelt so good. Today I tried it and was amazed. Only had the brisket and a link. Very flavorful. Next time I'll try something else. A must try place.

Review №62

This place never disappoints!! Great BBQ!! Definitely recommend this place.

Review №63

Smoky goodness you pay for the quality and the quality speaks for its self. A hidden gem on south side and well worth the trip to try some awesome bbq keep up the good work guys

Review №64

The food is incredible! I don't think I have ever had brisket that tender.

Review №65

This place was great! The brisket was delicious the elote was very tasty. The staff are very friendly and accommodating.

Review №66

Fantastic BBQ spot!!We visited per a recommendation from our Airbnb host and it was the best suggestion we got all weekend! Probably the most amazing BBQ we have ever eaten. Our pulled pork sandwich was so good, we ate it and then went back in and ordered another one to take with us.The staff was super friendly too. They appreciated how much we liked the sandwiches and got to know us a little better before loading up our second sandwich even more.Thanks South BBQ & Kitchen for making San Antonio that much more enjoyable!

Review №67

I have gone to South's many times. Every time I have gone the food has been awesome. From the great brisket, the awesome rice and even better tator tot casserole this place is one of the best BBQ places in town. In addition to the great food the staff is great and South's is always clean and well taken care of when dining in. Again if you want great BBQ Souths BBQ & Kitchen is that place!

Review №68

I'm not much of a BBQ kinda gal but my husband wanted to try something new. I do not regret it one bit. Everything was so tender and flavorful. From main dish to side dish, you can't go wrong here. It is a bit hidden but a must to find. Staff was friendly and made you feel welcomed. A definite repeat for us!! Make sure to visit, you won't regret it.

Review №69

Amazing BBQ joint. Place was extremely clean on the inside and you can see directly where everything is made through the serving window. We got the pulled pork and brisket sandwiches and they were top notch. The meat was so moist and not dry, full of flavor. The pickels on the sandwiches were homemade and you can tell right off the bat too! The BBQ sauce is unique, has a very distinct starting flavor but is one of the best I have ever had. I can't remember his name but the man who took my order was beyond polite and really made me feel at home. Addressed me by my name the whole time and then after I finished my food, I went back up to get a to-go order and he still called me by my name without asking again. That is top notch service and will definitely be going again and I hope everyone who reads this will try this place out! By the way the food service was fast!!!

Review №70

Real good BBQ and tortillas. Only draw back is you leave smelling like BBQ, but real good BBQ.

Review №71

The BBQ is very good. Taste's the same as every other BBQ joint. But way overpriced!! Most BBQ places serve a sandwich or entree with two sides included in the price. Not here! 8.00 for a chopped meat sandwich and they consider the pickles on the sandwich a plus. Sides are a la cart'. Between three two six dollars for a half cup or cup of side items. A drink is 2.50. Cafeteria style seating. We paid 27.00 for two chopped beef sanwiches, two sides ( extra) and two drinks. Other customers paid 34.00 for same order. Fortunately, we had a free sandwich coupon. Be ready to spend at this place.

Review №72

Atmosphere was good. The indoor seating gets smoky but outside there is plenty of space. The food is great but the chicken is a little dry. Or maybe it was too close to the end of the day. The success are great and the banana bread pudding wad killer! Definitely going back

Review №73

Great little bbq place. Always been good food but have now added a plate and tacos to the menu which ate nice lunch options.

Review №74

Everything was really really good brisket is very flavorful the pull pork was very good and flavorful sausage was great. Definitely coming back

Review №75

Everything here is absolutely delicious. From the brisket, susage to the sides! The sides! My gosh!! Be ready for food coma to kick in.

Review №76

From Ohio, we asked where to go for BBQ and were directed here. We tried over half of the menu and most definitely were not disappointed. The pulled pork, ribs, and brisket were cooked to perfection and tasteful, not to mention the sides were extremely flavorful. So, so good! And last, the staff was very friendly and accommodating. Would recommend 100%

Review №77

This place is a hidden gem! The BBQ was amazing!!! I also likedthe local interpretation of the side dishes. The spicy elote and tortillas were so good!

Review №78

Excellent juicy brisket! Also enjoyed the German potato salad, rice and garlic green onions. Even the sweet tea was great! Overall this place is super clean and we will definitely return

Review №79

Best bbq in satx.

Review №80

5 star bbq.... indeedBrisket is so tender and cooked to perfection and ribs meat literlly falls off the bone ...Great tasting bbq !!Service was awesome.I definitely will comeback soon !!

Review №81

Great place. Had the pulled pork sandwich combo. Highly reccomend.

Review №82

Nothing to say, except that it's the best food I ate and the atmosphere is nice. Love it and really recommend it to everyone

Review №83

Our new favorite bbq hot spot

Review №84

We are from San Antonio, but love to try all of the BBQ spots in town. South BBQ did not disappoint and I would put it in my top 3! First of all, the staff was amazing. They make you feel so welcome and genuinely were interested in getting to know you as a customer. Second, the meat and sides were outstanding. Yes, it may not look like a ton of brisket for what you are paying, but the slices are huge so all you really need is 1 slice anyways. We ordered 1/2 pound for 2 and it was plenty and we had leftovers. The ribs and sausage were great as well! I personal am a sides person. South's sides are unique but tasty. Tater tot casserole?? Yes please! I loved their twist on the traditional “cream corn”, it was a mix of cream corn and corn in a cup. We finished with some home made banana pudding Overall, our experience was great and we will make the long trek across town to come back.

Review №85

Get this place a bigger icon on the map so they don't get overlooked. These folks are slinging top notch BBQ with amazing sides. Will visit again and again

Review №86

I have been trying to get to this place. Well I made it in on Wed. I had the brisket and a side of cole slaw. The brisket was great. Now I need to go back and try the ribs and the chicken. It might be a bit out of the way but it is worth the trip. I will be back for more.

Review №87

It was my first time to visit this restaurant, and I ordered the Brisket Sandwich and it was a good size order for the price. It was very good, delicious & very filling. I will be returning to try some of the other items in their menu.

Review №88

South Texas bbq done right! Original flavor and great service! Will be coming back here for sure!

Review №89

Best BBQ is San Antonio! Brisket was super tender and delicious!!!! All the sides were really good and the customer service was great!

Review №90

This hidden gem is worth the drive! They do not serve alcohol but there is self serve water and tea. The side portions are generous, so much that we have left overs. The ribs are a tad spicy and they fall right off the bone...YUM. We tried the brisket on separate occasions and all times it was moist and seasoned well. This is worth checking out.

Review №91

Fast service and good food. Lunch for two was $27.00 with a tip ... Lots of food.

Review №92

I ordered on grub hub which they was late but this restaurant i called to see about my order they was outta brisket so he said he gon substitute my order well i got 3 ribs no bread no bbq sauce no hot sauce no pickles no onions like thanks alot n then the ribs full of pepper big time smh n prayers up oh lord helpem never will i eat here or recommend any one for establishment uuugghh but banana pudding was awesome though

Review №93

Little place off the main roads with great BBQ. The BBQ doesn't look impressive - looks like other BBQ - but it is tasty. Great mix of spices in everything. Ribs, chicken, potato salad, beans...all of it. If that weren't enough - one free can of beer for each customer! If you're in town, swing by this place.

Review №94

Most delicious BBQ, Tangy sauce. Worth every penny. All there sides taste homemade. Yummy will be returning over and over.Oh forgot to mention get there early they run out quick.

Review №95

Better than Bill-Miller and definitely more "mom and pop" than other places around town. Price is not bad and the staff is very friendly. Located not far from the Missions, for a nice sobering walk after all that pulled pork. The brisket is "get the fμ@$ outta here hella good!! Will be recommending this one to all my friends and family.

Review №96

Great BBQRibs were Delicious, meat just fell off the bone. Sausage was excellent.Very Clean Place-very importantRelaxed AtmosphereI will definitely come back for more.

Review №97

Awesome place for is delicious and the service was great!!! Will definitely be back

Review №98

The meats are excellent. The brisket is so tender it falls apart in your fingers. The sausage was delicious also. And the tater tot casserole is a must try for a side dish. You have to get there early though. They only stay open til they run out of meat. Well worth the price of $20 per pound for brisket. You should definitely make a trip to the Southside and check it out.

Review №99

Soooo good and delicious! First time coming to eat there! Friendly service. Loved the brisket, the ribs, and the different sides we ordered! Recommend to all meat lovers.

Review №100

This is my third time going to South BBQ & Kitchen I recommended to my brother and he enjoyed brisket and so did I baby good brisket I recommended to everyone you have two choices is it inside or at the patio for ticket home pretty good place

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:2011 Mission Rd, San Antonio, TX 78214, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-437-0070
  • Barbecue restaurant
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  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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