True Texas BBQ
17238 Bulverde Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247, United States
Review №1

This BBQ is so good! We were a little skeptical at first because it's from HEB grocery store. However, we are never disappointed by the food. The brisket (love the fatty) is great, the lemonade too. We have been there several times, most times they get our order wrong. But other than that they correct it no problem and the food is great!

Review №2

This place is the best BBQ place I've been to -hands down....!!! It's like the towns gem! My friend took me here, and it's the best BBQ place I've ever had! My favorite us the BBQ chicken! The corn bread with the honey butter is amazing! The sweet BBQ sauce is amazing!! I mean the drinks are awesome as well.... The desserts awesome! The tea is amazing. Anything HEB does is amazing. They can basically reinvent anything and it's just exactly the way it should taste or better! Hands down best BBQ in town!!!

Review №3

Omg! Who would of thought that amazingly great smoked BBQ brisket would come from an HEB. Wow. I picked up 2 pounds of brisket and it was amazing. Good bark, and smoke ring. My family and I truly loved it. We will definitely be back.

Review №4

This is a little similar to Rudy's but not quite as good. Very convenient so you don't shop hungry. Desserts are pretty good!

Review №5

Yum, yum. Being a amateur smoker myself, I appreciated the juicy, fall-apart texture of the meat. I felt it was slight over prepared with pepper before smoking. The meat would have been great in and of itself. For what would be a small side place if an HEB, this was a great place to go for slow and long smoked meats. I saw after I had order the great big dinosaur beef rib. I can't wait to come back and try that !

Review №6

Bbq, mmm, excellent. The food was super appetizing. The staff was friendly and observant. This place has good reviews for a reason.

Review №7

You would be suprised how good the BBQ is here. I'd definitely recommend you give it a shot

Review №8

We put in a large order for lunch, everything was great until we found a band-aid in the food. We will never eat there again.

Review №9

Dont advertise it on the menu as a special offer if you dont have the correct bread in stock or the special sauce. Showed up before noon and they were already making excuses. Really good bbq but management of the facility leaves MUCH to be desired

Review №10

I ordered the large brisket sandwich. It's enough meat to make two sandwiches! Very tasty brisket.

Review №11

The service is friendly and quick, and the food is amazing! If you've never had their chopped brisket baked potato, you're missing out. It's delightful and filling. Try it!

Review №12

Was told by a friend to give this place a try. Had a free evening decided to do it. It's attached to a large grocery store here in town can smell the barbecue from the parking lot when you got out of your car. Not a long line for a Saturday night.there is inside and outside seating at this location. A large menu to choose from. Unfortunately I wanted sausage and they were already out at 7 p.m. on a Saturday night. Settle for brisket turkey mac and cheese. Both of meats were very tasty, the seasoning on both were very good. You really did not need a knife to cut the meat. A fork was just fine as it fell apart off the fork. I will give this location another try to to sample other items. I recommend this location for you to try for lunch or dinner.

Review №13

Very surprised at the quality of BBQ from a grocery store! In San Antonio for business and went with a local, liked it so much we had lunch at the same store three more times. Manager was also very nice and gave us a tour of kitchen and smoker. Strongly recommend.

Review №14

If you've shopped at this HEB then you've smelled True Texas BBQ. Don't be afraid to succumb folks! True Texas BBQ ain't playing! At the very least not when it comes to the beef ribs served up on Fridays after 5pm. These are the biggest, absolute juiciest, tenderest, most fall off the bonliest beef ribs this side o' the Mason-Dixon. Did I mention biggest? Their $20/rib price tag is money well spent in the name of sweet BBQ gluttony. C'est bon!

Review №15

I'm sad to give this review to this great bbq place. Is not because of the food but for the service your associate provided. First of all Cara was dry, she seemed like you forced her to be at the register working at night. I asked her if she still had baked potatoes and she just looked at us, so I repeated my self again and she said nothing, so I guess the third is a charm and she responded that's a good question and left to the back. So here it goes placing the order, same as before when I had a simple question (because your baked potatoes are awesome, you guys run out quick!) we had to repeat of order 3 times. And then she asked me for my receipt after paying and I couldn't find it and she just continue to look at me, and then when I finally found it she walked away. So I went and asked her if she still needed and she said no I don't need it! H‑E‑B please make sure that you hire people that wants to work and not just another mediocre employee that can affect your customer service!!!

Review №16

Brisket and pulled pork are amazing. I honestly don't think heb knows how to do something wrong. Great bbq at a decent price. Good portions for what you pay. Very quick!

Review №17

OMG!! This was delicious! I had the 3 meat plate and couldn't even finish it all. I will definitely come back and try other items on their menu.

Review №18

Some of the best turkey and brisket in town. Don't forget to try the brisket beans.

Review №19

This is truly a gem. Amazing smoked flavor, some of the best brisket I've ever had. Wish they put more meat on the plate, but the quality of the beef is astounding, seasoned just right, and even the lean brisket is tender enough to cut it with a fork. The two bbq sauces are phenomenal, and pair well with the meat.Sausage is pretty good, as was the macaroni and cheese. Cornbread is good, but made even better with the honey butter. The best side I've had so far is the brisket beans, but haven't tried all of them yet. It will be hard not to get the beans again next time.Soda machine offers a couple flavors from a brand I didn't recognize, root beer and an (agave?) cream soda, which was a nice change from the usual restaurant fountains. And of course, chewable ice is always the best.You'll forget you're at the front of a grocery store while you're in here. Definitely coming back, and bringing more friends. Wish my HEB had one of these.

Review №20

Came into town and tried True Texas BBQ. Was not impressed with amount of meat on brisket sandwich. It looked like a small mcdonalds burger. Needs work.

Review №21

Needed a couple of family packs for wife's 40th and Matt and his crew came through big time. Much appreciated, the food was delicious and nothing was left over. Great job and great bbq!!!!

Review №22

Been meaning to try this place, well, we finally went. We had the baked potato with brisket, fully loaded. Also had the one meat plate, it had burnt end brisket, (I asked for the burnt ends). Cream corn was tasty and the potato salad was good. Can't wait to go back to try more from the menu.You can fill up a growler there, we got there for $1 pint night.We came back, she love the loaded potatoe, I got the two meat plate this time. Brisket and turkey, delicious. Had the brisket beans, very good.

Review №23

I am not sure what recently happened to their brisket prep. I love the bbq smoke taste they use to have. I purchased a pound earlier in the week and got home and the flavor is no longer the same. I will give it one more try but not optimistic. 1604 at Bulverde location.

Review №24

Overpriced, dry, tasteless bbq. Def the McDonald's of bbq and not “True Texas BBQ”

Review №25

Great food! Love the fatty brisket, pulled pork, and sliced turkey! The cream corn is some of the best! Definitely going to try more!

Review №26

Ordered Brisket, Ribs and Chicken in the drive thru. They didn't give us our ribs and we paid for them (verified receipt). The meat we did get was good. Wish they would have given us what we paid for.

Review №27

Just when I thought barbecue couldn't get any better; I tried this place! Amazing! Very delicious! Don't worry barbecue station, you are still my favorite!

Review №28

Tried this place for the first time today. No regrets! Cashier Cory was extremely patient and friendly considering my indecisiveness! I will definitely go back soon.

Review №29

One of the best dry rubs on brisket I've had in a LONG time. The BBQ chicken was really good, moist breast half. Creamy coleslaw, and the brisket beans were like borracho beans with brisket bits in them. I'm sad I didn't take a picture.

Review №30

Great BBQ....service has always been fast and friendly for me. I would rate a little better than Rudy's, which I also love.

Review №31

I would give them five stars, except for the loud country music on all the time. Mix things up a little!The service is very good. Friendly, efficient staff.The food is fresh, good quality, varied (as far as BBQ menus go). I'm able to order low carb/fat meals.And of course, it's convenient. Easy to stop for a meal before grocery shopping, rather than shop hungry and buy too much stuff.

Review №32

We used True Texas BBQ to cater our daughter's wedding. They did a fantastic job! From the first time we met with Amanda at the Bulverde location, we were impressed! Amanda worked with us from the beginning to the end. Always available to answer questions, give suggestions, and share her expertise. We selected the potato bar with two types of meat, macaroni and cheese and a side salad. Many of the guests complimented how amazing the food was. Some even said it was the best they have had at a wedding! Amanda and her catering team were professional, personable, and did the most excellent job. We did not have to worry about anything. The portions were big, the food was fresh and the price was on point! I would recommend True Texas BBQ to anyone. H-E-B, you have an amazing team member in Amanda!

Review №33

I expected so much more for the price. First the drive thru menu was not working so only choices were sandwiches. The sandwiches were smaller than a McDonald's burger and the brisket sandwich was mostly fat. I would honestly like my money back. IT WAS THAT BAD!!!

Review №34

I really enjoyed the BBQ good flavor. I would like to try the ribs next.I was disappointed because I asked for BBQ sauce on the side. I did not get any in my bag.

Review №35

Sandwiches are tiny! A growing man needs extra meat & bigger buns please por favor.

Review №36

"What can I say," I go get groceries and I can go and sit down and have some delicious barbecue at an establishment that is cater to the customer that doesn't mind that it's located in a grocery store.

Review №37

From it's location within the grocery store, you could be forgiven for mistaking True Texas BBQ for anything but the best BBQ in San Antonio. I've lived here for nearly 30 years and eaten at all the local BBQ hot spots, but for me True Texas takes the cake. HEB has done an excellent job. It's clean, inexpensive, and the food is outstanding! I especially like their Natural Turkey Potato loaded with all the extras. Frequently runs out of items late in the day, but literally everything they have is worth eating, so I've never gone hungry here. Worth every calorie!

Review №38

I have to say for a barbecue place this is just okay. the food was very spicy, the drinks from the fountain where off flat. The food was not worth the price. Overall this is not true BBQ as the name says

Review №39

Love this place! Best BBQ I've had since going to Franklin's BBQ in Austin. Everything is great but you must try the turkey!

Review №40

Amazing! I use to love going to Bill Miller's until I was introduced to HEB BBQ.... and well the rest is history!

Review №41

Extremely limited menu. Drive thru had poor service. Sandwich consisted of just one,very fatty, piece of brisket. NOT worth what you pay for it. Don't recommend.

Review №42

Its in my favorite store. H E B. The food is great. One of my favorite stop.

Review №43

The bbq is great! The customer is great! The location for me is great as well!

Review №44

All of the food is amazing! I strongly suggest the chopped-sauced brisket plate with mac and cheese and corn bread

Review №45

I am a little biased being a partner, but I love bbq and the brisket and ribs at True Texas Bbq are sinfully delicious. Also if you're looking for a quick to go, the brisket sandwich with extra pickles always soothes my inner fat boy.

Review №46

The BBQ here is delicious! They also have good potato salad.

Review №47

Great food..great staff

Review №48

One of my favorite BBQ places!! Loaded cornbread is off the chain!!!

Review №49

The boy @ the counter was really nice and helpful. We ordered 3 meat plate (enough for 2 adults) : pulled pork, fatty brisket and ribs (extra $2.something) and a drink ... all came for $20. We loved the taste. Ribs were really falling off the bones, Birsket was moist, but Pulled pork was kinda dry and not so flavorful. About the sides- we had colslaw (good, crunchy) and green beans (didn't like) as they were out of brisket beans. Also liked their BBQ sauces. Ambience was lively and outdoor as well as indoor was very clean.

Review №50

I love their potato and brisket - it's what I usually get, but earlier this evening I was in the mood for brisket nachos. I was pretty bummed out when I got home and saw my order. It seemed like they put very little meat/brisket on the nachos. Plenty of tortilla chips but veryyyy little meat. I was bummed out because I usually have a good experience with this place but for now, I will be giving this place a break.

Review №51

Good selection, love the Turkey and macaroni. Their corn beard has jalapenos in it, so be weary if your not into spicy foods.

Review №52

Delicious specials every month. Stop in for a brew and some barbecue. The Brisket is flavorful, I always opt for the cattier marbled cuts; the chicken is moist as is the turkey. The brisket beans have all the seasonings from the brisket along with chunks of meat and plenty of actual beans. The macaroni and cheese was the only side dish that I wasn't completely satisfied with, but I like my Mac extra cheesy.Pricing is reasonable considering most barbecue restaurants are pricier. The peach cobbler ends every meal delightfully. This is also a perfect stop right before you have to do any grocery shopping so that you're not shopping on an empty stomach.

Review №53

Wanted to try this place out cause they have BBQ baked potatoes and they did not disappoint. The Chicken is finger licking good,burnt ends were delicious,and the bbq chopped brisket potatoe did not disappoint. Cream corn,macaroni,and brisket beans were freaking good too. As the Terminator says,We'll be back

Review №54

Most bbq places dont offer gluten free or low gluten options, much less the staff be knowledgeable. Nathan did a great job at pointing out to my lady who has a severe allergy to wheat, the products and foods she can order. Delicious and awesome food quality. Good ol Texas bbq essence

Review №55

Delicious!! I love the loaded cornbread and their potato salad is delicious.

Review №56

Yummy bbq! I had the chopped beef sandwich and it was so good! The sauce is a bit spicy, so if you are not a spicy lover then ask for it on the side. The coleslaw was amazing. Staff is friendly and it was made quickly too!

Review №57

The barbeque here is better than average and it is conveniently located inside an HEB. There is a nice variety of craft beers on tap. I have seen people line up for the ribs, but I haven't tried them yet. Saving that for another visit.

Review №58

Very VERY disappointed. Prices are outrageous and BBQ briquet was almost all fat hardly any actual meat. This is a bad reflection on HEB. Will never eat here again.

Review №59

Delicious brisket and mac n cheese. Speedy service and free drink refills

Review №60

At least they're consistent. Here's a pic of a little white rubber band in the potato salad. Another time we drove back twice to fix an order. Now we just open everything to check it before we leave. Didn't think to dig around for a rubber band though. Somebody somewhere down the line doesn't care about their job/their mind is on something else. Either way it's going to get someone hurt. It's unfortunate. The food itself is good, they're just bad at serving it.

Review №61

Our favorite barbecue place went downhill recently so we have been looking for years for another new favorite. Every place claims to be the best and offers mediocre barbecue, but not this beautiful, humble little H-E-B deliciousness. This doesn't get pretentious or up in your face with how amazing it is. It just is. You drive by and think, "Ehhh, okay, I'll try it." I've gotten wary of trying new barbecue places because barbecue is, rightfully so, expensive. And inevitably I've been disappointed. Not here. Not by a long shot. Here, I LOVED IT. We RAVED about it. I called the manager and told her I loved it. I promised to leave a review here. This is my new favorite. Thank you, H-E-B! I never expect anything less than decent from H-E-B, but this one was pretty danged mind-blowing. TRY THEIR TURKEY! Even if you don't usually like turkey, you will LOVE it. Great great great!

Review №62

A few months ago, I had an issue with the serving size of ribs I received. I left a review and I was contacted by the company not long after to make amends. On 2/7/20 around 7:00 in the evening, I decided to give this location another try; I was met with the same issue as before. There's no way that these small ribs I received we're worth $20. I've received a far better serving of ribs from this very same location. I took a picture of my order but it seems I can't post pictures along with the review. As much as I like the food here, I don't think I'll be spending my money here in the future. This seems to happen way too often. If the ribs are smaller, you should give the customer a fair sharing.

Review №63

The best BBQ ribs I've had in Texas thus far.... Big fat juicy ribs..... greens beans bland but good... they were out of coleslaw...their red potato salad was a good even though prepackaged.. Had sausage too... It was a little dry ....i saved it to reheat to eat later .... it had good flavor when i pan grilled it... Girl behind the counter was super helpful as it was my first time...they also had cream soda and rootbeer on tap.... Yum.... Definitely a go back place

Review №64

Love this BBQ! Today we just had Pork Ribs. They were fall off the bone super tender! I had the beans and potato salad. Norma had the creamed corn and Mac and cheese. My sides went home hardly untouched because Norma's two were so good. Even still her take home we still full! Fabulous!

Review №65

Horrible drive thru service tonight. Very disappointed.

Review №66

Its was just that, ok. I expected better considering all the work I heard it took to make the perfect tortillas and carne. The barbacoa and verde sauce was actually really good. The carne guasada was decent and the beef fajita... well I wouldn't order it again. I am typically all about HEB, but this place let me down.

Review №67

Service was good and their chicken and turkey were very tender and flavorful. Needed more flavor to the potato salad, maybe some sweet pickle. And Bill Miller has their green beans beat hands down.

Review №68

Oh it's good. Brisket is nicely done (and available in lean or fatty), turkey is fantastic, and the ribs are delicious. The brisket beans and green beans are also on point, the potato salad is hit or miss; sometimes there's a bit too much mayo - but it's all good.It's inside an HEB, and there were several employees in line - says it all. Go there, you'll like it!

Review №69

Excellent BBQ and sides! Grand slam for H-E-B! Good dining area that is far better than the Potranco location on the West side of San Antonio!

Review №70

Loved the 2 meat plate with lean briquet and turkey. Mac & cheese was creamy and tasty. cream corn was slightly over peppered for my taste, but has good overall flavor.

Review №71

Bbq was really good! Super reasonable pricing also for quite a lot of food. Good selection of beers on tap.

Review №72

Went here for lunch expecting Bill Miller's quality and hoping for Rudy's quality. What I got far exceeded my expectations. Wow! The brisket was served with 1/4-3/4 slices, had great bark, cooked perfectly, and cut like butter. Even the meat from the flat was moist. My wife and I agree that we'll start coming here more often. Outside of brisket we had turkey and sausage. The turkey was moist and the sausage was solid. The sides were ok but the meat was great. Definitely a fan!

Review №73

Oh my, when you leave you will be so full of great food!! This is the 2 meat plate which is an awesome deal!!

Review №74

Food was awesome! Loved the brisket sandwich. The sides were very tasty too. I especially liked the creamed corn and peach cobbler. Others in our party liked the Mac and cheese very much too. The atmosphere is nice and we really enjoyed the trivia happening on Thursday nights.The service was only mediocre. We asked for dine in but our order was prepared for take out, not a big deal but meant we had to unpack it and it led to more waste. The guy at the counter also got our order wrong. We had asked for 2 CHOPPED brisket and 1 SLICED brisket sandwiches but he heard all sliced. Again this wasn't a big deal as the sliced brisket sandwich was absolutely delicious. So why did I give 5 stars? Because the food was that good! I'll be back on a Friday to try the beef rib!

Review №75

Food is good flavor wise but portions are really, really small and pricey. I was not impressed by their graduation package at all

Review №76

Ate here only 2-3 times but it's always great. Their pulled pork is a little greasy but still so good. Their frito pie is easily my favorite though.

Review №77

I must say, who would have known unless you stop by and try the HEB bbque on 1604 n bulverde. It's a must have the ribs are the best I have treated to date. Beats out, in my opinion the local places. Wow the ribs were good.

Review №78

The atmosphere is in-line with most new BBQ restaurants, make it new to look old, no real authentic decor. Be prepared to have people with their shopping carts bang into you and have a decent walk to the bathrooms as they are in the store (none in the restaurant).I spent 12 minutes waiting in line to order at 1 PM, only one register open and 25 people in line. Ordered the $10 sliced sausage combo with a side and a drink (a bit pricey compared to other BBQ spots). The bread on the sandwich was a cheap Hillcountry Fair hamburger bun which decintegrated under the weight of the meat and sauce I ended up eating the sandwich with a fork because there weren't enough napkins to clean up all the sauce dripping through the bun onto my hands. The meat portion was good though the casing on the sausage was akin to chewing through thick plastic film. The casing was so tough that it broke the plastic fork I was using to eat it with. As for taste, the meat had no smoked flavor and seemed as though it were baked in an oven. Now for the good, the mac-n-cheese was creamy and delicious. The portion size was good and once the order was placed the food came out quickly. Hopefully HEB will figure this BBQ thing out quickly.

Review №79

Texas Bbq catered for my daughter's wedding. I must say Amanda and her team did an AMAZING job!! Very professional! Got great compliments. Brisket was off the hook!! Kudos Amanda for making it a great experience, especially for the Bride and Groom!! Urquidez Wedding 2019!!

Review №80

This place is literally ALWAYS out of food and the staff is unapologetic and at times, almost pleased to deliver the news. I understand being out of the meat that needs to smoke for hours, but chicken, sausage, and sides? The other day the employee says welcome to True Texas. We are currently out of chicken, cole slaw, corn, and corn bread. Really? I decided not to go anymore. I'm tired of being disappointed.

Review №81

Very, Very expensive menu. This place is more hype than taste. Very small portions for a very hefty price, for example, $15.00 for a sandwich is way to pricey to not include a drink or sides, especially after laying down a couple hundred bucks on groceries. Service was way to robotic and mechanical, the staff seemed very cold and stand offish (killed the ambiance right of the bat). I hope prices are lowered, quality of food improved and staff trained in "hospitality" even the HEB crew stocking the shelves in the store were more courteous and hospitable. We were so disappointed. Please improve!

Review №82

Food was bland, overpriced, underwhelming. The turkey was the one thing I liked. Juicy and flavorful. However most everything lacks salt and just tastes of bland meat. The sausage casing is so tough I couldn't actually chew it. Would not recommend this place at all.

Review №83

When I needed party-sized sides at the last minute True Texas BBQ came through. What can speak more highly of the food than that it was all consumed before the party ended? I appreciated the employees who took good care of me while I waited and made certain to bring it out to me, packaged and labeled and ready to go, as soon as it was prepared.

Review №84

Don't be fooled by the location....attached to a HEB!?!?!?!I have yet to experience a letdown with various plates tried.Even the lean brisket is a solid choice.I could go on & on but I simply encourage you to try it.

Review №85

There should be a 10 star option. The ribs here are so good, make me wanna slap yo momma! Everything is great. Ive gone to several places for corn in a cup, and this place has perfected that too. Sometimes, my daughter and i, will go there for just the corn. I literally salivate at the smell of their meats, im like trained.

Review №86

We love the BBQ here more than the normal restaurants in town. Even more than Rudy's. The turkey is our favorite and the macaroni and cheese is out of this world. Also it's nice to be able to eat and get your shopping done at the same time. Definitely a must visit!

Review №87

I priviously gave this place great reviews as the food is pretty good every time we come but its almost as they force you to get something new each time. being out of items on the menu from baked potatos to brisket every time we have had a craving for some good bbq near us we come here.

Review №88

Food was excellent for the first time out. Only negative was that the ice machine was out of service. And no one mentioned it so ppl kept going to check for ice and then had to get it at the counter. Cashier could have just mentioned it from the start. Small item I know but irksome. Still good atmosphere and everything else was pretty good. I'll be back for a second try.

Review №89

Sweet tea and brisket beans yummm

Review №90

Fatty brisket is amazing, the side salad is of far better quality than most any side salad ive ever had. Ive been here many times and i havent had a bad experience yet

Review №91

Good bbq. Good drinks also. Nice atmosphere

Review №92

Right inside the HEB. It's absolutely wonderful the best bbq I've ever had. Good portions sizes.

Review №93

Cory and Eileen gave an amazing service

Review №94

It definitely not true BBQ, brisket has no flavor and dry I even ordered the fatty portion. My girlfriend had the pull pork nothing to talked about. It's a bit pricey for a not at all good food. Will not eat there again.

Review №95

Ordered 3 meat plate and when I got home only received 2 of the 3 meats. However, when I called, they offered to completely remake the meal, at my convenience! Great customer service and the food is great too!!

Review №96 was just okay. A bit overpriced, in my opinion, for just being mediocre. If anyone from H-E-B reads this, I'd like to recommend adding more flavor to your potato salad because it's very bland and way too chunky for my taste.

Review №97

Can't believe this authentic bbq is hidden in a HEB, well kept secret on the far northeast side of town. Ribs fall off the bone with a nice smoked crust. Brisket is flavorful tender with nice fat ratio. Sausage is good and on par with other bbq joints. Cornbread is southern for sure! If you try it and don't like it you must not like Texas BBQ. I'll go out of my way for those ribs, best I had in 2 years!

Review №98

Surprisingly good! Ribs had good flavor and tender. Brisket was moist and good smokey flavor to bark. Sausage was not good but 2 out of 3 not bad.

Review №99

Not impressed, kind of pricey for the portion you get. Brisket really had no flavor, sausage was dry and casing was tough.

Review №100

Mother n law brought me a plate from here. Brisket and chicken were A1. From someone who smokes his own Q, this was outstanding. Brisket had a great bark and everything was seasoned and smoked perfect. Wasnt a fan of the green beans, but would eat here every week if it was closer. Great food

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