Two Bros. BBQ Market
12656 West Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
Review №1

Simple yet confusing. Ordered small amount of brisket, rib, and sausage link. Food tasted great but might have tasted better if it was as warm as if it just came off the grill. Good sauces.

Review №2

Was my 1st time trying the place. So I asked a few coworkers if they would be interested in trying it with. 4 of us ordered the BIG BRO...AND ITS NAME IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! this sandwich is WELL WORTH THE COST! Brisket, pulled pork, sausage, coleslaw with a dash of their signature sauce. Every bite was worth the chore of eating all that meat...great flavor, cooked to perfection and definitely will fill you matter how big you are. And it allows you to sample each of their product. Some had just the brisket and definitely no complaints from them either. But for me..i definitely recommend the BIG won't regret it...except for maybe feeling really full...but satisfied...enjoy.

Review №3

Haven't ate here in quite awhile...It doesn't disappoint at all, even in the slightest. If you want some authentic BBQ and a great San Antonio local fare! Unlike some other BBQ places--how can you call it BBQ if there's no smoke coming from it? Well, Two Brothers definitely is authentic, smoke and all!And, the cobbler is to die for! Never had strawberry cobbler this good!!!

Review №4

We went got the $10.00 brisket and got a whole lot of nothing. Brisket was not bad little dry. The sauce is something else. Out of the 3 sauces u get. Chock flavor, dumpster juice with light jell-o flavor. Try this place out. We going to have to go back buy that 1st sauce is like from Italy. Really the brisket didn't need sauce. We drink bbq sauce like shots after eat bbq

Review №5

We went as a party of four and ordered a family package it was so much food it could feed maybe nine hungry people the Cherry ribs were delicious the blueberry cobbler was very good all of the sides were good the beans were good the sauce is good the atmosphere was nice and clean this is a place that I am going to be visiting more often thank you two Bros

Review №6

I had the brisket and it was amazing Was not a fan of the BBQ sauce, but it didn't need it. Brisket was so tender flavor was awesome. They have this macaroni and Brisket (i didn't order) my co workers said it was delicious. Definitely will be going back with my family and telling my friends.

Review №7

Fatty brisket wasn't flavorful. It wasn't well seasoned or fall apart tender. The fat was rendered, but parts of the meat wasn't moist. The sausage was great. The casing had a good snap. The potato salad was good, just needed a touch of salt for personal taste. The beans were ok, but nothing amazing. The ribs were good, but nothing I would tell others to try. They were moist, but flavor wise weren't knock my socks off. I could get hints of cherry. The blueberry cobbler was delicious and a huge portion! The sauces are good if you're into that. Social distance procedures are great, they take good care to keep everyone safe.I came back to try them again to compare them to Blacks and Coopers in New Braunfels, but they do not compare at all. Maybe the brisket was pulled too early, but I'm disappointed as I had a great experience about a year ago.

Review №8

We love this place! The customer service is always good. We like to get the smoked turkey every time. They give you a good amount of food for a really good price!

Review №9

I was very excited to try this place, but I'm sorry it was not worth the price.. I first encountered a rude young guy taking the orders.. didn't seem like he knew what he was doing.. they ran out of chicken and only wanted to give a sausage to replace it.. the brisket didn't have flavor.. very wet white brisket, almost looked like it was boiled. The ribs were extremely hard and dry. Mac and cheese was good. Also the sausage was good. Very rude staff.. I didn't even want to say anything/complain about how bad it was considering I felt like they didn't care anyways. Too bad.

Review №10

Great BBQ! Sausage and brisket are tasty, meaty, juicy. Good variety of sauces to enhance meat. The macaroni and cheese is very rich. Recommend the cheesy chop which is half chopped beef and half macaroni and cheese. My husband loves their potato salad. Wish we had gotten to visit before covid because their playground looks fun for kids.

Review №11

I am all for culinary exploration, and I do not shy away from trying new things but in this case my dissapointment was immesuarable. It was surprising to find peaches in their standard menu bbq beans. Ive frequented plenty of bbq restaurants and my experience has led me to expect certain ingredients. When I realized there were peaches I figured the chef was going for a new sweet and savory take on bbq beans and I was resolved to give them an honest chance. It tasted like someone accidentally mixed the peach cobbler syrup with the bbq beans, and they resulting concoction was inedible. There was no getting around how inedible this was. The extent to which the ingrediants did not make sense and the resulting inedibleness of this mixture led me to believe this must have been a mistake or an attempt to save on food costs or both. i had to throw out the entire pint which was a waste of food and frustating as this meal was pricey. The rest of the meal I was happy to find was at least edible. Altbough I found it lacking in flavor which seemed curious for an establishment so willing to experiment with flavor combinations.

Review №12

Not very outgoing people working there. To the point where I don't remember ever having a reason to smile when interacting with the employees. The food sizes were small for the main and large for the sides. The taste was great sauces were great. The outdoor seating is not regularly cleaned.

Review №13

Wow! When a restaurant shows you that not only is their food world class, but that they genuinely care about you you have found the only restaurant you ever need. This is Two Bros BBQ.A couple weeks back we came here and had less than a one-star experience leaving hungry and under-appreciated. The next day the General Manager Tina called me apologizing and ensuring us that they would make it right. Last night we had Two Bros again and WOW this may be the best BBQ we have ever had.Everything from the Brisket to the Banana Pudding with the Ribs in between is world class and absolutely delicious. The Pitt Master Chris and his team are skilled craftsmen in the art of food and this will be a joint that we frequent as long as we are in San Antonio. Eat at Two Bros tonight.

Review №14

The best place we have found in SA yet! You can't go wrong with a cheesy chop, absolutely phenomenal!! The atmosphere is great. Staff is friendly. With every penny

Review №15

My wife & I ordered 2 chopped beef sandwiches, and 1 tea for about $18.50. it seemed a bit high. We should have ordered by the pound. The trimmings are $1.25 ea for onions, pickles, and jalapeños. I am a bit price conscience, so we had no trimmings.We'll probably try something else next time.

Review №16

The food is delicious and the sauces they offer are very savory. I like the Shiner sauce the best. The Big Bro sandwich is a good value because you get three types of meat, cole slaw and comes with chips or you can exchange the chips for a side for a small charge. The ordering system works well and the sevice is fast and friendly. Good choice for a family meal or a quick lunch.

Review №17

Great customer service. My favorite was the macaroni & sausage. The chicken was a little dry. Bbq sauce is a little spicy. Overall I recommend trying.

Review №18

Great meets!Safe and sociable environment. Indoor & outdoor seating. Small outdoor playground.I'll be back!... for more!!!

Review №19

My fav place for tasty BBQ. This place will surprise you. There was fast and courteous service. Bring your hunger - portions are large. Feeling here is like a restaurant in Fort Worth I liked.

Review №20

Very good BBQ, would definitely recommend and will most likely return. We opted for the value pack for 6 to 8 people. It had brisket, turkey, sausage, chicken thighs, pulled pork and chopped brisket, sides of creamed corn and potato salad.I honestly think the value pack feeds 6 people tops, saying 8 people is really stretching it. All was very good, I particularly enjoyed the sausage, very tasty. The only issues I had with the order was the chicken was a bit dry. I would prefer a cup container of BBQ sauce instead of the individual containers. Lastly, the sides are a bit small to serve 6 to 8 people.

Review №21

Decent bbq place. This is my first time so here's my experience: there's no sign to say they were open except there's take out and curbside. I called to see if they were open instead of wasting my time to walk to the door. No answer. We went in and yes, they were open. This was on a Saturday at 3pm. They were out of ribs and few other items we wanted to try. Little disappointed since it's not even dinner yet and they are out of food. Place is cute but bathroom and tables could use some cleaning. Tables were not regularly cleaned after people leave. Overall food was ok. I don't think I would go back though.

Review №22

1st visit to this place and was excited because we are bbq crazy but unfortunately my expectations were not met. BBQ wasn't really bbq. Almost seemed boiled. No flavor was like something I could have made at home. I wanted smoked or grilled bbq.

Review №23

Ordered curbside and called ahead to verify they had curbside and cash was ok to pay. “No problem just call when u are here”I call to let them know I'm there but put on hold for 10 min. When he finally gets back on phone I have to explain everything again. Puts me on hold again then tells me I need to go inside. With no mask I can't go in that's why I ordered curbside and even called ahead I explained. With the tone in guys voice I could tell he could care less. This was 2nd time for me I've ordered and either they didn't take my order or it got lost.Funny thing is it happen the same way to my wife's coworker this weekend. I guess too lazy to come outside???? I try to support all the local places during this time but come on at least give some better service if there is no one there. I'm done and never again!!!

Review №24

The food was absolutely AMAZING! The service was great too. The prices were extremely reasonable, and portions were good. I will definitely be going back. I highly recommend this place.

Review №25

Food was delicious, service was good, and my sons loved the playground. Highly recommended!

Review №26

This hidden gem was a drive for me but when I looked up "best bbq in San Antonio" and it popped up as #1, I had to give it a try. The food was phenomenal and the mac and cheese was real homemade nothing like I've had before. I'm referring my family and friends to this place!

Review №27

I usually don't leave low reviews but I feel Two Bros. needs the feedback. We came here today and we had a terrible experience! We were waiting in line for over 10 minutes with noone even telling us what to do. When my husband asked for help, one of the employees raised his voice at him and told him that they'd be right with us. This guy had seen us waiting before as he walked past us earlier but never said a word to us. Anyway, he called a lady to finally take our order. We had our friend (who was visiting from Florida) go first and when he's ordering through the glass panel, the lady kept asking him to repeat because she couldn't hear him. My friend, not intending any harm, pulled his mask down a bit to give her the order, and this same guy who seemed to be supervising the young lady, literally yelled at him to pull his mask back up. I understood the safety issue, but he could have been nice about it. Then, when it was my turn to order, they told me that they had no brisket. We literally wasted our time there, and the service was the worst! We will never go back to this place! Horrible!

Review №28

3 Stars because the ribs I ordered were dry and under seasoned, as well as the chicken thigh. The pulled pork is pretty good, my favorites are the beans and the spicy pickles they make.

Review №29

Bbq at this location - super tasty. I give this spot two thumbs up. This place has a cool feel to it. Kinda of like a restaurant in Los Angeles I loved to visit.

Review №30

BBQ and the feeling at this place is super good. The service was helpful and kind. Atmosphere is like a restaurant in Fort Worth I loved.

Review №31

This place has really gone downhill. I've been coming here for years and it used to be excellent but I've noticed a gradual decline, even before Covid. Decided to give them another chance today. Placed a to-go order over the phone, my order was pretty simple. One pound of brisket, one sausage link, a pint of mac and cheese, and a small beans. This was at 3:30pm, the place was empty. I walked up to the "to-go" area and saw one female employee working hard putting orders together. I was passed by exactly SIX male employees who just walked right by me and gathered around a picnic table putting together to-go silverware. I saw my order sitting there on the counter getting cold. I asked one of these SIX guys if one of them could come over and ring me out. The dude says "someone will come around to help you." And then they just continued to stand there, looking at me awkwardly. The female employee rung up the dine-in order (they walked in after me) and then asked me if she could help. She turned around and grabbed my order and rung me up. $37 for a pound of fatty brisket, one sausage link, a pint of noodles, a dollop of beans, and 4 slices of stale bread. I'm done with this place. The chain joint 3 minutes up road has better food at a better price with better service. It's a shame what this once-great BBQ joint has turned into.

Review №32

Really smokey. Like their sauces, they are definitely different from the usual. Brisket was good. Ribs I had were meaty but my colleagues were decidedly not.

Review №33

Service was fine. Ribs were super dry. Coleslaw was not very good. They gave us three bbq sauces, one of them was inedible and the other two were probably a 1/10. Mac and cheese was good. Brisket was unseasoned. For the price the amount and quality of food we got was ridiculous. My boyfriend and I went and got Bill Millers BBQ immediately after, because we needed some BBQ.

Review №34

Great food so worth coming back for that. Sad they were out of jalapenos. Their customer service seems to always be lacking but it isn't bad, just not good. Don't ever feel like they are happy to have a customer. May have to go to 3 stars next time if customer service doesn't improve. Both times there they were equally bad.

Review №35

I'm not from here so I go by what I hear from Google reviewers.It's not bad. Maybe even I just expected way more. The brisket was a little bit dry as is the chicken. The sausage was tasty. The ribs although not fall of the bone tender was my favorite.The corn was also good. The Mac and cheese was nothing special. The potatoes salad was flavorful and had a nice crunch from the vegetables.

Review №36

I love there BBQ! I recommend everyone to try this place out more than 3 times. Thumbs up

Review №37

The food was good, kind of confused on how it worked And they didn't help me understand. Not great customer service.

Review №38

Cherry ribs were amazing. Brisket was alright. Ice cream floats are huge and tasty.

Review №39

We found this place while passing through San Antonio and their bbq is delicious!!! We fell in love with everything we tried! Their turkey was some of the best I've ever had, the smokey flavor was unbelievable. We sadly couldn't try their brisket since they ran out but the chopped beef had brisket and it was amazing! We also had their Mac and cheese and potato salad, so creamy and flavorful, will definitely be returning!

Review №40

My favorite BBQ place in the SA area. The briscuit is among the best I have ever had. They also have a nice outdoor seating area where you can smell the wonderful aroma of a bbq smoker and watch the planes land at the airport.

Review №41

We came here craving bbq. I got the big bro and it had flavor in every bite. The chicken thigh was equally delicious. The bbq beans with peach was something new but I'm glad I ordered them. I also recommend the macaroni .

Review №42

We have been regulars for two years, but our last visit and this one are disappointing. Food served almost cold, ribs are not tender, brisket did not seem smoked but an oven cooked texture, sausage was good but it's sausage. Very sad.

Review №43

We went to Two Bros today for lunch. If today was my first time, I would've rated it 1 star but I've been there before and was happy. I don't know what's going on but today we ordered the family platter for 6-8 people. We had 4 adults and 2 children in our party and we left hungry. The food was tasty but it was more appropriate for a party of 4. We aren't super big eaters either. The person who took our order was very friendly but the lady who charged us must have been having a bad day because she acted very short with me and annoyed. I had to go up to the register several times because they did not give us paper to eat on or silverware and she acted inconvenienced every time. Hopefully this is just an isolated event because normally we really like this restaurant.

Review №44

We just had the best time and the BEST food! The chop and mac n cheese was top notch, the sandwiches are great, kids meals were huge, and the prices good, too! Plus, we're enjoying the awesome weather and the huge outdoor play place. It's so kid friendly and relaxing all at the same time. I can't wait to come back. ️

Review №45

Two Bros. is what it would look like if I opened a bbq place. The brisket and cherry ribs are the best I've ever had. Currently both are $9 a half pound and worth every penny. Drink selection is impressive for both beer and non alcoholic. Friendly staff and a great atmosphere make it a place you crave to hang out at. If you like BBQ this is a must visit.

Review №46

Wonderful friendly spot. Delicious BBQ, perfect after a long bike ride. You van get from the Salado Creek trail on your bikes.

Review №47

Food is great and very friendly service. When the park is open it's great fun for kiddos! Great place for out of town visitors!

Review №48

Today was a total fail guys. Waited at curbside for 10-15 minutes and could never get through on the phone, no ring just voicemail each time. The brisket was not good, not even kind of good. Chicken thighs were decent. Not sure what's going on, but y'all can't serve brisket like that.... you'll end up out of business. Wish you the best but I wont be back anytime soon.

Review №49

Food was great. Great place to gather with friends in their large outdoor seating area.

Review №50

Pretty poor service. Pretty good bbq. Everything is al a carte. It's probably overpriced compared to their competitors. Its pretty good bbq tho. I liked the choice of sauces. Poor service. It was like they didn't want me to buy food. Weird.

Review №51

Wanted to like it, came highly recommended. But honestly not worth the drive. Brisket was dry but fatty if you can believe that pairing and the smoked turkey lacked flavor. We got there at opening, maybe they were using up yesterday's cuts, but my brisket was even a little.cold. all in all, there are many more bbq places I will go-to before coming back here. On the plus side, fried strawberry pies were fresh and good.

Review №52

The employees are dry, I guess they don't want to work, the food is gross. The beans are gross. The only thing I liked was the potato salad

Review №53

This place could've been amazing. Nice rustic location. Decently designed space befitting a bbq joint, but the reason you go is to get good bbq which unfortunately wasn't what we got.Presentation was great but most of the meats were dry. Though the turkey was delicious. The sides were spot on, especially the creamed corn and mac & cheese. The staff was very gracious of my feedback, which I only give if I think they have potential. Hope they give better for you.

Review №54

Really enjoyed this spot! Went for lunch on a random Friday at noon and found that, while it was a bit busy, service was quick, seating was ample and the staff was polite and paid attention to keeping the dining area and tables clean and clear as guests cycled through. The quality of service provided in this regard will not lost on me, given it was the lunch hour.Now, for what really matters! The BBQ was pretty flippin tasty!! The Mrs and I split a 1/2lb Brisket, 2 sausage links, 1/2lb pulled pork, potato salad, Mac n cheese & slaw. We walked out with leftover sausage and potato salad, but managed to put away everything else, despite the effort it took... It was just too delicious to quit that brisket! Pulled pork was also good, as were the sides, but for me, the brisket was where it's at! The meat had a really good flavor of smoked meat AND had a tasty rub on it as well, that somehow didn't at all over power or take away from the meat. Great bark and amazingly juicy, it was quite a treat!Very glad we finally made it here, it is well worth the trip. Looked to have a great patio space too, for those 11 nice days we get here in SA.. :)

Review №55

Used to be a favorite place. Walked in, young lady took our order, a large order. When we went to pay, the manager saw that the lady had sold us a gallon of tea. She started in on the entire staff about how they cannot do this.The order came out incomplete. They come out to tell you the order is ready, then you have to go get it.The chicken was dry, very dry, not real good. The ribs were cold, and dry. The rest of the food was mediocre at best. I could go to the grocery store and get heat and eat ribs that are better.Sorry folks, won't be reading there again.

Review №56

A great recommendation from other barbecue lovers. The brisket was moist, flavorful, and delicious. The creamed corn was among the best I have ever tasted, and the sausage reminded me of a great backyard barbecue. The prices are very reasonable. I will definitely come back again.

Review №57

We love Two Bros BBQ! Best in San Antonio hands down. Great meat and awesome sides. Plus super cute outside seating.

Review №58

Had a combination brisket and ribs plate. Side orders are a la carte. You have four or five to select from either single or larger order. Your meats can be purchased by the pound, family orders or if you wish, can buy smaller portions such as half or third pound of meats; brisket, sausage, ribs. A couple of your sides are beans and cream corn. There are a variety of beers, iced tea, lemonade, and can sodas. Your meats are served on waxed paper and can have sliced bread if desired. Prices are $$, but the meats and the food are delicious! The staff is very friendly and you are free to sit inside or the outdoor benches. Did I mention the desserts? A great family place...the kids can enjoy the play area!

Review №59

Great food, nice shady patio, and dog friendly. What more can you ask for!

Review №60

This was the second time I have had Two Bros. The first time was about 4 years ago. I always get brisket, ribs, and sausage whenever I go to a barbeque place. The sausage was good. The ribs were ok, but the brisket was absolutely a let down!!! It tasted like nothing but mesquite smoke!! No salt, no fatty layers, and DRY!!!!! So fast forward 4 years later to today. I am on the "Keto" wagon, and since I was so close to their location I figured I'd give them another try. This time, I ordered a pound of brisket, a pound of ribs, and three sausage links. That came out to $55!!!!!!!! When I got home and opened the container, the amount of meat looked a little scarce. Do I weighed each meat on my food scale I have at home. The brisket, which should have been 16 oz, came in at 14.23 oz, and the sausage came in at 12.81 oz!!! Are you kidding me!!!???!!! For $55 dollars, I should have been given what I paid for!!! It was almost degrading in a way!!! Needless to say, I will never go back, and when people ask where they should go for barbeque, I will tell them to just go to Bill Miller's!!!

Review №61

First time here very disappointed this place is not barbecue. brisket and sausage and pull pork was boiled with zero favor .I paid $17.00 on a to go order plus tea for a 16 oz was $3.00 .I will not go back this was a waste of money DeeWillies has the best barbecue period .

Review №62

Portions were small for the price brisket was mostly fat the meat was soft but the top was also burnt ribs were good but not amazing for this being my first time in Texas was expecting a little more. sausage was good

Review №63

Checking this place out for lunch today. It already has a line and smells delicious.Picked up the "Big Bro sandwich", 1/4 of brisket to go, and some fried strawberry pie.Got to say their brisket was pretty delectable which made that sandwich all the more worth it. Keeping the side brisket to throw in some homemade tortillas tomorrow morning for breakfast :)

Review №64

I've been going to Two Brother's since they opened. Have always enjoyed their brisket. However, visited this week and only had a few minutes, so I just ordered a chicken thigh and a drink. (Over $ The thighs were so tiny they gave me two instead of just one. They were literally the size of a quail thigh. I've never had a thigh that was so over cooked that it was too dry to eat. Two Brother's should probably drop this item from their menu if they are not able to source reasonably sized thighs and train the staff on how to smoke them.

Review №65

Hidden along West this BBQ place that is super quaint outside and has a nice back patio area with a playground for your little ones. There was a stage in the back, and dogs were welcome in the patio also. However, I wish the food had more flavor! I ordered the cherry ribs and was so disappointed that they were lacking in seasoning, and even the slaw had no real taste. If the food matched the atmosphere, I'd come back.

Review №66

Beautiful relaxing location, lots of trees. My kids loved the play area. The Mac and cheese was creamy and cheesey. The mozzarella logs are giant too! The meat was so tasty and juicy. We loved it

Review №67

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. This place is off the road surrounded by gorgeous twisting trees. The bbq pulled pork was melt in your mouth tasty.

Review №68

Oh how I dislike leaving a poor review... The staff was great, friendly and timely. We ordered the BBQ Starter Kit; the ribs were bland and dry; the brisket again bland and had a mealy texture; hubs said the sausage was eh; coleslaw was bland; and the Mac and cheese was eh. I did like the strawberry hand pie tho would have appreciated less sugar on the outside. With Tre Trattoria being one of my faves I expected more from Two Bros. In South Texas you just can't get away with bland, dry, BBQ...

Review №69

Had the brisket and was very dissatisfied with it. The flavor and tenderness was just ok but what really amazed me was there was no smoke ring and no bark. How do you do that unless you cook it in the oven. I guess they do this in case they run out of the smoked brisket. Which could of happened since it was 6:30 but they don't close until 8:00. If so that's jacked. Down right fraud. Especially since they are charging the price that is on the menu for smoked brisket which is also priced to high in my opinion. The potato salad was way too salty with very little relish in it. My wife had the sausage and it was well overcooked and dry. Last time for me and hope others take my advice.

Review №70

We loved the location with a nice wooded type parking lot. Very easy to miss when driving by. Atmosphere is relaxing and has perfect feel for a BBQ joint. The ribs did not have alot of meat but were good. Brisket was very tender and delicious but I had to cut some fat off. Potato salad and jalapeno peppers were decent.

Review №71

Worst BBQ spot I've eaten in while I've been in TX. Maybe ever!!! I love to support small businesses but you have to give me a reason. To pay for the food was very confusing and unorganized.It took at least 10 min to pay (I guess due to Corona virus safety precautions things were changed around). It's sad because we were the only ones in line. How did they mess this up? I almost left because of the long wait. I added 2 picts after we had started eating. The portions were small for the price, the brisket was tender and juicy and that was it!! The pickles were old and chewy and didn't taste good and onions were starting to caramelize, the ribs were small, dry and chewy (we only got two of them) the sausage was ok but dry, the smoked stuffed jalapenos were dry and overcooked and to make things worse they were out of the saucy bbq sauce. Who forgot the sauce? That is a BBQ SIN if you ask me!! This meal was $29.77 plus one lemonade. Also, the waitress and staff were not attentive at all. *But I'd give the business the benefit of the doubt that the Corona virus has probably slowed business and they are trying to make ends meet. However, you only get one chance to make a first impression!!* Please support your small businesses during these unsure times. They need us now more than ever.

Review №72

Nice people. Good ribs.

Review №73

Quaint place with nice down to earth family atmosphere. Brisket & chicken (cost by the thigh piece) were good but brisket was just a tad dry. Nothing the amazing sauce in the yellow container couldn't fix . The mac & cheese was AMAZING! They had 3 types of sauces so I'd definitely go back to try the other 2 (and for that mac & cheese).

Review №74

Great as usual. I just wish I had not left the chicken thigh on my counter top when I flew out yesterday.

Review №75

Absolutely amazing BBQ. Had the brisket and the pork and both were delicious. Great desserts too! The cobbler was huge! I will most definitely be back!

Review №76

Delicious brisket, chicken, mac and cheese, cream of corn, and sauces. The lemonade, sweet tea, and kool aid was also amazing. Worth every dollar. Will be coming back for sure.

Review №77

Nothing much else to say besides the best bbq you will get in the city of San Antonio the only place that rivals it is smoke shack but two brothers Quality is better food is hotter walked in with a hunger for great bbq left with a smile

Review №78

Prices a bit on the high side, quick service, food food.

Review №79

Relaxing outside venue, great food, and great service. Visiting from Arizona and will be back again.

Review №80

My fav spot for delicious bbq. This place is absolutely one of my favorites.

Review №81

Ridiculously good!! Fast and helpful service. Best BBQ I've had in I don't know how long. Please do yourself a favor and eat here. Chef Jason Dady is a BBQ wizard. SA-TOWN EATS has a great review on YouTube.

Review №82

Ordering process could be improved with some friendlier service. Food was sent out promptly, however it was just barley like warm. But considering it's bbq and made in advance for the flavor profiles of the meats and ribs I'll let it slide. Be back soon.

Review №83

It was exactly what I was looking for!! The food... the ambiance... the staff... we will definitely be coming back!! I can't wait to tell my family about this little spot.

Review №84


Review №85

Amazing BBQ. Some of these people complaining must have been having a bad day. Everyone was very nice and the food was great. Definitely be back!

Review №86

Great BBQ and good sides and sauces! Will be back for more of everything and things I haven't tried yet

Review №87

Went here yesterday with family. Had the family pal which gives you a good sample of various meats. I will say the ribs were very good, brisket same as other places we have been to, sausage and pulled pork is average. Mac n cheese is nothing to rave about. Very heavy and thick with a sharp cheese flavor. Customer service is very good. Prices are average for what you get. Canned sodas at $2 is a bit much. Three stars for an average BBQ joint.

Review №88

Good food, but they forgot the sides we ordered. Also with the number of people working I expected faster service.

Review №89

Tucked away BBQ joint. Brisket has a good flavor. They slice it a little thick tho, so it's hard to get a good picture up sandwich with a half pound. Ribs were moist, sides we're excellent. Also has a large outdoor patio.

Review №90

That was some TASTY barbeque. The brisket had a really deep smoke ring and good subtle beef flavor, sausage was juicy and flavorful with a nice snap on the casing, pulled pork was very different than the deep south way we've had it before dressed with a lot of sweet sauce - this one showcased the pork's natural flavor and added a good smoke to it and the drippings carried the mix from their rub. We were bummed that they had sold out of their cherry glazed baby back ribs, but the mac & cheese was surprisingly good and had enough saltiness to stand up to the delicious fattiness of both the brisket and pork. My husband enjoyed the stuffed jalapenos that were wrapped in bacon and smoked, the kids and I devoured the mozzarella logs. Outdoor seating on picnic tables under beautiful old oaks and twinkle lights. Overall we loved everything and would eat here again on another trip to San Antonio (but likely we'll try another place just because we need to try all the barbeque!). I definitely should have saved some room for their deep fried strawberry pies and husband is sad to have not sampled the banana pudding, but maybe we'll get those another time.

Review №91

This is one of the best spots in the San Antonio area for some tasty Bbq! I have dined in different BBQ joints around San Antonio and by far this one is my favorite. All the staff are friendly and will actually talk to you. The atmosphere has a friendly and overall down home feel. It has a nice playground for the children, nice outdoor seating and the indoor area is themed nicely.All the meat choices are very delicious and the smoke ring in the Ribs & Brisket is excellent. The Ribs are my favorite and had that delicious smoke flavor everyone craves. The sides were very, very delicious and well portioned. We had a pint of Potato Salad, Cream Corn and a small portion of Mac n Cheese, all tasted amazing! Although we did not order their Sausage, Pulled Pork, Chopped Pork or other tasty choices, we were too full for anything else.I ordered dessert twenty minutes later for my wife & child and it was Fried Strawberry pies, good choice by the way. I had no room for anything else so we relaxed outside in the outdoor area until we left. I want to thank the staff and Joshua for letting me take pictures of the smoking area out back. They use good Oak firewood with their steel and brick pits! My overall rating is based on the friendly staff, tasty food and the dining atmosphere. I highly recommend this Bbq spot for your friends and family! (Their BBQ is 100% authentically made).

Review №92

First time here with my family, I ordered the cheesy brisket an it was delicious, I'm also a lover for sweets so I ordered the banana pudding, it was really good, Our family will be back.Great place to eat, you will love the food

Review №93

My husband and I split up some bbq. The meat was very good. The sauce was not so great. It was a bit watery. I did enjoyed the sides. The potato salad was my favorite dish.

Review №94

We decided to give this place a try tonight, and were very disappointed. Between the family we had a selection of different meats, and none were really good. The turkey was the best, but still boring. The brisket was a pile of flavorless mush! Both kids barely touched their food because it was pretty bad. Sweet tea was like brown semisweet water. Definitely won't be returning.

Review №95

Well priced for good food and great outdoor seating with shade

Review №96

Hands down the best service, food was delicious, the mac and cheese to die for!!! Everything exceeded our expectations and the people were so friendly. It was a beautiful day so my family and I enjoyed our visit outside. We ll most definitely be coming back and would recommend this place to anyone!!! Thank you for a wonderful and very satisfying meal!

Review №97

Bombdizzle! Fat coma is best way to describe this feeling! I ate too much! Damn. That's was F'ing delicious!

Review №98

This place is amazing. With an outdoor playground and seating to eat. Its a hidden gem, drove right past it and the playground caught my eye. Ordered a little bit of everything and everything is so juicy. None of it was dry. Tasty with lots of flavor. Smoke house has some competition.

Review №99

Needless to say, it's been awhile since I last ate there. But tonight we ordered the family meal for take out and everything was amazing!!! Turkey, brisket, pulled pork, ribs and chopped brisket were all so tender you didn't even need a knife.! If you haven't been, you've just got to put Two Bros on your bucket list!!!!

Review №100

The pulled pork, chicken thighs, and brisket were incredible. Sausage wasn't anything to write home about. Their jalapeño wrapped with bacon was worth getting.

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:12656 West Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-496-0222
  • Barbecue restaurant
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  • Family restaurant
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Women-Led:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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