Chama Gacha Brazilian Steakhouse
18318 Sonterra Pl, San Antonio, TX 78258, United States
Review №1

People of the San Antonio area,Im telling you! The customer service here is beyond the highest standard, and I have been to several restaurants in this style ... really make you feel like kings! Serve the food exactly according to your request, really recommended! There is a large selection of meats and salads of excellent quality!Special thanks to Ms Ashley and Mr Gabriel for letting us the best service ever ️

Review №2

Excellent service and a great selection of meats. each cut has its own flavor so don't pass anything up! a bit pricey but well worth it for all you get. Best of the best in San Antonio for sure. just an outstanding dining experience from start to finish. Even if you're stuffed, do yourself the favor and finish with a creme brulee.

Review №3

We have been so happy to come back to Chama Gaúcha!! Such a wonderful friendly environment! They have done a fantastic job with COVID, making guests feels so safe and comfortable to enjoy a night out! The staff is tremendous! Tables spaced out with enough distance from the others, masks to be worn while not at the table, and help at the salad bar as to have less contact. We look forward to our next visit! Thank you!

Review №4

This is our first time eating at Chama Gaucha. We made last minute decision to go eat there, and we tried to call to make a reservation, when it was already 6:30. We were told the earliest available reservation was at 9:30, but we may have better chance getting a table if we just walk in. So we went immediately after the call. We got a table within 5 minutes, and everything happened after we got seated was great. I couldn't tell the different between them and Fogo de chao honestly, but what works for us is this one is so much closer, and the service was excellent. I loved the salad bar, I will just get salad next time, I hope it's an option as it is at fogo de chao. It was a really great experience overall, they definitely know how to gain your loyalty. We will be back.

Review №5

Service was excellent! This is the first time we decided to go out to eat. The whole restaurant was really clean. From the entrance everyone getting their hands sanitized to the hostess cleaning the waiting area once it was clear. All staff was wearing masks and the service like always was a great but safe experience. The salad bar was something I was really looking forward to and was worried we wouldn't be able to get to it do to covid precautions. They had staff at hand to help everyone with the salad bar. In all great service!

Review №6

This has become a must stop every time we visit San Antonio. The quality of all the food is the absolute best. The variety of different meats to chose from is impressive. The only thing that may be better than the food is the service. Everyone is polite and accommodating, along with the fact that there are tons of staff. We never have a bad visit here. Well worth the money.

Review №7

The restaurant was absolutely great and they deserve every penny you pay. ($50 for unlimited meat and salad bar). The quality of meat was significantly better than all of the other restaurants with similar concept I have ever been. More importantly staff was the best. I am so surprised how every single person working there was so nice, energetic, and motivated. Now, we understand better how this place had all those thousands of great reviews.

Review №8

Effin excellent! Forgot my waiters name I want to say Adam or Paul something biblical. Early-mid 30's could be late-early 30-40's. I went three weeks ago for my birthday. But he was incredible! One of the best dinning experiences i have ever had. There are about 80 of these type restaurants in S.A. this one is by far the best! Highly recommend!

Review №9

It was my husband and I ‘ s first time there. We were celebrating my birthday. We absolutely loved it. Despite on certain COVID restrictions everything went very smooth. The meat and salad bar selection were amazing.

Review №10

Always love coming here! The salad bar is amazing and always fresh and yummy! Great selection of cheese, too. The meats are great! Always great flavor, a little heavy on the salt, but the fatty in me loves that! They have the most amazing cheese bread! It's so addicting- be careful not to fill up in those! LolThe staff is very friendly and attentive. It seams each table is assigned a server and a manager so if your server doesn't tend to your needs (say it happens even here), the managers are great at making sure each dining experience has the best service.

Review №11

Probably one of the best dining experiences that I've ever had. The staff is so well coordinated and fast that you'll never have to wait for any of the amazing cuts of meat or delicious drinks. They started off by serving us drinks while we were waiting for our table. They then fixed our salad bar plates for us. Great for a one on one date or a group of friends. Incredibly friendly staff and all around wonderful all you can eat experience!

Review №12

We had my sister's birthday dinner here and she mentioned how great the experience was the previous time she ate here. I figured it would be a regular Brazilian steakhouse like the others so I shrugged it off but I was so wrong! The food was delicious but the service was the best I've ever experienced at any restaurant I've ever been to. It was quite impressive actually. Even the social distancing measures they have for the salad bar were awesome. I'll admit I felt a little fancy having my salad plate and I escorted to the table. Our drink cups were always full and the table was always clean and free of dishes we weren't using. Bathrooms were super clean, too. It was a great experience and we'll definitely be coming back.

Review №13

I rarely ever take the time to write a review but this restaurant absolutely deserves the 5 star rating! During these uncertain times, I wanted to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday at his favorite restaurant but was unsure of the safety protocols being followed. I made reservations a few days prior and upon arrival, we were greeted promptly by the hostess. We were asked to sanitize our hands first and then taken to our table. Our waitress gave us exceptional service! It was my son's first time here and she explained the entire process thoroughly. I noticed a party leaving a few tables away and immediately after they walked off, a team of 3-4 waiters/busboys started sanitizing the chairs, the linens were taken off, table was sanitized as well, and new linens placed. Wow! I had not seen that much attention to cleaning in any other restaurant up until now. This definitely put our mind at ease. Everyone was wearing their masks, the salad bar attendant had gloves on while serving plates and handing them off to patrons. Cleanliness is definitely taken serious here and I appreciate it so much! I love eating here and I'm so happy that their service continues to be top notch, even during a pandemic. Bravo, Chama Gaúcha!!

Review №14

The food was absolutely amazing. You definitely get what you pay for.I ate so much food I'm surprised I got out of there alive. The service was awesome as well. They always made sure we had exactly what we needed and wanted for nothing. Never had to push in my own chair or needed to ask for a drink refill. Everything was taken care for and it is truly a relaxing dining experience. Will definitely be going back again and again. also with the virus going on they've taken precautions to make sure you feel safe.

Review №15

The staff did a tremendous job in maintaining the social distancing protocols. I felt safe and comfortable. Our server and customer service server provided excellent service, they were kind and very knowledgeable.

Review №16

Excellent service and amazingly tasty food! We were seated promptly and our waitress took care of us immediately. The salad bar was so fresh and delicious! Our cocktails were also quite tasty and hit the spot. We never waited more than a few minutes for any refills and as soon as we turned our cards to green we had several meat cutters offer us a serving. The manager made it a point to stop by and welcome us as well as ask if we needed anything or were celebrating anything. We were celebrating a birthday and were offered a dessert on the house. All around amazing experience! This is my favorite Brazilian steakhouse in town.

Review №17

Everything was spectacular from the food to the service. We like our meats Well and all the servers noticed that and made sure that's what we got. The flavors of the meat was just amazing. Definitely not your average salt & pepper steak ! I was scared we were going to wait a while, but I informed the hostess that we placed a reservation for a later time and could we be seated early. The placed was pack and we only waited a little over 5 minutes !! Definitely going back

Review №18

Impeccable service. Amazing food and drinks. The reason for the 4-star, however, is due to my own palette. They go a tad overboard on the charring of the meat for my taste. I felt that the sirloin in particular was overpowered by the sensation that I was chewing on charcoal. Overall though, the experience was awesome and I'd love to go again soon.

Review №19

We have come here for my husband's last 2 birthdays and the service is always impeccable and on point. The salad bar is too notch and the food is always fabulous. You definitely get your monies worth if your a big eater. Not ideal if you eat like a bird. Meat eaters paradise

Review №20

This restaurant looked and felt upscale. All of the wait staff acted and dressed professionally. The food was delicious- the salad bar had great sides to go along with the variety of meats. The mashed potatoes, cheese bread, and especially the bananas were a nice addition as well. The only thing that would have made it better would be the skewers of roasted pineapple that I have had at other Brazilian grills. Otherwise a perfect meal.

Review №21

Always the best experience and the best food!! Never disappoints and I always walk out of there thinking why it takes me so long to go back! Worth every penny.

Review №22

We made reservations for Thanksgiving day. Got there a bit earlier and the staff was very friendly and able to accommodate us. Our meal was perfection. The wait staff was very friendly and the meats were curculated in a timely manner. The restaurant was very clean and everyone folliwed the social distancing protocols. I look forward to my next visit

Review №23

Great place to take your loved one for a very attentive dining experience, whether it is your waiter or one passing by, they do not hesitate to assist and are very observant. My wife and I spent our 11th anniversary here and were/ have been impressed every time with the fantastic service. Great food if you are a meat enthusiast and relaxing atmosphere! The precautions taken for covid were also nice to see, we will definitely be back in the near foreseeable future!

Review №24

Cannot say enough good things about our experience at Chama Gaúcha! Hands down impressed from the service, to the beautiful salad bar, to their safety measures, to their amazing on point meats! Servers and managers work hard to impress to make sure everyone felt like they were the only ones in the restaurant (and it was packed). I've gone to almost all Brazilian restaurants and this is the only one I ever want to go back to!

Review №25

We had a party of 17 for Saturday, 21 November, and it was amazing! Francisco, our waiter, was outstanding! The food was delicious! It was a wonderful experience! I highly recommend Chama Gaucha! We will definitely be back!

Review №26

My in-laws were in town for my wife birthday so we decided to go eat at this Brazilian restaurant to celebrate my wife birthday. My wife and myself talked great about the food and service. This time the food was great but the service was less than average. We had to constantly be asking for drinks no one asked if we wanted a particular meet to be brought out for us. I had to tell the waitress and the person helping her that it was my wife birthday twice for them to offer a desert for her and since they didn't offer I had to ask if they still gave a free desert for birthdays. Only average experience this time. Our total bill was over $400 I was expecting a better experience.

Review №27

Come here every year for our anniversary. The best service!! Food was amazing and flavorful! Will keep coming back and recommend to everyone!

Review №28

The entire staff was friendly and very attentive. We wanted for nothing. All we had to do was mention an item, and it was quickly brought to us. It was my son's 18th birthday, and this place did not disappoint making it a special night for him!

Review №29

This place is amazing! My girlfriend and I love to come here for celebrations only, keeps it special haha. Obviously everything we've tried we liked, but by far my favorite dish here is the chicken salad. It's amazing!! The meat the servers walking around are seasoned and cooked to perfection. The staff are friendly and on top of everything. I highly recommend coming here at least once. And get after dinner brandy.

Review №30

I haven't been to this restaurant in over 10 years. I I see that's it's way better than it was before (it was great 10 years ago). My ex-girlfriend took me for my birthday. I don't really celebrate my birthday and they were respectful and just acknowledged it but didn't blow it out of proportion. I also do not eat pork so the hostess made sure I wasn't offered any; although, my ex-girlfriend does. The service deserved the 5 stars I'm giving. I will definitely be coming back more often for lunches and dinner. I won't stay away so long. My ex loved the potatoes and I loved the bananas. It's like bananas foster without the flames and ice cream. I was throughly satisfied!!!

Review №31

Fantastic place! Marvelous adherence to safety standards! If you love meat you owe it to yourself to dine here at least once. It's an experience!

Review №32

5 Stars for flavorful meats served, and a decently stocked salad bar. Service staff were all 5 Stars too. 2 Minor notes, no fruit selection on the salad bar - you will have to ask if you're wanting to end your meal with some light fruits...and I would much prefer the dining area to be better lit - the lunch hours are as dark as the dinner hours. I would certainly recommend that You visit at least once if you've never been before and if your purse can handle it.

Review №33

Best meal I've ever had! Service was wonderful. COVID precautions appreciated. Worth the wait to dine in.

Review №34

Best experience I ever had at a restaurant. I went for my anniversary and everything was on point. The meat was cooked to perfection and the Service could not be better. The staff was very friendly and worked as a team and the managers were working hard, making sure all customers were happy. The salad bar was also top notch, I will not go to any other Brazilian steakhouse.

Review №35

Chama Gaucha is hands down one of the best restaurant experiences you'll ever have. Not only is the food ahhmaaazing; but the staff is always so accommodating and gracious. We come here for every major celebration in our family, because we know the staff will always go above and beyond to ensure our time there is as close to perfect, as possible.

Review №36

This place was awesome., Definitely a place to visit while in San Antonio. I went for a wedding reception. The service was unbelievable. Definitely a great experience. My son wanted bacon along with a little girl that was at the reception table, they went out of their way to make sure the kids had what they wanted. So They got the most crispiest bacon I have had in a long time. Excellent.! They even made French fries for them. I like my meats medium well to well done. They gor the meats the way I like them and 2 others at the reception. Now that to me is customer service. You wont go hungry here, they even cater to your needs, all of them. Give them a visit you wont be disappointed. Meats were perfectly cooked no matter how you like them. I was watching every time they cut a meat for the people around me..AWESOME PLACE , AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Review №37

I always love this place but last night was a little slow with meat servings. The food was good but the situation with COVID may have cause delay. Otherwise great as always

Review №38

Everything about this place is amazing. You will not get better food or service anywhere else. This is more than just dinner, this is an experience. This will be our families go to place for treating our friends and family that come to town for visits. We have now visited lunch and dinner and have been very happy both times. I love, love, love the creme Brule! I will always make or save room for it! The lemonade is a different frothy version that is delicious and unlike any I have tried before. Dnt be shy to request your favorite cuts and Temps on the meats. Salad bar is much better than any competitors.

Review №39

It was a spectacular experience! From the greeting at the door, to the meeting of the manager-so kind and courteous-to the table waiter-to the assistance at the salad bar-to other servers and the ‘bearers' of the luscious variety of meats, I felt special and blessed to have such a wonderful day before Thanksgiving! Look forward to the next visit.Father Pat Ragsdale

Review №40

We had a fantastic 75th birthday for my mother. The staff was phenomenal and the food was top notch. Thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. We would highly recommend for any special occasion.

Review №41

This restaurant is the single highest rated on TripAdvisor, for the entirety of San Antonio, and now that I visited, I know EXACTLY why that is. From the moment you walk into these doors, you will be blown away by the service. It's amazing, and is really what makes this place what it is. And then you bite into your first piece of steak, and it just gets even better. Unlimited amounts of some of the best steak I have ever eaten. I never knew I would see these two terms combined into one sentence, but here we are. This represents the best the city of San Antonio has to offer, and that makes me proud.

Review №42

Best experience I ever had at a restaurant. I went for my anniversary and everything was on point. The meat was cooked to perfection and the Service could not be better. The staff was very friendly and worked as a team and the managers were working hard, making sure all customers were happy. The salad bar was also top notch, better than other Brazilian steakhouses I've visited.

Review №43

Went there last night with my girlfriend to enjoy dinner and I love how safe they are handling food with the COVID precautions. Very good food and atmosphere

Review №44

Flawless visit every time. The staff is very friendly, welcoming and professional, and the food is to die for. I would go there just for the salad bar let alone the exceptional array of meats they offer. The place is perfect for any occasion and I would recommend it above any other restaurant.

Review №45

Best service I have received in a long time. The price is way worth it. The staff was very friendly and attentive specially since I went with two kiddos, they were very patient and helpful. I will definitely be returning and highly recommend this great dining experience.

Review №46

Very tasty. looking forward to coming back with my relatives. this place has a great atmosphere. food is like a place in baltimore i liked.

Review №47

This was our first eating here and was a very memorable experience! My family and I loved every about the service and the amazing food! We will definitely be back!

Review №48

We arrived and didn't wait long to be seated. Once we were seated the wonderful service began. I only like well done meats and we have always had an issue getting them each time we go. This time it was different. Our waiter had several cuts of well done meat delivered. He went as far as having some bread specially toasted for me when I asked if they had any rolls or bread beyond the cheese bread. We never had an issue and were served beyond our normal expectations!! Amazing evening!!

Review №49

Came here to celebrate my birthday and had a large group. The level of service and detail and care was phenomenal! The put a carafe of lemonade on the table, however we never had to touch it, as the tells were preyed for us! Many of us noted that they were able to anticipate our needs. It was a fantastic time, service was fantastic!

Review №50

Great ambiance, amicable staff, food and drinks of great quality, location is also very well accessible. My family and I really enjoyed this past weekend experience.

Review №51

Never-ending delicious meat! The Brazilian lemonade, & desert tasted great too! Waiter was exceptional.

Review №52

Incredible. From the moment you walk in to the establishment, you are treated like royalty. The service is above and beyond and the food is hot, fresh, and top of the line. It's WELL worth the money. Definitely will be coming back!

Review №53

We went for a birthday dinner and it was wonderful! The service is fabulous! The social distancing and cleanliness is more than expected from other restaurants. And I was very pleased by that. If there was more than five stars this restaurant would definitely get more than five stars! And of course will be back.

Review №54

Brought my girlfriend here for an anniversary dinner and had a great time. It was a first for both of us. Saw people really dressed up nice and also some people more casual, so the mix was still on the nicer side but great for whichever type of outing you were looking for. It was a little loud and hard to hear the servers taking care of us, but overall it was definitely worth it. $160 for dinner and drinks for 2 plus tip.

Review №55

Incredible experience from beginning to end. They have a great procedure in place to handle the buffet. You walk alongside a server and let them know what you'd like for them to add to your plate. Then, the meat is served the same way as always. Delicious food and excellent service with safety protocols to boot!

Review №56

This was by far the best steakhouse my family and I have ever visited. The food was just perfect, every aspect of it was amazing, from taste to portion, you will never find a place better. Our server made our dining experience just that much more pleasurable. This place is by far worth the trip. You will not be disappointed. Thanks!!!!The Arguello's

Review №57

More than just great steak, great service. Been treated like a King when I go. Several times I've even gotten free desserts or drinks. Certainly one of the best places in San Antonio for steak. Idk if I get special treatment cause I've been coming for several years now and some people do know me but in any case, truly one of the only great places in SA. Go today, you will not regret.

Review №58

Every piece of meat was cooked and flavored to perfection!!! Service was impeccable. Best Brazilian steakhouses Di have been to, and I have been to one in Brazil! Lol.

Review №59

Even in the time of COVID, CG is still amazing! The salad buffet is really the only big difference right now - they have a staff member ushering you through the entire bar, you tell them what you want and they serve it on your plate as you hold it. Food is still supreme, as is the service. Always one of my favorite places.

Review №60

Service was great, very elegant setting and staff was very helpful, professional, and courteous. Food was great and definitely made my wife feel special being it was her birthday. Ty and will definitely go back. 5 star service

Review №61

Gotta love this place. Celebrated my birthday here yesterday and it was a great experience. I've been here before so I already had high expectations. The staff does not disappoint as well as the food. They went above and beyond like every time I've been here. I really appreciated everyone's attentiveness from the hostess to the bartender to the servers. Love this place and will be back soon!

Review №62

We are always treated like family here. We have been coming here for so many years and have never been disappointed!!! Staff is amazing.

Review №63

Very good service by John, very good quality of food.Excelent salad bar.Everything was perfect.

Review №64

This place never fails. I had a reservation for 8 for party of 14 then went down to 10. They quickly accommodated and the experience was wonderful. The salad to the meat were just AMAZING. Every time I go there I'm never disappointed. The ambiance is beautiful and just makes the dates awesome.

Review №65

It is always a great experience. The staff is on point all the time. Great service. Friendly atmosphere.

Review №66

Absolutely LOVE this place. We go every year for special occasions. You are treated as royalty and catered to very well. The staff remembers preferences, food is ALWAYS fresh and full of flavors. They are extremely polite and professional and provide the best service. There is incredible options to choose from for meats, and it being unlimited is an amazing way to taste the many cuts of meats they have to offer.The salad bar is also full of selections, though its easy to fill up on salad, remember to save room for the main courses and side dishes! 10/10 this is a must visit.

Review №67

The salad bar was amazing but I never eat a lot of these tasty item but the asparagus were huge and delicious. What can I say about the meat and service other than it's superb. Wait staff is exceptional.

Review №68

Took my husband here for his birthday. We went to the Stone Oak/Sonterra location and had impeccable service from Tim. He was super nice and was very attentive. We had a great meal and enjoyed our time there. We will be going back simply because Tim was amazing AND the food was great!

Review №69

One of the BEST places in San Antonio to have a top Quality lunch or dinner with your family and friends. The service is outstanding. Our family always enjoys returning to this establishment.

Review №70

I was amazed by the whole experience. As soon as i entered the building.. I was treated like a princess. They seated the ladies and tucked us in and got us our drinks fast. There was several servers surrounding our table with every cut of meat you can think of.. They were so polite and so thourough.. We never went without anything. They took pictures for us.. It is hands down the best experience ive ever been through my entire life.. It was also nice to dress up and let loose during this whole covid thing. Thank you chama gaucha from grand rapids michigan!!

Review №71

There is a reason San Antonio's Chama Gaucha has a 4.9 star rating!! It should be a 5! From the excellent customer service to the excellent salad choices to the amazing top notch grade A bountiful flavored meats to the crazy mouthwatering Cucumber Martinis we had, this establishment will be the prime talk of any conversation I have for at least the next 6 months! Thank you guys for such an amazing experience! We will be back when visiting San Antonio again!

Review №72

Great ambiance, great service, great food. They make you feel like a VIP everytime. Food is top notch. Prepare your wallet but worth the price for the selection. A carnivores dream.

Review №73

Chaka Guacha NEVER disappoints, we had it for the first time 6 years ago and LOVED IT and unfortunately for us didn't make it down to have it again sooner but it has not changed with the exception of some nice renovations! Quality food, quality service, and quality atmosphere. From their sweet tea to my amaretto sour, and the main courses obviously, to the side dishes and the bread and salad bar it's too notch. And every server we encounter is so polite, personable, and professional and happy and willing to help! LOVE this place! Can't wait to come back, and we greatly appreciate the managers making them selves available, asking for feedback, and being so courteous!

Review №74

This place is always our favorite! My kids always love to come here, they feel special during our occasions of celebration. Great salad bar, meat is always fresh and tasteful. If you haven't been you should definitely try once!! Oh and if you during your birthday you get complementary dessert, my favorite is the creme brûlée...

Review №75

As always the food is beyond good, but what makes it a great experience is the Outstanding service and care of ALL staff! Best Brazilian Steakhouse in San Antonio!

Review №76

What an amazing dinner for my son and his bride plus another 32 guests. The food and service were spectacular!

Review №77

Amazing experience at this restaurant! Staff was very attentive and professional. From the meats to the salad bar to the desserts all amazing! Can't wait to go back!

Review №78

We celebrated my Sister's birthday and it was ok...they need better side options and bread...

Review №79

Let me start off by telling you this is my first time in San Antonio my first time to this restaurant everything during Covid is hard , Aaron was seriously informative his customer service skills are genuine. Marco was a really pleasant server among the rest of the staff they all really do keep it clean and safe for everyone that comes to enjoy the amazing food here !!! And melody really knows how to whip up a good cocktail! I will definitely be coming back !

Review №80

I took my employee's to celebrate hitting our goal. We had a party of 13 and the food and service was great. Best Brazilian steak house I have ever been to. Blows away all the others in San Antonio.

Review №81

Best service to have ever experienced. Food was amazing from the meats to the salad and the mash potatoes. I like how everyone worked as a team to fulfill each table. Our sever was very generous and very active. It was our 1st time there and definitely will not be our last.

Review №82

Great food and Amazing service! Worth every dollar. Romeo was are main server tonight, we were celebrating My Father's birthday, and he really made our whole experience awesome! I definitely recommend it !

Review №83

My experience hear is always amazing. Not only is the food delicious and abundant, the customer service is above anywhere else.The entire staff makes you feel like royalty.This is my happy place!

Review №84

Have been here at least 6 times over several years. The quality in both service and food never diminishes. Even with current restrictions due to covid, the experience and ambience were perfect as always. It becomes a beehive of activity that is amazing to watch as things get busy. But it all runs like a well oiled machine.

Review №85

They have the meats... Non stop and all very good too! Get ready to eat as much as you possibly can and enjoy the tender and delicious meats! The desserts are great as well!

Review №86

Pricey but WORTH IT!!!! Amazing staff. I encourage you to go especially on a birthday. You won't regret it!

Review №87

My wife and I celebrated our anniversary there yesterday. Life being what it is, we went for a nice lunch. Service was incredible, food was incredible...having help at the salad bar was weird, but we appreciate them adapting given the current situation. Can't wait to go back!

Review №88

Making a reservation was very helpful, we didn't have to wait at all to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary! Everything and everyone was so elegant and beautiful. The food was delicious, the service was supurb, the atmosphere was perfect! I would go again and again just to feel like a king and queen that is being served. Everyone here went above and beyond with the proper precautions of gloves, masks, social distancing, cleaning and replacing of everything touched which was very comforting especially during this pandemic.

Review №89

We had a private corporate event. I was a little unsure of how it would work post-quarantine, but I was blown away by the service and safety procedures. Heck, I loved having a personal attendant at the salad bar...hope this stays! Carlos was our server and he was phenomenal, making sure we had EVERYTHING we needed at every moment of our event. The food was fabulous, as usual. We will be back soon!

Review №90

By far the best Brazilian Steakhouse I have ever been to! I'm from out of state and when I come back to San Antonio this place is a must before I leave! You will not be disappointed with the food and their service is always excellent!

Review №91

My first time coming for dinner & woooowwww... It was AWESOME! Definetly recommend the salad bar, Cosmo with an extra splash of cranberry, all the meat you can eat. Aaron & Amber are excellent personnel to serve you. Such an amazing experience worth the price. Definetly recommend

Review №92

The service was incredible. Excellent wait staff all around. Great atmosphere. Food tasted good. But there is no way I would ever pay that much for this food again. Definitely not worth the price. And Definitely not worth being in the bathroom all night sick. My girlfriend were sick all night and the following day after eating here.

Review №93

I took my family to Chama Gaúcha to celebrate my daughter's wedding anniversary. We all thought the food was marvelously delicious and outstanding ! The atmosphere and the ambience was fabulous!! The service was great! Hats off to the Chef(s) and the servers; and the staff was terrific as well. And with this Covid-19 going on, they handled it very well. All the staff had on masks. Of course you had to have yours on when you enter the building and when walking around. You had your own personal staff member to assist you at the buffet bar. My family and I are looking forward to returning!!

Review №94

This place was great! Their selection of beefs and lamb were phenomenal. The knowledge and attentiveness of their wait staff was all you could expect of a top notch restaurant. To top it off, the drinks and dessert were on point too. Will return for sure.

Review №95

I wish I could give 10 stars. My wife and I recently took friends to Chama Gaucha to celebrate and the staff went above and beyond to make our evening special. There are lots of Brazilian Steakhouses popping up, but it's the quality of the food, and the service provided, that keeps us coming back to Chama Gaucha.

Review №96

Absolutely delicious salad bar and meat! Service is top notch. Lovely dinning environment! Perfect for dates, special celebrations and birthday dinners. Highly recommend!

Review №97

Let's start this awesome adventure by saying EPIC. I had reservations and thanks to my wife we we're running late but no worries we still got our table. Our server was very attentive (Goran) and very friendly. He kept us informed on all the drinks they offer and all the house specialty's. We stayed way to long but he kept assuring us that everything was fine. All in all overall best dinning experience

Review №98

My family and friends absolutely love this place. It is the best steakhouse you could ever go to.Thank you for helping celebrate my husband's 60th birthday.

Review №99

Some of the best steaks and chicken I've ever eaten. The service is very prompt professional and friendly. For $50 a person you are able to eat a lot of delicious food. Basically you just sit down at your table and are served as much salad and meat as you want. It is amazing all of the different ways they can cook the steaks, chicken, lamb and pork. The accessory items such as drinks and dessert are a bit pricey but overall a very very good value. Again the service is very prompt and professional. You'll never be looking for somebody to serve you there.

Review №100

Fantastic place to dine. Service and food was high above other Brazilian steakhouses we have been to. Would recommend this place to anyone that would love an awesome date night or family get together. We will definitely celebrate our anniversary here from now on

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  • Address:18318 Sonterra Pl, San Antonio, TX 78258, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-564-9400
  • Brazilian restaurant
  • Steak house
  • Buffet restaurant
  • Fine dining restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:12–8:30PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–2:30PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–2:30PM
  • Thursday:11AM–2:30PM
  • Friday:11AM–2:30PM
  • Saturday:11AM–2:30PM
  • Sunday:3:30–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Takeout:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Lunch reservations recommended:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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