5615 W Loop 1604 N, San Antonio, TX 78253, United States
Review №1

Always very satisfied,and foods is always perfect and employees are super friendly a very clean environment. Ty. 6 stars I'm always a very happy customer :)

Review №2

Good customer service and food was good like advertised. I went in to check out the "famous chicken sandwich". Bought it, ate it and tasted it. It's alright nothing so special about the sandwich. It tastes good just like any other fried chicken sandwich (deep fried chicken fillet with couple of pickles) or other competitors chicken burger. What I like the most is the service and how quick Chick-fil-A here serve you. I went in line and less than 4-5min I got my hot chicken sandwich. The clerk greeted and smiled all the time. They are way to nice. For quick and delicious bites, I highly recommended this place to all visitors and chicken lovers.

Review №3

I went to this place today and ordered some nuggets (which by the way, are mini nuggets), but they were delicious. You have to ask for the order of 12 because with the order of six you will be left hungry. On the other hand I want to acknowledge the person who attended me, that person does not know the inexplicable happiness that entered me when at the end of the order he told me, "Have a blessed day." And yes, I was taken by surprise by the fact that she told me, but even more so, the fact that I don't know why those words caused an immediate change in me: I can't explain it! But what a joy! After I received the order I had to go back to call the person and ask for their name in order to do this review. Myellie; thanks! Those words were for me although maybe you don't know what it did to me when you said it. I felt that it was something so personal, that God was with you, that you have an angel next to you who takes care of you and does not detach, who does not leave you alone. And all your beautiful being, your soul, your spirit, your good heart, whatever it could have been, came out through your words. And I can keep writing while looking for the perfect word to describe what I felt, but I know I won't be able to explain it. What yes, is that I am so happy after you told me that. I admire you! I will ask God to continue blessing your life and grant the requests of your heart. Thank you!!

Review №4

Picked up curbside. Order was correct. Food was great as usual.

Review №5

Still an amazing chicken sandwich! Unfortunately their anti-LGBT stance is well known, which made me question whether to eat their food, but this one time the craving was too much. And it's still great. I like that the waffle fries are only lightly salted so you can add as much or as little salt and pepper as you prefer. Weirdly, instead of using the drive through menus and speakers they have four people outside in 100+ degree heat, which is crazy!

Review №6

Great! They got my large family order done right and as quick as possible. At any given time I spend $70-$80 feeding my family. So it is always appreciated to have hot food and have nothing missing.

Review №7

This place not only serves food with care. They put their customers first and serve their food with love. The food is always hot and comes out fast no matter how full. If you want good chicken eat here.

Review №8

Always always great customer service... Traffic sucks but it's not their problem... They make the best with what they've got!

Review №9

Great food, great service. Don't be fooled by long lines. The line can be out to the street and you will still be out of there in 10 minutes.

Review №10

I definitely think they should have spent a bit more time planning out the parking lot becasue it gets VERY backed up when they are busy, however I think that's the only real downside to this location. They provide prompt service and good food which is what most people want.

Review №11

This place is delicious. Drive thru, order ahead, either way you will get some hit delicious chicken.

Review №12

This location is so slow now, especially in the evening. Also my order has been wrong so many time. Its super sad because I really love chick fila but my time is too valuable to wait 20-30 minutes for food..... and then my order is wrong..

Review №13

YUM. Every time. They messed up my order a week ago and gave me a code to get a replacement next time. Super nice about it. Their phone answering system sucks though.

Review №14

Will come back to this one location because of Bella. Incredible customer service. She not only went the extra mile for us but made us feel extremely comfortable. Thank you so much for your help with everything and for being so incredible! You're the definition of customer service, girl. Thank you!

Review №15

I love this place, b/c I used to work for them back in the 90,s. Since then i fell in love with the place. Good descent food, my boss was nice, ask me if i want to operate one. The place itself, is just a rewarding.

Review №16

Great food great service. I've never been disappointed. One of the very few places I feel safe going to during this pandemic.

Review №17

Greasy garbage. Hashbrowns are so sodden with fryer oil that they're inedible.Asked for cream and sugar with my coffee, and they added it *for me,* and must have thought I was ordering it for hummingbirds, bcz it's basically sugar syrup.Biscuits are flabby, pale, and undercooked.The entire "meal" is disgusting and unfit for human consumption. Wouldn't even feed it to my dogs.

Review №18

Normally have a great experience here, but today was definitely odd. Service was speedy and workers were lovely however, our order was stuffed perhaps haphazardly into a bag too small for it. Chicken nugget box was torn and nuggets were spilling onto the rest of the food. The chicken sandwich was almost completely out of its box, the chicken itself resting outside of the box on the container of soup below along with one of the tomatoes. I don't mind a wait as they get our food together especially during busy times like lunch rush and I would definitely say this was not the norm for this particular branch, but this was definitely an unhappy visit to chick-fil-a for us.

Review №19

The food and service are both good, but if you go here during lunch time you better be ready to wait. The traffic is backed up around the corner and it is a mess to try and get to the restaurant.If they could do a better job of funneling traffic it would be 5 stars.

Review №20

Love this place even with long lines the service is quick. Friendly always.

Review №21

It's the best chicken nuggets l 'be tasted. They are not greasy. GREAT AN DELICIOUS!

Review №22

I love this place excellent services every time l am there

Review №23

Ordered a kids meal for my grandson but asked to upgrade the drink to medium. We get to the window and they gave me a small drink. So I say that I had asked for a medium. Was told I wasn't charged for a medium, then told the difference would be 32cents more. I told the manager that I wasn't going to put 32 cents on my credit card and especially since it wasn't my fault that they got it wrong. I don't carry cash. They would not change the drink unless I paid the 32 cents. Not good customer service!

Review №24

Astounding service like always. Little too much salt on the fries, but overall pretty great!

Review №25

Always fast, efficient & friendly. Accurate order. Love that I can use their app to order ahead & get it in the drive-thru.

Review №26

Chick-Fil-A can still teach other fast food restaurants how to do it right.

Review №27

Thank you Logan you keep up the grate team work 10 star's for you and your staff.

Review №28

No dine in, which bites, but the food was good. Delivered on curb side. Ate there outside.

Review №29

Always quick and polite service and good quality food!

Review №30

Used to receive incredible service. But, the last few months I have had more inaccurate orders than correct ones. From missing one of two chicken strips, to missing fries, to receiving a completely wrong salad, the accuracy of their drive-thru orders has drastically declined.

Review №31

This Chick-fil-A is always busy, but they are always fast and friendly. We went through the drive thru because they are still closed for dine in. We are a large family and had a big order. Our meal was accurate and bagged well, making it easy for me to hand out to the kids in the back seat.

Review №32

Fast, friendly and delicious food. Always get my order right.

Review №33

I order a market salad and was given this. I understand it was late at night, and that we should have checked the bag. But this is ridiculous.

Review №34

It sucked the salad I had ordered was very light on meat and almost everything else that was supposed to be in it did not get the dressing I had asked for and didint get the extra one I had paid for never going to that location ever again or maybe even any other location

Review №35

Obviously, they have great food. All Chick-fil-a locations are delicious. This location has some of the nicest staff. They warmly welcome you, check if you need anything during your stay, and thank you for coming.If you come here during peak hours (meal times or weekends), be prepared to wait. Their parking lot and drive thru entrance are not planned out well and often the traffic hangs out onto the access road. The traffic issue is the only reason I don't give this location 5 stars. Once that's fixed, it'll be a 5-star store!

Review №36

Best chicken sandwich.Good price.

Review №37

Always fast and friendly. Food is great and tasty.

Review №38

Friendly service and always on point. I especially love how the employees do their best to pronounce my name. Plus their app works fantastic as you will gain points that can be redeemed for deliciousness and sometimes you may get a free reward without it costing you points! I love their chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and their shakes. I tend to go for the grilled chicken sandwich with an Arnold Palmer (unsweet tea and sweet lemonade).

Review №39

Customer service is always top notch. Drive thru is fast, accurate and efficient. Food is delicious.

Review №40

Wow! Really fast service in drive thru. Staff are friendly and get your order right the first time. Will come back again.

Review №41

The world would be a better place if they would let Chick-fil-A workers Run it!

Review №42

Food is delicious as always. The wait was little longer than usual but that's ok. The staff was friendly. I will continue to go.

Review №43

This is the best place in the world. You NEED to go here everyday, or else you are not good.

Review №44

Don't go during lunch unless you have 30 minutes to spare. The drive thru/ curbside line is like the DMV!

Review №45

Great food and customer service. Johnathon was a great employee who made our meal and experience better.

Review №46

The best! I pulled up blasting music. An employee walked up . I expected the typical. :please turn it down sir" but instead I get dancing and turn it up requests.. LIFETIME CUSTOMER

Review №47

We've always loved this location, but it seems ever since this quarantine and curbside they get our order wrong. This is the third order in a row where we either paid for something and didn't receive it or you got it wrong. Tighten it up. You're going down hill fast

Review №48

Fast and friendly service. Order was perfect.

Review №49

Picked up food around 8pm the other night and was not that pleased. Despite how busy the drive thru was, food was not fresh at all. Very rare for chick fil a so I'm not sure what was going on.

Review №50

The food was okay. Environment was cleanDefinitely a family friendly place. Prices are okay too. However, one of the staff members were very rude to my friend who lost her car keys in there. The guy she talked to didn't even bother. He just looked over his shoulders and said, "Nope, no keys here." We went to find the manager, and she was so very helpful. She went straight to the keys which were in a little cubby behind the cash register. My friend and i were so happy.

Review №51

I love the chicken tortilla soup.

Review №52

Best chick fil a location ever. The employees are not only nice, they are always on top of it and fast. The way they have the drive thru set up is the best and makes the wait time not so bad.

Review №53

Absolutely the best fast food place in Texas, hands down.

Review №54

I came to this Chick-fil-A on 2 Jan at 4:51 p.m. I usually have a great experience here but today was different. I ordered the chicken sandwich deluxe and when I received my sandwich my cheese was cold. I returned the sandwich and asked if they could warm it a bit more. A lady behind the counter said yes. I waited at the counter for about 4 minutes and then they handed me the sandwich back. The cheese was as cold as it was when I returned it. I returned and asked if they could warm the cheese. A lady behind the counter (blue shirt with a collar-I'm assuming manager) snatched the chicken sandwich box out of my hand and said, “I can throw it on the warmer longer “. I waited for another 8 minutes and was given the sandwich back but this time the cheese was finally warm.It seemed to me that I was a huge inconvenience for expecting my cheese to be melted. I was offered no apology for their failed attempt the first time. I asked if they had a microwave (because it would have been much faster) but she told me they do not. I went back to my table to eat my chicken sandwich and now cold fries.

Review №55

This location seemed to have missed the meeting on speed. Super slow. But friendly staff

Review №56

They always mess up on my orders all the time

Review №57

Fast service,friendly workers, Good chicken sandwich

Review №58

Fast, efficient service for the busiest in town.

Review №59

DO NOT ORDER CURB SIDE EVER I want to know why it took 20 minutes to get my curbside order when every car in the drive-through got their order I want to know why the person next to me had to get out of his car to go pick up his order inside I want to know why I was informed someone would be out with my order and no one showed up

Review №60

Top notch customer service! The employees are always very polite and make sure you have everything you want with your order, even with a busy drive thru. Nuggets are the best and I was impressed with the chicken wrap. Still the best lemonade at any fast food place! Only thing is that the drive thru tends to spill over in the intersection of the nearby street, but other than that, it's great.

Review №61

Our meal came out cold and almost no chicken in our chabota we will not be back

Review №62

Loved the Muffin, egg, cheese, sausage combo.... Loved the chicken breast

Review №63

I love coming here. my order is always spot-on correct but today I experienced with Briah a not-so-friendly moment. as soon as I pulled up she just had like this look in her face where she was frustrated or just didn't want to be there. I asked her for the menu I looked at it for a second and she took it from me I asked for it again because I wasn't done looking at it. and I was taking my time to order and she just seemed frustrated she was signing and looked annoyed. at this point I was going to leave but my kids were hungry. other then that everyone else was so nice and every helpful.

Review №64

I Can never go wrong with this establishment, friendly and fast service at it's finest.

Review №65

Food is so good..had a was delish!

Review №66

Great food great prices. Very family friendly with a place for the kiddos to play and different events for everyone. We love the new app. In a hurry ? That's a great idea just run in and pick it up or have it brought out to you.

Review №67

Outstanding friendly service! Food is delicious and my family enjoy the restaurant. Keep up the good work

Review №68

Awesome sandwiches and service, but oh my god this drive thru is in the worst location. Kind of bad planning on who ever's job it was to locate this here, I wish it were a less popular drive thru on this lot.Luckily, everytime I've been here maybe takes 20 mins tops.That's usually only at rush hour food times, but sometimes you just have to endure the bummer of a line lol.Never really had any order mess ups, and I love when they give me a lot of sauces.However, if their location was a bit better placed I would be here a few nights a week.

Review №69

Let me tell you this is one of the fastest and well put together chic fil a's I have ever been to. Whoever is running this store is doing a fine job.

Review №70

Its good always but service depends on location.

Review №71

I've never had a bad experience or problem with the service and the quality of the food is always good. sure the line can get long sometimes but the service and food is just that good.

Review №72

I just went to this location for lunch with my daughter and Jonathan was taking our order and he is the most kindest, best customer service, great positive attitude :) even my little girl noticed it and was impressed! Keep up the great work Jonathan! Kudos to the two other employees and the manager I spoke with! Thank you!

Review №73

Food was fresh and had friendly service when we dined in but parking is a nightmare. The two drive thru lines were nearly out the parking lot and we gave up trying to park there after circling a couple times, just parked outside their lot and walked across with the kids. If you have small one(s) I feel its a hassle and not as safe.

Review №74

I've been coming to this chic fil a for a few years. The whole staff is terrific, especially Jonathan! He is so nice and you can tell he puts 110% into his job. Also, the food is always good!!

Review №75

Excellent food with top notch customer service!

Review №76

Yesterday and today I went to this location for lunch as a matter of fact this morning I went for breakfast as well. Although my breakfast experience today was good ,that's the reason for the two stars ,my two visits during lunch was not. The manager or team lead who was running the window (between 12 and 1) who was there yesterday and today the same young lady was very unprofessional. I won't list the entire story but she definitely needs to take some kind of classes for customer service. I will say this, this young lady needs to learn to acknowledge her customers instead of having a side conversation with her work associates. I called corporate to place a complaint and I hope they address this situation. My family and I will most likely never visit this location anymore.

Review №77

Love the chicken sandwiches and the sauce it great thanks

Review №78

Always Quick And Gets Everything Needed For Order . I Love you guys!!!

Review №79

Been trying to stop for a meal but every time I drive by it's been packed. Finally found one day it wasn't so busy so I stopped. Food was very good. Really enjoyed my meal.

Review №80

Delicious food and friendly service. Always.

Review №81

Horrible lines, why wait in line for so long when the Burgers off the grill already? then again, to each their own.

Review №82

I've run into numerous issues with this specific location. Between not receiving any Chick-fil-A sauce when requested, not receiving the jalapeños when I paid extra for them, receiving ice in my drink when I requested no ice & today, this. I went thru the drive thru to order my son a kids meal with a milk. When I got home, I realized the milk bottle seemed extremely lighter than usual & I open it & there is no aluminium cover & the milk bottle is more than halfway empty. This is ridiculous and horrible service.

Review №83

Chick fil a what more can I say, but it's the best

Review №84

Most of the time after it 9 out of 10 times it is on point sometimes they forget tonight I'm just like any other places fast food Services great their employees are awesome

Review №85

Food was cold. They spilled a drink on me and another on my seat. Didn't even give me napkins or a towel to clean it up.

Review №86

Amazing experience the floor staff was so helpful and welcoming. They were so caring especially the elderly worker Katherine she was so friendly and nice to me. Helped me move my stuff to another table were I could see my son play in the play area. She could tell my hands were full with my baby. New mom of two and I feel like going out on public is such a challenge sometime. But not at chick fil a. Everyone was encouraging and I felt like I was dinning with family.

Review №87

Great customer service and food is always consistently good. Tha young people that work there are always so welcoming and friendly.

Review №88

Amazing service and staff. Prefer carryout rather than curbside when ordering from the app so that the staff member doesn't have to trapeze through a dinner rush of cars in the two-lane drive-thru. They've never gotten a single thing wrong with any of my orders in any visit I've made there because they cooperate and work together so well that it shows in how well they function like a well-oiled machine.

Review №89

I wanted to leave candid comments and wasn't really sure where to leave them. I thought the cashier Jonathan was super nice and friendly. Made me smile how polite and in such a great mood. Definitely the best drive through experience coming to chick fil a!

Review №90

The good stuff! Love me some chickfila

Review №91

Usually fast service for curb side pickup

Review №92

Love what they stand for! Great food and they took care of my order and made sure it was correct.

Review №93

This place has exceptional customer experience even down to the little details of a fruit salad with all oranges. They added a cover port for their employees and it's fantastic.

Review №94

This location has got their stuff together. They are very clean, fast paced, and organized! They all seem to work very well together as a team! I happen to visit during it's most busiest hours and I must say I WAS AMAZED by how well all the employees took care of business and were able to serve the guests as quickly as they were arriving! Great experience!

Review №95

The service here was super fast and very friendly. It was very crowded when I was there and yet the line to order went fast and my food came out before I had time to go grab a straw. They willed down the tables as soon as someone got up - it was all very efficient and everyone had a wonderful attitude. The kids also enjoyed the play place very much.

Review №96

Quick and accurate. Kids love it. Gets crowded in the evening.

Review №97

The best chicken!

Review №98

Order's are always ready

Review №99

The deluxe spicy chicken sandwich is the best of all from the other competitors. And nothing beats the lemonade.

Review №100


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4.2 Rating
  • Address:5615 W Loop 1604 N, San Antonio, TX 78253, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-647-3090
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Caterer
  • Chicken restaurant
  • Delivery service
  • Family restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:6:30AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6:30AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6:30AM–10PM
  • Friday:6:30AM–10PM
  • Saturday:6:30AM–10PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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