Mama Margies Mexican Restaurant
9950, I-10, San Antonio, TX 78230, United States
Review №1

This is a fast food favorite when fast food is needed. It is great! There enchiladas are really good. Until the virus changed everything, all the chips and different kinds of salsas were serve yourself, all you wanted. Free chips are always a bonus.

Review №2

Steak Nacho are BOMB!!!Dining in, during CoVid, made me have a better appreciation for servers! Getting my own napkins, salt, salsa...goodness. Thank Y'all for being here for us! And continuing to be top-notch food, in our great city! I was proud to bring my sister in for a drink & dinner!

Review №3

Great order at counter and self seating. Facility was very clean. (Albeit dining room windows outside needs a clean)But cheerful and food prep very clean. Staff was excellent. Great experience overall.5.99 top shell Margarita's. Wonderful.

Review №4

I don't usually complain when a restaurant makes a mistake but 3 times in one go is just bad. First off they gave me someone else's order but with my receipt. The server didn't even check till they sent him back out to retrieve the order.Second I ordered an extra order of guacamole which I didn't get when my order finally came out.Third when I did get the extra guacamole which I paid extra for i received a half filled cup. Look at the picture for the difference the full one was the first I got with my nachos.When I asked the server about it he said it was the normal amount. I showed him the receipt and the first cup of guacamole.His response was, "Well thats just how we do it bro," And walked off.I was just surprised. Honestly they messed b4 on several occasions but this was just horrible service. The fact that I paid for it and the previous mistakes just shows how much they pay attention to their orders. Sad to say I'm not going there any more. Alamo cafe is right down the street so its their loss.

Review №5

Best Mexican food in SA hands down go there atleast 2 times a month. I even go 2hrs out of my way to get some fajitas and tacos. Their top shelf margaritas are THE BOMB! And all for VERY reasonable prices

Review №6

We Don't live in SA so its saying something that we try to make it a point to eat here any time we visit even when there are so many restaurants to choose from! LOVE the homemade tortillas, the guacamole and quesadillas. Such a big portion for quesadillas. Beef fajita meat was moist. Even with Covid restrictions it was still a fun time. Only thing I wish was different is that the salsa was hotter and salsa bar open still.

Review №7

Drove through SA, wanted to try authentic Tex-Mex and read a LOT of reviews. This one was had the consistently best reviews AND open 24/7, economic, restaurant quality food with a drive through and served FAST. The famous el Queso $5.29 and Bean &Cheese Taco definitely lived up to their name. $1.29 Taco -cheap yet big and filling. Yet kept eating because it was so good: cheese enchiladas and guacamole chalupa. Their was 1/2 tub guac on that chalupa, worth the $3.29. Great service, too, Sandra who took my order personally came out to deliver the bags and complimented my fur-baby. No photos bc I was busy chowing down. Wish Mama Margie's was in Houston!

Review №8

Good clean environment! Nice people who work there! Plus I got 2 tacos for only 10$!

Review №9

Best cheese enchiladas they don't smother it with chili and the cheese is generous throughout the enchilada itself. Mouth watering

Review №10

The drive thru is fast! Food is good! Really only negative is their prices are higher than other places. But to me, not having to worry about being disappointed is worth paying a little extra. I've only had their breakfast tacos but have heard their lunch/dinner menu is great also. I really enjoy how nice their employees are!

Review №11

Always on point! EVERYTHING tastes great; large portions at very affordable prices. Their margaritas ROCK & are also being served in the drive-thru during this pandemic. I like to get half strawberry, half lime. Yumm! :)

Review №12

Work for door dash and even though they have signs to pick up outside they tell me to go in and on the counter the order is big so three bags and a drink tray. Guy doesn't hand me bags and tells me “straws are over there” a customer actually asked if I needed help.Horrible customer service!

Review №13

I love the queso! It's super delicious! The rest of the food is okay Mexican fast food. I appreciate the two lane drive thru and staff has always been very nice and helpful.

Review №14

Fantastic breakfast! Drive thru did those pancakes to go right! Too early to order margaritas... Have to g back! You should too!

Review №15

Moms Margies is the restaurant you goto when you're new to San Antonio and don't know what's good. In my limited experience with several restaurants in this area, I've decided by the way the food has been packaged, prepped, cooked with taste this is the last restaurant you'll wanna eat from. If you're looking for a large family meal chicken fajitas, stick to Torchy's tacos. They include salsa and chips which I paid extra for and they gave us only 4 of those little 1 oz cups for our salsa and it's bland. The chicken tasted like it was baked and seared for 2 minutes. I just know I won't ever be returning to this place ever again. Definitely go elsewhere because it's choff

Review №16

Every time I'm in town I get me some bean and cheese or barbacoa tacos from Mama Margie's. Never dissatisfied!

Review №17

Delicious menudo. Can't wait to try their caldo de res.

Review №18

Our food was super good but the beans tasted a little weird.

Review №19

I have ordered the low carb plate on multiple occasions. The portion size and value is great. The soup on the side has not been consistent. It is a chicken vegetable soup with an avocado slice. Twice they forgot the avocado and once there was no chicken in the soup. The service is friendly and fast. They run like a well oiled machine. They aren't my favorite Mexican food in San Antonio, but because of the value, taste, and efficient service; they are better than Las Palapas and Taco Cabana.

Review №20

Love their bean and cheese tacos they taste so good with pico de gallo.

Review №21

Always good food, fast service, having double drive-thrus is very healthful. Make sure you ask for salsa ahead of time though

Review №22

At 5pm on a Monday, with a few cars in the drive way, there should be no reason your food isn't on point. Enchiladas were over done, the crispy taco was lacking flavor, but the rice and beans were good. The saving grace for this joint is the chips and salsa. I can always count on the salsa bar to give me what I need. Wish I could say the rest about today's experience, and our Mex Plates.

Review №23

The bean and cheese tacos are good enough at 99 cents all day long. The salsa bar is as good as anywhere. I'm not a fan, but if I'm in the area and don't have time for Taqueria Datapoint, this place will do in a pinch.The enchilada plates aren't bad at 3 AM, but I'm not sure how good they'd be for actual lunch. Everything else seems to be a blur.

Review №24

THE ONLY PLACE I GET CALDO! no chunks of fat on my chicken, just delicious shredded chicken and lots of rice, squash potatoes yummm

Review №25

Been coming to this location for years always fast and rarely is my order messed up

Review №26

Went for breakfast. Both my boyfriend and I got potatoes with our meals ... they were so hard you could not eat them. I ordered heovos rancheros but no sauce on the eggs.

Review №27

Hot & fresh!! This food is awesome! When you dine in & order fajitas, they serve them sizzling hot!!! The tortillas are soft & fresh. They have a salsa bar with all kinds of options as well as jalapenos, limes, cilantro & onions. They have self-serve chips & salsa inside as well.

Review №28

Let me just say, I usually love Mama Margie's. The last few times I have been there, the tacos have gotten skimpier than ever. I paid close to $7 for two tacos and got more tortilla than meat. I didn't even get to post a pic of the chicken taco, it had even less meat. For this, I could have gone to Taco Cabana and gotten three fat tacos. No more Margie's for me.

Review №29

Our spot to go for nachos n margaritas! Never disappointed!

Review №30

Mama Margie's is “nacho” ordinary fast food late night Tex-Mex joint. They've had several locations in San Antonio for quite a few years, but I never paid them any attention until recently. Why, why, oh why have I overlooked this inexpensive late-night Tex-Mex destination for so many years?They're open 24 hours a day, so they're always available for your late-night snacks, early morning breakfast, lunch, and dinner.The beef fajita nachos are out of this world. Tender, flavorful fajita meat on top of a nice layer of cheese and refried beans on fresh, crisp tortilla chips. A hefty scoop of guac and sour cream is included in the middle of the plate.I'll be honest though, the seating kinda sucks and sometimes you have to sit at a table near the ordering area which can be annoying. Everyone backs up to your table while you are trying to eat and hang out.They don't have the best salsa bar in town, but it holds up fairly well. Unlimited (free) chips, several varieties of salsa, and free jalapeno slices for your nachos.Ice cold beer and good margaritas for sure. I stake my reputation on that one.

Review №31

It's a nice place for a quick bite to eat. The food is good. The place has a patio. You can eat inside or out side. They serve adult beverages. You can give a couple of drinks and leave. There is also a drive thru. Order from there if you're in a rush. The restrooms are clean. That's a plus. Free chips is nice. This place has four TVs. You can check out a game eat and have a drink. You can see the place off of the highway.

Review №32

Went at midnight and drive through line was wrapped around building. It went fast to order and get food. The food was great and we really enjoyed it.

Review №33

I have a long history with this lady. She was the inspiration for the first Taco Cabana and later she opened her own place. Her quality of food had always been there. She has always taken care of her customers with a smile. I do not see her as much, but the food maintains a high standard on quality, fair price. The staff are friendly and when the weather is hot, a great place to gets cold glass of ice tea.

Review №34

Quick drive through everytime. No matter how busy.

Review №35

Service was fast and cashier polite but tacos were kind of soupy. Potato and egg potatoes were a little under cooked. Hot sauce wasn't hot.

Review №36

The service is really fast n the food is good

Review №37

Food was good. Will go again. I prefer authentic Mexican food. It's more of a tex mex style than authentic. Either way, still a great place to grab a bite to eat

Review №38

Went there after a terrible experience at Wing Daddy's they don't care about customer safety.Anyway Mama Margies was Very Clean and We'll Sanitized! They made sure you were 6ft away from other customers and had great service!! We will be back. Thank you for Caring for Us!

Review №39

Tacos edible. Service was good.

Review №40


Review №41

Fast 2-lane drive-thru. Yummy food.

Review №42

Best mother freakin chicken quesadillas anywhere in S.A. dont forget the pico n guac!! Oh goshhhh the Big Red!!!!

Review №43

Worst ever. You can get better qaulity food with better service at a taco palenque than this fake restaurant.. it'll be time for them to shut down.. plus their health score isn't all that. Taco palenque has 100..just fyi.

Review №44

Came here not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Their cheese enchilada plate was the perfect fix for my enchilada craving. One of the very few places to rival my homemade enchiladas! Salsa bar was great. The atmosphere is laid back and family friendly but it was a little loud because it was busy. Seating is first come first serve which was different but there is plenty of space to choose from. We will be back soon!

Review №45

Had the Mike's Super Plate. So much food I couldn't finish it. Had enough for a second meal leftover. It was pretty darn good. They do put onions in the Enchiladas without warning. I'm not an onion person but made it through it. Tea was also good. Free chips and salsa. And the Salsa Bar is excellent. Make sure you get yourself some of the green sauce. Superb.

Review №46

Came from Dallas. Reunited with my best girlfriend. The food was delicious. The drinks were great. And the staff was amazing, cute, super friendly. I loved it there.

Review №47

24 hour restaurant with good variety of yammy Mexican food. I ordered the "Mike's Plate". Highly recommended. The chips are very crispy. Will try different tacos and enchiladas next time.

Review №48

I wanted to eat after our movie got out at 10pm. I had the crispy taco plate and it was delicious. My boyfriend had the nachos and really liked them. The nacho portion was large. Service was fast. This place is kinda like taco cabana but better. There was a salsa bar and shelf serve hot chips&hot salsa. I enjoyed myself and would totally eat here again :)

Review №49

Not the best but its worth it.Are you craving for a quick bite of texmex in a cheap price, then this is the place to be!Me and my husband usually comes here often! HeheTheir servings are somehow complicated, i guess it depends on the mood of the one who makes your plate. Sometimes if good for sharing sometimes its good for one. Sometimes it will be served with guac sometimes no!Oh wee no consistency!Free chips and salsa. Free refills of the soda! What more to ask for right? Lol Recommended to everybody!

Review №50

Is ok for what you pay. Fajitas are tasty. They have warm chips and salsa bar which is nice. The margaritas are good too.

Review №51

The Food and Margarita's Is Very Good and Satisfying.

Review №52

Fast service! The food is great! We really enjoyed Mama Margies.

Review №53

This place is another San Antonio gem. Great food in heaping quantities for dirt cheap. It's got the vibe of a chili's meets Taco Bell, very down to earth, but you could probably care less when munching their nachos past midnight (and we'll into the AM) under the bright fluorescent lights. Not to mention, unlimited chips and salsa from the ice maker converted into a chip storage unit and a big salsa bar. No matter what time you go, be prepared to see San Antonio's finest, a traveling baseball team, a family reunion or two as well as some birthdays. Don't worry, all the traffic won't slow down your order. It will be our before you know it.

Review №54

I paid 17 dollars for a taco salad and margarita. It was good but kinda pricey for the amount.

Review №55

The margaritas are always terrific. There are several good items on the menu: breakfast tacos, chicken and beef fajitas, queso and tortillas. I am not a fan of everything else. I have been going for years and those are the things I have found are pretty good along with the margaritas. They only let you have 3 for a reason!

Review №56

Place is amazing! Food is outstanding.

Review №57

Bean and cheese with rice is delicious in their carne guisada with cheese is to die for definitely recommend for a quick Taco grab and they have a drive-through on the second lane that accommodates larger Vehicles like box trucks

Review №58

I really didn't know if I was going to like this place... but after going to two different locations I'm convinced. THIS PLACE IS BOMB!!! If you haven't had it, try the queso. Fajitas are awesome! Really, I haven't had anything I didn't like. GO HERE! EAT! BE HAPPY!

Review №59

Tortillas are smaller and my carne guisada taco had three pieces of meat with alot of gravy. Not worth $3.29 for a skimpy taco

Review №60

Excellent service! Fast On Food order

Review №61

This was the place to come, we would always attend with my girlfriend and her family, it was definitely fun, always great service! I moved away from SA back to Austin...definitely miss this location and hoping to visit sometime later this year, just thought I'd hop on by and let others know about my past experiences about this place! The only downfall is the parking but other than that, the times I had been, it was always clean!

Review №62

It was once amazing but the longer its open the more it feels like it came right out of a microwave

Review №63

I love this concept. Mama Margie's never disappoints! I visit Mama Margie's every time I go or pass through San Antonio on this visit to San Antonio I stopped in for dinner and before leaving in the morning for breakfast. Food is always hot quick and consistent.

Review №64

Best Mexican food at any hour, great bang for the buck, if you are passing through try their bean and cheese tacos, superb

Review №65

There was a very long line at the drive thru,even with that, the staff moved at an impressive speed, all while remaining hospitable. The food came out hot and delicious!

Review №66

The food was average. It is definitely not what you would expect from a sit down restaurant.

Review №67

So good! A quick place to eat without missing the quality! Wish we had some of these in Dallas! The drinks were perfect, the salsa bar was fresh, and don't get me started on the unlimited chips!!!! Yum! This is a MUST experience if your in the mood to eat like a San Antonio natives during your visit.

Review №68

My favorite place in San Antonio, the management is great and they keep up with the food quality they serve and the customers as well.You feel like having a meal in a Mexican house, all authentic and yummy.No one can beat their chips ️They have Halal choices as well

Review №69

Great coffee always fast and and great food.

Review №70

Best Tex Mex chain in town. This location is great! As always, everything is clean and the atmosphere is great. The food is delicious as always. The drinks too!

Review №71

This place is always pretty decent. They could pay a little closer attention to the salsa bar though. I've been a few times when the bar is running low or out of something. I think it's a bit overpriced for the quality of food but being open 24hrs and not being Taco Cabana counts for a lot with me.

Review №72

Quick, affordable, & delicious. Enough said.

Review №73

Don't bother ordering delivery through any apps with this location. I've ordered three times using three different apps and every time I am missing half of my order. Every app says mama margies is at fault and messes up the majority of their orders. Hire some employees with a brain please.

Review №74

We stopped here to try it out and this place didn't disappoint. Fajitas were delicious!

Review №75

Fresh food. Well priced and quick service.

Review №76

Delicious as always, rice and beans on point 10/10 woild do it again!

Review №77

Fast, friendly, delicious and convenient. This is way better than Taco Cabana but similar in offerings. Except the drinks are way better, and so is the food. We had beef fajitas and I had a mango margarita with chamoy and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a about $30 for both of us to have beef fajitas plates and a beer/mango marg. Salsas were a nice touch too, the salsas and condiments were good and fresh. They took our dirty trays from us and gave he great service. I wish they had a tip jar!

Review №78

Stake Quesadilla Plate its delicious..

Review №79

Always a great meal when I go.Loves the food and highly recommends everybody go and try it. Once you do, you'll always return.Great margaritas & tacosI added guacamole and sour cream to mine.

Review №80

$4 for A small, medicore beef fajita taco with avocado. The bean and cheese was good though.

Review №81

I got the Nachos. Thanks for making me fat

Review №82

Bean and cheese are down af. All the other things are a bit pricey.

Review №83

Great food and fast for extremely long lines.

Review №84

Amazing food! Always comes out hot.

Review №85

Excellent breakfast Taco!

Review №86

Favorite place to pick up quick tacos

Review №87

Great ambiance and yummy food!! I ordered the carne guisada; the meat was tender and the gravy was hearty. My husband ordered enchiladas and they had great flavor. I'm very picky about Spanish rice, however, their rice doesn't disappoint! Definitely coming back! Staff was warm & friendly.

Review №88

The only reason I have to give 4 is because I was told my pickup order would be ready in 15 or so. I waited 15 minutes to leave and had to wait an additional 10 to 15 more after arriving. This is by no means a complaint because the people are great...just had to explain not giving you four, mi amor.

Review №89

Customer service was good. Food was fast. Soft chicken tacos with a healthy portion of chicken. Salsa bar was clean. Only downfall really loud outside by the freeway as well as inside with tables pretty close together.

Review №90

Awesome like the other Mama Margie's, but different in its own way. The green sauce was spicier but still amazing, and the salsa had more flavor to it. The special for Wednesday had awesome flavors with each part of the plate. The beef taco was epic, and the cheese enchilada was really good too. Definitely a great cheap spot.

Review №91

Great atmosphere. You can enjoy your food inside or outside. Great food and drinks.

Review №92

Food was really delicious. I tried one of the margaritas and at five bucks, you can't go wrong. However, the mango flavor I wouldn't recommend. It tastes cheap (which it is) but it was very over powering and ended up not finishing it. Highly would suggest checking out Mike's Plate! Good quantity for the price and still quality!

Review №93

To pricie for the quality, believe it or not but taco cabana is similar for less..

Review №94

This place is literally open 24/7. You can eat inside 24/7. The food is tasty. They have free chips and hot sauce! They have free WiFi.

Review №95

I tried this with my boyfriend for the first time this week and it was actually really good. I got the Thursday special which was $6.99 and it was a fajita plate with rice, beans, and a guacamole taco bowl type thing. All of it was awesome! the food came out super quick and was sizzling hot and I love the idea of having a chips and salsa bar. The ladies at the front counter were also super nice and accommodating. It was also busy but super clean still. 5 stars.

Review №96

Not A Bad Place To Eat And Reasonable Too Diffently Coming Back

Review №97

Great for a quick filling meal. Food was delicious and fast.

Review №98

Two chicken fajitas with cheese and guacamole I'm good

Review №99

Food is always great. Restaurant is always kept up. Service was quick. Overall great visit. Only issue was parking. Depending on time of day the parking lot is packed and hard to get out from.

Review №100

Good food and good service

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:9950, I-10, San Antonio, TX 78230, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-561-0400
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Tex-Mex restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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