Vida Mia
19141 Stone Oak Pkwy #803, San Antonio, TX 78258, United States
Review №1

-Nice little restaurant.-Not too clean (pic included)-kind of slow service.****Weird thing----asked for salsa de árbol to taste and the waitress told us "let me check if they(kitchen people) can give me some."-Menu needs to explain what the plates include ( pic inculded).--NEVER got drink refills.-Only one person takes the orders in the restaurant.-The food needs flavor. It looks good in the plate but once u taste it. There's no flavor.-Got free fideo, but again It has no flavor.-Not really a restaurant I would return.

Review №2

The best Mexican authentic food! I love to visit Vida Mia. Their flavor reminds me of my abuela and I really appreciate it! It is worth it and delicious.They always welcome you with a warm smile! Thank you Vida Mia!

Review №3

One of my favorite places to eat Mexican Food in San Antonio. Excellent service and the flavor of each dish is very special. I highly recommend it.

Review №4

The service was good and was our meal. Very authentic Mexican dishes. It was beautifully plated and tasted even better. Will be going back again!

Review №5

I would love to share 5 stars because of how delicious their food is. However note to owner/manager you need more wait staff. 2 waitresses, 1 busboy, and the Manger just behind the counter not helping the staff for a Sunday morning. You have great Vegan and Vegetarian options so I'll be back. But help the staff out. The Vegan Pozole is awesome!!!

Review №6

I can't think of a better place than Vida Mía when comes to overall great tasting authentic Mexican cuisine. I have ordered just about every menu item, and I'm truly never disappointed. My friends and family are also equally pleased with all that Vida Mia has to offer. Make Vida Mía your next choice!! You can't beat phenomenal food, made with an abundance of love.

Review №7

The food here is very traditional and authentic tasting. It's very similar to something that would be cooked by my family on a Sunday morning. Nuff said?The portion sizes are good, the staff was friendly, service was quick.I like it here, definitely will return.

Review №8

This is my second time coming to this restaurant and I love the molletes here, strongly recommend this plate . Unfortunately our experience wasn't very pleasant, as we entered the building we didn't really feel welcomed and greeted so we decided to seat our selfs, our waitress Guadalupe was very nice and attentive, overall the place was a little messy, and the menu did not have any type of description for the food I enjoy coming here for breakfast.

Review №9

Service was very slow. Sat almost 10 minutes before getting a menu and ordering my coffee and water. Food to close to 30 minutes to come out (pozole and a taco). Watched a mother with 3 well behaved kids wait just as long as I did for their food. Pozole was bland, and hominy had been overcooked to the point it had disintegrated.

Review №10

Mexican food is my favorite, but Vida Mía makes me feel in México! They have great and delicious options!

Review №11

Best tacos in town , the tortilla was perfect. I give the food a 10

Review №12

Very good as usual. We tried taco salad with chicken and tostados for the first time. Both were excellent!

Review №13

My son recommended Vida Mia for their Chiles Rellenos. Wow, I certainly found the taste to be outstandingly delicious. Since then, I've had the Pozole, Albondigas, and Tacos Dorados. All super delicious. Can't wait to go back and I try the Chilaquiles because I've heard they are the best in town.

Review №14

Your restaurant was recommended to me a few years back by an employee who mentioned that Vida Mia was a true phenomenal great tasting authentic Mexican restaurant. After hearing about how good the chilaquiles were, I decided to give you all a try. I have to say I was totally impressed with my meal. I will certainly give Vida Mía my seal of approval!! The Chilaquiles with chorizo con huevo took this dish to an even higher level.

Review №15

This place is the to-go place for quality, authentic Mexican Cuisine. No cheap Tex Mex here! Chicken Chilaquiles are the best! I recommend to all my friends! Keep it up Vida Mia!!

Review №16

Very unique menu items. Food was great.

Review №17

Food and service is ok but little pricey

Review №18

After reading past reviews and because of the high ratings I figured I'd stop in and try it out. It was ok, just that... ok. The beans and guacamole/pico were really good, but the fajitas I though were bland. Chips were good and two of the three salsas I liked. I probably should have eaten something with higher reviews. I do recommend trying it out and forming you own opinion it may have just been me or an off day.

Review №19

I waited 45 minutes for 4 tacos and a tortilla soup. I know Its Sunday but come on guys that's ridiculous.

Review №20

Amazing food. Great service. Met the owner and she is extremely friendly! Loved seeing the party room, which would be perfect for any business meeting or gathering.

Review №21

Very delicious and authentic food! Great service!

Review №22

This is a small business Mexican restaurant in Stone Oak. Very welcoming right when you walk in. It was my first time here and waitress was patient brings over my drink order quickly. I enjoyed a simple scramble egg and bacon breakfast...I could tell Cooked to order. And I bet the yummy potatoes with onion, tomato and green pepper bits was too. Will go back with friends

Review №23

Response to owners.No most of that happened a little over nine months ago and more. I haven't been back since the 3rd of March last weekend everything was so good I wanted to update the rating and I guess Google decided to bump the whole review.Only thing I could complain about during my last visit was I had ordered four tacos and ended up with only three . Those were some really awesome tacos I really missed not having the fourth one I was only charged for 3 so no worries.I know it can't be easy keeping a restaurant as busy as yours as consistent as your team does.Thanks for your concern.when you guys are really on your game I don't think anybody else makes better tacos then you guys.See you again soon.Old review over 9 months ago On my last visit I noticed they don't have an updated Health Department score they have two old papers one saying 80 and one saying 85 I do believe next to their certificate of occupancy. Kind of Hidden Away from view behind the counter it would be nice to see a clearly posted Health Department score .Okay apparently this is not a good place to sit and vegetate at on a Sunday morning contemplating your week and relaxing from the previous one.I must say that several times this place has really been busy and I've had to wait a while for a table or find another place to eat at .I never noticed anyone rushing to leave so I could have a seat. Not that I'm in any way spiteful or did anything spiteful it seems that the owners feel that I did it's been mentioned more than three times now that they remember me because I was the guy that sat there relaxing after his meal I might add was enjoying several cups of coffee and letting my food settle there's a lot of times I don't get to do this during the week don't have much time to.No one seems to notice the generous 20% or more tips that I leave how courteous and respectful I try to be and how clean I leave my setting when I'm finished everyone just seems to remember that I was that guy that sat there too long enjoying their coffee while they were so busy.I really can't say that inspires a welcome feeling.These people make the best tortillas and salsa in town.They also keep their salsa very fresh they serve it in small amounts in glass bottles made for pancake syrup in such.I've been here quite a few times and have mostly had all good experiences.I had a beef enchilada once that reminded me of eating Alpo not that I've ever tried any but certainly had the flavor that Alpo smells like.And today when I was there picking up my breakfast taco order there was a male employee. with a bucket on the counter next to their soda machine where they prepare meals for customers he had a bucket on that counter pouring cleaner into it.It's the simple little things like that.That really disappoint me when it comes to going out to eat he was doing this right behind the owner as I was paying for my meal. And there were plenty of other senior employees standing there that didn't say anything.why because this is the typical kind of thing people do .I could do that kind of thing myself at home.So please keep it in mind Vita Mia that all your customers are kind of like food inspectors and some of them might not like what they see it might not have anything to do with the quality of your food that they don't come back so often.This place is really good I really do enjoy an authentic Mexican meal here.Things happen so please try to keep the chemicals away from the food.

Review №24

Nice crispy/flaky flour tortillas filled with great tasting ingredients!! Cooked as you order, fresh!

Review №25

Great Mexican Food!! Staff very friendly.

Review №26

Really great service. Awesome food. I recommend trying this place.

Review №27

Fantastic, homemade Mexican food. Their chilaquiles are excellent as well as all the fresh salsas.

Review №28

Food is usually NOT quick to come out and i'ts cold.

Review №29

The food was exceptional. It was great to finally eat some authentic Mexican food. I will definitely be returning.

Review №30

If you like to admire your plate, appreciate the beauty and presentation, whilst you take pictures to post on Facebook, this place is for you.If you like to eat your plate of food and appreciate the taste and flavors, go somewhere else.Very bland. Even the salsa is bland. Salt and pepper doesn't help. Seems they're cooking for 70 year old gringos.

Review №31

First we order a taco pirata and I feel like the meat needs seasoning had no flavor to it what so ever waitresses didn't offer no salt or salsa by the time she brought it my food was cold she kept talking to her coworkers but didn't say anything due to not wanting to be rude.

Review №32

Love this place. Somewhat limited on the food choices but everything they have is delicious

Review №33

Best Chile Relleno in San Antonio!! As of Today 2-8-19, I must say the Chile Relleno at Vida Mia is still the absolute best in San Antonio. The owners are super nice and care about their customers.

Review №34

Authentic Mexican food!

Review №35

Menudo was phenomenal, chilequiles were ok. Wife didn't like them. Barbacoa was also outstanding. Service was ok, but didn't really seem attentive.I would go back based solely on the menudo.

Review №36

Delicious food! Ordered the green chilaquiles for breakfast and they were in point. Didn't know this place desisted because it's hidden away but I will be back!

Review №37

The food is excellent.

Review №38

They're always under staffed and slow slow slow.Food is good but they're super inconsistent and they never clean

Review №39

I'm from Mexico City, and I can say with confidence that this is as close as you're getting to authentic Mexican food in San Antonio. Never disappointing, order anything that calls to you! Truly worth mentioning are the breakfast items— their chilaquiles are worth traveling long distances for. Pro tip— when they say the Speedy González is spicy, they mean it!

Review №40

Great service! Quick and the food was everything I wanted: full flavor and large quantity.

Review №41

We had lunch with family so the wait is not terrible. Although, a bit bummed the order I placed was wrong, we had to call our waitress over to ask for refills, chips, salsa, etc. Gratuity was already included so sometimes I feel that good service is not a priority once gratuity is included. First experience at this resturant, and it more than likely will be our last.

Review №42

We have been coming to Vida Mia since it opened. We love the food and staff. We have recently moved 20 miles away but still return.

Review №43

Great Food, Great Service. Seems to be lighter than your usual Tex Mex and possibly Mexico City style? All ingredients fresh and 3 Salsa's : Mild Medium and Caliente(Chile Arbol Iwas told by my waitress! Although, I initially guessed Habenero Peppers. )

Review №44

Very good taste

Review №45

We love this restaurant and frequently order through favor. We have never had any issues with our order and food is always amazing! But today we were let down. Tacos range from $1.30 to $3.00 and they usually stuff it full but today we got extremely skimpy tacos. Like my husband thought that they sent extra tortillas but it turned out to be tacos. I'm hoping that they just had someone new making the tacos and this wont be a new norm because 3$ for a taco is a bit pricey and we wont continue to buy tacos from here If this is the new serving size. I TRIED TO CALL AND NO ONE ANSWERED IT JUST RANG AND RANG. I have 3 kids, 2 of which are twins, I dont have time to call over and over. How about you dont tell your customers what to do and just accept the fact that our tacos were not up to normal standard, maybe apologize instead? I also never accused yall of changing the price I just listed what the prices were. Not sure that we will ever order again now.

Review №46

Restaurant is very clean smells great people are very friendly. That's food on the to go sidewards pretty quick. Only have one male and 1 female bathroom so those are occupied. Places about a 3rd full of people seems to like the food and staff was consistently working and not off chattering somewhere.

Review №47

This is one of my favorites, I invited my best friend to try their chilaquiles. I had been bragging about them for some time. She lives pretty far from this spot. We finally made it in last Sunday only to find that they were understaffed that day, we waited a long time for our food. Kept running out of coffee and when we finally got out food it was cold and the chilaquiles had gotten soggy!. Our waitress was doing her best. Management should do better at staffing on weekends. It was a big disappointment.

Review №48

This place would get a higher rating if it wasn't so crowded. But, I guess that means they are really good. And, they are. Best to go for the special. Service is great and the food is always spot on. It can get uncomfortable with the tight seating.

Review №49

The food was really good. It is a very small place so kind of crowded and noisy.

Review №50

Takes you to Mexico without leaving San Antonio. The food is incredible and always worth the wait. Best mexican food spot in SA!

Review №51

Brunch was delicious! I loved the chilaquiles.

Review №52

Terrible service, average food

Review №53

Great place. Food is very good and authentic.

Review №54

Thanks for having a delicious vegan option on your breakfast menu!

Review №55

Excellent place!! This is real Mexican food (not Tex Mex)

Review №56

Delicious and real Mexican Breakfast Food!!... Chilaquiles ( Best in Town) really good service, good price but Excellent Mariachi Band every Sunday from 12:00 p.m... Amazing! !

Review №57

Salsa was trash!But the breakfast tacos are on point..They only offer unsweet tea too. I thought that was a lil strange. If those two things were better than defiantly a 5 to me.....

Review №58

Service is poor. And food was better before. I wasnt satisfied with food nor service this time. Will think twice before going again

Review №59

The workers were very friendly

Review №60

Best AUTHENTIC Mexican food in San Antonio. During the weekends it can get busy but trust me, it's worth the wait!!

Review №61

Pretty good food. The salsas are delicious! For those alone I will continue going there!!

Review №62

I don't understand how people goes to a steak house and cheerfully pay $100+ for a dinnerBut they come to a Mexican restaurant pay for a plate for $8.99 and complain for not getting free chips, or the waitress took too long, Mexican cousinne is always underappreciated.This place has good food, decent service, at affordable price.If you want extra chips I'm sure it's gonna break your them, don't be cheap.Thanks

Review №63

Excellent breakfast options. Great chilaquiles and menudo at a very affordable price.

Review №64

The molletes are delicious and I really liked the decoration.

Review №65

Great food, good service,nice price.

Review №66

Very close to actual Mexican food. Great taste and great prices!

Review №67

Service was good. Chilaquiles were awesome. We will be going back(:

Review №68

I just called awhile ago (11:45 am) 06-04-2019 asked politely for the name of the manager. She said the owner and manager are not available now but I can call back Sat. I then said ok but can I please have the name of the manager? She hung up on ME!! Before I can finish my sentence How Rude!!! I call back same lady answered. I nicely asked again for the name of the manager You know what her response was?? Ms. you just called a minute ago & I said the owner & manager are not here now. Yes, I know you did mention that but all I want is the name of the owner or manager. Rudely she said Mr. Ramos. Never have I crossed a person that rude. I understand that it is a busy time to call but come on you got to have a little patience. It is as if she thought I was calling to complaint which I was not. But now I am. Thanks to her. Never mind I am now giving a BAD REVIEW Thanks to her.

Review №69

So good &Definitely worth the stars. Don't pass on this hidden gem!

Review №70

The best Mexican food in San Antonio, very good service.

Review №71

Great authentic food. The barbacoa tacos are delicioso!

Review №72

Tasty Traditional Mexican food with a flair. Small location but the food speaks for itself...

Review №73

Food was subpar and some older gentlemen seemed to being having a bad day when I asked for utensils to go.

Review №74

Geat breakfast and lunch as always. Highly recommend this place.

Review №75

Owner and staff are great and so is the food!

Review №76

The food was fresh and delicious, I couldn't have asked for a better experience when seeing other reviews. The soup is delicious, tacos delicious and the salsas are the perfect spiciness.

Review №77

Fantastic food

Review №78

This is wonderful the food is the best! Thank you for making my brother's wedding day so special keep up the great work!

Review №79

Exelent service, attentive personnel. Good food taste.

Review №80

Super authentic Mexican

Review №81

1 start for the best waitress Bulverde location1 the best refried beansNo reason for food not be hot hot but I am s regular customer maybe they we're just having a off day

Review №82

Tasty mexican food! They do have real mexican home made salsas. We also asked for unsalted food, and they cook as requested.Congrats!!

Review №83

Wonderful Mexican dishes, the food was very tasty and delicious. The service was excellent and fast

Review №84

Horrible!! Waited 15 minutes and nobody helped us. Went up front and asked if someone could help us. Waited another freaking 15 minutes and STILL no one helped us and just walked out! Worst service I've ever experienced. I hope they close down!!

Review №85

Really loved the place. It's unique and delicious. Highly recommend.

Review №86

Home made authentic mexican food!!

Review №87

The service was soo slow. The tacos aren't even worth what you are paying for them! The food was mediocre and took forever to come

Review №88

Simple ingredients, great food from Mexico, not texmex

Review №89

Staff is great.Food is very good.I recommend the restaurant to everyone

Review №90

Good food and service

Review №91

Good food and service. You gotta love a place that is BYOB, because that saves a ton of money, ultimately. The atmosphere is nothing elaborate, but it is also nice enough. The people are friendly, and it definitely feels comfortable enough in there. I'd go there again if I were in the area.

Review №92

Wow! Great food & fast service.This experience was just like eating at grandmas house! Fresh salsa, fresh eggs, hand made warm flour tortillas...Mmm mmm!Great authentic Mexican breakfast at a decent price. A+.

Review №93

Always incredible! Their sopes are my favorite in town!

Review №94

The vibrate colors and cleanliness was a plus walking into this restaurant. The food is amazing. The salsas are so fresh and tasty. The cactus salad is my absolutely favorite! I can have it daily. They have very healthy options. I love it. Try taste and see

Review №95

Delicious food and a really nice atmosphere!

Review №96

Great! Very sweet staff and had great salsa. I love the fact that they serve fideo as a complimentary food with chips b

Review №97

That's a Meh for me. It's not horrible, and I can see the nostalgia many people would get coming here but it's not something I will be craving often. I will say the menudo was solid, but I would not recommend the bean and cheese taco.

Review №98

My favorite mexican restaurant, everything on the menu is deliciousupdate: the last two times I've been here the service has been bad, our server came twice the whole time and had to get another server to get us items. We were there during a busy time but we noticed people that had arrived later get their food first. Two of the four plates were also cold and overall we spent too much time for a simple meal.

Review №99

Like it, good food and family friendly restaurant atmosphere

Review №100

Simple, delicious food. Good service.

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