Asian Buffet
1533 Austin Hwy #111, San Antonio, TX 78218, United States
Review №1

I have no idea what all these reviews are talking about. So let me be as honest as possible. The food was not good by any means other than the dessert. The buffet on Sundays is like 11 bucks and its a very small amount of food. The only thing I did enjoy was the atmosphere and the staff were great at attending peoples tables. For the price I think I'll stick with chopsticks and Grand buffet if I'm trying to get as much as I can for my buck.

Review №2

Best place to always fresh, even through the Pandemic.

Review №3

Good place to eat at accesible price.

Review №4

Food was good and oh when its cold outside, nothing like fresh hot buffet prepared same day. What Bday week for me!

Review №5

Buffet food and the atmosphere here is great. Food was so fresh. I had a brother come into town and asked me to take him back here. It has a great atmosphere. Atmosphere and food reminds me of Virginia Beach.

Review №6

Great all-you-ca -eat variety for adults and kids. $11.99 for adults on Sunday for dinner.

Review №7

Buffet food, mmm, so delicious. loved this place from the first taste. i will be back with my coworkers. bring your hunger - portions are generous. they have so many reviews for a reason.

Review №8

Just moved in from N.Y wanted to try out some good places to eat and this one by far is one of the best quality food,I've ever tasted reminds be of the great food quality back from N.Y. You will be seeing me here for more often

Review №9

I love the buffet but there are times that they dont fill the empty plates of viand.

Review №10

Nice spot for quality Buffet food. Reminds me of a place in New York I loved to visit.

Review №11

The food at the Asian buffet was very good now my friend and I r headed to the Rio Grande valley with a tummy full of Asian food

Review №12

Buffet food here - great. Everyone at our table was glad to be there. I think I might become a regular.

Review №13

Food was excellent. I never had an empty cup.

Review №14

I would have gave this 5 stars but the price of just my wife and I was 32 dollars... kind of on the pricey side but overall great food. Some of the best buffet food I have had so far in the San Antonio area. Friendly staff. Bathroom was kind of dirty but counters and table seem to be really clean. Fresh food.

Review №15

I dont give these simple buffets normally 5 stars, but this really hit the stop when I was in the area. I was here 3-4 times a week and never seems to get tired of the food. The staff was very kind and attentive. I would recommend trying if your in the area.

Review №16

This place is an amazing place to eat I love their stuffed mushrooms and the Chinese cuisine they have. It's of dessert options and the sushi isn't thay bad (not great) I would recommend this place if your hungry or want food to go.

Review №17

Decent buffet, but nothing the specifically stands out.I didn't find any items on the buffet that were really good and would bring me back. Table service was the same, minimal each time. The selection of entrees on the buffet was decent, but the items lacked a lot of flavor and were all on the plain side.After four visits to this location over a period of 8 years I think this is my last visit. In the past I've had barely warm food, no waiter service, and food that was bland.On this most recent visit, there was sushi that was either frozen to the tray, or had been sitting long enough it had dried and glued itself to the tray.On this visit again I never received a refill on my drink, and they only came to take plates away from my table one time.Attached is the photo of a steak I asked for medium rare, as you can see it's just about well done and was dry.Cheesecake was brought out frozen solid, a few items on the buffet were decent but overall nothing was fantastic, everything average or below-average.

Review №18

Usually this is a great place. Good service and fresh food and good selection. Today was the exception, food was bland, our server checked us once, the sushi guy was not even trying to keep up with it. Hopefully next time its better.

Review №19

Price is sometimes expensive but is just right for the variety of food they have. The staff is always friendly and nice. Definitely my favorite place.

Review №20

I went and took 5 plates to go. So it was by pound because I didn't eat there. They didn't have seafood only 2 tiny types of shrimp It was around 3pm (lunch I guess). When I went to pay she weighted 2 plates first at $5.29 and the other 3 plates at $6.59 (i saw the different price in the middle of the scale) I was curious and I asked how much is the pound. She quickly said she charged different prices because regular food is $5.29 and sea food is $9.99 So I don't know how they do this but I think they just charge whatever the want $ by the pound . Everything is good but I think they should write the prices in their menu not just guess what they are going to charge or they should give one price only during lunch because they don't even have seafood

Review №21

Large asian buffet. Has the Mongolian grill option where they'll custom prepare dishes. I wouldn't trust the sushi. Last time I went, it tasted fishy not in a good way. However, there was a significant selection that looked nice. Everything else is good and it's $8.99 for lunch. Tables are plentiful, place is clean, staff are quick to remove plates and bring refills.

Review №22

Excellent customer service and very friendly waiters.. Lots of food choices and amazing desserts..

Review №23

It is a great place to eat at for lunch on the weekday not too crowded. I like their options way more than China Harbor on Walzem, but Walzem has better prices. They charge $2 for drinks here and lunch specials were $8.95 on weekdays. I didn't take many pictures of the decor, but it's very cultural and well-themed. 4 stars because they always seat us in this secluded area that has stained carpets, far from the buffet and it smells very nasty as if someone had peed or something. I strongly recommend thwy invest in carpet cleaning. For fellow Pokemon Go fans, there is a pokestop and poke gym so you can play while eating. It's awesome.

Review №24

Food is completely fresh..each dish is made with quality delicious flavor.The best in town! The restaurant itself is charming and very clean. ..I adore this place ..YUMMY

Review №25

Food was ok service was very good. However, I like to tip on my own, since you added 10 percent to my $92.00 ticket I decided to leave it at that. Just know some people tip quite well. I tip that much at sonic. You should leave that to the customer

Review №26

Service is friendly, this lunchbuffet is better than most I've been. They offer a wider selection of items. Sushi is really good made fresh. Enjoyed this lunch buffet.

Review №27

We can't wait for this to reopen. It's one of our favorites. Great variety of really good food and reasonable price.

Review №28

Been coming to this place for years. Fun fact for ya, the building used to be HEB which now is located across the street from Asian buffet. Everything is fresh. They are constantly refilling the trays. Crab legs are delicious and cooked perfectly. Atmosphere is great. If craving some Chinese food and want to stuff your face and are in the Austin highway area Asian buffet is the place to go. Oh and there's a Goodwill right next door so grab some grub and ship like a rockstar after.

Review №29

Fast, Friendly and Great for takeout or dine-in. They've Never served me anything but that Just-Right light crunch of the veggies mixed with the usual chicken, beef or seafood. Never Ever an overly covered sauce that blends the different flavors into a "mush"! Our New Takeout place in our New Northeast home.

Review №30

Good cheap buffet and the seafood/sushi is pretty decent for a buffet. Lunch is the best deal but if you want the great seafood go for dinner.

Review №31

This chinese buffet is by far the absolute best that I've been to since living in San Antonio. I've been here for about 6 months now and I've tried other places because it's me and my sisters comfort food, but wasn't really sold. We know when we've tasted good quality and fresh food, and when I say hot and fresh, it really was. Especially during lunch. They are ALWAYS making sure that the food is being replenished. They don't just leave food sitting out and stir it occasionally like the food is going to get any hotter unlike the other places. It is now my favorite spot and the prices are reasonable! Definitely returning.

Review №32

Love this place. Great all you can eat STEAK & STEAK & STEAK.....DID I MENTION STEAK?

Review №33

This place is always delicious!! The ladies in the front are very sweet and welcoming. Will be back. Also great prices for Togo!

Review №34

NEVER WILL I EVER EAT HERE AGAIN!!I usually don't write reviews but this is DISGUSTING.. I noticed this place last week and looked at the reviews they were pretty good only thing was food was cold, I gave them a chance anyway.. Ok well food was cold once I got to the table to eat.. I didn't enjoy my food because of this THEN in the middle of a bite I noticed roaches in my damn plate in my food.. I called the waiter over and he looked at it and said its a crumb from the cake.. OMG I have pics to show does this look like a crumb? I DONT THINK SO Andddd they had the nerve to charge me still..

Review №35

THEE absolute best Asian Buffet on the planet! I hadn't been here since about 2011 and finally got to go back. I used to do lunch here with a huge group multiple times during the week while stationed at Ft Sam Houston. I went back last week and it is STILL the great tasting, big variety place I remember. Fantastic!

Review №36

Always a great menu value and awesome customer service..

Review №37

Loved the food here, kids enjoyed getting to pick out their own plates! Would be the perfect Chinese buffet if they left their crab legs hot instead of putting them on ice!

Review №38

An incredible amount of options, even BBQ! Asian buffet done very very well. Flavor and temperature of food was perfect. You can definitely eat until your heart's content. Awesome decor and great wait staff. As far as Asian buffets go this is a must visit.

Review №39

We go there all the time. It's pretty good. The grill is pretty nice. Sushi is pretty good. All the dishes are filled up quickly. Good chicken, good beef, and shrimp.

Review №40

Food and choices always good (my favorite thing here though is the enchiladas ). Took one star because the servers here never seem to speak English and you rarely see them. (I guess they are out of business... I will miss them)

Review №41

Asian buffet. Had been my favorite place to eat for many years the food is great. And the service is awesome ..I d recommend it to anyone ..

Review №42

I went in on a Sunday afternoon about 5pm. The food was hot n fresh. Tea tasted fresh. Floor n tables were clean. Waiter kept asking us if we needed anything. Good Service. We enjoyed our visit n will go back.

Review №43

My opinion is based on my experience. Food was ok, not great. It's the sign in their front window that caught my attention. How many customers have asked for hot crab legs to get the Asian Buffet to post a sign saying "We Serve Cold Crab Legs Only". That's poor customer service I think, really, how hard is it to serve warm crab legs? I'd even pay more money for warm crab legs.

Review №44

Great selection of sushi. Yummy chicken and nice fruits too, i eat half a plate of pineapples everytime I go.

Review №45

Its a with that being said it is one of the best....I am not a usual patron of buffets but when the majority spoke there I was....the variety is amazing and all the food was very fresh and flavorful.

Review №46

If this was another day I probably would have given them three stars. The food isn't that bad and there's a nice selection but this particular trip I had an issue over simple $2 pot of tea.I went in and it's a buffet so you're paying $15 per person for the food and you pay extra for the drinks well I ordered a pot of tea. Which I know is extra and my daughter upon hearing me order a pot of tea said can I have some so I asked the girl for a second cup well she brought us a single pot of tea and the two teacups. When I got the bill I got billed for two pots of tea and they said no you don't get two potts you ordered two cups and I said well if I ordered a pot of tea by itself shouldn't I get two pots since I'm paying $2 for each pot of tea and she said no it's $2 for the extra cup and I said that's ridiculous because I'm now splitting my tea in two and getting charged twice for it .well the manager would would not yield. that's enough for me not to go back to a restaurant. This is a place I've been to many times before . I think it would be in their best interest over a nickel bag of tea to give me another pot as opposed to charging me double for one pot and losing a customer

Review №47

Absolutely without a doubt, the best tasting again buffet in San Antonio..... last night, Christmas night, took out the family for dinner, and had a bad experience with the waiter... was being rushed While I tried to enjoy crab legs. Was asked every 5 minutes if I was still working on my plate. My 1 1/2 yr old daughter made a little mess, and waiter felt it was okay to reach across the table over everyone's plate, u don't know his name but if I did, I would mention it

Review №48

Love this place did they closed permanently because of the pandemic

Review №49

Alot of food was little warm to cool. Our waiter and the greeter was really nice. That is why I gave the 3 stars

Review №50

Food was freshly cook. They were very polite. The place was nice and clean.

Review №51

My favorite Chinese buffet!!! All dishes are good but I mostly go for the peel your own shrimp, broccoli beef and the fried rice

Review №52

Food was neither great nor awful. However, there was flooring being replaced in another section of the restaurant and there was not the proper protective barrier between the demo happening on the floor and the place where all of the customers are eating. $11.99 for dinner per person for whelming food and subpar atmosphere? I do believe this was my last visit here.

Review №53

I was pleasantly surprised given the 3.8 star review. The sushi was pretty good given that it is a buffet. Everything was hot and stocked.

Review №54

Food is always fresh and they are always scoping out the buffet to make sure nothing goes empty. Prompt with offering refills on drinks and quick at clearing plates off the table. Great job Asian Buffet!

Review №55

Relationship big fan of Buffets even though I usually don't eat at buffets because of the fattening but whenever I'm in the mood for a buffet I go here it's a great place something anybody could admire their food off the chain pretty great can't complain

Review №56

I love buffets, and the staff are always so kind....i know they closed to clean and redo the restaurant but I'm ashamed of what I found in my food today.I was eating and laughing and as I picked up my fork I saw a bug on my food. And then I saw hair on my fruit, small short hair. I felt sick and didn't want to take another bite. I left but I definitely won't be going back there after that, I honestly don't want to get sick from what I ate.

Review №57

Buffet had a lot of stuff and I went at about 530 , just after diner time starts and enough time to be in the early diner rush.The restaurant was over half full and everything was fresh, or just being replaced again. There were a few choices and I had great dumplings, general chicken, orange, and a few other prepared ways. I also tried a few shrimp dishes that were wonderful, had a small fresh cooked steak, some soups. And a large plate of fresh fruits and pudding to end my deal.Skipped the salad area it looked good and some other main dishes that didn't do it for me and called it a night. Full as a tick, as they say. I've been here several times and it's been good all times, I do recommend it. It does have a higher ticket price but average for a buffet diner I suppose.

Review №58

This is our favorite Asian buffet in the greater area. We have tried several and this one by far has been the most consistent. We never had a bad meal here. I can't say that about any of the other buffets we went to. My son always starts out with the Mongolian bbq style freshly made plate and he swears by it. Same cook at that station almost every time we have been there. They have a very good variety. Cold Crab legs after 3PM on Sundays. Good combination of fruits and salads, green variety and seafood style. There is a buffet towards the west side that has more variety but, it is not consistent. So this one wins. BTW it is not as loud as other locations, more relaxing atmosphere even with several families dining. Try it, I'm sure you'll like it.

Review №59

There food was cold there egg drop soup was broth not drop. There sause was water down. They had no beef and broccoli.But There service was good At least.

Review №60

Plenty of parking.. lunch $8.95 reasonable for such a variety of food selection...All counters were kept very clean and always being refresh withfood and is kept hot. Even baked potato, cheesy good..Something for everyone...includingSalad bar and a variety of sweets.Staff friendly and attentive. Floors were kept spotless.

Review №61

Great place to eat before the pandemic, see in 2 years....

Review №62

Besides the various Asian dishes, they also have a buffet of different foods (ie. Enchiladas, pizza, salmon), fruits, desserts, salads, etc...there's a sushi bar & grill tht prepares steaks or stir fry for you...I've been coming to this restaurant for over 11yrs now & always enjoy my meal.

Review №63

Buffet food, my favorite treat.

Review №64

You know, there is not a whole lot of difference in Chinese Buffett restaurants. This one does hit all the right notes. It doesn't disappoint. The food is tasty, with a large selection of both Western and what Americans consider Chinese food. The staff is friendly, and it is close by to where I live.You can order items off a menu, and you can get take away. I prefer the takeaway, since my family is not really big eaters, we don't usually make our visit a money loosing event for the store. In take away, you can load up a container from the buffet for 9 dollars a pound. You get what you like, and have leftovers for the next day. That's a win!

Review №65

Gr8 restaurant 2 unwind & have a relaxing & tasty lunch or dinner at reasonable prices-all the employees are courteous & give patrons prompt service.

Review №66

It's really just okay. I'm not a fan of cooked vegetables so I don't like many of the buffet dishes. My boys live for their rice and lemon chicken. I like their won ton soup and some dessert. My guys like it the best so we go because we know they will eat it.

Review №67

Our first visit was great! Food is tasty!Very friendly staff! We will return!

Review №68

Chinese food was great! Ice cream was great! Cleanliness was great! However the individual flavors of the sushi was not there, but what else can you ask for when it comes to buffet sushi? The restaurant has a quiet environment to where you can have a conversation without having to yell or get interrupted.3J

Review №69

This place was closed down by the health inspector recently and I guess they got it together to reopen. It's not high quality food or quality anything else. I have no idea how they stay in business.

Review №70

Very strange structure to this place. You have to pay for your meal before they tell you how long the wait to be seated will be. Orders drinks at the beginning before being seated, which is not explicitly stated. Cleanliness of dining area is not kept up with. Not much to say for the food, it was typical buffet quality. Not terrible. So-so.

Review №71

Stop making sweetnsour pork

Review №72

Great Spot for a Good Meal at a Great Price... The House Chicken is my Fav, they have an Hibachi Grill, Fresh Sushi Bar, Various Desserts, And Nice People who work there.Note: They have a Frequent Buyers Card, so Visit 10 times for Lunch and or Dinner get a Lunch or Dinner Free! You cannot beat it! Njoy!

Review №73

Best Asian Buffet in the city. They have something to offer for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters. They have sushi and a grilling station. In addition to the great desserts, they also have an ice cream machine. It's always clean and tidy. I have been eating here for over 9 years and have been satisfied ever time.

Review №74

I absolutely loved it here! Of course I grabbed almost everything on the cart, we drank water as we hardly ever drink soda. The food was good, service was awesome and one of the cheapest buffet I've eaten at so far! Dinner was $12.99, I'm sure it's cheaper during lunch. And the waiters always had a smile and extra attractive!

Review №75

The food is top notch. Was there a two days ago. Enchilada's, sushi and all the fixings. My favorite mushrooms cooked perfectly. I was home again. Egg rolls . I'm sorry, I filled up very fast the food was so good an the free refills ice tea I had four before I new it. Not over sweet not under sweet it was good. It did not take from the meal but allowed me to enjoy it. I finished four full plates in about half an hour. An believe me I piled the food.

Review №76

Good cheap Chinese Food

Review №77

AWESOME placeI love their food, its everything you want in an asian buffet joint.HIGHLY recommend eating here

Review №78

Even the fortune cookie was Unfriendly - It said "be civil but not over friendly... the hostes, the waiter and the cook were all short and curt with me. I should have known with the sign at the entrance "We reserve the right to refuse service"...only a rude owner would hire so many rude people. The egg soup was watered down, there was no salmon at the sushi bar and the food grilled before my eyes was bland. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Do not waste your money. Zero stars!

Review №79

You have to get there with the food is fresh otherwise you eating food that's been sitting on a hot table for over an hour otherwise good

Review №80

Food was cold . Limited variety. Too expensive. Service was good .

Review №81

Very good place! The food could be hotter and the restrooms could be cleaner, but for a buffet you can't ever expect absolute perfection. I would definitely go here again. There's a lot of options and good sushi, too.

Review №82

Gave it a two cause the food was good. Price was just more than expected then they had my ticket at 55 dollars and when I added it before tax was no where near 50 dollars so I asked the girl and she then changed the price of the two adult plates to two dollars more redid the math and it was still under 50 was just super annoying. The lady did apologize though

Review №83

Staff is EXCELLENT !!They go all out to make sure your happy.

Review №84

Best Chinese buffet in San Antonio Texas️

Review №85

Love this buffet! Everything is always on point and the staff is attentive. The food is delicious too, they have all your basic stuff too for an Asian buffet. Would recommend, its near Fort Sam base kinda too so they cater to military and give discount.

Review №86

Affordable place to eat, delicious food and variety of dishes

Review №87

This place is always good no matter time or day.

Review №88

The food was great to eat, and the service were great but the outside looked not so good.

Review №89

Was a great place and the atmosphere is open and not closed off like a lot of the other oriental buffets I've been to have been. The food was what you can expect from most places and their sushi is superb best buffet sushi I've had, ever. (Most of the reason I gave 5 s)

Review №90

Great food and friendly staff that is why I been going back for years

Review №91

Love love

Review №92

Saturday night pigout tradition now, great selection and food thanks and reasonable prices

Review №93

Our go to for Chinese buffets. They've got your standard fare but also a Mongolian grill. There's sushi, American fare and Mexican too. Lots of fresh fruit for desserts along with cookies, puddings, ice cream. There's plenty of room here and we've even seen people have little parties here. Servers are always super attentive and extremely nice.

Review №94

I love their buffet. Great salad bar and fresh fruit bar.. Extra friendly Waitstaff staff. Convenient location with lots of parking. Marvelous selection Asian food items.

Review №95

Fair buffet selection of Asian food plus salads and sweet confections. Lunch was about $22 for two with a water and a tea.

Review №96

Good value buffet. Go for steaks and sushi!

Review №97

Food is good. Fried rice has big cuts of onion. I find it annoying. Other than that food is good. However, the place smells terrible as soon as you walk in. If it weren't for me attending a function I would have walked out just because of the smell at the entrance. Smell is nowhere near as bad in the back.

Review №98

It just to be better, today the food was cold and some chicken very hard to eat, like old food. The attention of servers exelent.

Review №99

Staff not friendly, food was definitely not the greatest and was over priced

Review №100

Buffet food... yummy. I think I might become a regular. It has a good atmosphere. Feeling here is like a restaurant in Fort Worth I liked.

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