China King Buffet
6900 San Pedro Ave #117, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
Review №1

Simple and elegant. To my delight this place is a gem in the local small business industry. Greeted immediately by owner with a smile and a wide menu full of lunch and dinner options at an astounding affordable prices. If you want a trip back into time with delicious food this place is the best choice.

Review №2

It's so good , the waiters are super nice and the shrimps are delicious

Review №3

A favorite location for delicious Chinese food. i look forward to going back again. food is like a restaurant in jacksonville i liked.

Review №4

Horrible service and scammy advertising over the phone when calling for dine in prices. Man who answers phone speaks in a fake friendly way and says "yes, we open, $5.95 buffet" i then say but its Saturday, he says "yes, we cheaper then everyone, its $5.95!" we go their to support buffet business during covid and he says hello and is ringing someone up. He takes us to table and we ask him about price he said over phone and he quickly tells us "oh sorry, it's not 5.95 its 10.95 for weekend, I'm new worker here" as he brings us straws he is now on business cordless phone and he's telling customer on phone "yes, its $5.95 buffet" we ask him why is he telling people that price and he sarcastically laughs and says "I'm new worker here, but I will give you 10% off" Husband then finds long straight black hair in cup from worker who served our drinks and lets waiter know, waiter smirked and he runs off with cup, doesn't say anything and I asked him if we can also get refills on the 2 other drinks and he ignored us. I then see the waiter pull on his hair and looks around with his gloves on and serve soda in a very suspicious way which shocked me he did that! After I saw that I got up and asked another waiter for drink refills on all 3 cups and stood and watched while they were being served because of what I saw. After that the waiter NEVER came to our table. We then go to pay and the scammy man who "claims" he is a new worker says "sorry I can't do discount, maybe next time" so be WARNED if you are told about this great FAKE deal and waiter who pulled on his hair and served our drink to purposely try and get hair in our cup again after being told we had found a long black straight hair! We will go elsewhere next time. Definitely not a new worker on his first day like he claimed while answering phones, ringing up customers and seating customers. SMH

Review №5

Just picked up to go today and i hope i don't get sick. I ordered two fried rice plates, the rice had so many onions (almost raw), the meat was chewy and not recognizable to whatever it was supposed to be (food was barely warm) any other chinese restaurant i have ever picked up from the food has always been atleast hot, eggrolls were cold. (i literally threw most of it in the trash). I honestly will never go back.

Review №6

Good location for quality Chinese food. Nothing but pleasant experiences here. This place has a cool design. They have so many good reviews for a reason.

Review №7

Ok spot for chinese food. everyone at our table was enjoying everything. there was fast and courteous service. the place has an awesome feel to it. food and atmosphere reminds me of atlanta.

Review №8

Food is always good. But restroom could make you loose your appetite. And employees smoking in front of restaurant.

Review №9

The food tasted funky like a sort of chemical who knows, it was old, chewy and burnt. We only got food once and left about 95% of it there. Also, the waiter only stopped once to pick up the 3 plates. Never asked how was the food. We paid and left. Never again. I do not recommend this place.

Review №10

The food was great. Fresh and hot! The entrance, dining area and the buffet were clean. I would have rated a 5 but the restroom was disgusting, dirty and was out of toilet paper!

Review №11

Food was good, variaty of food was only at 50%, restrictions are reasonable, you can still go get your food and eat in peace. The reason I did not give 5 stars is because they still charge you full price even when they are not offering the full buffet

Review №12

One of my preferred spots for tasty chinese food. I love visiting here. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences here and plan to keep coming back.

Review №13

Eh. Not very good. And I DO NOT like this sign. RIDICULOUS

Review №14

Dinner time. Full buffet, large selection of dishes & varieties. I enjoyed the fried fish, the baked is best, lo mein is savoury, egg roll could have been tastier, the chicken wing surprised me but the stuffed shrimp was so good. The veggies could've been warmer but tastes really good, the ribs too were a delight & general sao chicken hit the spot. I didn't have room for fruits or desserts. The restrooms could be better equipped but were clean. I return whenever I can.

Review №15

Very disappointed at this restaurant. We walk in and had to put on gloves ( didn't mind at all makes sense ) the host tells us " hurry up " very rude. We sat down and just with that attitude of the host it put us in a bad mood so we ended up leaving.

Review №16

It used to be good, now I don't believe I am going back again.

Review №17

Usually, no snow crabs on regalar days like this restaurant but everyday here! Other have seafood on Friday and Saturday. I like longan fruit here, not easy to find this fruit. A lot of food to choose. Love to come here.

Review №18

This place is over priced and food is not so good ,Don't waste ur hard earned money here .

Review №19

Great for the value. 2 of us ate the lunch buffet for $20 woth tax. All the food was "fake" and in great need of seasoning. The best thing going was the sweet and sour soup. All the chicken dishes were trash.

Review №20

I give it 4 stars because they ran out of food i had to wait 8 minutes to get a second serving at a buffet and no im not a fat person i had the munchies n wanted some of there good food someone was slipping that night

Review №21

The food was OK. It was a smalle variety. The quality was not so great

Review №22

Nice service if you order $30 or more you get a free bucket of soup . ( your choice)

Review №23

Didn't like this place food was not good and it was way pricey

Review №24

Good Buffet. Service Good.

Review №25

It's great to see a restaurant Practicing good co-vid 19 guidlines and the food was good for my standards hope to eat here again

Review №26

This place is one of our favorite places, butI am disappointed with this place, it seems they do not clean properly, we always go with 10 or more and we get seated in the back, the carpet is dirty it smells really bad, and never fails, flies around us. I have also noticed the restrooms are always in need of attention, they are always dirty and it smells so bad! Walls are dirty.The floor on the buffet area are dirty, when we get seated I can see dirt on the walls. Where they keep napkins, and salt,pepper containers are dirty!

Review №27

You are better off eating a pbj sandwich at home. Half of the items on the buffet line were missing but still had to pay full price for dinner. The pizza was older then me and even the fortune cookie was stale.

Review №28

My top spot for quality Chinese food. I like it here, excellent food & service.

Review №29

Food is what you would expect from a Chinese buffet especially in San Antonio. A bit dried out, a friend who ate with me felt extreme pain after eating. I didn't think it was bad. Parking is good. Selection of food was limited to approximately 25 reasonable things. Waiter was great and tentative with us.

Review №30

My family and I had a really GREAT time tonight while enjoying dinner at China King Buffet....Thank you all for the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and for letting us stay late to enjoy our dinner...My family and I had a WONDERFUL time and it's because y'all made it happen for us to enjoy the time... THANK YOU...

Review №31

No stars if I could no flavor

Review №32

They are open for dining! Google maps says they aren't, but they are. Must wear a mask to enter, but not while eating. You can still serve yourself, but you are required to wear gloves, which they provide.

Review №33

If your fortunate enough to make it right at the moment they bring out the food, this place is nice. But unfortunately that is rare. Most of the food sits there well after it has begun to look shriveled and dry. All the employees who manage the food have below acceptable communication skill as if they were never asked to bring out fresh trays. It's gotten to the point I ask to see the buffet before hand.

Review №34

If you eat in alot of options arent there. They make you wear gloves everytime you go to the buffet.

Review №35

Way too expensive for the food that you're providing. If you're going to serve left buffet food offers then you need to charge less

Review №36

Service was great, a little bit of options .It was priced like chop sticks , less then half of options

Review №37

Staff is very nice...and are keeping the place Covid19 free clean...

Review №38

Food was ok, chicken was hard. A lot of stuff was cold.

Review №39

Decent food selection, not crazy busy with kids running around like the buffets you often find at busier intersections

Review №40

Price has gone up and quality has gone down. Food cold most of the time. Most of the servers speak almost no English and cannot understand simple English. It used to be good but has gone down the hill. So unfortunate!

Review №41

Worst place to eat in!! Foods dry and horrible customer service!!!

Review №42

Haven't been here in around 11 am. So food fresh ,hot.Our server Fredrick was polite and ready to take away our used dishes. He kept our tea glasses full. He always asked how we were doing and if we needed anything.GREAT service thank you Fredrick. While carpet could use a good cleaning (I think) over all place looked clean and food areas were taken care of. (Spills etc.)

Review №43

Best chinese ever last i armte. Service great. Persons working there great.

Review №44

Excellent location for delicious Chinese food. Super delicious. Certainly worth a return trip. Bring your appetite because portions are generous. I see why this place has a lot of great reviews.

Review №45

STRAIGHT DISGUSTING! So a roach ran across the buffet island and that was it for me. I thought the food had a cigarette taste to it and after looking at the back of the restaurant my horrors were confirmed! LOOK AT THE PICTURES.

Review №46

Love this place! Every time I'm in San Antonio I go twice. Everything is delicious!

Review №47

This place is not worth your time and money. The food was cold, chicken is hard, dumplings were hard around the edges. Six people ate $11.99 per person for dinner plus drinks cost 97.00. Only five of us ate the other person ate a bowl of soup and we were charged full price. When we arrived and ordered our drinks we told them five buffets and one soup. We had one male server hovering over our table. I was uncomfortable having someone watch us and kept asking us if all six were eating he saw us leaving the restaurant he went to the front desk changed our ticket to six buffets. I saw on the counter a sign saying you pay $30.00 or more and you get a free soup. I asked what about the free soup? The female manager said that's for take out only. No where did it say for take out only. Unprofessional, rude, service. Food is not good. Sadly we used to go here all the time but years pass and quality of the food has gone down. The cart the clean plates come out in looked dirty. Don't waste your time. I am out $97.00 and had an awful experience.

Review №48

Pretty good food selection, you get what you'd expect. For 2 adults with water, it came out to $25 so that was reasonable, the sushi was kind of dry, and I saw a couple plates on the buffet tables were dirty. The food quality was alright as well. Nice staff and clean restrooms.

Review №49

The chicken wings were literally raw and still bloody i would not eat here if you value your health

Review №50

My go-to place for Chinese buffet. Large dining area with room to have a private gathering. Service is very attentive. I love the food selections and go primarily for the Hot & Spicy Chicken, the cream cheese rangoons and the CRAB LEGS! (Note: the crab legs are only available for dinner starting at 4pm). China King offers sushi AND steak although I have never tried either! They also have cold boiled peel and eat shrimp. Large dessert buffet as well as some healthier choices with fresh fruit. Top it off with some soft-serve ice cream in a cone or cup. I'm shocked at the low ratings for China King. I have been a happy customer for almost ten years!

Review №51

There is usually CHEESECAKE for Dessert at Dinner Time.. NO CHEESECAKE TODAY!!

Review №52

Food was over cook. General tso was sweet tasting. Many of the dishes were dry as if they were left out all day in the warmer. Very disappointing and will not return.

Review №53

Went at 8:45 didnt have fried rice the chicken and fish to dry.

Review №54

It wasn't the same I didn't like it this time sorry

Review №55

Service was friendly, but the food wasn't that great for the price. Lunch was $9 a person, and lukewarm most of the time, even though we were there at 1pm on a Friday. Saving grace was the Mongolian grill, that food was very good.

Review №56

Excellent food and service today! Great timing as well because everything was fresh and ready to go. Yummy.

Review №57

Absolutely one of the best Asian buffets in San Antonio. Mongolian pork is one of my favorites, and hard to find at any other buffet in town.

Review №58

Their food wasn't as bad, but the small food selection they had was. There was basic foods. Nothing special. Or nothing that would make you think "oh wow, this us actually pretty good". Maybe if you're in a rush and want to eat Chinese food before going to work then sure go ahead and try. But not if you're actually wanting some good Chinese food. Staff was nice though.

Review №59

Good selection but could use more vegetarian recipes.

Review №60

I love having the Sushi they prepare at the restaurant and they have good soups and different types of salads. I'm not 2 crazy about eating some of their entrees. The sea food is good.

Review №61

Mixed reviews here. Everything is sticky( Tables, floor, bathroom knobs, my chair) I couldn't do it. I didn't eat much of the food as I had a stomach ache from being grossed out. I picked at the Salad options, Noodles, and veggies. Kiddos said the Sour chicken was chewy. Others had no issues with their food choices from the buffet. However, our little guy got a tummy ache. Lesson learned not going back.The Stars come from the WaitStaff as they were respectable and Serviced our drinks and seated us timely.

Review №62

Lunch hours and food items on the buffet were barely lukewarm. A lot of the foods were greasy too. However, the fresh foods were nice and as expected in regards to temperature and freshness. Won't be back

Review №63

First time and I was not disappointed. Excellent staff. Courteous waiter. Fresh buffet

Review №64

Floor was extremely dirty, I was surprised kids young around 10 were allowed to serve themselves, making a mess, silverware given to me and my daughter were slimy/greasy. Pizza looks old and dry, from a box. The only thing I like was the nice waiter, wings were tasty, noodles were fresh. I been here many times, just never seen such a lazy and dirty day.

Review №65

The sushi made my son sick and he was throwing up for 3 days. They never put any shrimp at the dinner buffet . I called to speak to the manager and Angela was not helpful and she hang up the phone on me. Worst Chinese buffet I ever been to. I will make sure this place closes if someone doesn't contact me. I have family that work at the better business bureau

Review №66

If i could give this no stars i would, no taste. super bland, staff was uninviting, found a cockroach in my food, didn't give refills. DONT DO IT

Review №67

Chinese food, so fresh. service is prompt even when they are busy. the staff was friendly and sociable. it has a cool interior.

Review №68

Maybe this place just had a bad day. Too salty for me and lacked freshness. Not something I will give a 2nd chance.

Review №69

Really this place is a hit or miss!

Review №70

Not the best but ok!

Review №71

Covid times make it difficult for them

Review №72

This place is horrible! Food is day old! Staff is very rude! Mgr is worst! Never never go back!!!!

Review №73

It is a pretty nice place to eat some grub. I went to this place twice and it is wonderful. The first time was good with my friend. Then when I took my cousin. It was not so good. I saw a roach reaching for my food. I quickly got up and told the front lady. She didn't understand me so they have to grab someone else. They brought me into another table but I didn't reported it for some reason. Till now I am saying it.

Review №74

Expensive full price for kids 2 and 3. Food is pretty good. But it's about 15.00 a person even if they are under 3. I only mention this because when we arrived they asked for the childrens age. I find it odd to ask for their age if everyone gets charged the same. I wouldn't have though anything of it other wise. I had 4 adults and 2 children ticket came to 81.00.

Review №75

Great place for a larger event great food

Review №76

Food was great , we went late so no lines ,very nice. We enjoyed our time together and the food.

Review №77

Cold items. Fish old and chewy. Carpets dirty. Waitstaff slow.

Review №78

Hot food great service

Review №79

The service was great , they do have a good selection, and some of the food is not really hot that you have to wait to take a bite but it's still warm that to can eat it as soon as you sit down with it. I will go back to eat there

Review №80

Delicious! Food is awesome! They have a Tiramisu like dessert that is AMAZING.

Review №81

Foods always hot. They could do away with the ribs, enchiladas and garlic bread. All in all 5 stars, the garlic shrimp mixed with lomein is great!

Review №82

I arrived a little after opening(11am). The restaurant is a nice place. The food however was cold. I'm not sure if the steam tables had just been turned on but eating cold food on a cold rainy day is not appetizing. The soup however was hot and I enjoyed the hot and sour soup. I'm sure had the food been hot it would have been better. The staff was nice. I'm not sure why the waiter expected a tip after only bringing our beverages, no refills.

Review №83

My wife and I had my birthday dinner here and the different dishes we tasted were absolutely delicious. I bet they got a master chef. I recommend everyone to stop by...

Review №84

They had a large variety of food, we also noticed freshly cooked food being brought out a few times. The terrible part was, as we paid our bill a cockroach came out from under the register. My boyfriend pointed it out to the cashier and he said "I know" ughhh....I was sick to my stomach after that. Never again will we go back!

Review №85

The food was good but wish I had a better selection of semi soft foods.

Review №86

Horrible, no food and cold.

Review №87

Lots of variety to choose from! Food is very fresh & flavorful! Great lunch prices! Staff is always friendly & very attentive!

Review №88

Good food and peaceful place always

Review №89

Food was damn good and superb service!

Review №90

Had a great selection.everything was fresh and the fruit was good and fresh as well. For me to give a 5 star rating is rare.

Review №91

Very good food !

Review №92

China King was fairly inexpensive, thirty dollars for two people, but as they say, you get what you pay for. If you accept the fact that it is a buffet, or all-you-can-eat, then you won't be disappointed. If you think you're going to get linen napkins and China plates then you're in the wrong place.Good atmosphere, good food, great selection. Crab legs, sushi, seafood, Chinese food, and some odd items give a well rounded menu and guarantee a satisfied tummy.

Review №93

Love the buffet.Love the food all you can eat cant go wrong so much variety on food fruit rolls desserts.Fair price for all that food.Go and enjoy san anto.

Review №94

I didn't like any of the food here. The quality was not good at all. The service wasn't bad. And the price? I honestly didn't think that it was worth it. I won't be visiting this place ever again

Review №95

Good prices, great buffet, definitely have lunch here if you're in the mood for Asian cuisine.

Review №96

Sushi here is very good, great prices and very nice staff. Very big selection of food and it all tastes great, surprised me because it is a buffet.

Review №97

Its decent but not the greatest food. A great selection though.

Review №98

Food was decent. Nice variety and restaurant was clean. Kids were running, literally, up and down the aisle and jumping on booths and tables. Again, literally. The parents are certainly to blame, but the staff is culpable as well.At no point did the staff approach the parents of said children to corral them. It made an otherwise enjoyable dinner, regrettable.

Review №99

This is the worst Buffett I have ever been too. Nothing was good and everything was old. The sushi lady needs to get off her phone and make some sushi. There was practically nothing at the sushi station and she is there just watching people scrap off what's left. Crab legs are as small as crawfish legs. All in all horrible place

Review №100

Very good food and the price is not bad. Very good service.

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  • Address:6900 San Pedro Ave #117, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-826-6500
  • Buffet restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
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  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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