Cicis Pizza
12822 Ih 10 West Bldg. 2, Suite 201, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States
Review №1

Fantastic pizza!! Great service!! Cleanliness in the restaurant is unbelievable. I liked the technique one has to use in order to get a refill. Not all restaurants are allowing you to get refills on your own. So, this was a thumbs up!! However, I don't come often to this restaurant because there are no changing stations in the restrooms and having three kids, is difficult.

Review №2

Any pizza you want , with a smile. You name it. They can do it. My favorite is pepperoni, jalepenos and pineapple

Review №3

There so friendly especially the manager her customers service skills was so awesome i wish more place had people like her definitely will be back on her alone

Review №4

Incredibly good pizza! Delicious pizza! Fun place!

Review №5

The state is good, service is fantastic, the price is very reasonable, they also give you a discount if you are a military. They have different types of pizzas, and the also have different types of salads. Drinks are also diversified. If you are a big group, this place is the right place for you.

Review №6

Every time I come here I have a fantastic experience! Friendly staff, clean, and professional. Favorite cicis in town, the other locations should take note and be like this one.

Review №7

Off dezavala rd, this is the CLEANEST cici's pizza that l have been to. Everyone was very nice and made sure every table was kept clean and wiped down

Review №8

The food was mediocre and the customer service was lacking. At first glance the place seemed very clean. At the end of my meal, I went to use the Restroom to wash my hands. The restroom stunk so badly that I nearly threw up. I walked out of restroom and just wanted to leave. That restroom stunk horribly, I've never smelled a restroom that stunk so badly. I don't recommend this location, because it's not being cleaned properly. I wish I would of known before I ate. This is a warning don't eat here.

Review №9

Blown away by the customer service here. A very clean enviroment. Pizza was yummy and they made it to order too best pizza buffet ever. I read children can eat the buffet with a drink for about $5. They had a small arcade and televisions.

Review №10

We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this location!!! We live on the South side of town and drive 20 miles on way just to eat here. We have a location about 5 minutes away on SW Military drive but that location is always dirty and the food is hardly ever as fresh. We will continue to visit this location! The new manager made sure our visit was awesome! Keep up the great work Cicis DeZavala!!

Review №11

I ate 15 cinnamon rolls and 26 slices of pizza and had to have a triple bypass to survive

Review №12

Delicious! Great management! Very Clean And very friendly. Much needed with This Covid Madness. Will continue to come here !

Review №13

Been coming here for years and the prices are really good for the buffet. They always have a clean restaurant and a great selection of pizza and dessert. The best part though is their customer service. Excellent customer service. Shout out to Jesse who is an awesome employee with a great attitude.

Review №14

Great place to sit and eat and have some good family fun.

Review №15

This Cici's always gives us great service and yummy pizzas. We called to let them know that we were coming with 20 students and they graciously accommodated us. They even put out fresh pizzas for us. Awesome staff!!

Review №16

We dote on this location for being our most favorite. Yesterday that all came crashing down. The pizzas tasted old and even the fresh ones were bland for some reason. I'm sure it was just am off day but this having been the last time we visit San Antonio, they wont get a chance to redeem themselves.

Review №17

They should put more option on vegetarian pizza. They don't make new pizzas until its all finish eventhough they are not warm enough to indulge. can be bette at service

Review №18

Pizzas are okay. They have changed the Buffalo chicken pizza which doesn't taste good. Their best pizza is the cheese Alfredo pizza.

Review №19

Great place to eat in or carry-out, the Managers and staff are very friendly, approachable and accommodating to their customers. Side note - the Managers knows my pizza carry-out order as soon as I walk through the restaurant door. I strongly recommend you and your family try out this restaurant.

Review №20

This is one of the cleanest CiCis I've been to. The buffet bar was neat and stocked each time I went up to get more food and the pizza was fresh! The staff was also very friendly. It's always good to see employees working hard to make sure the guests are comfortable and in a clean environment. I will definitely be coming back to this one!

Review №21

I went in at 8 p.m. on a Sunday. The staff was super friendly. They still had a good selection of salad, pasta, and pizza. For the price CiCi's is always a good deal.

Review №22

I really enjoy the build your own pizza, always clean and great service.

Review №23

The employees welcome you when you walk in, and say thank you and goodbye when you leave. They go out of their way to help you, and accommodate to your needs. When I took my grandma out to eat, one of the ladies helped her fill her water cup which I found very sweet of her to do. The food is good, and they take requests to personalize your own pizza. It is a clean establishment, and I like to go here for the buffet. I would recommend this restaurant for families and friends who like pizza buffets and the like.

Review №24

Inexpensive pizza buffet. They kindly offer a discount for our military! Good salad bar. You can order a specific pizza, no extra charge. Staff is very kind and helpful.

Review №25

This is one of the best CiCi's Pizza in San Antonio the staff are really nice the pizza is always fresh and this is one of the cleanest restaurants ever. We drive across town to this location for some pizza. Hands down keep up the good work.

Review №26

Yummy pizza, nice staff, kids friendly.

Review №27

Cheap all you can eat pizza, plus some salad, a soup and the "pizza" dessert. If you don't see the pizza you want available, you can have it ordered (among their limited choices, do not expect gourmet pizza). They came back to the regular silverware and service table to take off your used plates. I think the pizza is relatively good for the price you pay. Definitely good value. Kids under 3? eat free and 4 to? Have a reduce price kid's menu. Not the healthiest (even though you have some salad option) but good enough to go from time to time if you are in the pizza mood.

Review №28

Prolly the worst I've had.

Review №29

This location is amazing! Hot and fresh food and great service. It was also very clean and they were on top of it. I'm definitely coming back!

Review №30

We absolutely LOVE this Cici's! The establishment is ALWAYS clean, the pizza is always fresh and delicious and the staff are amazing! We will not go to any other location anymore! This Cicis will continue to get our business!!

Review №31

We come once in a while, but enjoy the buffet. We especially like the chicken bacon ranch pizza.

Review №32

The food was quick good. Very low prices. The man at the register was quite unfriendly.

Review №33

Cicis. What can you say? It's a buffet and the kids touched everything. That's what they do. Cheap and fast. Don't expect gourmet food although they will custom make your pizza if you ask. One time someone said to me kn the way out "Cici ya later...". I thought that was funny but it's never happened again. It was catchy. They should think about making that a mandatory send off...

Review №34

A great place to take players after they finish sporting events! Cheerful, clean, and pleasant environment! A wide choice of pizzas toppings and crusts keeps everybody happy.

Review №35

The best cicis ever !Never will we go to any other !We are from spring branch and will make the hour drive !!Great service the place was clean and food was great !

Review №36

Very clean, great attitudes from all staff. Best Cicis location we have been to.

Review №37

The best one im san antonio. Just wish the salad bar had bacon and cheese

Review №38

Went in for lunch on Friday and had a great experience. Yummy good, so fresh! Didn't catch his name, but a big and tall Hispanic manager was super attentive, offered refills, great service! I will be back!

Review №39

SiobhanGood customer skillsExcellent serviceQuick break FedEx delivery

Review №40

Everytime I come here the pizza is cold and when I want to order a pizza there employees always say something smart to me like they dont want to make the pizza. I guess management blows there and treats there employees bad. That is what happens when you have a lack of leadership and not taking care of your employees. You know what they say take care of your employees with good wages and they will move mountains for you. Word of advise cicis

Review №41

Great customer service!

Review №42

The family loves Cici's Pizza! Great pizza and excellent service!

Review №43

My daughters all time favorite place to visit. I love the price and variety.

Review №44

Between the service the manager and the food there are....well any other cici's is better than this one. The “rules” change daily and the cycle out half pizzas like its some kind of show. I literally was pulling a slice up when the manager himself took the half pizza away and replaced it with another half pizza from below. What is this a circus?

Review №45

Always love to visit this location! Food is always fresh!

Review №46

Management and staff are very friendly and helpful. After requesting a favorite pizza several times, the managers have one ordered for me when I come in which is a nice touch and keeps me comingback.

Review №47

I gladly make the 20-25 minute drive to this location. I pass up two different ones from the southeast side of san antonio to enjoy this location's service. Highly recommend it. Always a full buffet even in a night like tonight when it was a packed house.

Review №48

We enjoyed our early dinner at Cicis. The pizza was hot and fresh, pasta option isn't the best. Mac and Cheese was just okay. Salad bar had some fresh options. Dressings do need to be switched out, tasted packaged. Overall, it was good. Clean and well maintained condition throughout including the restrooms. Friendly staff to greet you and provide some good service.

Review №49

Friendly staff and the head cook is awesome! They get your personalized pizza out with a quickness exactly how you want it.

Review №50

Best Pizza Buffet in town hands down! Highly recommended!

Review №51

Nice environment...SALAD bar could use some CHEESE...LOL

Review №52

Great service but the cheese sticks were not fully cooked and I was ill all evening from the chicken on the pizza.

Review №53

Always good and attentive to your needs and they were very busy

Review №54


Review №55

I wish there was a way to give no ️stars. This place is horrible it's being run by very young managers and it definitely shows as soon as you walk in. When me and my family walked in they were busy and the manager and another associate were talking about there “Snapchat”. She was even on her phone while talking to me. The cashier had to get the manager to ask a question and she was very short and rude. The restaurant was very dirty as well. Hardly any available tables due to them not cleaning the tables after people had left. I will never go to this establishment again and a lot of times after my kids games me and a bunch of the other kids and parents will go but that will definitely not be the case anymore ultimately due to the rude customer service.

Review №56

The staff here is extremely friendly and were great with our requests. They were extremely friendly to my 2 year old and asked us a couple times if we needed anything. This is our favorite location. Dessert pizzas are amazing.

Review №57

Super friendly staff and always yummy food

Review №58

Mom and dad will be happy the kids will pig out on good delicious food. Kids will be happy they get to pig out on cheese sticks, brownies and pizza AND PLAY ARCADE GAMES! Everyone eats happy at CiCis Pizza

Review №59

Terrible terrible terrible management. So rude the girl manager was the worst if I could give 0 stars I would. NEVER going here again. Buffet was a mess. They don't treat employees with respect and it shows.

Review №60

This place isn't bad. I really like coming here but sometimes there's no where to sit and the ice machine is always out of ice.

Review №61

Manager and staff is always friendly and they kept the pizza coming hot and a good variety!!

Review №62

Very friendly staff and there pepperoni pizza is very good. Always clean and neat

Review №63

Pizza was hot and fresh. Too heavy on pizza sauce though. But it was still good and to top it off, I'm lactose intolerant. But worth it.

Review №64

Rotten moldy black and white tomatoes at bar. Wh ed n I told employee they pulled more moldy tomatoes underneath from the icebox. I told manager and they were very rude

Review №65

Love this place. Varieties of pizzas to choose from, pastas, salad, desserts. You can also request certain pizzas you want to see on the buffet line.

Review №66

Always fresh, clean and so good. This is the best cicis ive ever been to!!

Review №67

To fill your stomach is good, if you look a place to eat good pizza, you are in the wrong place. Is like unlimited microwave pizza.

Review №68

Other than the kids running around from neglect of parental supervision and brownies flying through the air... this place is awesome. Always has parking, the food for Cici's quality is up to par and they are pretty decent at picking up dirty dishes quickly.

Review №69

I put soda in a water cup and an employee threatened to call the cops. What a great approach! Really getting the point across! Oh heaven knows I learned my lesson about stealing 2oz of cherry coca-cola. God forbid... how can anyone be respectful to another human being who goes so low as to stealing precious soda. Jail time is the only reasonable punishment for such a heinous crime. It's not like cops are doing important things and what not. No but seriously, if you like mediocre pizza and inexperienced prepubescent employees, this place is for you!

Review №70

Great food, clean, and helpful staff. I would recommend this location to anyone.

Review №71

Pizza was great. Fresh and warm. I went when it was really busy and tables were not cleared off as fast as one would like.

Review №72

U can make ur own pizza if u want. I choose flat bread,chicken alfredo, spinach, blk olives, onions, mushrooms. They 4got the spinach & u get all the pieces u want from the pan. But for the price eating there it's ok.

Review №73

We decided to eat here and we noticed That the staff were snappish and rude. I ordered a custom pizza and then when I received the order, it was incorrect. I picked on it a little bit then decided to send it back. Thinking that it would be thrown away, they simply served it on the buffet table. I was disgusted. When I received my second order which was expected to be the correct one, it was the exact pizza same style and not corrected. This was unhygienic and undorderly for the establishment. I am 100 percent unsatisfied with this. The food was not the best either and took an awfully long time to get there. Also never order the wings they seemed like frozen nuggets covered in a disgusting sauce. It gave me multiple stomach problems, which I never have with any food.

Review №74

Humble Middle School would like to thank you CiCis Pizza!!!!On May 29th HMS took a field trip to Six Flags and with a hour notice you guys were able to feed 265 members of our Wildcat Family. The service was great and everyone enjoyed themselves. You are now members of our Wildcat Family for life....see you next year.

Review №75

We brought a group of 30 in and the accommodations and customer service was amazing!

Review №76

Best looking Cici's I've been in to date, new, stylish. I'm used to emptying my own plate but here you don't, just leave it on table and they will pick up. Like every Cici's, they rotate different pizzas, but you can ask for something specific. Price is right! All around great

Review №77

Good food for the price staff is friendly

Review №78

Fast and friendly service , pizzas is always hot and fresh

Review №79

I personally never eat their pizza it's WAY TOO GREASY for my liking. I visit the location when we go with our children's sports teams for their celebratory events because it's fun for them but if you're looking for good pizza this is not the place.

Review №80

We brought in 106 students and teachers, and they got us in and out so quickly! The service was great, the staff welcoming, and everyone enjoyed themselves. When we come through next year we will be sure to stop in again. Thank you, Noe, for having everything ready for our arrival.

Review №81

This location is wonderful. They are on time, and the food is always super fresh. Love this locations cleanliness

Review №82

I had a pleasant early din-din with my wife.But the manager Bethany was rude to her employees and was loud. However Alejandra was very helpful and pleasant.

Review №83

Great pizza's, good salad bar, fun place to eat..

Review №84

Cashier wasn't very welcoming. Tables were dirty.

Review №85

Food is good but cashier must have been having an off day. The place was very clean and salad and pizza bar was constantly refilled. Suggestions follow: No prices posted, wings are not on buffet, women's bathroom.does not have changing table for infants, coupons not accepted and no senior discount.

Review №86

Everything is fresh out the oven and man they don't hold out on topping !!!

Review №87

The Pizza was and is AMAZING.The staff is extremely helpful and friendly and Happy. The shift change was seemingly flawless. The managers and employees, were Awesome. All working together to make for a very Friendly restaurant.This is the place to be if you are looking for an excellent restaurant...The food was high and fresh and plentiful even when 4 bus loads of students came in.. There is a lot to choose from in the area but CiCi's is the spot to be..

Review №88

Loved the atmosphere, pizza, made to order a pizzas & desserts. Staff very helpful & friendly

Review №89

Best cicis in San Antonio wife and I love it.

Review №90

Everything tastes great there's plenty of variety considering it was super busy and they didn't have any empty spots... The younger girl( was super jealous of her glowing caramel skin tone, reminded me a little of Ciara LOL... was pretty BUT just going to go with a cute connotation because she had such a look of disgust when we walked in--that I couldn't tell if she just smelled afart?... LOL! Was tired/sick?, or extremely annoyed by the gust of cold frigid air she kept receiving every time a customer "inconveniently" entered or exited the building?... I mean yeah that sucks hun, but let me have somebody play you the world's smallest violin real quick...)-- so her almost insulting LOL, "Welcome to CiCi's" gave me the first impression that we either weren't worth the breath that it takes in order to spit out the usually obnoxiously refreshing and corny entrance greeting I've grown 2 listen for every time I walk through CiCi's door... I usually don't ever write reviews nor do I ever take an employee's demeanor personally, a sense of compassion sets in once you've had the pleasure of working in the service industry of all different shapes sizes and forms. But when your first impression is based solely on that person who greets your customers I would seriously consider choosing someone who doesn't possess "RBF". If you don't know what this is, ask around someone will know LOL... sad when I almost would rather have had a lazy employee that half-a**es their job- cuz at least they just flat out don't even say a greeting LOL. Thankfully though, we where I'm at with plenty of clean tables, and a well-run freshly stocked Buffet. Even the shift manager, that was running around and taking care of 8/9 other things stop what he was doing to take care of one of the flavors of soda that it ran out on the soda machine rather than pull an employee off the line to do so. I admire that because that's probably the reason why is line looked the way it did. :-) management does not always necessarily mean delegate grunt work to lower-level employees... It's all about keeping a good steady flow of things in order to keep your returning and new customers happy. Even that usually unbearable areas like the arcade and restrooms were well kept and clean. I will be a return customer and would definitely recommend this location to friends and family.... hopefully the next time I visit, "The BRUISES- will have been cut from the Apple." my son LOVED the games, even my sister joined in on the phone as you can see... LOL I simply love the fact that all the games work and my little guy did not have to wait in a line in order to play, usually smaller arcades but this one had a good variety.

Review №91

The staff overall are half friendly. What disgusting me was there hygiene while they were working. I caught the lady from the salad bar rubbing her face and hair, and grabbing peoples food to go at the same time without washing her hands or at least using the sanitizer that is provided to them. Also, noticed another woman with her hair sticking everywhere out of her visor, and continuously scrunching it together with her hand. If it bothers you that much you should shower. Then handling everyone's food what's wrong with these people. The managers see this and do not do anything about it. I do not recommend this location! Clearly this is no standard when it comes to food handling. Total staff retraining is required! What a shame, the location and the place are not half bad!

Review №92

Very slow service, not recommended

Review №93

Cleanest cici's restaurant in San Antonio. Good job.

Review №94

We went to this location 07/11/2019 at around 3:45pm and as soon as we walked in the door we were greeted by the amazing staff of Cici's. Honestly I was not going to order anything to eat and decided in my mind I'd just get a drink because I didn't like the type of pizzas that were out and I have not been to a Cici's in over 10 years. My coworkers on the other hand were stacking plates on top of plates of pizza.I walked down the line and BAM I was hit with a beautiful smile attached to a more beautiful personality. She said “You're not going to eat?” I said “No, I'll just get something to drink.” This awesome person I was talking to was named Bethany and she was the manager.I told her I didn't see anything I liked and then she said “You can make a special request...what are you looking for?” I told her and she said “ok there's a place at the end of the buffet that you can place your request.” I chose not to do that because I didn't want anyone to go out of there way to make a pizza just for me.I went to my seat and talked with my coworkers. A few moments later I noticed Bethany took it upon herself to make the pizza I wanted! I didn't ask her to do it and I didn't even know she was making it! I just looked up and she was pulling it out of an oven!Bethany, your professionalism is unmatched and your beautiful spirit will bring me back again and again. Thank you for being so natural and truly wanting to make your store great!

Review №95

Great location! Excellent staff. Very clean. Good quality food. What else do you need?

Review №96

Love this place and using the app is even more of a reason to go here great food and rewards at that.

Review №97

It's good and cheap, definitely get the custom order pizza

Review №98

Absolutely great place to eat on a budget and don't forget you can even have them make you a custom pizza with no extra charge!

Review №99

Very nice. They even made pizza I liked when it was out on the buffet. Great place to dine

Review №100

Great food better then any other cicis I have been to

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  • Address:12822 Ih 10 West Bldg. 2, Suite 201, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-558-1006
  • Buffet restaurant
  • American restaurant
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  • Italian restaurant
  • Takeout Restaurant
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  • Monday:11AM–8PM
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  • Wednesday:11AM–8PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–8PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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