Grand Buffet
615 SW Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78221, United States
Grand Buffet
Review №1

Buffet food... awesome. Fell in love with this place from the 1st taste. The service was helpful and kind. Prices that won't shock you. Menu is like a place in San Francisco I loved.

Review №2

The food so good n we going next time eat there again n my kids love the food

Review №3

Buffet food and the setting here is very good. Don't fret if it's busy, it is worth the wait. There was fast, efficient, and courteous service. It has a great feel to it.

Review №4

Always delicious food. Crab legs, sushi and shrimp.

Review №5

I have to mention this place because is another one of my favorites. I love the variety of food and the flavor is unique!! You can eat everything you want! And everything is delicious. I recommend this place too. If you go around the area. Go ahead and try. You won't regret it. I guarantee

Review №6

Look this place as fallen downhill so far it will need a act of God to bring it back to worth eating.The Price is over priced and an eleven year old is considered an adult. This place used to be worth it but lately its just straight garbage. This will be the last time me and my family come here. Oh and the steaks which are 3/16" thick and maybe 3 oz are not included with the dinner buffet. Which is so stupid. Today was the worse dinner out. Very disappointing.

Review №7

One of my favorite locations for delicious Buffet food. Staff is always timely even when they have a full house. Next time I'll be back with my relatives. Reminds me of a restaurant in Philadelphia that I enjoyed.

Review №8

Fine place for quality Buffet food. The food was so savory. The staff was very kind and attentive. Feels similar to a restaurant in New York I loved.

Review №9

We were trying to enjoy the food however this woman (not a waitress) tried charging for dinner service twice.

Review №10

This place was recommended to us by a friend. Well, we are not disappointed. We feel good. This meal is really delicious. We will definitely come again. maintain.

Review №11

Love the food here! Very tasty and reasonably priced. Staff and management are always very friendly and welcoming. I brought a lot of family members/colleagues and friends, they liked it, and kept coming back. This is very worthwhile, I highly recommend it.

Review №12

Buffet food, very delicious. The staff was friendly and observant. Prices are reasonable I would say.

Review №13

This place is my favorite. Here I keep returning again and again. The food on the table is very delicious. I always like to have a decent meal here. I highly recommend this place.

Review №14

Interesting and inviting atmosphere. Comfortable and beautiful inside, but the food is great. The service is great, which allows me and my wife to enjoy our food and each other's company. It was fun watching the chef at work.

Review №15

We love coming here for special occasions. They have a large variety of food so we all get something we like. It's always fresh decently priced and has a great atmosphere.

Review №16

It lives up to the good reviews. The staff was nice. They made my take-out order fresh. It was great food for a reasonable price. They currently have dine-in if you wear gloves that they provide.

Review №17

I go to this lovely spot often! I visit this place regularly. The food is very tasty, the workers are professional and the prices are decent. I enjoy going in this restaurant to have a good lunch.

Review №18

I like this place! They provide decent food with a varied menu. The chef in that place is a real professional and I like to try all the dishes very much. The food is always good and I recommend it to everyone.

Review №19

By far the best food here. The quality is very good and the price is reasonable. Good service. In addition, very good design and atmosphere.

Review №20

I often take my warmest suggestions to take my friends to this place. I often go to this restaurant. This proposal is always successful. The food there is great and highly recommended.

Review №21

My experience here is really great! Food can come out quickly! And the serving size and overall taste are the same! very delicious

Review №22

I often go to this great place! This is the best restaurant. I have been to this place many times. The food is of high quality and the price is reasonable.

Review №23

There is a wide variety of food and it is well done. The dishes are also varied. It's hard not to like a place that can accommodate the whole family and everyone is happy.

Review №24

The food was amazing! Very authentic Mexican food. I highly recommend trying this place if and when you are ever in the San Antonio area. This place is a must!

Review №25

Great restaurant! I have been ordering here and eating my favorite food. Will definitely be back.

Review №26

I think this is the best place I have ever been to. Very clean, friendly staff and great food. Everything is very hot and delicious. There are so many choices you can't miss!

Review №27

Awful experience, bad tasting food. The hygiene was bad, specially during covid. And food dishes were empty for too long. Do not recommend.

Review №28

This is very good. The staff welcomed us with a smile and we were very happy. This meal is really delicious. We enjoy every moment and we will visit this place again. Warmly recommend

Review №29

I really like this restaurant! They offer delicious dishes and a varied menu. I really like to try all the food. The dishes are always of high quality and I recommend them to everyone.

Review №30

First-class service, amazing Buffet. The price is also reasonable. I will definitely be back.

Review №31

Great restaurant. You will get a lot of food for family and friends to eat together. Wonderful experience all the time.

Review №32

Great variety of food. Nice atmosphere.

Review №33

The food is great! Definitely recommended! A variety of menu options. Great food choices! We will definitely be back!

Review №34

Very exciting! ! Provide a variety of fresh and delicious food! The atmosphere is very pleasant and the staff is polite and efficient. Amazingly low cost.

Review №35

Very delicious. The service is great and good. Will definitely come again. The price is excellent for the portion you get

Review №36

Great food was awesome! They made us feel like one of the family! Go you won't be disappointed!

Review №37

Best places ever I can't wait to come back

Review №38

The restaurant is fantastic and broad, the meals was delightful and the prices were very reasonable. quick, efficient service and very affable staff members. I highly recommend this place.

Review №39

A major blessing in disguise! Wasn't sure if the place was open, but When I found out it was, it was it like to see that you can actually serve yourself. Of course you need to use gloves and a mask. But the staff when out of their way to make things feel like before COVID 19. Great job.The food was excellent. The chicken black pepper and the pepper steak were out of this world. Food was fresh, and staff kept stocking the buffet line. I went to Golden Corral and was sadly disappointed. Grand Buffet restored my faith. Thanks.

Review №40

My family and I came to this place. And did not like it. They have you wear gloves and they use Styrofoam plates. Do not come here

Review №41

This place is really great, with too many dining options to choose from. The price is also great. I will come back many times

Review №42

The restaurant was easy to find. The place was nice and welcoming. Highly recommended. Will visit again.

Review №43

What a great experience. Our meal was presented well, the servers very attentive and the prices reasonable. Absolutely delicious!

Review №44

This visit was absolutely surprising. The food is delicious. I am already looking forward to my next visit.

Review №45

People please take a look at your receipt when paying if your dinning in had a server charge 25% service fee for 6 people which we weren't even 6 people there stealing money from the bottom of your nose be careful going here

Review №46

Nothing is more happy than this. Everyone there is very friendly. Everything is delicious. If you leave on an empty stomach, it is your own fault. We will go again

Review №47

Ask for the all you can eat menu. A good value if you are hungry. Very good food

Review №48

The food is AMAZING. The drinks were great too. I can't wait to go back.

Review №49

One word is amazing! The visit was absolutely amazing. The food is delicious. Staff were very helpful. I am already looking forward to my next visit.

Review №50

The food is good. This is the best I have tried. Never let me down. We like this place!

Review №51

This is the best place. I have been to this place many times. The food is great, the staff is friendly and the price is affordable. I like to eat at this place.

Review №52

Amazing food! Loved every minute here. I want to go back so badly! Relatively inexpensive and the food is so worth it.

Review №53

The place was nice, clean, food was fresh and plenty to choose from. The employees were very helpful and friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone who likes buffets

Review №54

I like this place very much. The food is great. Satisfactory. highly recommended.

Review №55

I really enjoyed their food. I always get awesome service there. The place is neat and the cashiers are always very nice. Keep up the good work.

Review №56

Went there for dinner of the best buffets in area with huge variety of food.Food is very delicious and there were many desserts tasted very good. Definitely will be visiting there again

Review №57

Would certainly recommend eating here. Great mood, yummy dishes, excellent customer service. Highly recommended.

Review №58

Today I took my son through here and found that they were very nice and had a good environment,Oh my god! It's so delicious, I really don't want to leave this place.

Review №59

Wonderful experience. Great staff and the food was amazing! Would definitely recommend going.

Review №60

The food is very delicious, full of color and aroma, and fast. And never let you down. recommend!

Review №61

What a great experience. Our meal was presented well, the servers very attentive and the prices reasonable. Absolutely delicious!

Review №62

My parents and I had a great time here! We left with a full stomach. The service is very fast and the food is so delicious, come back soon.

Review №63

This is a very good restaurant. We have been here a few times and have never been disappointed. The food here is really great! !!

Review №64

A top spot for delicious buffet food. The service here is attentive.

Review №65

Great place to like it! Good food! Especially the buffet has so many choices, it is worth recommending here!

Review №66

I liked this place. It was recommended and we stopped by and it was really great. I totally recommend this place.

Review №67

Went to San Antonio for vacation with my family. The food was excellent with a wide variety of choices and staff was really nice. Also was extremely impressed by Covid-19 safety standards precautions demonstrated in the restaurant to protect their customers.

Review №68

Great ambiance, love the food but service was slow

Review №69

The food here is very fresh and tasty. They also have a nice clean atmosphere. Must come back and try again.

Review №70

Not very much selection to choose from food looks like he has been sitting for server was more interested in entertaining other female guests

Review №71

Love this place. The best food and the freshest. Always have a good time here, the overall experience is great.

Review №72

The food is very good, they can give you a lot of food. Would definitely recommend this place.

Review №73

The food is good. It is the best I have tried. The staff is as friendly as possible and super attentive. We like this place!

Review №74

This place is very nice. People are very polite. The food is plentiful as well.

Review №75

Everyone likes to eat. Really tasty. The server is very good. Always like to visit here.

Review №76

Huge portions, really really good food. Friendly staff. Had the extravaganza and it easily fed 5.

Review №77

Great food and decent prices. Fast delivery and friendly staff. Whenever I want to order here

Review №78

The place offers a fantastic variety of fresh food. I like dining here. Staff members are always kind, pricing is fair and the spot is always well organised.

Review №79

I tried this place with a friend and I've been hooked here ever since. We enjoy delicious food. I would recommend it to everyone.

Review №80

My friend and I found maggots in our broccoli. We notified the waitress and were promptly refunded and apologized to. The costumer service was good, but I'll no longer be eating here due to the fact that I ate half of my food before noticing the maggots.

Review №81

I come here every week. The food is always fresh and the staff is always friendly and great. Great place.

Review №82

Great food to choose from. Everything is very fresh. The price is not high.

Review №83

The food is great!Clean and responsive. Whenever I am in this area, this may become my choice.

Review №84

This place is a must! Come on, they are such helpful and amazing servers. I will definitely go back.

Review №85

Great food, great service, great prices... Can't ask for more. Keep up the good work!

Review №86

The food is good and I really like it. The atmosphere is nice and calm. excellent service.

Review №87

I am visiting this place for the first time and I am very satisfied! Fresh food will make me come back again.

Review №88

Very interesting & excitingly different food & drink menus. Food & drinks are delicious.

Review №89

I am very happy to find this place. The food is always so fresh, I won't go anywhere else

Review №90

This place was a surprise for me. feels good. Will definitely come back!

Review №91

The food is fresh-the environment is great, friendly, and enjoyable. Dinner with friends and family. The service was very good and attentive.

Review №92

The food is really good. Fast and good. I recommend this place.

Review №93

Very slow service. They take long to put the hot food out. Employees are rude.

Review №94

Love this shop! Great choice. Provide many delicious and favorite

Review №95

The food was HORRIBLE! not fresh very small assortment of foods... VERY EXPENSIVE! & it's so freaking hot in that place!

Review №96

This is one of my favorite highly valuable places. My friends and I love delicious food at this place.

Review №97

Wonderful food ..good prices.. Friendly service. Thank you

Review №98

The food in this place is very fresh. I like to eat here. Staff, very welcoming, the restaurant is always very clean.

Review №99

Great food! Good price! Kind of run down inside but never been sick and never heard of anyone ever gettiing sick

Review №100

Every bite is worth it-the best restaurant I have tried! Quality and efficient service.

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4.7 Rating
  • Address:615 SW Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78221, United States
  • Phone:+1 210-923-0381
  • Buffet restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9:30PM
  • Friday:11AM–9:30PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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