Peter Piper Pizza
5723 N Foster Rd #101, San Antonio, TX 78244, United States
Review №1

Pizza was hot and fresh. Only reason why I didn't tag a 5th star was they were out of black pepper and we ordered a salad and love black pepper on it.

Review №2

The GM has contacted me with such professional generosity to understand what has happened with my experience and encouraged me to want to come back. Thank you!

Review №3

I just called.. they let the phone ring for one minute and 30 seconds then answered and hung up.Edit: I just called again and they did the exact same thing, I guess that's what happens when you have a bunch of kids working..

Review №4

This was my first time in this location , my family and I went this last wednesday around 7pm. we usually go to the one on fredericksburg , and the difference was huge. Customer service was ok but what really caught my eye was that the restaurant was cleaner , tables, fountain drinks area, floor. We ordered a pizza half hawaian half pepperoni but hey forgot to add the pineapple. When we talked about the issue with one of the customers , very politely she apologized and she gave us a medium size hawaian pizza fro free.. cant complain about that!

Review №5

They need a separate line for pickup. So you don't have to wait in for dine in.

Review №6

There buffet pizza ain't like there regular ordered. Pizza my favorite pizza to order but probably won't do buffet again.

Review №7

COVID has the arcade very restricted but all in all still good old Peter Piper's Pizza experience.

Review №8

New York 3 Cheese is my favorite. Placed an order to go and was in and out in no time.

Review №9

I went there for the Lunch Buffet , the Pizza was good " it wasn't the best " but it was not bad at all , and for the price , that wasn't bad either , I Recommend this Place , I know I'll be back for more. And it's a great place for Kids !

Review №10

Place was clean, pizza was good and staff were all extremely helpful. Birthday party package was affordable and worth every penny!!! Games were fun and tickets were plentiful!! Great experience!!

Review №11

Pizza pretty good extra cheese on regular pedered pizza yummy. Chicago Classic & NY 3 cheese Pepperoni

Review №12

Neat place...but I hate they changed their wings...

Review №13

Everything was good I enjoy my pizza

Review №14

We were having a birthday party. Service was way slow. Pizzas came out in 3 batches, about 30 minutes apart. (This was only 5 pizzas!) Separate order, not part of party: 2 salads were wrong kind, then not as ordered (1 should have had no tomatoes). Had to ask several times about garlic bread, took 45 minutes! Kids loved the arcade.

Review №15

Best pizza ever I've been going here for as long as I can remember

Review №16

John the host was very polite. Pizza was fantastic and I'd say probably the best I've had in a while! Also the kids enjoyed the game room.

Review №17

Nice place.. First time being there

Review №18

My pizza was raw ,wings were nasty ....very disappointed

Review №19

Had a bad experience at the beginning of my visit, something I was expecting was not what I received.I talked to the manager and at first he was not understanding what we needed, then he made it right.Gave us the pizza we asked for and explained that sometimes they don't come out as expected I appreciated his way of explaining and made me change my mind of coming to this place again.Will return and recommend!

Review №20

The man at they toy/candy area , where you give the tickets ... was sooo NICE and generous . I always go to pizza places and people tend to be rude to me about picking my candy and toys for my kids but this guy was so nice and courteous no attitude at all just a great smile ! Great experience with him !

Review №21

Wayyyyyy better than CEC. I was visiting from NC and wanted to do something that evening. So we end up coming here and enjoying a action packed day with the children. The only downfall was that no one was really cleaning the tables off and we had to constantly request for a table to be cleaned. But once they cleared a spot it was okay.

Review №22

Great and inexpensive party package. My 3 year old loved it. No tokens for the birthday kid but a voucher for 350 tickets. Each kid got 10 tokens, pizza, ice cream, and soda. Everyone went home smiling and tired! Winning

Review №23

The service was great and the waitress who helped us with our little one's birthday party was extremely friendly. Overall everyone had a great time..

Review №24

It's a fun, family friendly place with some pretty cool arcade games. They have good pizza too and the prizes aren't so bad either. I've been going here for years and, while it's changed a bit since then, it's still fun.

Review №25

Love the 2 for $20.00.

Review №26

Went to peter piper pizza for the first time this last weekend and had a blast with my family! It reminded me of chucky cheese, I would possibly say it was better. The games were on a separate side of the building so the restuarant side of the building was decently quiet. My kids had a great time and got a good amount of prizes. We will definitely return.

Review №27

Peter Piper Pizza? Who doesn't like this pizza?! Anyway, my service was simple, and straight to the point. Get in line, check out the menu, order, wait for your order to come out. This place is usually busy on the weekends, but if you're like me, a person that doesn't like being around crowds, swing by during the weekend when all the kids are in school. Overall, great experience and friendly cashiers!

Review №28

Well we hosted my daughter's 9th birthday party here and well I paid for me to work. All they did was bring pizza paper plates and ice cream to the table. I had to go get cups, utensils, a cake cutter, she didn't even get her picture frame or picture taken. We had a party host but she was never around or attentive. I did all the pitcher refills got it's more plates, ect. Not worth the $180 at all. I will plan better next year. I definitely feel cheated.

Review №29

Good food nice staff police officer on location that's a place feels safer with there presents

Review №30

Went there for friend's bday during lunch break. Soon as they opened. No kids!!! She loved it. She turned 19. The staff was amazing.

Review №31

Good service friendly

Review №32

Great customer! service restaurant is always clean

Review №33

Good Food but I think they changed the recipe for the pizza but still overall Good..everything is clean Games are easy and fun for the kiddos

Review №34

I go for the crust! The sauce and flavors adequate. Was very disappointed when I took the cover from my cup to refill beverage. Looked like blackish mold specks in ice and on inside of cup. Told employee behind counter, but I got an "it's above my paygrade" look. Hope they clean out that ice machine...

Review №35

Fun for the family and decent prices. Wish you could buy tokens with your card in the game area instead of at the register. Friendly staff and lots of parking. Decent location though traffic on the two major roads it's on can be very hard to get in and out of.

Review №36

Great times always ! I feel like you get more for your money here although they have a few game selections .

Review №37

Loved taking Our Cobra Baseball Boys there for their Championship Wins!!!

Review №38

The food has always been surprisingly fresh and yummy when I've come to this location. The workers are friendly and efficient, the restaurant is clean. And my kids have a blast. Lunch buffet is well worth it.

Review №39

No dinner buffet, but reasonably priced pizza (1-topping XL was $15, plenty for all). Games and rides are ok. Donovan behind the counter is a great employee to work with kids, has a great personality and went above and beyond cleaning games and helping kids. A+ to that guy.

Review №40

Ordered a $40 pizza with some wings got it to the house bit into dough ,"Uncooked"dough, Wife is Pregnant pregnant so I'm highly upset!!With all fairness went back showed him(manager)the issue He did not hesitate to give me my money back .I'm still not going back Because 2 of the servers were rude when I arrived the 1st time for my pick up and they looked at me as I done Interrupted their conversations at work but Hey, I make twice as much as both of them together an hour. Hell I'd be talking too.

Review №41

Did not know they had a buffet. Pizza was very good! Staff kept the food fresh.

Review №42

Good pizza gameswere great

Review №43

Clean, and fast. My party host did a good job.

Review №44

Awesome love this place

Review №45

Always packed but recieved our pizz quickly and staff was friendly and helpful

Review №46

Good for kids under 7 not much for adults or big kids. Pizzas good though

Review №47

Super happy when i came in on friday. Did an online order/carry out. Came out on time saw the manager box it. The cashier opened it to make sure it was made correctly. They were out of parmesan cheese apologize but THEY ASKED. Everywhere else you have to ask or they charge for the packets really? Im glad this place doesn't. So happy even did the online survey. Keep it up guys! Thanx

Review №48

The staff was agreeable and swift in their services. The lunch pricing is definitely afordable. The gaming center is clean and well organized. The food itself is good for the pmlinch pricing but I'm not sure I'd pay more for it. Granted, I did go during a slower period as this may be why, but I found the selection lacking and not as fresh.

Review №49

First and last time I will go there. Service was awful. Almost no one there at the time,took almost 30min for our order to be called out. Customer in front of me got his order completely wrong. Another customer waiting 40min asked for refund and left....really?

Review №50

Pizza was good but the wings were in the raw side smh .plus the resturant needs to be a little cleaner. When walking in theirs a strong nasty smell and no it don't smell like pizza. So definitely this restaurant really needs a deep cleaning!!

Review №51

Its a good place to take kidos to unwind even for a last minute birthday party

Review №52

Great entertainment for young could be a little more done.. But over all it was a great place and I will be taking my little one more often.

Review №53

Food was great and kids have fun.

Review №54

Great place to take the kids and stress free birthday parties

Review №55

All their pizzas are known for being blah so that's not why I rated them only 3 stars. They got that rating becaise the tables were dirty even when there were no people sitting at them and 4 of theor games were not working and the guy working the ticket redemption/prize counter really gave me and my sig other the creeps concerning our daughter. I dont know you! Dont call me MAMA and don't ever call my toddler daughter LOVER! I'm okay with love but not lover and I have never called a stranger mamma...only coworkers and friends. Ever. Especially not at work. It was very very wrong

Review №56

Great pizza

Review №57

Love Peter Pipper Pizza! This location will, more often than not, take you a while to place your order. If you're picking up, you have to stand in line because the pick-up register will never be available. Good pizza. Bad customer service.

Review №58

Attended a birthday party. Everything was great.

Review №59

The pizza was good. The area where we sat was clean. I would have felt a little safer if they had someone stamping families in like at other pizza places. It was extremely loud, though. Everything echoed. But the staff was nice.

Review №60

Service was great! Pizza was cheesy Yummy! Very clean. Aniesa made us feel very welcomed! Thank you.

Review №61

Nice place but has very young and dumb workers. The girl taking my order told me they dont have chicken as a topping until she saw it on the computer she also took foreve to talk or do anything.

Review №62

Nice place for kiddos and parents!

Review №63

Fast and friendly service ! Ran into a friend who worked @ The Forum location . Best pizza ever !

Review №64

So we've been here many times pre-COVID. This was our first time out since COVID... everything was spaced out properly and they had every other game closed so that you wouldn't have multiple pple bunched together. It felt good to be since this was our first family dinner out since March. It was nice and it there wasn't a lot pple either. Food was packed to go so you didn't have the metal pizza trays which was nice actually we didn't have to bother about asking for a to go box. All in all it was good. We did take our own handsanitizers and wipes but they did have stations to use.

Review №65

Very nice clean and comfortable. Pizza was good. Kids all had a great time.

Review №66

Had my son's birthday party there and they overcharged me for stuff. Felt too rushed to give answers and they also rushed us off the tables.

Review №67

I love this location, nice people and the pizza is always perfect. The restaurant is always nice and clean.

Review №68

It was good, dough gets hard fast, but it was still good

Review №69

My favorite pizza could hve a better game room play area for kids

Review №70

Great pizza and fun for the whole family

Review №71

Great services and great food. Every time I take my family we have a great time.

Review №72

It's fast and affordable. Buffet selection could be a little more varied but overall great experience.

Review №73

Great inexpensive lunch buffet

Review №74

Went for a birthday party, good staff and place was clean this time for the most part; food was good, but mens restroom smelled really bad as if there was a gray water leak somewhere... its been like that for a while now since last time we went.

Review №75

Says they open at 11 am on fridays and I got here at a little after 11 with my friend and her two kids and it is now 11:25 and they still aren't open! Also would like to point out they opened the doors for the employees and wouldn't let us in and we had to wait outside in the freezing cold!

Review №76

Lots of food for cheap.

Review №77

Very affordable and the food is delicious. The staff seems very unenthusiastic, almost like they're being forced against their will to work there.

Review №78

Pizza was great, including the service. Restroom and tables were clean.

Review №79

Came for a bday party and it was very clean and the staff was extremely helpful.

Review №80

Good food great game and lunch buffet was awesome

Review №81

I honestly think it's the best pizza place. Soooooo much room, I love it!!!

Review №82

I love their dough,great pizza,let the kids run around in air condition

Review №83

We had recieved3 a gift card of 100.00 fron

Review №84

Was clean and the grandkids had fun.

Review №85

Went for my son's birthday get together and 15 mins in they kicked us out because of smoke coming from the ovens. Made everyone evacuate the building and called the fire department. Didn't even offer a refund just told us we can head back in to get our stuff and that was it. Ridiculous never going back to this location

Review №86

Love it

Review №87

A nice place to take kids for family fun.

Review №88

We went for a birthday party so I can't comment in their prices. I liked how spacious the dining area was. I also loved how the dining area was separated from the play area with the glass partition, it made a huge difference with the noise. Staff were very nice and friendly. It was pretty clean. I didn't use the restroom so I can't comment on its cleanliness. Overall we had a good experience.

Review №89

We come here at least once every 2 weeks. Pizza is amazing and great for kids. Never packed as they have ample space but very popular. Birthday parties are great to have here. Definitely recommend it.

Review №90

Its great for a kid birthday party. The games are fun and you can win a lot of tickets. The amount of tokens you get for what you pay is pretty good as well. The pizza tastes good as well, I would recommend it for anyone that wants to throw a party for anyone 5 and younger

Review №91

It's a good place to have bday parties

Review №92

Most people would probably rate Peter Piper Pizza as a 2 or 3 as far as food goes, but most people don't do Peter Piper's correctly. 1) Go to buffet [M - F 11a - 2p] 2) Ask for a specialized pizza [go crazy with it because they will hook you up like no other place] 3) Get 3 plates and take the whole thing back [technically you have to share with strangers but funk that] 4) Eat it fast because Peter Piper is a 5 when it's hot and a 2 when it's warm. 5) Get some good soft serve for only $1!

Review №93

Best pizza compared to all the other kids pizza spots. Great service, short wait for the food and very clean

Review №94

Great place to meet and greet with the little people (children) i met with my grand daughter on Valentine's day- what a special moment.

Review №95

The staff was very slow bringing out the pizza but they was respectful but they was slow and we was hungry and they kept telling us that the pizza will be out in a minute and a minute turned into an hour and a half

Review №96

Trashy restrooms. Seating always dirty.

Review №97

Kids always have a blast. Booth super sticky. Restroom ok at best

Review №98

Visited here for my sons birthday party. Awesome location, plenty of games, entertainment, and food for a large crowd.

Review №99

Clean and friendly Atmosphere. And pizza is always Great

Review №100

Good pizza, just wish they had better deals.

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