Roadrunner Cafe
1 UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States
Review №1

This was definitely a place that reminds me of the old days in highschool quality cafeteria food, sure it brought back fond memories of moments shared with old friends back in the day but also how low quality and generic the food was. The price for admission definitely appropriate and fair for what you get here...though that is as much praise and can give to this place.

Review №2

Every now-and-then they'll have good tasting food.Friday - Sunday the food and the selection is horrible, especially the home zone. It seems that the workers don't seem to care when the top manager isn't there. Or the workers aren't experienced.I'll say that for the most part, 1 out of 4 the employees seem to love working there. The hardest and friendliest working people there are Jorge and David! The pizza lady that works the mornings is really moody. Yoli (the lady that usually makes the omelettes) will hide her good pans when she doesn't work that station. It sucks because the other workers have to deal with the egg sticking to the pans, which messes up our food.The manager there will listen to your comments and is engaging through a napkin feedback system that they have. I'll say he is funny but doesn't realize all the drama that goes around his back.Everyone would rather have homemade food from our parents but you really won't get that here. I'd say that if you have ya car (or a friend with a car), plenty of time, and patience, you'll be better off cooking for yourself. Not having a car and going to H-E-B or Walmart on the bus will be a hassle and difficult (each are ~20 minutes from campus on a bus). Chopping, prepping and cooking will take a lot of study time from your schedule. If you're a freshmen you have no choice because you have to get a meal plan.Hope that helped.

Review №3

Honestly this is the first two star rating I've given to a place. I don't think I would give any more less of a review of any college campus. This is just the college campus that I go to and I have to rate it to stars because I really don't enjoy this food. You don't really have a variety to choose from and most of the food isn't what most people would need or want. You don't get all the nutrition as you need and the meals for vegans are slim to none, basically none. The machines for soda barely work and when they do work they're backed up with the lines. For a lot of students this is the only meal that they can have or at least pay for and they gain weight because of the carbs. I know I can vouch for that because I work out consistently but you shouldn't be gaining weight just because of what you're eating every day. Especially if you don't have control over it.

Review №4

I'm a student here and I love the cafe. If you want the best food you have to wait in line for the omelets, Mongolian grill, smoothies, sandwiches, or pasta. Each you can choose your ingredients.

Review №5

Food is ok at times and the customer service is good but not great. Sometimes I wonder about the food served and the people serving them. There are times they forget to change there gloves or touch the food without them. This dangerous especially for those that have allergy issues like me.

Review №6

Jennifer D. Has always been so kind and courteous when I have eaten here. She is always smiling and in a positive mood. You guys need more staff like her.

Review №7

Over the past four years, the food here has always been terrible. Some days were better than others, but I believe new staff and management may have caused the food quality to deteriorate. The only thing the cafe has going for it is the omelette station which is consistently good each time. The cafe has potential, but its food quality is subpar or lower at best.

Review №8

Omelettes were the best. Conners014 makes the best omelettes this side of the Mississippi.

Review №9

It was amazing the staff was so friendly. I recommend it to anyone who loves to eat.

Review №10

Better than when I was in college but not so good that I think tuition is getting wasted on the food.

Review №11

It's really good! It's buffet style cafe and for students it cost 6.82 with tax. They have everything from a smoothie station in the morning to a dessert area. Staff is always nice even though cashier's are student you can't tell. Always clean as well. Would recommend to any student on a budget.

Review №12

The food is fairly okay. The pizza, hamburger and fries are available all the time there, but the other more nutritious food should have the same amount of availability, although the salad bar is usually always open. Like I said there is very good food, but sometimes there is food that would taste better if it were simple, and not a mixture of different things.

Review №13

Coffee at no addtl charge.

Review №14

Horrible!I went after 5pm on Thursday, hoping for a variety of pizza to choose from but there was none. Settled for a chicken burger and fries instead. I highly recommend this place if you want a very disappointing and generic lunch!

Review №15

Always Yummy Food At The Roadrunner Cafe. Great Place To Go Grab A Bite On Campus.

Review №16

It has many options to choose. People is kind and there is always a chair for you. I disliked the BBQ and pineapple pizza, but the other meals that I took, were fresh and tasty. I recommend the tuna sandwich with mayo and mustard and the ice coffee.

Review №17

It was an ok place to eat at the banana pudding was really good I'll give it that

Review №18

Enjoy eating here after classes. Have many good food options to choose from.

Review №19

Lots of fresh and healthy selections

Review №20

Has decent food, it's after all cafeteria food. But it's better than high school cafeteria food. They have plenty of options to choose from but during the summer it's kind of basic choices like burgers, corn dogs and pizza.

Review №21

Lol it's a college cafeteria. what do you expect

Review №22

They offer an exceptional fruits, expired fruits. They also offer many selection of foods that are just the same the whole time (so far). Also, if you see chopped pork, chicken, or beef on the featured food or whatever they call it, they are just as soft a rock. Some people there were also so nice. They not only offer different kind of food, but also viruses from other people; you can grab them by using their Eco-box, bowls, or plates. They provide you so many other things as well such as cholesterol (if you eat there often), food poison (which sometimes can help to lower your body weight). Come to Roadrunner Cafe! I hope you will enjoy it there.

Review №23

Simply... perfection. They make the best chicken masala ... even better than many Indian restaurants in the area

Review №24

Good buffet they have...great place to eat!!

Review №25

This place has very bland food and you're forced to buy a meal plan that forces you to eat here more often than not. No options, and the couple you'll like you'll get sick of after a month.

Review №26

Food is good. The only thing is you pay thousands of dollars a semester for something that only lets you get limited amounts of food to go. Some people work and don't have time to keep going to the cafe but they only let you take so much but people who physically eat there can get as much as they want which makes no sense. We pay to have an unlimited meal plan but they limit you on the food you can take to go which you also have to pay for a to go container.

Review №27

Good place to relax and enjoy food. The food and service were excellent and the facility was great.

Review №28

Good one best smoothie and best shredded egg with spinach and cheese

Review №29

Staff is wonderful and servers are kind. Great food choices whether you're looking for a quick corndog or homemade mashed potatoes and roast beef. Multiple Vegan options are available in both the main food and the desert section. If you are a student on the meal plan, it's an obvious choice that gives you healthy options. If you aren't on the meal plan I believe entry costs 10 USD and offers an 'all you can eat' style service.Overall fantastic food and service quality. Would recomend.

Review №30

Nice people and good, diverse food.

Review №31

If you are student here at UTSA, the Roadrunner cafe is a great option (if you have a meal plan ). The food is usually pretty good (unless your vegetarian, the vegetarian options taste horrid). However, if you don't have a meal plan, I recommend staying away. It is way over priced for what it is. It is laid out like a low level Golden Corral, but costs the same amount. Just go to Golden Corral if you are looking for something like this.Other than that, my only complaint is that the vents are covered in black fuzz (I'm gonna assume it is mold). Especially in the yellow room. Have notified them about the issue multiple times, but have been ignored every time. So, that tells me that they have no intentions on cleaning them. Thus, you should be aware that it is there if you go, because it isn't going to go away and has been there all year.

Review №32

Stir fry was the best option

Review №33

A massive variety of classic american as well as ethnic foods are brought in every day 3 times a day for your choosing. The food tastes good, and with a meal plan from UTSA, it feels free. I've had only positive experiences with the employees, many of which are fellow students. Theres a fun and interactive note system, using napkins as a platform for communication between the patrons and the staff, and the person who replies to the notes is diligent and quite comedic. The amount of healthy options, and food that accommodates for people with allergies, or other dietary restrictions, are plentiful, and seemingly all delicious. Its really hard to gorge yourself with 3 or 4 plates of delicious food including their brick oven style pizza. The pizza is not that fresh, not very inventive, and not that well made, but it still tastes very good, just get it while it's hot, not after it's been sitting under the heat lamp for a half hour. The only reason I'm ducking a star is because twice I've run into an issue with the corn served at the counter that changes every day. Past a certain hours when the corn is running low, and has been sitting I'm heat for so long, it gets hard and un appetizing, and personally I think if it gets to that point, it should be pulled from the counter at that time. Overall it's an excellent buffet that I think everyone could find something to enjoy, with a delightful joyful staff always ready to assist you get your fill.

Review №34

If you've ever wanted an edible version of depression then look no further, the exact opposite of comfort food.

Review №35

Great place to eat if you eat there every once in a while or every week. If you have to eat there everyday everything starts to taste the same.

Review №36

Great selection of food to eat. Buffet style. Reasonable prices.

Review №37

The food is okay, but then again it is a cafeteria, so dont get your hopes up very high. It is goos that they have a lot of different and custom food areas so you cna eat what you want, when you want it. As I said before it is good to eat here if you have a meal plan and get the meals for "free". if not, then there are probably better places to go.

Review №38

It can be better but the food aint that good

Review №39

Delicious Everything and the People are great on campus

Review №40

It's alright, needs better food tho

Review №41

If you buy a meal plan and stock up your ID card, the buffet is $5 (for lunch at least not sure about breakfast and dinner) and includes all you can drink soda, tea, water, or whatever.Very good selection of food - healthy options, vegetarian items and of course junk food like burgers, pizza, grilled cheese, hot dogs and more.Some of the food can be hit or miss - some things may be dry tasting or lacking flavor but it;s a buffet so try a little bit of everything.

Review №42

Bruh! The sweet sour bbq sauce is fire. I would bathe in this bbq sauce. I would baptize children in this bbq sauce. It's heavenly

Review №43

Lots to choose from. Favorite part is being able to request things on a bulletin board!

Review №44

Good price with Meal plan, but not the "best" food. But good for low budget.

Review №45

Service is great, good variety

Review №46

Great experience for roadrunner s!

Review №47

Food is OKAYY. I once was in line at the sandwich station and saw a mouse run through the kitchen.

Review №48

Very nice and clean

Review №49

Great salad bar mediocre entre

Review №50

I used work there so I know that y'all always have great food, 7 years ago is when I worked there

Review №51

Seeing as how many on here bash the cafe with the eloquence befitting middle schoolers, i decided to write one as well. The cafe, 2015-2016 is not a place to go to if you require food of the utmost level. The food there is sustenance for studying and getting along your day. There is rarely anything fancy, and as nowadays there are people who have so many allergies and "fancy" tastes, there is not much seasoning on the dishes because one side will always complain. The hours at the cafe are troublesome for those who really on it as their 3 meals a day as breakfast is shut down half an hour before its labeled time and weekends time frames are shortened. Now this is can all be credited as a monetary reason but it is still hard on those who actually acquired a meal plan so they would not have to make their own food. About the drink situation, of course the fountain is going to run dry at peak hours of the day. Ice in your drink is not the corner stone of whether or not you eat, it is just a nice luxury. Now I am not saying it doesn't upset me when there is no ice, but I know that this is the real world where not everything works at a timed cycle. The employees cannot possibly know the instant when a certain drink or the ice runs out, However, this does not excuse how most of the time food is unavailable. Certain items such as mac and cheese, pasta (when it is good), pizza, cookies, etc. are foods that are taken quickly. This should become apparent to whoever decides the quantity of food to prepare each day and so on. The Roadrunner Cafe is not the best. This is obvious. In the areas it can improved in are things that we as consumers have to tell those who run the cafe. The cafe is very amenable to trying to change what it has and does, like a vegan/vegetarian section. Just saying something sucks without giving criticisms to work off of will accomplish nothing. 2 stars

Review №52

At first the food seems decent, maybe it's because of the excitement of being in college, also there are a good amount of options, however, you quickly realize that the food isn't good. I recommend not getting anything that involves pasta there. They even put in spoiled milk before. They don't constantly change food that often, if you see pork, stuffing, or chicken one day out of the week, expect it a minimal of 3 times following that week. The pizza, sandwiches, burgers are inconsistent at best, some people who work there come off as rude and you try to avoid them at all costs. All the only reason you eat there is because of the fact that it is consistent food, if there was any different option everyone I guarantee will take it!

Review №53

Food frequently tastes awful, under cooked, over cooked, not fresh, and contaminated with hair. The staff is very nice but I go there to eat good food not to see people.

Review №54

The food could definitely be better; then again, it is provided by Aramark. But, the service tends to be pretty good; just avoid the rush times at 12 and 7.

Review №55

The biggest problem I see is sanitation. Workers will go to the back to get something or find something and come back still wearing the same gloves that they left with touching god knows what and then continue to prepare food. Also, the workers, while wearing gloves will touch their pants or pick something off the floor and continue making food. After coming to eat here almost everyday and staying for hours at a time(studying), I've only seen one person wash their hands after they came back from the back. The most recent problem was when I was in the sandwhich line, (I don't want to single out people, and I hope you address the issue to everyone so Roadrunner cafe can be a clean place) so while the employee was making my sandwhich, another employee came by the other employee and just leaned on the white board (the white board is the board where they slide the sandwhich on) so this employee came and put their arms and elbows on top of where food goes. I don't know where their arms have been, I don't know how clean they were... all I know is that after she left my sandwich was slid across it and whatever germs left their arms were now on my sandwich.

Review №56

The people that work there are super nice.

Review №57

Dear potential students and their loving parents, if you love your children do not, I repeat DO NOT eat here. My first semester eating here as a freshman was below average. The food lacked seasoning and the options started to get old after the first month. That went down the hill very quickly. The staff was either really great and nice or very rude. Eating on the weekends sucked, all the inexperienced workers, who most likely were not trained, cooked the foods. The fries were either hard, not cooked, or really greasy. It seemed like all the fried food was cooked in the same oil and never changed. The seemed to run out of ice and never would replace it and the drinks would always turn to water. The were constantly bugs and gnats around the salad bar and dessert station. Some of the cups, dishes, and utensils are dirty. God bless if you get a dry plate or cup. I knew someone who worked at the cafe and said that at one point in time they ran out of soap and only washed with water. Ironically my friend started to break out in the corner of her lip. I could continue but I have to study. They served me uncooked chicken and eggs multiple times. All in all with the amount of money I am paying the quality, service and sanitation should be much better.Sincerely,A student trying to help another studentP.S. You have better luck cooking your own food in an off campus apartment (San Saba, Laurel, and Chaparral require you have a meal plan).

Review №58

A school cafeteria with food that is good to get you through the day

Review №59

Decent food for school food. Try the stir fry. Staff can get lunch for $5 but must buy $150 at a time

Review №60

There are some days when the food is good but mostly awful.

Review №61

Great food selection. Some of it seemed cold and old.

Review №62

Amazing food and service

Review №63

The food was amazing and it was all you can eat everybody was so nice

Review №64

The people are so welcoming and nice plus the food was good

Review №65

I pity those who can not be cool enough to live the good life and enjoy food ;p

Review №66

The food is usually terrible. The only thing that is consistently okay is the fries. Don't waste your money on a meal plan. Not worth it.

Review №67

The Roadrunner Cafe has several 'all you care to eat' stations to choose from; ranging from a fully functional Mongolian barbecue, to home cooked favorites, fire roasted pizza, a desert bar, and much more. The staff is always willing to get you what you would like and they encourage skipping from station to station for ingredients. Does the burrito bar not have beef? Well you can go right next door to the Mongolian BBQ station and have them cook steak, onions, and bell peppers (don't forget to grab the chili spices located next to the fries and have them season your meat while it cooks) and then head over to the burrito bar and have them use those ingredients to make an awesome dinner.For students with meal plans, there are plastic take out containers that you can use for the semester. I enjoyed filling mine with two lbs of meat loaf or Carne Asada that I could take home and freeze for later. The belgian waffle station is always open if you don't feel like getting up in the morning for breakfast before classes. Take those home with a bit of fruit and you'll have an amazing breakfast.The staff is highly amenable and routinely gets me whatever I ask for even if it's not currently on one of the stations. Sometimes instead of those waffles I like cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast and they will happily head back and grab some for me.Also, parents, when you come by to visit, the cafe has reasonable prices when you consider it's all you can eat. So you can sit down for an hour with junior and eat. Make sure to get all huggy and kissy and embarrass them after.

Review №68

Not worth what you pay, service is slow

Review №69

The food is delicious, I really love to eat here=)

Review №70

Selection is okay. Some of the food is pretty bland but if you have a meal plan it's fairly worth it.

Review №71

Cafe is okay but there are no options other then pizza or a greasy burger. Choose wisely because some of the food is just......nasty!

Review №72

This is disgusting! Roadrunner cafe needs to really inspect their fruit. My friend was eating her cantaloupe and when she was about to eat it she saw this. I'm not a bug expert but from my perspective that looks like a mosquito. Really disappointed!

Review №73

Its not that great but its close and convenient

Review №74

Food is decent, the low ceilings make the place seem cramped.

Review №75

Great variety!

Review №76

This place is ok, food changes often but it tastes the same every time.

Review №77

Food is eh. But sometimes I close my eyes and pretend I'm at a fancy gourmet restaurant. It sorta helps...

Review №78

Great experience

Review №79

So many people make reviews saying that the food is nasty and such. While this is true many times, there are good food choices as well. There's hamburgers, fries, grilled chicken burgers, hotdogs, and either fried chicken burgers or fish filet sliders as the variable food choice in the "grill" line. The "healthy line" has different stuff all the time, but THOSE choices usually do not taste like anything be it rice, a bunch of vegetables thrown together or something. Next it the "decent meal line" (i don't know what the line is called), they have different stuff all the time too be it wedges, turkey, spiced potatoes, brisket, grilled chicken w/bbq or w/o bbq, chicken nuggets, fried fish sticks, pasta (several kinds), fried cheese sticks, and other stuff. There's the sandwich line that is pretty good. The omelet line is pretty good, but you have to know the workers and know who makes them adequately (since some of the workers have nasty methods to flipping the omelet, among other nasty things). Unless you are a whiny kid, you should be able to find a satisfactory meal within the cafe. Some of the meals that are awesome are: Fried chicken burgers, fried fish sticks, most pastas, any sandwich (you tell them what to put in it), any omelet (you tell them what to put in it, just get one when there is a good worker making them), pizza (you don't get to decide what goes on it but it's pretty good when the right person made it), the hot wings are killer but they only make those like every other month (if you see those, eat as many as you can since their like shiny pokemon rare), salads are good, donuts are awesome, etc. I also noticed that someone said that the food servings are too small, this makes no sense, if you are still hungry you just go get more. I guess 8/10 times you should get a meal that will satisfy you, which is not that bad (great improvement from high school). The 2/10 times that you can't find something you like, you should have extra $200 to spend at Panda Express or Starbucks or Chick-Fil-A or something (depends on meal plan). Hope this review helps!

Review №80

Best kept secret on campus.

Review №81

Best and cheapest food on utsa campus

Review №82

Good food at a good price....

Review №83

Good cheap food, buffet style

Review №84

Great food love the mac n cheese

Review №85

Bad bad food, very unhappy with the way the Buffet its set up.

Review №86

Good food

Review №87

Eating with my brother and nephew

Review №88

Clean tables and chairs

Review №89

Friendly staff

Review №90

Always good

Review №91

That's college life

Review №92

Amazing food!

Review №93

Most of the food could use salt

Review №94

It's okay for college students. Wear utsa gear on specific dates and you can get discounts.

Review №95

Large and clean.

Review №96

Good food, but staff could be friendlier.

Review №97

Great food

Review №98

Always great food!

Review №99

The Mongolian spot is the best

Review №100

The food is pretty bad and they obviously don't care about keepin things clean.

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