Tandoor Palace Indian Restaurant
8783 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240, United States
Review №1

The food is delicious especially the vegetarian dishes! If you are craving for north Indian food taste then definitely I would definitely recommend this one! Good service and staff are friendly. Ambience is not that great but food compensates that very nicely. I enjoyed my time there with mouth watering food.

Review №2

It's a good restaurant for an American palate not for Indian palate. The good thing about the place was they had Covid restrictions in place. They served the food to everyone so customers won't touch everything. This is also a bad thing as they put the quantities they want and not how much you actually need. Fresh naan was brought to table.Taste of food was below average and was pretty bland and had no seasoning. Lot of the dishes tasted same which was funny. They called yellow rice with frozen carrots and corn as Biryani. There were absolutely no spices or salt in this.Desserts didn't taste fresh.

Review №3

Chicken-65 was great , I love the spicy food this one was right on point with the spicyness. this was only my second time trying Indian food unfortunately not from San Antonio but whenever passing through here chicken65 will be my to go meal

Review №4

The food was great, amazing flavor, a good selection and a fair price.We decided to stop here at random. We walked the buffet to see what kind of selection there was and the options were pretty good. Both of us made at least 3 trips to the buffet trying a little bit of almost everything.The majority of the items on the buffet were great. I found very few items I didnt care for, returning for seconds of several items. I finished off the meal with some rosewater donuts and mango custard/pudding also included on the buffet.The entire experience was great. Service was good, prices were fair, food with great flavor, a wide selection of items, open a bit later than other places. This place has a lot to offer.I would definitely recommend giving this place a try if you like Indian food. I was pleasantly surprised by my visit.

Review №5

Very delicious food! Must visit this place if you're in San Antonio! Tooooo good!

Review №6

Food and service was amazing!Buffet is very sanitary and restaurant has a nice atmosphere.Thanks Jason for taking such good care of us.

Review №7

Had the lunch buffet. It was all okay a decent selection of dishes. The only issue I had was the food seemed to be light on spice. It was a buffet so I am sure they toned it down for the American palate but none of the dishes were spicy to me.

Review №8

THE FOOD IS DELICIOUS!! the flavors and rice are absolutely phenomenal and the food travels very very well! They have great Togo packaging stays clean and warm. I can't wait for my next Indian food pick up!

Review №9

Nice place for buffet! Staff was polite, and served us off the buffet due to the covid. Plus, everyone was wearing gloves/masks, and would change out their gloves each time. Food was tasty! Will visit again!

Review №10

Food was absolutely delicious. Their naan was hot and fresh. Everything was cooked to perfection. Staff was friendly and helpful without being intrusive. I hadn't even noticed the drink refills.. they were that stealthy! Will definitely go again when I'm in the mood for some great middle eastern dishes.

Review №11

Love the food here. The owners are so polite. Bread is made fresh, and they've received several blue plate awards. Can't beat that!

Review №12

The ratings didn't lie. Amazing staff, amazing food. I'm jealous of the locals who can eat here regularly.

Review №13

Love their buffet! Food is always fresh and tasty. "Tortilla Bread" served fresh at the table! I don't always eat Indian food, but when I do, I eat Tandoor Palace! I really don't eat Indian food, but like me you may find something you will like at this buffet even if you don't know what it is. I'm glad I chanced it!

Review №14

Amazing. The service was amazing, my drink was never empty!! The employees were so nice! The food... the FOOD. im from up north and have never had Indian but when I tell you this was so good.... the mango dessert... DELICIOUS. The peta was rubbed with herbs and garlic... just outstanding. Not too spicy (but with spicy options) and a great price.

Review №15

Visited on Fri I believe. The staff was very welcoming and observant. The place has a nice atmosphere.

Review №16

Excellent customer service. Clean. They serve and are wearing masks. Food is delicious. Sweet tea is perfect. Taj Majal beer is cold and crisp. First time visiting and we'll be back!!

Review №17

The service is great! The servers brought unlimited naan, which is a nice. Lunch buffet is very reasonably priced. Try the mango custard for dessert!

Review №18

I love this place always quality food & service. I'll return with my friends. Bring your appetite because portions are generous.

Review №19

Excellent customer service and amazing food. Made it easy for us to try one of everything for a Novice foodie. All these reviews are spot on!!!!! Coming back again, without the kids.

Review №20

Very good, buffet is open, they just serve you instead of you getting your own plate.

Review №21

We ordered veg-biryani// got veg pulav, not impressed with the food. I would not prefer or recommending.!!

Review №22

If you like Indian food than you'll love the Bombay Hall. This restaurant has great food and excellent service. The staff was attentive to every detail, from topping off our water to asking if we wanted more bread. Note, the restaurant doesn't look like much from the outside, but this is one of those instances where you shouldn't judge a book, or in this case a restaurant by its appearance. Takeaway, excellent food and great service. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Review №23

Good north Indian food. Buffet was elaborate and the food was close to home cooked comfort food.

Review №24

Tandoor Palace (previously known as Bombay Hall), is one of our favorite Indian restaurants in San Antonio! The food is consistently fresh and delicious and the owners and staff are always nice and helpful. We have gone for both lunch and dinner and have never been disappointed. Extremely welcoming and location is perfect. We love Tandoor Palace, & highly recommend it!

Review №25

I wish there were more places like this around town. Staff treated us so nice. Prices were average for the menu.

Review №26

I love this place! Our family went twice & they always bring out fresh foods. One of our favorite in San Antonio.

Review №27

Visited fri evening i think. the staff was sociable and attentive. this place has a nice atmosphere.

Review №28

This place is great. My husband and I were on our way to another buffet when this one popped up on Google. We decided to give it a try since the reviews were good and a 4.7 rating is pretty great in comparison to others. We were not disappointed. Everything was delicious. Their fresh naan bread... Yum! They have a few choices of spicy dishes, on the mild to medium side. The owner was super nice and found out that I enjoy spicy foods so they made a special dish and brought it out to me. Spicy without the lose of flavor which can be hard to find. Great price for the buffet (9.99 lunch, 11.99 dinner). They keep the place clean and have great service all around. They keep the drinks filled and pick the plates up quickly. They scored 100 on their last health inspection, never seen that. Will definitely go again and highly recommend to everybody.

Review №29

My favorite place for Indian food. Consistently good, both the food and the service. I've always gone for the buffet, and of course have things I prefer over others, but there's honestly nothing I wouldn't recommend. People are always friendly and the place is incredibly clean. I recommend Tandoor to anyone looking to try a new place. Friends I've taken have enjoyed it and gone on to recommend it, too.

Review №30

Good variety of buffet... Less spicy compared to other Indian restaurants around..

Review №31

We have been going here since it was Bombay Palace. The staff is super friendly and the buffet has a variety of choices for every palette. Since the quarantine, we have only been doing take out and it is just as great. Miss being able to mix the flavors with multiple dishes, but with them still open, it's ok to be safe at home.

Review №32

One of the many gems that's hidden in the medical center. I highly recommend this place especially if you have never had Indian cuisine. Everything they execute is absolutely delicious. Believe me when I say if I could eat here every single day- I would.

Review №33

Tandoor Place came highly recommended and it did not disappoint! Decided to give this place a try during lunch. We were warmly greeted as we walked in and then escorted to our table. Unless you decide to order off the main menu, it is expected that you will get the buffet. If you're familiar with Indian cuisine, all of the traditional dishes are served at the buffet including some restaurant specialties. If you're not familiar, you should just come here to give something new a try! Everything we ate was simply delicious! My personal favorites are the spicy chicken and the chicken masala! I will definitely comeback here when I'm in the mood for Indian food for lunch!

Review №34

Always great. I don't do buffets, but theirs is legit. And I always get the okra fry off the menu.

Review №35

Food was super flavorful. The prices are good for what you get.

Review №36

I was so stuffed. Looking forward to a return visit. Prices are appropriate.

Review №37

I give this place double thumbs up. This place has a good atmosphere.

Review №38

Great Indian food restaurant. I travel for work and have stopped exploring the other local Indian food establishments. I go here for the lunch buffet, which is well stocked and has a good variety AND is reasonably priced.From the outside it doesn't look like much, but don't judge this book by its cover.The staff are quiet and quick. The inside is also pretty quiet, so I would like it if I needed a place to meet a friend.

Review №39

Pretty good place. food is good and hot.

Review №40

The food was EXCELLENT! Service was even BETTER! Could not have been more impressed with the service and food here. We brought my mom for her 50th birthday, were seated immediately, asked if it was our first time here to let us know about their food and spice level, drinks were given immediately! None of our drinks ever got below half way. Everyone was super attentive and extremely friendly. BEST OF ALL they are very reasonably priced $50 for 4 people is not very common. Resturant was also very clean, had a 100% Rating for their inspection. Will definitely come back! Thank you Tandoor Palace for making out first time with you all great!

Review №41

Even though the name changed, it's still the best Indian buffet in town. The menu rocks too. Friendly service is the icing on the cake...and the naan doesn't hurt either!

Review №42

Always great service & fresh food!!! Love the selection of food here.

Review №43

First time visiting and the food was amazing

Review №44

My first time here and I love all the different varieties of food to try. The fresh bread was to die for too. If you haven't been here you need to come. I know I sure will. Great choice for my birthday lunch.

Review №45

Flavors were good but Every meal seamed to be watered down significantly. Felt like I was eating thinned out soup.

Review №46

We chose the evening buffet instead of ordering from the menu. The food was being made in small batches to constantly replenish the steamy buffet choices. Several veggie dishes, several chicken dishes, all had unique Indian flavors. But the Tandoori chicken just didn't have that Tandoori char flavor. It was tender and juicy dark meat but missing the namesake flavor. The restaurant is very clean and the servers were very nice. Overall the food was delicious. I would have loved to have a goat option on the buffet.

Review №47

I had a worst experience, I ordered chicken biryani and fish fakora and chicken tikka masala. I have never eat anything this bad after I came to United States in 5 years. Damn my day was spoiled included my money. Suggestion: choose your restarent wisely

Review №48

Used to be Bombay Indian cuisine. It got a bit of a face lift but the food is still superb! Nothing about the amazing menu or buffet has changed!

Review №49

I always come here for the Buffett... the foods good but today 8-4-2020 I had a bad experience. I bought a lamb byrani I was expecting to have everything on it the raisins the almonds and fried onions I paid 14 dollars so I expect it but it wasn't like that it was just rice with lamb I'm mad cause I was expecting byrani not fried rice I'm indian I'm not stupid.. also I order the chicken pakora and it's not the same and taste like fried dough w chicken I ask for spicy they gave me no spice taste like. You give a person with an ulcer dull food I put the pictures up from the website and what I got very disappointed in this place step up the game buddies

Review №50

I like it here, great food & service. service is consistently good.

Review №51

I ordered food for the first time yesterday through uber eats. An hour after eating I became violently ill. I was cramping and throwing up non stop. I called the restaurant today to notify them what happened. They very rudely responded to call uber eats. I informed them I already had. Mind you the food was sealed when I received it. The guy on the phone just kept repeating to call uber eats eventho I told him I had already. He said well they have not called us. I will not be returning to the restaurant.

Review №52

We ordered their vegetarian dinner for two for takeout. They were accommodating. The food was well packaged and tasted delicious as usual. Highly recommend.

Review №53

IMy family and I eat at this restaurant many many times! And each time, they've treated us with such kindness to where they make you feel like they've known you for years. Now on to the food review! The food is impeccable and absolutely delicious. I've had flare ups With my health to where I don't want to eat anything except their food. Their Darjeeling masala tea is to die for, as is their chicken Marsala and everything else they have to offer. If you love Indian food, this is the place to go to.Their Instagram page is: sanantoniotandoorpalace

Review №54

Phenomenal, such an amazing place and great service.

Review №55

Excellent food and selection. My favorite was the Chicken 65. If you've ever wanted to try Indian food, this is the place to go!

Review №56

Delicious Indian food! Affordable and tasty. Loved the samosas, chicken tikka masala and garlic naan. Definitely recommend.

Review №57

This food is great! My first time going here. I always get chicken tikka marsala when I go to indian restaurants. I expect I'm gonna have to add a little salt for flavor but with THIS place I didnt need to do that! It is SO GOOD and flavorful. This will be my go to place while I'm in town

Review №58

Very delicious Indian quizine. Moderate pricing. Very nice staff. You can eat-in the restaurant.

Review №59

Just left this restaurant and had a wonderful experience. The food options were great, the service was excellent, and overall atmosphere was nice. The naan was so delicious as was the fish.My family will definitely be returning.I took a few pics but were blurry...

Review №60

Food is so good. I ordered the family or party plate from the menu it comes w a lot of food and everything was soo good. My mouth is salivating rn thinking about the chicken. Food was so hot and fresh!!!!

Review №61

Lovely food, great customer service and reasonable price.

Review №62

We ordered the mixed tandoori grill, goat vindaloo, lamb vindaloo, and aloo saag. All was very good but the goat...Yummmmmm!!!! Will definitely be coming back!!!

Review №63

The food was fresh and very good. The staff was friendly.

Review №64

Unfortunately my experience was very bad. May be due to covid and they are trying to sell anythng to make the day. Food was terrible. What ever u order from menu, u only get the same thing from the buffet. Will not try again, good luck for others...!! Sorry.

Review №65

Simply the best food and excellent service! The restaurant is immaculate with four blue plates to prove it.

Review №66

Really good, unique flavors, clean and nice service

Review №67

Edit 12/14/18: Did you guys move? What happened?! I love my Bombay Hall!What can I say about this place that is negative? Really nothing. I rarely see this place empty, and if it is, it's not for long.Everything is good here -- even their water is delicious (they have a special filtration system)! They have buffet and a la carte items from the menu for lunch and dinner, which are separated by a couple hours. Their food is always being prepared and brought out fresh to the buffet, and the only reason there isn't naan at the buffet is because they bring it fresh to your table, and often!The place is super clean, and the staff is so courteous here, and always attentive. Do yourself a favor and come here! This is my regular spot for Indian food, and has been for years!

Review №68

Great variety of Indian dishes. They have a couple of vegetarian dishes in their buffet table. Great price with great service!

Review №69

The food at this restaurant is second to none Indian or otherwise. The service is always great and the establishment is always clean. My personal favorites are the Chicken Tikka Masala, Turmeric Rice, Naan bread and Samosas. The great thing about the restaurant is that it is buffet style so you can try it all and it is all great even the desserts! Or if you know exactly what you want you can order off the regular menu. (FYI this restaurant used to be named Bombay Hall. The food and management has not changed only the name and the restaurant has been renovated)

Review №70

This restaurant is at a very prime location of the city that attracts many people to come and relish the taste of Indian recipes. They have both Buffet & Ala-Carte. I would suggest guys to go for buffet as you will gey chance to taste various types of curry, breads, rice, meat , pickle and sweets. And they serve drinks as well. And staffs are very warm people.

Review №71

Vegan options available! The food is fantastic, staff is friendly, believe the reviews that this place is great!

Review №72

This place is so delicious! It's my 2nd time here and I've loved everything I've tasted each time. The service is also excellent. Highly recommend.

Review №73

The food and service were just so-so. I can make better tasting food at home. It looked tired and felt tired and the food tasted tired. I went for the lunch buffet when dishes should have been fresh tasting and newly made. Unfortunately that was not the experience. I used to love this place.

Review №74

Improved buffet, but absolute horrible customer service from the register. Pretty much was 'hood-winked.' Asked if a small portion of food could be taken home as opposed to wasting it and was charged for it. Table server made no mention of charge. Even asked us how many pieces we wanted. When asked about the charge, gentleman at register, who used to be so hospitable, was rude and asked, 'what's the problem.' Guy claimed it was more than a full portion. It was not. Had been a customer here since they used to be called Bombay. You can change the name, but not a lasting attitude. Last time here for me. Hope that $6 robbery was worth it. Watch your receipts and beware of fake smiles. There's better Indian, with true customer service, up the street.

Review №75

Staff was exceptional. Service was prompt and quick. One of the few restaurants that ask what spicey level you would like. Everything was well kept and clean. Buffett had a large variety made in small batches. Management was on hand and involved with day to day operations. They catered to needs of children and elderly. Kitchen staff were authentic Indian as well.

Review №76

Everything was delicious! The staff is very nice and attentive! I will definitely return!

Review №77

Friendly & good food ,but u can not help youself at the buffetbut everything was fantastic

Review №78

The buffet was okay. Didn't really have as many options as I've expected at other places (no chicken Briyani). Price is okay for what it is.

Review №79

Price was within reason, nice selection of foods. Extra clean restaurant, scored 100 on last inspection. Be careful that you do not eat too much. It is very easy to get overstuffed.

Review №80

One of the best Indian restaurants in SA. Food is always delicious.

Review №81

Went in looking for a new fresh dining experience. Left unpleased with the food and service. One plate and done. Management at the front served me with huge attitude and not very welcoming at all. Will not be returning again.

Review №82

I try to eat there as often as possible the food is always tremendously amazing.

Review №83

The food is consistently delicious, our families favorite places to eat.

Review №84

Chicken 65 and chicken tikamasala are amazing!

Review №85

The Tandoor Palace Dinner for 2: a buffet in the comfort of your own home. Food was fresh, delicious, and everything was packed with care.My rating: 5 stars and 1 moon

Review №86

This restaurant truly deserves 5 stars and nothing less! Excellent food and impeccable hospitable service. It never happens that we visit the same restaurant twice in a week and this restaurant breaks that. Do give it a try, you wont be disappointed! Lunch buffet is worth every penny, wide selection of entrees and desserts

Review №87

Wow, awesome food . I visited from Dallas and was looking good one for family dinner. Came across this and I must tell, awesome awesome food. They have buffet in lunch and dinner too. Good taste and top of the line service. This is my locked one for my San Antonio visit. Thanks

Review №88

Get the dinner for two, add some extra samosas. It'll feel like you're at buffet even when you get take out.

Review №89

Definitely worth a return visit.

Review №90

Beautiful kind service. Triple buffet with vegan options. Tandoor made me vegan masala chai with almond milk. Loved the buffet!

Review №91

Delicious food ... the home made authentic taste... Great service and so many veg options.. must visit

Review №92

This place surprised us! Like the saying goes " don't judge a book by its cover" the buffet's appearance on the outside is not a great 1st impression but the inside and food was great. Being Mexican, everything I tried had great flavor.

Review №93

Formerly known as Bombay Hall, this restaurant has some of the best Indian Food in SA. Been coming here close to 10 years. The buffet is amazing and you get free hot naan with your purchase. Lots of vegetarian options and love the desserts. The chai is amazing too.

Review №94

Just depends on what mood you're in to come here, while the food is very good the service is usually horrible. As others have experienced they serve the buffet in very small batches almost empty nun is usually very late as they assume other nationalities might not care for it. I've noticed they serve nun to Indian families first. We been coming here for a good while now but just noticed that on top of all this they been over charging us for our 2-3 yo old. Our kids are super tiny and we've told them how old they are before so I wasn't sure why our bill was almost 70 bucksfor family of 2 adults and 3 kids everytime until last week.

Review №95

Ordered Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Naan was delicious, portion was enough for two and service was great. Thanks again

Review №96

We LOVE this place! We went there all the time when we lived in San Antonio, and now that we moved, we make a point to go back when we come into town. It's the BEST Indian food I've ever had.

Review №97

They had a good variety of food on the buffet. The service was good and the prices were decent

Review №98

The buffet always has fresh food and yes, it's delicious!

Review №99

This is the best Indian cuisine that happens to be a buffet. Always fresh food and naan.

Review №100

The best Indian food in this city!!

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:8783 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240, United States
  • Site:http://www.tandoorpalacerestaurant.com/
  • Phone:+1 210-592-1211
  • Buffet restaurant
  • Indian restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–8:30PM
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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