Jamaica Jamaica Cuisine - Austin Hwy
2026 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78218, United States
Review №1

Good selection; friendly staff. Most authentic in city but portions are way too small when you pay $20 for a large plate. Curried goat and oxtail were good. Jerk chicken had nice flavor but bit dry. Long drive to support business and yet part of order was missing.

Review №2

We received excellent customer service from this restaurant. The young lady that took our order was just awesome! She also answered all the questions I had. When we got home we ate every last bit of our food. We forgot to take the pics. Lol... It was really good. We will definitely visit this restaurant again!

Review №3

Had trouble getting through on the phone but when I walked up a nice lady came to help me and it wasnt too long of a wait. It was my first time and I tried the rasta pasta with chicken which is really good. I got the mild one but they have spicy one too.

Review №4

Very home made feel to the food, we just tried curbside during quarantine of 2020, sweet lady that brought our food out. I can't wait to try the oxtails. We also ordered the beef and chicken patties not pictured, curry goat and mango peach teas.

Review №5

I had the stovetop jerk chicken and a mango peach tea. Food was AMAZING. Spicy though lol. All was well. Waitress could've been more inviting, but no major complaints. I'd return!

Review №6

I love it here....great energy and can't wait until it opens back up

Review №7

I give them 2 stars because the food doesn't taste like Jamaican food at least not what I had . I order ox tails with the rice and peas and cabbage. It taste okay but more like soul food . Also ox tails are extremely fatty I mean you get more fat than meat on the bone . Rice was also mushy and the whole meal is full of grease .

Review №8

Waited over an hour for food. After I sat in the parking lot for someone to bring my food out to the car(coronavirus =curbside) no one ever brought the food out. I then tried calling, several times, no answer.This is not the first time I have had poor service with this company. Barely answers the phone. I'm not satisfied.I have had the owners there my first experience there& it was great. Reason I went back, but those times were not the same.

Review №9

Amazing service, great food. I ordered the curry chicken with rice, slaw & plantains. The chicken was seasoned to perfection and the plantains were ripe, just how I like them. My mango peach tea was a hit as well, I sipped on that all day! Will be returning.

Review №10

Authentic Jamaican food and drinks. Highly recommended

Review №11

Great food with good vegan options as well. Any friend I have ever brought here has loved it as much as I have, and I enjoy supporting the business of such kind individuals!

Review №12

Cheers-like atmosphere! Great food, friendly service. You can rent the private party room or the entire place and they cater!

Review №13

Loved all dishes, I went for oxtails and it wasn't available, I order instead jerk chicken, jerk pork, curry shrimp and rasta pasta, loved everything. Hope the dinning room opens soon.

Review №14

Great food! Was delicious and their mango peach tea was perfect. Highly recommend this place. Everything made fresh as well I had the jerk tacos and they were seasoned to perfection! I can honestly say the tortillas were homemade as well. Must try!!

Review №15

I would give 5stars because my food is always superb. i come about 2-3mnth to get curry goat.awesome. but this time my friend encouraged me to get the oxtails..everyone says its so good.. i ordered oxtails and i was very very disappointed.. first we preordered because it curbside. they didn't picked up the phone right away.they didn't seem busy. we called about 5times before they came with the food then the oxtail seem to be covered with watery cheap bbq sauce.. no juice no jerk no herbs whatever... totally disgusted.. tried to go back 2weeks later and they never answered the phone to place order ..

Review №16

Jerk tofu and cabbage was delicious; one order yielded three lunches. Service was wonderful. Will be back!

Review №17

Good food. must come!

Review №18

After eating here the first time all I can say is I'm home. My mom is Jamaican and I'm used to authentic food. This place gets it right. We have two other places in San Antonio that serve Jamaican food. They do not come close. The service was great, food was exceptional, the serving sizes were just right. I was so excited at the vast menu of Jamaican dishes I ordered a bit of everything. My stomach is bursting. Also my server allowed me to have a sample of a main dish and was very sweet about it. This place deserves more than five stars. Thank you to you all!!!!

Review №19

Great food great prices very clean only place to eat Jamaican food!!

Review №20

Terrible. Drove almost 11 miles to this overhyped restaurant. I ordered the large oxtail and I know oxtail doesn't have much meat on it; but there was barely any meat. I should have ordered bones. The taste was deplorable. I'll stick with the one on walzem road

Review №21

This place is reallygood this is second time going to this place. Price was decent, food is fully flavored and delicious and fast service. Would totally recommend

Review №22

Food was amazing. I see now I have more places to visit here in San Antonio. I definitely recommend this restaurant.

Review №23

Really excellent Jerk chicken, patties, and rum punches to go.

Review №24

Everything on the menu is legit you can't go wrong. The staff is super friendly, and the atmosphere is warm and homey. cool place to have family dinners or just a date night.

Review №25

Spicey and delicious, the oxtail was good but the brisket was a little lacking, give it a try.

Review №26

Authentic food from authentic people! Definitely a go to whenever I'm in San Antonio

Review №27

I had a great time at Jamaica Jamaica for brunch this weekend. There was a live jazz band playing and plenty of parking available. It's a laid back place with reasonable prices. Brunch portions are a bit smaller so if you are a hardy eater add a side to your meal and you'll do fine. First mimosa is free!

Review №28

...torn on this. On one hand the food was crazy-good, on the other hand, the drinks on a Friday night seemed to increase with each order. I ordered a Long Island Ice-T and a Vigina Black on the rocks with a slice of lime for my wife and I the first two rounds the drinks were $8 a piece. They last round, ordering the same drinks totalled $23. That's $11.50 per drink. How does the same drink go up $3.50 when ALL the drink were ordered after Happy hour?My wife was suggested that I didn't pay for the drinks, but I did knowing that...IF, I ever go back I would eat and drink water only, provided they don't charge to much for H2O. I think this review will hold more wait...

Review №29

King fish and home made ginger beer was done pefectly. Real authentic menu with lots of Caribbean food potions. Super friendly staff that would take time to explain about the food and time it will take them to prepare.

Review №30

I just came back from this spot with my wife and kids. We ordered the 1 pound of jerk chicken with cabbage, rice and peas, and macaroni. Everything was delicious and the order arrived super fast. The place is small and dining is outside, but that wasn't a problem at all for us. Their dining area was extremely clean and a very respectful young man brought out the order and cleaned the table. Can't wait to get back and try other stuff from the menu.

Review №31

Was in the area for training, as I Jamaican I was in the mood for Jamaican food. Four of us went and we came to the conclusion that this place is by far the WORST Jamaican Restaurant I have ever eaten at. They should remove “Jamaican Jamaica” off the building, better yet remove the entire name. What they serve is not quality food and should not be called a Restuarant. I ordered stewed chicken and I am still trying to figure what I ate. They are plenty of cooking videos on YouTube, I recommend that your chef watch few on how to to cook Jamaican dishes. I bet the owner don't eat there. Food is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!

Review №32

The food wasn't good at all. Rice and peas was soggy and the chicken soup was white, dumplings were awful.. I was really disappointed.. I use to enjoy their cooking.. Very disappointed..

Review №33

I truly wanted to love this place considering I work in the mall and there aren't my choices, unfortunately it is extremely overpriced for what it is. A very small patty on a bun, go cheese or any toppings with a small order of fries was almost 12 dollars after tax! I came back one last time to give it a second chance and this sealed the deal for me, I will never go back again, I ordered the grilled veggies and it was again, a tiny order! But that is not the worst part, it was literally cut up cabbage and CANNED PEAS AND CARROTS, it was not good and I was so disappointed that they were using canned vegetables. I don't even eat canned vegetables in my own home. Not to mention how is a scoop of 99cent vegetables costing me so much!?!? I will not be back again

Review №34

I chose to dine in around 1930. They were out of curry goat, curry chicken and oxtails. The restaurant wasn't busy yet I didn't get to place a drink order until I was seated for 14min. The young man that finally took my order sat down three different times before coming to take my order. I ordered the jerk fries, grilled jerk chicken and a mango peach tea. My tea didn't taste like mango nor peach, just sweet. The chicken itself was flavorful, tender and good. My fries, which were suppose to be an appetizer, came out with my entree and there was nothing jerk about them. They just tasted like French fries with seasoning salt. No special seasoning or sauce. The rice wasn't very flavorful. Lastly I was never checked on after receiving my meal as far as if everything tasted alright or if I needed anything. Maybe I just came on a bad day but was very disappointed.

Review №35

Great food, courteous service. Will eat hereagain and recommend to friends and family!

Review №36

Jerk chicken was some of the best I've ever had in life. Only recommendation I'd give is that they could come by my table more often to let me know the status of my food because I had a 30-minute wait after ordering my food before my food got served to me. But the food is outstanding. This is truly a hidden gem in the Alamo City!

Review №37

The food was excellent. Prices, more than acceptable. One major caveat, it's highly spicy! I enjoyed, my Daughter had three glasses of water and a mandatory trip to the Ice Cream Parlor!

Review №38

This was my favorite brunch in the marina! The coconut prawns and the fried chicken sandwich are bomb. Our server Jacob, was just out of this world. He was so charming and friendly. I'd come back just to see him. 100% recommend the food and the service.

Review №39

The GPS took us in circles but we finally made it. We ordered the food and it came quickly. The food was absolutely amazing. The owner came out took pics with us and even gave us meat pies for the road. Let me add, I have been to a few Jamaican restaurants and this one is by far the best. The jerk chicken was seasoned to perfection and the ox tails were cut small just like I like them. Highly recommend

Review №40

Great food, great fast service, great price!! I can't believe I wanted this long to try Jamaican food. We can not wait to go back!

Review №41

Still best Jamaican food in San Antonio. Four years ago a friend and I were at Sam Houston doing a class and wanted Jamaican food. A quick Google search lead us a little gem. The food was delicious and our spirits were lifted from the earthly presence of the owner and staff. Four years later, I find myself vacationing with wife and kids in San Antonio and a quick Google search reminded me of this gem--we had to check it out. To my surprise the location changed; however, the taste of the food remained the same: full of flavor and delicious. I'm happy to see the business doing well; and yes, the next time we're in town we will be visiting.

Review №42

Once again, Jamaica Jamaica Cuisine did not disappoint! The jerk chicken entree was absolutely delicious, the mango peach tea refreshing, and the customer service top notch! It's nice to know that I can always expect a great meal and experience everytime.#consistent

Review №43

Just had some pretty spicy chicken and french fries. The service was very good and the food was pretty authentic.

Review №44

Recent winner of the Blue Plate Award did not disappoint! Our server,Jem, was super nice and extremely helpful in finding the food best fit our palate. The Grilled Jerk chicken was the best I've ever had. Accompanied with a beer, what else do you need?! We will definitely go back.

Review №45

I remember they were across the street in a smaller building. So yes, I've been coming here for years! Fast, attentive, awesome adult beverages and the food is great! Some places over or under do it with jerk seasoning but they get it right every time. I've had nearly everything on the menu and I have no complaints. Just remember it is somewhat of tradition for Jamaican restaurants to run out of things at certain times if they are good and this place is really good. Because I'm from a neighborhood in Baltimore that had a massive Caribbean population I'm used to that so I laugh it off. I don't see it as a negative but as in people love the food! I simply order something else.Take-out or dine, there will be no disparity!Jamaica Jamaica is THE best place for authentic Jamaican cuisine.

Review №46

Good food. I love the way they cook the oxtails and the curry chicken dinners. I have to try the curry goat next time.

Review №47

The service was great the food was cold, portion size was small, the plantains were looked and tasted days old. Will not return

Review №48

Great food. Nice new location and inside looks great!!

Review №49

Their ackee and saltfish is good however the portion sizes aren't worth $16 I am definitely going to go back because I like the food however, the beef patties aren't spicy and the white rice is a little hard but I suggest the rice and beans instead .....the fried dumpling is decent and the fried plantain is good.... wish they had carrot juice but what they lack in not having they make up for in having Jamaican made Jamaican food which I can appreciate and also a great bartender!

Review №50

Jem is a great resource for this restaurant- extremely knowledgeable and friendly. She gives great customer service! I will definitely return the food was great!

Review №51

Phenomenal, Exceptional and Lusciously Fantastic!!! Blessings be upon ANGELO and His Jamaican Cuisine. THANK YOU! I Know now a place I can go eat and enjoy with Exquisite Food and Great Hospitality when vacationing in San Antonio!

Review №52

Really good food, wonderful owners

Review №53

Bets Jamaican good I've ever had, everything is authentic here fresh food everything made from scratch, I'll spend the rest of my life here

Review №54

Great food and prices. It has a nice vibe, TV's and good reggae music. The owner loves to talk and mingle with guest. Also great place to have a meeting due to their private room. I eat there all thr time .

Review №55

I decided to treat myself yesterday (Sunday) to some relaxation, good food and serious vibes. I had never been to Jamaica Jamaica Cuisine and I decided to go for brunch. The food was amazing - cooked when ordered. The smells coming from the kitchen ... So delicious! Perfectly seasoned and a party in my mouth! The live jazz so wonderful. My server was quite spectacular as well. I'm happy to have had this experience.

Review №56

Great food and staff, super nice and clean. Loves it, our first time there and we will definitely go back next time we're in time.

Review №57

Decent food, a little overpriced, but friendly staff

Review №58

Where do I start? Overpriced. Half the menu was "sold out". Customers included myself, a friend and a couple sitting nearby. The dumplings tasted low quality; very pillsbury dough-ish. I know Pillsbury, they were Pilsbury. All the food was way too salty; everything tasted like it was seasoned with Lawry's Seasoning salt. I'm slightly scared I have hypertension. I dont know what it is with Jamaican and ethnic establishments thinking that this, in any form/fashion, is acceptable Total lack of professionalism. Lemme drink this 55 oz bottle of water, so I dont have to take hypertension pills for the rest of my life. And that carrot cake was NOT homemade; yall ain't have to lie. SMH.

Review №59

We came to see what all the hype was about and this place DID NOT disappoint.Highly recommend the Chicken Rasta Pasta and the Jerk Grilled Chicken.VERY good food.We will be back!

Review №60

It's okay, overpriced, but okay. Everything was too sweet for my taste.. I doubt I'll ever be back.

Review №61

Clean environment and food delicious

Review №62

I recently moved to Texas and had been trying to find a good spot to enjoy some jamaican food. Today, I think I've found the perfect place! The food here is delicious and the staff is very friendly. I definitely recommend coming here and trying the jerk chicken.

Review №63

OH.....MY..... GOD! I ordered the goat and it was absolutely amazing! In fact, it was soooo good, I had to go back Saturday with a bunch of my zumba friends. The goat was phenomenal, the plantains perfect, and the rice and cabbages mmmmmh! The rich and delicious spices just burst in your mouth like a well played orchestra. My words are too humble to truly convey how great my food really tasted. Also, Tamyra is one of the best wait staff I have EVER experienced! And as a foodie, that says A LOT! I thought she had a twin as fast, efficient, and courteous as she was, lol. Furthermore, the food was presented so well, I had to take a picture and I have only taken 3 pictures of my food....ever! Outstanding job and Kudos to you Jamaica Jamaica! Please, please, please, open a shop in the Cibolo/Schertz area : )

Review №64

This was my first time going there. And I must say it was quite tasty. I had the grilled jerk chicken that was very well flavored and super tender. I had more than enough food to fill me up, and then some. Our waitress was awesome as well as she happily explained the food to us and was very prompt with everything. I could easily see myself coming back here again as the food is great and the prices were very reasonable.

Review №65

Love the Oxtails. Great food and customer service!

Review №66

Was planning a nice afternoon meal with my wife, first time at this restaurant, Carlos was our waiter and very friendly and explained the menu. We ordered Curry Goat and Ox tail. Salt fish patties. The food was ok but we felt like it was the bottom of the pot. My Ox tails were warm at best and very greasy . Perhaps we came to late. The amazing part was that the owner, who was confirm by our waiter as being him, totally ignored our presents there, not even a head nodding was sent, looking our way several times. Perhaps he has enough customers now and our business is not that important. I think we will try another Jamaican place.

Review №67

Was recommended by a friend.. Tried the Curry Goat.. Was so tender and the flavor was great. Linn recommended some great dishes.

Review №68

There was nothing to experience here reading that it was my first time there they didn't have any of the food that I wanted

Review №69

We visited yesterday for the AABE luncheon your food was amazing (beef, pasta & cabbage), your staff was friendly & hustling to make sure everyone got attended to. Can't wait to come back and bring the family.

Review №70

Been going here often for over 7 years and they have the best Jamaican food around San Antonio. It's actually the best I've tasted. One thing the could change back is to the older jerk shrimp recipe. The jerk shrimp sauce used to be the same color and flavor as the jerk chickens. But now they have made the Jerk shrimp more like curry shrimp. At least to me. Still great food and great customer service. 5 stars.

Review №71

I really liked this place. The food was authentic with the correct spicies for jerk. Went on a Tuesday night and there was only a couple of tables. The food came quickly after we ordered. We had the jerk wings which were fall off the done good. Also had the oxtail which was also very good.

Review №72

Tha curry goat was the best, love the atmosphere

Review №73

The jerk chicken wings and their brisket was very good. I also enjoyed the potato skins. However the alcohol prices were ridiculous and changed after the kitchen closed at 9 PM. My husband and I ordered a jack and coke and paid $22 for 2 drinks! It was ridiculous. The DJ was good.

Review №74

Good place to come eat. The owner/ manager is very friendly and the food is amazing!!!

Review №75

Average food but overall disappointed. I ordered seven to go meals plus three juices, not including a Ginger Beer.***The jerk tofu was eh, I actually couldn't stomach more than a few bites and I hate wasting food. It was way too salty, almost like it was drenched in soy sauce instead of jerk seasoning.***I ordered a brown stew snapper and got king fish instead (not really a fan of king fish because it tastes dry like overcooked salmon, to me at least) and my jerk salmon was overcooked even though I asked for it not be over cooked. It didn't taste like it was marinated in the seasoning to absorb the flavor all the way through. It tasted fresh.***I ordered ackee and saltfish with provisions, no dumpling, and got home to see that it was with rice and peas instead. That was really disappointing because I'd been craving yam and banana as I can't get it easily in Seattle. (I checked most of the meals before I left but not all since the server assured me that she checked everything to make sure my orders were correct, I should have just kept checking and not trusted her)I was told that the jerk chicken and oxtail was deliciousness.***Now the juices, whatever I was given as sorrel is NOT sorrel, I make sorrel myself and never in my life have I seen it look so punk and watered down, it tasted like it was mixed with Sprite...who does that? I was told that this was the best Jamaican food in San Antonio and definitely don't agree.

Review №76

Terrible service and incompetent staff. They don't stay true to the menu when it states you receive all the sides and then sit and argue with what's printed directly on the menu. If that's the case then update the menus and stop arguing with customers.

Review №77

Favorite place to eat in San Antonio!

Review №78

Great tasting food, clean area, sports talk on tvs, staff is very welcoming, nice complimentary cucumber water!

Review №79

The chicken and waffles are amazing .

Review №80

Food was awesome. We had the curry goat and the stove top chicken. Not too spicy and extremely tender like melt in your mouth. My wife loved the plantains. Take a chance you won't be disappointed

Review №81

TERRIBLE SERVICE. I sat here and waited over 30 min for my water I am very disappointed. In addition, my jerk chicken took over an hour to get to my table. The food is good but NOT worth the wait at all.

Review №82

My fiancé and I visited after we found them at the United We Brunch event and were pleasantly surprised with their dinner menu items! Their chicken curry reminded me of the way the Afrikaans in South Africa make theirs so the nostalgia of my second home was wonderful! They are also the only place that I've seen that serves oxtail, another classic dish from my time in South Africa. Their food is wonderful and the menu has something for everyone! We look forward to visiting them on a Sunday where they serve brunch to get one of their paninis again!

Review №83

Great food love going here.

Review №84

Great people and food.

Review №85

Well respected clean free environment.. I enjoyed my ex tails .see you again next vacat.. FAMILY loved it as well

Review №86

The food is actually pretty good and there's a wide variety of delious drinks. However, the Service is nortiously SLOW

Review №87

My 1st time here and certainly not my last! The food was cooked/grilled to perfection. Nice and spicy but not where I couldn't enjoy. Definitely recommend!

Review №88

Amazing dining experience and great food! Thank you so much

Review №89

The past two occasions I have tried to call in an order, workers would ignore the phone leaving me to call 5-7 times. This time, when they finally picked up the phone, they asked me to hold for 5 minutes and left the phone on the counter for 30 minutes!!! I hung up and tried to call back and the phone was left off the hook for over an hour. This is absolutely unprofessional and unacceptable and I would hate for this practice to continue. GREAT food, terrible customer service. Hire better employees, this is why this wonderful place is running into the ground!!!Update: we visited the restaurant and were treated EXTREMELY disrespectfully by a boy working there named Carlos. He is probably the server that several people comment about saying he left them waiting for long periods of time. When we walked in he was standing in the back corridor for 10 minutes on his phone. He left the phone on the counter which I saw upon walking in. Turns out he left it there, not hung up the entire time so no one could call. He said he has been “busy” . There were only 4 other customers in the building. We asked for the owners contact information and he refused to give it to us saying we would get him in trouble. He told us to order what we wanted and pay in full (we asked for a discount for how much time was wasted and for how poor his conduct was to which he refused.) and we could speak to Anthony (the owner) when he was in and ask for a refund then. We asked when he would be in and he said he didn't know. This place is a mess. You've unfortunately lost a long time patron in me.

Review №90

Love this hidden gem in my neighborhood. Very friendly, and food is always delicious!!

Review №91

Good food.

Review №92

The food was awesome and the service was great. The ambiance is okay.

Review №93

Some of the best Jamaican food in town but I wish they would give you a little more food for your money

Review №94

It was ok I understand BBQ is hard to make fresh but the chicken, rice wasn't heated through

Review №95

Been there a while back meant to leave a review but I gotta say amazing food I'm from the caribbean also and I'll tell u the food is seasoned as beautifully as the land it is from.The staff is very polite,fair pricing(not cheap but also not too expensive).The atmosphere is jamaica from the moment you walk in.Enough talking buy it.(PS : IF YOU DO NOT EAT SPICY FOOD YOUVE BEEN WARNED HEAD TO MCDONALDS ,U A MAN DONT SIT WHEN U P. The food is 5star plus.

Review №96

Their food is great. Lovely atmosphere. Great service!

Review №97

Walked in and there nobody to attend to me for 10 minutes. Food portions were good but lacked Caribbean flavour. Prices were reasonable and table tops were not clean.

Review №98


Review №99

By far one of the worst tasting fake Jamaican food restaurant I've ever been to in my life. Patties and CoCo bread are the same ones you get in Walmart they couldn't even get the oven temperature right on that. Me and my husband spent over 50+ for their small a***dinner portion sizes. I ordered their jerk pork that was cut up like beef stir fry tasted nothing like pork and when I asked for something else I was basically told all sales are final and that I couldn't get something different. So I left my entire plate of food on the bar no refund no nothing, best believe I will be calling my bank to dispute all charges. Trust me when I say I would've took the same time to write a positive a review supporting our black businesses but this one took the cake for me and would never get another earned dollar.

Review №100

Great environment, great food and great staff

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4.1 Rating
  • Address:2026 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78218, United States
  • Site:http://jamaicajamaicacuisine.com/
  • Phone:+1 210-590-0515
  • Caribbean restaurant
  • Bar
  • Jamaican restaurant
  • Caterer
  • Event venue
Working hours
  • Monday:12–7PM
  • Tuesday:12–7PM
  • Wednesday:12–7PM
  • Thursday:12–7PM
  • Friday:12–7PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Black-owned:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
  • Veteran-Led:Yes
  • Women-Led:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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