Chipotle Mexican Grill
190 W Bitters Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
Review №1

I don't think that they are practicing good sanitary habits here. One person is handling the cash register and food without changing gloves and the manager on duty is ok with this. The young lady quickly took off her gloves and threw them a way when I mentioned this. Imagine what happens when the customer is not looking. They also do not have all ingredients and there is a shortage of some items but still charging full price. If you are like me, there is only a handful of ingredients that I can eat safely there. Whomever is the general manager at this location needs to retrain on better sanitary habits especially in the midst of this pandemic. I cannot in good conscience eat food from this restaurant and have wasted my money.

Review №2

This place really raised the bar for all other Chipotle locations. Pretty sure I will only go to this location when I'm wanting Chipotle. They keep this place really clean. All the associates are friendly and helpful. They keep the food fresh. Their service is quick yet accurate. They wrap the burritos well. Their burritos are so much more enjoyable when they aren't falling apart. The first burrito I had at this place was the best burrito I've ever had since I've been eating at Chipotle. While my husband and I were eating outside and associate even came out to make sure the food was to our liking and asked if he could clean the trash off our table. Highly recommend this location.

Review №3

Amazing but please try better about masks your customers pull them off and walk around i have even had someone in line using it as a chinstrap and staff never corrects the behavior

Review №4

The customer service is wonderful! Very nice kids and they interacted with me and my group very kindly. We stayed a little late (past closing) and they didn't get frustrated or annoyed at us. I apologized for losing track of time and the girl said it was no big deal.

Review №5

Cashier had some attitude, but the rest of the staff is great and the food is always fresh. Love Chipotle!

Review №6

Willing to go the extra mile to get the order right. Professional staff and management. Great food to satisfy even the pickiest of my kiddos!

Review №7

I hate to write this review but I'm only doing so for my fellow vegetarians. My family and I ate on the patio 2 days ago and the next day I was vomiting for hours and quite sick. (Yes, this was the only food that I ate outside of the house.)When my husband brought our two burritos over, both were covered in a saucy, watery slime. He mistakenly took mine, the slimier one, thinking it was his chicken one. Nope. So I wiped some of the water with my napkin and proceeded to eat it. This burrito was icy cold in spots and left a huge puddle at the bottom and on the table. I've never experienced this, ever.I only ate it because I was quite hungry and because I've never gotten sick once in maybe 10 years of casually eating at Chipotle chains across the country.Could the ingredients at this location be intermixed? Was that watery goo chicken related? I don't know but save yourselves!!!

Review №8

Had a salad with steak. The steak was cold and had a few too many fatty pieces in it.

Review №9

Love this place. They're so fast and friendly!

Review №10

I love Chipotle but the staff at this location have been rude to me twice in a row. I have a coupon for free chips and guacamole but they always charge me for it even when I ask and they have an attitude while we make our orders. I know costumer service is hard specially during this time but I hope their attitude change and gets better so we can have a better experience.

Review №11

It's horrible they made our order wrong TWICE we order one burrito and it came colder than the Antarctic. Then we ordered two tacos and chips with guacamole and it was DISCUSTING the tacos were spicy and it was defenetly NOT WORTHIT FOR 38$

Review №12

Chipotle Mexican Grill is awesome!! Their service is top notch and their food is great!!

Review №13

It's great to find a place you love and know it will always be great. This is that place!

Review №14

Great staff. But too many customers with no mask and no one to enforce the rules. Next time I will use their delivery option. BTW, I don't blame the staff. They were super busy, and maybe prefer to not start a confrontation that can turn violent.

Review №15

Just what you'd expect at Chipotle. I usually get a salad but this time got a huge tofu and vegi burrito. First time at this location and they didn't disappoint. It was clean and even seemed a little quieter than the one I usually go to.

Review №16

Usually great, fast and orders made correctly. Still available for delivery with Doordash and take-out.

Review №17

So we're just supposed to guess which burritos are which? No labels, second time we've had to unwrap and mangle our food to find out whose is whose. BTW, they forgot our chips on the order before last

Review №18

I really like their contactless pick-up option. I just wish I didn't have to weave through the seated diners to get to it.

Review №19

This location is clean and staff is super friendly

Review №20

Most of the ingredients are not good and very poorly cooked.The chicken is filled with pieces of fat, it's horrible.It looks like cooks are unable to remove excess fat before cooking pieces of chicken.

Review №21

I go here nearly every work day. Today, they can't give me change so they need to round up to the nearest dollar. Seriously?

Review №22

I love Chipotle. All their ingredients are always fresh. I have never had a rude staff member at any location I've ever visited. The price is pretty reasonable for the amount of food you get.

Review №23

Service was great and I liked the chicken .

Review №24

Food was great and flavorful, sitting areas both indoor and out were clean. Didn't care for the cashier however, the two girls making the food were super friendly and patient with my hard of hearing but the cashier didn't listen when I said one of my two drinks I'd use a reusable cup. She gave me an extra cup anyways and I felt that was rather wasteful.(Visit was before C-19 reusable cup bans were starting)

Review №25

Place and order for pickup at 5:30pm. Ended up getting off early from work, showed up at 5:00pm. Chipotle staff member told me I'd have to wait. Don't understand why 10 people that had just walked in after me were taking care of and I had to wait 30 mins for my order. Why couldn't my order been made in between customers instead of making me wait till my time of pickup? Will not be returning to Chipotle.

Review №26

Was disappointed with the carnitas. Worse ever. Won't be back.

Review №27

It's Chipotle, can't go wrong very much with this place. I'd put four stars but my meal that day was cold. The black beans were warm, the pinto were lukewarm at best, all the meats I had were cold too

Review №28

Food is inconsistent sometimes the bowls are full sometimes they're greedy and only half full. Skip the sweet tea it's disgusting.

Review №29

Very kind manager, and professional staff. Food is always fresh!

Review №30

Excellent food, fast and friendly service

Review №31

I adore this location! The staff is always welcoming and friendly. They are also not at ALL bothered anytime you ask them for anything extra. It is apparent that these guys love their job and it reflects in all areas.

Review №32

HORRIBLE!! I work with DoorDash, and I was waiting for over 40 mins!!! When server told me they were working on chips! She lied! , and was going to wait more smh

Review №33

After a long day of work I had place an order at Chipotle, when I had arrived home and open up the bowl, I realized I only received half a bowl. I don't think I'll ever come to this location again. I'm very disappoint after a long day at work. If I could post a picture I would show my portion.

Review №34

This place is very small. Really a take out place.The food is so hot from spices, I could not eat it.I would just avoid this place. Go to Taco Cabana.

Review №35

Yummy food always fast service

Review №36

Girl serving gives small portion on servings. Ordered the bowl....she gave me less than a spoon of rice and very little cheese

Review №37

Amazing customer service and they listened to each and every choice and patiently fulfilled to make a great order. Food was good too even though we ate it 2 hrs later after takeout!

Review №38

Drink specials are great. They have a nacho chip buffet during happy hour and there salsas are to die for.

Review №39

Great!! Staff was awesome when at my visit, very attentive and food was great i ussually go to the one on 1604 and blanco but this one on bitters rd and 281 was my best experience.

Review №40

Great food very fresh

Review №41

Every time I eat here my food has a strong onion taste. The onions and peppers they put in the rice and corn salsa are not finely chopped. I picked out big slices twice already on my second visit in two weeks. The food is cold and the chips don't have salt/lemon seasoning like there supposed to. Overall, it's a hit or miss; fast and nice customer service.

Review №42

Love this location. The staff is friendly and very customer service oriented. The food is great (this location offers a better selection than the Huebner location) and they don't skimp on the serving sizes! The staff was also very accommodating with my food allergies- which you don't always get when dining out. Highly recommend!

Review №43

Great place for a burrito, the place is clean and management is very responsive. All employees where very friendly and willing to help you in whatever you are needing. Overall a great experience for anyone living in this area or visitors coming to take a bite. Awsome stuff guys keep it up!! Will definitely come back for more

Review №44

The young lady that helped me was kind and friendly made me feel welcomed. I have been to this location 3 o 4 times and they are always friendly. The jones maltsberger location is closer to me but i will rather drive a little extra to come here i like this location better, i always enjoy my food here.

Review №45

Great service! Quick and efficient! Brooke was awesome, friendly, and approachable! Lexi was a great help too. Definitely coming back to this location!

Review №46

Great, only gave 4 stars because of the plastic straws.

Review №47

I love chipotle! A lot of negative people talk about Chipotle saying its not good but those are people who have never tried it. If you have never eaten at Chipotle, give it a chance and you will not be disappointed. I'm a huge fan of their bowls. Very hearty, nutritious and delicious!

Review №48

I love chipotle. My experience here wasnt as expected from previous stores. Meat was dry and they limited the quantity I felt it was more everything but meat. Still good though.

Review №49

This place has a great crew and very clean restaurant. It's consistently great food. The bowls are my fav.

Review №50

Came in this evening at 845pm decided to try the carne asada bowl for the first time and was highly disappointed. The meat tasted weird, maybe it was old. The rice had not been fully cooked as it was still hard. Such a shame, normally the food here is good. Will not be back.

Review №51

Parking lot was full so I expected a wait. Honestly took less than 2 mins and my food was made exactly how I wanted and every employee was calm and nice.

Review №52

Was talked into trying a Carne Asada taco. Wasn't bad but should have been told it was $3.45 for 1 taco. Little disappointed in this place.

Review №53

Fast food healthy eats. Cant go wrong with that

Review №54

The best place to go to for a quick lunch. The service has always been very satisfying. We generally ordered a rice bowl which vegetables guacamole and sauces.

Review №55

What not to love,fresh food and great atmosphere. Especially the cashier Karla who always greets you with a smile.

Review №56

Good place for healthy food on the run.

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Review №58

I feel the need to post this at this location they have roaches do not eat here they have the baby roaches too so you know the mom and dad is around somewhere. Real nasty place. They be laughing and spitting all over the food they need to make they team members not talk over the food an fyi.

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Review №60

As a former employee of Chipotle, I know great service and products when I see them. The team that worked tonight at the Bitters location were all nice and did great jobs!

Review №61

Had never been and kept seeing commercials that looked good. In person, did not live up to expectations. Burrito was much smaller than expected and very little protein in it. They charge for chips and salsa which is unheard of in San Antonio. The menu is lacking sides. Probably will not return.

Review №62

Great chiplole... Very tasty

Review №63

A little overpriced but quite delicious

Review №64

Love the food, its fresh. Service is extremely quick!

Review №65

The people who work here in my experience do a very good job of helping customers, get lunch quickly. Also they do really well at the lunch rush.

Review №66

Came in yesterday 6/6/18 and had a 5 star experience because of a young lady with black glasses! I usually get 3/4 salsas that they offer and I accidentally said all of the salsas. The young lady quickly did everything in her power to rectify MY mistake. Took off the hot salsa and offered sour cream in case it was too hot. WOW, one of the best customer service interactions I've ever had!

Review №67

It was good fresh ingredients great taste fast service

Review №68

I love their quesadillas ummm !!

Review №69

Simple food. Decent price.

Review №70

I always love a good chipotle bowl. I love that they have paleo options and real ingredients! Grapefruit Izzy and the paleo salad are my go tos

Review №71

I'm not usually a fan of chipotle but the lady walked me though it and my bowl wasn't half bad

Review №72

The food was good. The pork had a lot of juice so it made the tortilla a little soft and messy.

Review №73

Great food super clean and you will get your food pretty fast

Review №74

Lunch was plentiful and staff on point!

Review №75

Fast service.

Review №76

Food was perfect. Dining area clean & neat. The interior design isn't what I'm used to at Chipotle. Maybe they are still renovating?

Review №77

I love this food. I love how it's so fresh and made in house. Such a great taste .

Review №78

Always fast and friendly service.

Review №79

Whether I order in person or online for pick up, the food is always fresh.

Review №80

It's not freebirds.

Review №81

Wow! Best tasting Chipotle bowl I've ever had. Every single item in my bowl had so much flavor on its own. It was delicious! Fresh chips and tea too!!

Review №82

Delicious food with many combination options.

Review №83

1st time here. . helpful staff!! Delicious bowl omg

Review №84

I called for an order to go because 2 friends wanted Chipotle for lunch. I was informed that I must download an app to place an order to go. I complained that I didn't want to download an app, and was passed to a manager who grudgingly took my order. When I arrived to pick up, my order was ready, but no one knew how to ring it up. It took 10 minutes to find another manager to take my money. When I arrived at my friend's home, we found that one of the 3 items that I paid for was not in the bag (bad on me for not checking.) I will never return to Chipotle.

Review №85

Always cheap on everything, regardless of whom is working, portions are way smaller then any of chipotle's I've been

Review №86

Always love Chipotle. Can't say anything bad.

Review №87

Guacamole, thats extra! Love this place

Review №88

Ordered the kids build-your-own and a chicken bowl. The kids build your own had more food than the bowl. Nonetheless, satisfied with the quality.

Review №89

Been to many Chipotle restaurants but this place has been the best so far. Yes, it is on the smaller side but seems like the food has a but more flavoring here. Ate here with my daughter on 3/24/2018 at 7pm. Kid with long hair served us and made the best chicken quesadilla, hands down!!! The cashier was so sweet and engaged in conversation with my 9yr old daughter. Great food and service. Definitely be back.

Review №90

Most gristle and cartilage, worst chicken meat I've ever gotten at a Chipotle. Worst from anywhere in some time. I called to let them know about it, no one answered the phone.

Review №91

Fresh burritos or bowls for the family.

Review №92

Felt rushed had to go back and fix mistakes

Review №93

Great, fresh tasting food. The margaritas are good but the millennials don't always seem happy to be at work.

Review №94

Great food made with great ingredients.

Review №95

Love that I can eat vegan here so easily and the food is delish!

Review №96

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite Chipotle locations! I won't review the menu overall, there are tons of reviews of Chipotle if that's what you want. I will say that this location has always been clean, the food has always been fresh and hot. They seem to have enough traffic to have very little time for the bottom of a warmer to overcook any part of their offerings. The staff are friendly and patient. Overall I have never had an unpleasant experience at this location, nor have I ever had any of my food that way less than delicious.

Review №97

As a Vegan it's nice to have something fast and fresh and priced just right

Review №98

As a Chipotle regular, this visit was a thumbs down. The chicken was room temperature. The carnitas that remained were the last ones in the pot. Was told I'd have to wait 10 mins for a fresh serving. Ordered chips with guacamole. Bag of chips looked empty. Even the manager agreed, and gave me an extra bag. $30 later, not very happy.

Review №99

I'm editing my review from 2 stars to 5 stars. Today the food was on point! I did see Claudia working at this location and she is a veteran with chipotle. She always made sure everything was made to perfection. Claudia needs a raise or promotion.

Review №100

Chipotle is chipotle. I can't get enough of it. I eat here 2-3 times a week and my wife is hooked. Great fresh food!

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