Golden Chick
22002 US 281 N, San Antonio, TX 78259, United States
Review №1

Honestly super tasty. Our whole group had the sandwich and it was impeccable. They use a bigger version of their roll as the bun and oh my goodness it was so tasty. We also heard a little hint about getting a side of Mac and cheese and putting that on the sandwich and good gravy that was move. That sandwich just melts in your mouth.

Review №2

Great Prices and 4 TVs with different channels. Great atmosphere. Food is delicious, try their Mac and Cheese, chicken Salad sandwich. Military discount.This place always is Clean to include the Bathrooms. The management pays attention to its customers and they are Very Friendly. I have been there now several times and it never disappoints. The employees are always happy and friendly. Dining in Available. Drive Thru also open.Very Spacious to enjoy your meals Comfortably.

Review №3

Food and service were decent. Nobody there at 8pm. This was the first time to this particular one. Will go back

Review №4

22ABSOLUTELY THE BEST GOLDEN CHICK IVE EVER HAD !! IVE BEEN TO PLENTY OF GOLDEN CHICKS AND THIS LOCATION BY FAR WAS THE TASTIEST CRISPIEST FOOD WAS WARM IQRA, the cashier was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL ! ProvidedA1 customer service and the area director was GREAT AS WELL Sunny Gandhi, had a temperature checkMonitor to ensure the food was being served at PERFECT TEMPERATURE! THE FLOOR WAS SOOO CLEAN YOU COULD EAT FROM IT !! FoodWas cooked and served to perfection!! I'm a TOUGH FOOD CRITIC !! I will also leave a review on google . WILL DEFINITELY RETURN !! This location shouldBe the MODEL GOLDEN CHICK !!

Review №5

Sorry Golden Chick but after tonight you will see no more of my money!!!!!!! First you shorted me by five pieces of chicken tenders and they looked like the tiny pieces of the last batch!!! Then to top it off, the extra gravy that was ordered with the biscuits was nothing but water!!!! This place has gone way down hill since reopening!!!!!

Review №6

Not a good day. They forgot me and when I did get my chicken it was wrong. It was supposed to be a breast and a leg but it was a wing and breast. So they gave me a breast a wing and leg, the leg and wing were tiny! They did apologize for forgetting me and gave me a large soup. They offer free ice cream (ice milk).

Review №7

I really like the breading of their chicken. Their consistent with keeping their chicken tender and not dry.

Review №8

Love, love their fried chicken, good price and good service

Review №9

Every time I order from here, the food never seems fresh. The tenders I ordered were tough, small, and weren't even worth the price I paid. This is second time I order and the food is just not good. Golden Chick off Canyon Golf is much better and worth the extra drive time. They have never disappointed.

Review №10

I love their Southern Fried Catfish!!! Reminds me of being a kid at Grand Ma's house. AWESOME STUFF!!! The other stuff on the menu is GOOD too! But as long as they are serving the Catfish it will be my first choice.

Review №11

Their chicken sandwich eclipses the Popeyes chicken sandwich!! Zing sauce, yeast bun and freshly fried moist but crunchy chicken and “5” pickles haha.

Review №12

Excellent service and fresh awesome food. The place gets 10 out of 10 for cleanliness. Definetelly recommend this place. I ate at the HWY 281 location.

Review №13

Amazing food healthy options such as grilled chicken. Amazing sides good service. We met the managers they were more than willing to help with whatever we needed.

Review №14

We are big fans of Goldenchick! The roasted chicken and fried okra are the bomb!

Review №15

Good as its Competitor's food. BUT they offer FREE ICE CREAM YEAH!!! Great side dishes including Mac n Cheese. Plus there is a Good Chicken Salad sandwich on the Menu. Employees smiling, very nice, and a warming Comfortable welcome. Clean inside and out, Outside seating, self serve Drinks. BIG PLUS Inside TV'S, FREE Wi Fi, Military discount. Note this place has a beautiful italian type ceilng. You Really should visit this particular site.

Review №16

Excellent service and they are so good with the customer

Review №17

It was good.Plain and simple. I will go again.

Review №18

Tender tuesdays is an amazing deal!

Review №19

The Tenders were tough, and the gravy was hardly even warm... Not a good first experience for me at Golden Chick..

Review №20

Avoid. Only customer beside us was a goofy dude that stares. Toasted chicken greasy. Tea really bad, like mop water. Overbearing shift manager openly rude to young man cashier at every turn, publicly correcting him every two minutes. Wouldn't go back! This place needs to close for good.

Review №21

It's all pretty good the corn dogs were good

Review №22

It was very nice to see that this location as decided to open up again! The employees were attentive and friendly. That being said looking over the menu options which were numerous, all appeared to be very tasty. However after looking at the menu and comparing prices for what I got, they seemed a little on the high side as compared to other chicken restaurants. Comparing the chicken tender combo family meal another well-known chicken restaurant in San Antonio, I paid more for less compared to them. I would suggest that the owners and corporate office revisit their prices on some of the items on the menu.

Review №23

Horrible experience, was told to park in a parking spot up front and waited 20 minutes before not receiving any food. Drove back through drive thru for a refund. Waited another 7 minutes for my refund. To add on didn't even get an apology from the manager.Zero stars if possible :)

Review №24

No stars review if option was available. Worst customer service ever. Sonny and Igrn expect me to save rotten coleslaw and bring it back for a direct replacement. Then when I explained the inconvenience and how gross, I was made to feel like a beggar as Sonny reluctantly agreed to replace the meal. I was calling to help make our local chicken restaurant better as it would have been convenient. I opted out of the free meal entirely and rather share to help others not end up in the same situation. Very unfortunate and GROSSLY managed from area manager to general manager. Hopefully, this will make a difference in Stone Oak for Encino store # 1232.

Review №25

Always receive good food.excellent service

Review №26

They're out of chicken! We ordered rolls and went elsewhere for chicken. Crazy. Usually they're good.

Review №27

Really good golden roast chicken, the fried is also good, but that golden roast....delicious

Review №28

This place just reopened and it's great!The staff is not just another fast food chicken placePlace is cleanFood is freshStaff happyAnd it was unexpectedly a pleasure eating here.Mark was his name not sure if he was the manager or just the cashier but he deserves a raise and employee of the quarter if it's such a thing. He walked around making sure customers had what they needed, just refreshing to see someone take pride in this place.Also offer a military discount which is greatly appreciated

Review №29

The staff was very nice and friendly. That's where the compliments end. The food was absolutely disgusting the fries were the only thing decent. Again the staff was great. This was our first time trying it and def the last. Half the chicken was soaking in grease and the other was dry. The rice looked like stuffing it was such a weird consistency.

Review №30

Guys, you shorted me 10 tenders tonight! 3 weeks ago I was shorted 5 tenders and blew it off. But tonight missing 10?!? I hope your franchisee sees this.

Review №31

Overall a great experience. We were greeted as soon as we entered. The staff was attentive and helpful. They did give us original flavored tenders instead of spicy but they remedied it immediately. They checked on us while we ate as well. Restaurant was very clean and tidy. We will definitely be glad to return in the future.

Review №32

Cashier was absolutely unprofessional. Made us wait for our food for 20 min and was rude when brought to their attention. We had placed 2 orders and she only brought one out after 20 min(cold). Asked to speak to the manager and she was able to correct everything after 15 more min. The cashier Lourdes, needs to go back to training or be let go.

Review №33

Wasn't pleased. The Golden Chicken's chicken strips were unflavorful and the batters color was white and nothing golden about it. It might have just been the batter but it's presentation alone was very off-putting but as a positive, I must say, the staff was very pleasant and courteous.

Review №34

Good for fast food chicken. Nice sides. Super friendly staff. Very clean. We will be back

Review №35

Excellent customer service! Made my order fresh and hot. The rolls, fries, and gizzards were all hot! All the employees were very sweet.

Review №36

Out of fried okra on last visit. Smh...

Review №37

Better then canes!

Review №38

Be nice to know the hours of the place.

Review №39

The food was good as always. But, they forgot a couple of items forcing me to drive back to get them.

Review №40

Quick drive-through!

Review №41

! Tender Tuesday! Glad this.location is back

Review №42

Great chicken! Try out this Stone Oak location. Great seasonings on sides! Very friendly staff. Try the country gravy with your roll. Yummm.

Review №43

Did not have my order right nor did they have corn dogs?

Review №44

Went for First time by Drive thru and I got very disappointed, No gravy on My mashed potatoes, no Utensils, no Napkins and the Chicken Stripes so small and no flavor, Popeyes Chicken stripes are way much better and Flavorful.The French Fries so greasy.-Staff Polite!-No to bad on waiting time.

Review №45

We went last night after the new reopening. We got half and half tenders, half spicy, half regular. It was a big mistake. The spicy tenders were inedible and had the spice just dumped all over them. My fiance requested mashed potatoes and got fries and the fries were stale and gross. The gravy was nothing special.. we probably wont be back. The only reason I gave it an extra star was because the regular chicken itself was good.

Review №46

Fresh made food. Very nice people

Review №47

Not always ok in orders

Review №48

Very clean, food was good (lots of options for sides) and very good customer service.

Review №49

Did not get what i paid for and tried to call multiple times no one answers, very inconvenient to drive back

Review №50

Really great service......we came to get gizzards for my dad but when we got to the window and payed the manager (Scott) came back and told us that the ones that where up went out and he would have to make more and it would be a bit but we where not able to wait...he was very kind im the way he came across and spoke with us he ofered to refund our money and ofered us each a drink....... Scott showed exelent customer serves as well as the other employees will definitely be coming back

Review №51

Update 12/15: They are working on improving their business. EMPLOYEES they have right now are excellent, friendly, funny and all working hard to do a great job. I really enjoy when you go back and start seeing improvement happening. I just wish reviewers would keep their reviews up-to-date. If a restaurant is revisited and doing better they deserve a better review. Keep up the good work and keep that "fly" chicken coming!10/3: Went back and inside this time. Experience inside was good, cashier was super nice and friendly, restaurant was clean. Now here comes the bad part, I got home and soon had spicy chicken tenders, the tenders were good but someone decided to dump the spice all over it with no care. I got the 2 piece metal with dirty rice, the chicken tasted rotten and the rice was dirty! It tasted like mushy baby food over spiced! I had to throw my meal in the trash! The only things I ate were my 6 rolls that someone smashed and stuffed in a small brown bag to make them all fit! SMH. What the heck Golden Chick, I was looking forward to a good experience on my second visit, instead I got inedible meals! In addition to this I asked for Zing season packets and the nice young lady was going to give me some and the manager walks up behind her and says only 2! I just spent $18 on my meals and only 2 packs of seasoning? Then one falls on the counter and he tells me oh 3 and smiles like if he did me a favor. I have to give you a 2 instead of my initial 5 rating. I want this place to be good but that's up to the owners, management and staff to make that happen. Get better with training your staff and management or this place will start losing business and reputation again like the previous owners!10/1 visit: After the re-grand opening, I gave it a shot. Went through drive thru was not disappointed, the chicken, fries, roll and gravy were on point! Staff was friendly and attentive. I hope it remains this way and that the management and owner take care of this place this time around. It is such a good location and the potential for success is there if they keep up the good work. I'll post updates on future visits. Keep in mind they just re-opened so give them a try, ignore the old, out-dated reviews.

Review №52

This place has been great since they reopen fast service nd great fresh food and the employees are super friendly

Review №53

Staff is friendly and the corn poppers are awesome. Big chicken was a little bit over battered but okay.

Review №54

Great customer service and good food!

Review №55

Excellent food with a lot of great sides . the service was awesome !

Review №56

Bread to rival Logan's Roadhouse! Plus, they're like one of the only places that has chicken salad sandwiches so that's pretty cool.

Review №57

Service and food was great! +fresh

Review №58

SLOW SERVICE! I was in the drive thru waiting in the same spot for 15 minutes! There's no reason why I should've been waiting that long just to pay for my food so I ended up leaving!

Review №59

This place is a very good addition to Stone Oak. Excellent food, excellent service, and excellent manager.

Review №60

Great ice cream...can't ask for more!!!

Review №61

Have to try the catfish very flavorful!!

Review №62

Good poop

Review №63

The chiken taste was horrible

Review №64

Had been a while. Love the chicken

Review №65

This was the first time we have ever been to a Golden Chick. We will likely never go back. The chicken was under seasoned and over cooked.

Review №66

Change your hours of operation if you're going to close the lobby at 9pm and the store is supposed to be open until 10pm.

Review №67

Great food and sero

Review №68

Wasn't impressed, the chicken tenders I felt really had no flavor

Review №69

Ordered the mixer and they left out my 16 strips.. got all the way home b 4 I noticed. Was very upset needless to say.

Review №70

This place is amazing!!!

Review №71

Pretty good

Review №72

Pathetic Excuse for a golden chick. I was really looking forward to eating here as there aren't any close to where I live in Houston. Went through the drive thru just before noon on Friday 4/17/15. Ordered the Number 1 and it was a disaster. The fries were extremely soggy and lukewarm as soon as they gave it to me. The chicken tasted like it had been under heat lamps for over an hour. The mountain dew I ordered was completely bad as if they haven't tested in weeks. This appears to be a fairly new location. Management, you need to step in and get your restaurant back in order. You are giving Golden Chick a bad name in the north San Antonio area.

Review №73

This specific store isn't that great. My first experience with Golden Chick is officially scarred. Their chicken is rubbery, it doesn't seem all the way cooked. Not sure if that's what makes it unique, but I don't like it. Employees were ok in drive through, that's the only positive thing I could say about it and it's new. 2 stars for poor quality food

Review №74

Always Golden!

Review №75

Clean and friendly

Review №76

This place is amazing!!!!

Review №77

The Manager Carol is Amazing!!! Her team that was working the day I went in were all very helpful. She took her time with me and helped me in filling an order I needed for my church! (I didn't even tell her it was for the church til afterwards) knowing how much passion this manager has not only for her Business but even her employees! Definitely a place I will recommend to everyone. **keep in mind bad service can happen anywhere, it's the individual "customers " way of handling it that can make it go sour as well** don't be quick to judge service on 1 bad experience, because if that were the case there wouldn't be a single restaurant open. This Golden Chick Restaurant has my business in the future.!! Thank you again Ms. Carol

Review №78

Always great service and good food. The restrooms are nice and clean as well.

Review №79

Golden Chick has been great at most locations but this location took a good 6 months before they were able to get the food tasting better. Unfortunately, the area has a lot more choices which put this location out of business.

Review №80

What has happened to this Golden Chick? Went there for a three piece dinner. After waiting for 10 minutes started to hover around the counter. Another customer who was there before me also walked up to the counter and inquired about his order. They told him a couple of minutes more and then one of the guys brings him a plate that is clearly my order (3 piece all dark) and insists that it's his order (he'd ordered fish). The other customer takes it back to his table and finds no fish. He then brings it back to the counter and the server proceeds to take the chicken back to put it back in the warmer. I have to insist he toss it away in a trash can in the lobby. The other customer finally gets his order as does a family who was waiting even longer. Now they tell me they're out of chicken and it's going to be about 15 minutes before more is made. I give up and ask for my money back. The girl at the counter says she doesn't know how to do a refund on a credit card and ends up giving me cash back. All in all a disastrous attempt at eating Golden Chick. This location need help.

Review №81

Good food. Friendly staff. Great place.

Review №82

Stopped by for lunch. Excellent service and food was good! Will come back.

Review №83

Awful!!!! Waited a long time to get our order. Once the order arrived we kept having to go back to the counter because our order was missing items. Chicken strips were wayyy too salty. Bread was clearly under baked. Very disappointed.

Review №84

It was ok

Review №85

As soon as I tapped the 1st star the screen went blank and came back on. Whew thank goodness. The WiFi didn't work at all. They gave me 4 pieces of fish instead of 3 go figure. The counter girl keeps looking at me like if I'm gonna ask to turn the channel to Fix News. The old man that walked in after me is hoarding the remote. Geez get it together Lawerence Welk is not on anymore. Oh yeah and Donald Trump is gonna lose to Billary!

Review №86

Good was good. but no utensils to eat sides with. drive thru was super slow

Review №87

Don't waste your time with a family meal. Every time I have, I walk in and order to go, then drive home and notice either the entire order is wrong, or half of it is missing.

Review №88

Pretty good for fast food fried chicken. Don't really like their sides or bread, just the chicken.

Review №89

It was fresh but not like popeyes.

Review №90

I have to agree with the majority of folks and say the quality of the food is terrible. They messed up the order after a 10 minute wait. I was the only customer there. Does not compare to other Golden Chick locations.

Review №91

Greasy, inedible, and downright disgusting, the food was terrible. While the staff were friendly, their product was atrocious. Will not visit again soon.

Review №92

Good place. Love the buns.

Review №93

Off the chain.

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3.5 Rating
  • Address:22002 US 281 N, San Antonio, TX 78259, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-776-7330
  • Caterer
  • Chicken restaurant
  • Southern restaurant (US)
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–10PM
  • Thursday:10AM–10PM
  • Friday:10AM–10PM
  • Saturday:10AM–10PM
  • Sunday:10AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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