Churchs Chicken
2026 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78204, United States

Review №1

I must say I'm very impressed with the customer service and quality of the food at this Church's location. If your in the area and you have a fried chicken craving this place is worth the stop. This is my goto Church's location from now on.

Review №2

I would rather wash down a Popeyes biscuit with homeless sweat than eat here again.

Review №3

I go from one side of town S.A. to the other for my church chicken because it's always hot and fresh. Besides that the workers are always nice and they care alot about their costumers and the store is always clean. Like I said I wouldn't go to no other store then that. Thank you so much

Review №4

One of my favorite spots for Chicken. Service is consistently above par. Prices that won't shock you. Food is like a restaurant in Jacksonville I liked.

Review №5

Talking Is Cheap, But It Should Cost To Talk To Pete.

Review №6

Fine spot for delicious Chicken. I will be bringing friends next time. The place has a cool feel to it. Wish it was closer to my house, I would come every week.

Review №7

A top place for delicious chicken. The bill was good for what you get. I see why this place has a lot of positive reviews.

Review №8

They Forgot to put part of my order in with the meal. I tried to call to let them know when I got home but their phone is off so I guess I'm just out that money... Also, There was a bum in the drive through and the store seemed to have any concern.. I'd go somewhere else. Busches isn't that much farther.

Review №9

We it churches for lunch today and it was really good

Review №10

These guys are awesome the black guy is customer service happy even before closing he welcomed me and gave fresh chicken and the best jalapeno poppers. Dont know his name but thank you

Review №11

The gizzards I purchased were horrible. I ate a few and tossed the rest in the garbage. The service is great just skip the gizzards!

Review №12

I can come a whole thirty min before closing and they will not have jalapeno bombers. Yes, no jalapeno bombers that take 3 min to cook and no prep.

Review №13

Really ? Go to churches like I always do and they tell me they only have sweet tea ? Is this all Churches or this location too lazy to make it ? What about us diabetics who can't have sweet tea ?

Review №14

Fresh food fast service great atmosphere

Review №15

Nice professional courtesy

Review №16

Was good.. and went late and still was friendly.. only thing they forgot my friend ocra.. smh.. but other then that.. great

Review №17

They were courteous and made extra chicken that I needed in a timely manner only had one problem they need to keep an eye on their refrigerator items don't think it was at the right temperature it's not high enough their cole slaw was warm and wasn't any good tried calling them to let them know well needless to say no answer so don't order cold items

Review №18

Service not that great attude needs change

Review №19

This is by far, the Best service I've ever had at any Chrurch's Chicken I've been to in town. They greeted me as soon as I walked in with a smile. The okra was made fresh, biscuits were soft. They handled my large order with ease. I will definitely be coming back to this location. Keep up the good work!

Review №20

Great tasting and friendly servic

Review №21

Love their coleslaw and jalapeno bombers

Review №22

I'm so upset the fact I had ordered the special and my chicken had a whole fly on my chicken. I couldn't go back because they are closing and have to go back tomorrow.

Review №23

Friendly service, nice place

Review №24

Ok crispy and hot I just miss the old taste don't really like their cooking oil

Review №25

Bed servese, employs are rude

Review №26

Good food any time

Review №27

Awesome people that work hard for every one, all the time never been disappointed

Review №28

Food is always hot and fresh

Review №29

Really fast and quick service. Never stopped here before but wanted to eat something after daughters cheer practice stopped here and it was good. Thanks. Will be coming by again :)

Review №30

Great food great service

Review №31

Good food but always remember to check your order once you get it. Also there's never any spicy ️ left in the evening :(

Review №32

Great customer service experience and Good hot food.

Review №33

The chicken is so good. The combo plates are very delicious, two or three side orders of your choice. Also sell sweet tea or unsweet, apple pie or lemon pie. The staff are very polite. Id recommend this churches are very family oriented.

Review №34

If I could give no stars i would I ordered a 10 piece spicy chicken the lady said that would be a 15 minute wait being that I drove 10 minutes to churchs because I wanted spicy chicken that bad I said I would wait. I drove up to the window and they tried to hand me a box of regular chicken I asked if it was spicy and the lady said no and I said oh okay I said I would wait for the spicy chicken. She said its 15 minutes I said yes I will wait EVERY WORKER I KID YOU NOT LOOKED OUT THE WINDOW AT ME AND THE LADY GAVE ME ATTITUDE. There aren't many customers here to have ran out of spicy chicken in the first place. But really didn't appreciate the annoyance I got for ordering a damn meal

Review №35

Great Service! Pete and Willie are awesome! Customer service is way above standards!

Review №36

No long wait, tasted good. Remember to ask for napkins and utensils.

Review №37

Awsome, always fresh... great value!

Review №38

Great place by the Freeway.

Review №39

This location had the freshest and hottest menu items of all other locations I've been to. It is a smaller sized location right across the street from a post office with minimal parking. However if you are in need of something to eat in the area, dont hesitate to go there.

Review №40

Good food, good customer service

Review №41

Fast and courteous.

Review №42

Fast friendly service

Review №43

We were served with very poor customer service. Never going back to this location

Review №44

The gentleman by the name of Paul, has a great attitude and a beautiful personality! Chicken always served hot !

Review №45

Please don't worry about spending your hard earned dollars on this Church's Chicken. I went after a Thursday night football game and still had 45 minutes till close, the manager at night refused to serve me . My son was very upset and hungry after his game

Review №46

It's a small location, but close to downtown San Antonio. Easy enough to find great prices.

Review №47

They give me good service all the time... I use to go to the one on zazamora they sux.. Thanks for the good service.

Review №48

Nice and hot and fresh

Review №49

Chicken was really fresh for that late in the evening really good crew I was truly pleased!!!!

Review №50

Check your order before leaving!

Review №51

It was terrible today. It's so disappointing, cause I can remember just how good the chicken was.

Review №52

Hot food

Review №53

Has to be the best churches in San Antonio! Amazing nd there drink selection is bomb! Glad I stop here

Review №54

It was two days before payday and all I had to pay for my meal was change. The staff was very professional and didn't blink an eye when I pulled out my piggy bank. I really appreciated being treated like a valued guest, not some nuisance paying with nickels dimes and quarters. Thank you management and staff!

Review №55

Mmmmmm very good service n food

Review №56

Good chicken at good prices , the biscuits are great as well .

Review №57

Today after a long day of work my family and I wanted some biscuits and a 4 piece. We arrived in good spirit at 9:37 pm, which according to this business posting the locations closes at 10:00 pm.As soon i pulled up to the speaker in the drive thru I was quickly told with a very Curt attitude told me we are already closed for the night.It looks like I will never eat churches again as the customer service is poor, and apparently they can't seem to choose their operating hours for their stores. Sad day, business lost

Review №58

Love it.

Review №59

They closed at 9:28 pm

Review №60

This is one of my favorite church's chicken because of service, they don't over or under cook the food and sometimes I get a little extra free piece which keeps me coming back.

Review №61

Still great chicken. BBque was too sweet for me

Review №62

No star. I purchased the 3 for $3 and one of the pieces of chicken looked like some one bit it. Wish i could post the photo i took. Old man at the window was rude when i purchased it so guess what he gave me besides attitudw....a bit peice of chicken. I will post on yelp. Do not go here. Scary nd disgusting.

Review №63

The bisquets m m m m

Review №64

Hmm not cleaned table's n service was alright... T.V loud enough.... Really wouldn't recommend n food nothing thought of ordering again..... Enter your own risk... Speechless right about now

Review №65

Quick, fast and accurate order. 10 for $10, great deal!

Review №66

Been eating Church's for years but it had slipped recently . I recently visited again and it was good old Church's fried chicken. Served hot and french fries were perfect. Enjoyed it!

Review №67

Did not like this location. Floors were dirty, restroom looked like it was being held together with spit ball and bubble gum. Did not have a certain selection of chicken. Don't get me wrong the food is great, but the appearance of the store itself................ needs a lot of work.

Review №68

Other than the long time in drive thru,food finally got to me ,forgot my bisciuts,peppers,and second side.

Review №69

They are always busy here, but I have enjoyed the service each time I have gone.

Review №70

Omg best churches I have been too this year this has to be the best churches in San Antonio I'm a driver from dfw nd I was soo surprised food! Change the grease like there suppose too he told me lol even there drink selection is amazing!

Review №71

Awesome food n atmosphete

Review №72

Chicks always fresh...nothing just sits around warming under a heat lamp

Review №73

The chicken always tastes great!

Review №74

The Church's Chicken on Alamo St merits at least one star over other locations. Their level of customer service dwarfs other Church's locations.

Review №75

Great service good food

Review №76

I love church's chicken #1 chicken

Review №77

Right place at the right time.

Review №78

Chicken was nice and hot and crispy, fried okra was great

Review №79

Still the best chicken around I don't understand how other Church's Chicken close when they have the best prices, macaroni, french fries, mashed potatoes and corn and large pieces of chicken compared to anybody else... especially compared to KFC!

Review №80

Again always great service but gave me the wrong drink. Now I'm gonna get a granito on my tongue

Review №81

Good food nice people

Review №82

Fast and friendly atmosphere

Review №83

I Eat here every other day. Best chicken tenders.

Review №84

Cool place great food

Review №85

Eat here often. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's just ok. Order always correct. The gentleman that usually works the drive thru is awesome!

Review №86

Mashed potatoes

Review №87

Great fried chicken. Aways a favorite

Review №88

Outstanding! Thank you to the staff for the great customer service.

Review №89

Love that chicken from Popeyes

Review №90

Great place for a quick biteWith great service

Review №91

Nice staff. Good chicken

Review №92

1st timer. Must admit, I was definitely leery about eating here. No particular reason though. Looked on my phone for nearby places to eat and was surprised to see the ratings here. The fries were fresh and hot!! Wasn't crowded here so was even more surprised that the fries and chicken was (or at least tasted) fresh. The guy was nice. I thought he gave me free mashed potatoes. Actually I thought he charged me for them but I didnt care. Later I found out he didnt charge me for what I thought was mashed potatoes but it was a cup of gravy. I didnt like it. Sorta wish they were mashed potatoes lol.

Review №93

Good service

Review №94

Fast service hot and delicious food.

Review №95

I been to this location 3 times in 2 weeks span. 2 of the 3 times they forgot to give me the french fries. And this last two times I got very dry kind of older chicken. They also took long to answer on drive thru. (Ordered the 5 dollar meal) nothing like on TV advertisement.

Review №96

Fast service; friendly I

Review №97

Very good food!

Review №98

I've never had a bad experience at this particular churches chicken spot. Great service always freshly made. Great staff. Older building but great chicken taste.

Review №99

Good food, fast, enjoyable, but the dining room needs better attention.

Review №100

Small and quick very clean too

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  • Address:2026 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78204, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-226-3690
  • Chicken restaurant
  • Family restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Thursday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Friday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Saturday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Sunday:10:30AM–10PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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