Aldacos Mexican Cuisine
20079 Stone Oak Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78258, United States

Review №1

We were very impressed with the food at Aldaco's. The outdoor patio is super nice as well. Only reason why it is 4 stars is because with no one waiting, we were told it would be over an hour wait for an outside table but no wait for inside. We chose to wait and they almost seemed surprised. We were seated about 5 minutes later outside in a dark corner at the same time as a couple who came in after us got a seat along the fence with a better view and not super dark. It also took about 10 minutes for a server to come to our table, maybe because we were in the corner? Great food at atmosphere but average customer service.

Review №2

I had a great experience here! Greeted with a smile and escorted to my table, the staff was amazing from door to table. Jared was awesome and attentive. He was knowledgeable about the menu options and his recommendations were great. The food had really good flavor with just enough spice and seasoning.

Review №3

Amazing patio and good food. The view was awesome. Great queso. Nice place for taking out of town people and for business.

Review №4

I'm sure this establishment serves great food but I didn't even get a chance to taste it because the lady told us to wait for 1 hour and it was going on two hours until I called and they said they can accommodate us. Instead we just left Because it was 30 minutes until closing time. That was my experience.

Review №5

The food is amazing especially the dessert! Beautiful night view. The staff is very friendly.

Review №6

This was my first time here, but definitely won't be my last. The view on the patio is amazing so if you have the chance to please ask to be seated outside. The food and drinks (try the prickly pear) were delicious, and our waiter (I wish I remembered his name) was attentive and professional.

Review №7

Dinner out was wonderful. This was my first experience with Aldaco's Mexican Cuisine. The waiter was fantastic. I would definitely recommend this place. It's good to visit with the family also. Older kids would enjoy.

Review №8

It's okay. Service was mediocre. Food was decent. But ultimately, this is San Antonio and you can find the same food for much cheaper elsewhere. All in all, good food but a bit overpriced.

Review №9

Aldaco's is a must when we are in the mood for good food, or don't want to take the trip down town. My wife is a vegetarian, and there are items on the menu for her too, but the kitchen is always friendly about making changes. Never a bad meal!

Review №10

Some of us nurses took the doctors out for Happy Hour, last Friday. It was a tough week and we wanted to unwind a little and chose Aldaco's because it's close to the hospital.We arrived at approximately 4:30 p.m. We were seated outside and once there, waited for about 20 minutes before our server to be came around to introduce himself and take our orders. Once he took them and left, we didn't see him for another 15-20 minutes! We asked several servers what's the holdup and we kept being told they'd find out or they'd say we will tell your server.Finally, our drinks came out - no explanation, no apologies, just a rude server that didn't speak! During the hour and a half or so Happy Hour, we were only able to order one ‘round of drinks and no appetizers! By the time our server cam around for the second time, he announced Happy Hour is over and all drinks and appetizers were full-price now!We paid our tab and left! We won't be back, EVER!We'd understand if it were busy or we were a difficult crowd! We all came to the conclusion that we had a bad server and/or he was told to run the clock out in Happy Hour to limit our half-price menu items. We were a party of nine (9) doctors and nurses.We asked for a manager on the way out, but were told she was busy and would be to chat with us as soon as she could breakaway. We decided not to wait and left. Later, a few of us called and voiced our complaints, but to date, NO ONE has bothered to call us back!

Review №11

I liked this place. The drinks were good but not strong.. lol. J was our waiter and he was awesome

Review №12

Food was must try the avocado Margarita sooo good. Great place to meet friends for lunch..I will be returning.

Review №13

Great food and service! The view from the patio is awesome. Be sure to order the fresh guacamole.

Review №14

The avocado margaritas are to die for. The rest of the food is good as well, but I really come here for the avocado margaritas.

Review №15

Blanca and her staff have done an outstanding job on client events I have held over the years! The food is delicious, the rooms are well prepared, and the service has been awesome. We will continue to visit Aldaco's!

Review №16

Exceptional menu offerings and a wonderful patio sitting up high on a ridge with lovely views! Don't miss it!

Review №17

Do you know that you can rent the back room? We had a Mexican food class. Very nice

Review №18

I've been there several times, without ever a bad experience. Staff is caring without being intrusive, food is always a five-star experience. It's my new fave

Review №19

This place is great. Amazing salsa and queso. The enchiladas and puffy tacos were out of this world. Kinda pricey but worth it. The outdoor patio view is great too.

Review №20

We walked in around closing and they sat us immediately. Great Avacado margaritas. Food was great as well.

Review №21

Best Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio. Beautiful decor in the interior dining area and gorgeous views from the outdoor dining area. The service is top notch; everyone is kind and caring which almost makes you feel like family. The food is superb, starting with the perfectly crisp tortilla chips & salsa everyone at the table will love. First time there I opted for the grilled veggies on the side, not bad. Second time I got the rice and beans which were excellent. All the meals we've tried so far have been delicious and the tortillas are the absolute best I've had in years! So perfect.

Review №22

My favorite location for tasty Mexican food. food was so delish. it has a nice interior.

Review №23

Great, quick lunch on the patio. Promptly seated and the food was delicious.

Review №24

Given the challenges of keeping businesses open during COVID, having wait staff running around with their noses hanging out of their cheap bandana face covering isn't doing anyone good. Saw it on one visit and hoped it was just a single oversight and said nothing ... saw it on second visit and choose not to return.In light of the response below, let me say the food and service is excellent. I just want us to find the closest to normal possible and thats only possible when we all pull together. I want to see more opening and soon.Thank you Aldacos. My one star is now 5

Review №25

Beautiful location but the food was below average. They accidentally served me meat in my vegan dish and they did not even bother to apologize! If you care about social distancing do not go to this restaurant. Chairs was not far from each other and servers were talking right to your face wearing a loose useless cloth mask that they had to constantly touch and put back on their face. I think it's restaurant lack of management allows this behavior to happen and they probably did not provide masks for their staff.

Review №26

We had a beautiful dining experience on the patio. We live in the Houston area so last Friday was our first time dining. I really love Mexican food! Naturally, coming from Houston, we have had plenty of great Mexican food; therefore, our bar is set very high. My mom ordered chicken enchiladas & my husband ordered mahi mahi. They both scored their food as average. I had a variety plate and the beef Quesadilla was the best between the cheese enchilada and chicken flautas. The beef was very tasty and tender. I would like to try the beef fajitas next time since the beef was good. Last, our waiter Esteban was the best! He was attentive, engaging & friendly. My rating included the service & food.

Review №27

Amazing! Great social distancing, our server he was on top of it. Food was quick and really delicious

Review №28

Best patio and outdoor dining in San Antonio! Love the margaritas, food and service.

Review №29

Thank you Carlos for excellent service and Aldaco's for excellent food and atmosphere. I love Aldaco's

Review №30

The food was excellent! Service was excellent! The only negative was it was verh warm in the dining room.

Review №31

What a view!! Located at the top of the Stone Oak hill, you have a nice view of downtown off in the distance. This is a nice spot to stop in for a quick drink or lunch. The bar serves up some very fine cocktails and frozen drinks. The service during lunch/dinner service is top notch. I have brought friends here who don't understand Latin food all that well and they have always left happy and full. The food matches the service and location, amazing! Puffy tacos taste incredible and it's what I always recommend them to anyone trying the food for the first time.

Review №32

My coworkers and I went for happy hour after our team event. Happy hour is from 2pm to 6pm. We were fairly early in the afternoon that it wasn't crowded yet. I was telling my coworkers about the beautiful view from the patio and was glad we got to sit out there.Happy hour included the avocado margarita, prickly pear margarita and the MPO margarita (which is their house margarita). Several of us had the avocado margarita. It looked creamy like an avocado shake but the taste was very limey. One coworker got the watermelon margarita which was refreshing. Another coworker got the MPO margarita. Another coworker got the Blue Mary which was by George Strait, I think. That had blueberries in the drink.The drinks were a hit and everyone enjoyed the outdoors, including the view.We didn't have food this time but I've been here before for the food and it's good.

Review №33

Great service, and delicious food. We had the Tres Maria's salad with beef, and the El Cilantro Chili Relleno.

Review №34

Food is always excellent! Drinks always on point! Customer service is over the top!

Review №35

Casual outdoor dining. Very relaxing, good food and drinks. Great views from the patio. Long term waiters.

Review №36

We had our wedding rehearsal dinner at Aldaco's and had a great experience. The atmosphere is beautiful and the view from the banquet room is stunning. Our food was delicious, and the drinks were great!! We really loved the potato poblano soup that we had for an appetizer, and we were sad when we found out they only make it specifically for private events!!! Gina was easy to work with and very accommodating. Thank you for a wonderful experience! I highly recommend Aldaco's!!

Review №37

Love this place to brunch and happy hour!! Great food and service. My favorite is the shrimp tamale. Check in on yelp for a free app that is also really tasty :)Recently went for restaurant week. Their soups were delicious, as were the Enchiladas.

Review №38

Excellent service. They take reservations. Food was better than typical Mexican. They have FIVE types of rellenos on the menu! The food was great. If you don't read Spanish, the menu is translated to English too.

Review №39

The only good Thing about this place is the view

Review №40

Excellent margaritas and enchiladas. Beautiful views and nice atmosphere.

Review №41

Two weeks ago everything was perfect. Today almost everything was horrible. I am providing a photo from two weeks ago. I even ordered two daiquiris this time. Big mistake they were very watered down and the alcohol was barely there. I dont think I will be back. Even my chips were semi stale and the workers were unhappy.

Review №42

Great food! Amazing drinks! And just the most beautiful view of the city!!

Review №43

Curbside! Good food and friendly service. Both chile rellenos are really good.We will definitely order again.

Review №44

Fairly disrespectful staff. We sat there for a while and all other tables were serviced before anyone even stopped at our table. When we told them, all they said sorry.

Review №45

Everything taste great and the service was very pleasant. Outside area is relaxing and has a great view.

Review №46

A lovely place w a scenic view! The patio area is very nice and the food very good! Did you know that this lady invented the Tres Leches cake? Yes she did!

Review №47

Been here numerous times over the years, service is always good and sitting outside looking over the city is awesome. Love this place and the food has always been excellent

Review №48

Aldaco's has the best patio and evening views of any place in the Stone Oak area. Food is not remarkable, the margarita selection is broad and there are a number of tasty options on the menu. Happy Hour is usually very good, with a few drinks discounted and some appetizers. As far as the food goes, I haven't found anything here that really stands out, it is good, but not anything I can point to as outstanding. Reliable is a good way to consider it, I can get chicken enchiladas that are good, always. They could use to focus on one or 2 items that would be fresh, house-made, and standouts to become a 4 or 5 star rating.

Review №49

Aldaco's Is one of our favorite mexican restaurants. The food is delicious and the service is great. Give it a try! You won't be disappointed!

Review №50

Waited outside for 20 minutes and not once did any server acknowledge us. Usually, a wonderful place, but lately has gone downhill, sadly.

Review №51

Aldaco's has a great 5 star atmosphere. Patio is great with water feature. Interior with its art is really nice. However the food is 3 star restaurant. What it lacks in flavor and authenticity it makes up in service. The bar drinks are a 4.5 variety and taste.

Review №52

Had such a wonderful time celebrating my 50th birthday with family! Our waiter was so patient & gave us all the time we needed. Drinks were delicious & the food was awesome! The only negative I would say is that my son asked for a side of queso & they brought out a tiny 1 oz cup! We all thought it was super funny until we got the bill & saw that they charged an extra $2.75 for that! Totally not worth it for the amount they give

Review №53

Great view, great service and awesome food. This is going on my "usual visit" place for dinner.

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Review №55

We had great service, and the food and drinks were on point. Didn't get to sit outside since there was a wait, but this places has the view.

Review №56

Aldaco's has been here for a while and the food is consistently good. I wish the chips were better, but small issue overall. Tex mex is good, the margaritas and view from the patio are outstanding! Great place to meet friends, unwind and have a bite to eat.

Review №57

So glad our hotel concierge recommended this restaurant. Food was really good not to mention desserts (tres leches, flan and even the churros). Drinks were fantastic!. Ms. Blanca Aldaco was so darling and caring and actually let me sample one of her new signatures drinks. A beet Margarita. It was soooo yummy!. We liked the place so much that went back the next day (July 4th for brunch). Will definitely go back next time we visit San Antonio. Thank you Ms. Aldaco and your staff for an excellent service.

Review №58

Great food service and HH

Review №59

Aldaco's is one of the most consistent restaurants I've ever experienced. Their servers have been there for years which always tells me they treat people right. Their food is outstanding, service is exceptional. I've been going there for years and every time I'm impressed. A+ Aldaco's.

Review №60

Great food, great service and awesome view at the patio!

Review №61

Food was excellent (I had the vegan Chile relleno, my wife had the chicken relleno enchilada with cilantro crema). Service was excellent. Beautiful views on the patio.

Review №62

Awesome food! Keto friendly! Great watermelon margaritas!

Review №63

Food was delicious! We enjoyed the fresh air on the patio with our pup and had a very nice meal.

Review №64

Worse curbside service ever. Was told to go inside and place my order, which the person before me was doing. Then when it was my turn. I was told to order on line. The girl telling me this had a bad attitude. So I walk out. Giving them one star was more then they deserve

Review №65

Amazing service and great delishious food

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Review №67

Best view in San Antonio!!! Good food and friendly service.

Review №68

This is easily the best Mexican food in Texas! Add great service and you have the best Mexican restaurant around. There is so much flavor compared to much of the Mexican food I have had. The chef is truly an artist! I just wish I didn't have to go to San Antonio to get it.

Review №69

We stopped by for lunch, i ordered the fajitas plate and they were excellent! So next time I brought the wife for dinner, the views of Stone Oak on the outside patio and the atmosphere are great and upscale. Service was very quick and attentive. We really enjoyed it here.

Review №70

Good food and friendly service.

Review №71

When I first went to this restaurant it was wonderful. Great Mexican food. Wanted to bring my family to it. Then the food became nothing special. Same tastes as others. Smaller plates and tastes of out straight out of cans blah food.

Review №72

I have been a loyal Aldacos customer since the 90's. Their food is excellent and consistent not to mention the service experience is the best in the city. Over the years we have enjoyed small outings, group outings, catered events , and now Covid 19 take home specials. My wife recently celebrated her 60th birthday. We had plans to have a family and friend gathering to celebrate at our favorite restaurant. Things changed so I placed an order over the phone to enjoy with my wife and 3 grown kids and family at home. Blanca made sure we honored her properly and let's just say she went above and beyond our expectations in a way we will never forget. Thanks so much for your kindness. Randy and Cindy Gregory

Review №73

This is a good Mexican place to try a lot of options. Restaurant is clean with good views. They spent a lot of time remodeling but I don't know if I like the new wall separating the bar and the restaurant area. Staff is always friendly and fast. I love their outside area it has a very good view over the hillside. Definitely worth going for a nice casual dinner

Review №74

Good food, great deck view, best Long Island iced tea I've ever had!

Review №75

The ambiance here is fantastic. The outdoor patio overlooking Stone Oak is beautiful. Their recent renovations are also very nice. The service is very attentive and personable. The food is also very good. It is a bit pricey, but it's upscale so that's to be expected.

Review №76

Food was good reasonable prices. Service was great. Didn't have to wait 10 min to refill tea glass.

Review №77

These chips are unlike any other!They had a rugged texture & thinner then others but still had a firm crunch with that nice snap sound that i love.Omg! The first salsai ever had with charred tomatoes!You can seen it throughout& taste the charred flavor perfectlymarried with the other fresh flavors!Fresh perky pico gallo& bright green guacamolePerfectly cooked rice!I could taste each rice kernel dancing in my mouth.

Review №78

Ceviche: No tomato was included even though it says it is supposed to have pico de Gallo included. So it was just fish, red onions, and lime. Chips were good. It was the most horrible ceviche I have ever had.Tacos De La Calle: Beef... very greasy, tortillas fell apart. However overall flavor was good. Needed a little salt for my liking, but that could just be my preference. Presentation was beautiful.Caldito De Pollo: They use shredded chicken breast so there is chicken in every bite. The flavor was great as well. My favorite of 3 I've tried thus far.Rice: Great texture. Good flavor.Charro beans: Great flavor.Service. Fast even at 6:30pm. Bartender is friendly and knows how to make an avocado margarita! Staff is friendly but not very knowledgeable about menu items.Price: Overpriced. But for the atmosphere, it's understandable.

Review №79

Second visit to Aldaco's. Had a fantastic meal. It was easy to stay on our Paleo diet and had healthy options. Treasure, our waitress, made wonderful recommendations. We were not disappointed. We would go again when we come back to San Antonio.

Review №80

Food is pretty good, service was great but the view was not has good as they claim it to be

Review №81

Since renovation, it seems that the service has declined in the bar area. I have been here many times trying to have a positive experience, I'm not sure what changed since the reonovation...but service is much slower and bar tenders dont seem as eager to serve. Maybe too overwhelmed?? The only reason I still go is due to sheer convenience and only less the 1 1/2 miles from my home. And the same with my friends.

Review №82

Great wait staff and food was AMAZING

Review №83

If youre looking for real mexican cuisine this is not the place im sorry to say and it is extremely overpriced!

Review №84

Better than expected. There's no shortage of Texmex or Mexican restaurants in San Antonio. Most of the good ones are more central or much further away. Aldaco's is the best in the far north central part of the city and one odd the best all around. Prices are generally reasonable. Food is fresh and the place is clean. Their charo beans are better than any others that I've had. Their tortilla soup is very good. The shredded chicken in my enchiladas was not dry like it is in most places. Cheeses used are a better quality than most. Service was good. My only complaint is that the place is a bit loud but it could also be because of the time of year and a company Christmas party that was happening there last night.

Review №85

The place and location is beautiful. The food is good but "ok".

Review №86

Took my family here while on vacation ..sat down for 15 minutes no one acknowledge we were even there ...when I told a waiter he got a attitude saying they were busy . horrible service ...Great view but I would rather take my family to a small mom and pop restaurant and look at a wall than bot even be acknowledged!!!

Review №87

Fantastic food and great atmosphere

Review №88

Love this place but our waiter Jared was phenomenal!!! He came to check on us many times and genuinely cared about us. He's a great worker!!

Review №89

WOW what a change. Food ambiance, new bar . Aldalcos is back in the game.Update: 5+ stars. EL MILAGRO Margarita the best. Great service. Food presentation the best. Overall the best Mexican restaurant on the Stone Oak area.

Review №90

Food was excellent! Not your usual bland Mexican rice and beans. I had the Chile relleno with cilantro. Excellent salad with it and a special white rice.

Review №91

3/19/20 Yes, even with COCID-19 closing everything, they are open for pickup or delivery. Same good food, on the go. And margaritas to go, too!

Review №92

Food is well made and presented. Service is attentive. Drinks are good.

Review №93

First timers. With Granddaughter and companion and GreatGrand Daughter! Enjoyed it. Food and drinks were good.

Review №94

Amazing food, amazing drinks, great atmosphere and great staff!!

Review №95

One of Stone Oak's hidden gems. Great Mexican food and flavorful drinks with an outdoor patio overlooking San Antonio. Ask for the secret drink, The Allison, a very tasty margarita. You're welcome.

Review №96

The table side guacamole is delicious as is the cucumber martini. The service was good too.

Review №97

We sat 30 minutes at our table waiting for someone to come ask us want we want drink or eat and nobody came,other workers just walked by us and said nothing

Review №98

Excellent Mexican food! The CARNE ASADA was so tender, no fat and the lime in it was amazing. I came back into town from Killeen to have lunch with my daughters and niece. This will be another reason I will miss moving away from San Antonio! However, I WILL be back and with my husband next time.

Review №99

This was our first time at Aldaco's. The service was great but a little slow. The food especially this vegetable and queso platter was absolutely delicious.The corn chips were warm with just the right amount of salt and not greasy. A mild sauce in addition to the spicy one would be nice.The rice was a bit flavorless but the beans with bacon made up for that. I have Celiac Disease so it was refreshing to see a small section with Gluten Free options.It was a bit disappointed with the drink options considering this is a Mexican restaurant, I expected an array of drinks other than fountain beverages. An addition of natural juices would be a wonderful addition.The view from the restaurant is spectacular

Review №100

Great as always, can't beat the center plate! Moved to the East coast a few years ago and there is nothing there like Aldaco's. We come every time we visit

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  • Address:20079 Stone Oak Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78258, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-494-0561
  • Family restaurant
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  • Mexican restaurant
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Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–9:30PM
  • Tuesday:10:30AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:11AM–8:30PM
  • Friday:11AM–8:30PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9:30PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Identifies as women-led:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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