The Melting Pot
14855 Blanco Rd #110, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
Review №1

Awesome experience! My husband and I went for our 5th anniversary and had wonderful service from Ashley! Everything is cooked in front of you, and well... you're cooking the main course for yourself if you do the four course meal like we did! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in our cozy little corner where we could be alone. We most definitely recommend The Melting Pot for special date nights or to just break out of the ordinary.

Review №2

This was quite the experience! The ambiance is perfect! The four course meals is an absolutely brilliant idea. The wine selection is good. Great staff, friendly and welcoming service. Might I also add that overall, dipping the brownie bites, rice crispy, and fruits into the white chocolate was great! Very fun.

Review №3

Fondue and the scene at this place is super good. A preferred evening place. Fast, efficient, and courteous service. The place has a nice feel to it. Reminds me of a place in New York I liked to visit.

Review №4

Always love coming to this spot for special occasions! The food is so delicious and its such a great experience every single time. The staff is always so nice and friendly. Really puts the cherry on top of a great evening. The turtle selection they have around Valentines day should be an everyday option! Its THAT good!

Review №5

My first time was amazing but this second one was quite peculiar. My waiter took his time on getting some refills, twice, and his knowledge on sauces lacked. Literally said " don't know what goes with what" except for the teriyaki one. Then the gentleman who took our plates away dropped the sauces everywhere in the attempt of doing it quickly. Please maintain the good quality that make this place amazing, kinda like the one I had on my first experience.

Review №6

One of your more unique dining experiences in San Antonio. Our server Austin was a big part of making this such a great night out. Definately recommend doing the 4 course will get to try a little of everything...and order the wine flight and they will match each course with a sample of a fitting wine. we will definitely be back. Highly recommend.

Review №7

One of my favorite places for tasty fondue. excellent spot to spend time alone or talk business. reminds me of a place in new york i loved to visit.

Review №8

Interesting experience! Gets pricey the more people you're with in a family, but it's an enjoyable experience nonetheless. If you're wanting to order and eat you might not like this place because there's a lot of waiting, preparing, and cooking your own food. There's a four course meal if you choose it; the cheese fondue with bread and veggies, salad with three different choices, the main course fondue with a bunch of options, and the chocolate fondue with all kinds of sweets to dip. It was nice, and the restaurant provided a nice atmosphere and service. Just be patient and prepare to pay.

Review №9

This was my wife's first time here as we came her for our anniversary on 8/23. Our server Joey (Joseph) we was absolutely phenomenal. He was very attentive and helped walked us thru the menu. The entire experience was very memorable and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a nice, yet different night out to come here. Keep up the amazing work!

Review №10

Kyle was amazing and funny. This man had the best jokes and I enjoyed him being our server and hearing him interact with the other customers. 10/10 best dude in there.

Review №11

It's a pretty alright place to go. Very fancy expect prices to reflect the fanciness

Review №12

We've come here a few times and it is always good. We did have one bad experience (due to a server not the food or restaurant) and it was quickly remediated by the GM Michael, and manager Trevor.This restaurant has excellent management, and you won't regret coming here.Our waiter Joey did a fantastic job, and everything was perfect. If you come in you should ask for Joey, and if you have a bad experience, never hesitate to reach out to management because they will make up for it and set expectations above and beyond for your next visit.

Review №13

ServiceBesides the unfortunate covid mask wearing waiters, the staff knows their stuff. You can tell they are worked hard though because they are in a hurry. when trying something new and fun like this u want to take your time and understand what you are ordering.foodhard to complain about the food since a lot of it you cook for yourself. it is an amazing food experience that everyone should try.

Review №14

Wonderful POT experience Super yum and healthy

Review №15

Went during month. As usual the food was awesome. Kyle, our server was the best we have had so far. Be sure and make a reservation. We paid 35 a person for 4 courses during this special. Highly recommend

Review №16

Things I loved: cheese fondue, drinks, atmosphere, service, great parking, eat at your own pace, the dessert was phenomenal, salad was above par. The ONLY thing I wish I would've had was a better explanation of how it works on my first ever visit here. I didn't know that we would be cooking our own meats. It makes sense now that I know, but I mean, I'd have only gotten the cheese fondue, salad, and dessert had I known

Review №17

Food was great as always.My niece was impressed.Waiter was alright.Definitely my fave.Very safe clean distancing good.My niece was just surprise by her having to cook herself.But the lighting of the dessert impressed her

Review №18

Delicious food and alot of fun. Definately a different way to get a meal. Plan on being here for a couple hours if you do the 4 course meal though.

Review №19

Service was really good & our waiter Kyle was cool and friendly . Our first time here and he explained it all perfectly ....We will definitely be back and thank you to entire staff ! Great job ....

Review №20

We had a wonderful experience due to our waiter named Austin. He made it extra special for my daughter 16th birthday. We loved his personality and humor. Thank you Melting Pot for having an awesome staff member. We will definitely be see you again. Thanks again Austin.

Review №21

The Melting Pot is a total experience! We did the Big Night Out for Two. We started out the evening with Bacon & Brie cheese it was excellent. For our salads we did the California and the Bacon & Bleu Spinach both were awesome. We choose the Mojo cooking style for the meats and veggies it was so delicious. Finished off the evening with the Flaming Turtle fondue. It was an amazing dinner. Tori provided us with excellent service and great food. We will definitely be back. If you haven't been here yet we totally recommend you come experience it for yourself.

Review №22

Great experience and the food quality was very good. Little too pricey in opinion but it's great for a special occasion.

Review №23

Went here for the first time and it was good food, our waitress was rude but she fixed that, she made a comment after us trying to decide what we wanted to eat but it was our first time there. My favorite was the cheese fondue. It was a fun experience. Might try again

Review №24

This was our 10-year anniversary dinner. They really added the extra touches to make it special (no spoilers). We both did the four-course dinner and it was delicious. So much food! The server paced it slow, so we didn't feel rushed at all. It's very cozy. Very wide variety of options, and the sauces they provide are very good. We'll definitely return for special occasions.

Review №25

My husband made the reservation and called ahead to order the 20 Couples package which included rose petals on the table and floating candles in a vase of water. It was beautiful. The meal was delicious. We used the food timers on their website on our phones to cook our meat. The meat was very good and tender. We got the Flaming Turtle for dessert and it was very yummy. Our waiter was very nice and slowly explained what everything was and how to eat it since it was our first time. I'm definitely going back!!

Review №26

Beautiful, Attentive, delicious. Pricy but expected. Definitely got what we paid for.

Review №27

Service was excellent! We had a reservation so no wait time even. It is pricey but it is well worth it for a 4 course meal. You have to cook your own meat in a pot so if you are skeptical about under cooking meat then this probably isn't for you but everything is amazing. Just make sure you have the chocolate at the very least!

Review №28

Welp i always wanted to try this Melting pot place and Is not my type of place. Food was pretty good. The employees are very professional. If you really want get to know someone bring them here. You will have plenty of time to get to know them. Be prepared to cook your own food.

Review №29

This exceeded expectations. It was an awesome experience!! Loooved the marinade they used as well as the desert which was for lack of a better word awesomesauce!!!! Very highly recommend and bring a group

Review №30

The food is great! It was a little bit of surprise you have to cook the food yourself, but over all, really good food :).

Review №31

I love this place, is a perfect place to share flavors with family and friends, or just to have a romantic dinner with your couple. There are so many options and delicious flavors to choose from starters to dessert and they are all good. Great variety of drinks too. Service was supreme.

Review №32

Great place. Staff is super nice professional and very courteous. Love the setting. Great for dinner with friends and family as well as acozy dinner date. Fondue style coming always brings about good conversation. Highly recommend.

Review №33

Just had dinner there for the first time for my birthday. Did not realize the experience this would be! Definitely something to try at least once. Very thankful for the great service especially since it was a table of 6 and we were there pass closing :( just because the whole experience takes longer than expected.. but we appreciate our exceptional waitress! The bananas foster was my favorite. Delicious!!!!!

Review №34

Food and atmosphere was great, Kyle was just the cherry topping on the already amazing sundae

Review №35

Looking for someplace different and unique for dinner?? Then this is the place for sure. We've never done fondue before, but it was so easy and simple. They explain everything! It's a 4 course meal and you make selections in each category. We LOVED it! Will definitely be back again. The cost is up there, so maybe save for a romantic night out or if you are celebrating anything. Listen to the staff's suggestions, they know what works well together. Overall.. YUM!

Review №36

Expensive place to eat but worth it for a special occasion. So it's a four course meal if you do the meal plan otherwise it is a la carte. Start off with cheese fondue, then salad, main course, then dessert. Cheese and dessert are freaking amazing and the salad was really good. Main course was good but for the price your paying think it's better for a fancy steak house. However, the cheese and dessert kind of off set it. Drinks are pricey but it is a fancy restaurant so you're going to pay. I would go again but not something I would do often.

Review №37

It's honestly not worth the money. The atmosphere is great and the food presentation is on key but you are not going to get what you pay for. The portions are tiny and the bill is enormous. For my wife and I- by the end of the meal and after a few drinks, you are looking at at least $200+. The hostess' are kind of rude when you first walk in which was kind of a turn off because we had a reservation and they made us wait past our set time even though we arrived a little early to be on time. The taste of the food is also somewhat bland and if it's your first time then good luck because it's a learning curve. If you're going here on a first date and you've never done fondue then you should probably pick somewhere else to avoid the embarrassment, lol. I probably won't go back.Let me break down what you actually get in your 4 courses, which is $100:#1: 1 slice of bread cut into 8 pieces, 1 cup of hot cheese, 1 stock of celery cut into 4 pieces, 2 cherry tomatoes.#2: 1 bowl of bland salad divided onto 2 plates for effect, topped with dry bacos and bleu foot cheese.#3: 3 pieces of shrimp, 1 4oz thin steak cut into 8 pieces, 1 sliver of chicken cut into 4 pieces, and 2 pieces of broccoli and 2 mushroom caps (I suggest not using the vegetable broth to cook your food in because it will absorb into your food).#4: 4 slices of banana, 2 strawberries sliced into 8 pieces, 2 marshmallows, half a rice crispy treat cut into 2 pieces, half a brownie cut into 2 pieces (this all honestly tastes like little Debbie snacks that you dip into cheap tasting chocolate).The portions are just an illusion and it doesn't even taste that good. It's really funny how people get so hung up on the atmosphere and $9 beers... you can buy that entire 4 course meal at HEB for less than $18, so you're paying for nothing basically.

Review №38

If you want to do it right, I recommend going to one of their endless fondue events. 44.95pp and you can stuff yourself and really get your money's worth. Endless 4 course menu, really means endless but who wants to waste their time on the salad course!? Skip it and go for the sirloin and shrimp! We've been going every year for Fat Tuesday, Easter or Father's day for the last 8 years. It's the only way to really leave this place without being hungry!

Review №39

The dining experience here is fun and unique. The food is tasty and you can eat and have conversation without feeling rushed to leave. We ordered the San Antonio dinner experience (4 course meal). We had a hiccup with the entree, where they unilaterally replaced our filet with chicken, but the manager was responsive and fixed the issue. The food was good and worth the expense. Depending on the number of courses you order, expect to spend about 1.5-2.5 hours at the restaurant.

Review №40

Tried the unlimited entrees special they had going on. Everything was delicious and the server was very attentive and kind!

Review №41

Food and service was exceptional. Cody was amazing

Review №42

Nice restaurant with very good food. Was my first time eating at the Melting Pot and everyone in my party enjoyed the food and overall dining experience. Nice atmosphere and very comfortable.

Review №43

Always a good experience. Service is great as is the food. Servers never hesitate to bring more of whatever you like.

Review №44

Went for the first time to celebrate my birthday... everything was absolutely wonderful...the food, experience, the service...will definitely be returning.

Review №45

Excellent service!! Tables are so spaced out that you are never near any other diners. Great experience.

Review №46

Awesome food. Awesome service. Worthy high end date place for around $180-250 depending on normal or high end drinks, assuming you go for all courses.

Review №47

This has been my third time I here believe. I always love to watch for new specials or limited cheese specials. The staff is very friendly. We had a waitress this last time who really made our dinner experience relaxing and fun. We went on a worlds cheese special night.Everything tasted fresh and we will be going back again and again.

Review №48

Fair warning, I love The Melting Pot. This location was just as good as the others I have been to. Our server was awesome and everyone was great to my daughter, who was a first time customer and is younger than your average Melting Pot patron. The food was as good as usual and once again this was a nice way to have a pleasant 2.5 hour dinner at our own pace.

Review №49

Great place for an occasion. Not all the time because it is pricey. Fantastic food, setting, comfortable. We usually go here for the four course meal. Cheese fondue, a salad, main dish and chocolate fondue for dessert. I highly recommend this place and reservations are highly recommended. This is easy to do online. Expect a two person meal to run over one hundred to one hundred and twenty five dollars.

Review №50

Melting Pot is always a nice experience, with good service and food. Delectable Wisconsin Cheddar fondue, salmon, teriyaki steak etc, and various chocolate desserts! Additionally, we had bananas foster for our dessert!

Review №51

Great place to go for any occasion. The food was good but the chocolate fondue was amazing! It's slow paced and there is no rush to leave. My family and I had an amazing time. We are already planning our next time there and we just left. So many options to choose from. It was a wonderful night out and well worth the price.

Review №52

It was an amazing experience. Great food and service. Be prepared to stay a while!

Review №53

Cool experience. Food was fantastic

Review №54

This was a REALLY fun experience. There were 12 of us there for a birthday party and we were seated at two separate tables “kind of” connected but they were about two feet apart. Each table had the same waiter (Eric) and he couldn't have been more patient with us.I was really confused with all of the instructions at first, but here's how it works for groups:It starts off with everyone choosing their own salads.Each table of six has two stove top burners.Each table of six chooses two different types of cheese to dip various types of bread, fruits, and veggies in.Next up:Each table chooses two different broths to cook your entrees in, but each person can choose their own entree (this is the part I was confused about before I went - I thought each table had to share the same entree, but you don't). Entrees vary from steak, to chicken, seafood, or just veggies.Final course:Dessert! You get to choose a different chocolate (or even bananas foster) for each burner at your table. Then they bring out rice crispy treats, banana slices, waffle pieces and other delectable desserts for your dipping desires.So that's how the process goes, now here are additional details about the experience:Even though each table had two different broths, cheeses, and chocolates, it was kind of difficult to maneuver back and forth to share. The pots are hot, so you can't pass them back and forth. You have to stand up and lean over everyone to dunk your food in the different pots.Go with the prebuilt four course meal, as it is the least confusing. I went with the veggie - kinda sucked because most of the veggies fall off of the skewers while they are in the broth, but oh well.Each person gets 3 skewers - dunk three things at a time, after they're cooked, empty them onto your plate and dunk 3 more while you eat the cooked ones with your fork and knife - it saves some time.In addition to the courses ordered, they also brought a couple of baskets of broccoli, new/red potatoes, and mushrooms to the table - those ‘shrooms were THE BOMB after cooking them in the broth!They have 6 or 7 bottled beers and some on tap, but a couple of the kegs were empty or being changed out the night I was there, so the waiter kept coming back to tell me “we don't have that any more, etc.”Expect to spend a LOT of time there if you are with a group. We were there for about 5 hours. Not because the service was slow (after all, you're cooking your own food). Although it was 5 hours, the time sped by because it was such a fun experience. Just don't make plans for after dinner if you go in the evening.I hear it's a great place for date night, but I think you only get one burner so you have to agree on the cheese, broth, and chocolate flavor.P.S. They let us bring our own cake in and even brought out a knife so we could cut it up!I was REALLY confused before I went, so I hope this review clears things up for other first time visitors.Four course meals range from $35 to $45.

Review №55

Great food..excellent service!!!

Review №56

Love this place! They helped us celebrate and the food is amazing!

Review №57

Food was delicious! I love cheese ️. Well served and plenty of options to choose from. Price is fair and service was good too. I live the ambience of the place. I recommend it for couples.

Review №58

This place was AMAZING! It was different compared to other restaurants. It goes through different courses. First you'll have your "Cheese Fondue", which you'll get to choose from the menu what kind of pot of cheese do you want. I had tried "Bacon & Brie" and "Quatto Formaggio". They were good but if I had too much it made me sick. Some people like a lot but I personally don't. Next was the "Salad", I had gotten a "Caesar" salad but for some reason I didnt quite like the sauce, maybe just my personal taste, but I don't know for sure. After that was the "Entrée Fondue", which was like you "Main Course". I chose the "Make Your Own" and I had picked "Shrimp, All-Natural Chicken breast, and Veggie Potstickers". But, during this course they gave you small pots with special soup and seasoning that you get to cook your own food in! Quite creative and fun. I mean seriously, there is littery no was to over cook or burn the food so its definitely something fun for families. After I cooked my food, the Chicken didn't have much flavor, the Potstickers were great and the Shrimp was amazing. I got to taste different types of dips which were amazing was well, my favorite was the "Goddess" dip. Finally, was the dessert, and Oh, my, gosh. It melted my heart, body, and soul. There is no words to describe the feeling when eating such amazing, and delicious, hot chocolate dessert. It was called "Flaming Turtle". It tastes good with Strawberries and Marshmallows. I had another dessert called "Bananas Foster", and that's what made my heart melt. It was nice and creamy, it had Chocolate, caramel, and bananas. Out of all the courses, the dessert was my favorite ~♡

Review №59

Highly recommend! The food is excellent from the first course to dessert. However, the reason I'm writing this review is the exemplary service provided to us by the manager Lance and the server Tori. I have a special needs daughter and in my rush to make it to dinner on time I forgot her dinner, which must be specially prepared for her. Tori and Lance went above and beyond to accommodate her needs including taking the time to peel and puree apples for her, so instead of driving back to get her food I was able to enjoy dinner with my family. She liked it so much she asked for seconds, which they did by hand again for her. That means a lot to me as taking my daughter out can be challenging at times, so anything people do to make it easier is deeply appreciated, especially with the kindness and empathy they both showed. Because of this amazing service and the fantastic food we will absolutely be returning frequently. Again, thank you to Tori and Lance, you guys are both great!

Review №60

Super yummy and relaxed atmosphere for a lovely evening out after a long time of non-evenings-out.

Review №61

1st time experience, and it was nice. If you know nothing about this place. You pick a 4 course meal. Starting with a cheese fondue, then a salad. After that you will have a meat section, which you will be in charge of the cooking yourself, and after this portion, you will be brought the finial part, which is the desert. This was a Birthday gift, but not something I would have picked out myself. Still had a good time.

Review №62

Do.Not.Eat.Here.We waited 2 hours for a table for a birthday occasion. Could have been less if the staff cleaned the smaller tables and pushed them together. Ended up leaving because my large party was starving. Didn't even bring out the salads to keep us happy.For a place that requires you to cook your own food, they certainly take their time.Will not recommend to anyone EVER.If I could give zero stars, I would. This place is not worth it.

Review №63

The 4 course meal is an awesome experience!

Review №64

Great setup, nice privacy and style but way too much sugar and no healthy option.

Review №65

Really nice place with nice atmosphere and delicious food. I recommend the special for 2 or when they have specials. Great place to have a nice and relax date

Review №66

I love the Melting Pot! I've been going there since it opened. Great food and service! It's worth the experience

Review №67

The food is good, but I absolutely love that they have these little romantic booths that feel really separate from the rest of the restaurant. Great for an intimate date!

Review №68

The best of San Antonio four-course experience was absolutely divine. Me and my significant other went and we absolutely adore the entire menu it was our second time coming for the events and we were blown away both times with this menu. Definitely cannot wait to come back and try the cast-iron grill and some more of the desert fondue

Review №69

The food and service is always great! The Melting Pot is a great place to spend the evening with friends!

Review №70

We absolutely love going here for special occasions even if it is pricey we don't mind. The only thing that will ruin it is horrible service. Our server Tori, I believe was her name, she was the worst. This makes me question if I want to spend so much money the next time we decide to have our celebration day ruined.

Review №71

Experience was very good! Waitress was on point with everything we order. Planning on returning again.

Review №72

Always amazing everytime. Incredibly staff, super knowledgeable and personable. They always have options for a casual dinner, date night out or special occasion!!! Thank you so much melting pot for an incredible experience everytime!!

Review №73

Great atmosphere! Excellent food! So fun using the fondue method to cook and coat your food with delicious cheeses, chocolate, and sauces!!

Review №74

Great food! Nice atmosphere.

Review №75

Amazing food and you great staff

Review №76

I just have to go there every year for my birthday!!! The Yin & Yang chocolate fondue is divine!!! So are my giant chocolate covered strawberries!!! This year, the guests that I invited couldn't make it.Our server, August did a wonderful job by making me feel special & come to find out, her birthday is in a few days! It's always so good to share an Aquarius birthday!!!

Review №77

Been a long time since I've been, it was actually fun with as a couple or group. Food was nice as well. I'd go back!

Review №78

Fun experience. Good food.

Review №79

My FAVORITE restaurant. Great experience, tasty food, and friendly wait staff!

Review №80

Super horrible food was taken before i was done eating..waiter picked up and dropped food off before i could respond..then..he never showed up again.bus boy did a better job. ..s..super rude

Review №81

A Dining experience that's distinctly unique, tastes awesome and is etched in memory forever.

Review №82

I've eaten at the the melting pot many times in ohio and have always loved it, and so decided to give this one a try. Overall, the meal was excellent I did the four course experience which includes a cheese fondue, a salad, an entree fondue, and a chocolate fondue for desert. I went with the new Quattro Formaggio, by far my new favorite cheese one; the Calofornia salad, and it was good even though I found the raspberry vinaigrette to be a little to sweet; the steak lovers for the entree with the Bourgunonne cooking style, which was good even though the tempura never really fried; and the Carmel toffee crunch, that was decadent.My only complaints involve the table. My table had a line of dirty, old food along the burner. Also position-wise the table was next to the bathroom that had a lot of foot traffic and ambiance ruining light from the outside.

Review №83

Love this place! It was fantastic! Awesome service, awesome food, and the chocolate Flaming Turtle was amazing!

Review №84

Always an excellent experience. My favorite place!

Review №85

Amazing food and the staff is really friendly and knowledgeable

Review №86

Food and atmosphere great as always.. service, not so much. The service has definitely declined in my last 2 visits.

Review №87

We enjoyed the food and time spent. Make sure to read the menu twice. Lots of information on there

Review №88

It's amazing this place is still open. The idea of the restaurant is a good one, however, the staff running and the service staff have forgotten what customer service is. I do not believe the pricing structure is correct and the managers will backup the staff in their ignorance. The staff were eager to get me out the place that they wouldn't even wait for me to finish my dinner before trying to take my plates. Both during the cheese and dessert fondue I had to practically take the plates back from the server to prevent him from taking them. I did think about using the fondue prods to make my point but I held back and also there were gnats around as you can see in the pictures I shared. I will not return to this place.

Review №89

Absolutely loved the experience, our service was amazing and the food was great.

Review №90

Great place for a date night. Booths offer privacy and the atmosphere is perfect for a nice, quiet night out. And the food is always amazing!

Review №91

We normally go for special occasions this a great place to catch up with friends because dinner takes a long time.

Review №92

Fresh food. Quality service. Outstanding servers. Nice experience.

Review №93

Omg...great service. Great food. No rush, just take your time for a couple of hours and enjoy your company. Will have to come.back here.

Review №94

Always so good and awesome service

Review №95

I love the experience.42 bucks a person. Worth it for the experience. Waiter was stuck up.

Review №96

The food is excellent, service is great! If you do the 4 course meal allow about 2 hours for the meal. It's a fun experience!

Review №97

Pricie, but you get what you pay for. Great food (cook it yourself), attentive staff, good drinks. Family friendly, romantic friendly, lots of little rooms. Adults areas are nice and quiet. Family areas are a bit kid noisy.

Review №98

You can order cheese or chocolate fondue in here and it's really delicious. They have different varieties of cheese and stuff to dip on. You can customize as you like it. The ambiance is also very nice. My husband took me here for my birthday, and it was not such a good idea to bring our young boys along to this restaurant. This is more of a Valentine's or anniversary date place where couples can enjoy it more than families with little kids.

Review №99

We always enjoy when we go. Just plan on being there for a couple of hours. It is a great place eat and visit because you cook your own meats at the table.

Review №100

Some of food are not good for me

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:14855 Blanco Rd #110, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-479-6358
  • Family restaurant
  • Bar
  • Fondue restaurant
  • Fine dining restaurant
  • Gluten-free restaurant
  • Vegan restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:4–9PM
  • Tuesday:4–9PM
  • Wednesday:5–9PM
  • Thursday:5–9PM
  • Friday:5–9PM
  • Saturday:5–9PM
  • Sunday:5–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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