Biryani Pot
9386 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240, United States
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Quality food with good portion size. Reasonable price and service.

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05.04.2019After seeing so many good reviews we tried there Veg Biryani and Masala Pepper Corn.Corn were tasty but bit oily and Veg Biryani was also well prepared. On medium level it's Hot as compare to other Indian restaurant.My friend took Boneless Chicken Biryani and not able to eat most of it as it was hot on mild level and chicken was not fresh.So over all it was a 3 start experience. The place was almost full on Saturday night, so thing mush be really nice here. We need to give them another try with some thing else.

Review №3

We food from here at Thanksgiving at a catered event and had planned to go try it. Got around to it for lunch today. Take out only available for now, can't wait until we can dine in. I know very little about Indian food other than I like most of it when I hit buffets. I asked the gentleman what the house specialty was and ordered that and then a "spicy fish dish" as well. They were both excellent. Very flavorful, probably a little too hot for my mid-west wife. There was enough for two meals for each of us, and I have a huge appetite, we'll have the leftovers for dinner. It completely cleared my sinuses and I am sweating from the top of my head. That is how I know I had a great Indian meal. Highly recommend! If you haven't tried this place you are missing out. I'll be going back often.

Review №4

Loved this place from the first taste. service is consistently above par. prices were appropriate.

Review №5

Went here for lunch. First time eating Indian in San Antonio. Still looking forward the best spot. Food had good flavor and balanced heat. This is a south India restaurant. Basic service and attention.Overall it was good food but don't think I've found the best Indian food in San Antonio.

Review №6

Food was great! One of the best Indian food in San Antonio. It is definitely more traditional, which means its spicy!

Review №7

I love this place. nothing but pleasant experiences here. this place has a cool feel to it.

Review №8

Unfortunately, the food was so extremely spicy we couldn't really taste anything. We love Indian food and have ordered it from numerous different restaurants in many different states. Usually if a dish is spicy it is stated clearly on the menu description, there was no warning. Seriously, my wife loves spicy food but this was over the top. We were so disappointed we were unable to enjoy anything in our $40 order.

Review №9

Certainly a top place in the area. i'll return with my coworkers. it has a good atmosphere. menu is like a cafe in boston i loved.

Review №10

Fresh food all the time. Very busy place but they still provide great service and awesome food.

Review №11

Taste was great. Quantity of food was amazing. Each serving is enough for 2 people. We had their Biryani and Butter Chicken. Garlic Naans were really good. Tea was fine. Biryani was amazing. Service was extremely slow and very unprofessional. They should improve on cleanliness also.

Review №12

I love this place. The chicken mughlai is my new favorite dish. The food takes a while to be made (not necessarily a bad thing), and multiple times now I've had to remind them to include the sodas I paid for in my to-go order, but this place is simply fantastic. Make sure you get your full order when you pick up, but definitely try this place. It's amazing.

Review №13

Went there on a Friday I think. The staff was very friendly and kind. Prices were appropriate. Menu is like a cafe in Boston I liked.

Review №14

Got there about two, it was not packed. This place has a nice atmosphere. Kinda of like a place in Houston that I enjoyed.

Review №15

One of the best spots in the area. The service here is friendly. Prices are fair I would say. Like a restaurant in Washington I loved.

Review №16

Easy pick up from window and one of the best Indian food we have had in San Antonio in 10 years. Hope they can keep this high standard up.

Review №17

So far so good, will order again.

Review №18

Food is good, but it's so spicy that it cannot be eaten without cream or citric acid. I've had it twice and asked for it to be more mild this last time and it was anything but. My husband's biryani was so hot that he hardly ate and he loves it spicy.

Review №19

For regular to spicy food lovers. Still can't get enough of goat chops of heaven.

Review №20

I ordered Chicken briyani's today and got briyany and the chicken was not fresh. I am totally disappointed with the quality of the chicken in the briyani

Review №21

OMG the goat, tho...!! I know it's only takeout right now, but ot is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

Review №22

Do not leave if it's busy, it is worth it. Definitely worth a return visit. Mood here reminds me of San Diego's scene.

Review №23

Got there near five, it wasn't very busy. The bill was fair. Atmosphere is similar to a place in Columbus I loved.

Review №24

Authentic Indian food at great price! The food is amazing and the price is reasonable. I have enjoyed every dish , I had here.

Review №25

Food was so delish. The staff was very friendly and kind. Bring your appetite because portions are large.

Review №26

My favorite authentic Indian food resturaunt in San Antonio. Easily the best Chicken65 and Chicken Biryani in the city. The chicken korma is also really good. Service is always quick and polite. Food is always fresh and spicy! Don't let these negative reviewers fool you. If you dont want authentic or spicy then don't come here.

Review №27

BEST Indian food in San Antonio. Great service, great food, great prices :)

Review №28

Food is good but please make sure the cashier wear mask so that everyone can stay safe

Review №29

My family weekly visiting place. My only regret is my stomach wasn't big enough to order more things on the menu that looked delicious...Five stars for the excellent service and amazing food. Staff members doing great teamwork Always nicely done dishes. Awesome place for Indian food. Many varieties, real Indian taste, reasonable price. EVERYTHING we ordered was AMAZING from last two years....We miss this place... Highly recommended

Review №30

This Indian restaurant chain specializes in food from the southern region of India, with many options that the city of Hyderabad is known for. They also have some Indo-China options on the menu.The entrees here are REALLY large and meant to be shared family style, or you can always take your leftovers home. The place isn't very large, but we got there at 6:45 and had no problems getting seating for about 10 of us. By the time we left around 8:30, the place was bumpin' though, and people were standing around waiting for tables.Appetizer - Gobi Manchurian - WOW, these were the bomb, and I would recommend them to anyone. Crispy fried cauliflower smothered in a wonderful spicy, soy based glaze. It had just a bit of a spicy kick to it, but not overwhelmingly so.Entrees:Navaratham Kurma - REALLY good. Nine vegetables served in a delicious, creamy sauce. Normally not served spicy, but I asked them to make it spicy and it was perfect! However, there was more sauce than veggies in it (almost like a soup) so I poured it over the basmati rice to thicken it up a bit.Hyderabadi Goat Dum Biryani - the rice was wonderfully seasoned and you could taste the separate distinct seasonings that each of the three rice types were cooked in. They don't cook them all together like another place in town does - they cook them separately and then combine them. The goat meat was in decent sized chunks, it was tender and had a good flavor to it.Chicken 65 (I don't see it listed on the online menu, but I'm certain that's what it was - it might be listed under another name) - tender, spicy chunks of chicken. I'm a fan of this dish, but I'll have to confirm the name of it.Shrimp Biryani was also ordered, but by the time it made its way to me, I was stuffed, so I can't comment on that dish.Service is good, very friendly, but the place DOES get crowded in the evenings. And when we were all closing out at the register, the guy running it was also juggling call in orders between two phones. They are THAT good y'all!

Review №31

It was so savory. Staff treated us so kindly.

Review №32

I ordered food to go, and it was hard to order, the man on the phone seemed to be in a rush and was hesitant when having to answer questions about the menu. The food was really good, a bit overpriced, but I would go back a second time.I asked for my meal to be mild, but it was very spicy, I don't mind it since I love spicy food, but others who do expect a mild plate, need to be careful with the spice

Review №33

Don't know why or how this place has such good reviews when their customer service is sub marginal. I waited to get my order for over 30 minutes. People who were there before me received their meals and then those who came after me received theirs as well. They kept telling me to wait but after over 30 minutes of waiting patiently, I left their establishment and don't plan on ever going back there. This is simply horrible and bizarre to say the least. Who cares about your food when your service is below average?!

Review №34

Spicy, but the food is amazing! One of the best Indian food places around!

Review №35

Food is great, dont get me wrong, the meals wont disappoint, they are flavorful, and filling-- despite the bones being left in the meat. but since they only do take out at the moment, they are very slow, and kind of disorganized. Ordered over the phone and told me 40min to come pick it up, which is fine as the food is delicious. But getting there I had to wait another 25min, as they didnt have it ready, and had to give my name 3 times. That had happened to me twice since this past pandemic started. The guys answer the phones and play with the machines instead of getting the food ready and passed out. Being busy is good, I guess, but not being able to manage it is the worst.

Review №36

Excellent food at great prices. You can eat like a King... or Queen. They have a variety of vegetarian options (and non-vegetarian) options to choose from. I'd recommend eating there. The price per meal is very conservative in comparison to the serving size.

Review №37

I liked their food every single time ... we ordered Keema naan, Chili chicken and Goat Biriyani - $30 - delicious ! Everytime quick service and fully crowded.

Review №38

One of the best places to eat Indian Food in SA.Best word to describe the food "Exquisite".

Review №39

Love there fried fish chilies. It wasn't as spicy as I thought. We had a great time even though it was busy for thanksgiving

Review №40

This restaurant primarily focuses on South Indian dishes and does justice to them by providing the synthetic taste. The place is famous for Good spicy food with decent price, but not for hospitality, cleanliness or ambience. The service wait time is higher than To-go orders.Prefer a To Go order than to eat in.

Review №41

I have been to this place before and ordered the same dish. Last few times I have come here the taste is just not good. Food feels bland and chicken is undercooked. The gravy does not seem to go inside the meat any of the curries. Way down quality in the food. Really disappointed. Also, astonishing enough the appetizers are really expensive almost as close as the main dishes. But the quantity is less than half.

Review №42

Best food in town! Loved each and every food we ordered. Spicy food is spicy and yet delicious. Its a very rare combo to find. Even the quantity is great.

Review №43

Ordered for a wedding function awesome experience. Food delivered on time in hot case. Very respectful. Very inexpensive. We ordered 15 items all were very good without exception. Even breakfast was delivered at very good price punctually and very tasty

Review №44

I'm a huge stickler for good biryani and this place has the best biryani in the area. I base my judgment of a good Indian restaurant based on how well the biryani is made as it is my favorite dish and it shouldn't be difficult to make good biryani. The curries are good too - I've only tried the palak paneer though.

Review №45

Food is decent but there's definitely a lack of service if you're not a regular and it's noticeably dirty.There were multiple flies, hairs on the plates, the waiters kept coughing and didn't cover their mouths, and the floor was visibly dirty.My boyfriend and me arrived ordered and waited for 2 hours to get his dish which was basically chicken and rice. My dish took at least 45 minutes but it was good so I felt it was worth the wait. I figured my boyfriend's probably just took longer to cook so we waited and waited. Three separate groups around us arrived and ordered well after us yet all of them, got their food an hour before him. No one offered an excuse or apology for the long wait. When it did finally arrive I realized it was the excate same dish the lone gentleman across from us ordered, well after us, and two of the people in the family of six to our right ordered, again well after us. I'm guessing they kept giving his dish to the regulars and just let us wait since it was our first time there.We will not be returning, the food and prices were decent but the service and cleanliness left much to be desired.

Review №46

The food is always great and always served really hot

Review №47

Best Indian food i have had in while

Review №48

Consistent taste, delicious Biryani. Do try the Lunch thali during weekdays which comes with a full bowl of biryani, 2 curries, Naan, Papad and some house desert.

Review №49

This place has a great feel to it.

Review №50

Somehow taste of biryani is never consistent at this place. Sometimes it is really good. Sometimes it is really bad with burned chicken.

Review №51

Food is good but they don't care about customer service. Ordered over the phone more than hour and 30 mins and still they made me wait another 40 mins outside. So they took orders but will not make it ready on time. People order before hand so they don't have to wait but they don't understand this.

Review №52

I gotta say that Biryani Pot is my favorite place in the entire world. I've been to this location and also the one in Houston and thoroughly enjoyed both of my meals equally. The flavor is amazing, it's fairly inexpensive, the wait is barely there, the staff treats you well, its easy to understand what you're putting in your body, and its that amazing authentic food. Lovely.

Review №53

I go to this superb restaurant from time to time since I enjoy the ambiance that is characterizes this place. The crew is extremely cordial and skilfull. The service is deeply rapid. Also, the food they prepare is highly distinguished. I visited more than once and I was always joyful. The payment is honest. I highly suggest this place to my friends and family.

Review №54

Friendly atmosphere. Food was delicious we were very much very satisfied. We are definitely making this place a regular spot to visit.

Review №55

I tried their chicken dum biryani and one chicken murgh to-go and it was delicious! Will definitely be visiting them again... soon.

Review №56

Needless to write more! The best biryani in San Antonio. Reason to take a moment to pen down review here is to express my thankfulness as I just had the best chicken biryani and it made my Sunday :) Also love the Little Samosas, Navarathan korma and Rumaal roti is just heaven. Thanks guys!!

Review №57

I drive here for door dash. They are pretty quick

Review №58

Nice and spicy !! Great food and I really loved my Mango Lassi !

Review №59

Best Indian food in town.

Review №60

Food is good but customer service is very bad. Today we went as a group and the waitress messed up with the whole orders. I asked to “decline/disregard” the fish as I will take the lunch combo. He said okay, then after 10mins he brought me the fish and he said you want it and you have to pay for it with the combo. Some of my other colleagues, they finished their meals and didn't get even all what they have ordered. Another person in the group said that she has been charged for extra bread and chicken curry and she did not ask/order any of that. There was no manager or someone in charge to talk to or even to apologize for the mess with the orders.The customer service was terrible. Most of the group said will not be coming back again to this place.You have a good food with bad customer service.

Review №61

Definitely an interesting experience

Review №62

I love the taste of Biryani, its really good.

Review №63

Seems a very popular place. We came in at 830pm on a Friday night and the place was very busy. Food was tasty but very hot. I ordered the goat dum biryani and asked for mild spice level. It was good but I was sweating profusely from the heat of the spice. So if you're into hot spicy food this place is for you. If not then the naan choices would be a safe bet. Menu says they serve Zabiha Halal meat only.

Review №64

Pros: Best for biryani and Malai kofta for veg lovers...,Cons:They need to make the dishes by adding a bit more salt to it.They're not punctual at all.

Review №65

What a place. Great service, great food, great price. The waiter stopped us from ordering more, thanks god he did. Great portion. Visiting from NY and all family members absolutely loved the place!

Review №66

Excellent lunch specials. They are served on a Cafeteria style tray. Love the flavors and spices.

Review №67

You don't need to go to India to taste authentic Hyderabadi biryani. Had Ambur Goat Biryani. The meat just melts in the mouth.

Review №68

The food was fantastic and completely worth the not so devoted staff. We had to ask for a highchair 10 minutes after being seated, and we had to ask for refills on our drinks well after all of them were empty. Again though, and I can't stress this enough, the food was completely worth it and I wouldn't mind going back just for that fact.

Review №69

My love and I eat here regularly. One of our favorite Indian restaurants to dine at. The food is amazing and the customer service is always great. We've been coming here for combo lunch and dinner for a couple years now. We've NEVER been disappointed. A hidden gem in UNITED STATES, love this place!.. Highly Recommended for best food and very nice customer service.

Review №70

The "BEST" place in San Antonio to get "BEST INDIAN" food all time. I have been visiting this place since a few years now and the food is always amazing. Most of the other Indian restaurants don't even get closer to Biryani pot's standard.

Review №71

Service was amazing. Food was delicious. A bit spicy but extremely flavorful. Love the Chicken 65

Review №72

Best Indian food in town. The depth of flavor is amazing. Everything I've tried there is the best version of that dish I've ever had. Don't hesitate. Just go there now.

Review №73

It was my first (and so far only) time I had Indian food. It felt super hot, but it was absolutely delicious and a very fond memory of mine. The mango lassi was DELICIOUS!I ordered a goat cashew yogurt curry (I was told by my cousin that it was the most mild thing on the menu). They gave me my order, and it was delicious but very hot. I sent it back and requested for it to be even milder. They gave me a new one, and I still felt like it was super hot. Then I realized I'm just whitewashed and have an embarrassingly low heat tolerance.Despite the spice, it was so tasty. The goat meat was so tender and melty. The actual curry sauce(?) was also delicious— spicy but also sort of sweet. The meal came with free naan, which was also tasty and helped with the heat. The mango lassi was an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT. It was so delicious and like nothing I've ever had.It's been a year since I went there and I still think about it and crave the meal I ordered. The staff were very kind and patient with me and my terrible tastebuds.10/10. Would absolutely go again, and plan to after quarantine. I will probably order the exact same thing. My mouth is watering thinking about that mango lassi.

Review №74

I love India foodie

Review №75

My favorite biriyani spot.

Review №76

Good Indian food restaurant.

Review №77

Chicken 65 after I attacked it. I often come by for lunch but this time only had to go. I recommend their lunch special. It may be served on a cafeteria style plate but everything on it is tasty. I always bring a to go box for the biryani. Great place.

Review №78

Delicious biryani with huge portions but can be spicy for those not used to Indian dishes. Naan and other starters also excellent.

Review №79

My favorite spot for Biryani in SA. I usually get the goat biryani. Have had a few other appetizers, all good, one of my favorites is chicken 65. My wife loves the naan and chicken Tikka masala.

Review №80

They are rude and food is disgusting. Waited 45 minutes for a to-go order and the food tasted like it was cooked days prior and then reheated.

Review №81

Wonderful food. Some of the best Indian food.

Review №82

Teste in this restaurant is better than other Indian restaurants in city. But poor ambience

Review №83

Best biryani in San Antonio...huge menu friendly service and generous servings for a very reasonable price you need to try it!!

Review №84

Great fresh food. Dont come here expecting Westernized waitstaff. They are very courteous and NOT in your face. If you want your appetizer first, kindly let them know. They serve food as soon as it is ready. Not waiting on fulfilling order like we are used to. I read the reviews and understand the confusion. Its us , not them. Very large portions, even on the appetizers. Extremely flavorful, not like the over processed Indian buffet (Golden Corral of Indian food)

Review №85

Quality Inn Buffet they're almost never is .You don't have to worry about that here as they don't have one and it definitely comes through in texture and flavor of this delightful and delicious cuisine.I didn't notice any Lamb on the menu which is one of the main reasons why I stopped in here.So I assumed they didn't have it and just ordered the chicken kabobs and they were excellent.

Review №86

We see capsicum and onions more in chilly chicken than chicken..we bought mutton biryani family pack. It was very spicy. We usually buy here this family pack. But last two times it was like this. Never going to buy it again.

Review №87

I've only tried just a handful of dishes but each has been tasty. Some are spicier than others however this doesn't bother me as I like spicy foods. Butter chicken is tame while biryani chicken is nose running spicy

Review №88

Good food and good services. Meal was fresh and hot!

Review №89

Always an awesome experience and food is on time , clean tables and excellent service.. food is delicious and best you get here in San Antonio..

Review №90

Best biryani in San Antonio

Review №91

Thank God we have this restaurant in SA. This place offers authentic Indian food. Its not Americanized. Great job guys!

Review №92

Great place to grab a bite.Great environment. Plenty parking.Food & customer service are both good.Will visit and post pictures on next visit

Review №93

The cashier saw that it was too spicy for us. He offered at no charge to make a milder version to go so that we could enjoy it. It was so delicious. Great host.

Review №94

Food is good but in appetizer they messed up so had to reorder then food came before appetizer.

Review №95

This place is loosing their trademarks. The taste of the food is not same anymore, may be the chef is changed. Since the people get used to this place they are going now also. I wish they will bring their taste back.

Review №96

Delicious! Will be coming back!!

Review №97

Food very Tasty.

Review №98

The most flavor I've ever had!! Amazing food. Best Naan. Food was hot and perfectly cooked. Best rice in San Antonio. HIGHLY recommended!!!!

Review №99

Best biryani in San Antonio!

Review №100

Authentic Indian cuisine.

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  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Lunch reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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