Madurai Mes - Authentic Indian cuisine
5152 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78229, United States
Review №1

The food and the service are good. Relaxed atmosphere and spacious seating area available. While it is a bit overpriced for what you get, the are not many good Indian restaurants in this city.

Review №2

I have been going tho this place for 2 years now and it was always wonderful. Matter of fact I had given then 5 stars before but last visit I was really disappointed. The food quality is low and platter was served with french fries ( vegetrian ) and chicken nuggets ( non vegetarian ) , food was very oily and did not taste as usual. My friend was is not Indian was disappointed as well. I gave it 2 stars because service was good.

Review №3

I know it's a restaurant & all but this is more like visiting your friend's aunt for a meal and a good one too!! The flavors were spot-on, 2 for presentation and service, so many choices on the menu and that you have to come back. Highly recommend!!

Review №4

Great food, great service.

Review №5

I go here pretty often as they have great vegetarian food- sometimes it even reminds me of home. The people over here are extremely kind and nice- tables are always clean- never had to wait for too long. Why 4 stars you may wonder! Their restrooms are awful- I wish they put a little effort into cleaning/ sanitizing them regularly and fix the broken things.

Review №6

Awesome South Indian cuisine located close to interstate I-10 and 15mins from the downtown. Ambience is nice and staffs had greeted friendly. Variety of menu options are available to choose and food is fresh. Shall recommend to have nice lunch/dinner over here.#HappyDining

Review №7

I like the food menu and the flavors. Thali was never disappointing. The cleanliness of place can be improved especially the restroom areas can smell better.

Review №8

My family came here from Houston and we were looking for an authentic Indian restaurant. The food was amazing and the portions were huge. Def try the Indo-Chinese items here. The menu is extensive so lots of options for the whole family. Great service also.

Review №9

This is one of the most authentic restaurants I've been to in the US. Everything is made fresh from scratch, the taste reminds me of home, every time I eat her it just fills my soul.

Review №10

Wowww what an amazing restaurant and what an amazing food!! I tried the dum chicken Hyderabadi biryani and Chicken 65 and OMG it was perfect 100/100 especially the Chicken 65 was so delicious and crispy and full of flavor. I also ordered the chana bhatora and didn't really liked that it was really oily but overall had an amazing experience and can't wait to try more items!!!

Review №11

Amazing food not that spicy just perfect, very clean and the staff was very friendly

Review №12

Excellent authentic Indian food, great service and super friendly staff. This isn't your typical common named-Indian food menu. OMGOSH, It's deeeelicious!!!

Review №13

Visited Fri evening I think. The staff was very kind and attentive. It has a great atmosphere.

Review №14

The food here is absolutely amazing, I am never disappointed!!! Try everything!!! Also I never review restaurants because I'm usually too lazy to but I truly felt compelled to share my love for this place with the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they have great vegetarian options (: try the chili paneer!!! And the Dosas!!!!!

Review №15

Food is tasty and good,But I think they should give some thought into greeting customers, a simple Hi, Hello, thank you goes a long way.

Review №16

So Good/ Authentic, Southern Indian/ Dishes you will not find at most Indian Restaurants.Id love to try everything on menu!

Review №17

Thank you ! First experience eating Indian food ! Bread tortilla was amazing and the spices in the mix.

Review №18

We bought chicken korma, the chicken tastes very bad (like a spoiled one), last two times very bad experience. Yes ,their food was good once. But recently, Really not good. No quality of food. Complete money waste.

Review №19

Service is awesome even when they are busy. Prices are appropriate. I can see why they have so many reviews.

Review №20

Food average. Had chicken 65 and lamb chettinad. Ordered both 4 out of 5 spice level but neither dish was very spicy. Lamb curry gravy was kind of watery and not very flavorful. Wanted iced tea but they didn't have. Just warm bottled water and no ice. Go a half a mile down the road to Spice much better!

Review №21

The food was good. We had mutton biryani. The complaints I have are that the customer service isn't the greatest, like they didn't call us when the food was ready. That is the only complaint. The food was average and so I will give this place a 4 stars

Review №22

Very tasty. i look forward to a return visit. bring your hunger - portions are large.

Review №23

Super place to meet and chat with coworkers. I will be bringing family next time. Prices are reasonable I would say.

Review №24

Veg Thali, Puri Bhaji, Curd rice and dosa were really good. Puri was fluffy and soft. The paratha was a bit harder than expected. Overall Madurai Mess is a must visit if you want a taste of authentic South Indian food. The mini combos are a good way to try a bunch of small items such as idli, vada, pongal and dosa.

Review №25

This is a solid southern Indian style restaurant here folks. The style is different than some of the Indian food you'll find in SA. The servers here are very friendly, and the service is great. All of the food came out in an expedient manner, and it was all fresh and hot. I really had zero complaints.It's served family style, so it's great for sharing and trying a little bit of everything if you're new to this scene.Not only do they have Indian food, but they also have Indochina options. We ordered the Chicken 65 from that side of the menu. It had a decent spicy heat to it, but not over the top with the heat. Chicken was moist and perfectly cooked.Ambur Biryani Chicken - it was good, but it's mostly a rice based dish. The chicken pieces had small pieces of bone in it, so it was difficult to eat, but it did have good flavor. I was also warned about the bones in it, so it's not that big of a deal - just wanted to make sure you knew that ahead of time.Pallipalayam Chicken - this item packed the most flavor. It had an interesting texture and a unique flavor. My taste buds had a party with this one (this one also had small pieces of bone in the chicken but I knew ahead of time).The Mysore Dosa was great. It's a HUGE piece of some sort of light, crispy bread, stuffed with a mixture of potatoes and spices. It includes three different types of chutney on the side. A coconut chutney, a tomato based chutney, and a third one that packed a little bit of heat to it.Idli Vada Combo - includes one fried donut and and two rice cakes (but NOTHING like the rice cakes you think of in the U.S. - these are totally different concept, and actually very good) and includes the same chutney flavors that the Mysore Dosa comes with.The ONLY reason they didn't get the full five stars from me is because they offer a 10% "discount" for cash transactions. As I've mentioned before, when I see this at businesses, I don't view it as a "discount," I see it as a 10% "penalty" for paying with a credit card. Think about it...

Review №26

This location is one of my favorites. This place has a nice atmosphere.

Review №27

This place has a great design. feels similar to a cafe in chicago i loved.

Review №28

Food was great service was great

Review №29

I came from Canada to visit my friends here in states. Im in love with the food here. Its yummy and the service was too good and quick even at their rush hours! I wish they have a franchise in Ontario and i love to taste their food very often!

Review №30

One of the best South Indian restaurant in that region. Felt like purpose of our vacation to Texas from Chicago were fulfilled by their quality and taste. Keep up the good work.

Review №31

Very authentic and good South Indian food.Rather value for money. Staff is very nice and very helpful.Must visit if interested in Indian and Vegetarian option.

Review №32

Thats the lowest star it let me choose else i would go in negative. Just get some frozen HEB indian meal that will taste better than what they serve.I struggled to find flavor but can't its plain blend flavorless not authentic at all even the raw vegetables has some flavor the only thing i liked is the onion they did had their flavor

Review №33

Vegetarian -We ate idli sambar (3 idli's, 3 chutneys, sambar) served on banana leaf. - super awesome.I was hungry so didn't take pic of the beautiful idly plate.One veg thali - decent just like in home country.Sczhewan fried rice - little spicyOverall a wonderful experience. We were two and still we had to pack fried rice. (Less appetite or more food?)For Covid prevention -We observed glass partitions between booths.Bottled water was served and plastic spoons were given.Clean and neat restaurant. Good suprabhatam in the morning. Real Indian experience. Loved it.

Review №34

Great food, wonderful service. Would recommend to any of my friends!

Review №35

Definitely one of the better South Indian restaurants in San Antonio. Several vegetarian options. I recommend trying their parota, idly vada sambar and plain dosa. However, they are slightly on the expensive side and the pricing on the menu card and the actual charge kinda varies.

Review №36

Although it's an unusual spot tucked away in a strip mall, this Indian restaurant specializing in Southern Indian fare stands out from the pack of other great Indian restaurants in town. I've eaten here a half dozen times and the food is always phenomenal. They also don't pull any punches on their pickup servings, a lot of food. They have menus that cover Northern Indian staples and Indochinese options, but as their name and some of the pictures inside attest, they highlight cuisine from the often forgotten southern part of the country. The breads and dosa are fantastic, as are the curries and biryanis. And of course they still do the Northern Indian staples like Tikka masala and saag paneer so well. You are not going to get a beautiful dining area, but what you will get is food that far exceeds your expectations and brings you back for more.

Review №37

Had a hankering for Indian food and since Spice is closed for good, decided to try a new place on my way home. Decor is modern and tasteful, service was excellent. They have a northern and southern Indian menu, and since I was somewhat familiar with the masala side of things, I figured I'd try something new. I liked the sound of ‘spicy gravy' and after my waiter's explanation of goat meat, thought ‘what the hell, why not. YOLO'. My dish was called Chettinad, and was $2 extra for goat, no biggie.My food arrived hot, both my big metal bowl of basmati and my ‘bucket' of spicy goat gravy. I love hot food (temp) and this alone made me happy. I of course also had a side of garlic naan, also fresh and hot. There was some kind of crispy wafers served before the meal with a side of mint chutney. Kind of like an Indian version of chips and salsa. Good stuff.The goat gravy was good and had a little more heat in it than my white bread tongue is used to, but I did tell my waiter I like spicy. No complaints. The gravy was very hearty, the goat meat tender and tasty. Do watch out for bone spurs and chips though, there's a fair number of those, but not a problem. I'm sure that contributes to the hearty flavor. It had a bit of a floral taste/ smell to me, which was interesting with the spiciness of the gravy. Definitely nothing like lamb, more like beef. It was like spicy carne guisada over rice, but with a definite Indian flavor.While they don't serve beer (I always order a Kingfisher when I eat Indian), I was provided with a bottled water and a ‘custom item', that went well with everything I had. Highly recommended, will be back.

Review №38

Never knew that they had an authentic south Indian mess in San Antonio....If anyone want to try authentic south Indian foods, this is the will taste each ingredient in everything u eat...This brought back memories...And took us back home...And people here they speak Tamil(South Indian language)...Next time if we travel south...we will visit this place for sure...Thank you for the food and good customer service...

Review №39

Amazing food!! Very friendly staff.. love the thali!!

Review №40

Great taste. Finally, Tamil Nadu food at SA.

Review №41

We visited the place again. WE have to wait for almost 1.5 hours to get our food. But at the end it's really worth the wait.Dined in three Days in a row. All there days food is yummy and so good.

Review №42

Waited almost 1hour before I could remember them that I existed.. Just left after that.

Review №43

Finally feels like there is good Indian food in San Antonio.Service could be made better .Food is tasty and order comes on time. They serve bottled water. The parota was never soft. But the chicken salna with Parota was awesome. The Madras chilli chicken could be made better. All dishes were tasty when compared to other Indian restaurants. The ambiance light needs improvement. Other few minor flaws the service and food were good. Restrooms are well maintained and clean.Hoping you guys keep up .

Review №44

Long wait time, zero service, untrained / inexperienced staff, poor managementDisclaimer- We visited on Christmas day, so the experience might vary on any other day.We were seated immediately, and the order was taken fairly quickly. Then things went south. First it was the wait - we waited for almost an hour and nothing showed up - not even the drinks. We had to go ask for a status before the first of the items we ordered arrived. It took them another half an hour to get all the items we ordered, after messing up some items on the order and bringing items to the people who came after us.When the mess up on the order was pointed out, the staff became defensive and tried to convince us that the mistake was ours. No one came by the table to check on us after the food was delivered.The only saving grace was the food was good, but the experience was totally messed up thanks to poor management and untrained staff/owners.Will not visit again even if this was the only open restaurant.

Review №45

The only place in San Antonio that is dedicated to South Indian cuisine. And also the only one serving their meals in the South Indian plate meal concept, that too on plantain leaf! It cannot get better than this!Their thalis are tasty and inexpensive, and you're sure to find something you'll like. They've just recently opened, but their thali has made me visit thrice already. Dosas are the best you'll get in San Antonio, and the filter coffee is not to be missed if you're a coffee lover. I haven't tried other items yet.The only negative is the wait time. They prepare fresh food to order, so slight wait is understandable, but looks like they are having teething issues. Hopefully they can address these soon.Highly recommended. Come hungry!

Review №46

Great food and friendly staff

Review №47

Best food and very good quantity. If you want to eat proper South Indian food in San Antonio then this is the best place

Review №48

Service is too slow. Taste is below average. Waited more than 30mins for the order and on top of that they charged $2 for Kirkland water bottle. Kirkland water actual cost is $2.99 for 32 bottles. They did not even ask if I wanted bottled water. They gave us no option and charged for it. Cheap!!

Review №49

To be fair, the food was good. But long wait time (on Christmas day) .The staff was not friendly at all. They need to be trained in customer service. The waiter wrote the order wrong and when he brought the wrong order, he tried to convince us that it was our mistake!Customer is always right!!

Review №50

Pretty good little place that is a bit difficult to find if you are not watching out for it. The inside is pretty spotless and importantly, the food is pretty good. They do bring bottled water to the table without asking, that they charge you for. So if you are in a "mood" push back.Service was pretty prompt and a reasonable wait late we had the uttapam and kuzhi paniyaram (think same dough as idly but cooked in something resembling a popover pan...quite delicious). The sambar was just okay but the three chutneys were excellent. Mutton curry was very flavorful but the goat itself was too bony and chewy. Malabar parotha was just okay, but the accompanying rice was simple but good.Overall a very tasty dinner was enjoyed by all!

Review №51

The veg thali plate offers a nice variety of things to try. Flavor is amazing on all the dishes

Review №52

First and foremost you go to this restaurant for the food. You don't go expecting fine dining experience. With that said the food is excellent South Indian cuisine. I've had several of their dishes over the past year and my favorite by far is their Chole Bhatura. Bhatura comes over piping hot with an excellent presentation. The prices are very reasonable so reasonable you wonder if they will be able to stay in business.Now I'm hungry and craving this dish. It's Christmas Eve and I doubt they are open.

Review №53

In my opinion this is the best Indian restaurant in San Antonio. I've been here a number of times and each time we've been seated and served promptly. The food has always been very good, and the prices are very reasonable for the portions they serve.

Review №54

It's the only nice South Indian place in San Antonio, busy n crowded but the servers are good n always have a smile on their face...

Review №55

Amazing. Some of the best food I've ever had. Friendly staff and great prices.

Review №56

Loved the food. It was a bit spicy for my daughter. She had the Dosai and I had the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani and Samosa. I liked it very much.

Review №57

Authentic south Indian cuisine. Selection of options is very genuine and not the typical south Indian dishes you see in other restaurants. Visit this place if you want a true south Indian experience. Definite must try - Any of their dosas !!

Review №58

Fabulous service and delicious food! Go to place highly recommend!

Review №59

Very authentic South Indian food.. loved it ! Will surely visit again..

Review №60

The best Indian restaurant in San Antonio. Whenever I have been in SAT I want to visit this place atleast once to get the feel of home made food. I like the service , they respond quickly and politely.

Review №61

Their Thali is a great option. We went there early at 11 am, the food tasted good though the chicken tandoori was not fresh. I am sure it was previous day's leftover. Please note, the drinking water is not free though it only costs 59 cents..

Review №62

Great food, but not so good service. There was confusion about orders and some of us started eating more than 30 minutes after the first person was served.

Review №63

Authentic South Indian food. Best mutton biryani in town. Non-veg Thali was also super good. Madras chili chicken was yummy. If you crave good tamilian food, be sure to give this place a try. Would highly recommend.

Review №64

My husband just today bought dinner . I am really disappointed with the chappattis in Madurai Mess. Oh boy the texture is so rubbery and it's made of maida. I will say its Romali bread.Please kindly dont sell some other bread in the name of chappati. The kara kulambu and keerai masiyal was good. Hope you please have whole wheat chappati.Thank you.

Review №65

Nice authentic south Indian food. Even North Indian dishes were nice. Decent ambience and service.

Review №66

Very bad customer service. The person in front desk (Management) doesn't deserve to be successful. The hotel is running due to its authentic taste. Please stay away from this hotel.

Review №67

The service here is outstanding.

Review №68

Absolutely the best! Most authentic Indian food I've ever tasted in the United States. Even-though its a huge claim, its true. Right from their Idli, Dosas to the Biryani's, its was just a thrill ride of Indian flavors. A must visit if you are around (Worth the trip even if you are not).

Review №69

Yummy biriyanis

Review №70

The service was friendly and sociable.

Review №71

The best Indian restaurant in San Antonio. They have wide variety of Authentic Indian food...from North Indian to South Indian food. If you want the real Indian taste, this is the right place. Great and Quick service.

Review №72

Authentic choice of menu that replicate South Indian cuisine. There is not a recipe that I'll not try in this place. Excellent taste coupled with southern hospitality. The real taste of south India. Definitely recommend to try “Goat leg soup”, “Bhai kadai briyani”. Great hosts.

Review №73

Good food . Order a chicken madras for pickup didn't knew it's bone in chicken curry and nobody told me over the phone it wasn't boneless was expecting for boneless as most Indian restaurant usually have but still absolutely loved the taste and there servers are friendly too . Would definitely recommend as one of best authentic Indian food in San Antino .

Review №74

Madurai Mes serves the best of south indian cuisine in the city of San Antonio Tx. Big fan of their Non-Veg Bombay Thali as well. This time we thought of trying indo-Chinese, I should say I'm not really impressed but I would definitely give them 3.5 out 5 for their indo-Chinese. Considering the fact that they ain't any places in San Antonio who serve Halal indo-Chinese. I would definitely recommend this place for south indian and indo-Chinese.///////#dosa #masaladosa #chutney #manchurian #friedrice #chicken #foodie #foodgasm #sanantoniofood #foodbloggers #food4thought #foodlover #foodstagram #foodie #ifarazsiddiqui #foodaholic #foodtrippin #foody #foodisfuel #foodpassion #foods #foodphotography #foodporn #foodphotos #foods #foodheaven #[email protected]_tempta @foodieslife14 @foodgod @foodnetwork @foodandwine @thisisinsiderfood @foodrepublic @foodrepublic @foodbeast @buzzfeedfood @buzzfeedtasty @foodfusionpk @foodtalkindia @food52 @yourfoodlab @foodbible @fooddotcom @foodgays @nbcfoodfighters @foodtalkindia @magnumphotos @sanantoniofc @spurs @sanantoniorodeo @austinmcbroom

Review №75

A real sumptuous meal! This place is highly recommended.

Review №76

I loved this restaurant and i highly recommend to try their tamilnadu style biryanis and i loved the breakfast platter

Review №77

Decent indian food. A good variety of indo Chinese cuisine.

Review №78

I wish that I taken pictures...but in was too hungry. No nonsense, authentic Indian food with just enough spice for you to notice it but not so much that you are in physical pain. We had a wide assortment of dishes, including some for the Vegans on our party. Everyone enjoyed their meal immensely. If there is any drawback, it is that the service is a little slow. If you like Indian food, this is a great place for it.

Review №79

Let me start by saying that I looooove Indian food. The food here is bursting with flavor with the perfect amount of heat/spice. The hospitality is second to none. My meal tasted like it took hours of love to create.

Review №80

Best Indian food in town.

Review №81

This place has ruined other Indian restaurants for me. But I don't mean that in a bad way at all. I love the americanized Indian cuisine that is legion even in San Antonio don't get me wrong. But this is something else. Madurai Mes offerts a variety of dishes that satisfy your curiosity. A lot of the dishes can be spicy. All of them are flavorful and authentic. From Dosa to biryanis and thalis, I've never had such good Indian food and I don't even care for spicy food. But I'll eat at Madurai mes every time I'm given the chance...

Review №82

Really good food! Very busy place so it must be good! I'm a vegan and came with a couple others and so we asked what items wouldn't have dairy in them in addition to being meat free. The staff was very kind and explained which items we could get. Food was delicious like I said! I'll definitely be back.

Review №83

I am from Kansas. Came on a visit and been to this place. It is so good. I wish there one branch in Kansas.

Review №84

Food here is very good.There is some Wait time but it is worth for the food.

Review №85

Amazing food, authentic taste and affordable. Must try items are the Non-veg thali and Thalapakkati Biriyani.

Review №86

We ordered Thalapakati Lamb Biriyani and ambur chicken biriyani . The biriyani was good. The gravy was amazing. But the waiting time for food is long. Chicken biryani had cold chicken and was covered with hot rice. But Thalapakati biriyani is very good. They serve extra gravy and curd , if asked for. Considering you don't get Indian food easily in US, this is good place if you are craving for South Indian food .Also Toilet is not clean.

Review №87

Really enjoy this place for its So Indian specific options like Kushi Paniyarum and Malli Dosa. They also have accompanying tasty chutneys.Went with friends and got to sample lots of other entrees. Tikka chicken (not Masala this one is dry like Tandoori) and Tandoori rock! So does their veggie eggplant, and Pallipalayan Chicken ( but has bones). Also loved the Uralai Varaval potatoes. Every dish was bursting with flavor. Highly recommend this place and any of the items I mentioned.

Review №88

If you want authentic Indian non veg mes meals, that is closest to authentic food from back home, just put the phone down and go eat here!! Specially Thalapakattu biryani! Cheers!

Review №89

Wonderful dosas! Very flavorful food & large selection!

Review №90

I had been here with my husband and a friend of us on a friday night. We were overly pleased with this place. We had mysore dosa, andra kura(goat), garlic naan and mango lassi. The taste of the food was heavenly. We had our orders in a less waiting time and the service was praiseworthy.We will be back soon and highly recommend this place.

Review №91

Good south indian food place of san antonio. Love the dosas and the cholle bhatura.

Review №92

Madurai Dhosa earned a 5/5. Could not have been better for having been prepared in a standard American restaurant kitchen! Authentic, complete with banana leaf. Get a side of something (rice, chapati, etc.) to cool your mouth a bit & to extend the enjoyment of the chutneys. Tip to management: offering a glass for the bottled H2O would please some people. Although I enjoy the food prepared by my Northern Indian friends, I have always favoured South Indian vegetarian cooking. Great to know it's available in San Antonio.

Review №93

The ambience is good, but do not get Veg thali here, it was not at all good, get any dosa or Idli or Vada,

Review №94

Tasty very authentic southern Indian food. Amazing flavors.

Review №95

Very authentic. Best indian food in sanantonio. Went twice even though it was pretty far from our airbnb. Tried Non veg thali and tiffin combo. Very tasty and worth the price.

Review №96

Awesome Mutton Biriyani...!!!! Came back from Sea world again next day for this dish again... Worth eating while you are are San Antonio!!

Review №97

Amazing food, good quality. Server encouraged us all to try something different, and we were all so glad for it. Didn't mind the longer wait at all; the food was fresh and absolutely delightful.

Review №98

So authentic!! My native is madurai and i was born in chennai.. when i entered this restaurant, the smell is so familiar to restaurants in tamilnadu. I ordered my favorite ambur biryani and the taste was similar to my fav restaurant in chennai. Loved this place!!

Review №99

Worse food we ordered to go gobi manchurian and chili panner we waited more than 30 min for are food we got home and the food tasted horribly the panner was hard and gobi manchurian had no tasteWasted 22 dollars

Review №100

This is the best place I have found so far in San Antonio for the dosas and probably some authentic South Indian food. This is a mes , so don't expect this place to be fancy. Dosas are good. Chicken 65 is a hit and miss. You may be little disappointed if you are used to north Indian biryani or Pakistani biryani. Seems like today they had some issues. We were a party of 6 with 2 kids. We were were served rather cold(er) dosas. The server didn't know what to do. Later the owner / manager promptly replaced the dosas. It seemed they tried their best but we stil ended up getting I believe at least 2 out of 5 dosas which lacked the heat and crispiness. They serve bottled waters for 50c each which is rather strange but they will gladly take back unused bottles and NOT charge you for that. They calculate tips on the tax amount too which I believe is NOT the norm. Overall a great place to visit.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:5152 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78229, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-524-8161
  • Indian restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:11AM–2:30PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–2:30PM
  • Thursday:11AM–2:30PM
  • Friday:12–3PM
  • Saturday:12–3PM
  • Sunday:11AM–2:30PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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