Taste Of India
5999 De Zavala Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States
Review №1

Great lunch special. Very good service and didn't have to wait for my food long at all.. I was in and out lunch checked marked and on my way to get hints done in a flash. Thanks! I'll b back

Review №2

I only ate here once and I'm impressed. Their food is delicious. n.n

Review №3

I have gotten food here many times and it's always a great experience! They are very friendly and their food is delicious! Would recommend for sure! ️

Review №4

Best indian food I've ever had—chicken tiki masala and garlic naan is amazing

Review №5

The ambiance of Taste of India belies the quality of the food. The room was full of aging and drooping ceiling tiles, fading paint, old televisions blaring Bollywood style music videos. Menus were "ratty" with lots of sharpie marks designating items available as lunch specials.But the food was really, really good! The naan bread was soft and fluffy, the meat entrees were flavorful without being overpowering, and the saag paneer was some of the best I've tried- and I've tried a lot!If you can get past the shabby atmosphere, the food is definitely worth the visit!

Review №6

Do not leave if it's busy, it is worth it. The service was helpful and kind. Prices are appropriate.

Review №7

Been here a few years back. Great buttered chicken and delicious biriyani.

Review №8

I was super full. the staff was very sociable and kind. kinda of like a restaurant in los angeles i loved to visit.

Review №9

This is so far the best Indian food recipes in San Antonio that we have tasted, and we are an Indian family. The food is not sweet nor spicy it is just right. The recipes itself is wonderful, the lady upfront I agree is not that friendly, she never really smiles but I think it's just her personality. I wouldn't judge the restaurant on the waitress or the person taking the order, the cook is the person that really makes the restaurant. The food is what makes the restaurant good. I highly recommend this restaurant, just taste the food and you'll be sold. It's about the food it's not about the lady taking the order.

Review №10

I will be bringing family next time. the bill was good for how much you get.

Review №11

Food was so delish. The place has a good feel to it.

Review №12

Faithful customer. I love Indian food however am usual picky due to price and taste. This place meets both my standards. The owners are very sweet. Restaurant is cozy and always clean. Food is full of flavour. Always hot and very fresh. Always a delight when dining out. I love how the menu is broken down and there is something for everyones palate. Being vegan it is usual a chore finding places that cater to my style that aren't dedicated to only plant based diets. I was very pleased to find more than a couple options that fit my needs.

Review №13

Visited on Sat I believe. The service was very helpful and welcoming.

Review №14

This is by far the BEST Indian restaurant in San Antonio. The food is fantastic! The service is great. The portions are very generous. Try the Chicken Tikka Masala, and the vegetables Samosas.

Review №15

Definitely worth going back to. Prices are reasonable I would say.

Review №16

The place had very tasty food ! The environment was very chill. For the dinner menu, plates do come with the rice and it is actually a very good amount of food. The mango juice was delicious! And so was the lamb and goat meat

Review №17

Their food is very good, and we live just down the street BUT the lady that takes our order makes us feel very uncomfortable. From the moment we walk in, she makes us feel like we're wrong for being there lol. We've been getting Indian take-out from other places further away just to avoid the interaction. Shame.

Review №18

I love to eat lunch here!

Review №19

Love this place! Delicious, hot food, and I love that they always play Bollywood movies and music videos on the TVs. Pretty large portions but good prices, and quick service.

Review №20

Delicious food with great portions for a reasonable price.

Review №21

I agree with all the comments about how amazing the food is here. So much flavor and nice size portions. However, the woman who has waited on me the two times I've been there makes you feel like you're doing something wrong by asking for something, never cracks a smile and will hardly responds when asked a question. She literally rolled her eyes when my friend ordered something to go. I'll only be ordering this for take out from now on

Review №22

The chana masala is delicious! I live close by and this is the first time I've eaten here. I highly recommend for some good authentic Indian food and will definitely be back!

Review №23

Seems to have authentic flavors, but not much to look at. I prefer Spice (off 410), but if you're looking for something closer, this may be worth a shot!

Review №24

One of the few hidden gems of San Antonio. It's a quiet place to enjoy a meal alone, or with someone else. Coming from someone who is Indian, I highly recommend this place. Each time I come here, the food never fails to be phenomenal.

Review №25

This restaurant has weird and worst rules of no dine in for appetizers. The service lady was really rude in telling us to go out of the restaurant. Their treatment is clearly different for US people and non US people.The taste of food is also not good. Tea is 90% water only. Food doesn't taste fresh. Paneer pakoras have just bathed in oil. The oil used for pakoras is definitely used for other purposes.

Review №26

Love their lunch specials, great food & reasonable prices. Our waiter helped us decide on dishes to try. He had a big smile & joyful spirit. Gave us tea & checked to see if we liked the food we choose.So much fun the way they served our food.Hope a picture is included.We will be back.

Review №27

I have eaten at Taste of India for years. The food is delicious and the portion sizes are generous. The restaurant is pretty plain on the inside, but that doesn't matter to me—it's the food that makes it worth coming back. The staff is usually quick and attentive. I would highly recommend this restaurant.

Review №28

My FAVORITE Indian food restaurant. The food is so flavorful and the lady is very kind. Definitely go here. You won't regret it. The perfect hole in the wall. Please stay open forever!!

Review №29

Very delicious! we had the lunch special (you can choose from two meat and one veggie curry, or two veggie curries and a Dal). the chicken Tikka masala was amazing, the chicken vindaloo was great (very spicy), and the mix veggie curry was not as spicy, but still delicious. we also tried the chana masala and loved it all. $6.95 for the lunch special. definitely worth it! it doesn't seem like much food from the picture, but we were full and we left a bit of food! great portion size.

Review №30

Food is amazing each time I eat there. I love all the choices that they have. They have lunch specials Monday thru Friday.

Review №31

My girlfriend and I get the tikki masala and garlic naan. We love this place!

Review №32

Never have I been disappointed by this place. The food is great. Highly recommend if your looking for some Indian food.

Review №33

Google doesnt allow, otherwise I would have given zero star to this restaurant. I felt food was of absolute lowest of qualities ( I actually threw up after coming home ), service lady was extremely rude. Highly not recommended.

Review №34

Cool place to meet and catch up with coworkers. the service here is great. they have a lot of positive reviews for a reason.

Review №35

Quite place ok food

Review №36

Great food, quick service, good price and great portions

Review №37

No kidding about the lady owner not very friendly or welcoming and I haven't ordered yet. Going to suck it up and hope for the best. Samosas was light and really good 2 thumbs up green chutney was spicy salty and tamarind sweet perfect balance. I ended up ordering 10 samosas to go. The chef special for vegetables and none vegetables was really good. The palaka paneer was a little salty the goat and gravy dish was awesome. The chicken tiki masala gravy was good but the chicken should have been grilled before adding to the gravy. I think all Indian restaurant takes the easy approach and not go all out too stand out. My wife makes better tiki masala since I take the time to grill the meat over charcoal.

Review №38

A good place to those new to Indian food

Review №39

Small restaurant, but cozy and greeted politely upon our arrival. Our young server graciously helped us choose some delightfully tasty Indian dishes. The rice, vindaloo, curry and naan were a hit. Loved it and will definitely recommend patronizing this Indian Restaurant. A return visit is definitely in order.

Review №40

Authentic Indian Food. Best in San Antonio!!! One little hitch...the woman who works there can be very rude. Hopefully that will change.

Review №41

Great food and an awesome price on the lunch special

Review №42

The best place in town to get Indian food. Small family owned restaurant. You will not be disappointed.

Review №43

Food is great! Price is wonderful! I highly recommend!

Review №44

Small, cozy place tucked into the corner. Hostess-waitress was attentive and friendly. Food was great and filling. Lots of leftovers to take home. Vindaloo has a kick. Tikka Masala was wonderful. Naan bread was good and tastes great with the sauces when dipped in or used to wipe up the bits on the plate.

Review №45

Love it!!! Small and cozy "hole in the wall " place, but food is amazing!

Review №46

Really good Indian food.

Review №47

Every time I come the food is super fresh, delicious and non greasy. Flavorful in every bite.

Review №48

This place will not disappoint! Portion sizes are large, flavor is real, and prices are more than reasonable. Come here for lunch and there is a smaller selection than dinner time, but the value is even more wonderful! For the lunch special, you get to choose 3 dishes to be served on a large platter with rice, a generous portion of naan, and a yummy rice pudding dessert included. All of that costs less than $8 before the tip. For authentic Indian food at an affordable price you can't get much better in San Antonio from my experience.

Review №49

Lunch today was my first time here. I ordered to go for one of my employee and myself. The meal was fairly inexpensive. This was the first time my employee ever tried Indian food. He loved it. I thought it was good as well.... I use to travel on my younger days and have had Indian food from other countries. This was comparable at a decent price.The interior dining isn't very welcoming as it is probably intimidating to some people with the white table cloth.... But would have to say if your here for dinner they have to sitting area which are comfortable and breezy. It almost has the ambience of my travel in the middle East once again.So this is my second visit for the day and must say it was good as well. I think it would do well if they have a more outgoing cashier/waitress.

Review №50

The vegetarian options are Delicious :-)

Review №51

Mushroom dish wS delicious

Review №52

They give a lot of rice and there's no bones in our lamb curry. Many places that we go to tries to rip us of by giving only a bowl of rice and leave the bone in our curry. Highly recommend this place. It's about $10-11 for dinner, but we always leave full. Lunch is about 5-7 dollars. Many review is based on the lady that works here. I believe that is her demeanor and I don't take it personal. I can understand how to some people it maybe intimidating.

Review №53

One of the better, if not the best, Indian restaurants in San Antonio. I have tried all of them and I have to say Taste of India is my choice to eat Indian food. Food is more flavorful, good variety on the menu, and better priced than others. Not a fancy restaurant nor in a prime location but those are the better restaurants to eat at.

Review №54

Good food, good prices, and fast service! LOVE the lunch specials!! Never been disappointed in anything I've tried.

Review №55

Very delicious!!! The food was fast and tasty. The server was very kind and even smiled at my baby girl many times. I have eaten at many Indian restaurants in the area and I highly reccomend!

Review №56

The first time I ate here, I ordered the Paneer Tikka Masala. It was SO good! Totally worth driving across town for.

Review №57

The food tasted amazing! But nothing chases me out of a restaurant like bad customer service....

Review №58

Awesome as always. Best Indian good I have so far in San Antonio

Review №59

Amazing flavors, good portion sizes and huge variety in the menu. Everything we ordered was delicious. The service was very quick too.

Review №60

It is overall good. Only number of items available is less. But service is quick and food is tasty. Price is also reasonable.

Review №61

Customer service is pretty good, and the food is very delicious. The nan bread is always warm and fluffy. I have had nothing but good experiences in this restaurant.

Review №62

Best vindaloo I've ever had, do yourself a favor eat here.

Review №63

So disappointed. Just as we entered the lady doesnt seem fit to greet any one. Secondly we were 5 people and wanting a table for 5, while she wanted us to sit at a table for 4 and wants us to adjust . There was no room on that table for 5 adults to sit comfortably. The lady wasnt even concerned about it and neither did she show any effort in serving us. We had to walk out instantly. She just made a face, no customer service seen at their place. Even when walking out she made a face, I wouldn't recommend going there if you want a good customer service. It definately wasn't a pleasant experience, food isn't the only thing one looks at.

Review №64

Food is not bad, but pretty pricey.Maybe they have to make up for the fact that they're not busy due to the service being so terrible (as you can read from previous reviews.)We live super close & would eat here much more if they were more welcoming.The owner (female) looks mad and annoyed that you even came in to the restaurant .As a small business owner myself I hate to write a negative review about another, but I try my best to support local businesses & I hope the owners read this and make a change to be nicer and more welcoming to their customers!We in San Antonio love to eat and talk, so being nicer would definitely help with business!

Review №65

Tasty food. I love it. Chicken tika Massala is my favorite. The lunch menu options are great. Very affordable. Somebody need to tell the lady to be more friendly towards customers.

Review №66

I highly recommend this place . The food is really delicious. It's the best Indian food in San Antonio.

Review №67

Went to see my tailor in that shopping center and after that I became hungry. I love spicy food and saw Taste of India at corner. Wow!! Authentic delicious Indian food. The rice is amazing and the chicken was ridiculously delicious!! I asked to go extra on the spice and they brougjt it and exceeded my expectations. My meal was $9 and some change. I endorse this place as Legit and totally worth it!

Review №68

My sister and I ordered the goat curry it was delicious. Not to spicy and the flavor was amazing? We also order the chicken briyani. The was too was amazing? We had garlic and mushroom naan bread awesome! I highly recommend this place. They open earlier than 5:00pm.

Review №69

I love going to this place so much. Her food never disappoints me or anyone I take. The rice has just the right texture and cumin taste.

Review №70

My favorite fast and cheap lunch spot that always satisfies. Their thali (three small entree portions, rice, naan, and rice pudding) lunch menu constantly rotates through delicious savory dishes. Served with a healthy portion of rice and naan, you get to choose either the daily dahl plus two vegetarian dishes, or a vegetarian dish plus two meat dishes. Their Chicken Tikka is creamy and smooth, the vindaloo spicy and doesn't hold back! Dahls change every day as well, and scooping them up with bits of naan really satisfies. To finish it all off, there's a serving of rice pudding to clear the palette and sooth the spicy heat. They also have domestic and Indian beers, along with wine. I've never left hungry and without leftovers in my hands, a huge success given the price.

Review №71

When you enter this small establishment you might be struck at how small and quaint it is. The waitress is polite but not very outgoing - seemingly a very private person. But when your meal arrives at your table all of this changes. She smiles and gracefully asks you if you need anything else and is quite attentive but in a very Asian unobtrusive way. The food is different than any other Indian curry I have ever eaten ( and I have eaten my entire life many different kinds of curry ) it is at once delicate and traditional, mild and spicy a perfect blend of delicious warmth on your palate. Thank your waitress afterwards and you will see her eyes light up and smile. A truly wonderful experience for the less traveled. Every-time I leave I feel soulful and happy.

Review №72

Worst experience. The person who attended us responded very badly and vaguely . She is arrogant. There are no variety of choices for food. I could not relate the food I received with the taste of food I get in India. Please don't visit the place if you are looking for good food.

Review №73

Love the food here service is awesome and prices are great

Review №74

This is quality Indian food. The vegetarian dishes are well balanced and flavorful. The portions are generous and prices are low. Highly recommend, atmosphere is quiet and pleasant.

Review №75

I was introduced to this place about a year ago and haven't been able to get enough of it ever since! Their food is delicious and the waitress is just the sweetest. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody wanting to eat Indian food

Review №76

Food was genuine. Tried paneer tikka was good...

Review №77

Great great food. I'm always impressed

Review №78

Poor customer service, The lady needs Jesus.Tandoori grill plate is dry. Chicken makhni was good!

Review №79

Amazing food, good portions, clean, good prices, and above all, great staff. Thank you for a great dinner. Cannot wait to come back!

Review №80

The food was absolutely delicious and the price was better than just right for both the quantity and quality. Nice on the wallet and pallet. I will be coming back here for sure.

Review №81

Food isn't bad, not super great. The lady who works the front could be more friendly

Review №82

Great tasting Indian Food at a reasonable price.

Review №83

We recently moved to San Antonio, and have been searching for an Indian restaurant that compares to our beloved Indian food place in Wisconsin. We have found it at Taste of India (Malabar). The food is plentiful, and delicious. The place is pretty basic for environment and atmosphere, but is clean. For being a smaller establishment, the menu is quite extensive. You can't go wrong with tikka masala.

Review №84

Pretty good nice folks

Review №85

Love the food! The samosas are delicious, the chicken currey perfect.The lady is very quiet but sweet.

Review №86

The vegetarian thali was amazing !! Nice little hole in the wall restaurant !!

Review №87

Very rude and unfriendly behaviour of lady staff. It happened with us today.We asked for extra plates and the response was "i already gave you the first time". Also, she didn't even bother to clear the starter plates, bowls once finished and overloaded the table with main course.Though the food taste is good, but i would say, there are other indian restaurants with great taste and great hospitality.Please do avoid this place, if you don't want to be embarassed with the lady staff behaviour.

Review №88

Amazing food, great place for lunch! You get a large amount of food for very little money in the lunch deals. Best saag in SA.

Review №89

Terrible customer service. The owner has no regard for hospitality and greeting guests. The food takes forever and is average at best. Not worth it!

Review №90

Ordered delivery; it took a bit longer than expected but it was WELL worth the wait! Had the best paneer tikka masala that I've ever tasted. So amazing, will definitely order again!

Review №91

I'd you dont take customer after 2 please post update business hours

Review №92

Great authentic Punjabi food as always!

Review №93

Food is great. Good portion for good price. One lady working as cashier and waitress. She never smiles though. We come here alot.

Review №94

Good food with quick service.

Review №95

Im giving it a three cause the lady who works there serves the food very angry im guessing im wearing a hoodie and shorts and everyone else was dress normal cause i got that bad dead stare its ok though i say thank you she dont reply back lol i dont whats wrong. But the food looks good though

Review №96

The food is always fresh and delicious. Very clean establishment with home made Indian food.

Review №97

This is now "Taste of India". The previous management seems at least good. We went to this restaurant on our recent visit to San Antonio. The food was ok but the service was not good. We had our 15 month child with us and we asked for the high chair and the owner told us to go and get the high chair from that corner. Are you crazy? I am a supporter or local and small businesses and this pissed me off. I am not trying to eat for free or asking for free food. This is suppose to be a hospitality industry. Then came the white guy (not trying to be racist but a fact) and he was greeted like he was a king. We ate the food and left the tips (we should not have left the tips but that was done to give a slap on their face of their service). Food is average. Any one trying to taste Indian food and want to be respected for eating their food may want to try out some other place.

Review №98

Great place for Indian food friendly staff fast service.

Review №99

The food is fantastic! Their lunch special is a great deal also! The buttered lamb is my favorite, followed by the chicken tikka masala and goat curry. Their samosas are delicious. The tomato coconut soup is delectable. I've never had a bad experience here or have been disappointed with the food.

Review №100

The food is great !!!!! it is so delicious with big portion of meat and rice with no extra charge " You will never find another place with good food for the same price ( including good rice) ". Yet I don't recommend that you eat there if you are going to be offended from the waiter nature. I always go there and eat and she never smiled to me, yet that does not mean that she hates me. It's just her nature she can't fake what other restaurants do, I'd rather have good food with a good price than paying extra for a nicer waiter. And what I started to do is to take home my food which is better than eat ing there.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:5999 De Zavala Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States
  • Site:http://www.tasteofindiasa.com/index.html
  • Phone:+1 210-561-4409
  • Indian restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–2:30PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–2:30PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–2:30PM
  • Thursday:11AM–2:30PM
  • Friday:11AM–2:30PM
  • Saturday:5–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–2:30PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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