Little Jamaica Foods
5490 Walzem Rd, San Antonio, TX 78218, United States
Review №1

This place is very rude, unorganized, and unprofessional. Was excited to try some authentic Jamaican ox tails. Get there, their sign says to call in order, called multiple times, no one is answering. I believe the car next to me was trying to do the same thing. So I get out my car and go in. I can hear the phone ringing, no one picking up! The person who took my order was very rude. Tells me they will bring out to my car once done. 20 minutes go by as I watch a very confused rude lady go car to car asking people is this your order, with her face mask not even covering her face. (Take a phone number with orders, then text or call person when food ready would be more efficient.) I get out and ask about my order, they tell me they are out of chicken curry that my husband ordered. They ask me to pick something else, my husband picks goat. How he didn't know they were out 20min ago when they took my order is beyond me. Another 20min I go in, order still not done. Finally get my order, instead of it being goat and ox tails, it's both ox tails. Which is fine, the wait we had wasn't about to go in an ask them to fix it! The food was not very seasoned. Nothing at all impressive, will not be going back! The meat was tender that's the only nice thing I can say. I live far to drive that way for rude customer service and somewhat decent food.

Review №2

The staff is amazing, and very helpful. The food is really good, but they tend to give you to much rice & peas. A little less would be fantastic. More meat with an order would be appreciated.

Review №3

Yolanda the owner was really nice. The food was good. I got friend fish with rice & peas. My hubby got jerk shrimp, Rice & Peas, and potato salad

Review №4

The oxtail was delicious, but my order was incorrect. I ordered cabbage and it was missing. I live too far to go back to get. Next time I will check the plate before I leave.

Review №5

I'll start by saying the staff was friendly, though the cashier didn't know much about the menu.Had a taste for a good beef patty so that was all I ordered...this was disappointing. The pastry wasn't crisp, it was soft and went inwards. The patties themselves didn't have much content. The filling was mushy and thin.Big disappointment.

Review №6

Very Excited to try Little Jamaica Foods.. Sadly the oxtails were bland.. Jerk chicken was made from the breast and dry AF.. The beef patties were still soft and not flaky like they should be. Coco Bread was good.. But I spent over $50 for 2 and didn't get any flavor with it. Sucks this had to be said. But damn..

Review №7

I made the choice to try this place because I wanted to eat something new and different from my normal places. I ordered multiple dishes and payed 50$ in the hope of enjoying some different and delicious food but I'm truly sad to say the food I received wasn't worth it. The food is tasteless, dry, slapped on a plate and given in super small portions. I had high hopes but ultimately can't recommend anyone ever come here over the other choices out there.

Review №8

The food is great! The wait is a bit long and phone calls doesn't answer most of the time during busy hours. Hope there is a way to place order ahead online.

Review №9

Our first time here was worth the wait and drive across town. I had the jerk chicken with peas & rice, and fried plantains(pictured). Everything was PERFECT and freshly made. We'll be back!

Review №10

Good people, Awesome food!!! My jerk chicken was the best ever & my daughter had the jerk shrimp. Might just go back tomorrow, lol

Review №11

Extremely slow service. Hard to get waited on

Review №12

Oh my! The food is AWESOME the people are AWESOME and they have gifts you can't find anywhere else! Big portions of fantastic food!

Review №13

Cashier wrote down my phone order wrong so all my sides were incorrect and she had the nerve to blame me. She wanted me to pay extra to get new sides instead of replacing what she gave me. I had to argue to finally get the correct food and she never apologized. She even continued to say that what she wrote was correct and would not admit fault. The experience ruined my appetite.

Review №14

Just ordered 5 patties. 2 chicken and 3 beef. Got them in a timely matter and tasted great. Really love the food. Just wish they would put cheese in beef or chicken patties. Other than that, I enjoyed it. Really nice staff.

Review №15

Service very poor, the food : more bones than meat. But over all i would never go there again. For now on i will stick with Jamaica Jamaica on Austin rd.

Review №16

Horrible customer service. Waited almost an half hour for my food

Review №17

The food is there, its not great but its good. The young lady taking the money was not very smart or just didn't want to be there, which means anything can happen to your food if your not watching

Review №18

Why isn't there a no star option. Very rude over the phone. I went ahead and placed my order. The rude lady said 20 minutes. Once I arrived in 20 minute I waited another 15 minutes for her to tell me no plantain and no more cabbage would I like steamed veggies. I asked is that the only side you have. She said yes. I agreed to the steamed veggies only to wait another 20 minutes total 45 minutes in the restaurant to receive mixed can vegetables that I don't even buy at home. Chicken was extremely salty on top of the barbecue sauce mixed with A1 and their “herbs” jerk sauce. Never again. Terrible customer service and an embarrassment to the islands authentic cuisine.

Review №19

Jamaican patty & coco bread is delicious.

Review №20

Don't order through Postmates or anyother pickup service with them. They might give your order away to anyone that comes in asking. It happened to me and the lady at the front seemed more anoyed that I was asking what happened than sorry. Bad customer service.

Review №21

Happy June teenth I drove across town to support you. Its worth it

Review №22

After eating at Jamaica Jamaica and was extremely disappointed I decided to try Little Jamaica. The food was very authentic and filled with flavor. My Soldier had the oxtails and was very impressed. The only downfall is regular should be a small due to the portions for the price.

Review №23

Great place won't lie, but my food was dry, plantains were hard, had to have been a few days old and very very dry chicken was cool but i know the plate they gave me was a few days or maybe a day old, i will return but I'm going to check my food this time before i leave (in my Gordon Ramsey's voice )

Review №24

Very good ginger beer

Review №25

Great Food and customer service... I needed something to make my day when I visited so I asked for the Biggest Fish they can find in the kitchen when the cook said "Are you Sure?" When I replied "Yes, I am sure!" ... then I was served this delicious meal... #ExtremelySatisfied #AuthenticJamaicanFood #MadeMyDay

Review №26

The food and people are amazing!!! Nice atmosphere and amazing food!

Review №27

First time here and I did quite enjoy it! Taste like the Caribbean or should I say "home". Will be back. Of course everything takes time especially when they get busy so service may be slow getting the food but we'll worth it.

Review №28

Food is great, prices are just okay, but the potato salad is store bought and reminiscent of HEB mustard if I had to guess. Also the staffing and service delivered leaves a lot to be desired. Still worth the attitudes just skip the salad and focus on food

Review №29

Brown stew chicken, great service!

Review №30

Different, I liked it!!!! I got the jerk chicken dark!

Review №31

Went in and had a horrible experience with the food. Our plantains were extremely over cooked, kinda hard to eat and I felt like we kinda just got the scraps. The cabbage was nice but it definitely wasn't the best experience. We came in about 2 hours before closing but the lady seemed frustrated that we were even there. The tv was turnt up super loud so I couldn't really enjoy a good convo with my friend. Very uncomfortable experience.

Review №32

Best Brown stewed chicken!

Review №33

Most authentic Jamaican food I've had since I lived in the West Indies.

Review №34

Got my order wrong , then decided to microwave my order. My food so hard I couldn't finish it rice , plantain , curry chicken was bland .. I used to love this place now I can never return

Review №35

Big Up Little Jamaica!!! Love you bringing home food to me! STX to SATX!

Review №36

The place was clean. The price was reasonable.I had curry chicken more bone than meat. It was watered not like most jamaican resturant.Wasn't season well.

Review №37

Love the oxtails, plantains great cooked perfectly and the staff is always nice. Does need to add a little more to the serving size of oxtails for the price.

Review №38

First impression, unprofessional at best. There was only one person servicing the entire restaurant; the wait was too long we left and went to Wing Stop instead. As a people, we have to do better; will not return!!!

Review №39

Greasiest Jamaican food I've ever purchased

Review №40

Possibly some of the best food I have ever tried!!! AMAZING

Review №41

Excellent yaad food, excellent service, really nice, real people. Bless up Chef

Review №42

They opened at 11 and there food was not ready until 12

Review №43

Looooove this place. The jerk chicken was amazing and the lady running the place is a total sweetheart. I WILL be coming back!

Review №44

Great food and service!!

Review №45

Pretty good food. Will try again

Review №46

Food was good, the people were friendly

Review №47

Food and Service is excellent. would have gotten 5 stars but they hardly have oxtails ready by lunch or by early afternoon.

Review №48

Great food, excellent service, served with a smile. I love this place and definitely recommend it.

Review №49

Original and authentic food! Puts my heart and my palate on a journey back home. Will be back soon.

Review №50

Only Jamaican spot near me but I still think it's the best

Review №51

A friend recommended I go to Little Jamaica for my cravings of Jamaican food. I had to get my Jerk chicken and my plantain fix! The only thing I was sorry about was that I didn't take a picture of my excellent food. I gobbled it down so fast that the thought came after I had an empty plate. Opps!

Review №52

This restaurant was excellent! The first thing I do in a new town is hunt for jamaican food. I've been disappointed before, but not this time. The food was amazing and reminded me of home. I loved the atmosphere and friendly attitudes of the staff. I highly recommend this place for anyone craving authentic Jamaican food.

Review №53

Hands down the best Jamaican food I have eaten! The Oxtails, rice &peas and plaintain is my favorite!

Review №54

Best place in town for caribbean food.

Review №55

If a Jamaican restautant runs out of popular items its a good place! Just call ahead and ask if you're concerned. Otherwise you will come back for this awesome food and the adult beverages are great.

Review №56

Waited an entire day in order to come and eat (they were closed on memorial day). So far, the best jamaican food I have eaten in San Antonio, I definitely will be returning soon with friends!-Bree

Review №57

Ackee and codfish was great! But for a large, it wasn't enough. It was spread out, so once scraped to the side shows the big gap of missing food. Could have added more. It was end of the day and they don't open on Sunday so why be stinky. Small vs large should be a noticeable difference. Posted pic of my food.

Review №58

This is Jamaica restaurant where Jamaica food are sold and served. so you can eat in or take out

Review №59

Food is sooo good here. If I had the money I'd literally eat here everyday for the rest of my life until I die.

Review №60

The food was good, but the last time I was there the cashier had an attitude and wasn't polite at all. She made me feel like I interrupted the place. I didn't feel welcomed to be there so I just took the order to go and never went back after that.

Review №61

I ordered Ackee and Saltfish which came with two sides which totaled $16.00. I ordered a drink separately which came to $3.00. The two sides I ordered were white rice and plantains. The rice filled up most of the styrofoam plate, along with a small scoop of plantains, and a small portion of Ackee and Saltfish. I feel like I paid 20.00 for rice and two x-small sides. On top of that, the Ackee and Saltfish was mostly Ackee, there was about a teaspoon of Saltfish mixed in with it. The food was good, but the plate should've been way better portioned for $16.00. I was not satisfied after I finished my food and I'm extremely disappointed that I tried to support a small black owned business and left feeling ripped off! I won't be back.

Review №62

Wow usually go to another spot but this place is great! They give you plenty of food and it has great flavor. Originally being from Miami I never thought I would find a place comparable to my old spots but I think I found one!!! Will definitely return!

Review №63

Mango chicken fried plantainsrice with peas and macaroni salad for extra $2 . Regular $8 plus 2 Sides . You can get a large for 10 . I should've just got the mango chicken . Soo good falling off the bone yessss. I love this place . I've had it one other time but I ordered jerk chicken

Review №64

I luv this place been there 2 times. Very friendly people and good food xoxo

Review №65

Delicious food!Great Service!Thank you!

Review №66

Loved their snapper and oxtail

Review №67

Another taste Fri. Home in San Antonio. If you want some Jamaican food I highly recommend them. They had a lot if business and that was an early Sunday afternoon as soon as they opened.

Review №68

This food was fantastic. We had the jerk chicken, jerk shrimp, and jerk wings. Lets just say there were 3 empty plates. Definitely recommend. You might want to call your order in as the line can get a little long.

Review №69

Love it love it love it!Food is on point! I got the regular jerk chicken spicy with rice and peas and the plantain. Only place in the area I would trust to get a taste of Jamaica. Nice chill atmosphere and great prices. Definitely a crave fixer for those looking for a happy belly.

Review №70

Best food and prices. Try it.

Review №71

Great food with a great atmosphere. Only wish they was closee closer lol

Review №72

I eat strictly plant-based so the only menu items I have ordered here in recent years are rice and peas, plantains, and cabbage. All were decent but not rich in flavor, as I am accustomed to Jamaican food being. There is a tamarind hot sauce that does help boost the flavor profile, though. I had to apply it liberally to everything.The plantains were cooked to perfection, though! And we all know that is an art form!I was disappointed that when I asked for ackee, I was told they didn't have any unless I ordered it with the saltfish. I understand that ackee and saltfish is a national treasure, but if I don't eat fish I shouldn't be forced to order it just to get the ackee. That is an area of improvement for this establishment. Ital cuisine is such a prevalent way of eating in Jamaica; I would love to see an actual vegetable plate so I don't have to order six "sides" just to get full. I was told that it was not an option so I had to order everything individually. My sides ended up being more expensive than my son's meal and the portions were small! (2 orders of cabbage, 2 orders of plantains, 2 orders of rice and peas, and a ginger beer came to almost $30.)I would absolutely LOVED to have given this establishment 5 stars and came back several times hoping to have a different experience so that I could. But every time I visit I am, sadly, underwhelmed. Everything I mentioned above is easily fixable but the one thing that is consistently troubling is that the hostess seems annoyed or irritated by the fact that she even has to take your order, answer questions, or even show up for work. Each time I have gone, the person at the counter just looks at you until you start to order. No greeting. Nothing. It would be comedic if it wasn't so disappointing.This is all constructive criticism and if I get brave enough to try them again in the future, I will happily modify my review to reflect any positive changes.But for now... I can't recommend it.

Review №73

The food was great. The Lady working their which I think is the owner even gave us a military discount for verterans day. We purchase a nice amount of food and everything was well seasoned. We will be back.

Review №74

Food was on point, enjoyed the island atmosphere

Review №75

I didn't actually eat here so I have no knowledge of the food but I was picking up for postmates & the girl in the front that takes your order is very rude has no customer service skills she was rude to me when I asked for the receipt to my deliverys order she rolled her eyes then went to the back to call her mom..

Review №76

Food was ok. I ordered goat stew and jerk chicken. Service is super slow. Be prepared to wait at least 30 mins. The girl taking orders looks like the owner's kid and she had the saddest look on her face both times I visited.

Review №77

The food was excellent... well prepared and tasty... if you love stewed oxtail with rice and beans you will not be dissapointed!!!!! Try the corn bread!!!!!! Service was very good too.

Review №78

I had the brown stewed chicken and I ordered the large the flavor was great but the chicken had been cooked to long to the point it was like paste in your mouth and there was only a few pieces I would hate to see how much chicken you get for the small

Review №79

The oxtails were delicious!

Review №80

Food was not as good as it use to be at their other location. Maybe I came on a bad day.

Review №81

Food was good but customer service ok be more friendly u never know how's visiting

Review №82

S.A finest JAM ROCK food

Review №83

We always have a great experience, both with the food and customer service. I'm glad we found this place and would definitely recommend it to others.

Review №84

Incredible food and even better customer service!

Review №85

Let me first say this, I support blk buisnesses 100%. We need more of them in the S.A. area. I would break my neck to support them but I will also let them know when they need to improve in certain areas. My people we MUST do better with customer service skills!!!!!! You cannot and should not treat your customers as if they are bothering you or as if they are a inconvenience !!!!!!!!! Really, who the hell are you and why do you even come to work if you don't want ro be bothered??? I went to this establishment yesterday, first red flag is when I entered the restaurant and rhe women clearly heard me say hello and proceeded to walk to the back. She had a very nasty attitude when she did come back. I ask her, "Do yall have cabbage "?Her responce was, " Do you see it on the board?" If its on the board wegot , if not , No!! Am like ok bihh. So, I proceed to order anyway because my stomach scratching my back. Waited for about 10 min and she puts my order on the counter and walks away. Am flabbergasted, I cant believe this. Am thinking to myself, I never met this woman a day in my life what can she possibly have against me???.Look , I know we have bad days and things be going on in our lives but you should NEVER and I do mean NEVER treat someone who's spending there hard earn money with you this way. They could've picked any where to eat but they chose your restaurant. Then to top it all off the food was meteocor. Curry chicken bland as hell, rice and peas as well. The only thing that was good waa the cabbage. Sorry , this was so long but do better my people Do BETTER!!!!!

Review №86

I went to pick up an order for Doordash and I forgot the credit card in my car. So I left my phone on the counter by mistake. When I returned it was stolen. I did a Google search and it pin pointed my phone in there building. The young man at the counter said he didn't know where it was. The older gentleman in the kitchen came out to look for my phone but he didn't find it!!

Review №87

I was excited about getting grub here but they had nothing on their menu available except oxtails. It was about 6:30 pm on a Saturday and they dont close until 9pm. You might want to call in and check to see if your dish is available if you're thinking about trying it out.

Review №88

Culturally we have to do better! I called in my order drove over there to receive my order only to be told it has to be cooked so all In all it would have taken close to an hour for what I wanted to be prepared Instead of telling me over the phone it wasnt readyBeing a black woman I've seen this too often the way we run our businesses needs improvement especially in a restaurant inconvenient and unprofessional and because we just except it it doesnt change although I enjoy the food I wont return I have had too many bad experiences with customer service in this place

Review №89

Oxtails were amazing. You can't find them everywhere but this place has done them justice

Review №90

Beef patties!!!

Review №91

Best Jamaican food EVER!

Review №92

I can say that the food is good; has flavor and really decent portion sizes. I would give more stars if the customer service was better. A business is not just about your product but also how it's delivered. I often try to order from this business and either they don't answer or they are rude on the line. At times they run out of food and do not update their board to reflect and it's a bit disappointing after waiting in line for 20+ minutes just to get to the counter and hear “weh nah aff dat” If other Caribbean spots were closer (the one on matyear), they would have the competition warranted to do better. But since they are the better of the two choices on this side of town, they tend to be mediocre in the customer service department and get away with it (IMO).

Review №93

A must go. There is a wait, but that's what you get when you get freshly made food. I have a friend who drives from the other side of town just for this joint.

Review №94

I was born and raised in Jamaica and surprisingly the food is just as good. I had the curry goat and also had serving of the oxtail and they were both amazing. Taste was good customer service was on point. They had the reggae music in the back ground to set the mood and the environment was quite pleasing.

Review №95

Cabbage and rice was good but the meat could have more seasoning

Review №96

I had dinner last night and I will be back soon. The jerk chicken was perfect and the curry goat was fantastic. My stomach sang One Love all night ️

Review №97

Ordered jerk chicken my wife picked it up I was very disappointed. I ordered white meat which usually consists of a REAL chicken breast with the wing.What i got was a sliced DRY skinless, boneless chicken breastPeppered with Jerk season.For $15 bones REALLY???Im from NY lots of Jamacian restaurants and that would not fly Would definitely be out of businessFast. Sorry but you guys got to do better or else im walking

Review №98

King of Jamaican oxtail

Review №99

The food is typically good.Today as always I asked for gravy on my rice and oxtails, I didn't check it before leaving, because they typically get it right.I called back to inquire if she forgot, she argued with me that she put gravy on the rice.It was clear, she had not. I was instructed to stir it and warm it up... I drove 21 miles home , 74 degrees, it didn't need to be warm.It is BAD customer service to ARGUE with your customers, especially those that patronize your business regularly.I was very disappointed with her attitude.The owner has always served me well.

Review №100

Island vibe. Love it great food. Mango nectar is the best problee y they always sold out

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