The Jerk Shack
117 Matyear St, San Antonio, TX 78237, United States
Review №1

Everything is so flavorful!!!We got the patties, 1/2 lb chicken, 1/2 lb pork, coco bread, wings and mac, rice and peas. Patties are flaky, great jerk flavor on the meats, mac n cheese is bomb with great pepper sprinkled in it. If i had one small criticism, it would be that the pork is a bit salty.We heard the ox tail is first to sell out so i will definitely be trying that next time!

Review №2

The jerk chickens are super tasty and amazing, tender and juicy. You dont need teeth for their chicken. I would like to suggest if the owners would sell chickens like dark meats or white meats like with bone-ins. The jerk oxtail is on point, well worth the money but I would like if would be better if they sell white rice separately since i cant eat beans

Review №3

Great authentic caribbean food! The mac and cheese they have is amazing. I'd think it competes with panera. Cute little outdoor place to eat. They have caribbean drinks that go well with the food. Staff there are also very nice and work with you when you don't know the food!

Review №4

I have had the pleasure of dining on the majority of the Jerk Shack menu, in fact I've been a repeat customer nearly every week!The flavors are so authentic and rich and tastes like it's been given love and special care in its preparation.I especially love that the food is ALWAYS hot, flavor packed and so fresh! Thanks for bringing some island nostalgia to San Antonio!

Review №5

I am a very picky eater. I was a little nervous but we stopped and tried it out. I LOVED IT!! I had the chicken jerk tacos and they were so tasty. My friend had the pork tacos and they were AMAZING!! Customer service was excellent. The place looks a little run down but I loved it!!!

Review №6

I really wanted to like this place. But the wait was over 45 min to get food, that's an extreme wait. The Curry chicken had a seasoning that could be like sandalwood, to me it taste like dirt or musty flavor. The Cole slaw was unbelievably spicy hot, inedible, It had a great flavor, but couldn't be enjoyed beyond a couple of bites. The coco bread I ordered wasn't in the bag either. On the plus side, the wings were incredible and delicious. Lots of menu items were unavailable as well as the patio. Disappointed.

Review №7

Today was the first time I tried it. Food was flavorful! I ordered online...I requested my wings EXTRA crispy... they weren't..I hate chewy wings....smh!....AND I tipped them!My wife enjoyed the curry shrimp. I may support again.... but I'll definitely check my wings before I leave!

Review №8

They make their food as you order so there is a bit of a wait time. I can assure you that it was definitely worth the wait.We ordered the jerk tacos (chicken) and fried chicken with mac and cheese. Both satisfied our cravings and will be back for more!

Review №9

The service was good. The food was pretty good, but I have to be honest here. $18 dollars before tax for the Oxtail meal. I got 7 Oxtails 5 of which were tiny and had very little meat on them. There's like 4-5 cups of rice and beans and a little cabbage on the side. For mostly rice and beans $20 bucks is insane. Tony's Jamaican in Austin provides more meat and plantains in addition to everything that comes on this for $16 after tax. The Jerk Shack is extremely overpriced and not really enough food. Mac & Cheese was delicious and only $4 for the single side, that was the best part.

Review №10

Dang, wanted to like this place but I won't return. The food is not authentic. Good but not authentic. Also, when I tried to place an order to tie me over while my food cooked, they didn't bother to tell me that it would take some time to fulfill that order as well so I asked for a refund. I was shorted my refund by a little because they didn't have change in their drawer. Again no one bothered to say that either and only told me when I asked if I would get the rest back. Not the best customer service in my opinion.

Review №11

Wanted try something new so I placed an order online for pickup at 4pm. I received a call at 3:39 to say that my order has been canceled because they are sold out. I was 8 minutes from the place ! What an inconvenience! This needs to be handled better! I understand if you are sold out but to call less than 30 min before the actual pickup time is crazy! This place needs to do better.

Review №12

Pricey, but the jerk chicken is really good. Not too spicy (hot) like a lot other places i have tried. Spicy yes, but without the unnecessary heat.

Review №13

I absolutely LOVE THIS PLACE! The food is always fresh and delicious. And the staff here is wonderful. They are always very pleasant and patient. Its a shame they close so early. But while they are open if u want some awesome Caribbean food this is the place to go!! I come from the other side off town because it's thats good!! U wont regret coming by!

Review №14

My wife and I love this place. The food is amazing. The Jerk Wings and Mac is soooooo good. The staff is nice and the atmosphere although hot, is clean and tidy. We come here about twice a month or so. Highly recommend if you're in the mood for amazing spicy food.

Review №15

Haven't had good Jamaican food since leaving NYC, until now. The jerk pork, the braised oxtail, and the mac'n'cheese were all great! Super friendly service too. Long wait on a Saturday so order online beforehand.

Review №16

Whenever I'm in San Antonio I have to stop here. Food is wonderful. Cabbage, jerk chicken and pork is great as well.

Review №17

A nice surprise at this unassuming shack. Food is authentic and delicious. Go for the beef patties and fried chicken!

Review №18

First timer. Ordered 2 braised oxtail & family grilled chicken for takeout on my birthday. They ask for payment over the phone.Positives: Food was ready for pick up even though i got there a little early. Chicken was very flavorful. Family of 6 was pleased with the meal. Oxtail is braised appropriately. Enjoyed eating the leftovers the next few days.Negatives: very very sad that they forgot my pineapple slaw, ESPECIALLY because we ordered 2 sides of the below average mac&cheese (3 sides come with the family meal). Mac & cheese looks so good on IG but honestly it's not great. Rice in braised oxtail is high in sodium.Overall: I will come back to try the other dishes & sides.

Review №19

CHILD!!!! YES!!! You will not be disappointed with the food. The prices are high, but for this kind of food I don't mind so I won't mark down, but the party I brought was upset and understandably so. Ox talk $18 and we got like 6 little mini oxtail on a pound of rice and cabbage. But the flavors were amazing. We tried a lil of everything and enjoyed them all. Highly recommend. Can't remember if the gave a mil discount.Only place to eat was outside and they had that closed off but not listed so we had to go. But the food was so awesome!!!

Review №20

Excellent food. Be prepared to wait a bit but all food appears to be prepared when you order. So I didn't mind the wait. I will definitely return.

Review №21

The chicken and mac was delicious! I loved the sauces that comes with and loved it even better on the mac. My husband said the tacos and the chicken and waffle was great. He ate the waffle with no syrup and was very impressed.

Review №22

So good! I wanted to try everything on the menu. Went around 2pm on a Friday afternoon and it wasn't crowded, but busy. They had a DJ on one side and tunes cranked on the other, which made for a fun, light atmosphere. We tried the pork tacos, Mac and cheese with chicken wings, chicken curry, and had to get a patty with coco bread. This was all way too much for two people of course, but man was it all gooood. My favorite was the chicken curry - could eat that daily. Shout out to the awesome, super friendly staff here too. Highly recommend this place!

Review №23

First let me say, I was super excited to try this restaurant!! I had a taste for a traditional carribbean oxtail plate. When I called in to place my order I thought I had the wrong number, the young man was very mannerable and took my order with ease, but I was caught off guard - for public posting purposes I will leave that there. I arrived and the area is easy to access with bare minimum parking, you must park along the side of the road. Upon walk up, the staff was friendly and courteous. I received my order hot and fresh. The portions were well sized for a hearty appetite. Appearance wise it was an attractive dish, but I knew upon looking at the dish this did not appear to be wholly authentic Caribbean/Jamaican - the cabbage was cut up like slaw and that was a dead giveaway. The oxtails were hit and miss with tenderness, I did not care for the slaw consistency of the cabbage (and it had a slaughter taste of slaw, just covered with spice), the rice - I am pretty sure it was par boiled - no real issue just no what I was expecting. The taste was packed full of spice, but no real seasoning/flavor - the souls of the dish was missing. I would not revisit this restaurant, but not because it is not worthy of being visited, because the flavor that I am looking for - the soul of the food is not there.

Review №24

Jerk chicken just falls off the bones and it is marinated perfection. Wings are 3/$10, but they are humongous and the coating is out of this world. Pineapple habanero slaw is warm and peppery. If you go, get the potato salad and Mac & cheese. Potato salad is made with delicate red potatoes and is unbelievably good. Mac & cheese...I could just eat it by itself! Has real cheese and I don't know what else but I'm addicted. Go. Open at 11:00. Get there at 10:45 or call in order, as each order takes time, but worth it. No photos because the aroma overcame my senses.

Review №25

These guys have yet to dissapoint. Been there twice so far this last month and food is excellent. I've received my food usually in 5 minutes. Apparently it is made to order but I doubt that considering how fast I received my food, but the food was fresh so I'm not going to complain!! Will be back in the near future wanting more. Come check out this joint guys.

Review №26

I've been wanting to eat here since it opened and i was not disappointed! The mac n cheese is thick and cheesy. The beef patties melt in your mouth. The jerk chicken and wings are flavorful with a kick. They have 2 wonderful sauces that are sweet and spicy or tangy and spicy (yasss!). The potions are worth the price. Definitely a must try!

Review №27

Highly recommend this place! Authentic jerk chicken in a variety of choices! The Mac n' Cheese is a meal in itself along with the jerk wings! We also tried a half pound of the jerk chicken, jerk chicken tacos and chopped jerk sandwich! Everything was amazing! The staff was extremely nice and super friendly. Go with an huge appetite, you won't be disappointed!!!

Review №28

Pretty much 4 stars because of the limited seating options. I'm sure this place is gonna continue to grow and expand in San Antonio. So far it is limited to outdoor seating and bottled/canned beverages. Be prepared for lines and cook/preparation time. The food was delicious. No qualms about food temperature, service, or taste. You can get all the food review you want off Kens5 articles.

Review №29

Huge proportions at awesome prices...Very delicious too...

Review №30

Amazing! Everything was excellent. Highly recommend. Driving through town and had to stop at this place. Do not regret the slight detour off the interstate at all. Great people, fun outside seating and atmosphere. Dance in your seat to Jamaican music as you eat some jerk chicken and the best sauteed cabbage you've ever eaten!!

Review №31

This is not authentic Jamaican food. The mac and cheese was bright yellow like it came from a box.

Review №32

The Mac and cheese and chicken wings were great and you get a lot of food for the price! One of the better spots I've eaten at in the city

Review №33

Great they have improved their online ordering process.Their Jamaican patties reminds of authentic Jamaican Tastee Patty.

Review №34

The food was delicious! I will definitely be frequenting this place!

Review №35

We had pork and chicken jerk tacos. Tender and juicy meat. The pineapple salsa was different. We will definitely be back!

Review №36

Stop by today to try the ox tails with the peas and rice. The ox tails only flavor profile was a spice . They lacked flavor and wasn't so tender . The rice and peas were good as well as the cabbage. I also got Mac and cheese and it was 100% bland no flavor at all . All in all I rate them a 3 because the rice and cabbage was good .

Review №37

The best Jamaican food I have every had. The food is delicious and fresh. Service is fast and friendly. I can't wait to go back and get more.

Review №38

De-li-cous! Get there early bc some of your favs might be gone before you get there... bc my family and I have bought it all. Lol (no seriously)

Review №39

The food was good, but the customer service was terrible. The lady at the counter kept rolling her eyes when I asked about certain meals. I told her don't put gravy on my plate and she did. She said take it or leave it. She should not have been working front desk btw.

Review №40

My wife and I are new to San Antonio and love watching Texas Eats Saturday mornings on KSAT. We saw this place featured and decided to give it a try. Funny that their sign out front states “BY TEXAS ORDER NO MASK NO SERVICE” and the employees weren't wearing them. Also, the food runner acted like he didn't want to be there and had two speeds: slow and stop. So why a lady (mgr.?) had him go and tear down boxes in the middle of their lunch rush is beyond me. In the meantime, our order was placed outside and sat there for over 10 minutes before someone on the inside realized what was going on and pulled it back in. Not sure if they gave us fresh food or not, but it was hot when we got home. We also ordered and paid for curry shrimp and received curry chicken. The food isn't cheap, but was very very good nonetheless. Too bad it is so mismanaged. Haven't decided if it's worth the drive to go back.

Review №41

First time there. Really good food, great service. I had the pulled pork jerk sandwich, was delicious! The popular item seems to be the wings and waffles. Will have to try that next time. Highly recommend.

Review №42

Great Jamaican cuisine. Not a big variety but you can taste the quality of the food. It worth waiting in line. That curry chicken!

Review №43

Food was awesome but the wait was kind of crazy. Had the jerk chicken and a patty. The chicken was fantastic and spicy, the patty on the other hand was just ok. Bring an umbrella and a drink for the long wait.

Review №44

Always An Amazing Experience When I Visit!!! I Usually Order The Ox Tail, Rice And Peas Dish, But Today, I Ordered The Curry Shrimp, Rice And Peas!!! Boy'Oh Boy!!! This Dish Was Amazingly Delicious!!! Thanks Again Family!!!

Review №45

Love this place. So good! But I need to bring a paper towel roll next time.

Review №46

Food and prices were great. Loved the Mac and cheese. Portions were big so didn't finish it all. The wings were crispy. The pound of jerk chicken was good too. A lot of small bones so be careful. The taco toppings and tortilla were bomb. I appreciated the fans on the patio. They kept things very cool. Staff was very nice and friendly. I'll be back for more food.

Review №47

This was my first visit. My son recommended this place. The food is absolutely delicious. You get more than enough food. If you are in San Antonio, stop by and get your grub on!

Review №48

This place has delicious flavor on anything you order and the people are extremely friendly. It's a must visit and worth the drive.

Review №49

First visit to the Jerk Shack and they did not disappoint! Loved the taco, super flavorful & with a kick! The Mac & Cheese was by far my favorite, super cheesey and creamy. My friend loved the oxtail! Pictured the Jerk Chicken, tacos and the Oxtail!

Review №50

It's always so nice to find casual places that make great food. Some of the best tacos in San Antonio and that's no small feat.

Review №51

Very tasty. The jerk chicken tacos ate huge!!

Review №52

Oxtail was very good. The cabbage was OK and the rice was undercooked. Jerk wings were just OK. I feel that they needed more seasoning and the jerk pork tacos were also just OK. All in all, I'd come back to try some of the other menu items in hopes of a better experience.

Review №53

Didn't get to get the jerk chicken they were out. Sold out of a lot. The wings were ok. The mac and cheese was pretty.

Review №54

Great friendly staff, the fried jerk chicken is delicious. Homemade mac and cheese, and the sauce is amazing. Can't wait to try it again.

Review №55

Food is always great here. The beef patties are one of the best in the city. I can only imagine how much better it will be if the if they get a really fancy place. As for now that shack is the bomb.

Review №56

Would surely recommend trying this spot. Exceptional mood, delicious dishes, excellent customer service. Great work.

Review №57

I loved my visit off the main road to this low-key spot that serves up delicious Jamaican food on the westside. We started with Jamaican patties (a MUST-TRY) and pineapple habanero slaw (I added the leftover portion to a salad the next day for another W ).While the Jerk Jackfruit was a bit too spicy for me I was informed that it's made to order so next time I'll order a milder version and in tacos because even though it was hot it was still a great protein alternative that was texturally satisfying and flavorful (I had never tried Jackfruit so was pleasantly surprised by it's meaty texture).The Braised Oxtails is another MUST-TRY. This one isn't spicy, it's absofrigginlutely delectable. So tender and incredibly savory. I see why it's a Chef Specialty. It is gum-smacking goodness all around. And though it's not pictured here I also tried the Mac and cheese. I don't what they put in it (maybe onions or garlic, possibly both) but it's damn good.

Review №58

Visit for the first time, bought 1Lb jerk chicken and Mac and cheese, potato salad. It was very tasty and delicious. A great place to visit and in the heart of the westside

Review №59

First time visiting; was greeted with a smile and only waited approx. 15 mins for my meal. The mac-n-cheese and jerk chicken was fresh and delicious! Definitely a place to visit in SA!

Review №60

The best Jamaican food ever. The jerk chicken is off the charts, great spice and the chicken is tender, moist and fall of the bone variety. Also got wings, Mac n cheese and Shrimp curry with rice. This is my new fav and a must visit place when in San Antonio. Overall highly recommend and worth all your dollars.

Review №61

Ok, I have been here twice for lunch now and it is time to say it.... I LOVE THIS PLACE! Parking can be a little frustrating but it is totally worth it! The jerk pulled pork sandwich is to die for and the Jerk burger they made for San Antonio Burger Week was amazing! Outdoor seating, cool Caribbean vibe, EXTREMELY FRIENDLY staff, and the flavors are amazing! Holy cow, if you are looking for a little spicy place to eat at, Jerk Shack should be on you list...if not one of your go to places in general. Bravo Jerk Shack! I will see you again soon!

Review №62

The chicken and waffles with ginger beer was fantastic. The service and friendliness of the staff was even better. Took the time to chit chat with me on a slow day and talk about the awesome food.

Review №63

This hidden place in the heart of the west side of San Antonio is great! The jerk chicken with the Mac and cheese is fabulous. The chicken taco was also excellent and so is the curry chicken and rice with coleslaw. The staff is warm and friendly and they provide a lemon infused water on their covered patio which is wonderful for these hot summer days. The only thing: their card machine was down! But still worth going to the ATM for cash. seriously, go find this place and try it.

Review №64

You won't get mac and cheese like this just anywhere......the chicken was made to order...i loved the beef pattie!! Wasn't too spicy.

Review №65

Good food. Could have been spicer. Other than that, good

Review №66

Love the product and the service. Outstanding food and nice portions.

Review №67

I ordered my food online at 11:05. Was told the food would be ready at 11:30. I didn't get my food until 12:15. The wait time is too long. Will not visit again.

Review №68

First here, bought jerk wings and mac n cheese. Delicious flavorful and perfect amount of spicy. My plate was $14, well worth the money. We also bought 1/2lb. Jerk chicken with 2 sides. The food didn't take very long.We will definitely be returning.

Review №69

This was my first time here! The service was great, despite long lines for the block party and getting rained on. I would've given 4.5 stars, but part of my order was missing and the item that intrigued me the most, was not a part of the "block party" menu. The jerk (fried) chicken and Mac was pretty good. The chicken was seasoned well and had a good flavor. I don't eat fried chicken to often anymore, but I would come back again for it. The jerk chicken 1/2 lb. was good as well, but I think my favorite was the meat pie. Not to salty with a great crust and definitely memorable.

Review №70

I love the food here! The only thing that could make this place better is if they added plantains to the menu

Review №71

I had heard some great things about this place on social media, we're from Houston and was in San Antonio for spring break so I just had to stop here on our way home... Well let me tell ya.. that you must go the food was great I really don't eat Mac and cheese lol.. but my girls said that it was delicious now that cabbage OMG.. I had to get another order.. The owner Nicola came out and spoke with us she was the one sweetest... I will for sure go back when I'm in San Antonio

Review №72

Heard so much about this place had to try it. Very good food the mac and wings spicy and good. Awesome

Review №73

Food was pretty good. I understand why its so busy. Staff was very friendly. Will go again. Qq

Review №74

Food is amazing! Go to plate is the jerk chicken wings and mac.

Review №75

We ordered the jerk pork, jerk fried chicken wings and beef patties. Everything was good but the fried chicken was a little under cooked. Be aware that the food is cooked to order so it'll take a minute to get your food. Tables are outside but under cover. We'll definitely go back again.

Review №76

Very good food and kind staff

Review №77

Sides need help. Love the pork.

Review №78

Delish can't wait to go back

Review №79

Great curry and the chicken n waffles has a nice swirl of flavors.

Review №80

The food is very good, but service is slow. Expect to spend above average cost . Will definitely go back again.

Review №81

Yeah baby! There was a line, and I had a 30 minute wait after placing my to-go order (likely because we ordered oxtails), but it was worth it. My wife was extremely happy with her meal and commented several times how good it was. This was our first visit so she had the oxtails, I had the tacos, and we got jerk chicken and pork. Everything was good, just be prepared to wait; and good things will come to you!

Review №82

As a student at OLLU, this place is like a golden egg surrounded by pedestrian fast-food chains that plague the west-side of San Antonio. The staff are wonderful and the food is indubitably amazing. I love getting the wings and just ripping into them!

Review №83

If you ate Jamaica food, you know I am talking about outstanding food. Please check it out learn things different

Review №84

FIX YOUR CHECKOUT/ORDERING IT IS WAY TOO SLOWThe wait is way too long. Get a dedicated cashier who is quick and gets people out of the way. they kept walking away from the window and it was taking forever just to process an order. It is 10 minutes on each person's order is way too long. It was a 50 minute wait just to order because the card information for everyone had to be entered manually. The cashier kept walking away. The outside service was amazing and the area was kept clean. The wings were pretty good and were the biggest wings I had ever seen. Overall the food was a good 4/5. The Check out was 1/5.

Review №85

The food here is amazing. Be prepared to wait a while if you don't call ahead, but the top tier food is literally worth it.

Review №86

Very good food for the price. A little wait but worth it.

Review №87

Very friendly and hard working people.

Review №88


Review №89

The food is delicious and made to order. The packaging is one of the best I've ever seen!

Review №90

It was first time and I was really amazed. The food was incredible 10/10 definitely recommended.

Review №91

The food was amazing! I will definitely go back!

Review №92

Come and find out why it's 5 stars in person and you won't regret it! Awesome staff and great outdoor seating.

Review №93

I'd love to try the jerk burger but y'all don't have it on the menu Pretty good! Will come back to try the chicken. I had the ox tail

Review №94

Great food but definitely spicy with some delayed heat. Good selection to choose from, plenty of options. You should find something you'd like or be adventuresome, try something new. Not a lot of parking and a covered patio for seating.

Review №95

Loveeeeeee them!!! Give them a shot, you won't regret it!! It's like being in the Caribbean without the travel

Review №96

Lot's of bees! Watch out!! But delicious food

Review №97

Great food and great service.

Review №98

The food was amazing! I don't think we spoke during our meal, except to say.. “ you need to try this”I don't mind the wait, it's a family owned joint.. not some chain mill joint. It's freshly made, not made and kept under a heat lamp.

Review №99

So glad we made it down here to enjoy some Jamaican Jerk and Mac! Great pre-birthday meal!

Review №100

If you want the best tasting macaroni with cheese this is the best place so far and good service!!!!! Try the mac'n cheese. I promise you won't be let down. It's like crack but

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:117 Matyear St, San Antonio, TX 78237, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-776-7780
  • Jamaican restaurant
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
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  • Mask required:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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