Angelicas 2
3020 Commercial Ave #2242, San Antonio, TX 78221, United States
Angelicas 2

Review №1

Great food family friendly. Nothing better than family owned food. great Mexican food like I grew up with.

Review №2

The best cheese enchiladas in town by far. Great customer service and food is served pretty quickly!

Review №3

Best place to eat. We are from austin and go to san antonio to the flea-market and afterwards we head straight over for breakfast. service there is outstanding food is served hot and fast. I recommend this place to anybody. you wont be disappointed.

Review №4

I have been a patron of Anjelica's for about 20 years. They have a Friday special, jueves rancheros with barbacoa, 2 eggs, potatoes and beans for $6.00 and that includes coffee and 2 flour tortillas. It is a lot of breakfast for a good price. The tortillas are homemade and they also have homemade corn tortillas. The food is always hot and fresh and served quickly. There lunch is also really delicious.

Review №5

Food and service was great. Worth going back.

Review №6

Omg! The tacos were soooo good and the service is amazing! I will definitely keep coming back for more.

Review №7

Its was good prices went ridiculously high tho..

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Review №9

Ordered huevo a la mexicana on corn with cheese and OMG out of this world. The corn tortilla is homemade and SOFT, egg is blended egg (like in restaurants) and the cheese is the American type. My daughter ordered potato and egg on flour and no complaints there. Soft homemade tortilla, big soft potato chunks. I'd say it's similar in quality and consistency like Tommy's, but this place holds its own.

Review №10

Now here the the food is ' Good and it's not a big place but i want to say that's the reason the food is Good and you don't have to wait long for that Good tasting food to come to your table keep up the great service.

Review №11

Had a good lunch with family, the service and staff are very friendly, the food is great, compliments to the cook.

Review №12

Been coming to this place since I was 3 years old with my grandpa and I can honestly say, not only is the food delicious and the staff the sweetest, this place is practically a landmark. They really know how to make you feel like you're at home. NEVER gonna stop coming here

Review №13

Tacos were good, service sucked. Rude waitresses

Review №14

Fast an friendly services good homemade tortillas am food ️

Review №15

Bought the carne guisada plate today and it was awful first of all I never paid $10.57 for a guisada plate before thought it was too expensive and there was a lot of fat in the meat about a third of the meat was fat and a little bit too salty and the refried beans are too runny couldn't use the fort they gave me to eat the beans ....oh and don't let me forget too much Gravy Sauce it was more like a soup. honest-to-god truth that was a very first time I've gone there because I was working in the neighborhood and paulina's was closed on Mondays. Never again will I eat at your place. Tomorrow here I come paulina's

Review №16

It was really good the bacon was alittle burned but it qas ok

Review №17

Great food great price great service.

Review №18

Good place to eat I been coming here since I was little

Review №19

Good spot to grab some good food on the go.

Review №20

Great breakfast specials hot and ready to go

Review №21

Food is good but some plates pricey serve quick but there practically charging and trying to get u out of the restaurant when u just got served I got asked a couple of times if I was ready to go and I have been going for years probably just find a new place to eat

Review №22

The food was really dry and had no flavor I wouldn't recommend eating here to expensive for one taco.

Review №23

Good food fast and love the enchiladas and puffy tacos

Review №24

This ain't your Tex-Mex restaurant! Don't come with Cheesecake Factory expectations as far as dining service! This is the nitty gritty! Wait staff has always been friendly! I see so many reviews on here complaining about parking! Who cares! Some of the best places you go to have no parking! Saw another review complaint about a Mexican restaurant speaking Spanish! What about the food people!?!?! The food is amazing! Homemade flour tortillas, authentic flavor, cheese that will leave you craving for more, and some of the best sweet tea you will ever have! If your not from around here this place probably isn't for you!

Review №25

Love it can't wait till is open on the inside miss the friendly faces

Review №26

Love the food ordered #12 enchiladas yum. Service is good, small place needs better parking . Prices are the best. They charge extra for to go cups. This is my favorite restaurant.

Review №27

With covid 19 going on. They were sitting everyone on left side of restaurant instead of keeping people at distance. Because they wanted to close

Review №28

Greasy and not really flavorful. I was hyped up about this place but just had a bad experience. But go see for yourself. Tate the food, the staff are super nice.

Review №29

The food is absolutely amazing , service is great, and the environment is so homey. I hate that it's so far from where i live but the drive is definitely worth it. If you haven't had their #7 plate you're missing out . Definitely my favorite place to eat at and it's very cheap for how great the quality and quantity of the food is .

Review №30

Daam good Mex food and good prices yo!!

Review №31

There wasn't much social distancing

Review №32

I love their enchiladas

Review №33

I had tacos here on corn tortillas. Wow they were amazing!! Service was great!!

Review №34

It's a very small location. You have to fight for parking and then hope there's a seat available once you're in. They do have good food though. Worth the wait I suppose. Service is good but the servers kind of treat you weird if you don't know Spanish.

Review №35

The service was great and the food was delicious. But the restroom was not handicap accessible. It was too small for even 1 person.

Review №36

You know you can never go wrong food is so delicious and great prices

Review №37

For the best Mexican food in town go to Angelica's number 2 on commercial where is Lone

Review №38

Great lunch specials. Quick and friendly service. Food tastes great!

Review №39

The waitress was super rude didn't give us menus and when my boyfriend asked only he got a menu I asked for a plastic spoon to use instead if silverware due to pandemic I feel like its better to use and I got told they charged for plastic spoons so I had to pay for spoon to use my enchiladas where uncooked just gross

Review №40

Love the food here! Its Delicious and Great Prices!

Review №41

Waste of money , ordered menudo, has very very little amount of hominy and tripe was under cooked and rubbery. We saw at least two table get up and leave almost entire full plate behind.

Review №42

My favorite place breakfast and lunch best food ever see you next week for sure.

Review №43

I don't like the tacos too salty.

Review №44

Great owner customer service awesome reminds me of my grams cooking.

Review №45

Great mexican food friendly staff excellent specials. Would recommend everyone try

Review №46

Good food and good service

Review №47

They have delicious enchiladas and puffy tacos here! They close at 2pm so make sure u plan accordingly. This place is always packed but moves fast! Give it a try!!

Review №48

Best food ever at a low price. Must go. Best unch specials.

Review №49

I have tasted better but it's my mom's favorite place to go eat. So I take her.

Review №50

The food is so good. Tortillas are nice a soft! I especially like the fact the the waitress like to get to know there customer so you always feel welcomed.

Review №51

OMG, I found heaven. This by far is the most delicious Mexican entries I've had a pleasure to taste 2 times now. Excellent services, even though I'm not fluent in Spanish all the servers aloud us the time for me and my party to make our decisions. Affordable prices, and great menus, the food is like butter that just melts in your mouth. This place is small and cramp seating. But well worthwhile when dining at this establishment. I do not visit nor live on this side of town, but worth driving 15 miles to get here. Will visit again soon. The plates are huge and plentiful. I highly recommend this establishment.

Review №52

I must say that this was second choice to eat quickly before heading to work. When I first walked in, I received a slap of Fabuloso smell. Secondly, noticed booth tables that have not been cleaned, it wasn't busy and that is usually a preferred table to sit on due to comfy booths. I sat facing the award wall, which needed cleaning, very dusty as well as the vent above them. The waitress was friendly, took our order, attentive. As our order came, not all out at once. I got what I ordered but my girlfriend's was different than what she ordered. We gave it a go anyway, since I was short on time. My food was good but salty, which I normally don't eat salty, so I want used to it. I can only say by my experience that it was ok. I enjoyed my food to the best of my abilities. I would probably not visit in a long time from now but I read kind to my waitress.

Review №53

This is the best mexican restaurant in town. Thank you Brenda for everything!!

Review №54

Good food fast service , and good waitress. Awesome place.

Review №55

Perfect wasn't no seating for our small group but server made it happen. Food was fast and good! Will definitely recommend this restaurant!

Review №56

Love their food excellent customer service

Review №57

Food is awesome

Review №58

Carne Guisada with cheese is the best I've ever had! The food is excellent and the service is exceptional!

Review №59

Was so good I hadn't been there I'm a long time couldn't go got off too late still the best place for cheese enchiladas and home made tortillas very sweet waitresses

Review №60

Love this place, I discovered it by accident when I was attending a doctors appointment and decided to stop by. I try to go at least once a week. Prices are cheap and food is quality at its best with big portions. Service is fast. Only con is that it's always packed and a little small but other than that I CAN'T complain. Servers are efficient and friendly. This is my favorite Mexican restaurant.

Review №61

It's nice place to go eat at and there waitress are nice and very quick

Review №62

Good service food was average. Homemade tortillas great.

Review №63

Good food but found hair in one taco

Review №64

Very good food and very nice people

Review №65

One of the best Mexican restaurants in town. Very, very good food. The staff is very friendly. Recommend this restaurant.

Review №66

Food is excellent, place is small but very welcoming and good service.

Review №67

Good food fast service no long wait

Review №68

Carne guisada 2nd best in San antonio

Review №69

Good prices and great breakfast tacos

Review №70

Love their food... cant ask for better beans

Review №71

Highly recommend this place has great customer service and the food is amazing.

Review №72

Good food at fast service

Review №73

Had a great brunch. Service and food be is highly recommended by me and my friends. See y'all tomorrow.

Review №74

Country/ egg and bean/cheese tacos were ok. Friendly servers. Good coffee. 3stars.

Review №75

Great food

Review №76

Good food love the Enchiladas and puffy tacos. They are always crowded.

Review №77

Wish they had more room! Food is delicious!!!

Review №78

I promise you that this location is amazing! I've been going to Angelicas #2 for nearly 9 years. When I was pregnant, my water broke, and I made my family take me to Angelicas prior to delivering! Need I say more? Ps. Very true story! I do wish they made this place bigger, parking lot is okay. Worth it though.

Review №79

Best mexcian food in the southside.

Review №80

Food is great. But I woukd like to see them spend money on their dinning area. Too small, too many tables for the area. Tables are wobbly.The fans & AC id always on even in the winter. Too cold. Havent been back too many other nicer & more comfortable places to eat.

Review №81

Food is okay but nothing special. Flavors were bland. This is more of a community and local cop restaurant. Food was served less than 5 minutes after ordered. Plate was extremely hot but the food hardly warm. After a minute it was cold to the touch. Waitresses are extremely nice to cops and regulars but don't expect the same. Overall it was a disappointment based on the raving reviews. I would not go back.

Review №82

I have to say that this is a whole in the wall place. Seating is a bit snug inside. When we arrived during the lunch hour, the place was full. It is by no means a fancy place to eat. However, the food is delicious! My husband had the green enchiladas and I had the Tampiquena plate. We both agreed the food was awesome. I took some leftovers home and my son came over and asked is there something to eat? I mentioned I had some tacos from this restaurant. He commented, "These were really good tacos." I will definitely revisit this place if just for the food.

Review №83

Good food

Review №84

This place is so tasty, reasonably priced and is the fastest in service!

Review №85

My family has been coming to this establishment for years. Service and quality of food has declined. Higher prices with smaller portions.

Review №86

They charge to melt extra cheese . CRAY CRAY

Review №87

The food is good but the place is so small... Be prepared to wait on peak times during breakfast. The staff is very polite and quick.

Review №88

Great food good prices and very friendly staff! Love the environment

Review №89

Hit the spot, easy on the wallet sevice with a smile.

Review №90


Review №91

The food and service is amazing!!!

Review №92

Fast and friendly

Review №93

Very good food and very fast service

Review №94

Its rilly good food here

Review №95

Love this place food is awesome I will return

Review №96

Kind of a small place but the food pretty good.

Review №97

Food is excellent. Female servers can be a bit more friendly, I was waited on by an older male server who was attentive to his tables (including mine).

Review №98

The food is good. But the waitress are rude. More than once, I was charged more than what I ordered. Above all, they have to get rid of the waitress. Dont recommend it.

Review №99

Food was good and they served alot.

Review №100

Been going there for years , my family also love it there. Great food, waitresses are very nice and welcoming. The food is outstanding.. fresh tortillas. The only thing is I wish they were open longer than 3 o clock and need more parking space... Best carne quisada!!

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:3020 Commercial Ave #2242, San Antonio, TX 78221, United States
  • Phone:+1 210-924-6112
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Latin American restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–3PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–3PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–3PM
  • Thursday:7AM–2:30PM
  • Friday:7AM–3PM
  • Saturday:7AM–3PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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