Camilas Mexican Restaurant-Henderson Pass
16075 Henderson Pass, San Antonio, TX 78232, United States

Review №1

Really liked this place this Carne ala Mexican Plate was delicious and very reasonable and they give alot of food in their plates. Tea was really good.

Review №2

Horrible customer service on drive thru. The lady that answered the phone took my order in a rush. When I picked it up she was not the friendliest and noticed is been same lady as before wish could know her name. Management definitely needs to change her or give her customer service skills. She so rude and doesn't even acknowledge you nor gives you a thank you. Food is good so sad that because of that I won't return.

Review №3

This place is incredible I tried the barbacoa family meal and the fajita nachos. The food that cravings are made of. Recommend calling in your order. The parking lot is small for drive thru.

Review №4

Wonderfully authentic and delicious Mexican food with a real home-style feel right in my neighborhood. Try the breakfast tacos!

Review №5

Delicious, traditional Mexican food. Great waitstaff. Check out their weekday lunch specials. Today I chose the Fideo Loco. Simple. Delicious. Camila's never fails to please.

Review №6

Great service and very clean . Following the rules during these trying times is a challenge. The team at Camila's is setting the example. Great job and the food is always great.

Review №7

Great place to go eat anytime of day. Great service. Good variety of food. Very clean place.

Review №8

Fast and great food. I had the carne asada tacos.

Review №9

This is our favorite local breakfast taco shop! Pro tip: call ahead for pickup!

Review №10

Loved it until I went to pay at the front. Lady at register didn't even look up at me and I stood there waiting! Finally a waitress comes along to help. RUDE!

Review №11

That pastor is the worst stuff I ever seen on a tortilla, but the carne asada and barbacoa are fine. Just under any circumstances ask for pastor.

Review №12

I have had lots of 5-star experiences in this restaurant, the only reason I'm giving 4 is consistency. I've never had bad service. The lunch specials are an excellent value. I love the breakfast tacos. However, on occasion I will have a meal here that just isn't that good. It may be something I have ordered and loved before, but then it won't be all that great on a different day. Maybe they have different back of house staff on some days. I don't know the cause. However, I will continue coming here!

Review №13

Never again! I order from Camilla's ALL the's our go to place for tortilla soup and tacos. Tonight I ordered tortilla soup - ONLY one in the drive took 25 mins to get my food. When I called while waiting the woman got an attitude and said it takes 15 mins to reheat the that point it had been 20mins...Now I get there are patrons inside ordering but I've never in my life had bad service there NOR have I ever waited 25 mins for soup! I called the “manager” and she said she apologized she didn't mean to have an attitude and explained they did have a few orders ahead of me - I get it and I don't want to be unreasonable but the condescending tone again told me otherwise. So unfortunately Camilla's has lost a life long customer!!!

Review №14

Clean cute place. good table salsa, & GREAT HOMEMEADE MOLE CHICKEN ENCHiLADAS! Inexpensive. fast efficient service.I' ll be back!

Review №15

Great drive through service as well as staff u looking to get fast amazing food this is the place

Review №16

Excellent food and great prices. home made tasting tortillas

Review №17

Great food. Love the breakfast tacos variety and prices.

Review №18

Amazing Mexican Food!!! The menudo was the best, tortillas were homemade none of that store bought junk. Fajitas were crispy and perfect. Machacado and egg was awesome :)

Review №19

Very good food and great service. The owners are amazing people and always very hospitable

Review №20

My family and I travel often but when we are in San Antonio we make sure to stop at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We love the food and the great service.

Review №21

Food was really good service could have been a little better

Review №22

We love Camila's! Great food, great prices ️

Review №23

Great little restaurant. Try the Menudo

Review №24

Camila's remains one of my favorite places to eat at when I am feeling a little home sick. I have never had anything bad here. Breakfast tacos are on point and the green salsa is good. It could be a little hotter, but I get that not everyone wants their food on nuclear meltdown. I highly recommend Camila's. You'll not be disappointed.

Review №25

Good food. Great service!

Review №26

The food didnt have flavor. My waitress gave me my food and bill. Never saw her again. And everytime I saw her I would ask for more tea...nothing! Then I got excited when I saw the other waitress with the tea pitcher.... never came over to me.

Review №27

Drive thru is a joke. Don't answer phone when I try to call ahead. I ordered 3 bean and cheese tacos and it took 42 minutes to get them in drive thru (after I ordered). If you want food semi quick here call 75 times to get a call ahead or park across the street and go in for take out.

Review №28

It was ok thought it would be better it's always busy they called ahead they brought out the order we didn't get some of the order no fajitas or carne guisada fajitas were to come with one order carne guisada supposed to come with other order it was disappointing

Review №29

I usually not one to post bad reviews, BUT i was excited to see a Camilla's on this side of town and I love the one on 1604. I went to the drive through to order a Chicken Fajita salad and an un-sweet tea.The service was great and fast, although.. when I got back to work to eat my salad I was presented with a small taco bowl full of lettuce, very minimal cheese, the guacamole was sour and the chicken was cold like it came out of the icebox. When I took a sip of my tea and it was sour. I should have saved my money and gotten a cabana bowl from taco cabana.

Review №30

Love it! Great food! Great service! Great prices!

Review №31

Best bean and cheese tacos around for a killer price. My go-to breakfast taco place!

Review №32

Great food! Great service!

Review №33

We have eaten at both San Antonio locations, Henderson Pass and 1604 and Lookout Rd. There food is very good! The puffy tacos are different here than anywhere else I have had them and they are so good! The hotter hot sauce was a big hit with my spice loving husband. Tortillas are delicious! There prices are so reasonable and the service is great!

Review №34

Good food, great prices,everything clean and our server she's going great

Review №35

Food is great, but the wait puts a bad taste in your mouth. I waited over 14 minutes in line just to place my order in the drive through. The call in order Lane serviced 4 cars- each time an employee came out immediately for them; continued to ignore me. I wound up having to leave my car in the drive through, and walk inside to place my order. Finally a total of 28 minutes later- I have my food. Absolutely not worth the wait. Sad because the tacos are great. Will not be returning. Will not recommend drive through at all. Huge joke.

Review №36

What a great place. Restaurant is extremely clean and well decorated. Servers are prompt and courteous and the enchiladas were great. Will definitely add this place to my rotation.

Review №37

My first time ordering breakfast taco at this restaurant. It was very tasty. The wait in the drive thru, was not long. he service at the drive thru was great. Just found a new place for breakfast tacos... Hopefully the rest of the food is just as good.

Review №38

I absolutely love their bean and cheese tacos, and the staff is always so friendly. Bean and cheese tacos are my spirit animal lol and these guys are on point and in a very convenient place for me. Thank y'all so much!!

Review №39

Nice little place with awesome lunch menu

Review №40

A good family place with authentic Mexican food. The staff here is friendly and willing to help you, also that they have competitive prices compared to most other restaurants in the area. Another upside is they also have a small drive-thru where you can pick up orders or place orders on the go.

Review №41

Really friendly service with dine, order pick-up, drive-thru, & Grub Hub. The food smells really good. I know it made one 18 wheeler truck driver from California very .

Review №42

Fresh bean and cheese tacos cheese is real

Review №43

The food is awesome almost all the time. The carne guisada is the best around. However the red and green sauce needs a serious make over. Could someone please fix the sauce. I work at Thousand Oaks automotive two blocks away and get breakfast and lunch there a lot. I had to buy my own hot sauce. If I accidentally use their sauce it makes my tacos hard to eat. Too much garlic

Review №44

Excellent food...clean environment wonderful service

Review №45

Been here twice now. Once for breakfast and then lunch and both times food was great. Very generous in portions and staff is friendly.

Review №46

Great serv9ce by Esmeralda and del vicious best Mexican food

Review №47

Great food, and staff. That's what makes us regular customers.

Review №48

It was pretty good. There was a lot of reviews they were good and bad.. You can't tell till you try it. And it was really good. Been 3 times and food was always good. Never bad. Service was good. Tortillas were really great. The breakfast tacos are very good.

Review №49

The people that work here are the friendliest and the food is fresh, fast, and delicious!

Review №50

Barbocoa was delicious!

Review №51

I've been there several times now, and I've never been disappointed!!! The food is amazingly awesome, the atmosphere, and the wait staff are great. Thinking about going there again this weekend for brunch!!!!

Review №52

I had the chilequiles plate for breakfast. It was very good, but missed being great because the tortilla chips were a bit soggy. Waitress was very good too, but was slightly off her timing on refilling my coffee cup.

Review №53

Great place, fast service, and really nice staff

Review №54

Pretty good food the drive-through is fast as well the beans and rice are average tortillas are average breakfast tacos are pretty good they're not extraordinarily big but they do taste very good

Review №55

Great good and great prices

Review №56

Always delicious. Love their ice coffee!

Review №57

I love this place, great food, nice quiet atmosphere.The only downside is the parking available. Im a DV, and the spaces that are marked for Disabled are really not in a good place.Then you get I D 10 Ts like this that not only park in the handicap but then take up both of them.

Review №58

The food was great, but the service was aggravating. I asked for a cup of water to enjoy with my tacos, she said of course. I waited ten minutes and asked again as she continued to help new customers. She said hold up and blew me off for 5 more minutes. I just walked out. As someone who works in the service industry, this is really unprofessional, and I felt neglected.

Review №59

Food was delicious. Food was authentic, homestyle (the type we'd all like to have at home) and nicely portioned.

Review №60

Good food and service tucked away in this obscure corner of San Antonio.

Review №61

Excellent food. Very reasonable priced. You won't be disappointed

Review №62

Chips were hard, some chewy and stale. Food was rushed and didn't taste good. Though we did arrive 1hr prior to closing and were out before they closed it wasn't the best tasting experience we have had there before. Two of our parties orders were completely wrong when delivered. May try again during the day to see if it was just an off day or other service goes down when they start closing. Staff was nice.

Review №63

Very good menudo, lot of flavor, no shortage of spices. Corn tortillas were perfect, no thin masa or packaged. Barbacoa was on point. Wife had huevos rancheros w side of chicharron. Plate was REALLY good and well served. Will make the drive from Stone Oak and Sonterra to bring family here. Buen trabajo!

Review №64

The Food was delicious!!! My family and I went twice during our Vacation time. The first time we went there was only one waitress for everyone. It took a while to both order and get our food and drinks. The second time we were there, there were two waitresses working. We got our drinks and food on a timely manner. Our waitress was really nice on our second visit. Will definitely go again on our next trip!

Review №65

Great beef fajita nachos

Review №66

Food was ok! Little bland!

Review №67

Food was so good and the service was excellent!

Review №68

The food was fantastic! We had beef fajitas. They bring out 3 dips with the chips...a hot & spicy sauce, a cold salsa and bean & pork dip. Margarita was fresh.

Review №69

I ordered the Puerco Chili Colorado, the food was exceptional. The smoked puerco and sauce was heavenly. We also had the Chili Releno, beef and cheese. It too was wonderful as were the Barbacoa tacos. Kudus to this location, the staff, chefs, and food were amazing.

Review №70

I've been to many Mexican restaurants in San Antonio. This place here, on point! I really enjoyed the experience. Good service, better food. I had the enchilada and fajita plate. Beef fajitas were juicy and wonderful tasting. Rice and beans were great. Chips and salsa were awesome. Sweet tea was just right. So glad I stopped by to give a try. Will return. I definitely reccomend giving this place a shot.

Review №71

Delicios flavor filled food. The salsa is delicious ask for the roasted salsa if you like a bit more heat w your chips and salsa. Corn tortillas homemade!!

Review №72

I dont usually trust Mexican restaurants here in San Antonio. I seldom get true authentic food. Text Mex is the thing I guess!...( I am a Texas native gone for many yesrs) A friend took me there as a thank you gesture today. I had the barbaco taco and a crispy chicharon and egg taco. They were both quite large and really good. The part that main it even better! Was the service. I took a menu since I work fairly close. I will definitely return.

Review №73

Food was good, service too! Unfortunately the only cook was being homophobic and said comments against us. Not coming back unfortunately.

Review №74

Clean, servers were very nice, food was great

Review №75

Recently rediscovered Camila's. Great Mexican food right around the corner! Chips are really good; so is the salsa! I enjoy the cheese enchiladas and a crunchy beef taco. Servers are quick, attentive and nice. Enjoyable place!

Review №76

It's a little hole in the wall place but don't let it fool u it's a hidden treasure. Good family, friendly service and the food is wonderful. Pricing is unbelievable for the quality of food u recieve as it's absolutely delicious! Highly recommend if u want great tasting mexican food. One happy customer

Review №77

Great food, friendly people, and pretty quick service. The place gets packed because for one it is small, but eating here you can see why people will patiently wait to sit down.

Review №78

Used their "To go" entrance very nice area friendly service. Tried their breakfast tacos, very good tacos & hot sauce.

Review №79

Food is great service is good margaritas are great!! Just a bit pricy. For what you get!

Review №80

After coming here for 3 years as a regular. I dined in this morning and I found a toenail in my sweet tea to go about an hour into sipping it. I found it the hard way

Review №81

Now as far as my review goes, I've only ever gotten breakfast tacos here.But man do I like them a whole bunch, and for the special of 12 for like 12.99 how can you beat that?The texture of their homemade tortillas is so good, bean and cheese so smooth and have a lil smoky taste, eggs always fluffy and moist.Just good breakfast tacos, I can't imagine anything they do is bad.Plus added bonus. Be lazy. Call it in. And pull into their drive through pick up lane. Instant happiness.

Review №82

This place is a hidden gem. I use to pass by here a lot and never went in. There tortillas are soo good, you can taste that its homemade. Fajitas are cooked perfectly and always tender

Review №83

There's a reason they have been around for so long

Review №84

Wait staff friendly and food is great and for very reasonable cost! Betty was amazing!

Review №85

Very good food and staff very attentive. I will be going back.

Review №86

I get tacos here on an almost weekly basis,no matter what they are always great. I like to get a bacon cheese and potato with salsa taco and their lunch burritos are pretty bomb also. Lately they have been switch tortilla makers but they are still great always it's crazy!

Review №87

Food was alright. Staff was friendly. Not the most awesome place. Not too memorable. But it was not the worst place. 6 or 7 out of 10 sounds about right all around.

Review №88

Food is decent for what seems to be comparable to the prices. Pretty authentic for the most part. The carne guisado taco is definitely my favorite taco here. You can get fresh refried beans and homemade flour and corn tortillas here. This establishment does have lunch specials and 10 tacos for $12. My Whether you call in a take out order or place an order for sit down, the food service normally takes more time than one anticipates for this type establishment. Which is why I will sometimes drive out of my way for breakfast tacos. Friendly staff. Seems like a clean restaurant. Small in size and sandwiched between a day care, a plaza and an elementary school. So morning breakfast can definitely take longer

Review №89

We drive 30 minutes to eat breakfast here a couple of times a month. It's a special treat. They got a A 100 on their last inspection. You can taste the difference.

Review №90

Great food lovely staff

Review №91

Just started the past six months coming to Camila's and wish we had started years ago. The tacos are super! Great flavor and generous portions. Tried the gorditas the other day and they were very good and not greasy like some I've had at other places. The wait staff are good at keeping your drinks filled and seeing if you need anything. Parking can be limited so get there early for breakfast or lunch. Real home made tortillas...not that store bought stuff either!!!

Review №92

Authentic Mexican food

Review №93

Food was good ordered the lunch special and a lemonade and was not told that the lemonade was not included as part of the lunch special. Had to ask for another fork cause the first fork was dirty. Probably not going to go back

Review №94

Awesome service and amazing tacos! I understand why they're always busy!!

Review №95

Big let down! Chips n salsa is the only good thing about this place. Service was absolutely horrible, Only 1 server working all the tables for a semi packed night! Beef fajitas was no better than HEB frozen fajitas. Cheese enchiladas were sub par, the tortillas were stale. Never again, wish I would have read the reviews more carefully!

Review №96

Good food and options

Review №97

Service is great. Food is real Mexican food. Everything I have had here was delicious

Review №98

I usually get Camillas on Henderson Pass a couple times this week , was excited to get up & grab some breakfast tacos , 2 beef fajita & 2 carne guisada with cheese ... the beef fajita tacos were 80% onions & a couple tiny pieces of meat , might as well had a onion & tortilla ... the carne guisada which is usually great tasted old & reheated , very sad start to my day off

Review №99

Love their red salsa. Tacos are a good deal from mon-fri in the mornings and also love that you can pull up and they take your order.

Review №100

My favorite neighborhood Eatery! Great food, friendly and fast service. Best breakfast tacos in San Antonio--yum!

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:16075 Henderson Pass, San Antonio, TX 78232, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-404-2929
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Family restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:6:30AM–9PM
  • Thursday:7AM–3PM
  • Friday:6AM–9PM
  • Saturday:6AM–9PM
  • Sunday:6AM–9PM
Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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