Chile Verde Mexican Restaurant
5102 Monaco Cir, San Antonio, TX 78263, United States

Review №1

Very unique place. Really good food. Very nicely decorated! Really enjoyed myself. Prices are very reasonably priced. Very Impressed! My first time there.

Review №2

When I lived in San Antonio I would drive all the way from near sea world just to eat here. It was hands down my favorite Mexican restaurant in the area. The food was always fresh and the staff was great. Never had to wait too long. Parking could be limited at times. I can't wait to come back to visit friends so I can come back to eat here.

Review №3

The food here is great. Authentic Mexican food. My kids like the homemade tortillas. Even calling in an order is so easy. A must try if you haven't

Review №4

The tea and tortillas were good. Chicken fajitas tasted like boiled chicken. Beans tasted canned. Kinda bummed me out. There breakfast tacos were good the last time I went so I expected better.

Review №5

Finally a good Mexican restaurant in Texas! Food was delicious! Decor is awesome, staff very friendly and welcoming. We will be back! Kid's hamburger meal was good too!

Review №6

Was my first visit. Busy during the lunch hour but thats expected. Nice portion sizes

Review №7

I like the chips and dips appetizers.Good food and cold beer. Doesn't get MUCH better.

Review №8

Good food a little pricey but well worth your$ .

Review №9

Right now they are in the process of an exterior renovation. The wait staff have always been decent, though my favorite waiter I haven't seen in quite a while. They serve good food at a somewhat decent price. It can be too packed during dinner time sometimes, and we have to go find somewhere else to eat, so hopefully the renovation adds some dining space. I wish they could have more than two single stall bathrooms, but at least they keep them fairly clean.

Review №10

Don't judge this book by its cover! The outside looks sort of like a small diner or fast food place. Honestly, I was about to leave when we pulled up, but, my wife said to go in since we were already here. Night and day! Inside, the place is very clean and well maintained. We sat ourselves and were almost immediately brought chips and 3 different salsas, along with having our menus given and drink requests taken.I ordered unsweetened tea and a carne asada burrito. Wife had chicken enchiladas deluxe. We both really liked the flavor. Food came out relatively fast as well. Wife had some leftovers and we were both satisfied.One of the best parts is this is not "tex-mex" style flavor. I think I found a new favorite Mexican food restaurant.Will DEFINITELY return!

Review №11

The food was ok. The place very clean. We need to go back for and after noon dinner.

Review №12

The green sauce is amazing. I've tried a few different enchilada plates and they are all good. The breakfast tacos are good, too. There's a lot of in and out traffic so the place definitely has flies in the afternoon.

Review №13

My first time going and I loved it ...everything was great and the service was great too...i will for sure be going again!!!

Review №14

There's literally thousands of Mexican food establishments here in the "Heart of Texas, so it takes a standout to get my attention. This one is a bit out of the way, but very well worth it. I discovered it when a business associate took me for a lunch, so I got the single puffy taco with rice and beans. I was hooked! Homemade corn tortillas with a perfect, not greasy meat filling. Three salsa's done perfectly with homemade chips. Heaven on earth. I've since explored the menu and have not yet been disappointed, while turning on family and friends. Take the drive! You'll be back. I dare to say that its in my top 3 favorite Mexican establishments in Texas. Check it out.

Review №15

Love the restaurant love the food

Review №16

I like that they clean their tables with disposable towels so I know its actually clean. They have some good deals most days too. I got food poisoning from the #35 but I would still come back.

Review №17

Food is always delicious! Their sweet tea is always perfect!

Review №18

I Come here for dinner and I'm always thrilled. The place is clean, staffed with kind people and the food is always hot and fresh.My only complaint would be that the ground beef dishes need more seasoning.Salsa trio and fresh chips are a big winner.

Review №19

We love this place! I can't recommend them enough. It's always a treat when we get to have Chile Verde.

Review №20

We came here after church and it was busy and there were a lot of people picking up there orders. Seemed like good place and it is. But seemed a bit average. Food was good. Service was okay. Not bad. But a lot of people seemed to order from there, so people like the restaurant s food. I thought it to be average, but the price was a above average for the food.

Review №21

I had the puffy taco plate with rice and beans. The two puffy tacos were big and very filling. The Mexican rice was just like at home, delicious together with the chips and three different types of hot sauce. I will stop for lunch there again for sure.

Review №22

Food Was good. Didn't taste like texmex

Review №23

The food was great the service was wonderful will go back again it will be a favorite of mine

Review №24

This is probably one of the best restaurants along 87, between 410 & 1604. The atmosphere is great and they bring out THREE kinds of salsas with chips (2 spicy, 1 non-spicy). The tortillas were really good as well.

Review №25

Tasty tortilla soup, could have been served a little hotter. Nice menu. Was a little drive for me. The chips and variety salsa brought to the table was nice. Pick your 'heat' comfort zone salsa. 'Family owned' feel. Will try again.

Review №26

Food was really good, my drink bowl could've used some margarita salt, but all very delicious. Place wasn't crowded. Very clean

Review №27

The chips and 3(!) salsas are great (mild, green, hot). Wonderful drinks from the full bar. The food is well above average with larger portions. I definitely would suggest this place.

Review №28

We love Chile Verde! Shrimp soup is my go to dish here but also love the mini tacos.

Review №29

Amazing food, fast and friendly service.

Review №30

Great food, service was excellent.

Review №31

Went around closing time on Sunday. I was very surprised with the changes. I ordered the #15 enchilada, crispy taco, beans, rice & tortillas. I really liked choice of three sauces & the way it was presented. Other person got puffy chicken tacos full of flavorful white chicken, bean, rice, & tortillas were included. The only negative was the price on some of the items on the menu. I plan on going back really want to go for breakfast. Worth the trip be hungry when you go so prices won't seem so high for Mexican food. Last but definitely not last the service was excellent.

Review №32

Very good food and the margarita was excellent

Review №33

A family favorite. I love the enchilada plate but there are plenty of other great choices. Service is typically good, and they have a nice bar and TVs.

Review №34

Amazing food at great prices. Great breakfast taco specials in the morning. Lunch can be very busy but wait staff always works hard to get great service.

Review №35

This place is awesome. Stopped by before going to the tulip farm, and was surprised by everything. Will be back soon!

Review №36

I love the name and the atmosphere and the paintings

Review №37

Excellent food, friendly staff, great horchata

Review №38

Yum! The food here is so good. You will love it.

Review №39

Great service and delicious food

Review №40

The food is okay the wait was long even through there wasn't alot of people

Review №41

This is one of my favorite places to eat. I love the green salsa and Mini Taco plate. The charro beans are to die for. Great atmosphere! It is a very nice place to take your family for a sit down dinner or even a first date.

Review №42

We walk in and find a seat in plain view. Waitress stares for a bit and then checks a table in front of us. After that, she walks away and sits down at another table. We left because this is not the first time we have been treated poorly by waitstaff here, but it will be the last.

Review №43

Everything I have tried here is SO good! Homemade corn tortillas are the icing on the cake!

Review №44

The food is great and the service is excellent!

Review №45

A tad pricey. Waitress was terrible. Food was good though. My wife was annoyed at the fact that the waitress refused to speak in English to us. I didn't care, but you'd think you'd give someone the courtesy to try to speak English.

Review №46

Very friendly people. Great food. This is the place to come over and hang out with family and friends. And then order some very delicious food.

Review №47

FOOD: Tasty & good portions.SERVICE: Friendly & fast!PRICE: Ok, $15 for lunch ... but it was GOOD!!

Review №48

Quality Tex-Mex food served promptly by a courteous, friendly professional-grade staff at competitive prices in a clean, comfortable, relaxing setting, with ample parking and easy access on 87 just east of China Grove. I like the chorizo breakfast tacos. Most definitely 5 stars

Review №49

Cozy n nice place w really good flavor on their plates, easy access. Service make me feel at home!

Review №50

Very good food and tasty.

Review №51

Too expensive for tacos.

Review №52

I have always liked the food but this go round had cheese enchiladas but did not have enough cheese. So make sure you mention to put more/enough cheese. The severs just stared at me when I mentioned this.

Review №53

Best Mexican place in the area. Love the puffy tacos!

Review №54

This little restaurant is perfect because it is right by my house, the food is delicious, the drinks are great and staff is friendly. I dine here at least three times a month!

Review №55

We used to frequent this restaurant weekly. They've completely renovated the place and added parking across the street. They even added a small bar. With this they also raised the prices. It is not very affordable for larger families to dine. There is outdoor seating.

Review №56

It's an okay restaurant. Good meals, reasonably priced

Review №57

Was a great place to eat Mexican food. Friendly staff reasonably on the price

Review №58

Good food. Was told Margaritas are good need to try them.

Review №59

Good. Consistent food and Great staff!

Review №60

Fast, friendly and overall good food. Not too many options in this area, but the Mexican food is good.

Review №61

Great food at a good price.

Review №62

The waitress was really nice and the store was clean. The 3 stars is for the food. It wasn't bad it just wasn't very good.

Review №63

Well taken care of restaurant. Their green sauce is divine, their enchiladas are excellent, and their tacos are top notch. Definitely one of my favorite Mexican restaurants.

Review №64

Good prices, Very good food. Had the puffy tacos! Been several times and everyone is always happy with what they order. Little busy sometimes but you expect it when better than most.

Review №65

We absolutely love this place it is phenomenal food. The Price is awesome and the food is even better than the price. The staff is also very helpful and nice, we have never had an issue eating at this place.

Review №66

Always best food for price, service it sometimes hit and miss.

Review №67

Great food with reasonable prices!!!

Review №68

Of all the Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants east of I-10, this is the one I'd bring visiting family to. Amazing food, outstanding service, and a fun and authentic décor that made me think of the hacienda from "The High Chaparral" TV show. They also have large tables for large parties and, a first in my experience, serve two kinds of salsa and queso gratis with lunch. Mushroom omelet with beans and fried potatoes. Wow! Definitely worth a stop. You'll not leave hungry.

Review №69

Good food

Review №70

Love this place, best beef fajita mini tacos NA

Review №71

Service great. Cant taste any of the food.

Review №72

Best Mexican food in San Antonio.Ive been going since the week it opened up!

Review №73

Fast service, attentive wait staff. Great food and lots of options.

Review №74

One of my family's favorite places!!!

Review №75

Very good Mexican food a little pricey good mixed drinks

Review №76

I love the tacos and chalupas here, they are absolutely delicious.

Review №77

Great food and great service

Review №78

Love this place. The food is good and plentiful. Great value.

Review №79

Great food

Review №80

First time here. Had the beef fajita chimichanga. Also had a piece of their cheese cake.Food - Awesome!!!!Waitress - Awesome (Becky)I'm gonna tell my family that lives out that way about this place, and they have a bar there as well!! From the parking, to the decor, service and food, it was all around a great place to stop by and eat!!!! A+++++

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Review №82

My go to place for Mexican food in San Antonio. Located east of the city off 87. Fresh Mexican food at decent prices. This is what I expect when wanting authentic San Antonio Tex-mex.

Review №83

Food was FANTASTIC! Very well priced. Our waiter was Jaime and he was excellent! Have eaten there about 5 times & every time love it. Will continue to go there.

Review №84

Service was the worst. Guess if I were Mexican I would have gotten better service. My top,or lack of,reflected how I was treated. May not go back.

Review №85

Food was great for some of our guest but we had a couple of people who's food was just ok. Atmosphere was awesome, service was great.

Review №86

Family atmosphere, the food is amazing, staff is great!

Review №87

This one was a pleasant surprise.We had just left San Antonio, and knew there was nothing good between there and home. So we started looking for a place we could stop and eat, even though it was a bit early. Just after passing through China Grove, we saw Chile Verde on the roadside and decided to give it a try. My wife had one of the enchilada plates, and I had the Barbacoa plate. Both were excellent! The homemade flour tortillas were as good as any I've had in a long time. Something unusual was the tray of three sauces they provided with the chips. I didn't really care for any of them, but my wife liked two of them. One of the things I liked the most was a button on the table that allows you to call the waitress, and even ask for the check. I had never seen that before.

Review №88

We've eaten their food multiple times over the past year....takeout only. Warm and flavorful chicken tortilla soup, nice shrimp salad, excellent fajitas. On the fajitas they include shrimp with the chicken and beef and a hearty amount of the other fajita essentials. Yummmm.

Review №89

First time - First impression... Friendly and clean. Food was excellent. I am hard to hear when I speak and the waiter misunderstood my order. It was remedied in minutes (but the plate brought out initially looked great too!). Applause worthy

Review №90

I loved it

Review №91

This place was suggested by a pal. Great location, authentic Mexican food and wait staff are professional and friendly. Restrooms are clean, plenty of parking. Will definitely be coming back!

Review №92

We had the worst service ever! Between 2 waitresses, the food took immensely long to get to us! Everyone that arrived around us were served their food. They need to be more mindful of their customers!

Review №93

Damn good food

Review №94

The food is always amazing and the wife range of tequila is great for margaritas

Review №95

I love the dining room tables and chairs. I'm craving the vegetable omelet right now.

Review №96

Best ever

Review №97

The staff (front of house) inthe morning is rude and they assume you don't understand spanish.

Review №98

The food is excellent and the service is very good!

Review №99

Convenient for locals, good ambience and vibe but food itself is just alright, much better choices elsewhere if youre willing to drive a bit more.

Review №100

Liked the food, very good had nachosDid not take long to get them.

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  • Address:5102 Monaco Cir, San Antonio, TX 78263, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-649-3938
  • Mexican restaurant
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  • Sunday:7AM–10PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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