15639 W I-10, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States
Review №1

I have been going to Chuy's for years because the food is great and the people are awesome. I have been limiting my dining out because of covid, but we missed Chuy's and decided to see how they are handling curbside. It was quick and efficient. The person handling the curbside orders (Mallo) was professional and efficient. When we got home our order had been packaged neatly, and nothing was missing. Awesome! See you again soon!

Review №2

There is nothing I can say negative about this place, it's nothing but a wonderful family environment. From the food, to the environment, to the waiting staff. It's always a great experience for me and my family.

Review №3

The Chuy's you know and love is still here. All essentials are on the menu. No wait at the door for dinner which is lucky under normal conditions. The outside dining was beautiful and with the 70ish degree weather right now, it made for a good time.

Review №4

Quick and delicious Tex mex and they do great take out with Covid-19 restrictions. The manager was very helpful to do some substitutions for our online order, and all we had to do when we arrived was call the to go phone line and they brought our food within a couple of minutes.

Review №5

Friendly staff and we were sat down quickly. Great service and everything was fresh. Great flavors. The jalapeno sauce over the burrito was a nice add. The martini was good and even tasted tequila in it, bonus. Definitely worth a return visit.

Review №6

Love the Boom Boom sauce here. It's our favorite. Service is great. I only give 4 stars because every once and a while the chips smell like soap my party those times agreed. Otherwise great don't let that stop you.

Review №7

Place clean, no wait. Waiter below average. Food pretty good. Tea like tea flavored water. Salsa bubbly, not really that great. They don't keep hot sauce like Chalula/Tabasco/other only bubbly salsa, low taste. Nothing to put on tacos. Spicy salsa sucks. Bring your own! Waiter had his own timetable, didn't sync with ours, matter of fact attitude, like this is what we have if you don't like it your ignorant. Knows it all so no no need to listen to customer.

Review №8

I love Chuy's. Great Tec-Mex food. The salsa is one of my favorites and their creamy tomatillo enchiladas.

Review №9

Service is good and fast. Food is fair with an average price. Even during happy hour, the margaritas are overpriced and very weak. You should get your before dinner drink elsewhere. Atmosphere very good, with music that is not too loud.

Review №10

My time at Chuy's was a frustrating and unappetizing experience. Our waiter was incompetent (forgot orders, brought out wrong orders). The food was stale, mushy corn and bean slop that my dog would likely turn away. I ordered a side salad and they never gave or offered me dressing. Plain lettuce, yum!Our orders took so long we were nearly full on the free chips. Gosh, I wish I could go back in time and go to Taco Bell instead.Chuy's was just bad food and bad service, plain and simple. The only reason to go to Chuy's is if you need a place to park and carpool to work. Avoid Chuy's and go to ANY other eatery or anywhere else for that matter. 2 yucky stars.

Review №11

I have been eating chicken enchiladas at Chuy's for 15 years. My husband and I ordered the same dish and his chicken was plentiful and perfect. I had hardly any chicken...and stringy. I am so very disappointed....first time I have ever had a complaint against Chuy's....the contrast was undeniable. Shame on the chef. This was the location on IH-10. I mostly go to the other locations in San Antonio. Guess I won't be back here....also I have used this location for a lunch with 12 ladies...not anymore.

Review №12

Great food as always. Their covid safety was great as well. Seating was well spaced and the QR code menu was nice. Felt very safe eating there.

Review №13

My favorite Texas Mex chain. Food always comes out hot and delicious. Service has always been great!

Review №14

Always great to come across a Chuy's, especially since we don't have any where I live in west Texas. Took my out of state family there and they loved it! A definite must have of you have never tried!! Always ask for jalapeno ranch with your salsa. You won't regret it!

Review №15

It was cute. Service was efficient, but Curt. However, the food is phenomenal. Fresh and out in a timely fashion. It's a dope spot to munch down on some Tex-Mex.

Review №16

Texmex and the atmosphere here is great. Prices that won't shock you. I see why this place has so many good reviews.

Review №17

Nachos were on point and the refried beans are vegetarian. The tea was good. Scripture on the utensil paper was awesome. Service was good. The chips and salsa were fresh and good.

Review №18

My family and I had an awsome lunch here. We have been in Texas for 3 days now and I have missed the food so much. I ordered the fajitas burrito with verde sauce.... so delicious. I offered some of it to my 4 y/o, who is such a picky eater, and she tore right into it. The Mexican rice was the best. We have not been in Texas in almost 7 years and believe me when I tell you, Tex-Mex and Mexican food is not something you can easily find. Our server was great and constantly checked on us. We will definitely visit this location again.

Review №19

Love this place!!! Awesome food at fair prices! Get the steak burrito with extra hatch green Chile sauce.

Review №20

Texmex... so good. food was so fresh. i had a cousin come into town and asked me to take him back here.

Review №21

Nachos are TO DIE FOR!!!The chicken flautas are old greasy tasting...bland..Same for enchiladas. As another review stated..tea is tea flavored water

Review №22

Great TexMex. Great service at decent prices.

Review №23

Wow 4 adults and 2 children had a full meal and appetizers for a great price. Love the queso dip

Review №24

Server was good.eventhough it was shiftchange..i had chicken fajitas which had a great taste..but the beans n rice were dry

Review №25

Good food. My server did a great job. The only thing I personally messed up was that I wanted the chicka wow wow enchiladas but I unfortunately ordered the regular chicken enchiladas which was equally as good. Will be back next time I visit San Antonio

Review №26

STILL has the limited Covid1984 menu, but what they do serve is still good. Gotta bring back the Green Chile Rice soon, or I'm going to stop going there.

Review №27

We really like Chuys. Good food, always good service, and we really like their jalapeno ranch dip!

Review №28

Food was great. That burrito can fill you up.

Review №29

Service with devin was great! Food was bland even for having chiles. Maybe it was just an off day.

Review №30

I think there's a disconnect between the people answering the phones and the people bringing the food out. I ordered yesterday over the phone and went to go pick it up. When I got there I parked directly in front of the restaurant. I saw on the front door that it said employees only so I decided to call. The person who picked up asked to read the sign that's in front of the parking spot. Unfortunately there was no sign where I parked so I informed him I'm in the front spots. He asked what car I'm in and said he'd let the person bringing the food out know.I waited for 15 minutes and within that time the person bringing the food had taken 3 trips out already. I began to wonder if my phone call message ever made it to him. It was a let down to find out that my message was not given to him. I understand it's not his fault so can't really do anything about it. But I figured I'd let someone know via a review. Thanks for the food, but please take a look at the process for people parking in front where there are no signs.

Review №31

Service was really good . New menu doesn't offer any good for vegetarian people and we miss our all time favorite rellenos.

Review №32

Food was just okay, I wouldn't come back here again. Service was great and very friendly employees.

Review №33

Prompt service and I didn't even have to ask for a refill. Server in the bar is on her game!

Review №34

Great Friendly Service from all ~ Server Oscar was attentive and listened and helped us with our requests ~ Food was tasty and filling ~

Review №35

Monday lunch special (fried avocado) is the best!

Review №36

Limited menu, but still a fun place!! The margaritas still great!

Review №37

We ordered our food through the website for delivery. Unfortunately one of our items was wrong (and too spicy to eat). Mistakes happen. We called the store and spoke with Pablo, a manager. He immediately went to work to make sure we could order the item again and we could hear the gears grinding to make it so a second delivery fee was washed away. His jump into gear attitude in, what I'm sure was a hectic dinner rush, is exactly what every restaurant should strive for in their management staff. Kudos to Pablo and many thanks from this now extremely full family!Oh and everything was delicious as always! We will definitely continue to order from this location!

Review №38

They used to be really great, but have raised prices and charged me $8 for a small container of sauce that if I did sit down would be free.

Review №39

Very good! Wonderful service. Very helpful staff. Was very pleased, no complaints

Review №40

This place is soooo good. The service is 10/10 and the food was AMAZING. I grew up with so much Mexican food and it reminds me of home. The vibe is awesome too. The music they play was so good. 10/10 recommend to everyone. The scenery was beautiful!

Review №41

Great food, I had ordered the ponchos & their famous burrito. It's was delicious after a long drive. Will definitely recommend going to try if you haven't.

Review №42

While visiting San Antonio, I was on the lookout for a good Tex-Mex food, thanks God I was taken to this restaurant. I was very satisfied with their food. The tortilla chips were very good and not to mention their food. It was over the top, everything was mouthwatering. Highly recommended restaurant. Good prices and good customer service.

Review №43

Great food, went just before Covid and was served excellently and the manager relentlessly apologized for the delay (the order to limit customers had just come out) and made sure everyone was taken care of. Get the queso dip, you won't be disappointed

Review №44

Wonderful service and price. I love the atmosphere.

Review №45

Chuys covid-19 review!!! Spent the afternoon on the patio drinking a couple margaritas and had some great food. Menu is limited, but still exactly what I was looking for. Staff was extremely attentive and friendly, cleaned everything to the max, and just plain awesome. I was on the fence about going to an actual restaurant to eat, but don't regret it at all. They are on top of it.

Review №46

I've been here twice in 8 years and its still a really bad tasting imitation of Mexican food.Overpriced drinks and food that has No flavor.

Review №47

This place was so good! Everything from the food, to the environment to the service. It all exceeded my expectations. They were family friendly and very patient with all the noise from my kids. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for some good Tex-mex.

Review №48

I rarely give 5 stars, but my experience here really justifies my decision. I arrived, and was seated with my friends almost immediately. The staff was helpful, kind and just great people. I got the "Big as your Head" burrito, with boom boom sauce (it's basically a spicier queso...REALLY good).Awesome place. Really will get a bang for your buck here.

Review №49

Great service from Dana Y! She was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Review №50

The beef fajita platter was served quick, hot, fresh, with all the sides and condiments. A single plate fed two very well.

Review №51

I have to say I absolutely love love love Chuy's!Let me just tell you that this location is new for me being that I just moved on this side of town and they have really shown out!!!They have the best service EVER:) I am pleased to say that this is my new Chuy's Location!!

Review №52

Yes yes yesBest place to go for food n dri ks, wait staff is always happy and energetic. Love ur burritos and ur queso

Review №53

Enjoy the salad and waiter was pleasant.

Review №54

Food was good, service great, but due to COVID the menu has changed, much smaller now.I order the house special it was ok.

Review №55

It was great! The food is good. The tortillas are fresh and chewy, it's a perfect mix of spice and cheese, and the perfect blend of tex and mex. The tshirts are cute and cheap too.

Review №56

Good service and good Tex-Mex

Review №57

5 stars, absolutely delightful service! High quality food, and thankfully not packed during this Covid-19 crisis.

Review №58

The VERY BEST fresh flour tortillas I ever had and great service!

Review №59

Chuys Is Always Good Never had a bad meal or bad experience here!

Review №60

I'm only reviewing the food, which is delicious and the pick-up service, which is excellent

Review №61

Bring me some more Creamy Jalapeño Ranch for my chips!

Review №62

Awesome first time going food was great service was excellent cant wait to go back again

Review №63

Delicious food. Great drinks. Great service! Wonderful atmosphere!

Review №64

Great curb side option

Review №65

Very limited menu to choose from..Not gluten free friendly!

Review №66

Loved Good food fun place

Review №67

My only wish is that this marvelous place would expand to Phoenix!

Review №68

Great ambience... an entree is sufficient for more than 1... quantity is more.. hot, fresh & free tortilla chips and salsa is my favorite

Review №69

Chuy's did a great job of social distancing. Food and drinks were good as always!

Review №70

This is a tex-mex restaurant. We like the cheese enchiladas and chicken chalupas and the kids like the cheese quesadillas with rice and beans. The chips and salsa are good too.

Review №71

It was not good they got my order wrong and it was cold went the whole meal with no drink had to get the manger involved

Review №72

Great service. The fajitas are wonderful!

Review №73

Always enjoyable.. good food and service is friendly. Love their creamy jalapeno sauce... try it.. you'll get addicted

Review №74

Nice, all good..

Review №75

Fantastic service as usual. Always busy on friday nights, but always listening to what the customer wants. The food is as great and delivered in a timely and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Review №76

The food is always great our waitress Tiffany was delightful!

Review №77

It was a nice Mexican Restaurant, not afraid to Spice it up a bit!!

Review №78

Had the fried avacado finally.. man th the t was good!

Review №79

This chimichanga was on the small side how ever very tasty

Review №80

Good staff but the food wasnt much and cleanliness was poor. Obvious food stains all over the wall, window, and blinds. Would definitely recommend another place.

Review №81

Great price and large plates!!!

Review №82

I ordered a curbside fajita order on Cinco de Mayo. I was never able to enjoy this order, because after 40 minutes of waiting, I never received the food. I followed the directions on the email confirmation and texted when I arrived. No response. 5 minutes later, texted again. No response. Called the store - recording only. No attendant out front to talk to - seemingly no one working. There were about 30 other people waiting for food as well. I finally texted the no response number and said I was cancelling the order. Understand they were likely overwhelmed - but they have 0 excuse for not communicating with their customers. Horrible experience. I was cancelling the order. W

Review №83

Service was great, fast, and friendly but the food was just okay. There's definitely a variety of things to choose from if that's what you're looking for. I got the Southwest Enchiladas that come with a fried egg on top. Nothing to ride home about.

Review №84

Everything was fine, food was decent, drinks were VERY lime-y. TOO much lime. Like, the bartender needs to learn how to balance a drink. Biggest problem was when the waitress dropped and entire cup of salsa into my lap as she was removing the plates. Some patrons sitting next to me ended up giving me their napkins, and there was nothing more than an apology provided. Really horrible experience at that point, really ruins it when you are willing salsa off your clothes.

Review №85

Food was fast and tasted fresh. The Grand Mr. Margarita was wonderful! Ask for the hatch green chili salsa. It's got some heat.

Review №86

Food was exceptional. Portions were awesome. Service was awesome. Prices were reasonable. The only reason I didn't give the 5 start is that many booths seats were worn out and the upholstery was torn apart. Other than that great place to bee.

Review №87

I went last friday with a fairly big group for my book club. We were asked to be put outside and they were very accommodating. The waiter RJ was really attentive, even with our rowdy group. He did everything he could to make our night enjoyable. We will definitely be requesting him as our future server. Even the manager took an interest in our night. Definitely recommend this restaurant. On top of the service the food and alcoholic drinks are really good. 5 stars for sure.

Review №88

Everytime I go here and try something new it's great. I haven't been disappointed in anything. The pork enchiladas? Great. Wild burrito? Delicious. Complimentary chips and salsa? Wonderful. Come here for a great meal.

Review №89

Loved the steak burrito !

Review №90

I was quite impressed with this Chuy's. Given its location at the a very popular junction they get a lot of traffic through their doors each day. Their ability to handle everyone in a timely manner while still producing good food was really an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Much better than the 151 location and probably on par with the 281 location.

Review №91

Be sure and ask to be seated in the Picasso art room. You will spend most of lunch taking photos of the walls.

Review №92

Pretty cool place. Free nachos during happy hour and they're not just cheese and chips. There is meat, beans, salsa, etc. The drinks could be better though.

Review №93

Good nachos and great customer service. All their food is good fun place to eat at.

Review №94

Come here during drink and appetizer happy hour. But get there early. You won't be disappointed.

Review №95

Excellent Food and service is always !

Review №96

The food and staff are excellent. The location is great, right off I-10 near 1604, making it perfect if you are just passing through or driving near. Even with the parking lot packed, we were sat quickly and were greeted by friendly staff. Because the design is more optimized for unique deco over acoustics, it does get pretty loud quickly.

Review №97

Beef Fajitas are amazing, we got them without grilled onions and peppers! Place looks festive. Our server did a good job of checking on us.

Review №98

Another fantastic Chuys!

Review №99

I had quesadillas, he had super nachos I had a swirl margarita that was really, really good! Food was hot and had good taste Service was excellent! And of course the green sauce was AWESOME!!!

Review №100

Spicy food, which I really love and cute ambience. Highly recommend!

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:15639 W I-10, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-561-7747
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Tex-Mex restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Braille menu:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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