El Chaparral Mexican Restaurant - San Antonio
2838 N Loop 1604 E, San Antonio, TX 78232, United States
Review №1

Great service and food here. One of my favorite lunch time stops while I'm working. If you're in the area I highly recommend best restaurants. They are accommodating and consistent. The food is of high quality and seems as though a lot of care goes into the preparation.

Review №2

Good food, attentive service. Cheese enchiladas were delicious. I had mango margaritas, frozen and on the rocks, they were great. Volcano Nachos were ok, needed more chese on it. Overall great.

Review №3

Service is always excellent and fast. Food is very good. Pleasant atmosphere.

Review №4

Family gathered for dinner after a funeral service (my first time eating here), the manager was so kind & accommodating... my family is grateful and appreciative for his kindness... AND the food was excellent! The servers were attentive and did a great job as well! I will return under better circumstances...

Review №5

Last night we had a family memorial dinner in honor of my mother who recently passed. The restaurant was amazing. We were able to make the party room reservation this past Saturday for yesterday evening for an extremely reasonable price. Ya'll had a party ahead of us but were able to get the room bussed and ready extremely quickly. Service was amazing, Adrian and Marla were fantastic, and always rushing to be of help. We never lacked for drinks or anything, you accommodated a group of 50 with split tickets. Great food, good service, and would definitely recommend this for any gathering again.

Review №6

Friendlier staff than I previously remembered on most recent visit. Love the new to go packaging! And the divided bar area is awesome! Keep up the great work!

Review №7

Fresh, hot Mexican food. Great flavor. Little pricey but portions were big so leftovers for lunch tomorrow

Review №8

A preferred spot for Mexican food. Everyone at our table was glad to be there. Really nothing but good experiences here. The place has a cool feel to it. Menu is like a cafe in Boston I loved.

Review №9

The bean soup you get when you first sit down is delicious! Great options and good drinks.

Review №10

Usually its a great experience. But a few things. Martin r, our waiter was distracted. He forgot a few things we orderd. Also, the cheese in our enchiladas wasn't melted. On either plate. Its 2:15, maybe the cooks were rushed or something.

Review №11

We had a lovely server she was on top of her things even though she had lots of tables she took great care of us! The chicken enchiladas with the white sauce was AMAZING and it's not a very expensive place

Review №12

This is the second time in a month that our curbside order is wrong. Not worth the frustration. What we did get was good.

Review №13

What a fantastic restaurant from the wait staff to the food. My server was phenomenal. Prompt friendly and attentive without being intrusive. Will absolutely be returning and highly recommend

Review №14

We had visited this place 2 yr ago and gave great reviews. 2 yrs later we had to send our plates back because the food looked over cooked and dry. Waitress admitted she would have as well.

Review №15

Doesn't have the ambiance that the original place does but the food is still outstanding. Service was just ok that night but normally great.

Review №16

Great food. The server ordered for me. Very fresh and delicious.

Review №17

This is not authentic mexican. Hardly anyone even spoke spanish there. They had no mexican beverages just pepsi products and margaritas, they didn't even know what sangria was and gave me some watered down drink. The food was subpar and took forever to come out, soup was cold...etc. On top of that it was not fairly priced for what you were getting. Waitress was not helpful as it was our first time there and the menu is difficult to navigate. Definitely won't be back and will be going somewhere authentic and friendly.

Review №18

Food was terrible and service was equally ad bad if not worst! There was 6 of us and it took over 2 1/2 hours to get out of there. Mixed cocktails is just syrup

Review №19

The waiter kept coughing and food had very little taste. Service good

Review №20

Jack was my servers name and he provided me with excellent service. I didn't have to ask for anything. He observed and took care of me without me having to ask and did a good job of not “bothering” me while i was eating. Everything else about my experience was just ok, not excellent but not terrible either. Chips were too hard for my taste and the salsa was way too tomato-y tasting with not really any other flavor other than tomato. I asked to try the jalapeño cream sauce and that wasn't spicy at all and had just ok flavor. The margarita happy hour price was decent but the flavor of the frozen margarita was just ok. I ordered the “owners” favorite the tampiqueno ($18.99 for two small pieces of steak, rice and refried beans) and it was just ok. It was cooked fair enough, the flavor was just NOT THERE, very lacking. The tortillas might of been homemade but I believe they were microwaved before they were brought out to me and they were fair at best.Having such good service and such mediocre food left me disappointed with my experience.

Review №21

Don't waste your time here. I should of known not to cheat on Eddies Taco House. This place is more Tex Mex but horrible. Its sad that I have to at least give it 1 star. The best thing here was my Dr Pepper and charro beans. Oh and my lovely date, Nena

Review №22

Delicious food. The refried beans are crazy good!

Review №23

My waitress was super. Miss Maria. Excellent service.

Review №24

Really good food, good service, Reasonable prices, with decent sized portions.

Review №25

Wow, awesome real home made food. Everything was delicious. Cheerful music always playing in the background. Had a great breakfast morning here today. Restaurant and restrooms are really clean.

Review №26

Delicious food. Will definitely go back

Review №27

Food was awful! The enchiladas were all tortilla barely and filling, kids hamburger was small like a biscuit, service was horrific and manager made nothing but excuses. Helotes location put you to shame!

Review №28

Beans and chips before your meal. How can that go wrong? Great place.

Review №29

Great ambiance! Delicious food and drinks! We enjoyed the mariachi soooo very much!!

Review №30

Carne asada plate..... . I think its the best I've had. Draft beer cold. Margaritas . Just a bit tad expensive for muaa... Excelent service, clean atmosphere. Need work done on the men's darkroom. Water leak.

Review №31

Fajitas were excellent. Refried beans and Mexican rice were very good. The chips and salsa....meh! The chips tasted like they came out of a bag.

Review №32

Food was.good but I ordered a desert to go AND whoever boxed it up put honey on it so when I was ready to eat it it was all soaked into the bread I wasn't happy with that. But the chicken enchiladas with sour cream sauce was AMAZING!!

Review №33

Food is always consistent and good. Service can be a bit slow, even when they are not busy. But the Margaritas are fantastic and fairly reasonably priced for their quality.

Review №34

Very, very delicious food!It was good. Our waiter was awesome. Highly recommend it.

Review №35

Great stop. Fun atmosphere, very good food and nice service.

Review №36

El Chaparral has a good system during pandemic times. Food and drinks are great and the service was wonderful

Review №37

First time going and I have to say the service and food were great. Only issue we had was finding a bug floating around in one of the margaritas but, once notified, our server replaced the drink (with stronger tequila) and no extra charge.Worth your time and worth the money! Will return.

Review №38

Food was excellent. My whole family enjoyed their meals.

Review №39

We originally ordered for pickup, we ordered about 5 mins or less from parking in front of the store. We saw that the dining room was open and the wife wanted sit down and eat not sit in the truck and eat. So we went in and told the lady at the front we had just ordered on the phone but would like to dine in instead. She had a very hard time understanding why we would call for pickup then want to dine in. After about 5 mins she sat us down after talking to 3 different people. Finally who we thought was our server the whole time came up handed us our food and got us drinks. We thought he was the only server in the whole restaurant due to he was the only one helping anyone. They seemed to have about 3 managers just standing around watching nothing becuase there was only 5 maybe 6 tables sat in the whole place. The food was MEH at best. We had ordered the fajitas for two. Finaly a lady came by and said here is your check ill help you when you are ready. I looked at the bill for 2 sweet teas and beef fajitas for 2 it was 58.xx. I took 70 dollars out of my wallet and sat it on the bill as the lady came back and saw it was cash she grabbed it and was like you don't need change do you? Well I saw something on the bill that struck me as odd. It had a ladies name on it but the young man was helping us the whole time along with all the other patrons. So, I was upset cause I had a good feeling she was gona take the kids money. I left 5 dollars as I walked towards the door she ran over to the table and grabbed the money. I was disappointed greatly the food was meh, the food was way over priced, 60 dollars for beef fajitas, refried, beans, rice, some iceberg lettuce topped with two slices of tomato, and a spoon full of guacamole, and some pico. It was bland like they didn't use any seasoning and the meat tasted and chewed like it was cooked way earlier in the day or the previous day. We will not ge going back.

Review №40

Great food. Friendly staff. Great lunch specials. Like to stop there anytime I'm in the area. We also have had a graduation party there. They always are ready to accommodate you with whatever you need.

Review №41

EDIT: After one week, and owner responses to other reviews since then, there has been no response to my review from the owner. As I said, this is one of my favorite restaurants! I would think the owner would be glad to be informed that his employees are not following the proper guidelines for COVID-19, and let his customers know that he has done something about it.ORIGINAL REVIEW: I just had a very disappointing experience at one of my favorite restaurants. Today Governor Abbott ordered the closing of all bars, and on Monday, restaurants have to drop from 75% back to 50%, because of the rapid rise of COVID-19 infections in our state. It has been shown that the main reason is that people do not wear masks.Tonight, I came in alone and sat at the two person booth by the bar. My waiter came to my table with his mask around his chin, and his mouth completely exposed. He took my order (I didn't need to see a menu) and brought my drink. He then stood with a table of 4 men for at least 10 minutes, talking and singing with the mariachis, with the mask still below his chin. He was touching the customers and getting very close to them the entire time. Social distancing was definitely NOT happening. Another customer came in and he greeted him with a handshake. While this was happening, two women went behind the bar, did something on the register, and talked for a minute. Both had their masks just below their mouths. I watched two customers approach the bar with no mask, and talk to employees for an extended time (over a minute). Customers were also entering the restaurant, and getting up from tables and going to the restroom, without a mask, and no one was saying anything to them. The server came with the food for me and the table next to me, still with the mask below his chin. I almost sent it back. But, I decided I could avoid touching the plate, and the virus supposedly can't live on food, so I ate it. It was great, as always. Next, the table next to me got a round of shots and my waiter drank one with them while behind the bar. Oh, and I never got chips and salsa or the beans that they serve before the meal, until another waiter noticed and at least brought me the chips and salsa. I never got the beans. I finished my meal, got my check from my unmasked waiter, and asked for the manager. Well wouldn't you know, it was one of the women that I saw behind the bar with her mask below her mouth! I explained my feelings about the employees not wearing their masks properly, drinking on the job, and that I feel that the shutdown is happening because people won't enforce the rules. She seemed completely surprised when I told her that customers are only allowed to remove their masks while seated, and had very little to say when I told her that she, and this restaurant, are part of the problem, and are responsible for a lot of businesses having to close again, and that she needs to set a better example by at least wearing her own mask, properly. She offered no apology, and actually said almost nothing at all.I am extremely disappointed that despite the huge surge in COVID-19 cases in Texas, this fine restaurant is refusing to enforce the rules and is allowing their employees to put their customers at risk.SHAME ON YOU, EL CHAPPARAL!

Review №42

Put us in a side area with dirty dishes when served. Drank some rowdy beans in my drink no lie.

Review №43

Had the Valerie Plate, it was really tasty!

Review №44

Enjoyed the day off with brother Ted. One of our favorite Mexican restaurants. A bit disappointed in the portion size of the beans. Guacamole was bland. Flaming Quesoflamianado. Eat it hot or it becomes a chunk of solid goo.

Review №45

Eaten here many times. Food is good, service not great but not bad either. I ordered food to go last night, suppose to be ready in 15-20 minutes. I got there 25 minutes later, was directed to the bar to pick it up, and waited at least 5 minutes for the (very busy) bartender to even acknowledge me. He asked if I had a to go order and then asked the hostess to get someone to help me. 5 minutes later he is still making drinks and no one has come to help. He finally got caught up and went to the kitchen - I assumed to get my order. Nope, he can back with bar supplies and went back to making drinks. I finally gave up, left without the food and went to a nearby Mexican place where I got great food, friendly & quick service. I've spent my last dollar at this place.Revised review:I appreciate the owners response. Still very frustrated, but the fact that the owner responded quickly and without making excuses goes a long way with me. This place has good food, and with that kind of management I'm thinking my experience was not the norm. Looking forward to giving them another try.

Review №46

We waited half an hour for seating but we did go on a Friday night so it was packed. The food was 50/50. I ordered tortilla soup, wasn't that delicious but they nicely switched it to something else. Our waitress was on point, constantly keeping up with us and assuring we were comfortable.

Review №47

Always a comforting meal with excellent service. Excellent covid protocols, too.

Review №48

Excellent food and service, clean and good ambience.

Review №49

Review №50

We were there earlier today and noticed that the tables were wiped carelessly, the seats and the back of the chairs were not wiped down at all with disinfectant. Please consider doing a more thorough job of disinfecting.

Review №51

We went on a friday, so quite busy.Food was good all around. Just slow service, but as said, they were a tad busy. Took us 10 minutes to get straws for our drinks. Another 10 after that to even order our food.Would recommend still.

Review №52

Great food and service! We are there at least once a week!

Review №53

The food was excellent and had an even better price. Came on a Friday night and enjoyed the Mariachis.

Review №54

Wonderful enchiladas and chalupa. The pineapple jalapeno margarita is my new favorite.

Review №55

The chile relleno was honestly the best I've ever tried, and the staff was awesome!

Review №56

The service was excellent. However the food quality was not as good as the original in Helotes, Texas.

Review №57

Food was very good. Waitstaff worked very hard to accommodate our large group and all but one were very nice. That one had an attitude but we blew it off and enjoyed our meal anyway.

Review №58

Always on point. I mean ALWAYS! Perfect searing, perfect service, and perfect food. They should train every server for every restaurant. Kudos to the management of this restaurant. They've got it down to a science!

Review №59

Do not order to go chips and salsa. 19.50. 6.00 for just the small chips that came with it. Unreasonable

Review №60

Best enchiladas and the service is great!

Review №61

Absolutely wonderful food and service both.

Review №62

This family owned business is one of the best in the San Antonio area. Friendly and professional staff and delicious food. Their complimentary bean soup is so good! This was the first restaurant we went to once Ph I began. 25% seating so they were far from full. They followed all the recommended practices layed out for the virus. Please provide this restaurant and their restaurant in Helotes with your patronage....I'd hate for San Antonio to lose such great place.

Review №63

Very good food at a reasonable price

Review №64

When we walked in, the hostess just stared at us until I asked for a table for three. Then she turned around for menus and seated us. No words spoken, no welcome into the restaurant, no assurance our server would be right with us. Well, our server wasn't right with us. 10 minutes go by without being acknowledged as customers. Finally, our drink orders are taken then soon after our food order is taken. Then 30 minutes go by before our cold meal arrives at our table. The food was appalling! This is not a Mexican Restaurant, El Chaparral serves Mexican-style dog food!

Review №65

When we seated, they brought chips and salsa, to begin with. The salsa tasted like water, tomato paste, and full of pepper. I understand that it takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to get your food. But it is unacceptable to wait for your food for almost 30 minutes. But the food was good, but the service is very poor.

Review №66

This place is great. Been around forever. Service and food quality usually pretty consistently good. Some slips from time to time.

Review №67

Good food. G service.

Review №68

The chicken enchiladas with cream cheese and their original refried beans with a house margarita on the rocks was just what Friday called for

Review №69

Fantastic food and great services. As always.. Thank you El Chaparral from Huron family.

Review №70

We are in town for a baseball tournament staying at Comfort Suites down the road. We wanted Mexican food, so I quickly looked up what was around and chose this place based on reviews. It was amazing! Perfect choice for our baseball family dinner! Thank you!!

Review №71

The food is always good. Good service too. But the restaurant seemed dirty, it didn't smell good in there either

Review №72

Food was delicious- service was awesome! Thanks for a great evening!

Review №73

Alfonso was our waiter. He was wonderful. Very efficient and kind. Very family friendly atmosphere!!

Review №74

Went there on a Sunday afternoon around 1:30. It was a little busy but not so much that there was a wait. We sat in the bar area & we're greeted fairly quickly. Waters were brought out but chips took quite a bit longer. At most restaurants they bring them out together, which makes much more sense & keeps the guest's happy. So that was not the case, but okay. Worst part was that we literally munched on chips for 45 min after our order was placed. WAY TOO LONG! As for quality of food, chips were too thick & hard, in my opinion. My Green Chicken Enchiladas were tasty, but not the best I have had. Hopefully they'll improve on their timing of bringing out food.

Review №75

People were very friendly. The food tasted very good. It was our first time there. We would go back again. I had Puffy Tacos and they were delicious. The refried beans really taste good.

Review №76

Food was good. Service not good.. We had a birthday gathering n just 1 waiter it was to many of us for just 1 so not waiters fault. Just to pay our ticket took 45 minutes.

Review №77

Best place for Mexican food. Jessica's Top Shelf Margarita is one of my favorite drinks there.

Review №78

The chips were old. We asked the waiter to exchange, but they were old tasting also. The enchiladas were tough, the fajitas were tasteless and rubbery. The salsa had no taste, so mild, it tasted like from a can. Wait staff a 5 star . The owners have just let the food go to pot. In conclusion, food was horrific, Twins--shut it down!

Review №79

Great food and fast service. It's our favorite restaurant in town.

Review №80

Been visiting this restaurant for over a year now and it's always great! Good food and awesome service.

Review №81

Great food, quick and friendly service. I love this place for lunch and a yummy margarita when in the area.

Review №82

Very good food, nice atmosphere, reasonable prices.

Review №83

Authentic Mexican cuisine! Reasonable prices. Great staff. OMGosh, will return for more great food!

Review №84

Food and service were exceptional!!

Review №85

Amazing Staff. Host here are So polite and professional. Manager was great. She was also very respectful and attentive. Most definitely coming back with my family and some. Great SERVICE.

Review №86

Do NOT recommend. Came in at normal lunch time on a Saturday. We were seated quickly and chips and salsa was given quickly as well. However; the chips where stale and the water tasted as if the dishes weren't washed. We just left!! Looking at the food from the other customers and not impressed.

Review №87

I give this place 4 stars even though I agree with the review that said the food is greasy. If I wanted healthy food though I'd go somewhere else (I dont eat this all the time). They have the best refried beans I've ever had and these are greasy but the taste is amazing. The chips were a little soggy and greasy which was disappointing. I also had the cabrito and it was cooked to perfection. I had been to El Cabritero when it was open and this cabrito is way better. The rice was delicious and the salad was fresh. My wife had the chicken enchilada with jalapeno cream sauce and it was delicious. Great food here...

Review №88

Very nice place, food was amazing. Very friendly. Will be going back.

Review №89

Great food, fast and friendly wait staff.

Review №90

A little upset with service & quality of food. We saw folks come in after we did, they got their food & left & we still haven't gotten ours. Kept being served flat sodas. Finally get food then finally get our tortillas as we finished up with our meals. Our server wasn't very attentive to our needs because he was also bartending, dude do one or the other, and we kept having to ask other servers for help. This was my mother's day dinner. Not a good one. Feel free to contact me if you want to make it good. We spent $130 and only had 4 drinks.

Review №91

Awesome service, delicious food

Review №92

Very good Mexican cuisine. They have all the favorites at a reasonable price. They also have a full bar for adult beverages. The service was good and the atmosphere is enjoyable.

Review №93

Absolutely fantastic food. I got the Valerie Special- cheese enchilada , small portion of fajita with rice and beans. Y'all. El Chaparral does not play. IT WAS SO GOOD. Our server was just ok, could have been more attentive and could have brought the second round of margaritas we ordered but oh well. Food was so good, a 3 legged dog could have served it to me and I would have been happy. These people know what they're doing, try everything

Review №94

Had a good experience in El Chaparral, a private area was reserved and all went great!Food was good and staff prompt and attentive. Professionals!

Review №95

El Chaparral always delivers. Great and fast service. Good food.

Review №96

Great dood and even better margaritas.

Review №97

If ur looking for authentic Mexican food do not come here. It's Americanized all the way around. This is ur average taqueria but it's oversold. They over price everything and it's just not worth it. My enchiladas came w no side salad and a pool of grease.

Review №98

Food was outstanding , service a little slow but the awesome food made up for it. Staff was friendly and courteous.

Review №99

Food is really great, I really like the food here! service is good but they do not have enough spoons, cups for coffee (literally they had to wait until a table left so they can bring me some coffee, after they washed it obviously... I hope!) last time I was there they brought our coffees in to go containers ... that's not what you expect in a good restaurant. Also when a I asked for my breakfast egg plate and some tacos, they told me the tortillas machine wasn't working so there wouldn't be tortillas ... i know it's not the servers problem, but they are the ones who tell hungry people that there are no tortillas in a Mexican -Tex mex restaurant... management should really pay attention to this if you want to serve breakfast, if you are offering a breakfast menu it's because you have everything in it! I could understand if it's almost lunch time and you are out of tortillas or something in the breakfast menu, but not if you are the second table from the opening, or just stay with the regular lunch menu!

Review №100

I love the food. Accessible price. Very friendly attention.

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  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
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