La Jalisco
130 Main Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205, United States
La Jalisco

Review №1

First time back since they closed because of the pandemic. The place looks great! The food was amazing and the service was just great. I really missed this place. So glad it's open again!!

Review №2

Service was not great, ordered one thing and got another thing, waitress was argumentative in what I ordered. Ordered Pollo lunch plate and was told it was shredded chicken and by the pics, not shredded chicken, husband ordered enchiladas and sauce was not not good. Chicken looked old and dry. Bathroom was dirty and no paper towels. Not worth the time or money.

Review №3

Good downtown cafe 2 have breakfast or lunch at a resonable rate compared 2 other midtown eateries-pleasant atmosphere & waitressing is friendly & helpful- GOOD PLACE!

Review №4

I used to spend a lot of time downtown early in the day and this was one of my go to places to have breakfast. It was always hit and miss, the service was alright but the food could be good and it could be eh alright. It was cheap and that's what I liked about it.

Review №5

Service was kinda slow, food was good.

Review №6

Look- chips, salsa and tacos form the foundation of a good Mexican restaurant and this place went 0 for 3. It is as if taste took a vacation. The carnitas tacos were bland, the chips below average and the salsa watery. The pico de Gallo forgot to hook up with the tomatoes. All that said, service was good and the food is cheap.

Review №7

Authentic Mexican food for tourists and locals! Tucked away on Main Plaza this small restaurant has plenty of selections not found along the river walk. Great lunch plate prices and nice atmosphere. Staff is very friendly and quick to seat you. Clean and easy to find and fall in love with!

Review №8

The only downside experience I had here was the chips were stale. That's literally the only problem I had. The food I had ordered was sooo delicious, my mom and I were looking on Google for food and this was the first to pop up, was not disappointed. If I could I would drive back up here for another helping

Review №9

The service was excellent prices are good food was some of the best I've tasted going back tomorrow for their Menudo barbacca tacosWhen we left it was getting pack

Review №10

Decent place for breakfast and lunch. They have specials every day. Good service with friendly staff.

Review №11

Real Mexican food. The waitress was very friendly.The food was great, big portions and good price.Their classic meal - Yummy !!

Review №12

A great place to bring friends or family. Such a warm and friendly atmosphere. Tried my first crispy dog and it was delicious! See y'all soon!

Review №13

Good food. Good service. Good price. I got enchiladas and a soft taco. I liked the potatoes in the ground beef.

Review №14

Best breakfast tacos we've ever had. Unbelievably fast service and so cheap! Very happy we stopped in here after doing the river walk.

Review №15

Amazing. Service was great. The food was unbelievable. We wanted to avoid the tourist traps on the riverwalk and we dont regret coming here. The x4 mini tacos were proper. This is serious authentic Mexican food. Food came out fast and hot and the prices are unbeatable. Would definitely come here again.

Review №16

$1.35 for a breakfast taco...are you kiddin' me! Incredible. Delicious and perfect size. Great, fast, friendly to-go service. Want to go trip to San Antonio.

Review №17

Conveniently located near Main Plaza, with plenty of seating inside, but the layout doesn't really suit pushing tables together for groups. The food was just ok. I had a chilaquiles taco on a flour tortilla – you get a choice of flour or corn. The contents of said taco were good, but the envelope (flour tortilla) of said taco was underwhelming. Seemed like they were store bought Mission tortillas. I tried both the verde and the rojo salsa and they just didn't have a lot of flavor.The breakfast tacos are all listed as $1.35 on the menu, but I was charged $2.25 before tax. I should have said something, but I didn't for some reason.They have 3 separate indoor seating areas, with one of them facing the Riverwalk (this is not the touristy area though). You seat yourself as you walk-in, but they have servers who take your order. Pay at the counter.The staff was VERY friendly, and they seemed to have a lot of regulars. Everyone was greeted, and they joked around with everyone like they were family. I'll probably be back again to try something for lunch or dinner sometime just because of this.

Review №18

Worst place to eat everything is nasty caldo de res was cold and old dried meat, tacos are sunken in oil,tampiqueña had like 5 pieces of meat only super nasty food

Review №19

This is one of the best Mexican restaurants I have visited in a long time. Fresh. Fast. And definitely delicious.

Review №20

It was good. I'm glad they were open after 5 pm. Most other restaurants were closed. The service was great the food was meh. But it worked

Review №21

Came here every morning for breakfast tacos while visiting San Antonio. Delicious breakfast and great service. Will definitely come back

Review №22

2 stars because we had to go to the ATM down the street for cash, due to their internet being out. The waitress was nice and attentive. The food is not Mexican food. It's Tex-Mex. The food doesn't have a ton of traditional Mexican flavors, it's similar to a Taco Cabana. Cute hole in the wall place for a quick bite. Some plates on the menu seemed over priced for quick bite joint.

Review №23

Amazing! Everything . There wasn't one thing to complain about . The food the coffee the service! My go to from now on. A definite recommendation !

Review №24

Been going here for over 15 years and always love the place. ,I have so many good memories of this place. And not once in all that time a mistake of any kind , or food that was less than awesome ever. Alot has come and gone but this place is one that consistently comes thru

Review №25

Best Mexican food in town you will not be disappointed,everyone us welcomed family friendly oriented environment. The waitresses are beautiful and very friendly. I will always come here and they make you feel at home,very friendly non judgmental.

Review №26

Sorry to say but that place was one of my favorite places to go for good food for me and my family. But this last time was horrible and upsetting. Food wasn't good, service was even worse. Sorry to say but we will not be going back any time soo.

Review №27

Excellent service, food out fast. Hot and fresh! Was super convenient from the courthouse.

Review №28

Good experience. A must try to experience yourself.

Review №29

Limited seating.. went during lunch time and even though there was a whole section open on the bottom floor they wouldn't open it up for groups of people standing around waiting to be seated. We all left.. ended up at bill Miller's where they have two floors of seating..

Review №30

Fast breakfast service. Breakfast tacos are good size and inexpensive!

Review №31

Stopped by during jury duty lunch break. Damn good tacos. Fairy busy, but food came out quickly. Definitely recommend if you're down near the court house (within walking distance).

Review №32

Walking distance from The Westin. Menudo and babacoa is good.

Review №33

I couldn't believe this was a Mexican restaurant downtown. Visit it's never go there and think this is what Mexican food should taste like. Chips and salsa or bad because there was no flavor no salt. Ordered beef enchiladas which was the special of the day. It had a metallic taste like the beef came out of a can. Store-bought tortillas. Barely ate two bites of the enchiladas and had to stop eating serious the waitress was non-responsive did not ask us how we were doing until the very end. I believe all those people were in there to eat.

Review №34

The food was so good! And the people were very nice and welcoming i am from Alabama so out of my element in San Antonio but these people made me feel at home and like I've been here 100 times! Would highly recommend!!

Review №35

Hi. If you're a tourist like my wife and I, and you're looking for some decent mexican food that won't cost you a fortune (looking at you, riverwalk), this is the place.The servers are very attentive and courteous, you get large portions for a great price, and it tastes better than any riverwalk mexican restaurant. AND, it's right in front of the beautiful and historic San Fernando Cathedral.

Review №36

Great food, especially the awesome, authentic tortillas. Waitress was very sweet and attentive! This place beats the many overpriced restaurants downtown.

Review №37

After minor issue with our order the owner delivered new plate himself and apologized for the error. Excellent service. Great food.

Review №38

I had crispy taco plate with charro beans, and rice Everything was delicious. Service was fast, attentive and very friendly. Many of the customers had juror tags on. It's a great place to have lunch if you a lucky juror...

Review №39

Good breakfast tacos, had chorizo and potatoe and country and egg. The red salsa they had was a good addition to the tacos. Stopped for lunch as well had the special of the day (Wednesday) it was good but I think it could've been way better. Service was good also could've been better.

Review №40

Down to earth Mexican food, great tacos.

Review №41

Small but food is real good. Service is good as well.

Review №42

Greasy food, milanesa and steak are like thin paper and no flavor. They charge for to go cups and to go boxes. I asked to exchange the salad for fries and they charged me for without telling me.

Review №43

Wife and I eat here often, good authentic Mexican food, on the door step of the courthouse. Food is good, however customer service leaves alot to be desired. Unless Ur an officer of the law, U gotta wait a while.

Review №44

Good service

Review №45

Excellent fajita for a good price. My vegetarian wife was very happy with her enchiladas too. Very friendly service.

Review №46

Great authentic Mexican food, not inflated Downtown prices

Review №47

My coworkers and I love this place. If your looking for authentic Mexican food in the downtown area, this would be the place to come.

Review №48

When I went there the sodas that me and my family ordered tasted really funky and weird honestly should've went somewhere else.

Review №49

Great Tex-mex food in Lubbock. Definitely a must try at least once. Way more of an authentic Mexican style flavor compared to the chain tex-mex restaurants in Lubbock. The margaritas during happy hour are around $3 a pop. Really great place to go with friends on the weekend from Texas tech.

Review №50

Food is Good. I enjoy the Bean & Cheese Nachos w/extra Cheese also the Machacado Tacos.State of Texas, Governor, CIA,Presidential AuthorityMrs Mary Lou ZepedaMy husband, Attorney, CIA Mr John Richard Zepeda

Review №51

Chips and salsa or bad because there was no flavor no salt. Ordered beef enchiladas which was the special of the day. It had a metallic taste like the beef came out of a can. Store-bought tortillas.

Review №52

Well food is good to average in some cases, not bad not amazing but will work, has a very good location and it's convenient when in downtown, ee just jad luch, 2 plates and 2 horchatas and was $27 not including tip, so we spent like 30 bucks for 2, not a cheap option.

Review №53

Great food and service.

Review №54

Friendly staff great food and excellent service.

Review №55

Very good food the people who work there are very nice

Review №56

Great food. Nice people.

Review №57

I loved it, the outside of it is small but the inside of it is big. They have amazing food

Review №58

Great food, atmosphere, and service. Decent prices as well (I paid $11 for beef, cactus, salad, rice, and beans).

Review №59

Service was ok. Food was not prepared the way we ordered it and it tasted mediocre. Not worth what we paid for it.

Review №60

Small hole in the wall but really good food and service.

Review №61

Great prices, real good breakfast...

Review №62

Well i walk in through the back entrance with my kids expecting the good service i always get. We pick a table in the back (cause i see bike cops sitting in the back) and then we're told by staff that the back is closed. First why is anyone in the back if its closed? I work in a restaurant too and if a section is closed and a customer wants to sit in where its closed we open it. They pay our checks they can sit wherever they want. And 2 why is any section closed at 4 o'clock when the place is still open and closes at 8 pm and bike cops are in the back. I understand if it's an hour before closing and people have to get home. I cook and clean. It should not take much time to clean a restaurant that size.

Review №63

As a local, I have l, visited, and had times I've enjoyed their food. Yet, that wasn't the case every time. I feel their food is catered more to locals of Mexico, rather then those accustomed to Tex-Mex. The extra, I have seen things, I prefer not to see at a food establishment. The handling of money, then food.

Review №64

My cup had dark lining in it. Service was quick .waitress was consistent with refills n food. Over all great food but maybe need better dishwasher or new kitchen ware

Review №65

We come every time we're in San Antonio, which is once a month. It's delicious always! Great service!

Review №66

The breakfast tacos are the best! Try the puffy tacos as well. Make sure you take a lock to put on the love lock bridge!

Review №67

Wonderfully authentic mexican food done right. Service is always great. Prices better than fair. Perfectly located. San Antonio at its best!!

Review №68

Nice place to get a quick bite, next door to the county courthouse.

Review №69

Always a pleasure to go and order food plus they have a very warm and welcoming waitstaff.Also the food is always delicious!Another great thing about the restaurant is that they have great customer service plus the wait staff is so friendly,including Ally!Highly recommend stopping by to enjoy a meal before exploring downtown San Antonio,Tx!

Review №70

Love the Breakfast Tacos Special, I never pay over 5, unless I feeling super hungry lol

Review №71

This place is charming and is in the heart of dowtown. Fast service, good food.

Review №72

Always a Great place to eat! Efficient, Friendly staff! The food is always fresh & tasty!

Review №73

Nice and clean and very good services..

Review №74

We had chorizo plate- delicious! The local elderly eat here regularly as evidenced by staff knowing all their names and dishes they wanted. Staff respectful to all and especially those elderly customers.

Review №75

Great service and excellent food!

Review №76

Seriously. I love this place. It's a treat to go to when I visit San Antonio. I get the Carne Guisada without regret. Very reasonably priced. If you're looking for a small restaurant feel, with great food, look no further.

Review №77

May the health department read this, this place is not exactly the cleanest.. The waitress came to assist as she took out some straws one fell on the floor, so I thought she missed it so I told her she said yes I know but I have to sweep later and refused to pick it up off the floor.... Come on now can you imagine it they display that dirty behavior in front of a Customer can you just imagine how they are when no one is looking. Oh btw the sraw stayed on the floor and was never picked up... I know it's hard for heavy people to bend over but Goodness the exercise wouldn't hurt either.

Review №78

Not a chain or snazzy place just good food. Service was excellent and the food was plentiful.

Review №79

First time at this place... i tried the menudo and it's sucks flavor was there but the menudo meat was chewy

Review №80

Inexpensive and good flavors. Open at 6am and great options for breakfast.

Review №81

Decent Mexican fare, great prices. Low key atmosphere.

Review №82

Good food - great waitresses- reasonable prices for a downtown restaurant.

Review №83

Had to wait almost 15 minutes to get our order then 15-20 more to be served. Granted, it was during prime lunch hour, but with an hour lunch break, this place is just not doable for a work day. Menu and atmosphere was pretty good, food was good, but nothing really stood out to me as an over the top restaurant.

Review №84

The food is really good and the price is very reasonable. I had their breakfast and salsa was amazing.

Review №85

Good food nice staff

Review №86

This is real authentic mexican food! Very delicious and the breakfast tacos were pretty big and yummy.our waitress was very nice. I would most definitely recommend this place!

Review №87

That's an awesome place to eat and waitress are awesome they treat me like familia .

Review №88

It has great b rkfst plates except sometimes their bacon is TOO hard or rubbery. But the staff is wonderful and the good is great. I go there everyday if I. Lived closer.

Review №89

The food is good. The price compared to the product size or amount I find is not equal as most other mex food restaurants. The portions are small. The taste is good but the price out weighs the product volume. It is convenient to the downtown area and thats a plus.

Review №90

Had this on my trip to Texas. Exquisit beef fajita.

Review №91

Good food good price atmosphere

Review №92

Delicious mini tacos, great prices, great service

Review №93

I try & I try to give this place the food is always terrible... The carne asada and gesada meat is always tough... I'm never going to eat anything Here ever again!

Review №94

Great food, service not to good.

Review №95

I have eaten in many Mexican restaurants, And this is by far the most authentic I have ever tasted. Very friendly staff And we talked to a local who said this was a local favorite. Take the few minutes to leave the river walk and try this place. This place is small but the food is huge in flavor and quantity. We liked the dinner so well went back for breakfast the next day with the same results awesome place.

Review №96

The employees were friendly and the food was good will gp again.

Review №97

Incredible chip salsa. Good pr I es and they are open 7 days a week. What else do you want. If your ever in this vecenity stop by have some fresh squeeze lemonade and a basket of chips. The establishment is clean and comfortable. Best of all n I t too crowded.

Review №98

Food was okay. Service was not. I'm not your typical demanding customer either. I expect the basics. Things like no dirty looks when I ask for chips and salsa. Or a toilet that doesn't violate health code. We asked for chips 20 minutes before 11:00 and were told we had to pay for them because “chips aren't free until after 11:00.” Which I get. Then when we asked for more chips after 11:00 she laughed, turned around, and pointed at us to her co worker while walking away. She tossed our food on the table and walked away without a word. Not to throw anyone under la Mesa but her name was Brenda. Either way. Lack of respect.

Review №99

Good Service fast Services

Review №100

Aweful food!!! And manager or head waitresse didn't what position she had was very rude with employees no people person at all will NEVER go back!!!!

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  • Address:130 Main Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205, United States
  • Phone:+1 210-886-9000
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Latin American restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–3PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–3PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–3PM
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:7AM–3PM
  • Saturday:7AM–3PM
  • Sunday:7AM–3PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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