Las Palapas
11860 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States

Review №1

Please get someone in drive through to speak and understand proper English. I told the man at the window that I ordered a burrito with gravy and cheese inside. He said, no cheese outside. I wasn't going to argue with him and get my food spit on. So I added the cheese myself.

Review №2

Love LP and this location didn't disappoint, friendly service, great coffee and awesome chorizo and egg, just like you'd expect!

Review №3

I was expecting better food from all the hype it gets but I guess its great for driving thru post going to a bar. The staff is very friendly and tentive. The location I went to (ChurchHill) didn't offer alcohol beverages.

Review №4

Tasty fajitas and breakfast tacos. Drive thru is sometimes a long line, but moves quickly.

Review №5

Good food @reasonable prices, along with waaaaay above average service, you've dEFiNitELy gotta check out this location for Las Palapas!!! N2m, this particular visit, I pulled in & parked to go in and make a to-go order... I LitERaLLy only had to wait, like, 7-9min tOpS, for my 2 GiNOrMOuS "dinner" tacos... I mean, yeah, it was early Sat evening, but StiLL...!! It was freaking aWeSOmE-SaUCe!!!

Review №6

I don't eat there. We went for the wifey. I don't like the food.. its texmex and I'm more for the authentic flavor. Not saying it's not good, but for me i want the real deal. There drive through is always busy. Great job to all the workers who keep it going and moving that line. Gracias. Me fui...

Review №7

I didn't go. My husband went. He asked for a plate of nachos and the waitress said “you want 8 or 12” and he wasn't sure what she meant by that, so he said 8?? Because even after she explained it to my husband we were still confused. Anyway... it's literally 8 chips with cheese and meat on each chip. With a scoop or guac and a scoop of sour cream. The cheese wasn't even the good kind of cheese, it was the weird cheese that gets hard and orange if you don't eat it right away. Anyway.. great customer service, just weird nacho plate.

Review №8

Not your authentic Mexican food but it is great food i would recommended to .out of my friends of they were not so picky with food.....If your looking for a good spot to eat try it out let me know what you think 5 stars for 5 star service

Review №9

I highly recommend the "Beef Fajitas for 2" it comes with a pound of Beef Fajitas, 12 tortillas and all of the sides. The perfect meal for when you want to Netflix and Chill

Review №10

Normally this location is consistent with making their food spot on, but today was different. Everything was undercooked and definitely not worth it. I ordered 2 huevos rancheros plates and the potatos were still raw. They were only browned on the outside and appeared to be cooked but when I bit into them they were undercooked for the most part. They also throw in diced grilled onions with the potatos and the onions were still raw and not even transparent, which means that those potatoes must've been on the grill for 5 minutes or so, definitely not enough time. The beans had way too much garlic powder. I couldn't even finish them because the garlic was so overpowering and not in a good way. And I paid extra for bacon that was only cooked and crispy on one side but the other side and the ends appeared undercooked. Overall I couldn't finish 3/4 of my plate and had to throw it away because it was so inedible. Who ever made the food today was in a hurry. I regret wasting money on food today (75% inedible) that couldn't definitely been used for something else

Review №11

Awesome late late food. Service was slow in drive thru. But that's a GOOD thing!

Review №12

I love your food and staff. I live closer to the 1604 but make the drive for those 2 reasonably. However your drive thur window was not working and the cashier job and me the customer was very hard to get my order.I felt so bad for her....I hope someone in a manager fixes the situation soon. She was extremely kind under all her stress. My 5 lemonade spilled all over my brand new land Rover. I do not blame your employees. I blame you the owner and management for not providing a working drive thur window.

Review №13

Always good food. This is where we go when we have had a day that needs relaxation.

Review №14

I've been to this location many times because it's my favorite but I wish there was consistency. I've been asked before if I wanted regular corn or home made corn tortillas so i got in the habit of saying it on my own. I was last time informed that my meal always comes with hand made corn, so on my next visit I didn't ask for the hand made and received the regular corn tortillas which is what I expected. I've received my sides in different sizes many times and even not received corn chips at all. My favorite restaurant and staff I just wish everyone was on the same page

Review №15

Great food and service. The Staff is really friendly. I love the roll back specials.

Review №16

Love this restaurant. Best fastfood mexican food you can get that will be consistent every location this far.

Review №17

They're fast! Great customer service. Never mess up my order. The food is always hot and fresh.

Review №18

Amazing tortilla soup. Love the chicken fajitas. Always fast service and friendly staff.

Review №19

Food was good, as expected. Although, we were sat at a booth right next to the (single occupant) bathrooms where the odor made us pack the rest of our plates to go. The tea unfortunately was sub-par at this location. Not sure if that is frequent occurrence or just a bad batch.

Review №20

Loved the enchilada plate with chicken. And awesome service.

Review №21

I wish I knew the name of the employee but the cashier a young woman she was wonderful!!

Review №22

The food is always hot and delicious. Drive thru window is always full but always moving

Review №23

Blanco and West Ave. My favorites: chicken caldo, the flautas, enchiladas and the huevos rancheros. Great staff.

Review №24

Lover everything about Las Palapas! Great food, wonderful staff. Must go for sure!

Review №25

Consistently delicious.The veggie enchiladas are the best!

Review №26

Best service ever they walked up to my ride and took my order while I was in the drive thru and the food good

Review №27

Good puffy tacos. Consistent food. Homemade tortillas. Always has fresh ingredients..

Review №28

This place is always great..specials on Monday and Wednesday... from bean and cheese taco to cheese enchilada..sweet tea that's always great..stop by one and enjoy

Review №29

Nothing wrong with the food, always good.BUT the customer service from the manager was horrible!!! She has attitude and places blame else where!!!!!! Someone needs to go give her a lesson in customer service and how to treat a customer!!! They definitely lost a few customers tonight!!!!!!!!!

Review №30

Rarely "Not" satisfied.Chicken Enchiladas Con Crema is my Fav.

Review №31

Love their chicken al carbon sopes. 3 sopes For only $5

Review №32


Review №33

First time stopping by and the waitress was fast and nice. She pulled me out of drive thru to take my order quick and to get it fast. And my sausage and egg taco with salsa was great!

Review №34

Great friendly staff , the chicken tortilla soup and soft shredded chicken are my favorite.

Review №35

Not the best Tex-Med food in town but often is an easy fast food option. The service in this location is great but the food is muffing flavor especially the fajitas. The tortillas are too thick and not cooked all through. Hopefully this review helps for them to improve and throw more flavor to their food.

Review №36

Very tasty and fast service

Review №37

Rollback special tacos are definitely delicious.

Review №38

I love their food, even though their lines are long, it's well worth the wait.

Review №39

A great place to eat , people are friendly and attentive and the food is good .

Review №40

I always get great service and food here. Follow them on FB they got some great specials going. I have order online, call in, and come to the restaurant and not had a problem.

Review №41

The flautas had too much comino..and they are tex mex not authentic Mexican food..

Review №42

Ordered chicken soup tonight and waited in DT and then parked for a total of 35 minutes. When I got home my chicken soup didn't have the corn tortillas it comes with...

Review №43

Delicious food. Always love eating here. Great enchiladas.

Review №44

This is a low rating because of the packaging. The heat of food caused the thin containers to warp and the food all ran together. please invest in better to-go containers. Especially since we cant dine in right now.

Review №45

First time at this location and they did not disappoint!!! Tania was our awesome waitress! She had a beautiful smile and provided excellent customer service! They were so busy, we actually grabbed the last table. So I was concerned the service would be slow. That was NOT the case! Tania did excellent and the food was amazing! Thanks Las Palapas for excellent experience! I normally get the enchiladas con crema and avocado sauce which is delicious! My husband had breakfast with scrambled eggs, beans and bacon which he said was great! The tortillas at this location are now my favorite!

Review №46

Las palapas was great, we went to Rutxxx on West Avenue down the street. no table was available, the waiter was rude. We opted with Las Palapas, never been there. They are so covering the COVID-19 guidelines. As we entered, they sanitized our hands and seated to our table. Very cautious with the state regulations. The food was great, the Puffy tacos and Carne Guisada, too die for. We will go Again!!

Review №47

This particular location has horrible parking and the layout of the parking lot leaves something to be desired. I'm not a huge fan of chain Mexican restaurants since I was raised with my grandmother's home cooking and most don't live up to her food but overall it's not bad here. I love their chicken soup. They put nice big slices of avocado in it and the chicken is tender. I tried the fish tacos on this last visit and they were very good. I get mine grilled. The corn tortilla was amazing - homemade, thick and much softer than most. They weren't spicy at all. And again nice slices of fresh avocado on top.

Review №48

Clean store the wait staff is always kind I always have a great time there my favorite is the chicken tortilla soup combo

Review №49

Juat went for a delivery pick up but they are fast

Review №50

Great breakfast tacos for a great price!

Review №51

Service was slow in the Drive-Thru. I ordered a chicken quesadilla and I got a steak. And didn't get any Forks are napkins or hot sauce.

Review №52

Are yall open 24 hours on Monday. No answer of the phone at 145 am. I understand if yall open at 6am but please save us the trouble of having to drive there to find out.

Review №53

Always good food and the staff is friendly

Review №54

I ordered 3 breakfast tacos with DoorDash. In my sealed bag I was missing an item that I paid for. The manager said I wasn't charged but my receipt and statement from the bank said otherwise. Who is to blame? DoorDash or Las Palapas?

Review №55

Food is great. Always have flavor. Staff is very nice and polite. It was cold inside and they were willing to adjust the thermostat for my family. Some employees may not speak English well but they're still polite and will either try to communicate with you or get someone else. And this monster burrito was great!!

Review №56

Good food but the prices are a little over the top

Review №57

Great tasting food! Great Service!

Review №58

Incredibly expensive with the terrible service, I'll go elsewhere to get good food

Review №59

Food always hot and great service.

Review №60

I understand they can be busy and the food was good but we told the lady “crispy chicken taco” and she said “beef?” and we said “no chicken” so she corrected it on the screen but we STILL got a beef taco. we also asked for green salsa at the window and she tossed in red salsa. just leaving this review in hope that they can help them get it together. we tipped $3 for drive thru service that didnt even listen correctly.

Review №61

I love the food, we go through the drive through for tacos all the time. Although today we went through and when we got home we realized we were short a taco, so I headed back and decided to also get some extra tacos. When I got home I realized they left all the salsa out. That's the best part, how unfortunate, because I specifically asked for it and he also said it to me at the window.

Review №62

My family & I really like this place. However, they can't seem to get our order right at the drive through. Four out of five times something is wrong or missing.

Review №63

3 times in a row I have not been able to buy anything here because they were supposedly doing a "system update."

Review №64

Chicken al carbon salad. Good food but kinda pricey.

Review №65

Food is very good. Love their chicken enchiladas. Very busy but food was served in a timely manner!

Review №66

Wallace is the best!! It was an extremely busy Monday night in the drive thru and Wallace, the employee working the window was so calm and friendly! At the last minute we added an extra taco and it didn't shake him or irritate him! He has fantastic customer service skills! His professional attitude and nice smile was so pleasant and refreshing to see! Thank you Wallace!!

Review №67

Food was good, nice and hot! I got 3 sopes and the company with me got the cheese dip. Waiter was fast and friendly.

Review №68

Food is good and inexpensive. Variety offered, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wait staff are friendly, service is prompt. Excellent tea! Parking can be a problem, when restaurant is busy.

Review №69

My boss and I absolutely love this place.

Review №70

Good food at a moderate price. Closed in Sundays though.

Review №71

Update.Complete horrible service.We waited 40 minutes before getting some of our drinks, not the whole tables drinks.Finally got food and no utensils after about 10 minutes of trying to flag our server down. We were able to flag down a worker named Tony and explained to him we didn't have any utensils. He spoke down to us like it was our fault and said " I'm not your server. I'll find them for you." We received silverware 15 minutes later. Needless to say, food was cold by that time. Oh and we got the last of the drinks a few minutes after getting utensils. So sad. What's worse. Is we were in there a few hours earlier and also had to wait about 70 minutes for our food when the place wasn't even packed. Do Not go here for food!!!

Review №72

Friendly, great food and clean.

Review №73

Decent experience, food can take awhile sometimes and sweet tea sometimes tastes a little off, overall it is alright.

Review №74

Excellent food! Will definitely be ordering from there in the hopeful near future

Review №75

Traditional Tex-Mex, great staff, quick tea refills, fresh salsa and chips... What else does one need when it comes to a quick meal?

Review №76

Girl at the drive-thru had an attitude....I asked for queso and she replied what do you mean queso? cheese...If you don't know what queso is...what are you doing working at a tex mex restaurant? I should of gone to Ruthies...I always get the best service, not to mention the best food! I highly recommend the carne guisada.

Review №77

2 stars because my food was not fresh. It came out barely 5 minutes after ordering. (I got the asada PLATE), and it didn't come with beans & rice like it should have. The tortillas were pretty decent. The salsa that came with the chips was not good, no spice to it at all, and it being a Mexican restaurant, that was disappointing. My waitress was very friendly, though.

Review №78

The food is fresh, hot, the waitresses are top notch. They lemonade is scrumptious. The location near High School is open overnight. They close on Sundays for church, God and family.

Review №79

Service was good and delicious FOOD

Review №80

Not worthy of a star. Worse drive thru in San Antonio

Review №81

Went thru the drive thru and waited more then 40 mins to receive my order. When I asked an employee about the long wait. No apology was given, just an (everyone is waiting). I was already upset and when we got home and opened up our plates there was only beans in our plates. Not sure if they didnt have anymore rice or ran out of it but they should have advised. Horrible experience!

Review №82

Please read your reviews. The food is good but the young lady at the take out does not belong there.As long as you do not react the lines will be longer at la parrilla.

Review №83

The Tortilla soup was delicous!! I'm trying to do low carb and had them hold the tortilla chips and rice. Yumm!

Review №84

A local favorite of mine, I love the burritos.

Review №85

Very good food. Unbeatable prices on Rollback Weds. Different special every Weds. Like & Follow on Facebook

Review №86

Best way to describe Las Palapas is consistent. It's good food at good prices. And every time you go it's good. I've never had a bad experience at any of their locations.

Review №87

The food was amazing, and the staff was friendly. They made my first time amazing.

Review №88

Think what makes this Las Palapas so great is they have a waiter name Gabriel and he is wonderful. No matter how late or how difficult our order is he is always on top of it. He is not the only one, every employees there has been nice and friendly. You should stop in. Oh and the food, well, We already know the food is good. Everything I've ever ordered there has been delicious.

Review №89

A favorite forever. Love your staff and guac and soppapillas

Review №90

Food n Service Good thus far

Review №91

They got our order wrong three times before we gave up. Waiter in drive through 45 minutes and then went inside to wait thirty more minutes. So super disappointed

Review №92

Good food for a good price

Review №93

Great staff, atmosphere, and great tasting food. You'll be full and satisfied.

Review №94

Great food, not a lot of parking but most locations open 24hrs with the exception of Sundays.

Review №95

Can be slow at times but over all good

Review №96

Fajitas have a good flavor n most important are tender. Carne guisada is excellent! I would have given a 5 rating but it's way over priced!

Review №97

Let's be real. Especially in San Antonio, there's no shortage of Mexican restaurants. In the tier of reliable, accessible, fast Mexican food, Las Palapas shines. Maybe there's a different spot you like different in your neighborhood, that's understandable. But regardless of what side of town you're on, Palapas is a solid choice.

Review №98

What kind of monsters dont include salsa in a 60 dollar delivery order of tacos, what am I supposed to do with salsa less tacos?

Review №99

They are open 24 hours a day except on Sundays which is Honorable to honor the Sabbath and as well give us a chance to rest on a day they know that they will have off which is rare to find in the food service industry I can only think of two companies that still honor that one thing Las Palapas the other being Chick-fil-A the food is spectacular at a fair price of all the places I know of I don't frequent this one often but even in the times I've gone in there just to ask if I could use their phone to make a phone call they've always accommodated too often nowadays you'll find places to cold-shouldered to even assist someone who's not currently at that moment a customer

Review №100

Quisada is my favorite. Beans have a funky taste.

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  • Address:11860 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-340-7027
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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