Los Balitos Taco Shop - Bitters
226 W Bitters Rd #116, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
Review №1

There was little flavor, the meat was overcooked, and the salsa was a big disappointment. I ordered online and when I got there at the designated time I found out they hadn't even started my order because they were not checking the online ordering system. There was no apology from anyone for the delay. I ordered 6 tacos and they tried to only give me 2 salsas for all of them. My wife and I made a detour on our way back home in a different city because we saw the restaurant had over 4 stars with more than 1,500 reviews but they should not be rated that high. We were delayed 1 full hour because of their mistake. Definitely not worth the wait or delay. HUGE disappointment.

Review №2

Accidentally found this place and we were surprised how fresh and delicious their food. California burrito was yummy. The portions are huge. Staff was friendly and helpful.

Review №3

Tried this place out while in town and was pretty good especially their tripa tacos. The salsas were also a hit with my family very spicy and on point.

Review №4

One of the better mom and pops taco places. Liked the hot sauce. The salsa was too tomato tasting. I wish they could focus on that. The burrito was fantastic.

Review №5

This was amazingly good!!! Large portions!! Definitely be back!!Added more pics during Covid. Still the best!! Great crunchy tacos!!!

Review №6

My wife and I had the chimichanga dinner. The chimichanga was good about a three and a half. The rice and beans were not quite so good about a two. Service was okay. If you speak Spanish you'll be better off. We called in for takeout. When I got there they acted like they had really never heard of me. it's my understanding or at least seems to me that call in is not really an option. Took about 10 minutes to get my dinner. If you want chips you're going to have to ask for them. The texture on the chips is very good but they're very little flavor. I may go back there again someday but it won't be anytime soon.

Review №7

Great homestyle mexican food .Good size portions and very reasonable prices.Clean atmosphere and environment.Fast serviceHighly recommend anytime bfast lunch or dinner even late nights and early AM

Review №8

Found this taco shop while searching for a breakfast near the hotel. The service was on par for most of the smaller Tex-Mex restaraunts, good service as soon as they can get to you. The quality of the food was great. Chorizo and eggs, bacon and eggs, the tacos were exactly what was expected and needed. It is not often you can fill up 2 grown men for $14 at a restaurant.

Review №9

Great selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Food always taste great no matter the time of day. Fast and friendly staff. Highly recommended

Review №10

The service was amazing and the server was sooo sweet! The price was low and the portions were big! They also gave complimentary chips! I will definitely go here again

Review №11

Don't get why I can't have my taco combo which is crispy turned into a simple flour tortillas taco. There was no effort what so ever to try and accommodate that, woman looked at me like it was blasphemy. Not to mention we were in line for 10 minutes and got to counter and woman said she couldn't take our order because we were dining in... What you can't take a pen and write down 6words and help a customer. Staff in there needs a lil customer service training on how to learn adapt and go outta the way for customers.

Review №12

The tacos were overpriced for beans that tasted like they came from a can! The lady at the front repeated my order to me incorrectly, so I corrected her. I still got my order the way she had incorrectly repeated it.

Review №13

While I have given good reviews for other Los Balitos locations this location was a bit disappointing. The wait staff told me that the daily specials only last until 4p, while other locations have honored the specials all day. Another problem was the portion size of my carnitas plate was pitifull, even after paying the full price. I asked and paid for extra guacamole and received the regular amount. Finally, my chips were stale and the salsa was extremely runny. I am not sure why my experience this time was different than previous occasions at other locations but I can say with all sincerity that I will not be back to this location.

Review №14

Great food, decent price but horrible service all the ladies up front had a carita on like they didn't want to be there. nor did they make the effort to make conversation or look at you like a human being.

Review №15

Tacos taste good. Wide variety and inexpensive

Review №16

Have only been here once but I will definitely go back! Had the grilled chicken burrito and it was great. Just a simple burrito but all the ingredients were fresh and the chicken was great. Salsas were great too. Will definitely be back to try other things!

Review №17

The staff is really nice and take care of you in a timely matter. food is pretty good.

Review №18

This is the second time I've been here and I was let down again. The first time was when the pandemic had just started and San Antonio was just issued the stay home, work safe orders. That first time we want to give people especially locally our help by buying from them. So the first time the food came out really bad. It tasted bad and was served cold etc. I thought by giving them a second chance in the future they might do better right? Wrong!!!! I was let down even worse the second time around. I used their online ordering service, placed the order at 8:35 pm; and then I got notified at 8:50 pm that my order would be ready by 9 pm. So I take off and when I arrive at 9 pm I was greeted and the older lady asked me "are you placing a order?", then I said "No, I am picking up a order.". So then she checks on my order and says "OK, it is not ready yet sir, I will let you know when it is ready". So I say OK and take a seat in their dining room. I'm their literally for 30 minutes watching others come in, place orders and pick up their orders before mine until finally a young lady from their staff realizes that I've been waiting this whole time. So they go and check on my food and still nothing. I go to the counter to see what the heck is going on, and my order was right their in front of the older lady and she says "oh, I got confused sir, your order was ready when you got here". I lost my mind, I couldn't believe that she wouldn't realize it and I waited 30 minutes for nothing. The food was obviously cold. This will be the last time I ever go back. I will never use them. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place. They clearly don't know what they are doing. It's like chickens running around with their heads cut off. I will tell all my family, friends and co-workers to never come here.

Review №19

YAS!I've had breakfast lunch and dinner here. Fajitas, huevos Ranchero, this morning it was midas. Yum!The service has been fast and friendly.The place all but spotless.Make sure you stop by and try it out for yourself. Afterwards you can catch a movie or play some mini golf.

Review №20

Terrible food,My wife would of done a lot better and she not even Mexican....cold food ,huevos rancheros looked awfully, and waitress didn't even checked once to see if we needed something.....never in my life would I b back.

Review №21

Extremely rude waitress. She refused to talk to any of us in english and told our spanish speaking person that she had better keep the rest of us in line and ready to order when she walks over. She continued to berate our spanish person saying that we were being a problem when all we had done to that point was order drinks.Avoid this place at all costs.

Review №22

Hyped up and just okay tasting. I tried to give this place a chance and I have gone here several times. Every time I have been there, they have serve my food mildly warm, never hot.

Review №23

Good Food BUT...My chimichanga was great but my stomach turned & I was turned off when a lady started sweeping the floor right next to my table. You could see all the dirt. This was at 1:45pm last Friday. I nicely asked her not to do that, that it was ruining my meal. She moved to another area which was also full of diners and continued sweeping.In 5 minutes she was back with a mop and large mop bucket filled with an especially strong and obnoxiously noxious-smelling disinfectant, then she proceeded to mop all around my table. Good grief! I then got the check and left.I get cleanliness but don't sweep and mop the floor at peak times when customers are trying to eat. It is really extremely disgusting.P. S. Service was very slow, unpleasant & unfriendly.

Review №24

Wow, this place looks great inside.Its been awhile since I've been here and the changes have been for the betterThe bar upfront as.well as the salsa bar with multiple selections including pickled jalapenos and vegetables and sauteed onions and jalapenos to add to any meal. I got a veggie burrito that was massive and tasted fresh and full of flavor.

Review №25

This place is so good! hubby nearly finished his cali burrito before i could snap a picture. i got the full order of chicken nachos with everything. hubby got the cali burrito. my son got the kids quesadilla. and we got carne asada fries to share. we love the salsa bar! mild to hot salsa's!!

Review №26

Yummy crispy beef tacos, breakfast tacos, enchiladas. Love it

Review №27

One of the best burritos I've had since moving to San antonio.

Review №28

Really good Burritos and Tacos! The Carne Asada, Barbacoa, and Adobada tacos are really good. California Burrito is definitely one to try if you love fries in your Burritos. Definitely recommend!

Review №29

This spot is great some days and just ok others. We love the salsa bar because we don't have to wait on the server to get those for you (just the chips). Breakfast is usually great but it was slight soggy today and the chips were a little stale.The coffee, asada and potatoes were tasty during today's visit. It's an awesome place for late night tacos but nothing out of this world for brunch!

Review №30

Very good taco shop. All tacos are single order. I recommend ordering 2 for casual dining. Comes with 2 tortillas per taco.

Review №31

Serviceable tacos and a salsa bar make this a good takeout option when craving tacos. The meats are generally well seasoned and cooked but the corn tortillas are always a disappointment. One of the few places where sticking to flour might be a better option. Be careful of the chili pequin salsa. It's tasty but not for the uninitiated!

Review №32

I would give -5..Extremely rude staff, gave me the wrong order then would not give me my money back. She yelled at me when I asked for a refund. Terrible customer service.

Review №33

Great and fresh. Ordered 45 tacos and they were a hit

Review №34

Mini tacos were good however they failed to add my onions and cilantro on the side, no limes and no salsa. Still good tacos though.

Review №35

Burritos in Texas! I'm so happy I found this place, real California Burritos with Carne Asada! I'll be here at least once a week now, I'm so happy this place was recommended to me.

Review №36

24 hr California Mexican food. Only place to get Carne Asada Fries, best Carne Asada Burrito, best rolled tacos, best place after a night of bar hopping.

Review №37

This is not a good place to get a taco! The tortilla's are cheap and undercooked, the potatoes are also undercooked and what is with the beans? Are they laced with sugar? They were sweet tasting... bleh! Also it doesn't help that they got my order wrong one too many times.

Review №38

Super yummy food fast and great staff.

Review №39

Friendly staff and delicious food! The mini tacos are perfect for my appetite!

Review №40

The worst Mexican food in SA. Hard to do.Trust me.

Review №41

We eat here everytime we go to San Antonio....good food..fast and hot.....however this time the Menudo was so spicy I could barely eat it...great flavor but couldn't get thru it......will have to ask for a small sample for next time in case the recipe has changed....our waitress was so sweet....& getting us extra carrots and jalapenos for my boyfriend.....I'm sure I could've sent it back but we were in a hurry... I tipped $5 for a $16 check...would've tipped more just cuz the waitress.... but didn't have enough on me.

Review №42

Love this place. Best baja mex food in San Antonio.

Review №43

Best Mexican food I ever ate!

Review №44

Great Tripas mini tacos very crispy like i like them !Love the salsa bar lots of different flavorsAlso open 24 hours so convenient when I'm hungry at inconvenient times.

Review №45

Great service, great prices and great food!

Review №46

All the Los Balitos restaurants are fricken amazing. Some of the best food you will find anywhere.

Review №47

I've never had bacon so hard that it stabbed the roof of my mouth but here I am checking off that box. Potatoes and beans were bland and eggs over cooked. Tortillas were not homemade. The salsa bar was pretty nice and Aquas frescas were really good too. (Only saving grace) Maybe lunch is better.

Review №48

If I could give no stars that would be it...food sucks so hard....

Review №49

You really do get what you pay for. I would steer away from the Chile rellenos. Covered in a gallon of sauce and batter was an inch thick. Chile was barely even cooked and still crunchy. They probably have good tacos though.

Review №50

Wonderful Mexican food freshly made and friendly service. This place has the best salsa bar which includes large thin cut carrots and other such vegetables into a spicy vegetable collage for any of your tacos or eating on there own.They also use Favor as a delivery partner.

Review №51

I can't wait to come back here. I don't know how we haven't been here before!

Review №52

Los Balito's Taco ShopSan Antonio, TX$**For more reviews follow my insta @dish_360The Good: This restaurant was bright and welcoming. It smelled like it had just been cleaned and we were greeted promptly. Food came fast and the sweet tea was good. I really wanted to like this place because they're open 24/7 and the price point was great. The chimichanga looked like it was cooked well. The outside of it was everything I wanted texturally. They also put a good amount of cheese on and I love a good cheese pull.The Bad: There was a server eating at the counter which was forward facing (our initial view when entering). This isn't terrible but it's not super professional either. The food was okay at best. The chimichanga that looked so promising was disappointing inside. The meat was chewy and overly salted to compensate for the quality. We also got the chile rellenos and it was just horribly soggy. Not enjoyable to eat at all and lacked flavor. The salsa bar had originally gotten us excited but after trying out everything we didn't find even one great salsa. .The Aftermath: If you're looking for a cheap place after closing down the bar maybe this is for you. It wasn't for us but given the price we weren't expecting much. We appreciated the great service but we don't foresee a return visit.**For more reviews follow my insta @dish_360

Review №53

Good location, but authenticity suffers as a result. Flavors on the bland side for tex-mex cuisine. Flour & corn tortillas are meh. Service was great and cleanliness was top-notch, tho.

Review №54

Street tacos/ mini tacos here are the bomb. The salsa bar has lots of different flavors/heat choices. The staff could be more attentive but overall very good grub.

Review №55

We recently moved from California, and really only thought San Antonio had Tex-Mex food until stumbling upon this place.In the midst of of COVID-19...this place was OPEN! Of course you had to call in and they'd bring your food curbside for your health and safety, BUT THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD!The Carne Asada fries were perfect, the torta's were fresh and the guacamole....creamy! So good!!

Review №56

Customer service was really bad waitress forgot we were sitting in section also when we finally received our order the potatoes were hard almost raw and before we left I requested a coffee to go never got it my personal recommendation stay away also food had no flavor to top it all off waitress was Glenda at least that was her name plate

Review №57

Delicious breakfast tacos and plates and amazing lunch/ dinner plates. Open 24 hours. Can't go wrong here

Review №58

Love this place. Celina was our waitress and she was amazing. Food was delicious as always. My favorite Mexican food in SA!

Review №59

Open 24 hours and always good food. For breakfast, lunch or dinner and even those late night cravings can be happily satisfied here. Staff is quick and friendly. They also deliver (Doordash, etc.)

Review №60

I love the Los Balito's near Alamo Ranch. The service and the food there is consistently great!! I thought I'd try the Bitters Road location. What a sad disappointment! I came here today at 7:30pm it was not very crowded I ordered two tacos. After a somewhat long wait my food finally arrived. The tacos looked good. Then upon taking a bite I realized the tortilla was not even warm!! Really!!?? Cold tortillas!!! EPIC FAIL!!!! So you guys get one star. You in the kitchen...step it up!!!

Review №61

Los Balitos has been a consistent hang out spot for my family for nearly a year now, on a weekly basis, and we miss it when we don't get to go. Awesome staff, fast service, and incredible food at a VERY good price! Absolutely would recommend coming here.

Review №62

They have the best beef and chicken chimichangas I have ever had

Review №63

Love this place! You know it's the real deal cause it's in a strip mall... I like the salsa bar, and the barbacoa tacos. Definitely worth stopping in if you're in San Antonio. I recently was passing through (I don't live in Texas) and I drove an extra 30 minutes to swing by this place. I'm from Los Angeles so I have eaten at my fair share of Mexican restaurants (ranging from super-gringo to authentic...). I would put this on the authentic-and-delicious side of the continuum.

Review №64

The Burritos with their orange salsa are delicious!!!

Review №65

I wish I could give this location a better rating because the food really is good, BUT the service is usually terrible. Multiple times I called ahead and still waited 20 minutes at the bar for my food.Workers seem more interested in talking to each other than helping a customer. If waitresses are talking and I walk up to order they make me wait until they finish their conversation before helping me.

Review №66

Awesome mix of Mexican food, chips and various sauces, that you'll try w/ their chips and other entrees ..breakfast, lunch, dinner... everything's delicious! Very nice!!

Review №67

I come back to this place every now and then cause the food is that good. But the service here is consistently awful. The servers are always rude and more concerned with their own conversations than they are with providing service. Also despite it being 24hrs, they shut down a lot of the more delicious stuff at night when I tend to go so it's really not a all night place.

Review №68

I had fajitas with rice and beans. Fajitas were good, but were not the larger pieces of fajita meat that you expect. Rice and beans were good. Warm chips and queso were served when we arrived and that was great!

Review №69

My wife and I love to go here when we don't know what to eat, my absolute favorite is the super nachos and lettuce and tomatoes. My wife loves the burritos but we've had plenty more than that and loved everything!

Review №70

Great food, reasonably priced. You can find some Mexican delicacies that are not available in many other Mexican restaurants. Also open 24hrs, so you can get your eat on all hours.

Review №71

FAVORITE TACO PLACE EVER! The salsa bar is one of the best I've had, and their tacos are always delicious. Open all hours of the day for all your taco needs!

Review №72

Best barbacoa I've ever hadService is also really good.Great food

Review №73

Open 24 hours a day with great tacos, burritos, and Mexican plates for reasonable price. Restaurant has fresh salsa bar and offers both eat in and take out service. Waitstaff is very pleasant and efficient. The booths/ tables/ flooring are very clean and well maintained.

Review №74

Best place for great barbacoa for a decent price! All their food is great!

Review №75

Always friendly i come here frequently

Review №76

This place is really good. Quick service and hot food even at 230 in the morning when the pool hall is closed

Review №77

While everyone is offering curbside pick up they aren't. Super rude, wasted a ton of my time by giving me inaccurate info. First she told I could only place my order if I was sitting in the car in front of the shop. Then I get there and the lady on the phone changes her mind. Won't bring food out to the car to help stop spread of contamination.

Review №78

Very fast service on To-Go Orders. Food is pretty good. Not over-priced. Open 24 hours a day. Super convenient. Friendly service.

Review №79

My favorite things to order here are the California burrito and the 5 tacos w adobada meat. So delicious!

Review №80

Taste like store bought tortillas were used when I went and my order was wrong

Review №81

Yummy Tacos and the best part their open 24 HOURS!!!

Review №82

Good food, excellent service. Enjoyed the super nacho and chicken burritos

Review №83

Found this place by accident today. The food and the salsa was amazing! It's close to my office and open 24/7?! I'm in trouble!

Review №84

I was looking for breakfast tacos. I went to Taco Cabana they stop serving at 10:30am. I searched for breakfast tacos all day. Saw this place. I was like hmm. Lets see. Man, their Tacos are so good!!!! I'm comi g here. I only bought one for me and my boss. Next time 2 tacos for me and 2 for my boss. And they are open 24/7

Review №85

Quesadilla and queso was just below average. Not much flavor in the meat and cheese tasted like the kind you get at the movie theater. The ladies up front were nice, though! Unfortunately, I won't be returning.

Review №86

What a treat finding this great Mexican restaurant! The food was very tasty and prepared quickly... and they're open like 24 hrs a day! That's so hard to find here in San Antonio. My husband and I ordered the cheese enchilada plate which was delish! If a Mexican restaurant can't get cheese enchiladas right then that's a deal breaker for me. Our friend ordered the shrimp a la diabla which was great! It had just the right amount of spice to keep you wanting more. The ladies that took our order were very polite and super friendly and smiley. That was nice to see at 3 am after we had been partying all night. Overall, this is an exceptional place to go to at any hour. Thanks for the superb meals!

Review №87

It was eehhh. Ranchero sauce was way too watery and tasteless. Tortillas were kind of thin and gooey the kind that would stick to foil. Waitress sucked. Never cleaned the table and hardly did any checking on us. Cheese smelled sour and beans tasted like from a can. Not impressed

Review №88

Los Balito is our ritual stop after anyone returns from out of state. The people are friendly at this 24 hour Mexican neighborhood restaurant and the food is always reliable. Not to mention the salsa is always hot.

Review №89

It still encompasses the los robertos awesome food and service!!It's so much bigger and modern as well!!

Review №90

Foods amazing and close to cali style mexican. but the staff needs a little help... a particular cashier was loud and rude to her coworkers and made the whole restraint vibe weird

Review №91

Cook not wearing mask entire time I waited for my order. Have picture but don't want to get him fired.. Rude cashier, the manager trying to help but she had to be RIGHT..

Review №92

Los Balitos has a 4.1 star rating at the time of this review. That's 0.9 stars too low. This taco shop is about as wonderful you get. It's open all night long so it's never too late to visit. The grilled chicken, while not a traditional taco, is the best in San Antonio. It's complimented by an intimidating menu containing the excellent carne asada and carne adobado. The salsa bar is the best addition to any one of these tacos. The green sauce is best for the chips while the Arizona red is best for tacos. Come in any time because everything is great.

Review №93

I am this restaurant a 1 star because of the service I get early in the morning. Your sign clearly says 24/7 but get told that they are close because the cook is cleaning the kitchen. I shouldn't have be told that if your running a 24 hour establishment. The cook be cleaning as they go. I should be greeted by the cashier ask what I want and pay for it. It was at 4am when I told that they were closed.

Review №94

I tried to give this place a chance I was introduced to this place through friends. I took my wife to this place one time and the staff was rude and gave a really harsh vibe. I saw them smiling at everyone else but treating us rude and giving us strange looks. The last time I went there the girl behind the register yelled at me and my friend and told us to hurry up and order. I beleive it was due to us being black. I beleive there staff is racist and it must start at the top. I will never go there again.

Review №95

Good food. Self serve salsa bar with chiles and onions available.

Review №96

Donna our waitress was very attentive, by first providing us with warm tortilla chips, drinks and brought our food out still hot. Great place would give it 10 stars, but I only got 5.

Review №97

This food is good but really expensive for just a couple of tacos

Review №98

Service from 1 to 10 lets say 9 food 1 to 10 9 my torta salsa realy very good, what is missing for the 10 I'll say it is something different to the texmex I am try before u should try it the salsa bar had all that I like.

Review №99

I have tried to give this place several chances but each time they fail. This morning I placed my order for pick up over the phone (6 tacos). They never even asked for my name for the order. 30 minutes later I go pick up my order and the cashier was confused about the order. I wait another 15 minutes for it to be prepared. In the meantime a gentleman came in and brought back some tacos that were not in his order. I saw her remove some of those tacos and place them in my bag! Along with some new tacos. I go thru them and can see the foil has been opened and resealed. In addition to that half of my tacos were missing cheese. Never returning! She tried to say all my tacos were new.

Review №100

Burritos and tacos were good. It has a good number of customers during lunch time.

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:226 W Bitters Rd #116, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
  • Site:http://www.losbalitostacoshop.com/
  • Phone:+1 210-494-9131
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:6AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:6AM–12AM
  • Thursday:6AM–12AM
  • Friday:6AM–12AM
  • Saturday:6AM–12AM
  • Sunday:6AM–12AM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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