Mias Mexican Grill
11739 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78250, United States
Review №1

Great food, prompt and friendly service, reasonable prices! Love Mia's!

Review №2

First time eating here and went during happy hour. The food and drinks were so good I forgot to take pictures. I had the shrimp enchiladas with Chipotle creme while my friend had chicken fajitas. The portions were large and tasty. Definitely will return to this place!!

Review №3

I spent $41 on 15 tacos, 4 were wrong. This is just unacceptable for a place of business. My 1st visit here... Someone reached out to me immediately wanting to make it right, therefore I changed my rating. I cant give it perfect scores so it gets 4 stars. I will back, I believe in 2nd chances. Thank you Mia's.

Review №4

The food was really good! No waiting and they have drive thru, curbside pickup and dine in as well.

Review №5

I got the tacos Al Pastor plate! The Al Pastor was deliciously seasoned and was well banced with the pineapple, onions, and cilantro. The rice and beans were also very flavorful! I had the mangonada margarita, and I cannot recommend it enough! It was the perfect blend of sweet and spicy!

Review №6

From the moment we went in we were amazed. How CLEAN,FRIENDLY and RELAXING it was. Both FOOD & EMPLOYEES WERE GREAT. JUST READ IT WAS NOTED ONE OF CLEANEST and HEALTHY PLACES for the month of August, with a score of 100

Review №7

I had the fajitas which I expected to come on a skillet, but it came on a regular plate. My date had the seafood enchilads with this link sauce which was way better. Their margaritas were huge and delicious. I wasn't a big fan of the chips. They didn't taste authentic. The service was great tho and they have lots of TVs.

Review №8

Great food ! I go there frequently. Great service and they always ask you if you enjoyed and and to please come back. You can actually hear yourself talk in there! Reasonable prices!

Review №9

Enchilada sauce has a weird taste, and the chicken fajitas are dark meat and fatty. Tortillas, rice, and beans are good. The margaritas are great!

Review №10

Customers paying cash, always check your change.Sorry Mia's Management but have an ethics talk with your employees.Edited 10/29/20: if Management will talk to the employees about this, I'm satisfied. This is hopefully a learning, life lesson.

Review №11

We celebrated a birthday and they don't do birthday desserts or songs there. Our server took too long to take our order. But the food is great! It was presentable and the plates were pretty.

Review №12

Omg it was so cute in there...first time there.. food was really good and hot....the one small margarita that I had was sooooo good and potent ....found my new place to go hang out and eat

Review №13

Glad to have this place available for sit-down eating again. Always good food, friendly service. Drive-thru and curbside available.

Review №14

The carne guisada was delicious. Try out the El Rey taco. The green salsa was spicy and flavoral. Loved it!

Review №15

I would rate Mia's as an entry level, quasi family/fast food, Mexican restaurant. Sitting by the window I was able to spy a constant stream of cars cycling through the drive through, but it didn't have a fast food restaurant atmosphere. Though the restaurant had so many drive through clientele, unlike Starbucks there were plenty of employees to serve dine in customers so the service was fast and yet relaxed as the servers have a fluid system that flows well!Though the Verde (Tomatillo Sauce) Enchiladas weren't particularly seasoned, but were tasty enough, the plate was still higher quality than that of what many "dumpsters" (like Las Palapas) in San Antonio offer where sub-par and overly salty is the norm. The refried beans had a slightly bitter taste, but other than that they were good.The price for the enchilada plate was standard at approx. $9.50. Perico's a nearby restaurant has more flavorful food, but is slightly higher in price.

Review №16

I just had a $40.00 order in your drive through and everything I ordered was made fresh and the order was perfect. This was the 1604 /Bandera exit.. location. Excellent service. Thank You Mias, We will be back.

Review №17

Food was great! Great place to eat with friends.

Review №18

Love the food here. Moved to San Antonio about three weeks ago and this restaurant is a staple for me. Just wish they gave more chips with the queso dip.

Review №19

Was great was my frist time ther everyone so nice waitress really great on severing us clean would go back agin.

Review №20

Best text mex food in SA can't wait to go back, and awesome Margaritas

Review №21

The food was fantastic our waiter was great he came around often fill my tea.cant wait to go back

Review №22

The margarita's where delicious and priced right. The food was great ! Great service!

Review №23

This place always has great food and best one is enchiladas con cream with cilantro cream.

Review №24

I have ordered from Mia's on Grubhub on multiple occasions and my family and I love it! It is always a real treat, the prices are very reasonable, & the food always comes out very awesome! Love their taco salads and enchiladas! Also, when the Grubhub app was acting up, I called, spoke to Adriana and she was very polite and ensured that we would receive our order! Try wont be disappointed!

Review №25

Good service and food was good... I'll need another couple of visits to try out all the menu options

Review №26

Best Chipotle Cream Enchiladas on the planet. Once you eat them, nothing else on the menu compares. Cept the fajitas.

Review №27

Decent food and fast service. Not real expensive either.

Review №28

Good food clean restaurant very nice staff.

Review №29

My mother walked in and was holding her scarf to her face, she didn't have it tied off yet because she new she was about to sit down, and take it off. The waiter told her she could not come in because she did not have the proper mask on, scarves are aloud by the way, but yes it was not completely tied. So they told her she could not come in. YET. the waiter who told her she had to be wearing a mask, was not wearing a mask ! he was putting everyone at risk! how can you tell someone to leave for not wearing mask properly if your not wearing a mask AT All !!! then he told the owner of the store that my mother cursed everyone out and made a scene, my mother did no such thing ! they have video surveillance so there is proof ! She did not even say a word to him when he said she has to wear the proper mask, she turned around and left. But the owner does not believe my mother, and without even looking at his video he posted about her on his profile making her out to be some ugly guest they had to deal with. My mother is a very good person and would never treat anyone the way she is being made out to be, we are regular guest, and love coming to eat there ! This is the first time we were treated so unprofessionally. and embarrassed. She deserves an apology from both the owner and the waiter ! I work in guest services and never would I treat and lie about a guest ! I really think my mom should report the business for staff not wearing a mask !

Review №30

The food here is very good as you can see from the empty plates. That green sauce you see there compliments everything very well and is not spicy. The flour tortillas are warm and soft. Service is great. Not expensive at all. You are getting more than what you for. Come and enjoy

Review №31

One of my favorite places to grab curbside these days. The food is super fresh and hot and travels well.

Review №32

I suggest not pulling away in the drive thru until you check your order, this place doesn't care what you ask for, they give you what THEY want to give you.

Review №33

Chicken soup had nothing in it but bland broth and small pieces of chicken. Tacos had an odd taste. Menu says homemade corn tortillas, but that's not true. Frozen margaritas tasted horrible. I will not be returning. Second time I try the place and always disappointed.

Review №34

Food was served cold. My wife plate was wrong, the machacado plate came without machacado.

Review №35

Mia's is a great regular spot for the family. Good food. Good drink specials. Picadillo is exactly what I want it to be.

Review №36

My favorite place!! You can't go wrong with anything on their menu.

Review №37

She was not happy to get us sugar or cream seems like it was a bother. But the food was good.

Review №38

Food and service was amazing. Will definitely return.

Review №39

First time to visit. Drive through enchiladas meal. The absolute worse bland goo pretending to be Mexican food I have ever experienced. They also forgot to include salsa. This place was recommended by a friend. Can't even find the words to describe how bland the food was. I choose this over major chain drive through food and wish I had found something on a 99 cents menu

Review №40

Ok tex-mex food but I cant call it Mexican food.

Review №41

This restaurant has long been one of mine and my wife's favorite for breakfast. Clean, great food, and very attentive wait staff.

Review №42

Well organized, fast, friendly service in the parking lot, handling drive-up orders due to pandemic closing of dining room. Still the same great, carefully prepared food. Highly recommended!

Review №43

Very good. Went in for breakfastHad the migas plate

Review №44

My husband and I stopped in this afternoon on our way to do some shopping and were absolutely bowled over by the sensational food and outstanding service. The cilantro cream chicken enchiladas were savory and delicious, the rice was flavorful and the mixed veggies were just exquisite. This is going to be regular fare for us and I'm so happy we decided to give it a whirl.

Review №45

My family and I drive past this restaurant everyday and finally decided to give it a try after a long day. Had great service and the beef fajitas were amazing! Home made tortillas could be a meal on there own! We will definitely be back very soon

Review №46

Great service and ofcourse good food

Review №47

Had a barbacoa taco and it was pretty good.

Review №48

Great place to get some food and margaritas. Just happened to come across it and it was a good find. UFO Buster Radio Approved

Review №49

The beef fijtas were a little tough .

Review №50

The enchiladas were amazing, the price was right, the service was prompt, the atmosphere was relaxed......what more could you ask for?

Review №51

Service was very slow. And by slow I mean we had to asked twice to get our waiter to come and acknowledge us. Food took a while to come. Soup was warm. The restaurant was not really busy so I'm not sure what was the problem.

Review №52

I really loved going to this place as vegetarian but recently I became vegan and there isn't much I can eat there , I know the tortillas are handmade and was wondering if you put lard in them or some sort of animal product?

Review №53

Manager Lied///OVER PRICED TACO HOUSE/////Ordered Curbside pick up and once home discovered I was missing half my order ! Called in and spoke to a Manager about the mishap. Manager offered to replace food that day or credit the card for missed items. Did not want to return for half the order? I asked the manager to credit the card used he said it was DONE and to allow a few days to see the credit...... I was given no credit.I contacted my Bank and they also confirmed no credit was given."Thanks Mia's"

Review №54

Mia's always has excellent food and service.

Review №55

I wasn't a big fan of the flavor of my enchilada plate. The wife thought the fajita plate was good but didn't care for the enchilada either. Neither of us cared for the chips and salsa because the chips tasted burnt.The blue NOTICE sign in the first picture turned me off initially. It's an invitation for the criminal to rob the establishment because NO one can prevent it. Concealed carries aren't the problem, it's the criminal carries which carry whether you say to or NOT.

Review №56

Beef fajitas are really good and chicken quesadilla is great.

Review №57

This place is awesome. My mother heard about it and invited my wife and I. So glad we came the food was hot and tasted great. Didn't take any time to be seated, and when we ordered we were served promptly. A new regular hangout. Kudos to the staff they were awesome. Service here is great. A plus. Highly recommended.

Review №58

Great place! Fun Mango Margaritas. Our waiter Eddie was awesome! Definitely would recommend Mia's.

Review №59

Very underrated! The chips and salsa hit you first, in a good way. Their appetizers and sweet tea settle you in before the main courses finish you off. We had sit for a bit after. So much food, at a real good price. I found a new "spot".

Review №60

My family has order catering from Mia's for the last 4yrs. They never disappoint. The food choices are delicious and serving sizes are generous. They make having a family gathering so easy.

Review №61

Caution: Whey you're served coffee without seeing the cup first, they usually are hiding something. Low standards. The place is low quality all around. I'm pretty sure they serve store bought tortillas. There should be a law against that in Texas. How do you not have reading material up front? If you're going to attempt to serve breakfast, get a newspaper subscription or some kind of San Antonio circular. They gotta have that here? The people did not seem like they enjoyed working there. If you take pride in owning a business your people will too, that means renovating will improve your service. Recommend cleaning behind and under the registers upfront. People notice.

Review №62

We were seated quickly. Staff was super friendly. Our waitress gave us wonderful recommendations on what we should try, as it was our first time here. You get a lot of food for the price. My children drank their drinks and she our wonderful waitress refilled without us even asking. The food came out hot just how it should be. Great place, fantastic food, and awesome atmosphere. Thankful for places like this!!

Review №63

Best fajitas in town, hands down! You won't be disappointed!

Review №64

Good food but even better hospitality, margaritas are on point!

Review №65

Service was great but chips and hard taco shells tasted stale.

Review №66

Very good service and food .

Review №67

Do not eat breakfast here, not sure about dinner. The reason I left a one star review is because I went for breakfast on October 11th. The tacos were not well made. Attached is a picture of a chorizo and potato taco with nothing but potato and a little bit of burnt chorizo. I expected better from this place considering the higher price per taco compared to other Mexican restaurants.Update: I sent an email and never received a response.

Review №68

Omg! The chicharron bean and egg was amazing! Ask for their secret Habanero Salsa. Not for the weak! Mind blowing flavor... and it has a kick..

Review №69

First time here very disappointed with services and the food

Review №70

My 2nd trip and still not impressed. The chicken fajita taco salad was good but the shell was cold so it had been ready for awhile. Lettuce and tomatoes were fresh. Great balance of ingredients. The salsa has the consistency of marinara sauce and not good quality salsa. Service was excellent with checking on me. He brought my bill without asking if I would like anything else, so I didn't try dessert. Not sure about going back for a third try.Thank you Jennifer. I will come back and try the other salsa and another menu item!

Review №71

En mi rancho el Huevo con tocino no es a si. Los especiales estás bien pero le falta mucho para hacer restaurante Mexicano. Y las salsas les falta calor. La estrella es por el tamaño de los tacos. Mi cubierto tiene arroz en el pegado entre el.From where I'm from bacon and egg is done totally different. The bacon is cut into bits and pieces and within the egg, the way it's done is not the traditional way of doing it. Egg with a single strip of bacon. No no no !The salsas need a lot more heat for it to even be considered a salsa, came in with great hopes of getting great food , but only got banged for my dollar. Two stars for the size of the tacos. I'm pretty sure we won't be returning.

Review №72

I love their Menudo on the weekends and they make fresh lemonade, tortillas (flour and corn). My favorite to go for Menudo.

Review №73

Good food but a little pricey!

Review №74

Just want to thank the staff 10/07/2019. The staff went above and beyond their sincere kindness and care for my baby grandson who had an accident. Thank you all from the bottom on out hearts. The food was great too.PGC

Review №75

Chicken puffy tacos are exactly what they should be, they are amazing here! I called and ordered in advance and they had everything ready at the time that I had asked for it to be ready. I got double rice because I don't like beans and it came with a side of 2 tortillas. Fresh lemonade was fantastic bas well!

Review №76

I'm sick of going to this place l. I go because I live right behind it and its accessible. I went through the drive through and got my bag with my tacos and everything covered in salsa. The lady who worked the drive through was an older lady so she should know better. Like I had no work to get to in my pretty suit

Review №77

Great breakfast and dinner options. Do you feel like Tex Mex but don't want to wait 1 hour for a table at El chaperelle. Well give Mia's a try the best part is, you'll save about half your money on a plate with better quality food!

Review №78

This place is our family's go to. The kids love the food, the wait time is short and that fresh batch of complimentary chips and salsa are to die for. The drinks are great price for the size. Highly recommend trying this place out if your on the fence or in the area.

Review №79

The tacos are delicious and their sweet tea is hands down the best I've ever had! I live next to three different restaurants where I can get tacos but I will drive out of my way to Mia's every time.

Review №80

Not a better breakfrest taco in town

Review №81

Ordered a couple tacos through the drive-thru. It literally took 15 minutes. The cashier didn't have the sense to apologize and instead shut the window in my face while laughing. I'm glad that its amusing to him. I go with family every weekend. I'll make sure to relay this to family members so they can leave their own reviews.The restaurant sells good food but the employees are going to drag this business to the floor one review at a time.

Review №82

We love going there with the kids and the family. Good Mexican food, very attentive servers and the price is good for what you eat... We usually get a starter combo and a plate to share, and their tea is usually pretty good.

Review №83

Waiter was great, food just fell a little flat. Will try to check them out again to see if maybe it was just the day we went in.

Review №84

Famiky owned. Great food, friendly staff. Definitely recommend.

Review №85

The food here is so delicious, anytime I get a chance to go here, I'm always excited!

Review №86

Great food, good portions, lovely service. We had a table of 12 and were served in a timely manner. Thank you Mia's for a great lunch!

Review №87

One of our favorite local go to restaurants. Treat yourself to the cheese enchiladas, you won't regret it! Wheel of the refillable cups for purchase, such a great deal! Some good happy hour pricing, typically very good service, the homemade corn and flour tortillas are the bomb!

Review №88

Angel was excellent thru the drive thru. We visited at 7:45 in the evening and the restaurant was busy. Angel greeted us and even made small talk as we waited for our food. Great service and great food!

Review №89

Food was very hot, appetizers were served promptly and meal was served pretty fast even with a packed house. Server was a bit rude initially but lightened up. Overall not a bad meal for Tex-Mex.

Review №90

Surprisingly it was very good! I've passed Mia's hundred times, never thought about stoping in. Never judge a book by its cover. Highly recommend this location. Better than most Mexican restaurants in town, no lie!

Review №91

The steak a al mexicana was just carnie guiesda with salsa

Review №92

Good quality food. Good prices. Nice ice cold schooner beers

Review №93

Outstanding! First time here. Service and food were excellent. Couple of senior citizens celebrating our anniversary (we didn't mention that part) but Xenia made it into a date night dinner for us so now it's OUR go to place.

Review №94

Food was good. service was ok. visit was on a sunday. server seemed like he might of had too many tables to help.

Review №95

Call in an order they said it would be ready in 20 mins. waited 1:20hr in the parking lot Talked to the Manager and he asked if I would like the order do fresh..... I asked for a refund.

Review №96

Always fresh delicious food.

Review №97

Best Mexican restaurant in Helotes!

Review №98

Over priced cold food. Tortillas are good but they were warm. Ain't going back!

Review №99

Good service, friendly staff, very good food

Review №100

Food was good, but service was a bit slow. I understand though since it was a busy Sunday.

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  • Address:11739 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78250, United States
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  • Phone:+1 210-680-4478
  • Mexican restaurant
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  • Saturday:6:30AM–9PM
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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