5251 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212, United States
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This was my third time at Mixtli. I love the menu every time I go. This is a tasting menu that takes inspiration from authentic Mexican cuisine - not Tex-Mex. This menu was from the Caribbean region of Mexico, so there was a lot of seafood and tropical fruit flavors. Just one thing - they need to add another air conditioner. It got a little warm in there during our meal.

Review №2

Refined and perfected, a forward looking vision of Mexican cuisine. Looking forward to another visit!

Review №3

I prepaid for a reservation and have been trying to reschedule it for the last three weeks. I have left numerous voicemails, sent emails, and posted on their social media page to try to get someone to help me. For a $200+ reservation, one would think that this place would have stellar service. I am so beyond frustrated... it does not matter how good the food is if you have a horrible experience.

Review №4

A true experience! @mixtlicloud provided us with culinary tour through the #yucatanpeninsula one meticulously planned course after the next Complete with cocktail/wine pairings. The poached lobster with pesto was the clear front runner for this delicious destination. Chef Rico Torres and his staff made out anniversary one to remember with their passion, skill and hospitality.

Review №5

Incredible, enlightening and completely unlike any other restaurant. A true "flavor discovery" experience for food lovers and historians alike. Worth every penny.

Review №6

Mixtli is hard to really tie down with words. It's a night of food and spirits unlike you've experienced before. I don't have the capacity to convey how unbelievably good the food is. Every few months they close shop and come up with a new menu after studying a specific region south of the border.Then they take those local dishes and they deconstruct them before serving them up to you and up to 11 other guests.Oh that's right, there is only one table, and it along with the kitchen is in a converted train boxcar.It's also a set menu, and anytime we've gone it's been 9 to 12 courses depending on their menu at the time.You're served course after course as the chefs explain the origin of what they're presenting.So if you're adventurous and you'd like to try dishes you won't get anywhere else I can't suggest it enough.

Review №7

This is the best Mexican course meal I've ever had. The attention to detail by specializing in one region per menu rotation is phenomenal. I had a yucatan based menu but I'm sure every version they cook up is amazing. The space Mixtli uses only seats 12 people and houses around 6 staff, so it's very small. I recommend this place to people who value high end cuisine and love to be around people with similar mindsets. There are many great places to dine at in S.A. but this is on a different level of inclusive. I'd definitely stop by if you have the chance.

Review №8

Prixe fixe, single community table for 12. Prepaid reservation required.The menu is an ever changing homage to Mexican cuisine across regions. The night I went they focused on Chinese influence in Mexico. With a brief introduction on a wave of immigration to provide labor for railroads, each course was introduced with an explanation of the reason for the dish's Chinese-Mexican blend and a description of the dish.All the dishes were well executed in presentation and flavors, and service was very effective.Unfortunately, I didn't get many photos.

Review №9

Hands down, the best food in San Antonio. The quality, execution, and presentation are unparalleled. The Mixtli team provide a brief description of what you are about to eat, why it is relevant to the current menu, and the history of the dish and/or preparation.Whenever foodie friends come to town, we never miss having a meal at Mixtli.

Review №10

The chefs were very attentive and knowledgeable. They take a lot of pride in their craft with details in every aspect of pairing and presentation. Each plating is an amuse bouche so do not expect a large meal. They sprinkle in palette cleansers and drink pairings. The menu changes every 45 days, the space is in a small train cart, the setting is intimate. It was a good experience that I'd recommend for others, especially for special occassions.

Review №11

Fantastic food, amazing and unique experience! There's nothing quite like it, and it's well worth the cost and advanced planning required. The flavors are tremendous and stories with each dish make it a memorable night. I highly recommend it.

Review №12

Fast service and the food is very delicious.

Review №13

Present from our daughter so we reviewed the ever-changing menu from various regions in Mexico. This time is was from Central Mexico...the 10 courses we unique and delicious. Food was paired with wine or cocktails, presentations were great along with descriptions of the food and where it came from. They only serve 12 people a night from a long trestle table. Try it, you'll like it for a special night out.

Review №14

Mixtli is so cool! We went to their Game of Thrones dinner. Everything was so beautifully done and fit to the theme.

Review №15

My idealistic ways made me think I would be experiencing a journey of Mexico and South America through plates and intimate conversation with soon to be friends. My experience was far from it.The communal table was held hostage by a couple of pompous loudmouths. It became uncomfortable and then torturous just waiting for the night to end.An experience such as Mixtli is meant to be celebrated and if you come here for a birthday or anniversary be cautious that the enjoyment may be robbed from you. It is not easy to voice a complaint during the meal, and you're somewhat forced to grin and bear it. You'll have overpriced food to comfort you, but it could have been great and worth the money with the right company.

Review №16

Incredible!! The dishes were so creative and DELICIOUS! The chefs are so passionate and authentic. Great atmosphere and perfect service! Couldn't have asked for a better culinary experience!

Review №17

Very nice place, explored different new tastes. Loved it and will come back.

Review №18

... honestly my vocabulary isn't refined enough to do this place justice. The food was incredible and sharing a meal with 10 strangers is such a rewarding experience. I highly recommend Mixtli for a date night or book the whole place for a friend's gathering . amazing .

Review №19

Wowowowowow. Just ate from their taqueria to-go menu. Outstanding! We had the calabacita taco set up with Oaxaca cheese. Side fixings included an excellent salsa and blue masa corn tortillas. Topped it off with the smoked chocolate ice cream and horchata. I wish I was still eating it now!

Review №20

What a gem. A culinary Mexican adventure in San Antonio. Will be back!

Review №21

I visit this place every time I come into town.

Review №22

Closed over an hour before their stated operating hours

Review №23

Such an amazing and inspirational meal... very little words... Just a great experience...

Review №24

An amazing explosion for your taste buds.

Review №25

Very good and surprisingly cheap (for this level of food). Seating for 10-12 people. Menu is unique and pretty sure it changes frequently. You can bring your own wine. The chef is there preparing and interacting with guests, very cool.

Review №26

To amuse your taste buds, grab a friend (or a few) and make reservations at Mixtli. We enjoyed a series of courses and drink pairings that celebrated the influence of Chinese immigrants on Mexican cuisine. (Every month and a half, the Mixtli "cloud" moves to a different region.)

Review №27

Amazing food and even better atmosphere, something special happens sitting with strangers in that train car :). Chef & his crew were excellent! Every dish was an experience. A must visit in San Antonio!!

Review №28

You will not get a more consisten nor delicious meal anywhere else!

Review №29

Great experience, exquisite pairings. Knowledgeable,passionate chefs. Intimate setting in a small place. I felt like I was in the sous chefs home, very warm and welcoming.

Review №30

Each entré will have an alcoholic beverage with it. Be mindful, each plate is a very small portion. Not only that, you have to pay a ticket in advance to get into this restaurant. The ticket is about $110 per person; it is worth every penny.

Review №31

Maybe it was the hype but this experience was just just slight better than average. The 3 rating comes the fact that the drinks were average, the portions small but not always very flavorful. The best thing on the menu was the sorbet and grasshopper cake. They didn't even match the number of drinks/pairings with the number of courses.Use some of those mole sauces to have a proper dish. Instead it was 6 or 7 appetizers with sometimes bland sauce. The corn tortilla offering was not very good, should have used something different.

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Overall a nice experience and a step-up from the level otherwise found in SA. However, the service felt really rushed and we were in and out in less than 1.5 hours. Also the amount of drinks/wine/beer provided was very limited considering buying more was not an option. The food was intersting, but more of a hit-or-miss type thing. I would consider trying it again if going for a more of an upscale dining experience.

Review №33

Phenomenal experience. The presentation, the flavors, the service. It's nice to have something like this in San Antonio.

Review №34

Very creative menu, food was wonderful. Great job pairing with drinks although I wish the pours were slightly larger.

Review №35

This restaurant has the most unique dining experience I've ever experienced! Mexican food never taste this good! Love it. Great service and very tasty food!

Review №36

An absolute experience every time. The menu is ever changing, we haven't left disappointed or hungry. Perfect for foodies and couples/date nights. A must in San Antonio.

Review №37

The food was amazing. We were there for the "festivales" menu, which celebrated the different festivals around Mexico, with focuses on strawberries, clams, mushrooms, and a couple different moles. The experience was very well curated and was thoroughly enjoyed by the whole group.

Review №38

Offered a really unique dining experience. It's housed in an old railroad boxcar, small kitchen and long table seating 12, so you get to know your dining companions pretty well. The tasting menu of Mexican food changes seasonally and is based on various regions of the country. The menu I had featured products from a volcanic area of Mexico. You can purchase an optional drinks pairing too, which is well worth it. Service was great but unobtrusive.

Review №39

Amazing experience. Not only is the food great, but learning about the various regions of mexico and the history of the ingredients used in Mexican cooking make it even better. Highly recommend

Review №40

Phenomenal meal, exquisite service, can't recommend highly enough. Make reservations in advance online.

Review №41

I just booked my 4th dining experience with Mixtli. It is always a blast, and the food is exceptional! Their menu gets me to try foods that I would never order elsewhere and I'm always pleased!

Review №42

Chose this location to kick off our 19th wedding anniversary, and this was a huge hit. The complexity of the flavors is hard to explain. Just come eat!

Review №43

Book your seats and enjoy this experience!

Review №44

What a gem of a place. The best is learning about Mexican culture through cuisine and Mixtli does it right.

Review №45

Truly an amazing dining experience! It made the evening magical! I highly recommend this place.

Review №46

So creative and thoughtful. Food takes you on a journey.

Review №47

Fantastic experience! Fun, educational, and tremendously tasty. One service an evening set in a converted rail car. It was an intimate experience as we tried many different regional cuisines of Mexico paired with amazing drinks. You will not be disappointed.

Review №48

Amazing experience! Food is great and the theme is excellent!

Review №49

It was so savory. There was fast and courteous service. I see why this place has so many good reviews.

Review №50

We had great time at Mixtli last week. The service is excellent and the food was also top-notch. The chefs tell you about each course and pair the beverage with the food. There are many courses but each course is no more than 6-7 bites so you won't be uncomfortably stuffed.The price for the experience is good. The only negative I have to report is just that my wife and I don't care for the multiple small course style. However, we knew what to expect when we went and our complaint is only a matter of personal preference so I gave them 5 stars. Go check it out. You won't be sorry

Review №51

Food unique and tasty. Great experience. Nice couple we met knew our Son in law and Granddaughters. Small world!!!Service priceless!

Review №52

This is a great place for a special celebration

Review №53

I love the authentic interior Mexican cuisine, it is fun to dine with a small group of people. The scallop was terrific as were the rest of the items. Small portions of many items to get a flavor of the region they are cooking from.

Review №54

Our 5th time here! It was delicious as usual!

Review №55

Personalized pallet tasting and a great experience

Review №56

Food and service were some of the best I've ever experienced. Very intimate.

Review №57

Mexican food... very satisfying. next time i'll be back with my relatives.

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Review №59

Creative and exceptional take on authentic Mexican cuisine. I highly recommend this restaurant to fellow foodies. Seating is limited, so order tickets online in advance.

Review №60

Incredibly intimate. Staff are attentive, quick, and responsive.

Review №61

Love their food so much!

Review №62

Had the filet and mashed potatoes. Everything was good

Review №63

Absolutely amazing, great food, dress comfortably ac wasnt strong enough for texas heat

Review №64

Unique dinning experince in a very intimate setting. Every course was Delicious. Chef is very creative

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Review №66

Simply one of our city's great culinary delights. Do not make any excuses...GO!

Review №67

Check out why Diego and Rico were named two of Food & Wine's best new chefs in America! Incredible experience.

Review №68

An overall amazing experience. The chef and his staff did not disappoint.

Review №69

Situated in a converted boxcar, small plates, big table, one interesting experience.

Review №70

Bomb Mexican food, delicious salsas and cocktails. Solid selection of beer

Review №71

This is the best food in San Antonio.

Review №72

Changing menu with historys of all items. Worth the price and the experience.

Review №73

What an experience. I was blown away by the presentation and tastes.

Review №74

Fast Friendly Delicious

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Review №76

Fantastic food.

Review №77

Both great food and a great experience!

Review №78

They gave me a burger

Review №79

Great experience, very friendly staff, expensive, but completely worth it

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